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Watchdog Approved Diet Pills

There are so many scams going on at the moment that it’s hard to know who to trust. Our job is to make the choice easier for you.

With a team of writers and researchers we take an in-depth look at what these new diets pills are really about.

#1 Consumer Choice: Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim

Scientifically proven ingredients making this one of the most potent Superfruit diet pills on the market.

Why is Superfruit Slim Watchdog Approved?

  • Fastest, safest weight loss in one capsule
  • Clinically proven to shift fat and give you the body of your dreams
  • Hassle free 60-day money-back guarantee
  • FREE shipping and whopping multi bottle discounts!

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This is the criteria that all approved diet pills must aim for:

  • The manufacturers must be reputable, with details ready to provide proof: In the past we have been unable to find any information on manufacturers, a clear indicator that they aren’t the real thing. For your health and financial safety we will check to see if they are who they say they are if you ever need to contact them.
  • The product must do what the manufacturers say it does: What is the point in spending a lot of money on a product that won’t do what it says? By looking at the ingredients we can determine whether it will offer the result that you want.
  • The ingredients should be safe for consumption and have been tested: We make sure that we list all the ingredients and try to show how much of something is in the product. This is to make sure you are aware of what you are actually taking, some surprises aren’t always good.
  • The product must not produce any side effects: Everything we review must be tested to check that it is safe for consumption and won’t be toxic for your health.
  • Products must have reviews listed to prove whether the product worked for other people: We want to offer you details of real life people taking this product. It is important that you know whom it works for and whom it doesn’t, only then can you judge whether it is right for you.
  • A money back guarantee will be offered to unsatisfied consumers: Any product must come with a guarantee to ensure that you feel protected from a scam and allow you to have confidence in the product.

Taking all this into account we make a verdict, we either approve or reject them. It’s as simple as that. All we do is to look at the facts and decide on whether it will be a good choice for you, the consumer, because at the end of the day we don’t want you to try something that could effectively be a waste of your money or cause you to experience side effects.

How to choose the best diet pill for your goals?

Measuring waist with tape

There are a lot of things that you should consider when choosing a diet pill to suit you. What do you actually want to achieve? Do you want something that will cause rapid weight loss, promote muscle growth, detox your body or help suppress those cravings that plague you throughout the day? Not only will choosing the right diet pill help with your goals, but it will eliminate any unwanted side effects that some can cause.

By offering you all the information we can find on a product we are giving you the option to decide for yourself whether you think something will work for you personally. We aren’t biased and will only advertise the diet pills that we think are the best out there.

What are the types of diet pills and what do they help with?

Diet-Pills green

  • Appetite suppressants: We know that trying to lose weight by cutting down on calories is difficult. You’ll be fine one second and the next you feel like you could kill for a chocolate glazed donut. We’ve all been there at some point. Appetite suppressants will allow you to avoid these cravings by helping you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. It makes life a lot easier and will allow you to reach your weight loss goal quicker.
  • Fat burners: If you want to shed those extra pounds quickly then we suggest using a fat burner based pill. Of course, you have to combine these with a healthy diet and regular exercise for it to work to it’s maximum potential. Fat burners use a process called thermogenesis that increases the rate that fat is broken down. They do contain caffeine as a main ingredient so it is one to be wary of if you like having a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Metabolism Boosters: These types of pill often make your workouts more effective and allow you to burn any food that you eat quicker than normal. Although these tablets may not make you magically drop the pounds just like that, but they will help in aiding you to not only lose weight, but to also suppress your appetite.

Why choose the ones that we approve?

smiling female doctor with pills

We pride ourselves on offering the best advice and accurate information when it comes to telling you which diet pills are the best.

We will only tell you the truth and we won’t publish something that is inaccurate just to make a commission off of the manufacturers.

That’s not what we’re here to do.

It goes against everything we stand for.

While we only have six products in our Approved section we can guarantee that they are the best on the market and worth every penny. They won’t scam you or take your money, they won’t offer you unrealistic results or expectations and they most likely won’t give you any bad side effects, the same cannot be said for new brands that are popping up which may not have been tested as thoroughly.

Below are the products that we recommend for achieving the best weight loss results as they fit our criteria and can get you the body you want.

All Watchdog Approved Diet Pills

Here is the complete list of the approved diet pills we believe, based on our selection criteria, offer the best solutions to customers looking for a safe supplement that can work.

Superfruit Slim

Marketed as containing the “strongest superfruits” in every capsule, Superfruit Slim claims to unleash the power of Green Tea, Acai Berry, African Mango and CoEnzyme Q10. […]


Maximuscle Thermobol

Can you burn the fat and get a leaner physique with Thermobol? We take a look at well known UK sports nutrition company Maximuscle, to see if they have the answer to getting […]



Claiming to be the "next generation slimming supplement" Activ8 X diet drops is touted as a simple, powerful and effective way to lose weight. […]


Vintage Burn

Old School Labs claims that their product, Vintage Burn 'is uniquely formulated to spare muscle and strength while burning fat' and describes their product […]


JH Bodyfire Hades

The official website for JH Bodyfire Hades boldly states 'Shred the Man- Reveal the God'. This a huge claim about the strength of this product […]


Skinny Medical

Skinny Medical is advertised as a quick and stress free solution to weight loss. This UK supplement comes with a diet plan […]


VPX Meltdown

At first glance, VPX Meltdown looks to be a standard body building style fat burner! It is stimulant strong and comes with some powerful advertising […]


Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is a weight loss supplement that contains Garcinia Cambogia as the main ingredient plus small amounts of raspberry ketone. […]


Acai Plus Extreme

There are already so many Acai Berry diet pills on the market any new Acai berry supplement needs to be something special. This is where Acai Plus Extreme comes in as it claims to […]



A powerful fat burner that looks to deliver on its claims of helping boost metabolism, increase energy levels and help reduce those food cravings. With great savings, free shipping options […]


Approved Diet Pills

  • Clinically proven so that you know the supplement can work
  • Real consumer feedback from customers who have used it
  • Trustworthy companies that offer a money-back guarantee
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