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We reveal the best diet pills that can help you lose weight. Very few Diet Pills are good enough to hit the Approved list.

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Latest Diet Pill Reviews

Vintage Burn

There are plenty of diet pills that claim to do what no other diet pill can in just how they aid your weight loss. Old School Labs claims that their product, Vintage Burn ‘is uniquely formulated to spare muscle and strength while burning fat’ and describes their product as ‘the only fat burner on the […]


truDERMA GastrobiPlex

Truderma Gastropiplex is marketed as a weight loss alternative for those who are contemplating bariatric surgery as a means to lose significant amounts of weight loss. Consisting of a three tier weight loss plan, each box contains a book with dietary and exercise recommendations, as well as a month’s supply of a meal replacement shake […]


Rightway Nutrition Forskolin

Rightway Nutrition are one of the many companies that manufacture a diet pill based solely upon the Dr. Oz approved ingredient, Forskolin. Whilst we have looked at several Forskolin based products before, we thought we would take a look at this one to see if it is any better than its direct competitors. A supplement […]


Latest Consumer Reports

Nutri Drop Grapefruit Diet review

Hi, I wonder if you have any review regarding the abovementioned product? =) Cheryl


Garcia Slim pill review

Hi.Is the GarciaSlim pill by Health Aid company approved?


Skinny Gums Raspberry Ketone review

i don’t see any reviews on a diet supplement called skinny gums raspberry ketone it is provided by GB supplement and i wondered if you had reviewed it


Benevita review

Hi, could you please review the weight management system of Benevita. Although they have approval from EFSA, I wanted to get your opinion on it too. Many thanks, Khayyam


Sletrokor review

can you review this pill?


Latest Investigations

The Secret that Low Calorie Diets Don’t Tell You

The biggest secret about low calorie diets is that they don’t work. Putting yourself through a crash diet with severely restricted calories does nothing for your long term health or weight loss and only leads to the yo yo weight gain that many of us are so familiar with. You may show up lighter on […]


Health Benefits to Stevia Over Sugar?

One of the major issues when it comes to weight gain is sugar! Added sugars in processed foods, sugar in recipes and just the sugar in your usual cup of tea or coffee and it all adds up. We all love the sweet stuff so is substituting some of your sugars with Stevia the answer? […]


Guide to Safely Buying Diet Supplements Online

Buying diet supplements online can be a risk. There are thousands of supplement companies out there and it is important to remember that this is an unregulated industry, which attracts scammers as well as genuine businesses However, thousands of people buy supplements online every day and in many cases, it is the same as any […]


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