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We reveal the best diet pills that can help you lose weight. Very few Diet Pills are good enough to hit the Approved list.

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Latest Diet Pill Reviews

Any Protein Thermo Shred

Any Protein Thermo Shred is a fat burner diet pill that is described as the ultimate thermogenic. It contains a range of natural stimulants and amino acids but the principle ingredient is cayenne pepper. Will this help you lose weight? We take a look at Any Protein Thermo Shred to find out. Any Protein Thermo […]


Holland & Barrett Spirulina Tablets

Holland & Barrett Spirulina Tablets are a health supplement that contains just Spirulina, a natural algae that grows in the world’s oceans and lakes. It is considered a Superfood so may have health benefits and help weight loss too. We take a look at Holland & Barrett Spirulina Tablets to find out more. Holland & […]


Body Lab Thermodynamic Total Burn

The popularity of some weight loss products are often boosted by celebrity endorsements, especially when the celebrity is renowned for having a great body. Body Lab Thermodynamic Total Burn is endorsed by Jennifer Lopez, who appears on the box of the product. We take an in-depth look below to see just how good Body Lab […]


Latest Consumer Reports

NutraSun Cleanse free trial

hey watchdog, I know your not a fan of detox supplements but have seen one from NutraSun called Natural Green Cleanse offered on a trial. Can you review this supplement, really need to detox and lose few more pounds. Thanks.


Supreme garcinia cambogia scam?

You dont have any information on this new so called free trial “Supreme garcinia cambogia”, I assume this is like all the others and charges you every month? Ade


Hellfire EPH 150 by Innovative review request

Hello, So I recently bought a product called Hellfire EPH 150 by Innovative. I only took one capsule, but it made me very sick. I would have called 911 but I couldn’t move! It hit me real hard, really fast and I ended up curled up in a ball with the worst hot flashes, pounding […]


Cyanidin-3 Glucoside(C3G) thoughts?

I was wondering if you have come across much research regarding Cyanidin-3 Glucoside(C3G)? Right now there are a lot of non-reputable sites toting it as the next big thing that’s been kept secret. The only reputable company that I see selling it is Biotest as Indigo 3-G. Claiming the anthocyanidin in berries has been harnessed […]


Nutrasun Garcinia reviews

HI, I have seen a news report on a product called Nutrasun Garcinia cambogia and looks to be impressive and only £4.95 for trial bottle. Only seen one review from what looks like a news site but none of the links work on it but the links to the product. This looks fishy to me. […]


Latest Investigations

XLS Medical Supplements: Which One is Best for You?

XLS Medical is a trusted weight loss brand across the UK and Europe. You can find a variety of XLS products on the shelves of many retail outlets including Boots and the overriding impression that this company provide good quality weight loss supplements which are safe to use. XLS Medical Fat Binder is the most […]


Dieting Hacks that Work

Losing weight can be incredibly hard. We have put together 15 easy dieting hacks that work and will help you along your weight loss journey. Following just a few of these tips can help to shift those excess pounds ready for the New Year. 1/ Drink more water. In many cases we confuse feeling thirsty […]


How Many Calories Are In The Average Christmas Dinner?

According to a recent article, over 7000! The average person will consume around 7000 calories in food and drink on Christmas Day, and then spend the whole of January trying to work it off. The best of it is, most of us are oblivious. Obviously. it’s one of the most indulgent days of the year, […]


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