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AF Plus Weight loss pills

I ordered some off this radio station ad and then they took my money but i got no pills and they offered my something else for calling and they took off the money off my card and then they didnt send me anything either.

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95 comments on “AF Plus Weight loss pills”

  1. Dee Stanley says:

    OMG, i can’t believe the things i’ve been reading about this product and the company. i ordered about 3 yrs ago off the radio, took it for 1.5yrs lost a total of 60lbs, going from a size 18 to an 8. without exercise, nor changing my diet. in fact i ate chocolate on a regular basis :). I had absolutely no problems with them taking extra money from my account nor not sending me my product like clockwork, I managed to keep the weight off for a year after I stopped taking AFPlus, but now I’ve gained 1 pant size of it back. been trying to reorder the product and can’t seem to find them anywhere.
    If anyone out there still has any and wants to get rid of them,

    1. Maggie says:

      Were can I get this af plus

  2. Dee says:

    I took this product 3yrs ago, tried many different diets but AF Plus is the ONLY one that worked for me, taking me from a size 18 to an 8 within the first yr and a half, without exercise, losing inches first then the weight slowly came down. Only thing i didn’t notice was my energy level still felt the same. now i’ve gone up 1 pant size in the last yr. since i’ve quit taking AF Plus and would like to start it again but i can’t seem to find a working number for them, would anyone have it?? also if anyone still has any pills left i’d be happy to take them off your hands.

  3. F.T. says:

    I have been taking this product for 3 months i have gained 10 pounds. I am a vegetarian and workout at least 3 times a week. The product gave me energy but not weight loss. I will not recommend this product it is to expensive and does not help weight goal accomplishment. I got off the pill
    and notice my weight began to reduce.

  4. Jen says:

    Everyone this is not a scam! God you are wll annoying. I ordered these pills they take about 3 or 4 weeks to come! They actually do indeed work my friend lost 2 pounds a week. This is not a scam. Please stop petitioning against a product that actually works because now its not available on amazon for easy purchase. -_____- people annoy me with such ignorance. AF PLUS WORKS!

  5. Melani says:

    I have used this since the end of 2013. I was about 145lbs. I took the first bottle and took the pills, one a day, and didnt really notice much right away, except that I seemed to focus better. Not sure if its the 200mg of caffeine or what, lol. Anyway, I called to cancel before the end of the first month, no issues. By the end of the month, I was still taking them and not only did I feel like my focus was better, I seemed to have more energy and wasn’t so tired by late afternoon. I also wasn’t snacking as much. I called to reorder. By new years, I noticed I needed to put a new hole in my belt! I continued to take the pills, usually not on Sunday and Monday, my off days, as I was nervous that I would develop an immunity to the pills (like people do with caffeine and Adderall and such). By March 2014, I was down to 130 lbs. I’m a hairdresser, so I stand up all day, but I dont really work out or anything. I just like how the pills make me feel. I’m not having to take several pills at mealtimes or anything, its easy.
    I don’t know if its the caffeine, a placebo effect that’s lasted a year and a half or what, but I feel like I can focus and that’s great. I had tried a few other types of pills in the past and they were complicated or they made me feel funky.
    Now… The company I have to deal with is another story. They used to call me to see if I wanted to reorder, and I would order like 6 bottles at once and get a discount. They called me in December 2015 trying to get me to buy some other crap they were selling and I thought that was odd, I refused, saying I liked my AF plus. I was close to running out in January 2015 and called and I was told they were out, but would be getting some at the beginning of February. Fine. I made my last bottle last. I called again. I was told they were out and they would call me. I hung up and ate my breakfast while studying the bottle… There was a number on it and I decided to call that number. Dammit, it was the same place. This guy told me they had “just gotten a shipment’ and he would call me in a day or two….. no call. so I waited a few more days and called, and got the first guy again. He said they had never gotten a shipment and the other guy lied.
    Okay now it’s April and I still don’t have more pills, I’m annoyed because I honestly like I’m unable to focus and I’m considering going to my doctor to see about a prescription for some sort of A.D.D medication, as I have been all but diagnosed in the past but I didn’t want to get a dependency on a prescription or have it on my record as an existing condition… Thinking it doesn’t matter now, I need to focus again.
    Sounds kind of messed up now that I write it all down.
    That’s my experience. They worked for me.

  6. Aly says:

    i ordered AF plus and it took a while to get to me but I got 2 bottles and called the number to ask why. Turns out you can either send one back and pay for shipping (about $1.50) or you can pay $29.99 for the second bottle. Kinda sucked to hear that and it had to be shipped back before a certain date (it was a reasonable and doable time frame) I was only charged the $8 for the bottle and was able to cancel my future orders just fine. I’m on day 4 of my bottle and I’m down 5lbs and my jeans are getting lose especially my scrubs! I had a good experience besides having to ship back the 2nd bottle but it wasn’t crazy expensive to ship it back either.

    1. Dee says:

      Aly, that second bottle was because they ship a 2 months supply at a time…you shouldn’t have had to ship that bottle back

  7. Nancy S says:

    We all must realize that nothing works for everyone. But this combination in AF Plus definitely works for me and I am reordering. My recommendation if it’s working for you and you’re not getting the right customer service is to find it somewhere online. That’s how I order now.

    As for the scam? I’ve never met a ‘free trial’ that didn’t end with me either having to pay or having to cancel within the agreed upon timeframe to not get charged. 9 times out of 10, it’s the customer who didn’t listen closely to the agreement. Sorry, but it’s true. My understanding with this radio ad is that you get two bottles. 1 is free. The other will be charged to your card if you don’t call and cancel and send it back. That was my understanding. The hope is that you will like it and you won’t have any problems paying for that second bottle. Bottom line, free trials require cancellations within a timeframe – always.

  8. Alysia says:

    Does anyone have an address on where to send this crap back?? I told Adam that I canceled my order with Anthony and he told me I was a liar, he calls me everyday and harasses me. I told him to quit calling and he said I will call you everyday… well jackass, I blocked your # and I called my attorney. I am reporting them to the BBB. I just want to send a letter and tell Adam where he can put these pills.

  9. Ashley says:

    I received this product after less then a week and I have taken it yet because I am going to talk to my doctor about it first. I called today and spoke to Caitlin and she said my membership was cancelled. She also sounded like she was bored and didn’t really have any people skills.

  10. Mj says:

    Get a gift card & order the product. I received mine & i was charged the $7.96 but since I put it on a card that won’t have any money to be charged,there is no way they can bill me anything extra. Not sure if it works yet because today was my first day.

  11. Orozco says:

    I placed my order a week ago I haven’t recieved anything. I called and spoke to Anthony…either every salesmen there is named Anthony or this is a one person scam. He couldn’t find my order. Hope I don’t get charged for rush shipping.

  12. JM says:

    SCAM! as well as their claims of full money back guarantee is also a SCAM!

  13. Symone says:

    I just got mine in the mail about a week ago… i just started to take em today…. its not a scam it just takes a minute for them to get to ya… I’ve checked my card and everything is fine…..i will let yall know how it goes in prolly a month

  14. Monica says:

    Just wanted to leave a little advice for people that want to use free trials but are worried about scams. Buy a prepaid visa card. Load it with a little more than you need for the shipping. Then, if they try to charge you after you cancel, they won’t be able to. And for those that were threatened with this going on your credit report: if they don’t have your ssn, how can they put this on your credit? And if they have your ssn, wth did you give it to them??

  15. Bio scientist says:

    My friends, just because something is “all natural” does not mean that it is safe. For instance, black mamba venom, cyanide, strychnine, and Amanita mushrooms are “all natural”: do you really want to experience these “natural gifts”? By the way, this company has been advertising the same “first hundred callers” line for two months. Stay away from them! There is no miracle cure for weight loss. The best prescription is quit eating bad food (limit portion size as well as caloric intake) and EXERCISE!

  16. Angie says:

    TOTAL SCAM – just spoke with Kaitlyn and she was extremely rude avoiding every question I was asking after being charged $79 AFTER canceling!!!!!! Pills made me nauseated and stomach was burning….I do NOT recommend!!!!!

    1. JM says:

      I had a very similar experience

  17. hayde says:

    l tried this product and it didnt work. l tried to cancel but they told me that l was charged already for $79! l told them that they said that it was a free trial and you can cancel anytime. does anybody know where to send this product back. hoping to get my money back! its a scam!

  18. Benetta says:

    Just ordered. Wish I had read this first. Going to cancel after I receive order. Folks, don’t just call BBB, call your bank. They are extremely helpful. Plus, when speaking to anyone, RECORD them! I have a micro recorder. I use it even if I’m speaking to ComEd. Best wishes, everyone.

  19. Gantiz says:

    I tried this product. Did not work, returned the bottle and still got dinged for $79.00 before calling my CC company to report a fraudulent charge. If this had actually worked, I might have continued, but it DID NOT WORK. NOT A SINGLE POUND.

  20. Erika says:

    I ordered, received my shipment and decided to cancel. When I called and spoke with Nick he was very helpful in explaining to me the process. He said the two bottoms offered aren’t actually “free”. You pay the $7.95 initially in shipping and handling and then after the 30 free trial you’re charged $39 or so a bottle. I canceled, he applied his employee discount, stopped all future shipments and assured me I would only be charged his employee discount at the end of December. He was very pleasant and totally helpful. I did explain that I was afraid this was a scam. I did receive a confirmation number. Call the number on the bottle. I guess researching a product before buying will be the first thing we all do from now on, especially one over the radio.

  21. Dani says:

    So, I too ordered on line and DID remember to jot down the cancellation # which is 1(800) 605-1231 and spoke to Amber, who told me that she cancelled my future shipments, but that I would need to call again in 2 weeks to “give feedback” at which time they will either “help me return the product” or “give me discounts to continue the trial”.. When I called just now to cancel, she ONLY asked for my zip code and first name and then told me my future shipments were cancelled….. seems a bit odd to me… we’ll see….

    1. ASHLEY says:


  22. Darlene says:

    I heard the “claims” on the radio and ordered the pills. I took 2 per day every day for 3 months and lost NOTHING. I do cardio regularly, and still NOTHING. It’s a total scam and I would tell EVERYONE: DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  23. Bridgette says:

    Do not buy this product from this company, they will steal your money, and hang up in your face when you try to get thing resolved, also the customer service needs some training on phone edict.
    Adam was extremely rude and hung up in my face multiple times, and once I asked to speak to a manager he told me, the only person I could talk to was him…I actually would’ve bought the product if Adam wasn’t so rude, but now I have to go through multiple disputes, and maybe even a law suite!

  24. Robyn says:

    I ordered AF Plus after hearing about it on the radio which is strange because I never listen to the radio but this day I did and made the call. I ordered the product but wasn’t charged the $7.95 & after reading all the post about them being scammers I got worried. I figured that it’s only $7.95 so why not see for myself. The next day I was finally charged and about 2.5 weeks later I received two bottles. I’ve lost about 5 – 6 pounds so far and haven’t been taking the product for more than 3 weeks now. I take it with a colon cleansing pill and maybe that’s what missing in some of your attempts to lose weight. It creeps up on you. I only noticed because my dresses were suddenly hanging lower and other people asked me if I had lost weight. Give it a little time and try the cleansing pills with it and see if there’s a real difference. Don’t immediately take someone else experience for what you may experience. It may end up working quite the opposite for you because everyone’s body is genetically different.

  25. Tracer says:

    I’m very glad I found this before ordering. Some of the sales pitches (next five minutes, last 100 remaining – also mentioned in comment #5) raised red flags for me, as did the difficulty picking out a company name in that fast-talking.
    I also noticed legitimate companies frequently give side effect warnings and advise consumers “consult your doctor”. There was neither of these.
    Thanks to all who made it clear this is a bad investment. Back to the gym for me…

    I’m curious about the people here who claimed they received and are satisfied with the product. Shills, perhaps?

  26. Necie says:

    Thanks for all the helpful info. I will Not be buying. The number they are using now is 1-800-964-9245

  27. ash pea says:

    Ordered do they really not work?????

  28. donna says:

    t need to stop this scam tomorrow., I will call my card and the af plus product company site, cancel by my self, says 100% Granteen so no prob wright. I only paid for shipping an handling acrording $4.95 to them

  29. Dedria Cornwall says:

    I started to buy then as I was giving all my information I saw this scam warning so I ended the call with all no I don’t want the product and then asked if they could charge me and I said no so I hope they do not charge my card! I am calling the bank just incase!

  30. BMan says:

    Call your radio station. Tell them how pissed you are at them for aiding an obvious scam.

  31. susan says:

    please don’t buy this products its a scam and it’d a terrible product i got it and took it for a few days , i felt horrible it made my heard go fast made me feel nervous even had heart pain ,, its dangerous don’t even think of trying it

  32. Fiona says:

    I order this stuff,received it and IT DOES NOT WORK.. Don’t waste your time. It doesn’t work… In fact I put 5 lbs on when I was using it. I got a skin rash as well. Hoping I’ll get my $$$ back…

  33. Heather says:

    I ordered this product from a radio ad 6 months ago. I received the product and never lost even a fraction of a pound. TOTAL SCAM! I honestly forgot about it because I heard nothing from them (voicemail, email, US mail), but they are now claiming I owe them $79.99 and they are sending me to collections. I thought they were a telemarketer because they continuously called my cell phone during the day and did not leave a voicemail. I looked them up and the FTC has a ton of complaints against them for unlawful practices. I will try to fight this.

  34. Tori says:

    I ordered the pills back in July. Got two bottles and cancelled three days later after realizing they were scammers. Just I be safe I cancelled my credit card. The pills don’t work and “Anthony” literally tried To force me to continue the payments. They can NOT put anything on anyone’s credit report because #1 they dot have your personal info other than the card number..#2 they are the real scammer they aren’t going to pursue anything

    1. Terry Lippld says:

      They have your name and address and that is enough to place a report on your credit. Check your credit yourself and make sure they didn’t file anything. If they did, you can call the credit bureaus and have it removed. Check all three bureaus..

  35. Peggy says:

    This ad keeps coming up on my radio station and they are using a # I don’t see posted here – 1-800-641-3253. Also I am thinking that our radio stations should start to pre screen the companies that advertise with them to avoid scams like this. This isn’t the 1st time my local station has run ads for business that are nothing more than scams. Maybe we should hold them accountable also.

  36. Darcine says:


  37. Shonta says:

    I got a call today from a A F PLUS (207)420-3810 I spoke with (Anthony) he told me that I owe a balance for weight-loss pills I explained to him that in March I call to order weight-loss pills but I have never received anything he says he has a tracking number that proves I have received their product I told him that I have never received anything so he starts screaming at me threatening me that he will put it on my credit report that he is in the process of sending this to collections I asked him to show me proof of a signature that I have received anything Anthony hangs up in my face then he calls me back three times with threats every time he keeps hanging up in my face after I called to order this product in March on a pre-recorded line all types of fraud started to happen on my credit cards so I had to call and cancel all of my credit cards I need to know what should I do next???????? This place is the biggest scam if this place puts anything on my credit report I will sue and go to the news

    1. ASHLEY says:

      Girl I believe you ! its all a damn scam I been dealing with his rude a** too..

  38. Melissa says:

    These pills are a rip off. they do not work. they took $$ out of my account after I sent the pills back and cancelled my membership back in july. Called them to get my money back and they told me they would give me the 35.00 out of the 79. when they got the bottles of pills back. TOTAL SCAM…

  39. Karen H. says:

    I received this product and never lost any weight. I called to cancel my order and did not receive a confirmation number. I was told there was not one generated on cancellations. When I called just now I was told that they always gave there names and confirmation numbers at the end of each call, this is not true. I have just been billed for more product and I have not received anything for more than 2 months. The representatives are rude, unknowledgeable and so are the people that say they are supervisors. One supervisor just told me that he trained everyone that works answering the phones for this company. However, he did agree to refund my money AFTER I returned the product. This is truly a scam and I will be calling the trade commission.

  40. Beverly R says:

    I just got off the phone with Caitlyn at 800 605 1231 and cancelled my order but will be checking my bank.

    1. Melissa says:

      I talked to Caitlyn today as well. you best check your account. they took $$ out of my account and I cancelled the last week of july.

  41. Lynn says:

    This product is a scam. It did not work. Then they call you saying you sign up for this product and that I owe 79.00. I told them to send me the recorded record they claim to have but I haven’t heard anything from them. Tried several time to cancel but no-one answered. When I got through to Anthony he said I sold their product. Their product is crap and so are they. SCAM. If anyone is successful getting closed. Let me know. I will be calling some one to find out what to do will scams like this. If anyone has something that has worked with these people let me know.

  42. enina says:

    I heard this ad on the radio about 6 months ago and I called the number to purchase a product. I used a Visa gift card just to be on the safe side and right after I paid that’s when the recording said that I would be charged again $79 after so many months. at that point I try to cancel right then and there but it didn’t give me the option so I call the number againbut it was nothing but a recording with no options to cancel. when the product arrived it came with a letter that had a number at the bottom I called the number still wasn’t able to reach anyone. I had to go online and I researched the company and found other complaints in a customer service phone number. when I called they told me I would have to reship the product in order to get a refund or to make sure that I wasn’t charged again. so I did. now 6 months later I been receiving threatening phone calls from the company saying they will report it on my credit if I do not pay 79 dollars and some change for a product that I returned to them and paid shipping and handling twice for. legally can they report something on my credit without my social security number? if I get one more call from them I’m planning to sue who’s with me?

  43. Ruby says:

    How long after they charge the $79 ? I ordered about a week ago , do I still have time to cancel ?

  44. Alex says:

    I JUST ordered this stuff! I usually check products b/4 I buy… But , I am so desperate to lose weight! Ugh! Can’t believe I fell for this one! SB:While I was anxiously waiting for the arrival of the AF+, I decided to give Zantrax3 in the Red Bottle a try. Only my 3rd day, but it seems to give me tons if energy. (That’s just taking 2 pills a day v. recommended 4 a day).

  45. Gina says:

    I ordered and received AafPlus this is a total Scam!! I cancelled and got charged $79.00. I called 1-800-480-8701 they told me I would receive a refund then turned around and charged me another $79.00 yo which my bank charged me $34.00 I called and spoke with a very Rude condescending guy Mike who spoke to me like I was an idiot. I asked for a supervisor and was told he couldn’t hold his line for me. I’m calling the atty general in my area

  46. mad dieter says:

    Af Plus product is a rip off and to add insult to injury the pills don’t work and the representatives are total liars. One idea comes to mind with this company SCAM.COM. DON’T FALL FOR IT. I did so I’m trying to warn others before you lose money and time. Not to mention at the end of this matter they debited my account for 80 bucks AFTER I HAD ALREADY SENT THEIR PRODUCT BACK, locking those funds for 7 business days. Im convinced to never order anything from them again. Do yourself a favor STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOGUS OFFER and try another company who has integrity AND a product that really works!!!!

  47. joe gellenbeck says:

    I ordered it , got it , called and canceled , no problem, it seems to be working so i may keep using it

  48. JD says:

    latest number they are using is 800-503-3557

  49. Daniel says:

    I ordered this crap and never got it, but just last week my CC was charged 79.00 from AF Plus. CC called me and said they were checking fraud and I didnt remember that I had ordere it until later. I hate the fact that they think they were going to be able to get away with this. SCAM SCAM SCAM….. I wish I could meet one of they people face to face one day.

  50. Felisha says:

    I ordered AF+ on the 16th of April and I haven’t received anything, I was told they would only charge the 7.95 for shipping and handling and they took out 20 dollars. Who has any info on how to report them?

    1. Marge says:

      Call the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General in your area.

  51. Kathryn says:

    I just called 800-605-1231 and spoke with a gentleman named Mike. I ordered the product a week ago but have not yet received it, nor have I been billed the $7.95. I told him I wanted to cancel my order. He told me it was cancelled, gave me the cancellation number & told me if my credit card was billed they would credit it back. I asked if I should send the product back and he asked if I had received it. I said no and he said that’s because he had cancelled the order and I would not receive it. Crossing my fingers…. Let’s see what happens!

    1. mindy says:

      They probably got your card number wrong. I had to call 3 times before they got it right

  52. Windi says:

    I’ll take that number please!

  53. Sumler says:

    I have numbers if anyone needs them to call and ask for their money back.

  54. Sumler says:

    I have been taking the pills for 2 weeks haven’t lost anything it’s ashame that they take people money like that they need to be reported to the better business bureau the add claims that u will loose so much weight that u have to cut back on the pills not that’s a lie iam going to call them and the bureau

    1. kaitlyn says:

      I ordered it. Received two bottles, I have been on it for a week, it makes me very shakey n no weight loss. I’ve called twice to return it and the guy who I swear answered both of my calls is very nasty to me and won’t let me return, or get my $7.50 for shipping back. N told me I’ll get charged to $79.99 every month then he hangs up. I’ll be calling the better business people and complaining.

      1. Rhonda says:

        go to the AF Plus website and use the email to contact them. i complained that it was not working and was upset that they charged my card. i actually received a phone call and they refunded the money.

  55. sims says:

    I ordered and never received. I don’t know how to contact. All I get is a way to order again but no way to get a person
    anyone have a way ?

  56. Rebecca says:

    I absolutely LOVE AF Plus. I’ve lost weight, I take one pill a day and have been using it for about 9 months. The weight loss is slow, but I keep going down in clothes size and I don’t do anything else differently but take that one pill a day.

  57. Stormy says:

    I ordered this from the radio and I did receiver two bottles of AF plus. Everything they claimed was a Big Lie. The only thing I lost was my money. I don’t recommend buying this product, ever…. It was just a scam to lose your money not weight….These people are Pathetic!

  58. kim says:

    Ordered on March 26th as of today no pills no way to get in contact with them

  59. lee lee says:

    Well i order n dec 2013 i recieved pills but have yet to loose n e weight still the same the num on the bottles i recieved is 1800 480 8701 it says its a customer care line i have yet to call dnt want b bother with n more foolishness even though i paid only $14 i have yet to reorder n since than that card has been cancelled rite after i ordered

  60. naomi says:

    I sent yhe postage for the product and never received any type of product or communication.

  61. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for your post and saving me some time and money.

  62. James Trog says:

    If any of these words appear in an ad you should know it is a scam.
    * offer valid for the next five minutes. (They accept calls at all times)
    * offer open to first fifty or hundred callers (They have been running ad for months, then either no-one is responding or they take all suckers.)
    * offer open to those with legitimate reasons. (What are the illegitimate reasons? Do they check to see if you have legitimate reasons? It’s just words to make you think it’s a legitimate product.)
    * offer open to those who have an excessive need: make over a milcaseslion dollars, lose over thirty pounds (Used to induce the dubious to buy, but when you call and say you only want to make a thousand dollars or lose five pounds they’ll still sell it to you.)

    When any limited offer is actually open to all, they are using gimmicky selling techniques, and the product itself is probably a gimmick.
    Selling based round the offer rather than the product indicates the strength of the company lies in its selling and not the product.

    1. Bobby Reed says:

      I ordered the product AF Plus and have been using it for about 3 weeks. I have lost 10 lbs without changing my diet. I even kept drinking my beer. No problems with ordering and receiving the product.

      1. Crystal says:

        Thanks Bobby. I was worried that this really was a scam because I just ordered the product. At least one person did receive it.

        1. mindy says:

          I got mine. And i called the next day to cancel any more product. I didn’t have an issue

        2. Michelle says:

          I received my bottles as well. Was a little worried I wouldn’t after reading all the bad comments! After taking it one day I noticed it suppressed my appetite!

        3. Laura says:

          I received my order just fine no hassles. I just started taking them so I will keep you posted to see if I lose the weight.

          1. Gina says:

            I agree. I order mine on January 1 and received them on January 12. Been taking them for 4 days and have lost 3 pounds. Some diet with 30 minutes of Cardo every other day. Will continue…it works great

      2. Nichole says:

        Have u had any problems with your card being charged

  63. casey says:

    How did you get ahold of them? I keep calling to cancel but just get a dial tone

    1. kelly jimmar says:

      you have to call direct alternatives 1-800-665-7651 9-5 m-f

      1. Beverly R says:

        I just called 800 605 1231 spoke with Caitlyn and cancelled my order.

  64. nicki says:

    Does anyone have a number to stop this scam? If so I will call on this scam.

    1. Diana says:

      I just called 800 605 1231 and spoke to Anthony to cancel. I should have read this before I called to order. I will watch my card and call the bank.

      1. Gina says:

        Thank you! I haven’t been able to find a number for them to cancel. I called this number and spoke with Anthony also.

      2. Kristy says:

        I got a different number 1800-600-7105 I called and it did sound right do I hung up just before a gave my CC number

        1. Sarah says:

          I got my pills after I ordered them?

          1. coy says:

            Ordered and got the pills. Worked for me. Went from being 300 lbs to 255 lbs in 6 months. I’m a truck driver, so exercise isn’t much of a possible thing. Will continue to use this.

    2. MVance says:

      This is not a scam I got my pills today sure the shipping was 3 weeks late but I got it off the radio station I was caller 81. I got my pills. Dont start scam shit if you dont know what your talking about.

  65. Buckeye says:

    Report to the federal trade commission. I did this morning, this is a scam and they need more reports to bust them

  66. Adrienne Kirk says:

    Is AF. Plus a safe pill to use, and is it an effective weight loss supplement?

    1. Sacious says:

      I ordered it only paid shipping for the trial size thing from the radio it worked lost 20lbs without taking it consecutively but doing very little exercise.

      1. tricia csaszar says:

        it is a complete scam

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