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We reveal the best diet pills that can help you lose weight. Very few Diet Pills are good enough to hit the Approved list.

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Latest Diet Pill Reviews

Bad Boy Nutrition Rapid Cuts Extreme

Bad Boy Nutrition have a range of Sports Nutrition products, including protein blends, pre-workout supplements and fat burners. One of their fat burners, Bad Boy Nutrition Rapid Cuts Extreme, contains high quantities of some ingredients, both increasing its effectiveness and the risk of side effects. We take an in-depth look at Bad Boy Nutrition Rapid […]


T7 Extreme Gold

T7 Extreme Gold is strong diet pill that is proving popular on eBay. It contains a blend of stimulants and weight loss ingredients and has generated a high amount of positive customer feedback. We take an in depth look at T7 Extreme Gold to find out more about this low cost supplement. T7 Extreme Gold […]


Trim and Slim Tablets

Dream Remedies Trim and Slim Tablets offer you a way to get the bikini body of your dreams and become an Hourglass Goddess! This UK diet pill comes in some 50s inspired retro packaging that will appeal to the style conscious and with green tea as its sole active ingredient it looks pretty safe as […]


Latest Consumer Reports

Slendertoxtea review

Hi, I wondered if you would be reviewing slendertoxtea soon please? Thank you, Julia.


Feedback on Phenatrim this year

Would like to hear any comments regarding above product this year and what was the weight loss if any? Interested but want to hear more results. Need to lose about 55lbs. thanks


Warrior Blaze fat burners Review

Hi chaps, would it be possible to review this product? A friend has recommended it saying it does the job and is much stronger than others out there, to be honest I’m skeptical. There are some good reviews out there and some terrible ones, would you mind doing what you do best? Thanks! Rob


PurSlim green coffee cleanse trial

No review on the site for Purslim green coffee so can you check them out. Ta


Slim Wise Cleanse review

Hi, I have read you are not impressed with detox products but this one seems too good to be true. Slim wise cleanse is free trial so I can give it a go without paying full price. What do you think? Andrea


Latest Investigations

XLS Medical Supplements: Which One is Best for You?

XLS Medical is a trusted weight loss brand across the UK and Europe. You can find a variety of XLS products on the shelves of many retail outlets including Boots and the overriding impression that this company provide good quality weight loss supplements which are safe to use. XLS Medical Fat Binder is the most […]


Dieting Hacks that Work

Losing weight can be incredibly hard. We have put together 15 easy dieting hacks that work and will help you along your weight loss journey. Following just a few of these tips can help to shift those excess pounds ready for the New Year. 1/ Drink more water. In many cases we confuse feeling thirsty […]


How Many Calories Are In The Average Christmas Dinner?

According to a recent article, over 7000! The average person will consume around 7000 calories in food and drink on Christmas Day, and then spend the whole of January trying to work it off. The best of it is, most of us are oblivious. Obviously. it’s one of the most indulgent days of the year, […]


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  • I contacted them within minutes of purchase. I was tricked into pressing a second time because the website didn't show …"Posted by Sophia Chen on Pure Life Cleanse at 2015-02-27 02:22:17
  • Name Sophia Please wait. An operator will be with you shortly. Maddie says: Hello Sophia . My name is Maddie how can …"Posted by Sophia Chen on Pure Life Cleanse at 2015-02-27 02:15:18
  • I started taking these pills as directed on 2/24/2015. I weighed in this morning, just 2 days later, and …"Posted by Angelika Silva on Abidexin at 2015-02-26 15:00:48
  • it clearly strates on the tablet that they will not work if you have a thyroid problem. "Posted by kay on Adios at 2015-02-26 08:06:48
  • I don't think you should be having terrible diarrhea with this product. I do know however, that part of the …"Posted by KEV on Weight Loss 4 Information at 2015-02-26 03:19:11

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