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We reveal the best diet pills that can help you lose weight. Very few Diet Pills are good enough to hit the Approved list.

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Latest Diet Pill Reviews

T9 Red Fury

T9 Red Fury is described as the “latest fat busting” diet pill on the market and is a combination of appetite suppressing fibre with some stimulants and herbal extracts thrown in. This ingredient profile makes it look a bit more gentle on the system than the “fury” name suggests. We take a further look at […]


T5 Serum XT

Weight loss serums, also known as diet drops, have become increasingly popular in the past few years. They supposedly offer a more effective delivery system for the active ingredients, with many of these serums being held under the tongue until they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. They also offer an alternative to pills and […]


OxyLean 1-3D

Oxylean 1-3D is a diet pill that has one controversial ingredient that has been banned in many countries over the past four years, 1, 3-Dimethylamylamine. Whilst many other diet pills that contained this ingredient have been reformulated to exclude it, Oxylean 1-3D is still being sold at numerous UK online retailers and has not been […]


Latest Consumer Reports

Purium Health Products review

I have a friend into Purium Health Products and would like your input on it. Thank you!


Vimax Detox free trial

I have seen a detox product that claims to use natural ingredients to stop bloating and essemtially detoxes your body. The best bit is that its available via a free trial, what do you guys think?


EZ body slimmer review

Have you reviewed ez body slimmer? It always works for me and I would like to see a review on here.


Simply Garcinia reviews

What do you think of Simply Garcinia? I cannot find any reviews on this product and am nervous about placing an order unless I know if it works. Thanx Jo


Trim endous extreme reviews

Hi, I used a diet pill ‘trimendous’ about 4 or 5 years ago, it worked really well! But was discontinued as it was discovered that it contained an illegal ingredient. I’ve recently discovered a pill called trim endous extreme, I cannot find any reviews on this diet pill so I was wondering if you could […]


Latest Investigations

Raspberry Ketone UK Free Trials Scam – Watchdog Reports

When you are looking to lose weight, it can be a hard struggle. Not surprising then that a so-called miracle product that makes this easier can seem like a tempting prospect. If there is a free trial on offer – even better. It means you can try out a new exciting supplement risk free. Sadly, […]


Dr Oz Accused of Promoting Miracle Diet Aids

When Dr Oz speaks, America listens! That’s what they say about Dr Oz. If you have never heard of him he is a Turkish born celebrity doctor with his own show and he must be one of the most influential voices in America. The Dr Oz Show airs on primetime TV in the USA and […]


Zaggora Hot-Wear Help Burn Calories?

The main aim of successful weight loss is to decrease calories consumed each day, and to increase the number of calories burnt by the body through activity and exercise. A British company called Zaggora have released a range of exercise clothing, called hot-clothes, which they claim help to increase the number of calories burnt during […]


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