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We reveal the best diet pills that can help you lose weight. Very few Diet Pills are good enough to hit the Approved list.

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Latest Diet Pill Reviews

Dorian Yates Black Bombs

If you are looking for the “Badass fat burner of Body building” Black Bomb looks to have got it covered. Black Bomb, devised by champion British body builder Dorian Yates, is a strong supplement based on the illegal amphetamine party drugs of the 1960s. Here at the Watchdog we are used to seeing body building […]


Dexatrim Max Complex 7

Dexatrim offer several different weight loss aids, including Dexatrim Max, which uses their proprietary formula, Complex 7, to boost the metabolism and increase weight loss. We see if Dexatrim Max lives up to its own hype, and whether it will really ‘max out your weight loss. Dexatrim Max Pros Less caffeine than a cup of […]


LeVel Thrive W

LeVel Thrive W is described as a “premium lifestyle capsule” that is aimed at women and at first glance, it looks a fairly ordinary supplement. However first impressions can be misleading because beneath the surface gloss of the advertising, LeVel Thrive is not so much a diet pill – it is a whole new way […]


Latest Consumer Reports

Review on slimfy diet pill

i will be grateful if you can review the diet pill SLIMFY as many review on it shows positive feedback’s. thank you


Which Garcinia Cambogia supplement?

Hi! I love your cite but i’m having hard time to choose the rite Garcinia Cambogia… could you pleas help me wight hat?


JS Slim Capsules genuine?

I would like to know if JS Slim is a genuine diet pill?


Lean fast free trial

I too have been conned by this and am still trying to get my money back. The company is called [Lean Fast] . the company advertises risk free trail. £5.94 for shipping costs. Never once does it mention the £94.97p that have taken from my account nor does it insist prior to purchasing that you […]


Ultimate CLA by Phytogenix Labs

can you help me find out more about this product [Ultimate CLA] from Phytogenix Labs.


Latest Investigations

Raspberry Ketone UK Free Trials Scam – Watchdog Reports

When you are looking to lose weight, it can be a hard struggle. Not surprising then that a so-called miracle product that makes this easier can seem like a tempting prospect. If there is a free trial on offer – even better. It means you can try out a new exciting supplement risk free. Sadly, […]


Dr Oz Accused of Promoting Miracle Diet Aids

When Dr Oz speaks, America listens! That’s what they say about Dr Oz. If you have never heard of him he is a Turkish born celebrity doctor with his own show and he must be one of the most influential voices in America. The Dr Oz Show airs on primetime TV in the USA and […]


Zaggora Hot-Wear Help Burn Calories?

The main aim of successful weight loss is to decrease calories consumed each day, and to increase the number of calories burnt by the body through activity and exercise. A British company called Zaggora have released a range of exercise clothing, called hot-clothes, which they claim help to increase the number of calories burnt during […]


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