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Beyond Raspberry Ketone Report

I ordered a free trial of Raspberry Ketone and it was not until I saw my bank statement that they took £79.95 from my account. I did not receive any confirmation that I had to cancel within 14 days and now they have taken the money out without my authorisation. They have cancelled further payments but what do I do about the payment they have taken out please.

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742 comments on “Beyond Raspberry Ketone Report”

  1. Karen Taylor says:

    I really do feel so stupid, I have been caught up in this stupid scam. They have taken £84.95 out of my bank and I have not yet received the items. Ease help me! How do I contact these people and how can I send something back to them that I haven’t received. I have called my bank and cancelled any more payments coming out. Please any information would be a great help. Thanks Karen Taylor

    1. Lisa says:

      i do hope you get your money back …i ordered some via Facebook stupidly and lost near £200 on the day i ordered..i have no company name or number to get back to…my bank gave me the company phone number from the visa transaction but they are denying its them ive ordered through 🙁

  2. Jackie says:

    oh so i am not alone they took £95.00 out of my account too and tried to do it again thank goodness my bank called me lesson learned.

  3. Joy says:

    I fell for this scam with the Ketone Slim XT and the Prima Cleanse Plus. I have secured a 50% refund and lodged a report with ActionFraud (receiving a criminal reference number in relation to it) and am in the process of lodging a second form with a healthcare monitoring scheme) against the overarching company, Healthy Nutrition based in Reading. Below is a stage-by-stage account of what I did, in case anyone else wishes to refer to it. In sum, be calm and persistent.

    First thing is to cancel online using the banner on ‘Contacts / Refunds’ – it is a veritable cancellation tool. The company uses dates precisely so the earlier you can ensure you have cancelled the contract, the better. I was not satisfied with this and wanted assurance from a company representative that it had been cancelled, and so persisted by phone and email (both of which were initially useless and, after a week, became helpful).
    Secondly, I phoned my bank to ensure that they will block all future payments. I am with the Cooperative and they are able to do that.
    Thirdly, I phoned the company directly. At first they were evasive and repeatedly failed to find any details of my ‘account’, in spite of having taken £200 from my bank account.
    At this point I used the Citizens’ Advice Bureau to access ActionFraud, with which I have lodged a fraud report form and now have a criminal reference number for this. It seems extreme but I am horrified both by my own experience and the collective experience witnessed on this forum. I am in the process, again accessed through the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, of lodging a report too with Yellow Card Scheme, which is used to monitor healthcare products.
    After contacting the bank again to check that all future payments have been blocked, I contacted the company directly (all numbers lead to a centralised Customer Service team which can deal with all the products in one go). The man was helpful and able to find the details quickly. He confirmed that no further products would be sent out and that no further payments will be taken. I then explained that I had sought help from the CAB and had been advised that a 50% refund would be in order, for the T&Cs are not clear – in the first paragraph it implies that the initial large payment is an annual payment and in a later paragraph it suggests that it is a monthly payment. The man said he would speak to his advisor and this 50% refund was sanctioned.
    One thing to note: when I mentioned ActionFraud and having a criminal reference number, the man on the phone said that refunds are a way of placating the victim and ensuring that no further action is taken against the company. I stated that I wished to have the refund and it will be processed in 3-5 days. The ActionFraud report has been lodged and will not be dropped at this point.

    1. Scott Mckinlay says:

      Hi Joy, thanks for sharing your actions.
      Have they told you, they will be refunding the full amount or just the 50% ?

      My mother is still down £235.90 after getting a £144 refund.
      They had taken a total of £379.90

      I contacted Action Fraud, but they have told me to contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service for further advice on 03454 04 05 06 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

      I’ll give them a call and see how I get on.

      Pointless calling customer services again as it is all foreigners who can’t or don’t want to understand you.

      Let me know how you get on and I’ll reply once I get in touch with Citizens Advice.

  4. Scott Mckinlay says:

    My mother who is 76 got caught out with this.
    She only realised when a second batch of pills arrived, she checked her bank account and a total of £379.90
    I went onto them and went mad, they only agreed to refund some of the second lot they sent out, as she was past the 14 days for the first lot.
    They refunded her £144.00
    Leaving her down a total of £235.90

    They are praying even on the elderly, which is shocking.
    She has never took any of the pills and has returned the lot untouched.
    Surely they can’t keep her money.
    Can anyone tell me how I can help her get some more of this money back is it is absolute shocking.
    My mum said it was just a pop up that appeared on her screen and she only thought she was paying a small amount for a demo.
    Going by this forum, there are loads being caught out and it’s being miss-sold.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated – you can get me at mckinlayscott@hotmail.com.

    We need to try and put a stop to them getting away with this.
    They are making their money from this scam, not actually selling the product.

  5. racheal says:

    I sign up for a free trial and was never informed of money to be paid, and there has been money taken from my account without my authority please what can i do to get my money back

  6. L Morrison says:

    I ordered a free trial of the Raspberry Ketone from this Company and didn’t receive a confirmation email from them. I had to email them to ask where the product was and advised them that after the free trial I wanted to cancel any future orders with them. I eventually did receive an email from them advising the goods would be sent out and that they had taken me off their auto-shipment list. I contacted my credit card company and advised them to block any future payments to this company. On just checking my credit card account they have taken £95.00 from my credit card but used a different name which allowed the payment to go through so now the credit card company are investigating for me. I have also emailed the company and advised them to refund the amount immediately as they have taken an unauthorised amount from my account.

  7. H. Wilson says:

    I am surprised that the authorities still allow this company to advertise and defraud the public. I see a new advert today, but I have already
    been caught for over £200 and the debits keep coming to my Bank.
    I was obliged to cancel my bank card today as I cannot find their address,just a phone number which is useless as a faint foreign voice
    answers and I have difficulties with my hearing. I think it is time,
    in view of renewed advertising, that the authorities took action before
    others have been caught like myself. 10th. November 2014

  8. RCH says:

    This company should be taken down by the trading standards authority for miss representation of facts. Product doesn’t work and non telephone numbers on packaging or bank statement or delivery note. No website either. Which UK Governing body is responsible for closing this business down!!

    1. Penny mayo says:

      This has happened to me today really instead I need all my money what a scam.

  9. Mike says:

    watch whatyou do with charge cards and debit cars online. They sure do!

  10. Mike says:

    I had never even heard of this company before! I was looking at my bank statement online and I ran across a $26.23 charge I never made. and saw it was from raspberrydiet…. and I called my bank. They said I was protected from fraud since I used my Visa bank card. So I was lucky I got my money back . That company wanted to see a copy of my bank statement and they would look into it! haha ha. right!!!! Those Bastards

  11. kath says:

    same thing happened to me .i followed the advice above and have received a refund .also blocked any further payments from this company.

  12. Lesley says:

    Phoned this morning with my friend details and gave them a very very sad story. First a lady said I should have read the terms & condition then offered £100 back I again said another sad condition I had she then put me on hold and came back shortly after and offered another £40. My friend was happy and brought me a large bouquet of flowers.

  13. Lesley says:

    The same has happened to a friend single mother with two children and badly needs every penny. She been to the bank and stop all further payments. Will now phone them. Their email address is support@nutragreencoffee.com and telephone to cancel 08001 577409

  14. Laks says:

    same thing happen to me. I have been charged £190.95 for nothing.

  15. Louise says:

    Exactly the same has happened to…..fuming…..has anyone actually received a refund?

  16. Graeme says:

    have just fallen for the same scam, tried a ‘free’ trial which I paid £4.06 delivery then two weeks later they take £86 out of my account, phoned up and they said they will cancel my account but wouldn’t give me a refund, my bank have also not been very helpful. these companies make me sick. DO NOT BUY FROM MYRASPBERRYTRIM.COM

  17. Lorraine says:

    I also bought the FREE Trial and was scammed £94.67 today, I NEVER authorised them taking this money out and have called my bank and Trading Standards, BEWARE it is a SCAM!!!!!!

  18. Liz says:

    I have too been conned by this and if it wasn’t for reading this thread I probably would have ended up being charged large amounts of money that I can’t afford!
    It makes me so mad, both at myself for being so foolish and also at the company and all those that are willingly working for them!
    I emailed the company to cancel my subscription (which was unwillingly bought) yesterday after receiving the products that morning I made the order last Saturday. I received a reply this morning saying that they had ben cancelled and gave me a cancellation number for the transaction. Not being completely satisfied with this after reading all the comments I then replied to ask for confirmation and reassurance that no further payments would be taken from my account. By this point I was ready to ring my bank and cancel my card but I received a reply straight away saying that my bank details have been deactivated. I feel better about this, the only thing niggling me is the fact that this last email came from a totally different email address and there was no mention of customer number or name of products on it!
    I won’t be cancelling my card but will be keeping a close eye on my bank account over the next few weeks.

  19. Tracey collett says:

    What ass holes you take money from people’s account with it a free trail When you tell them it for 30 day and when it really 14 days you take money from a special need girl want to lose wight not understand what you say does time and will not even give her money back what brunch of ass wholes

  20. alan dennis says:

    ijust watched a saved watch dog report about raspberry ketone proslim and nutriberry slim product. ive been in touch citizan advice and they put me in contact with trading standard. which are investigateing this. .i had 3 payments one of £2,99. and £4.95. then on the fist of july of £93.00 which i didnt knowuntil iwas told about 3 oclock this afternoon.

  21. Kathryn Jenifer says:

    thought i was paying around £5.00 for these tablets, didn’t have the slightest clue that it was for a ‘free trail’ and that money was for shipping. i thought i’d pay the £5.00 and that would be it. But a week or two later they took £95.00 out of my account, the next day they took £45.00 out of my account and they would do so every month unless i cancelled. and that is exactly what i did. there is not way i am paying £135.00 every month for tablets that infact dont even work. i stopped taking them a week after i got them because they wasnt lowering my weight at all. i went to my bank today to cancel the keytone payments and they’ve done so. i also rang keytone myself to try get the refund. the first lady i spoke to on customer service was american and very rude. she showed no sympathy and kept a very dull voice repeating i cannot get a refund because i ticked terms and conditions. at this point i am fuming as i am an 18 year old girl who doesnt work many hours a week and for over £100 a month to be coming straight out my account is a massive dent, i have a car to pay for and now im left bank rupt and cannot pay simple things like food for work let alone petrol for my car.
    I then rang again and a Pakistani answered, i said i want a refund, i began saying he could not help me because i clicked terms and conditons, i then said well who can i speak to to get this refund, he then said he can do 30% refund which is something like £40. which is better than nothing. but i am still fuming as i am a victim of paying for something unwillingly. i was wishing for a full refund but theres not alot i can now do, unless someone can tell me how to get a full refund of £135. verry annoyed and upset.

  22. Clive Allen says:

    Purchased the product sample at a friends request { Really true} Recived the sample then got billed £93.49 the a following month £95.99 no reply to e mails no reply to phone calls. Bank refunded the second payment ,still arguing over the first payment with the bank. these company’s are run by fraudsters and con men,and the banks should alter their automatic billing systems so that the customer has some sort of protection as the companies are very clever with the wording on their adverts and application forms just so that they stay legal. Would love to see the law changed.

  23. Jayne Lamplugh says:

    This website and this thread has been so helpful, thank you. I purchased the ‘trial’ Ketone Adanced and Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse on 08/06/14. So far only the agreed £3.95 (for Ketone Advanced) and £4.95 (for Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse) have been charged to my credit card. Thanks to the infiormation on here, I have rang Customer Service on 0800 157 7409 today and cancelled my ‘subscription’ for both (the subscription i didn’t realise i had signed up to!). I had to wait about 5mins before someone answered, but once i was through it took less than 2mins to cancel and he said i could cancel for both (even though on the despatch notes they have two different Customer Service numbers). I asked for confirmation emails, he said one would be generated automatically, but that hotmail sometimes block their emails so that it might not come through… I’m going to keep a close eye on my credit card to make sure no additional payments are made to it.

  24. Patricia says:

    I read the terms after 2 days of ordering the free trials of keytone advanced and the nutra green coffee pills.I rang my bank to stop any further payments being taken from my account.It was much harder to contact the companies by phone but perservered and managed to cancel my account with them.They were very abrupt and rude but I gave as good as I got , reminding them that they would not get any more money from me.The girl from customer services was American and I asked her if the 2 companies were the same and she said yes so I cancelled them both. Seconds later I received an email confirming this.There was no mention of returning the pills, I would rather bin them instead of returning them, remember at your cost.

    If it’s too good to be true it usually is.
    Don’t get fooled

    1. Ann Olsen says:

      I had a similar experience in that I said I would go to trading standards and they cancelled my account right away, like you said, within seconds of me hanging up. Criminals with no conscience.

  25. Patysanne says:

    Anyone know Whats happens if you don’t send back unused free trial tablets when you cancel. I have phoned to cancel& also cancelled credit card so no further money can be taken but am supposed to return the bottlesd & send recorded !!

  26. Anne Ashton says:

    I also fell for the offer of “free trial face cream” and am horrified to discover Revolvskin has taken £89.00 from my credit card, they did not make this clear in their advert. I returned the products and have threatened the company with legal action if they do not refund within next 14 days. I am usually careful when online, it certainly pays to read all the small print carefully.

  27. Victoria says:

    I’ve tried emailing them and phoning them but no response! What can I do???

    1. Jo says:

      Cancel your card with the bank I telephoned bank today & my bank card has been cancelled so they won’t be able to anything from your account

  28. Kevin says:

    I too opted for the free trial which was only a few days ago so luckily no money has been taken off me yet other than the P&P for both rasberry ketone and green coffee cleanse. After reading this site I became very wary of this so I called my bank to see what can be done and they have cancelled my card so these cowboys wont be able to take any further payments so I am feeling relieved at this. Wether or not I get my free trial is another story. I would recommend anyone that has recently ordered the free trial to ***** CANCEL YOUR CARD ***** this is only way to stop them from taking out a large sum of money that others have had the misfortune of happening. Good Luck all 🙂

    1. Jo says:

      thanks for that I didn’t realise looking at all comments, just cancelled my card with bank so hopefully they won’t be able to take anything

    2. Patysanne says:

      Not on your own I have done the same & also cancelled my credit card. Whats happens if you don’t send back unused free trial tablets when you cancel. I have phoned to cancel but am supposed to return the bottlesd & send recorded !!

      1. Ann Olsen says:

        Don’t bother returning the items – I said I wanted to do that and they told me they don’t want them. What you could do is ‘return to sender/not known at this address’. 😉

  29. Linzi says:

    I fell into the same trap! I haven’t received my 14 day free trial yet but seen this page and rang my bank! They have put a stop on any charges being made from this company! How can company’s like this get with it?! …..

  30. Lynn A'hara says:

    I too fell for this scam… received my 60tablets 3.49 came out my bank. Which was fine. 2 wks later 94.97 came out my account. .. couldnt understand what it was at first….. Ive been to bank who know about yhis scam but theres nothing they can do as its in the small print…. phoned 08448588072 spoke to them and again they say tjis is correct… I still have tablets still never been opened. Demanded refund yo be told no… read the small print… he was based in florida… soo angry how can these companys get away with it…..

  31. karen lucas-penhall says:

    i also fell for it!!! and i read the terms first
    they don’t explain properly that the FREE TRIAL is for only 14 days and you actually receive a 30 supply then after the 14 days they charge you for the remaining supply naughty hey ! well i also cancelled it via email which it said to do on there web site only to recive an email back saying they dont have authority to cancel and you have to phone such n such number BE CAREFULL SLIMMERS X

  32. K McMullan says:

    Just checked my bank account and the realised I have been scammed. 2 lots of £79.97 for Raspberry Ketone advance have come out of my account and 2 lots of £94.97 have come out for Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse. I am can’t believe I fell for it and didn’t notice terms and conditions which apparently ask you to agree to subscrition if not cancelled within 14 days. The saying definitly goes “you don’t get something for nothing. Feel like such a mug. Have cancelled payments with bank and company.

  33. Jean Allen says:

    Same thing happened to me took advantage of free trial from Sheridan Labs Ltd. Scotland, paid £4.95 postage charge – to find two weeks later took £95 from my account. Have contacted them but cannot even find out what the £95 was for as I didn’t receive anything. They cancelled my account “which I didn’t even know I had”, Knew nothing of cancelling after 14 days. If I do not receive my money back am going to take it to Watch Dog on the TV, to let everyone know what sort of people they are dealing with. Very upset.

    1. Lorraine says:

      Yes, they definatley need reporting to Watchdog, it is disgusting that they can do this, I didn’t sign up for anything either or authorise the £95.97 going out of my account, this is FRAUD!!!

  34. Gilbert says:

    Fabulous, what a web site it is! This web site gives useful facts to us, keep it up.

  35. suzanne says:

    Dont order!! I just did the same thing, called my bank and they said this is a well known company and they have alot of cases like this. I have had to cancel my card so they cant take any more money but doesnt look like I will get the £10 they already took off! Never again will I accept a free trial!!

    1. Patysanne says:

      I have had to do the same & cancelled my cr card. I have phoned to cancel & been given a RMA number which may not be correct as I could understand the guy on the end of the phone. Like others it is not clear on the terms & conditions nwhat the fee trial means or how hard it is to cancel !!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ann Olsen says:

        I had the money taken on the 14th day of the “trial” and did not notice for 3 days. Called my bank about an unauthorised payment x 2 and they raised a Visa *payment* dispute. The money was back in my account within 8 hours. Don’t talk with the company lackeys/phone people – they’re working from a script. They cannot authorise anything – they don’t even ask for the correct information about who you are or where you live – and they cannot put you through – or will not – to someone who can help. Go to your bank or credit card provider immediately! Hope this helps.

  36. ccsoangry says:

    I just woke up to realised they have charged me £94.00 dont know what for as i have only received my free trial and i paid 11.84 in total for those.
    just rang there customer service and the guy hung up on me.

  37. clarissa says:

    I too was almost effected by this scam, but luckily I cancelled within the fourteen days so no money (except for post and packaging) was taken from my account.
    Both Beach Ready and Arc Labs can be contacted on 02033566290 fora cancellation, I told them I had a condition which would be affected by the pills and surprise surprise they were willing to help as opposed to when I called before and simply said I didn’t want them.
    I hope this information helps as it’s highly unfair that companies like these can get away with taking innocent peoples hard earned money.

  38. EFD says:

    Hi, I paid by debit card so my bank said I had to take it up with the company although they have blocked further payments (although they said keep an eye on the account as they try under different names once you cancel). I contacted the coffee place first and I’m glad I did because the guy at Raspberry is a rude and arrogant. I gave them hell down the phone and was very assertive, demanding 100% refund and nothing less. The coffee supplement people agreed a 100% refund (minus shipping fees) on both products once they received the product back (you must send it recorded and tracked with their official returns number on the front or they can claim they haven’t received it).

    I also put everything in writing and in email. I’ve had no response to either. Lastly I have recorded the phone conversation with their customer service for proof of what has been agreed… lets see if the refund comes through. Below are my letters to the company.

    To whom it may concern,

    I wish to cancel all dealing with you as a company and have contacted my bank to stop all further payments to you. I would like ALL DETAILS including my bank details erased from your (and partners’ files). My bank has been alerted and if you attempt to take money from my account, again they will refund me regardless of whether you use your trading name or another company.

    I have tried to call your customer service free on 0800-148-8243 to cancel the product a number of times yesterday during the opening hours. I also emailed you on the 17th asking to cancel all dealings with you, and have not yet had a response. I have been unable to cancel my account on-line as my email address is not being recognized by your system at https://www.myeasycancel.com. I do not have an order number with you and I was not aware I had an account either, I merely applied for a FREE trial of supplements. I did not and do not agree to an automatic rolling subscription of any kind for any product.

    Furthermore, it was impossible to TRIAL your product as I was not given a full 14 day TRIAL at all! According to my bank you put in a request for payment on the 28th January and the 14-day trial period apparently started the same day of purchase, however payment for shipping did not leave my account until the 4th Feb (7 days later) and the product did not arrive until 3 weeks. I therefore did not have time to try the product within the 14 days. On your terms and conditions, you claim to send products via Royal Mail 1st class packages, which are usually received within 1 to 2 days. I do not think you have met your terms and conditions or that the items were sent on the same day of ordering as no 1st class Royal mail package takes 3 weeks to be delivered. In fact the payment of £95 was taken just after they arrived..

    The items you have sent me are still fully sealed and can be returned to you. Furthermore, you have taken money from my account for a service I do not want without my authorization, this means I am now unable to feed myself or pay my rent, you are scamming people and should be aware of the effects of your actions as a company. What you are doing is IMMORAL.

    I believe the online endorsement by channel 4 and a Women’s magazine that takes you straight through to your website would support a case of false advertising and deception. The fact that the name of your company and the name and product has change numerous times (according to online blogs) shows the level of deceit you are willing to go to, to take people’s hard earned money. You have obtained money by deception in the way you advertised your product by misleading customers into thinking it was a FREE trial.

    I have reported you to trading standards and BBC Watchdog are copied into this email. I have also sent this letter to you in the post. I request a FULL refund. I will return both the Trial and all further products to you without opening them. If you have sent the product that you have billed me for on the 14th February then please send me a Return Merchandise Authorization Number for the supplements, they will be returned to you the day they arrive, recorded delivery and I wish to have the return authorization number before they arrive.

    I request confirmation of receipt of this letter, confirmation of a complaint number / reference for this matter. I request confirmation that all of my personal details have been fully removed from your (or partner) systems, confirmation of cancellation and a written response explaining how you justify a FREE 14 day trial period, when your customers can not try the product in the time and are billed for a reoccurring service that they do not want.

    I expect a response to this letter within 10 days of the date on this letter.

    Beyond Nutra Limited,

    I am returning the Ketone Advanced and Green Coffee Cleanse TRIAL supplements unopened and sealed.

    I requested a FULL refund for both products via customer service on 18th February 2014, customer service agreed to a 100% refund of £94.97 and £79.97 once the supplements arrive at your returns address (PO Box 13511). I am therefore returning both the trial products to you without opening them, I have tracked this package to you and will be emailing again as soon as they are delivered to you to ensure you follow through on the 100% refund promise.

    I expect a FULL REFUND to enter my account within 10 days of the date on this letter.

    I have contacted my bank to stop all further payments to you and associated trading names. I have asked for all auto home delivery programs to be cancelled (17th February) and would like confirmation of this. I want ALL DETAILS including my bank details erased from your (and partners’ files) after the FULL refund is given, My bank has been alerted and if you attempt to take money from my account, again they will refund me regardless of whether you use your trading name or another company.

    I hope this helps some people get their money back!

  39. Geoffrey CLARKE says:

    I am yet another caught by this shameful company,and yet NOBODY seems to have done anything to stop them. I note that the complaints about their activities have been ongoing for a whole year.My own bank ,in Australia,has many pending complaints and yet the company still continues to operate.I would like to get my hands on the perpetrators,preferably their necks.

  40. frostycarver says:

    Billing & Customer Support:

    We welcome all support inquires by the following methods:

    Phone Support:

    International: +44 203 514 0638
    Freephone From Within the UK: (0203) 514 0638
    Customer service hours are 9AM – 5PM GMT, Monday through Friday (Greenwich Mean Time).

    Billing and inquires:
    Slim Body Cleanse
    5348 Vegas Dr
    Las Vegas, NV 89108

    Shipping and fulfillment:
    Euro Fulfillment s.r.o.
    Lihovarska 1060/12
    190 00 Praha
    Czech Republic

  41. gina rayson says:

    Can someone help me, I orderd them from facebook and now can find any numbers to cancel

  42. Emily says:

    Yep, I’m another one who has fallen for this through the women’s health £4.95 article with the journalist being the guinea pig.
    I have had £151 taken from my account and the non sterling fees too, how do I get a refund etc if anyone has been able to please let me know? I don’t know how to go about it, im a student and cant afford to loose this money!

  43. lee says:

    Totally scam!!!! Place the free sample order. 10 min later , call them to cancel the order. A guy name Jack said is ok but can’t refund the shipping fees. I said is fine and asked again is everything done .he said yes the order had been canceled. When i thought everything id fine then my nightmare came.i received the bottle of pills. This business have to close down to prevent more people to fall in this trap.

  44. Bindy says:

    Hi I have just ordered this morning the raspberrry ketone blast after seeing it on facebook uk and saw that Linda Robson off birds of a feather had used it and i also order the Colon cleanse.
    It said it was a trial and would cost £4.95 for shipping each bottle.
    Then the terms and conditions appear after ordering the second bottle and I panicked.
    I rang my bank and they told me to speak to the company and if I didn’t get any joy, then I have to ring the bank back in 48 hours to claim back any monies taken.

    I then rang the company and spoke to a lady and she agreed to cancel saying no money would be taken and I instantly got an email saying the orders had been cancelled. So fingers crossed.
    I will keep you updated.
    I found the link via facebook which led me to this site to order

    1. jo says:


      what happened? did u still get charged? tnx

  45. Karen Williams says:

    I cant believe at the age of 54 I have been taken in by these. How many times have I warned my family to watch it when they are ordering on line.

    I’d read up on Raspberry Ketone and made a concerted effort to join the gym and lose weight so ordered the raspberry ketone blast and cleanse extreme, exactly as everybody else did.

    My nightmare began last saturday when I checked my account online and saw 2 amnts of £89 and £95 pending. I rang the company and they said I hadnt cancelled as per the T&C. I cancelled any further order but she said they cldnt refund me it had gone past the 14 days.

    In a panic I contacted the bank and they said they cldnt do anything till the money had left the acct. I sent two angry emails to no avail. When the money came out on monday, I rang the dispute line and they said they cldnt do anything as I hadnt cancelled the suppy within the 14 days.

    Tbh I am disappointed with the bank as I paid with a visa debit card and thought that wld guarantee me being able to stop the payment.

    I rang the company again telling them they were in breach of their contract coz they shldnt have taken any money until the 30th day not the 15th and got some snotty little from the other aide of the world talking over me with a load of crap and then started laughing at me. I wanted to scream and rip his head off.

    I then rang citizens advice bureau who told me to rng the bank again and write a letter to the company saying they were in breach of contract. I emailed them again and they sent 2 emails back saying everything was cancelled but no mention of a refund. I havent received any further tablets for my money so so far the free trial tablets have cost me £194.

    Why cant anything be done? How can the law let them do this. Oh and to rub salt in wound in Costco they are selling 2 bottles of raspberry ketone for £19.99 aaaagggghhh!

    1. Françoise says:

      You should contact http://www.ic3.gov to make a complaint and http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud to report this abuse

  46. Aubrey Martin says:

    My Daughter was also scammed by these people for a total of €460. I have looked into the background of the company and the people. Have a look at http://www.e-trade.ie
    I called the first requesting a refund as their selling techniques and format are against the Distance Selling Regulations and complaints against them have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority, however I got nowhere by talking so since then I have been sending them a lot of emails demanding a full refund.
    I will put all of their email addresses and my message on the above site so you can do the same thing! I did get an offer of 50% but I want a full refund!
    I hope this is of help to some others and I would ask you to share it with your friends to save them the same grief and theft as we have suffered!

  47. rob says:

    What a scam. I fell for it as well. Free trial, my A**e!! Don’t anyone ever be conned by these. Ordered two free trial products and was charged a total of £184, and it went out of my account just after the so called 14 day trial period so nothing I could do about it. Spoke to the company and they agreed to refund £35 per product. I await to see if it materialises. You must ring and cancel any future charges. Make sure you ask for e-mail confirmation. I ceratinly don’t think this is over and I’ll probably have to chase them for the money.
    This is a complete scam don#t be fooled. Not even sure the products work yet!!

    1. Christine says:

      I have rung so many numbers now but all of them say that they either do not sell the raspberry Ketones or have no record of the transaction. I have e-mailed the customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com, will I get a reply.
      The card I used has been compromised due , I believe, to this transaction. The company has not been able to withdraw money, as yet.
      I cannot get this RMA number.
      Did those of you that said you were going to call in person have any luck?

      1. Emily says:

        did you ever get a reply from the email? its just happened to me and I don’t know how to send it back for refund?

  48. Mary says:

    It’s good to have a site like this but the only way to get anywhere is to complain, in writing – Try both the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Trading Standards Authority – if enough of us complain and they investigate, then maybe we will get somewhere. The ASA upheld an almost exact same complaint and they Company was admonished (hopefully with a big hefty fine to be paid). Cheers.

  49. Mary Wilson says:

    It’s the same story for me … how stupid could I be, Miss Usually Not A Mug. I’m raging. Will be phoning them tomorrow, if I don’t get anywhere I will be going to Linlithgow, West Lothian where they were posted from (raging that a Scottish Company is involved also!!!). Gutted!

  50. Beckie says:

    I am furious!!! So much for a “free trial”!!! Saw an advert on facebook for these Advanced Raspberry Ketones and a Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse, just pay the p-p, at about £5 each, check my bank statement today and £84.95 has come out of my account. Phone up the company to see what on earth that was for and the VERY unsympathetic women on the end of the phone was not helpful at all! When I asked her how it was a trial if you couldn’t even use the product she just kept saying “Madam its in the terms and conditions”. When I asked to speak to management the first response was that she was fully authorised to deal with my call, and when I asked again she said she was the management. No refund given. My bank also can’t refund the payment as it goes against the terms and conditions which they can’t do. I have never been so angry in my life… £85 is a lot of money!!! I am so angry at the company and at myself for falling for it!!! What a joke!!!

  51. Jennifer Yeung says:

    Thanks everyone unfortunately I fell for this scam and it was a good job i decided to have an extra look at the information about it and found this page. Unfortunately not in time to recieve the ketone advanced and nutra green coffee cleanse and be charged the trial amount. I cancelled them just today and recieved the RMA number and emails confirming the cancelation of the products and no further payments to be taken out. The only thing is i am confused about is why on the order forms they give you 2 separate numbers to contact them about the ketone advanced and the nutra green coffee cleanse? The woman i spoke to acted like i wasnt speaking english as well which annoyed me a great deal. Can anyone tell me if the RMA number is for also sending back 2 of the products because on my email it says ketone advanced and i contacted the nutra green coffee cleanse number they said they cant find my information, but said they cannot advise me without any details. I asked a simple question. Is the RMA number for the nutra green coffee cleanse as well???

    1. Ann Poole says:

      Hi. I’ve been caught as well. I can’t get a reply from any of the numbers. Just kept on hold forever. I was going to send the products back to Linlithgow by special Delivery without an RMA as can’t get one. Someone above had said it was on the original packing. Was your RMA 14 digits and letters? Thanks

      1. Anon says:

        My RMA number was 17 digits, no letters. I hadn’t opend the product so they said they’d refund me once I return it. Make sure you send it by Special Delivery (can be tracked). I used this number for both products – 0800 148 8243.

  52. Sandra says:

    I buy today from them item as well there ask me to pay 4.98 but there took 153 pound i dont no what to do? How get the money back any one cqn help me please is lot off money,,

  53. Heather Hanley says:

    I have posted the link to this website on facebook – I have asked my friends to share it so that everyone can see the posts about this company and their unscrupulous practice. I want as many people as possible to see the problems we have all faced and hopefully others won’t fall into the same trap and something can be done about the company. I don’t understand why Facebook allows such companies to advertise. They are clearly in breach of advertising standards and trading standards.

    Maybe you could post the link on your facebook pages and ask your friends to share too.

  54. Heather Hanley says:

    Also – there are a number of websites that they have where they show various celebrities who have lost weight using the product – it is all rubbish – the words are the same, they just change the names and, we have read in the press about some of the celebrities and what they did to lose weight and it was not with Raspberry Ketone.

    Interestingly, if you google unscrupulous selling raspberry ketone you will see “RASPEBERRY KETONE CAUTION – DON’T GET TRICKED ….. http://womenshealthinsider.com/weight-loss/reports/uk/050212/ ” …. guess what it is? It is the very same advertising and nothing to do with not getting tricked. What they are actually saying is – come and get tricked, read all about our product and buy it from us!

    All of their pages have reviews on them ….. funny that there are recent comments on there from satisfied customers but the review facility has been closed for days because of spam … hmmm, I wonder who is writing the reviews!

  55. Becky says:

    I am so sorry to read these posts. I hope you all get your money back! I have been using Raspberry Ketones which I bought at a local store. No free trial, but I have already lost quite a bit of weight in a week’s time and I only paid $11 for two bottles (I live in the US). I have read warnings not to use the stuff that costs less than $30 on up, but I notice that those warnings are on sites where a certain brand is being advertised (so it seems fishy). My “cheap” pills are working and I have no ill side-effects. I’m just pointing this out to encourage people not to swear of the ketones completely, but consider buying them at your local health store or health section of a store. It will be more worth risking a little bit of money (should the pills not work for you) than a large sum of money from a scamming company with an automated charging system. I will warn my family and friends about this company – thank you for bringing this to light. 🙂

    1. Watchdog Staff says:

      Hi Becky,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment here. You highlight a couple of great points that could be confusing some customers.
      The main point is that not all Raspberry Ketone supplements are scams. As you highlight there are products out there that do not use the “free trial” marketing approach.
      There are decent supplements available both online and on the high street, when buying online just ensure its a one-off purchase and that you know whats in the supplement.
      Kind regards,
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

      1. Becky says:

        Exactly! Thank you for your reply. 🙂

  56. Dannielle C says:

    As all of you, I have also been scammed. I saw the post on facebook and it was the one from the show Dr. OZ so I thought for sure it wouldn’t be a scam. But it was. I tried cancelling both the Raspberry Ketones and the natural green cleanse. I was able to cancel the natural green cleanse but talked to an automated system and was charged $38.71. Then $6.95, $4.99, and $1.00. Luckily, I cancelled my debit card before they could wipe me out. I honestly don’t think I am going to get anywhere with these people… Should I keep the pills and take the loss as a lesson learned? What should I do?!

  57. Uncle Sam says:

    Its quite simple when u agree to something and don’t read but say i agree you have no one to blame but yourself

  58. cassie says:

    can anyone help me? I too fell for the £4 odd free trial only to have had over £150 taken from my account!! called the 0800 number and emailed them…. NOTHING. rang my credit card and there is nothing they can do as I cant prove to them that I was only meant to pay the £4 odd. are there any other numbers I can try? or other email addresses? really cant afford to have lost this money !! has anyone had a full refund and how did u manage it? or a full rebate? cuz if I cant get through to them then how do I sort out a return or rebate? thanks in advance x

  59. Terry says:

    I can’t believe I fell for this scam. I have been well and truly conned.
    I too assumed it was a free trial with just the cost of the p&p. The pills were not suitable for me as they clashed with my medication. I did not realise that they would be continuously billing my credit card until a received a second shipment of raspberry ketone. I then checked with my credit card provider and to my horror found that I have been charged over £250!
    I immediately cancelled using the online cancellation form and received email confirmation that my subscription has been cancelled. However when I checked my statements I had been charged for 2 X £89.95 for raspberry ketone and £69.95 for nutra green coffee cleanse. As far as I was aware the “trial” shipments were a free trial. When I queried why I had been billed for the trial shipments they stated that I am liable for the full costs.
    I intend disputing these payments but have no intention of wasting further time and money on fruitless telephone conversations with so called customer services who are obviously employed solely to defend the indefensible. I have instructed my credit card provider to ensure that any further requests from this outfit are refused and asked them to dispute the charges made for the so called trial shipment. I would recommend that anyone scammed in this way contacts their credit card supplier immediately.
    This organisation is a disgrace; immoral, unethical and their totally misleading advertising is blatantly calculated to deceive and dupe people who are often vulnerable.
    Be advised; steer well clear of this outfit.

  60. sam says:

    I have now sent about 10 emails to these scammers and only received one response, think i may see if i can get a charge back through my credit card, i only want it refunded down to the shipping cost as thats what they said i would only have to pay!
    I feel well and truly duped!!

  61. rebekka cavies says:

    I think I got scammed by the same one Cherilyn. There was a terms and conditions but it said nothing about the getting the pills free on rebate. It wasn’t until after I accepted that it told me that the money would be taken out of my account and then they would send me an email with a form to get a refund. So far they have taken out £155.59 but for some odd reason they have taken out 3 separate £1.24 which I can’t understand.
    I found a number on the invoice to phone them with (0800-404-6960).
    I haven’t tried it yet cuz I just received the pills. The phone number they give you on the website doesn’t work and no one has replied to my email.

  62. Cherilyn says:

    Mine has done the same last night was surposed to be£4.95 and £153 has come out ,after they said there would be a form in the post ,fill it in and return it then I will get money back ,I just want to cancell but carnt get a number,I got the info for this out of the woman’s perfecting health mag and carnt get them ither

  63. Linda says:

    Like everyone else on here I fell for the scam too. I distinctly only ordered the raspberry ketones which cost £3.48. They sent another packet of vitamins with no return address so stupidly I thought they must have made a mistake and thought I was supposed to get another free trial then when the second one came I checked my account I find 3x £84.95 have been taken from my account. There seem to be a thousand different phone numbers for this dodgy company all day I couldn’t get through they have a recorded message with an American woman’s voice on a loop. This evening after finding another phone number on here I got through and spoke to someone called “Lee” probably a call centre he wouldn’t tell me where he was and in spite of me giving my name, postcode and order number and them taking £254.85 from my account he “couldn’t find me” on the system and claimed I would get a call from them this evening or tomorrow. We shall see. Someone needs to hunt these scam artists down and publicly expose them.

  64. Louise says:

    Also fell for it, the advert looked legit. There was no mention of 14 day cancellation.
    also noticed in the email confirmation, advising me on friendly fraud!

    Protect Yourself from Committing “Friendly Fraud” Today.
    What is Friendly Fraud? The standard definition for Friendly Fraud is when a customer uses a credit card to make purchase, and then disputes the charge with their credit card company once the item(s) are received. Consumers use friendly fraud to obtain item(s) for free. Friendly fraud can be broken into two categories; deliberate and accidental. Deliberate friendly fraud would fall under the standard definition of friendly fraud. The category that has seen a significant increase is called accidental friendly fraud that can occur when a customer doesn’t realize what a charge is for.
    We are committed to educating our valued customers on how they can avoid committing Friendly Fraud and having their credit card added to the Credit Card Number Blacklist. ”


    Can watchdog…trading standards do anything about this scam?

  65. Ellie says:

    I also fell into this trap i ordered two free trial bottles 1 cleanse extreme and 1 raspberry ketone blast paying £4.95 each for shipping they arrived this morning i stupidly didn’t read the small print and on further investigation found out that if you do not cancel within the 14 day trial you will be charged around £95 every month being on there home delivery program nothing but a scam and a rip off they will try and get as much money out of you as they possibly can fortunately i have rang up and cancelled the order and was given a cancellation order number so i have only payed the £10 shipping costs i have also blocked my credit card incase they try to take further money out i feel so stupid!

  66. sam says:

    The email address i sent it to was rkf.unitedkingdom@gmail.com and i emailed them twice. They have replied to me from email address 183.customerservice@gmail.com, i have replied to them yesterday so shall see if i get a response.
    I really do feel stupid for doing this and was so worried about telling anyone as we all know about these scams. grrrrrr

  67. Rhianna says:

    Has anyone actually received a rebate form? I’m worried if I leave it till the 30 days have passed and I do not get a form I will be left with no way of getting my money back. I cant find any numbers to ring, I am having no response to any emails and I cant afford a £153 bill. Also, for anyone who just ordered the trial 3 bottles of Raspberry Ketone Fresh, is this a subscription or just a one time payment of £153? Will I be charged again in future months for anything?

    1. rebekka cavies says:

      I think I’v been scammed by the same one. Have you sorted yours out yet or are they still causing problems.

  68. sam says:

    Well I’ve just received an email response from them, hopefully the refund will happen –
    We apologize if the website was not clear to you. We are working on improving it. You were billed a one time charge of £153.95, and you will not be billed again. This is not a subscription.

    We will email you a rebate form for a full refund of £149 30 days after your purchase date. That means you will end up only paying £4.95 for shipping as advertised so you get a 90 day supply for free.

    We have this process so you will try it out risk fee for at least 30 days to see if it will benefit you like it has so many others! I hope you understand and can agree to these terms.

    1. Rhianna says:

      What email did you write too? I keep sending emails to one address but getting response by another. I have said I want to cancel my order but all they keep saying is, “we cannot cancel anything as your order has been shipped”. Im at a loss here, no numbers I find are working

    2. rebekka cavies says:

      How did you get your refund form and did you end up getting a refund.

  69. kay says:

    ihave stupidly just been conned by this scam, i followed an FB link which took me to the Raspberry Keytone Fresh offering a 90 day free trial ( 3 bottles) ok so clicked on the payment it stated

    90day supply ; raspberry keytone fresh £149,90
    special discount mail in members rebate – £149.90
    postage & handling £ 7.95

    Instant discount code – £ 3.00

    90 day price after rebate £ 4.95

    so this is what i ‘think’i am paying £4.95 which is fine ,,,, just rang my bank a company call Healthizon has deducted £153.90 !!!!!!!!! absolutely fuming have had to cancel my card and future payments but this one still going through , this can not be right or legal surely ….the contact number 1-888-800-1183 is not even a number dont know how else to cancel this or get my money back , any help would be appreciated , thank you

    1. sam says:

      Kay, I have also fallen for this on monday, I have tried phoning them but just an automated message to email them, I have emailed them and no answer. I really don’t know what to do and my credit card has been charged £153.95, does anyone have any suggestions?

  70. sam says:

    I to have been scammed by raspberry ketone fresh, have not been able to contact them in any way have emailed them but no answer many phone calls wg=hich are all automated by the company saying they are dealing with everything through emails and will respond within 24 hours to no avail. I have contacted the bank who have cancelled any future charges by ketone fresh and are going to dispute this further with the company

  71. cindy says:

    I too was scammed out of £149.00 also and have tried to contact the company but their customer service number has been disconnected, does anyone have the correct customer service number for Raspberry Ketone Fresh please.

  72. Tracey says:

    I too fell for this after following a link off FB. I applied to the free trial of keratone and also colon cleanse for £3.95. I was not aware that I would need to cancel the trial, I didn’t even receive them. Take a look at this email I received last week that alerted me to the scam. I ordered the free trial about 2 months ago…

    Thank you signing up for your free trial of: Colon Cleanse Total – 1 Bottle .

    We have successfully processed your order and hope you get to enjoy the benefits of this product soon.
    We hope you enjoy the items that you have purchased.

    As you have not emailed us that you would like to return us the unused portion of the pills at the end of 15 days, we thank you for the acceptance of our product and we have now billed your card on file for the remaining amount. Your order details are again:
    Order ID is: CCT-1872-2120445104%1
    Remaining Order Amount that was billed: 141.8
    *Reminder*Item Shipped out to you (previously):
    Colon Cleanse Total – 1 Bottle

    Statement on your credit card would appear as


    PES*13103620267*ACAI +1-386-518-3073


    Please kindly note that:
    a. The charge may orignate from a routing bank outside of the United States
    b. There may be an additional foreign transaction charge billed by your card company depending on your card’s terms and conditions
    c. The final charge amount is subject to exchange rates set by your card company and hence may be slightly different. We ONLY bill the total amount stated – $141.8

    When I saw that they would be deducting this money i got straight on line to check my account and they had already taken 4 transactions totalling £280 (from China, USA and Morocco) all within 24 hours!! I contacted the bank to report and have been given a full refund, and the bank are doing a fraud investigation.

    Should I also cancel with the company or just leave it to the bank?? Will the bank deal with any cancellations of contract or is this something I should do? I told the bank I did not know anything about this company when I reported the fraud as at the time I had totally forgotten about them so thought this was the case. Should I get in touch with the bank to tell them but will I risk the full refund being re-debited? The only details I have are what is said in the email above. I did not receive a confirmation email about the free trial so had in fact totally forgotten about it. I sent an instant email to this one received telling them not to take any money as I had not received anything however did not get a response. Please advise 🙁

  73. val west says:

    I too fell for it not knowing that after the free trial I would be paying large amounts out of my bank account amounting to £578.90 cancelled my card but after speaking to the company on phone no 0203 0144001 was told they would cancel but could not be refunded I have not received any goods from them but told that their products were tracked by Royal Mail. I am taking up with my Insurance company on house contents if you have legal cover please do the same we may be lucky to get something back.

  74. kirst says:

    i saw the link on facebook to get your FREE month supply rebate rapberry ketone. do i followed the instructions read it all carefully then it said the retail price and the price i should of paid with was £4.95, i wanted to give it a go for that price so i ordered them! asoon as it went threw i checked my bank and it had took all my money out of my bank leaving me with nothing! i have a 14month old baby i need to supply for and i cant do that now!! i think its an apsolute joke and a scam how they can put that on there website and try arguing and denying it when you ring them up asking for a FULL REFUND!! they then told me i can only had 50% so i rang up again later that day and they said i can have a FULL REFUND and it will be in my bank that day or early next day! iv been checking my bank every 5 mins and it still isnt in my bank! im fuming and have a baby to pay for!! its a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!oh i also dont have an email confirming that it has been canciled and im getting a full refund!!!!!!!!

  75. Gwyneth says:

    Thanks to everyone who has submitted their stories, I too was fooled into trying the ‘free trial’ I’ve recently given birth and have struggled with the weight I gained and my self image thinking these magic pills would help I ordered free trials of Raspberry Ketone and Mega Cleanse. 6 weeks later on checking my account nearly £200 has been taken from my account because I also failed to cancel.
    I was so annoyed at myself for having believed that this would be an answer to my problems and return me to my former outgoing happy go lucky thinner self, and am furious that this is allowed to go unpunished. I have called the company, they have cancelled my ‘subscription’ and I will receive a refund when the items are returned, than the baby that I hadn’t started taking them, since you can’t whilst breast feeding, or I’ve no idea what I’d have done. Anyway thank-you all for posting as it allows me to feel a little less stupid for falling for it, I only wish I had like some of you checked this first.
    Still at a loss to see where the ‘free trial’ is unless you’re supposed to lose weight due to the stress of having been made to feel so stupid, having to chase your own money and spending money, which might otherwise have been spent on food,on phone calls and returning items special delivery.
    So Angry and now I’ll have to spend half the afternoon in the post office with my baby getting cross at being trapped in his buggy to return the d**n things, I’m sure that’ll help.
    Thanks again all, the phone number 02030144005 was the one I used in the end and can I just say how fabulous and supportive the bank were even though they couldn’t help with the lost money, thanks Halifax.

  76. Avril says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! Am I ever so pleased to have found this site – no need to explain what is happening, as you have all been there. I have tried to telephone the numbers given – number not available.

    Like Maria, I cancelled the order within an hour of ordering this FREE TRIAL, but there were 3 months worth of cash robbed from my partners credit card account!! I am a disabled woman, recently had heart surgery, and have various other medical conditions, which means that I am unable to aid weight loss by exercise, so this ad was like a dream come true.

    I was totally gutted, since I do not have the money to throw away (which is why my partner used his card in the first place) IF I had authorised this transaction, I could have lost my home, been taken to court for unpaid standing orders etc HOW CAN THESE THIEVES get away with this???

    I am going now to email Watchdog, and hope that everyone else who is on this site will do the same – they cannot be allowed to get away with this.

  77. Maria says:

    So dissapointed in myself, a;so fell for this. Found this site and phoned to cancel within an hour but they woman said they will still be shipped cannot stop it etc … UGH for god’s sake. I will die if they take any more money out I only have £75 per week …

  78. Jenny says:

    I ordered these pills just yesterday. i wrote a cancellation email to the Raspberry Ketone crowd. I didnt receive a confirmation email to say the product was on the way and i havent received an email back to confirm the cancellation. Please can someone help me and send me on the number and email address of both the Raspberry Ketone blast and the extreeme cleanse..

    1. Jenny says:

      Sorry the name of the other one is Cleanse Xtrem… Im looking for the numbers to ring from ireland please!

      1. Gwyneth says:

        the number I used was 02030144005 – sorry I’ve no idea if this number will work form Ireland but I’m sure it will have cost me a fortune 🙁

    2. Karen says:

      Karen Baker Smith

      A company I ordered these pills under a different name cytotrim plus Pure colon cleanser is a total scam we ordered the trial bottles for 4.97 each. we ordered them after 2 weeks we called the company and was told they would take up to 3 weeks to arrive. so we waited and they arrived 3 weeks later, them on the 8th oct 2 payments of 69.97 where taken out of my account I rang and told them how can there be a 14 day trial period from the date of order and they take 3 weeks to come con complete con also I noticed they didn’t ship them till 7days after I ordered them so there´s 7 days before you start . The girl refused to give me an RMA no to cancel any further payments and I had to email to get a RMA no so I advice anyone wanting to try this product DON´T IT´S A CON I got this off the channel 4 web site after reading about this so I thort this was a safe site how wrong was I Be carful don’t trust these sites ever Karen xxx

    3. Nerissa says:

      Sorry to hear your having trouble like me 🙁
      They’re recently sent me a cancelation email from Order Managment System (customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com)

      Hope this helps

  79. Nerissa says:

    I saw the Ketone Add on Facebook saying Christina Agulera had used the pills and lost all her weight in 4weeks. So I clicked the link, and it said 30 day free money back garuntee, i put in my details, and my card details…

    Something Fishy- After the ‘payment went through’ I didn’t get a confirmation email.
    Within 10mins of Ordering I called my bank and they have cancelled my card,

    Unfortunately, they can’t refund my £4.95 but they will Block them from taking out anymore money…

    So I went back to the website and found a number, and I spoked to a rude Asian man who said my order is on the system and i will recieve the pills in 2days (he spent 10mins ‘pretending’ to look for all this information..

    This made me even more concerned, so I GOOGLED it, and It took me to this website, I called the company back and told them to CANCEL my order and not to send me NO PILLs. I did get a confirmation email saying i have been unsuscribed from their website.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE, people are so disgusting to pray on innocent people like this, if i did get Billed the £75 a few days later I wouldn’t of been able to eat for a week because the money I would of had left would need to feed my 13month old Child. I work 5days a week 9hour days, and these Scamming people sit on their ass STEALING MONEY FROM PEOPLE !

    Thanks Watchdog, =] I dont think I’m gonna use my card on the internet ever again (unless ebay,paypal,amazon,play.com,tesco, ect)

    1. Nerissa says:

      UPDATE : So I cancelled the Rasberry Ketone I even called up the company to say NOT to send me the product but they can keep the £4.95 as long as they don’t take any money from me.. So what have i just recieved in the post.. A PACKAGE from rasberry Ketone Dated the 10th of October.
      This makes NO scence as i cancelled on the 9th, I am going to send the product back tomorrow.
      I can’t believe these people 🙁

      1. Nerissa says:


        As you can see by the email below I cancelled my order on October 09, 2013 15:48 pm BY TELEPONE (WHICH HAS BEEN RECORDED)
        I Ordered the product on the internet approximately October 09,2013 15:14

        So i am very surprised and concerned to see that I have just received a bottle of Ketone through my front door.
        I specifically said to the man on the phone that I DID NOT WANT THE PRODUCTS, SO DO NOT SEND THEM. The gentlemen said that is fine and I will only be charged the £4.95 for postage.

        Why does the invoice say Order date: 10/10/2013 and ship date 10/10/2013 . The dates do not add up ! Please tell me WHY you have sent me the Item as i have written proof and recorded proof on the phone that i had cancelled any contractual agreements the day before.

        I have taken advice from OTF, TS and my Bank Association, so DO NOT attempt to take any further money from my account or i will immediately report your company and the person I spoke to on the phone to the OTF, Police, Watchdog ect.

        I DO NOT WANT the unopened products as i said in the first place.
        So please send me the VALID RETURN ADRESS AND RMA NUMBER immediately.

        I have read your the terms and conditions intensively, and as you can see by the evidence I am well within the 14 day trial period.

        Nerissa James

        HERE IS A QUOTE FROM YOUR T&C’S (Just to prove i have read every single detail) ‘If you do not find the product right for you, simply call our Customer Support Center or the numbers shown on your bank statement, you can also send an email to cancel your home delivery program before the end of 14-day trial period and you will not be charged the full price of the Raspberry Ketone Blast. Your 14-day trial period begins from the day of ordering. Our products are normally delivered within 3 to 5 business days from the time of ordering.’

  80. suzanne says:

    Hi….just happened to me…….everybody needs to make an official complaint to the
    company first of all, the email is on website. The company have got 5 days to
    respond if they don’t respond or are not helpful you can then make an official complaint to the Financial Ombudsmen. If the Ombudsmen agree that the company have done wrong then they will investigate. An investigation by the Ombudsmen will cost the rip off company £300 for each person who has made a complaint!! Also we will get our money back!! The more complaints the financial ombudsmen receive the more seriously they will take it. I know its hard work complaining but its worth it……..Also your bank IS able to stop any further payments coming out, just make sure they are aware of the issue!!!Halifax said if further payments do go through they will refund them straight away!!GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

  81. Niki says:

    I found the website for this so called free trail on Facebook Ads and have just been scammed this very day and fortunately (even though not really), I fell upon this website. They had just billed me for $4.99 for the shipping. I immediately called the bank saying that I would like to stop the transaction and for any further billing from the company. The bank told me that I would need to call the company to stop the order, but sadly I did not find the number for them at the moment. The woman that I was speaking with at the bank kindly found the number to company for me (thank god) and I was able to call them. Surprisingly, during those 5 minutes while i was talking to the bank, another $1.99 was billed. I was SO scared and the woman said she will block my card right away and when I was done dealing with the company, I could call back and they will unblock it for me. When I called, a man answered and asked me for my last name and the first and last 4 numbers on my credit card. After I gave it to him, he asked me what the problem was. I was fumed at the moment and told him I would like to cancel my order and to not bill me any further. His attitude was VERY bad and asked me why I wanted to cancel, after saying that I had just had a baby and would like to lose some of the baby weight, he went on about how good the raspberry ketone was and tried to persuade me into keeping the order. The pills are for a 14 days trial and if you are unsatisfied with the products, you can call back within the 14 days and would not be billed further on. He even said he would extend my trial to October 25th, which was an extra 2 weeks for me to try the products. If I was satisfied, he would even give me a 25% discount for further purchases. I eventually said I’m not even that overweight and I just want to cancel it RIGHT NOW. He then said, if you’re not that overweight, why would you even order it? (I’m actually 125lbs but I was paranoid FYI). He put me on hold for 10 minutes and came back saying that he had cancelled the order and would not bill me any further. REMEMBER to ask any questions while you’re still on the line with them and MAKE SURE that they had cancelled your order. Afterwards I called the bank, they helped me to unblock my credit card, paid off the $7 they had billed me (no refund on that but wouldn’t you rather only paying for $7 than $500?) and some other transactions made before. I cancelled my credit card and issued a new one that will come within 10 working days, delivered to my home.

    Canada number for the Raspberry Ketone: 1800 750 1827
    TD Canada Trust Customer Inquiries: 1866 222 3456

    Hope this helps others out there and my heart goes out to the people who have been scammed for money they are struggling to get back!

  82. Maggie says:

    Read this as it might be helpfull.
    I dont understand how on earth one bank can get money back and other cant…….smth is not right here as well
    Good luck U all and thx Halifax

  83. Sue says:

    Further to my previous post my bank first direct said they could not refund me as the companies terms and conditions are so tight they are unable to get the money back, the company keeps closing down and re opening under another name, how on earth are these companies getting away with this, the bank said they can block any further payments but unfortunately I have been stung for 95.00, I’m pleased that one person on here got their money refunded by lloyds … Good on lloyds for doing that, we are all so vunerable to Internet scams how sad there are such fraudsters out there, disgusting is a polite way of describing such low life…they obviously don’t have the brains to run a legitimate business.

  84. Maggie says:

    Ussualy im very carefull, but they got me this time, after trying to contact them for total of one hour i decided not to bother and contacted my bank, they were very helpfull, fraud dep, is going to deal with it now, any further payments will be blocked or fully refunded, as well as money they took already if product doesnt arrive on time.
    Like Pete said. Go and talk to ur bank!!!!

  85. Pete says:

    As a follow-on from my reply (#293), i went to my bank (Lloyds) yesterday and explained what had happened. I went in there fully expecting just to cancel my debit card and that would be that, but they told me that the company might still be able to access the account. So, the guy got on the phone to the fraud department and explained the scam (the guy on the other end of the phone knew about it already) and he took action – it was dealt with very seriously and I’ve been assured that the company will not now be able to take future payments.
    Furthermore, the fraud department refunded the money that had been taken, including 4 lots of fees. They then try and reclaim the money back from a national fraud body, or something like that.
    Sure enough, I just checked my account and all the money has been refunded – serious kudos to Lloyds.

    So, two very valuable lessons here –

    1) never do a free trial that involves giving your card details to anyone (the guy at the bank said that the ‘shipping’ fee for the free trial is actually to test your account, to make sure it’s accessible for them


    2) if you do get scammed like this, go and talk to your bank. If they’re like Lloyds, then they have your back covered in cases like this.

    The whole thing made me feel physically sick and has left me feeling incredibly stupid – I thought I was one of the careful and cautious ones until now!
    I sincerely hope that anyone who has been a victim of this, and similar scams, gets it sorted. Go and talk to your bank!!

    1. Heather Hanley says:

      Santander didn’t want to know when I told them – I had received the goods and had agreed to their terms and conditions so I’ve been trying to fight my cause directly with the company. They will give me 80% of the last payment they took without my permission but I want more than that. If they don’t give me a full refund then I’ll accept 80% of the TOTAL amount they took from my account. I will tarnish their business and I will publicise it – I have a close friend who was Granada Journalist of the Year and I will be in touch with National Press and TV. I’ve put the link to this website on my facebook page and I want everyone to do the same so we can publicise what is happening and hopefully stop others having it happen to them. Facebook should stop allowing companies like this to advertise.

  86. Paul says:

    Gary read 288 282 and 271 above. you wont get your money back from Ketone direct you have to fight this with your bank / credit card company.

  87. Gary Williams says:

    Wife has been scammed anyone had their money back as yet

  88. Orla says:

    I too have been scammed and just had a very heated debate with their customer services. They are saying they will process a refund but I am not very hopeful about judging by the comments above. Can Watchdog step in here, it’s a disgrace that a company can take such large sums of money out of our accounts without our knowing. We need to expose this company in the media as they are very good at scamming and seem to have themselves covered. Watchdog – what can you do?

  89. Pete says:

    I’m another addition to this long list of scamees.
    I signed up for a free Raspberry Ketone and Colone Cleanse Total trial, and I just can’t believe I was stupid enough to not read the T&C. Sure enough, I’ve just had 2 lots of £88 taken from my account, and the worse thing is the products are coming from the US, and I didn’t even receive anything yet – not even the free trial bottles.
    I’ve e-mailed them and been on live chat with them this morning, but it’s not looking good for a refund. I’m just going to go to the bank and block all future payments, and accept that I’ve been given a £200 lesson in life.
    I feel sick to the stomach that I got reeled in so easily, and this whole thing has left my hands trembling. I just hope a bank block will work and I don’t continue to get a monthly delivery for the rest of my life….

  90. Sue S says:

    I too am the latest victim of this scam, I think it is disgusting that companies can offer a free trial for 4.95 then take out the 95.00 14 days later, I did not receive the raspberry K in time to cancel within the 14 days, I phoned my bank but alas there is nothing I can do but try and go back to the company and complain.
    I did phone the company but they put the phone down after a very long drawn out conversation on how to spell my name…..I have now received a cancellation notice from them by email, but they are not interested in refunding my 95.00, I shall continue to try and get my money back but I fear I have lost it, I just wish I had google’d this before I handed over my credit card details, I will never order anything like this again, I have learnt a very expensive lesson.

  91. Cheryl McKay says:

    Unfortuanatly I am going through the same ordeal. I have been waiting for a refund of £69.95 and £54.95 for over six weeks. After calling again today and being hung up on I am furious to say the least! I have done all they have asked but I have misplaced my tracking number and without this is will not do anything! So it seems that the RMA number means nothing. So please be aware do not loose your tracking number! I don’t really know what else I can do now, but i can ill afford this kind of loss, they are disgusting and are praying of vulnerable people who are desperate to loose weight.

  92. Carly Williams says:

    I ordered the free trial of rasberry k and cleanse after 4 days of recieving them i fell pregnant. So i did now about the ata as i read terms and conditions explained i was now preg and to cancel any further payments. Whifh they did also had 2 emails confirming cancellations and stating i wont be charged again. But cant be refunded the 7 pound i spent on pand p which is fine. When you get you products just call and cancell saying your ill from them etc no good dont leave it 14 days or uour stuck as it is in terms you will be charged

  93. Carolyn says:

    this is the site i was scammed out of 467 euros all i bought was the so called trial products @ 6.40 euros each the charge was for shipping costs only, when i checked my bank account less than two weeks later rasbberry keytone blast had taken over 220euros from my bank acc when i realised i cancelled my bank card and rang keytone mon morning @ 9.30 as i was cancelling the contract i hadn’t signed up for or wanted they stole another 247euros from my bank as it was pending so over a less than three week period that rip off company robbed me of 467euros and i received NOTHING in the post since i am very angry and want something done about this !! why are they allowed to advertise on facebook with all the complaints and thousands of pounds of peoples hard earned cash ?? i am broke now that money was meant to feed my children while we go hungry they just get away with this its an outrage i am devastated to be robbed like this DONT GIVE THESE SCAMMERS YOUR CARD DETAILS YOU WILL BE ROBBED TOO!!!

  94. Paul says:

    AT LAST ! A RESULT! (See 282 and 271 Above)

    Today, having checked my bank balance, I have discovered that my bank have refunded me the FULL £38.71 Ketone Dust Crap Pills fraudulently debited me on the 9th September. See it DOES work, but you must perservere as i have done and you must supply your bank FULL details and evidence.

    Don’t give up. good luck to you all. follow my tips and advice and you too could be getting your money back soon, maybe in less than the 18 days it took me.

  95. phill says:

    My wife had the same thing happen so the bank gave me the phone numbers I rang so I called them and said if I dont get 100% back I will call trandind standards put it all over facebook tweeter and email bbc aswell as they use them but make sure you tell them you have friends from all over the world on there then you get it all back hope this helps

  96. Ritchie says:

    i saw a link on my facebook with Dawn French promoting these products so thought it was genuine, what an idiot i am, I ordered Rasp Ketone and Colon Cleanser , 4.99 each, no mention of automatic billing etc, got a text from my credit card company asking if i used my card on 25/9/13 for 2 internet payments of £91.97 each, I had nt so i rang credit card and they are stopping payments , . the scammers are working from China , there is no contract or terms and conditions to read . my credit card company said that they wont be able to bill me again now that i ve informed them i hadnt authorised it. , Might be safer just cancelling the card completly . and to cap it all, I have nt even received the products. Ritchie

  97. y cole says:

    i payed £4.95 for a tester now i see they have taken £95 out of my account without asking me if i wanted to carry on.. so they take the money and dont send the goods.

  98. Angie says:

    I too have fallen for ti, I am now £75 out of pocket. There must be a way of getting this scam company to refund all outstanding money

  99. Vicky Stoddary says:

    I cant believe I fell into this trap I am normally so careful what I buy . They offered a 30% refund but I bet that will never turn up!

  100. Paul Searle says:

    I waited the 3-5 working days that Ketone said it would take to re-credit my bank account. That time passed and still no credit so i went back to my bank HSBC and got to speak to their ‘dispute’ department who are now gonna send me a form to fill out and return with proof of royal mail delivery back to them for the unused portion of dust pills plus an e mail they sent me agreeing to the return. If you ask Ketone for an e mail confirming they are gonna refund your account this is their response ” sorry it is not possible for us to send you an e mail as all our e mails are computer generated” !!!!

    You will NEVER get your money back by speaking to Ketone they are just full of bullshit and broken promises. My local trading standards confirmed they are ” in breach of their contract and terms and conditions” and as such can be held responsible for a FULL refund………..BUT ……..you have to fight this with your high street bank and NOT Ketone. You MUST supply them ALL the information as without it they will not proceed. They have told me once they have received my completed ‘dispute’ form and evidence they will proceed to charge back Ketone the debited amount and i will receive a refund credit to my bank account from HSBC not Ketone within 7 working days.

    I am so disappointed with the way HSBC have handled this and treated me that i have decided to close my account with them and transfer everything to Halifax who have an offer on at the moment whereby if you switch accounts they (HALIFAX) pay you £100 for doing so. So even if HSBC fail to get my money back i’m still quids in! Google Halifax for more info as this is a limited offer.

    Hope this helps


  101. Margaret Smith says:

    Now I must confess to being caught & what’s worse, is I had it happen once before! Then I didn’t understand the process but I do now. I waited several weeks between each “shall I’ moment but gave in. I didn’t wake up in time to it & I’m not sure I can face the phone hassle. I remember last time bing told “you should always read the terms & conditions.” I appear to have cancelled the RK but on trying to stop the Green Coffee, it said “I could only use 1 offer in 1 browsing period???” ALso, I think I’ve made a further mistake which no one has mentioned yet. I ordered “Cleanse Extrem” in amongst it somewhere & I think they are also linked, though I’m only being ripped off x 2 so far. I googled the name on my bank statement “Revolskin” & cam across this site amongst others. Their home page has so many typos & such crap it looks like a Chinese teenager did it! (Apologies to all the clever Chinese teenagers.) I can’t believe I didn’t see that before…but….I was on my mobile & it got popped in as a little extra…. in a small box I think?
    IT’s awful to think I was so stupid twice & on this occasion, being stung twice a month. RK is SOOOOO everywhere on the net, it adds to the belief it must be ok, though I did suspect, when there was a claim Dawn French used it but not one of her very many interviews mentioned it.
    I know I won’t get the money back. I didn’t twig within 14 days or even on the 2nd delivery, I can only ask my bank to stop the payments. IF I can get to speak to someone that is!

  102. Sarah says:

    I too have fallen prey to this and only realised when 95 pounds was debited from my account ! I contacted my bank who could only cancel further payments! I have contacted the company and informed them that if I do not receive a full refund I will be contacting police, fraud and the watchdog as I believe the money to have been taken fraudulently through deception. I now have an RMI number and an address to return the product to. If I do not receive my refund I will take this further.

  103. Lauren says:

    I am so angry! If you’ve seen my previous posts you’ll see the process of trying to get my money back from these conners has been a nightmare…after finally being given 3 RMA numbers and the promise I will get a FULL REFUND of 239pound if I send the products back…I returned them, including a letter stating I had contacted Watchdog and trading standards, have recorded all the phone calls that have said I will get my refund and that I will take it further if MY MONEY that they’ve promised does not get put back into my account within 14 days. Yesterday it was 17 days with no a word from them OR my money refunded.

    I phoned them and ended up on the phone for over an hour. I was told that they had received the products, but she could only refund me for one of the products of 84pound and it would be in my bank within 3-5 days. I couldn’t believe it.

    I told her it wasn’t acceptable. I was promised a FULL refund, have the conversations recorded and I will be taking it up with the fraud department. She then went of to ‘check my account again’ she done this a few times and was gone for ages each time, obviously talking to her supervisor. She then said I could get a refund for 2 of the products but not the third because it was the green bean coffee cleanse so I would have to phone them, she tried to make out I phoned a different number for that product. Which was rubbish.

    I asked her how I was given RMA numbers for all of the 3 products, was told to send them all back TOGETHER to the same address and that I would get the FULL REFUND of 239…she kept talking over me trying to give me a different number to phone, then tried to hang up on me. The line went dead for ages, then she came back spoke REALLY fast, saying ‘you’lll get the refund for 2 products, we don’t deal with green coffee cleanse’ and then PUT THE PHONE DOWN…not giving me a chance to say ANYTHING.

    I also asked to speak to a manager 3 times, each time she went away and came back and said a manager wasn’t available to speak to me. She then got increasingly angry because I wasn’t going to back down, she couldn’t answer my questions.

    I am so angry. But I got confirmation emails stating I would be getting a refund for 2 of the products from Raspberry Ketone…

    I just know if I phone Green Coffee Cleanse (which I haven’t phoned before) I will go through the WHOLE rigmarole again..and will end up nowhere.

    HOW can they get away with this!?!?!

    1. Nerissa says:

      Can i ask what adress you sent the products too please? I am having lots of trouble too

  104. Kay says:

    Yep, I’ve fallen for it too …….

    But thanks to this blog I’ve limited my losses to £3.12, the half price p&p cost!

    I’ve followed thro’ on cancelling my order with NDL*rasberrymax by going to their website myeasycancel.com/pureberry maxrasberry/index.php (google it) and ploughing thro’ yet more offers designed to disuade cancelletion to the bitter end.I got a RMA to write in the return goods label.

    But ….. to make sure no further funds are extracted from my credit card account I contacted my bank. They have put a block on any further attempts to debit my account by this company. The guy also said they had had a lot of complaints over this scam!

    Whether I return the goods, if they turn up, is a mute point!

    Disappointed I proved so gullible …. but grateful to be alerted by everyone’s experience. Thanks.

  105. Louise says:

    Furious this has happened to so many people(including me).
    I myself have been on the phone and demanded my money back and was told that it wasn’t possible to put money back into my account (quick enough to take it out though). After a long half hour arguing with someone and telling them I will sue and take this further with a fraud dept I was told I would recieve my full payment back in 3-5 days( i will let you all no if this happens). I’m disgusted that this is allowed to happen and nothing has been done sooner.
    When I spoke to the lady I said when they actually arrive who do I return them to and she said if you want to send them back it’s up to you. Now justify that to me, all of a sudden they don’t care about the product they were trying to con me with. I honestly think if you stand your ground and show them how angry you are you may get your money back. I wish you all luck in getting what your owed.

  106. Cynthia says:

    I have been scammed as well. I ordered one item and a few later, I realised the had taken £84 out of my account. I called them and returned the item. I called them just this morning and they said they can’t use my RMA number to track the item so I should fax the receipt to them. I flatly refused, called back and spoke to another staff who confirmed that they have received it and are processing the refund, so i will receive it within 3 working days. If I don’t receive my money by Friday, I will definitely call back. This is a big lesson.

    1. Lauren says:

      Oh wow! I sent mine back after being promised a refund of 230odd that they took from my account…I’ve waited 14 days, which I stated I wanted a refund by before taking it further…and as this far, I have received no money back into my account!

      I’m debating whether to phone them again or take it up with the bank to try and get my money back! They are aware of it. grrr so frustrating!

      Let us know if you receive your money!

  107. Joan ahutchison says:

    I filled in my name and address twice message came up to wait a minute I didn’t fill in any other form with details of cards or bank account—–would my order have been placed and could they get into my bank account from my name and address——I’ve really been had!!

  108. Sue says:

    Again, another culprit who fell for it, I did mine through a Facebook ad. It led me to believe it was a FREE trial, they say its a RISK FREE TRIAL, very misleading. When I clicked on the ad, I am 99% certain it didn’t say anything about “I agree to the Terms & Conditions of this site and agree to be entered into a recurring billing model” which is what seems to appear on their ad now. I wouldn’t enter into something like this on purpose as I was caught out once before so am very careful – or at least I thought I was. I strongly believe that this clause wasn’t there when I clicked on “Rush my trial” button. I’ve actually found the exact same advert without this info and strongly believe this was the advert I saw when I requested my so called free sample. If I was brave enough I would press the button again to see what happens but can’t afford another £84.95 – who in their right mind would pay £84.95 for supplement pills anyway. I didn’t notice I’d been had till I saw my bank statement by this time, the 2nd bottle was on its way and I was charged again.
    How can I prove what I saw when I sent for my FREE trial.

    1. Joan Hutchison says:

      I did the same as you –when I clicked the “Rush my trial ” button it went on to the next page and written across the screen said “Wait a minute” or something as nothing else happened —I filled in my name and address again and the same thing happened—-I never gave a bank account number nor a card number or filled in anything else —–I too picked this ad from FB———and now like you I’m not brave enough to check out the ad again—-did you give a card number or bank details —-I’m devastated as I may well end up having to pay for 4 lots of the darn stuff——-I’ll loose a couple of stones for free without trying if I worry anymore!!!

      1. JULIA STERGIOU says:

        READ POSTS 196 & 241/242!
        Click links & take it from there, Trading Standards surely must be able to help.

  109. Brittany says:

    really fortunate that I researched this product more. if it wasn’t for this website right here and all of you people warning everyone from purchasing this “free trail” I would have fallen into this trap too.. so thank you!!!!

  110. Justine says:

    Hello everyone,

    I ordered both raspberry ketone and green coffee. 5 minutes later I came on to several websites including this one and watchdog to find they are money grabbing [removed]! I immediately phoned to cancel my order. The first number I rang was not recognised and the web address to cancel
    Was useless. I eventually got through to a man who wanted to put me on hold but I would not let him. Forced him to cancel my order and I told him I didn’t even want the product sent to me. He told me I would have to receive it in order to cancel my account! Asked him about returning the green coffee and he said they have nothing to
    Do with that product. He kept talking and I told him to stop waiting my time, he became very annoyed with this and told me to be quiet while he read me the address! Very rude! Phone the green coffee people to be told it was the same address I could send back and I could send them in the same package. I hope to god there isn’t any charges as I cancelled as soon as I read all this. Furious!

  111. Paul says:

    I’m yet another victim of this cruel scam. I saw the original advert online offering a so called ‘free trial’ with just an initial payment of £3.48 to cover P & P for my bottle of pills and duly gave them my name address and debit card details. the product arrived a few days later and i began taking it. I called customer services to cancel all future orders and transactions within the 14 day period but to my horror discovered upon checking my bank balance that they’d billed me for an addittional £38.71 without my knowledge or authorisation. I contacted my bank to see if they could stop this payment going out but they couldn’t. I then contacted ketone customer services and was informed i could return the half used bottle of pills (at my own postage and packing expense!) for a full refund ‘within 3-5 business days’ . It was shortly after this that i discovered this website and to my horror that it’s all a money making scam.

    The pills DONT WORK i feel more tired NOT ”energy levels boosted” as they claim and i haven’t lost any weight or inches!

    The only surefire way to prevent any further unauthorised transactions from being debited to your bank account or credit card account is to CANCEL IMMEDIATELY your existing card / s and request new ones.

    Then if they try to make a debit it will automatically be REFUSED.

    I am hoping they do keep their word and refund me the FULL £38.71 if not i will pester them every hour every day until i get it.

    I also feel annoyed that i’ve paid £3.48 for some 14 odd pills that are no more than difficult to swallow lumps of raspberry smelling plastic with dust inside or god knows what! I’ve actually lost more weight through stress and worry and shock these last week than i’d ever lose using Raspberry Ketone.

    I’ll update u if i get my money back but in the mean time hope as many people as possible see this website BEFORE placing orders and falling into thew trap.

    These people should be arrested and go on trial for misleading the public, making false unverified or tested claims and for fraudulently extracting thousands of pounds from innocent public members.

  112. Lyns says:

    like everyone else – cant believe I fell for this.
    I ordered the raspberry ketone blast and cleanse extrem for £4.95 each after reading what I thought was tested by channel 4.
    I never received any confirmation email so I had no details from who I bought it from. it was only when I scrolled down the page I saw the small print saying that I could cancel before 14 day expired with no further charges, it was only then I saw would be charge £95.00.
    It was then I googled & found all these sites stating it was a scam.
    Luckily I paid by credit card so I should be able to get future pymts stopped.
    they appeared on my statement as Revolskin & Skin24Serum with 2 different telephone numbers.
    I called one of the tonight and spoke with a guy called Warren Watson. He said they have cancelled this & I will be charged no further charges apart from the 2x £4.95. did say had send an email confirming this but ive still not received this.
    I have also to return them to a po box address in Linlithgow. East Lothian.
    tomorrow morning Im contacting my credit card provider to make sure they stop any further pymts & then I wait to see if they try to charge me after the 14 days.
    Hope everyone manages to get their money back.

    1. Lyns says:

      just an update –
      I have now received 2 confirmation emails stating both orders have been cancelled and I wont be charged any more monies.
      I am still within the 14 days as it doesn’t expire until 19th so Ill shall see if I do get charged any more.
      Thanks everyone for this just wish I had researched before I bought them but so far Ive been lucky as only been charged £9.90.

      1. Nerissa says:

        HI Lyn, the same thing has happend to me, did they take any more money out of your account i am so scared

  113. JULIA STERGIOU says:

    To all the recently Scammed,
    I have a couple of posts up near the top regarding how I clawed a 60% refund. And it seems some have received 90%, lucky them! I cited that fact in my 2nd (supposedly recorded) conversation with them – Why does everyone get different amounts refunded – IF they were a legal outfit, there would be a SET refund procedure in place with a SET refund amount?!
    If I can give any tips for future callers, they would be:
    * Ignore the ‘enter your number’ business, just keep hitting 1 or 0
    * Speak clearly & stand firm, hard as it is-keep calm!
    * Inform them that Trading Standards has advised you to record this conversation as a legal requirement
    * As pretty much anything you throw at them is covered by their T&C’s, if I were you I’d get my best bluffing head on & tell them that the Green Coffee pills have been sent for lab testing by Trading Standards since there is no milligram breakdown of the contents of pills and it is a legal requirement both here & in the USA – I PERSONALLY THINK THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A CHEAP LAXATIVE.
    * Don’t even bother with RMA numbers or sending anything back – a complete waste of time & even more money and effort
    * DO phone your bank immediately – mine (Lloyds) weren’t particularly helpful but that’s normal for them. They will block any futures but not the initial since it is stated in the T&C’s what the charges will be. If you’ve paid by credit card rather than debit, you will fare a lot better in getting money back
    * And no matter how tiring/maddening/frustrating – do keep on persisting. At first I was going to swallow it because, essentially, it was me that had been an idiot by just buying willy nilly without reading or researching anything, but then I thought No Way, it’s got to be worth some aggro phone calls!!
    I really hope there’s enough stuff out there now to avoid too many more poor sods being fleeced, but this sort of thing abounds on the internet. As we all now know, losing XXX amount of pounds in a morning can bump the weight off far quicker than a 2 wk trial of laxatives & raspberry flavoured dust!

  114. Ron says:

    I originally “purchased” this product via what purported to be a channel 4 review on a link to the “Special ofgfer trial price. the offer page offered no information regarding terms and conditions and I very stupidly ordered it. (First mistake) I then received confirmation of payment and despatch and I received the pills two days later. It was then that the alarm bells started to ring. No documentation whatsoever other than the website address on the bottles and when I went on that site it was simply a contact site offering me the facility to e-mail or cancel (with the “friendly fraud” warning. I e-mailed asking them to confirm there were no ongoing charges and that no monies would be taken from my account without reference to me and have yet to receive a reply (Three weeks later) My bank were magnificent and reading these comments urge anyone who feels that they were not made aware of these terms and conditions to contact their bank. I do jnot consider myself stupid and am normally very careful but the internet is impossible to police and these companies seem to flourish with no regard to whom they hurt and I am told by my bank that these companies start up and re-open once the volume of calls and trading standards interest gets too high but at least if we close them one at a time we can cause some grief to them but there is too much money to be made on these scams for them to go away.

  115. Wendy says:

    Also forgot to say that my husband works for one of the mega UK newspaper publishing houses and he can and will talk to certain people and try and get some publicity on this.

    Should I mention that to the companies in question?

    1. Lauren says:

      Hey! I can’t say for sure because I was sucked into the very deep end before I realised it was a scam. But I would try and cancel it over the phone, they have to legally cancel it and there for shouldn’t charge you anymore, state to them that you need an email confirmation of the cancellation, record the conversation if you can, just to back yourself up, incase you need proof later on for whatever reason. They will without a doubt try and offer you discounts and stuff, just stay firm with them. I was assured on the phone that the number was a free number, but again I can’t say for sure and I’ve doubted everything they’ve told me so far lol. If they keep going on mention that you’ve been recording the telephone conversation, and just want to cancel. Also it’s weird there was a random charge from another name? I’ve seen in some of the other comments that people have been charged under a few different names…

      1. Wendy says:

        Well, I just called Ketone Advanced on the no 0800 014 9645 that was on the bottle and in the order confirmation email. It was all surprisingly painless and civilised, not what I was expecting at all! I said that I wanted to cancel my free trial and the american guy asked if I had had a chance to try the product. I said that I hadn’t received them yet (I have) but I still wanted to go ahead and cancel. He said that I would need to send them back and gave me the address that people have listed above. As people say this address conflicts with the return address given on the Despatch Note but I couldn’t say that to him as I had told him that I hadn’t received them. He then gave me the RMA no’s for both the Raspberry Ketone and the Green Coffee. I said that I hadn’t realised that they were the same company and he confirmed that they are. So at least I don’t have to call the no for the Green Coffee. I then received confirmation of cancellation emails with the RMA no’s as we were on the phone. I asked him to confirm that there would be no more money debited from my account and he confirmed that that was the case. He stated that I had 21 days to return the items. I asked him why I need to return the items when I have already paid for the postage and it is a free trial and he said because I have cancelled within the 14 days I have cancelled the trial. Then I asked him what would happen if I cancelled a day after the 14 day trial and he said that I would be charged for the next months supply. I then asked him how that made it a free trial and he started to ask me if I had read the T&C’s before I ordered. I stopped him there and said there’s no point discussing any further as I’ve already cancelled. He agreed.

        He was a fairly affable chap and seemed resigned to the cancellation request and didn’t put up any fight whatsoever.

        I will continue to monitor my account for the next few months just to make sure but hopefully I have got out relatively painlessly.

        I’m sorely tempted not to return them because as far as I’m concerned i’ve paid the postage for them. Can they charge me further if I don’t return them?

        1. Lauren says:

          That’s good news! At least you’ve been able to get it canceled pain free! I have no idea…the thing is I’ve seen many people say the company have said not to bother sending the ‘trial’ back to them after they’ve canceled…so I don’t understand how they can even charge that much for a bottle if they then tell some people not to send them back…obviously they’re not really worth the money they charge people for them!

  116. Wendy says:

    I fell for this on monday and ordered both the raspberry ketone and the green coffee online. I have just checked my bank online and so far they have only taken the postage costs. Although funnily enough there is a seperate debit for £1.00 that is listed differently. I have Ketone plus Advanced at £2.48 (which correlates with the order I was emailed). I then have Cleanse Green Coffee at £4.95 (which also correlates with the emailed order confirmation). Then I have an extra £1.00 from Pure Green Coffee which I know nothing about. I have received them both but haven’t touched them other than opening the packages.

    So so far I haven’t had any unexpected transactions come out of my account. What is my best course of action? I was thinking that I will speak to my bank tomorrow anyway and alert them to the fact that there may be unauthorised payments coming out of my account from these companies soon. And then calling the two different companies and cancelling the free trial/subscription/whatever they want to call it.

    If I cancel within the 14 day period and I have paid the posting costs already surely they can’t continue to debit my account? I have read in lots of the messages above that using the automated cancellation process automatically charges an extra £30 odd quid for the liberty so know sure to steer clear of that. But even if I did if do that if I have alerted my bank previously would I get the money back?

    Finally, upon reading the order confirmation emails once more I came across this gem….surrounded with lots of brackets


    Protect Yourself from Committing “Friendly Fraud” Today.

    What is Friendly Fraud? The standard definition for Friendly Fraud is when a customer uses a credit card to make purchase, and then disputes the charge with their credit card company once the item(s) are received. Consumers use friendly fraud to obtain item(s) for free. Friendly fraud can be broken into two categories; deliberate and accidental. Deliberate friendly fraud would fall under the standard definition of friendly fraud. The category that has seen a significant increase is called accidental friendly fraud that can occur when a customer doesn’t realize what a charge is for.

    We are committed to educating our valued customers on how they can avoid committing Friendly Fraud and having their credit card added to the Credit Card Number Blacklist.

    First of all, all Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse charges will appear as GREEN COFFEE and display our customer service phone number.

    If you have any questions on any Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse charge contact us first, NOT YOUR BANK, and we will resolve any and all transaction issues and protect you from unknowingly committing Friendly Fraud.
    Billing Customer Support

    Live agents are available to assist you 24 ours a day, 7 days a week at 0800 858 8073.

    If you wish to cancel your account, your may contact us 24 hours a day , 7 days a week by using our automated phone system at 0800 157 7409 or through our online cancellation form at myeasycancel.com/NutraGreenCoffee/index.php))))

    Basically trying to bully you in to not contacting your bank before contacting them cos then you are commiting “Friendly Fraud”. And the online cancellation website doesn’t exist and we already know that the automated cancellation process costs you £35. So these c*nts have covered every angle.

    I haven’t called them yet, i think i might do just for an argument. But I reckon the best way to deal with this scam is through your bank rather than through them.

    I shall let you know the outcome once I have spoken to the companies. Thanks all, you’ve given me lots of ammunition.

  117. claudia says:

    I followed a FB link from my phone just 2 days ago and read the article about a Channel 4 reporter who tried this and lost a shed load of pounds, I thought it was genuine as it had the Channel 4 reporter word for it. Anyway, I tried purchasing it from my phone and entered the card details, confirmed payment and nothing happened. I did not have a purchase confirmation page appearing and no email back. I got a page saying I needed to enter my card details. I very stupidly did so 3 times, and the same happened … or did not happen. As far as I knew I had made no purchase. When I tried again yesterday from my laptop I came across the scam information on this forum and others, so I did not pursue it any longer. Then this morning I checked my bank account and realised I got charged £4.95 by a company called SKIN24 SERUM. I have immediately called the number here to say that I didn’t want them to send me anything and I wanted to cancel my purchase immediately and wanted no further products including the free trial and wanted immediate refund of my £4.95.
    I don’t know where the number goes to but the line was bad and the guy I spoke to took 20 minutes just to get my postcode and spelling of my name! I hope I am not paying for the call. In the end because I didn’t have an order number (their fault for not sending me this information in the first place) he was unable to do anything. He said I should fax (FAX?!) proof of billing with my details. I asked if it wouldn’t be quicker or easier to email a picture of my bank statement and he said that would be OK. The email address is support@trybeyondraspberryketone.com if anyone wants to make their claim “black on white” with proofs of when it was sent and trail of any conversation.
    It may be that they nobody reads the small print, but I am quite sure that by consumer rights any purchase should legally be accompanied by a receipt, something that prooves you have made that purchase. From my point of view this has been violated and so there is no binding contract, they have no proof I have clicked on the ‘agree with T&C’ since they haven’t sent me back any information.

    Also it shows on my account as SKIN24 SERUM … I still have no idea who i have been dealing with …!!!

    I am now going to ring my bank to ask them to stop any further such payment from being taken out.
    What a waste of my precious time….
    How can these people get away with it?! Surely they need to be stopped!

    1. claudia says:

      that address bounces back… this is the correct one from their website.
      I tried cancelling on-line but they say I have no account which means I have not purchased it after all? why was I charged?


      1. Lauren says:

        be very careful trying to cancel it online…I saw someone was charged 34pounds for canceling online!! Just make sure you have read EVERY little detail before entering any information in any where!

        1. claudia says:

          Thanks Lauren … I have some updates to this scam …
          I received my ‘FREE’ product today and send another email to Try Beyond raspberry Ketone with my order number and explained my annoyance at not receiving an email back. They replied immediately to say that I did not pucrhase this from them.

          So I rang the tel number printed on the letter that accompanied my order (which bears no company name) and spoke to a man with a heavy american accent, I explained that I feared I may have purchased more than 1 free trial because of their faulty website which sends no email to confirm purchase and no purchase confirmation page. He said he put a block on my account to stop any further trials being dispatched. He sounded as this was a common complaint ….
          he was about to close the call when I said if I could check that I didn’t sign up for anything else such as monthly supplies and immediately proceeded to recite his company policy blah blah blah and mentioned I would be charged £93 once the 14 days were over …
          I then interrupted him to say I didn’t want any further products being sent and he kept cutting me off to try and flog me some super discount so I would only pay £39 instead …. AS IF!
          I made it very clear that I wanted my account closed immediately and that I would not want to be contacted by this company any longer not even with promotions via email or suchlike.
          While I was at it I asked him what the name of the company was and these ones I fell for in conjunction with the Channel 4 report are called:


          I asked for his name also to make sure I had reference of our conversation.

          He then was able to send me an email to confirm my cancellation and I told him to wait on the phone until I got the email.

          It came from address: customerservice@skin24envisage.com
          to which I asked him to explain what SKIN24 was and why he gave me a different company name.
          The answer was that the above is their merchant name but that the company is called Raspberry Ketone Blast.

          I thought it would be important to write down all these details in case other people followed the same link I did – it sounds like most fell for this via another company!

          My link was promoting RK pills together with some Colon Cleansing pills.

          Hope it helps!

  118. sarah says:

    You cant go after them legally because if you read the terms and conditions before clicking to accept it does state clearly the terms of a 14 day trial and what would happen if you didn’t cancel within the 14 days, I’m don’t agree with the way they work but these people know alot of people don’t take the tine to read all ts and cs and that’s why they do what they’ve done xx

  119. Ketna Patel says:

    Have just put the phone down on them. Very angry. Scammers!!!! I managed to get one month’s money back, but have still ended up paying for 3 months of Raspberry Ketone + Nutra Green Coffee cleanse. (I was away for the summer and did not know they were mailing this to my home!)
    Question. Can we not go after them legally? There are enough of us. If anyone has ideas, please write to me on contact@ketnapatel.com.

  120. Lisa says:

    I have had this happen today. Deal with it straight away and try to stay calm. Firstly I telephoned my bank and had them open a dispute with the company. They are also monitoring my account and have said no allowance of further unauthorised transactions will be allowed. I then telephoned BOTH companies. I stayed calm but assertive. When they tried to talk me down I stopped them and informed them that any of their sales drivel was futile as they were going to listen to ME and stop this madness this second. I then informed them that my bank had advised I record the conversation. I told them that they were scamming. The information was not there to be had and it was misleading. I also told them that my husband is UK Police which he is and that he had passed it on to his guys (which he would have) that stopped them in their tracks. If you have to use this USE IT! Ketone offered me a 90 per cent refund on the spot. I stood firm I am not paying 10 per cent! I have already paid the postage so they are not having another penny. They have now agreed full refund and Green Coffee who I found more pleasant have already sent a confirmation email stating no money will be taken and given me an address in Scotland to return the tablets to. I am not sending them. They have sent an email stating my account is cancelled and will take no money it says nothing about being on the terms of returning the tablets in the email. Again an email should an attempt be made that can be sent to my banks fraud/dispute company. I will not let this lie here though and will be pursuing both companies. I am not a stupid woman and not one to be conned and certainly NOT one to let it drop when others out there could be facing the same fate.

  121. Lauren says:

    I sent 3 products back on Saturday morning, after conflicting information and many lengthy phone calls promising me my £230 odd back then saying I wouldn’t be getting a refund after promising me one, being told the RMA numbers I was given were not correct. It took me ages until she finally gave me 3 MORE RMA numbers. The lady in the post office recommended I send it as a signed for recorded delivery (because the contents were ‘apparently worth more than £50) I was sceptical that they would even sign for it, but it arrived yesterday and I’ve been able to track it and see online the signature that signed for it. I had to write 3 RMA numbers that were emailed to me which I have proof of, and another 3 RMA numbers that I have recorded in a telephone conversation I was recording. I stated this on the package. I stated on the letter than I included that I had taken it up with Watchdog, trading standards and have recorded all the phone calls of them promising me my money back and have asked for it to be put back in my account within 14 days. So i’ll let you all know what happens!

  122. Katie says:

    Update on 257
    I have numerously emailed support@beyondraspberryketone.co.uk and service@ketonesupport.com about me not having to return the product anymore. I emailed them to confirm they will not charge me anything further for keeping the bottle and that I will be free from subscriptions etc! And the no response is stressing me out. Fingers crossed and I will keep badgering.

  123. Graeme Stoddart says:

    RE- Beyond Raspberry Ketone (Fraud)
    I have just put the phone down (0800 148 8243) after obtaining a promise of a 90% refund for the above product which was taken from my credit card on the 17th July 2013 Order date was 28/6/13). I started by saying how could they justify taking £84.95 from my card for a free trial. He replied I should have returned their product within a 30 day period and therefore could not offer me ANY refund.
    I told him that as soon as I had realized the money had been taken from my card I had emailed them (24/7/13) and cancelled any future subscriptions and forbidden them from fraudulently taking any more of my hard earned from my card and for them to issue a refund.
    I then told him there were no terms & conditions on the internet advert when placing the order for the FREE trial and that the advert was misleading and deceitful and they had already been found Guilty of of numerous breaches of the advertising industry code.
    He then offered me 30% and to return the product, to which I replied I want a full refund as I was going to report them to Federal Trade Commission who deal with reports of problems with any company worldwide and also inform my credit card company’s Fraud Department. He then offered me 90% (£75) and I would not have to return the product. He said it would be issued within 3-5 days. I asked for his name and his personal guarantee that this would in fact happen and then re iterated to him what I intended to do if the refund was not issued by the 5th day as I have kept all the emails I have sent to (support@beyondraspberryketone.com) and the date & times of all correspondence with his company. .
    I like hundreds of others was suckered into this clever scam, but it doesn’t matter how long it takes and how many times they hang up on you just keep phoning them till you get a rep that offers you a full or partial refund. I hope this helps fellow Mugs like me. Good luck and don’t let the b’stds grind you down. G

    1. Lauren says:

      Fingers crossed you get your money back! Keep us updated please! I am too waiting for money to be put back into my account!

      1. Graeme says:

        Hi Lauren I received a confirmation email yesterday from Raspberry Rip Offs:-

        Refunded Order Notification Order Number: 240727
        Ordered on 07/12/2013 02:18am

        Dear Graeme

        This email is to inform you that we have refunded the amount of £76.46 back to your payment method originally used on order number 240727, which was originally purchased on 07/12/2013 02:18am for the total amount of £84.95.
        If you have any questions about this notification or if you feel you are receiving this in error, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

        I have a similar email from Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse they credited my card today.
        You live and learn eh !!!!!!

      2. Graeme says:

        Both refunds have now been credited to my card. What a nightmare !!!!

        1. Lauren says:

          Thank god you’ve got your money back! What a relief!

          I sent the 3 products back that they had send to me, after them promising me a full refund of the 230 odd that they took from my account…it’s been 14 days and I still haven’t had a confirmation email that they have recieved it (even though I had sent it signed delivery, so i have been able to track online that they have signed for it, and can see the signature as proof) and as so far, NO MONEY has been returned to my account. I asked for it to be returned to my account within 14 days or I will take it further. I am so angry.

          How long did it take for them to return the money to your account Graeme?

  124. Eileen Murphy says:

    Oops! Just ordered and then read the reviews. Phoned company and was told that the two amounts for £4.95 would still be taken out of my account. Luckily I paid with a credit card. I asked for the company name and was given two names. Phoned Nationwide who were extremely helpful. The orders had gone through using two different co pany names to the ones I was given. Explained my concerns around auto delivery. I have now frozen my credit card so hopefully that should stop these devious people accessing my account. If I had cancelled my credit card I would have had to pay the balance immediately

  125. Katie says:

    update on 240, 244 and 250

    So i just got this about the damn conflicting information about addresses i’ve been sent:

    “Thank you for contacting Customer Support. We have made a not on your account. You will not be required to return the product.

    Thank you

    Ketone Advanced Customer Support
    HAPPY DAYS!!! all thanks to constant badgering! Now they have no reason to take money out and i can use this as evidence. mwahahah. Hopefully thats got thm off my back eh!

    -I was going to send the pills to the PO Box 13511 etc then sent them an email to confirm the address and they then gave me the herkhimer house one. Then the day before i was going to send the pills I wanted further confirmation (I forwarded this to 2 email addresses of theirs) so one emailed back with the PO Box again and the other said herkhimer house!!!
    -so i forwarded all the emails they’d sent me to them again regarding all the conflicting information sounded very moody and angry and they replied with that (above)!
    however will be watching my bank account very closely the next few weeks, as for some unbeknown reason i don’t quite trust them! 😉

    1. Lauren says:

      I don’t know how they can claim they are ‘free trials’ when they then charge you £80 odd for them. Which obviously aren’t worth £80 odd if they then tell you you don’t need to send them back!?

      I’ve got mine in a parcel, I’ve taken pictures of the parcel contents and the packaging, I’ve written what you said citizens advice told you to put in a letter (so thank you) I’m going to send them to the address that they’ve told me to send them to because I’ve got a recorded phone call of them stating this, it’ll probably cost me a bit to send them back but it’s better than loosing out on £200 odd! Have you managed to get any of your money back yet Katie!?

      On some of the comments I’ve seen not to send returns to any po box…because it’s just a random postbox, and some people have not heard back since sending to them!

      Thank god they’ve just told you not to bother! RESULT!

  126. Patty Ng says:

    I have a lot of mail to come in mail box so I tried for free sample , but not lucky they charged me £84 after two week! So I rang them up but they said is not money back order , I think it is not right , they open a hole and let people jump in ! It is not nice , but I learn a lesson now , not to be greedy and not trust the web site now
    I did rang them up but they said they were not refunded to me

  127. sam says:

    i also fell for their scam and went ahead and ordddered 2 lots of their rasberry keytone and their green coffee so if i dont sort it, i can expect to see £280 to just disapear out of my account, i fll for it because stheir wsa a review fro them by someone claiming to be from channel 4 raving bout how good they are and to add to it, it was on what looked like tehe real womens health magazine website! i CANNOT BELIEVE i fell for it as i am always so cautionus about falling for scams casue i know how much aggro nd upset they can cause. im going to call them today and tell them about how their are holes in their terms and conditions with the supposed free trial like it not saying if it is free or not and how they will ”ask you to return any unbilled bottles” when they are supposed to be free and it does not say that it is mandatory. and also how i have screen shots of their website, the IP address of their websites and the fake womens health site and the home address of the owner (have not gotten yet but they dont have to know lmao) and how i will be getting a solicitor involved, yes tht seems extreme but i would like my ”FREE” trial discribed.

  128. Lauren says:

    I couldn’t believe it yesterday when I looked in my account and saw that 84.95 and 69.95 had been taken from my account. Shocked to find on here it is definitely a massive scam/con and so many people have been fooled.

    I didn’t notice the money had been taken from my account until yesterday when I received a random bottle of raspberry Ketone through the post. I phoned them immediately, where the lady on the phone tried to sell MORE of the product to me at a discount price…she gave me two RMA numbers and insured me I would get a full refund. I phoned back a little while later realising I hadn’t even received the Green Bean Cleanse to send back! (Things get so confusing when you’re angry) this was also after she gave me a ‘returns’ address which was different to what was on the envelope the raspberry keytone was sent in. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet.

    This time I spoke to a man named ‘Barry’ who was very abrupt and rude but he told me that he could see on the system that the ‘green coffee cleanse’ was in the post and would arrive in a few days, so to wait until it arrives and then send them both back with the RMA numbers that I was originally given. Confirmed that I would get a refund because that’s what had been written on the system and that no more money would be taken from my account.

    This morning I checked my banking…they had taken a further 84.95…I couldn’t believe it!

    I phoned up this morning fuming, I spoke to another lady who kept questioning me as to why I was even being issued with a refund because I hadn’t canceled it within 14 days. I told her the two people I had spoken to ASSURED me I would be getting the FULL refund. She then told me that the first two amounts that were taken out were for the ‘FREE’ sample bottles…because I didn’t cancel within 14 days I was charged a total of 154.90!!…FOR ‘FREE SAMPLES’ that was not said on the phone yesterday in either of my two phone calls. She said the money that was debited from my account was for the second raspberry keytone that I received yesterday. She told me there wasn’t another green bean in the post on the way to me..so WHY was i told there was and to wait until it arrived so I could post it with the raspberry keytone I had received yesterday to get my refund.

    She then tried to say I was being given a refund on the raspberry keytone i received yesterday and only ONE of the ‘free samples’…WHAT ON EARTH!?

    I argued on the phone to her for the total of 1 hour and 8 minutes…during this time she went off twice for 6 minutes each to apparently speak to her supervisor, and at one point her phone was apparently ringing. She would NOT try and track down the two people in her office that I had spoken to, I doubt they even gave me their real names, nor would her supervisor check.

    I told her I had been recording the phone call and I was taking it to watch dog.

    In the end because I wouldn’t give up, I eventually got 3 RMA numbers and I am apparently getting a full refund on the total of 239.85 within 30-60 days! I have no idea if this is legit or not…so far i have zero faith in getting my refund.


    1. Katie says:

      Bloody hell!! use this link and see if it will help at all!! http://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/guide-to-refunds-from-free-trial-diet-pill-scams/ if they’re charging you the full amount surely you shouldn’t have to send your ‘free’ samples back?? Cancel your bank card alert the bank of any further transaction to be blocked. I couldnt do this because i had not got in that sitation yet, the bank can’t get involved or take action until they take the money. I can’t even comprehend how angry you must be it’s an absolute scandal!!! hope all goes well

      1. Lauren says:

        Thank you for the link!!

        Well in the end they insured me I would be getting a full refund on the 3 items with the 3 RMA numbers I was given yesterday.

        Although, I was only sent a confirmation email of 1 RMA number, so this morning before I sent the parcel I phoned them to send me an email confirming the other 2 RMA numbers that I was given, just so i had it written down in writing…I was not expecting this new lady ‘Kate’ to tell me I wasn’t getting a refund and they could only send me 60% back of one product. She also told me the RMA number that I had been given yesterday when I read it out to her, was NOT an RMA number that was on the system apparently. This made me furious, so I read out the email that was sent to me stating that RMA number…she went quiet for ages. How can she be telling me it isn’t an RMA number on the system even though they had emailed from there company AND i had written it down when it was given to me!? She kept telling me I wouldn’t be getting a full refund, only 60% of one product (this is all she could say, over and over) I told her 3 times that I was recording the conversation (which I was) and I have recorded the further 3 conversations I had already had confirming I was getting a refund! And told her I have taken it up with watchdog.

        All I wanted was an email confirming the further two RMA numbers from previously being told I was getting a full refund.

        I didn’t give up and in the end she’s given me 3 more RMA numbers (which are completely different and alot shorter than the ones I was given yesterday…which is a bit suspicious) She wouldn’t send an confirming the address to return them to or to confirm that any further transactions were to be canceled…but I got her to confirm it loudly as I was recording it. So at least I have that proof!

        (although as of 10 mins later I still haven’t received an email confirming the new RMA numbers she’s given me…I’m hoping it will come through soon, or I will be giving them another call!)


        1. sam says:

          hi hun, im sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience with them, before sending them, you should call your bank, ask them to find the transactions where they have taken the money (rasberry keytones and green coffee) and ask to dispute it, tell them you where scammed, see if they can dispute it nd take the money back from them, this does fall under the catagory of ”friendly fraud” which they send details in your 1st confirmation email about but still send them back with the numbers attatched, if they try to take this up with a solicitor, simply send them the RMA number and a screenshot of the email or forward the emails with the return numbers on them, send them the recorded call and proof of postage for the pills (which i recccomend you send via 1st class recorded so it is easy to trace it if they try to claim that they never recieved them and if they still try to say they didnt recieve it, that is not a matter to be taken up with you as it is classed as theft and should be taken up with royal mail and the police, assuming they arent lieing) you have the call recorded and you have the rteturn number so they can’t do anything, you only disputed the claim with your bank because you where scammed once and wanted to protect yourself from being scammed again (sending hem back, not getting a refund)

          hope it works out x

    2. Patty Ng says:

      I have the same problem , until now no refund! They said I didn’t cancelled it and it is a not money back item !

  129. noy says:

    oh i forgot about my £69.95 money stolen by nutragreen coffee.. :'(:'( my money..total of £155.90..m broked now..neve ever gonna use this stuff..:( plz du help me get my payment back..

    1. sam says:

      contact your bank, get them to dispute et rest of the money they took as it was taken fraudulently and they should cover it, call them an say you have disputed it and are going to send the pills back, if they argue or say they will be putting in a legal dispute, say you are willing to return them and just need an address, (make sure you record the call) if they refuse and want to get a laweyr involved, wait for them to send you a letter, send a letter back saying you disputed it and offered to return he pills and recorded the call to prove it and will send it to them via sd card or something so you are covered. hope it works out for you

      1. noy says:

        thanks sam.
        .i call them again n i insist them for my refund..they told me dat they will only refund 60% of it cuz i didnt cancle after 14 days trail..both BRK and NCC agreed to pay my 60% but m really hopeless to let them have my remaining 40% of my money without any reason. i wish all of them go to hell.

  130. noy says:

    hi Carol,
    i too fell for the same scam. OMG it is not beyond raspberry ketone but i think i should literally say it is beyond bank cash. they too charged me £84.95 which made my bank account empty. i cancelled my subscription and emailed them but there was no any reply. so, i called them for my refund.the costumer service lady was very rude and hung up my fone when i asked my full refund. again i called them and they said they can only refund 60% of it which is £50.97 within 24 hr in my account and wont charge me further. i agreed to it :(.got no option.

    1. Katie says:

      the email i use and get good response from (bonus if you put it on high priority!) was service@ketonesupport.com

  131. Daggar says:

    Hello everyone. I have just recieved my beyond rasberry ketone and green coffee tablets. I thought it would be an idea to start a review on these pills.
    On the bottles it says have one tablet each an hour before meals..and apparently I should lose a significant amount in 2 weeks.
    while im taking the pills, I will do my very best to do 20 minutes aerobics and hope for the best. Ill keep you informed every 3 days.

    1. Katie says:

      i wouldnt even waste your time! but kudos to you if you have the money to do that.

  132. Katie says:

    Update on 240:
    Pilla arrived on 27th and am sending them back recorded delivery today! hoping this to be the end of it!
    I emailed them regarding the 2 addresses to send it to to confirm and they’ve now said to me to send to the original PO Box address! more hassle than it’s worth just to get them off my back!
    I emaied the Citizens advice and i recommend anyone to do it! took a little while for them to reply but they were super helpful!

    “You should confirm [in a letter] that you are cancelling your free trial, enclosing the tablets and requesting confirmation within a reasonable time e.g .14 days.

    The information you have provided will also be made available to relevant enforcement bodies, including Trading Standards, who use the information for intelligence/enforcement purposes.” Woop!

    (the company i ordered from was off a fake womens health website and was raspberry ketone advanced)

    1. Lauren says:

      ahh this is so confusing, three people that I spoke to on the phone gave me an address of :
      at cost forfilmet
      herkimer House
      Mill Road Industrial estate
      EH497 SF

      Is that one of the addresses that you were given?

      What a nightmare!

      1. Katie says:

        It’s ridiculous
        -I originally was going to send to the “PO Box 13511 Linithgow West Lothian EH49 7YH” on their ‘contact us’ part of the website.
        -Then I sent them an email clarifying the address to send it to and they gave me the one you’ve just said.
        -Then I emailed again requesting further clarification once i’d got the pills a few days later just to be sure explaining that they already gave me a different address to the one listed on contact page. So they THEN referred me back to the PO box address first listed!
        So im just going to send it to the PO box and if they dare take any money from me I have evidence of them telling me to send it to that etc etc!

        1. Lauren says:

          Well that is the address that is on the package it was sent in, stating it was an address for returns…I tried to question this with one of the people I spoke to from the company and he couldn’t explain why there were two different addresses to send them to!…did they actually email you confirming the address then? …they won’t email me a confirmation of the address…but I’ve got the phone call recorded so i’m hoping that’s proof enough. Scared to send them away now!! ALL I WANTED WAS TO SHIFT A FEW POUNDS, NOT £239! Got my fingers crossed for you!

          1. Katie says:

            oh god had another email saying it was the at cost fulfilment address!
            Sent yet another angry email forwarding all the conflicting information from them into it! waiting on a reply now!
            In the package you’re right they do say the PO Box address im just wondering why they’d give another?!
            I was planning to send them off yesterday but until i have a definitive address i can’t! far too much hassle. Cant be bothered with ringing them cause of everyone elses experience of time wasting etc. grrr

          2. Katie says:

            sorry update from my prev comment @5pm!
            Just been emailed saying they’ve made a note on my account not to return the pills!!! I think all because i got them all tied up with the conflicting addresses! hope to see the back of them now, though ill be watching my bank closely!

  133. Jane says:

    I have also had the same problem, but have called the number people have kindly posted above 0800 148 8243 and I have been advised on 2 calls that they don’t have an account in my name. Is there more than one company on the scam?

    I bought mine through the facebook FREE trial at £4.95 for Raspberry Ketone Blast and £4.95 Cleanse Xtreme. They showed up in my bank account as ‘Revolskin’ and ‘Skin24 Serum’ at £4.95 on the 10/08/2013. I then had £95 taken under ‘Raspberry Pro’ and £85 under ‘Cleanse First’ taken on the 24/08/2013.

    The American lady on the phone advised that they were ‘Beyond Raspberry Ketone’ and not ‘Raspberry Ketone Blast’ and that my name and address didn’t exist and they didn’t sell the Raspberry Ketone Blast and Cleanse Xtreme. Are they just saying this to avoid refunds or is there a different company and tel No. I need to call??

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. My bank advised they will they and contact them, but I didn’t keep the delivery note and I don’t seem to have any email confirmation to go off. Does anyone who bought off the same ad have the address, email and phone No.!?!?! Also feeling rather daft 🙁

    1. Carol says:

      Hi Jane

      It looks like we fell for exactly the same scam – same products. On my bank account it came up as Raspberry ketone and Xtreme Cleanse. I’ve emailed support@beyondraspberryketone.co.uk asking for my money back etc and have received a response saying that they do not have any account details for me. They’ve asked me to provide my name and address details, which I have done but I’m not even sure I’m contacting the correct company as I’ve thrown away the packaging and can’t find the facebook link anymore!

  134. :( says:

    I feel so stupid for falling for this!!!
    Signed up for the free trial advertised on Facebook, it was only a few seconds after I got my confirmation of the order email that I had a bad feeling, so that’s when I googled the company! Now I am completely stressing out, I called the company within half an hour of ordering and spoke to a supervisor who I told I wanted to cancel the order and not receive goods! To which he replied they had already been shipped! What a load of rubbish! He told me to wait for the goods to arrive and then send then back, he assured me no more payments would be taken as he had cancelled my account…. Somehow I don’t trust a word of that!
    I received an email of my cancellation stating no more payments would be taken, and called up my bank this morning to see if I can block payments, but they said they can’t do anything until they take money out, they just informed us to keep the email as proof and they will deal with it if anything happens!

    My partner is very angry, especially that I used his card for the order!
    I don’t understand how they can get away with doing this! It makes me feel physically sick to know that they have my card details!
    Is there anything else you think I should do to avoid myself from getting further charges?
    I’m just waiting on the pills to arrive at the moment and as soon as they do they will be going straight back!

    1. Katie says:

      exactly same situation! Mine were shipped to me on the 24/8/13 (ordered on 22nd) with a tracking number, stated it’s in my local sorting office now so expected delivery either today or tomorrow.
      I cancelled my account as soon as. I ahvent bothered ringing them. I’ve got my envelope all set up to sent them straight back with a firmly worded note sating that this item is tracked, i will know when you have recieved it I have fully complied by your T+C’s so you have no right or obligations to take money from my account and you will not charge me any further monies or else you will be reported. and that I do not want anything further to do with you.
      BY THE WAY. I emailed them regarding which address to send them back to and it was different than the one on ‘contact us’ page!

  135. Katie says:

    I fell for exactly the same scam! 83 pounds have been taken from my account & I have not actualy recieved the item yet either!Called them & he said he will not issue a refund as it is past the two week trial period. Does this mean this is why he has not issued me with a RMP number? Or should I get refunded if I call back perhaps? I’m fuming!

  136. Steve says:

    My partner paid and applied for the free trial and we were shocked to learn they ha taken £63.89 out of our account, two phones calls and highlighting the error of their ways I have managed to get a full refund without having to spend money sending the product back – I spoke with 2 incompetent advisors “Ron” and “Rose” both American and both unable to answer simple questions but my advice is not only be firm but be direct with your approach, confuse them with simple English and you’ll come out with a positive result

  137. Becky says:

    I have just got off the phone to an American regarding refunding me £84.95!! Unlike most of you I don’t feel foolish for falling for this I feel angry that this can actually be allowed to happen.
    A bit of advice is to get everything in writing while you are on the phone. I have had an email cancel both subscriptions to Ketone and green tea cleanse. I also was successful in having my £84.95 refunded and received an email saying so. I did not have to give them a number or send my trial back because I claimed that I never received it. The woman ‘Jenny’ offered to send me a replacement which I obviously refused. The only thing left is to now stop my bank charging me for being overdrawn! Lesson learned: the best things in life are almost certainly not free.

    1. Becky says:

      This is the number you should call 0800 148 8243.

  138. Katie says:

    Update on 240-
    (i am in the situation where i am fully aware of the cost after the 14 day trial AFTER wider reading about the company and AFTER i’d already ordered! so am doing my all to try and prevent money being taken from my account)

    I have rang my bank to inform them what’s gone on and spoke to a lovely lady who took the company’s name and why I thought i’d been part of a scam etc. She said I cannot do any action like blocking the payments until they’d charged me which is fair enough! So I have cancelled my card (not sure how much good that’ll do but makes me feel better) and ordered a new one and was asked to keep monitoring my accounts online for any activity.

    I have successfully managed to cancel my account with emails (not sure if they worked) and through the easycancel where I requested my RMA number and address to send it to. Though now when i contact them i just get an automatd reply saying you’ve cancelled the account contact our team on 0800 014 9645 OR 0800 148 8243. I haven’t as of yet because i’ve got all i needed out of them at the moment.

    I received an email regarding them postage of the item back where they gave out my rma number again and recommended i track my parcel (too bloody right!). The address however is completely different to the PO box on I had above in comment 240 as it’s now “””At Cost Fulfillment/PPF Herkimer House Mill Road Industrial Estate Linlithgow EH49 7SF Scotland””” as the last email i sent tried to confirm the PO Box address “as I had googled it and it came up wit many ‘interesting’ things” such as the first webpage entitled SCAMBOOK. haha positive start already

    I have cancelled my account well within the 14 day trial period so they cannot charge me on the 4th/5th september.
    I plan to send my pills back as soon as i’ve got them within the 21 day period (12th september) by recorded delivery. Take photos and scan the PO receipt of the package into an email and send it multiple times to them and badger them with it for proof as i want nothing further to do with them.

    this website [Additional information posted by Katie here – Editor]:
    was amazing do not be nice to them they are out to get you! i found a firmly worded email someone sent to to them and decided to copy if for myself and send if anything goes wrong!

    “””I ordered the Raspberry Ketone Advanced trial on 22/8/13. I have since read EXTENSIVELY that this is a huge scam and am aware that the ASA have recently upheld complaints against your company for misleading customers. I have contacted my bank today to inform them of the situation. I note you have taken the postage of £4.95 for the Raspberry Ketone Advanced. I ahve taken advice from the OTF, TS and my bank. DO NOT attempt to take ANY further money from my account or I will immediately report your company to the OFT. I am going to be returning my pills IMMEDIATELY once I receive them with a scanned PO reciept with proof of postage so yuou can do no further damage to me.””””
    ive also complained to the CAB
    I have played by their tightly roped manipulative t+c’s so they have no reason to take money from me.
    Waiting game for my pills to arrive now! not even giong to take a second glance at them as i send them back complete with Rma number on the package, inside and on the bottle! all with an already written strongly worded note (extensive but to be on the safe side! 😉 )
    Hope all goes well for the rest of you i will keep you updated

  139. Louise says:

    I have cancelled my order and I cancelled my card before so they don’t take any money out of my account. I stupidly pressed 1 on the automated recorded message too. As i’ve cancelled my card I’m thinking should I actually bother sending these pills back costing me another fiver or so? I called their office and they told me not to bother sending them back they will just be bined.
    Has everyone else sent them back?
    What would they do if I don’t send back and ive cancelled my card?

    1. Katie says:

      Did they really say not to send the pills back?? who did ou order from? That would save a damn lot of hassle but I don’t want to risk it knowing they’ve got my bank details!

  140. Lilly says:

    Here is the link to complain to trading standards, simply tell them what happened to you and get ALL your money back. If I have been told by my council that this is a fraudulent company – then you are all fully entitled to get your money back.


  141. Lilly says:

    SUCCESS STORY!!!! I complained to Trading Standards about this company, well I just received a letter in the post from my local council saying that they had passed this matter on to the council where the company is based, and that it is a SCAM company and that if I take the letter to my bank- the bank will give me ALL my money back on their charge back scheme!!!!!!!

    SO DON’T DELAY!!! GOOGLE TRADING STANDARDS – COMPLAIN AGAINST THIS COMPANY NOW AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK! Remember to get all their address and tel details (on their site).

    Good luck!!! we can do it!!!

  142. Katie says:

    Oh i wish somebody would post a success story! I’ve only ordered today with ‘rasberry Ketone advanced’ (funnily enough they were lazy enough not to change their name from Beyond raspberry ketone in the confirmation email!!) then investigated after a suspicious confirmation email regarding ‘friendly fraud’!! I am so angry at myself, I havent recieved my pills as I’ve only just ordered today so am emailing them tonight and everyday until they reply that I want to cancel my subscriptions “If I have not recieved a response to my email I will regard it as you ignoring my actions to cancel my subscriptions and report it as fraud.”. the return address they state (PO BOX 13511 Linithgow West Lothian EH49 7YH) on the ‘contact us’ page I have said I’ll send it to unless they state otherwise via royal mail recorded delivery so I have covered my grounds. I will call the ketone place tomorrow and state I want to cancel my account and return the pill ASAP when I get them and then contact my bank if they can cancel my card and sort out any pending orders from them or anything. I just hope it will all be ok as I haven’t fallen into the trap where i’ve had to pay £84.95 just yet so not sure if my bank (HSBC) will be able to do anything as of yet as I’ve only currently paid the money i’ve knowingly agreed to (the £4.95 delivery for the ‘free’ trial)!! There is a link in the easycancel regarding the RMA number but i havent used it because im not sure of it’s validity from clicking on it so whether it will be legitimate or not we shall see.

    Good idea ladies and gents about recording phone conversations i will make sure to do it!
    hopefully will be a success! but will definitely be monitering my bank account on the 4th/5th september!!

  143. Kirsten says:

    Go to your bank ladies, and dispute the transaction. I did and have had my money refunded. This Company is known to the banking industry. Felt like a fool having to ring the bank, but thry were very helpful and did not judge me in any way.

    1. Katie says:

      How did you go about the cancellation with the company and discussing it with your bank? all help is welcome as i feel very naive and foolish!

  144. kirsty says:

    I too have fallen for this awful scam and i only wish i’d read all of your messages before falling for it, again it was all of the advertising on facebook and the fact that it said it was a channel 4 employee which trialled the offer. I called them the day after receiving the pills which i returned straight to them but i am out of pocket for the ‘so called ‘free trial’ and return of the pills which i was told by a customer service adviser that it’s a free 14 day trial NOT a free offer but it is certainly not advertised as such.
    There really should be something done about this company, for a start how do they get into your facebook account? and so many of them in so many different formats?
    I’ve lost sleep over this and felt such a fool as it’s the first time i’ve been scammed, i’m so angry i’ve got the shakes typing this! They are making a fortune out of innocent people and it’s disgusting! It actually ruined my holiday as i had to call my bank to check that no monies had been taken out as i simply don’t trust them, they are in effect stealing unauthorised payments.
    I really hope that Watchdog get onto this and I bet we’d be surprised just how many people have been fooled. It’s actually put me off facebook (not a bad thing) and i will be so much more careful in the future but it made me scared and sick and feeling quite ill over it.
    I hope anyone reading will take a small comfort in the fact that there are many of us that have been conned. The stupid thing is you can buy the product from Holland and Barratt for about £20 for a months supply NOT £80!
    My dad always did tell me that ‘nothing is ever for free’ and now i believe him!

  145. James says:

    I have also been scammed by this company recently, and they took the second payment from my bank today despite me cancelling my card (my bank tell me they cannot stop these withdrawals which surprises me!)
    I did manage to get through to a rep from vitaberry (on 0141 8460059) who after much discussion agreed to refund me if I returned the pills. However I have seen that a few people have reported that the returns address she gave me (Zennor Trade Park, Tooting, London…) Is bogus.
    Has anyone had any success at returning pills to this address, or indeed to any other address?

  146. Fiona Craig says:

    I too have been caught out with this scam. I cancelled after five days of ordering so well within the 14 day free trial period. Only to be told on the cancellation line that I would be charged £38+ for each item. I contacted them and spoke to a man who kept saying sorry but there is nothing that can be done. When I asked for a contact name because I was going to seek legal advise he went quiet and he didn’t speak for over four minutes. I eventually put the phone down after pleading with them for a name. Anyhow, I have been to my bank and cancelled any future payments to this company also have been in contact with citizen advice and they are passing it on to trading standards. Cancellation numbers I was given to ring are Raspberry 0800 157 7409 and Coffee bean 0800 148 843. But remember to listen to whole message before pressing number….(that’s how I was caught out) They don’t say to listen to all options and you press 1 to cancel…Beware of it…

  147. Shoegasm says:

    I have been caught too. There is no warning on their site reference charges for cancellations. I will be calling my bank to cancel and have my account monitored. I believe this disreputable company need to be stopped from advertising this product ASAP.

  148. olivia says:

    Oh man feel like a idiot just fell for this Raspberry and Coffee – Double idiot!!! Just order this morning then rang the number straightway to cancel the auto-payment. Didnt realise I had to pay for the trail – although that is my error as it does not say ‘free’. Anyway, I got a robot on the phone, told me to press 1 to cancel my order – then said they had charged £38 to my card – I did not authorize that – and I havent got a product as ordered today!!! What the hell!! Looked on line then at how to cancel and it said you could pay or ask for a RMA – stupidly I clicked to see what that was and now I dont return the product my 8th Sept will be charger £68!!! What the hell!!! As the weekend the office is shut – I hope they will just cancel it and they can keep my p&p payment but give me back my £38!! I have phoned the bank who say the payment is pending and have blocked all further payments!! Feel such a prat!!

  149. Sarah says:

    I posted on here a week and a half ago. Got caught out with the Raspberry Ketone and Cleanse Etreme, lost just under £200 in total. Just thought I’d update with where I’ve gotten with the situation. I cancelled my card and contacted my bank, stop letters have been sent and my account is being monitored. I emailed both repeatedly and have received confirmation that my “subscriptions” are both cancelled and no more money will be taken. I recieved cancellation numbers which I have saved for back up if needed in the future. Better to have that than nothing I suppose!

  150. Lee says:

    This is a total scam and think this company should be shut done. No confirmation n email was given of terms and conditions and no information about returning product within14 days. People at customer help number talk over you and will only give a max of 90% refund. This was the biggest surprise that they write this informationon the invoice and not other information.


    Protect Yourself from Committing “Friendly Fraud” Today.

    What is Friendly Fraud? The standard definition for Friendly Fraud is when a customer uses a credit card to make purchase, and then disputes the charge with their credit card company once the item(s) are received. Consumers use friendly fraud to obtain item(s) for free. Friendly fraud can be broken into two categories; deliberate and accidental. Deliberate friendly fraud would fall under the standard definition of friendly fraud. The category that has seen a significant increase is called accidental friendly fraud that can occur when a customer doesn’t realize what a charge is for.

    We are committed to educating our valued customers on how they can avoid committing Friendly Fraud and having their credit card added to the Credit Card Number Blacklist.

    First of all, all Beyond Raspberry Ketone charges will appear as ADVANCED KETONE and display our customer service phone number.
    If you have any questions on any Beyond Raspberry Ketone charge contact us first, NOT YOUR BANK, and we will resolve any and all transaction issues and protect you from unknowingly committing Friendly Fraud.

    Surely this is not right. Be warned do not use Beyond Raspberry Ketone deals or products.

    1. Sue says:

      Wondered what the parcel was waiting for me at the post office and turned out to be Raspberry ketone – didn’t realise I had bought monthly supply – was too good to be true – they are reall rogues – £80+ taken from my account – I will try sending it back and contacting my bank and following the advice on line as well.
      Thanks for the information and advice everybody. Think this should be on TV as a scam.

      1. gail says:

        Hi everyone…just had it done 2 me…gutted…rang the number shown on previous posts got a very rude arrogant ignorant woman noway was she backing down from giving me a refund…couldnt talk 2 a supervisor as they didnt have any.
        Read some more complaints and made a little list from each one…false advertising as the free trial wasnt free. unautherised payment….which i told the girl was regarded as theft…i didnt sign any papers therefore i didnt SIGN up 4 anything. The girl…called becca fou nd her SUPERVISOR…whohas seemingly gave me a full refund….will find out in 24 hours if that is true.
        Stick 2 your guns and throw the same information at them…..good luck x

  151. Jeremy Sweetman says:

    To cancel your account and get RMA numbers, go to the following websites, ignore certificate warnings if you get them, click on cancel online, enter your email address, select Other cancel options at bottom of page and you will get RMA number and return address.



    To avoid any charges I would suggest contacting your bank and asking for help or as last resort cancel card and get a new one with new number.

    Hope this helps.

  152. Lauren says:

    PLEASE HELP! I need to phone to cancel my tablets but the number 08001577409 is asking for a phone number that I called on. However I booked online. I have tried the 0141 number but no one answered. Is this the right number to call? Desperate to cancel before they take any money! Xx

  153. Anna says:

    Sadly I fell victim to this. Have cancelled my subscription with the firm and was given an Rma no for both products. These pills have been returned unopened by registered post. Also informed bank for no further payments to issued to this firm. Was informed that there was no point in cancelling my debit card as they could still take monies from any new card as I had given them my bank details. If the firm take any money in fture I would be refunded by the bank and then they would take action. Lesson learnt..

    1. Katie says:

      This is what i plan to do feel absolutely foolish as it all seemed too good to be true! Which address have you sent it to? Ive seen lots of people saying some are bogus addresses the one i’ve seen is PO BOX 13511 Linithgow West Lothian EH49 7YH
      When you say you gave them your bank details do you mena like account number and sort code? I have only given debit card details so it would seem if i cancelled it they would not be able to take out payments??


      1. Anna says:

        Hi Katie yes that is the address. I gave them my debit card details only. When I realised it was a scam I promptly rang Beyond Raspberry Ketone to cancel and was given rma number for both products which I put on the returned packages. I then went down to the back to cancel my debit card. I was informed that there was
        no point in cancelling the card as they could still take payments from my new card as I’d given them my details and it was up to
        Beyond Raspberry Ketone to cancel. The bank would take action if they took money out in the future but not until then. Not satisfactory but that’s the system. Just need to keep an eye on my bank statement.

  154. Sarah says:

    I fell for this too – so glad i found this as I was feeling like such an idiot and so upset about it! I called up the number and it said press 1 to cancel – so i did, and they still charged me 40 pounds for the “free” product i had already received – and i got this cancellation email:

    Dear Sarah Hunter,

    Thank you for using Beyond Raspberry Ketone Trial. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.

    If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

    After reading this though i still don’t trust them! they didnt say anything about needing to return the product. Does anyone know if this email actually means what it says and they definitely wont charge me anymore money?

    i still am trying to get my bank (lloyds) to stop any future payments…


  155. Hafeez says:

    Dear jilly p I also received a call from a American lady and I’m scared that they can take money out from my account could you give me the contact number in which you contacted them thanks

  156. Stephen says:

    Has anyone’s bank either recovered or promised to recover any unauthorised charges made to their account?

  157. David Roberts says:

    Contact your bank immediately.

    They will implement a recurrence transaction against these crooks stealing any money from your accounts.

    Don’t bother sending back the product like I did. It cost me the initial amount plus the postage to return their fraudulent product.

    I have sent many emails to no avail following the return of the product, asking for the refund I am entitled to. I might as well have kept the product for, HOPEFULLY, future lawsuits against this criminal outfit.

  158. Hilary says:

    Oh dear! I should have listened to my instincts about Rasberry Ketone etc, when I too fell for the advert, and the website offering a FREE TRIAL of 30 days supply.
    The product appeared to be endorsed by female celebs, a Women’s Health Mag, AND a BBC ‘review’ of it, at the end of July.

    I started to fill in my details, but didn’t continue, as the initial cost of p&p waas stated a £3.65, but then showed it as £6.85, or whatever. I deleted my details and never got as far as giving my bank details, but they had CAPTURED by information and phoned me. All friendly and ‘caring’ the lady asked me why I hadn’t continued with the offer.

    How daft am I folks? I told her that the discrepancy in the cost of postage had put me off continuing! I CANNOT believe that I fell for it, but she said there was a ‘special offer’ of a 30 day supply FREE TRIAL of BRK, and the Green Coffee for only 95p each p&p. I was led to believe that if I didn’t want a 2nd months supply that I would have to cancel the order within 14 days, and given a date. I told her that I had also been put off ordering on line, because I couln’t afford £84+ for the second months BRK. She told me she could do me a ‘special deal’ of £55 for it and £47 for the Green Coffee, but most people didn’t need a second month of the Green Coffee Cleans….So I agreed and gave my card details. So far they have only taken the agreed amount for p&p.

    The products arrived and I looked at the ingredients and thought hmmmmm, as I have M.E. which is a complex neurological illness which affects the nervous, hormone, digestive, immune and muscle systems, oh…and the brain too. Doh!

    I began to wonder whether I would be ABLE to take them due to my illness, and phoned the customer services for BRK to check things out. Again they were all nice and friendly and said they would extend the ‘trial period’ up to the 22nd of August, and if I didn’t want to continue with the ‘trial’, to phone and cancel before that date.

    I had been told at the time of order that I would be sent full information about the product etc, and a FREE DVD, none of which were in the parcels that arrived. THEN I checked my email and found the ‘advice about friendly fraud’ sent by Green Coffee Cleanse, who I had NEVER even spoken to!

    That made me feel annoyed and insulted, to think that they were accusing myself of potentially committing FRAUD by thinking that I could obtain products for free. So I phoned them again to get clarification about the details of the order, cancellation of it and charges, having had other alarm bells ring due to the FIRST thing they say TWICE when you phone BRK….which is, that you can cancel your order now by pressing ‘1’…..

    I was THEN told that if I didn’t cancel and return the remainder of the pills, that I would be charged. I pointed out that their advertisement and sales talk were misleading, and that it isn’t a 30 day supply for a FREE TRIAL after all. I told her that we had LAWS in this country about misleading advertising, and Trading Standards. I even asked her ‘What sort of business IS this. What sort of scam is it?’

    The woman got irritable with me, put me on hold, then told me she could do me a special deal of £18.71 and until the 22nd of August to think about it and decide, but I’d have to speak to the Green Coffee Cleanse people about their price. Okay….

    I phone the Green Coffee people, and spoke to Norman, who told me it works and that his wife uses it, but the best deal they could do me was £38.71….and that the supposed ‘agreed’ special deal for BRK of £18.71 was NOT in the computer notes. He confirmed that if I didn’t cancel within the date given, the 22nd, that they WOULD have taken £84.95 out of my bank. I told him that the email I received from them was offensive and defamatory, and threatening in its tone, because they misled people with their advert and phone call into thinking they were agreeing to a 30 day FREE TRIAL, for the cost of postage.

    I hope these people ARE STOPPED, because they are deceptive con merchants. One woman insisted that it was not a SCAM, and that I should have read the T&C’s. What T&C’s? I didn’t order on line and they phoned me and misled me. I cancelled by phone last night, and will be phoning my bank etc. Thank God I found THIS website, by accident whilst tring to google for the Rasberry Ketone page again. Very helpful information here. Thank you for sharing it.
    I’m relieved that I’m not the only one who fell for it, and I too am usually cautious.

  159. Lisa H says:

    Hi there,

    It’s some small comfort to know I am not the only one duped into this scam.

    I received my free trial of the green coffee and raspberry ketones and have been taking them to no affect.

    Checked my bank account this month and was horrified with the amount taken out. I called the number for both and did the ‘if you want to cancel your account press 1’ which I did, they said they would send a confirmation email but they never did.

    Are they going to be sending me more?

    As I have opened and taken the pills sent, can I get any refund at all?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Is there any legal action that can be taken against them?


  160. jim says:

    Same thing has happened to me. A free trial offer that costs £84.96. Suppose i had better call my bank asap.

  161. Kate says:

    All these messages are a good echo of one another.
    I had the same thing and thankfully found this website as I was on the phone to both companies. Eventually from the woman from BRK I was told I would get £20 refund from the £38.71 and thats the best she can do but I do not believe I will ever see that again.

    The best thing you can do is if you have fallen for this like me is call your bank straight away. I called my bank straight after hanging up on these people and they said that the £38.71 is already being processed but any future payments they try to take out will be refunded by the bank within 24 hours as they are sending a letter to the company today.

    I therefore suggest you call your bank ASAP to block/refund future payments. Other than that I don’t think there’s much you can do, it’s a Scam company.

    Also channel 4, womens health etc. had nothing to do with it these people have just used their names etc. these companies should be sending out a warning saying they aren’t endorsing anything.

  162. Nicki says:

    I finally found the link and called them. They just kept saying that I agreed to the terms and conditions. Is there any point complaining to trading standards or anyone?

  163. Nicki says:

    I have just called the number above and have a slightly different product and they said they couldn’t trace me and they were a different company. I ordered Raspberry Ketone Blast through a channel 4 advert along with Cleanse Xtrem and I’m really struggling to trace it now. No emails and I can’t find the original advert for it. I told the person I spoke to that I hoped they could live with themselves with the job they do! So cross and feel really stupid.

  164. suzanne says:

    I am in total shock!! Just checked my bank account and they have full refunded the two payments!! I have checked with visa disputes who have said to me not to bother cancelling my debit card as these companies can still claim from cancelled cards. Their advise to me was to just keep a check on my account to see if they try again under a different name as they sometimes do this. They have said that any payments from now on, even under different names, will be refunded straight back to me by the bank plus any interest or charges. This applies from the date I first advised them. I urge anyone to keep badgering them on the landline numbers (earlier posts) be firm and tell them you have contacted Action Fraud, Trading Standards and Advertising Standards. Also tell them that these agencies are fully aware of their ‘business’ and they know they operate under lots of different company names. Hope everyone else is as lucky as me.

  165. linzi says:

    Same happened to me, They took 2 payments one at £95 & £89!!!!! I cancelled my card & my bank have credited my account as it was not a transaction i authorised. Your credit card company have a duty to clear funds that you’ve authorised & as none of us have been aware of this & it’s a scam they will credit!! I also called the company they have said it’s all in the terms & cond!!! what ever they say it’s a trick sale!! they said they’d credit me £60 but as my cards cancelled they now won’t be able to. I told my bank all of what they said & have left it to them.

    Good luck everyone

  166. tina says:

    i was goin to order the Beyond Raspberry Ketone untill they wanted my bank details and was charing for postae when it says free so sorry to hear that all you lot had fallen in to there scam but if something is free then your instinct should no they wont need your bank details hope you all get your money back from them think i’ll be going to ebay and ordering some off there

  167. Sarah says:

    Fallen victim to the scam and feel incredibly stupid. I also feel lost, alone and taken advantage of. I am always so careful when purchasing items online and have never fallen for anything like this before, but just like many of you thought the offer seemed legit because of the “connection” to Channel 4. I payed the £4.95 for both Raspberry Keytone and Cleanse Xtrem, recieved the product but only got round to using them this week. Checked my bank to find out a payment of £85.95 and £95.95 had been taken, absolutely heartbroken to find this and unsure what to do. I’ve contacted my bank who have issued “stop letters” for both and have been assured that any attempts to take further amounts will be stopped refunded, Has anyone had definite success with doing this? or should I take the extra precaution of cancelling my debit card? I was also advised to contact 2 numbers by the bank (HSBC) an cancel my so called subscription through them but do not trust to do so, especially as both numbers appear to be international and I cannot afford to be paying for those, only to possibly waste my time. I’ve read almost everything on this page and there are so many different outcomes I just hope I can get peace of mind that they won’t take anymore money. I’m not interested in a refund off them, as devastated as I am to loose so much I don’t trust they would refund even if they said. Please help me

    1. suzanne says:

      Sarah they use lots of different company names but are all linked and can deal with each others orders! Try 0141 846 0059 and 0141 846 0141. The dialing code 0141 is a landline in Scotland I think. Read some of my earlier posts on here for other details. Good Luck!

      1. Sarah says:

        Thanks Suzanne. I’ve been in bits since I found all if this out, it’s really knocked my confidence. Decided to cancel my card after posting on here for extra piece of mind. Decided to email the company asking them to remove any details from their “system” if they have one. Been too upset to consider calling but will if I hear nothing back. Feel more secure knowing tgat my card is now blocked and that the transactions are being monitored. Fingers crossed this all works out I can’t lose anymore money or sleep over this!

  168. Sophia says:

    Ive also fell for it. I was reluctant as I know there are so many scams around but I saw so many good comments about the product I thought might aswell, but I obviously didn’t read the small print properly. They charged me £6.45 on the 24th July which I was okay with. And they have just charged me £84.95 on the 6th Aug. I didnt realise until today that they had charged me. its not exactly 14 days and I have phoned mt back to stop any further payments and they have put in a claim back for me but whether il get it I don’t know. I also got these online and did not use a phone number, so when i rang them I just used any mobile number which I then got through to some american woman who deliberately acted like she couldn’t understand me. After a while she asked for my order number which I never got. And I aslo threw out the packaging which I thought I kept so I have nothing to give them as I have no emails etc. It’s so frustrating, I haven’t taken any of the tablets either so Ive emailed asking for a refund, but no response..funnily enough.

  169. Roxi says:

    Can anyone who phoned them etc pls give me your phone no so i could call u to explain to me what do i have to do? Pls
    Email it to me on rucsi.murgi90@yahoo.com tks

  170. Maria says:

    And another one falls foul to these disgusting people. I have had a fruitless conversation with their ‘customer services’ (they should be done for fraud just for calling themselves that!!). I believe that I won’t get any refund, which is the bitterest pill to swallow, however, let’s just get the message out there, spread the word. As i found their link via Facebook, I’m going to copy and paste their ‘Trial Link’ and warn that this is a scam. With any luck it’ll go viral within a very short space of time, wish me luck!

  171. Suzanne says:

    Hi I too am feeling a fool (at least I’m not on my own)!
    I was led to the website through Facebook, and ordered my “free” trial. I received four bottles; one raspberry ketone, one colon cleanse and two green coffee extracts, even though I only filled in one trial request!
    I was billed £4.98 and £3.99 (for P&P I presume) plus £19.99 ??? I never opened the tablets (which took over a week to arrive) as I thought something was amiss. There was hardly any info on the dispatch notes and I have never received an email from the company. Two further payments of £69.99 and £79.97 have been taken from my account, I finally managed to find a phone number 0141 846 0059 and rang on Saturday. After half an hour of speaking to someone whom I had difficulty understanding and vice versa, I was given two RMA numbers in which to return the raspberry ketone and colon cleanse. I was surprisingly told to keep the green coffee extract! I was told I had to “verbally agree” not to take the matter further and that upon receipt of the returns I would be refunded the £69.99 and £79.97 and no more bottles would be sent out money taken. I was given an address in London (fulfilment returns) I have today returned the goods via recorded special delivery and did confirm by email to support@vitaberryslim.com everything that was agreed in the conversation. I have also spoken with my bank to stop any further payments. It would appear from the comments on hear, that random amounts are being taken. Upon digging today on the internet this company seems to have various guises, all with different phone numbers, all starting with the same area code 0141, and various email addresses. I will wait to see if I get my refund and I’m going to email all the addresses I have found asking for confirmation of the agreement made in my telephone conversation.

    1. suzanne says:

      Oh surprise surprise! The address they gave me to return the pills back on in London is not correct! It was logged on royal mail tracker as return to sender so I rang royal mail yesterday who said that they couldn’t tell me why it was return to sender at the moment but it would be on the returned packet. The guy was really helpful and did a trace on the address and told me they were not registered there! I rang these distgusting excuses for human beings again and spoke to ‘Gabriella Williams’ (incidently I do not believe for one minute that was her name) who confirmed that the address I had been given was correct. I then told her the royal mail had confirmed the returns company were not registered at that address and she asked me to hold whilst she spoke to a supervisor. When she came back she told me a full refund would be issued in 3-5 working days and I was to keep the pills when they were returned and that my account was closed ie. no further despatches or payments to be taken. I asked for all this to be confirmed in an email, again won’t hold my breath. I have received the parcel back 10mins ago and it says they have ‘gone away’ wish there was a way of uploading a photo onto this site! Won’t hold my breath for the refund. I would urge everyone on hear to contact Action Fraud 0300 1232040, Trading standards on 0845 3660452 and anyone else they can think of. I advised facebook that this is being advertised through themselves but haven’t heard anything from them! Incidently the latest ad directs you to a site which is supposedly ensdorsed by the sky news presenter Charlotte Hawkins, wonder if she is aware of this! It seems this company operate under several different company names and are affiliated to more than one holding company registered in Kidlington Oxfordshire. Incidently the returns address I was given is: Fulfillment Returns, Unit 18 Zennor Trade Park, Tooting Beck, London SW12 0PS. Anyone told to return to this address tell them of my saga I would urge anyone trying to phone up to use 0141 846 0059 or 0141 846 0141 as you seem to be able to speak to a person not an automated service. Really hope something gets done about these people.

  172. Lilly says:

    DO NOT EVER EVER BUY FROM THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!! I cancelled within the 14 day period, on day 14 – They charged me £84.95 and they absolutely refuse to give it back saying that I should have cancelled BEFORE the 14 days, which it does not say in their terms & conditions!! It says WITHIN 14 days!! That means the 14th day included!!!!! I have been on the phone to 3 agents (all based in the USA) who all completely stonewall me and refuse to refund me. I want to take this company down, they are absolute SCAM ARTISTS!!! Does anyone know who I can report them to?

    1. lynda says:

      I totally agree SCAM SCAM SCAM!! I read about their ‘FREE TRIAL’ – filled in my name and address but then backed out at the credit card stage. Several days later I got a call from one of their reps – he promised me that it was a freed trial and all I had to pay was the £3.95 or so postage – as long as I cancelled within 13 days and he even gave me the exact date to call before. The products arrived quickly and I haven’t opened them yet. I called 10 days before the cancellation date to cancel and a recorded message told me I would ‘ONLY’ be charged £38!! I called back very irate and was told the £38 would be credited within 24 hours. I then found your forum. I called back to be told that I was still going to be charged for the coffee cleanse!!! I went ballistic but she said the only way they would not charge me £38 for that item was if I sent it back to n address in Linlithcow with a 15 digit number on it. She advised me to track it. I’m usually pretty sharp and cant believe I fell for it – the truth is that the chap that phoned me told me a pack of lies.
      Oh – The laugh is that when I told the woman today that it was advertised as a ‘FREE TRIAL’ she said “yes it is a free trial – NOT a free product” GRRRRRRR

    2. suzanne says:

      Lillie I agree and think they should be taken down! It appears they have several companies, vitaberry slim, healthberry slim, green coffee extract to name but a few. Think they are all part of a company called Platinum online who have a registered address in Oxfordshire. Fulfillment, who you have to return stuff to, are eurobase fulfilment have shocking reviews on other products not just diet pills. They need ti be exposed for their deception!

    3. Katie says:

      that is utterly ridiculous. Ive only ordered mine today and only came across all these till now! i’m planning on emailing them everyday the same firm talking email about if you do not reply and regard this as my attempts to cancel etc etc then i can report you as fraudulent. Fingers crossed they don’t take any money out of my account after the 14 days is up! feeling so foolish!

  173. L B Lamb says:

    I have just rang this company they have taken £84 95 out of my account
    and they will not return my money i have returned there product and say they will not refund me, after reading all these complaints i don’t know why the company are still scaming lots of people

  174. rebekah says:

    Hi, I did the exact same thing and feel like such a fool! I ordered it last night and on the website it says they don’t post the product until the next working day, however when I phoned up she said it had already been posted. There’s no way they managed to post it out between Saturday and Sunday night. Anyway I came to my senses and cancelled my debit card to be safe, but do you think they can still charge a new card?? I was too embarrassed to tell my bank I got scammed by a diet pill company. The company told me I will not be charged if I return the pills and they receive them within three weeks, but from reading the comments it looks like some people never even received them. I’m worried they’ll use this as an excuse to charge me and just say I never returned them. I can’t believe this sort of thing is allowed to happen, this company needs to be shut down! I’m never normally this susceptible but I read a fake Women’s Health review and stupidly didn’t check the web address. Argh! Definitely going to learn from this…

    1. Joy says:

      Hi Rebeka. Utterly sick that I fell for the scam and I have been billed for £84. However, PLEASE call your bank. I was embarrassed as well, but when I called my bank they did not make me feel in any way stupid (although I know I was). Although I cannot get this payment refunded, at least they were able to assure me that this lousy firm will not get any more unauthorised payments from me. Make the call to the bank, at least they may stop your concern that you will have further payments taken. Good luck.

  175. julia says:

    Hi i’m another fool who fell for the beyond rasperry and nutragreen coffee cleanse which appeared on my main news feed on facebook.As soon as i ordered the FREE TRIAL,i decided to look on the internet about this product and found this forum.So within an hour i’d followed advice from this forum and cancelled my bank card,although halifax say that they may still come for money and i would have to get in touch with them if this happens.I also phoned the 2 seperate numbers to cancel the products,to be connected to an automated line(american female) and was told i’d sucessfully cancelled at £38.71(which is twice to both companies).There was no option to speak to anyone so now im concerned that although i’ve cancelled within an hour and received emails to confirm this that im going to get wanged with a bill for £77.42 for something that hadn’t or couldn’t of possibly been posted on a sunday morning in less than 45 mins of cancelling.Only time will tell.I hope to be able to update to this comment soon.

    1. julia says:

      Just rang again and got through this time to an american guy called Norman,he said it had been cancelled at £38.71 twice.I said that i was not willing to pay this as i had cancelled within the hour of purchase.He said you agreed on the automated service to this payment in order to cancel.I said i just wanted to cancel and agreed to that to hear that i was going to get this charge for the inconvenience and that there was no option to speak to a live person.He then told me i would not have to pay for it and then i said thankyou,i have recorded this conversation to cover myself.he then said we also record conversations and i have to hang up on you now.so hell knows what that was all about,and god knows if they’re still going to come for the money!!!!

    2. suzanne says:


      Try either 0141 846 0059 or 0141 846 0141 both of these numbers go straight through to an operative!

  176. Ferny says:

    my mum ordered the raspberry ketone and green nutra coffee also and was billed like many other people here.
    We rang to try and get a refund when I tolf my mum it was a scam after looking it up on the internet as I remember looking at the same site a few weeks before my mum ordered it and when i saw that they wanted my bank details I was suspicious.
    But we rang anyway and my mum spoke to them at first (a man) who was VERY rude and very aggressive. My mum has high blood pressure and I could see it was stressing her out which ofcourse isnt good!
    When I spoke to him to prevent further stress to my mum, he was refusing to give us a refund and telling us that we could not return the products.
    He was shouting over us, and not letting us talk.

    It’s sad that so many people have fallen for the same trap, I really think this is a disgusting company.
    I’ve told my mum though that if a company asks for bank details – be suspicious of them and check the small print!

  177. Ann says:

    I have been scammed and its shocking! Ordered through a link on diet article named Raspberry Ketone Diet Exposed: Miracle Diet or Scam?
    By Julia Miller on March 27, 2013 ‘ aparently a ‘womens magazine’ article which I now realise this article is a scam in itself! pressed on the link for ‘beyond raspberry ketone’ and it was saying I could buy the tablets for £3.48 half price instead of the normal £6.95 cost, no mention of free trial or need to cancel within 14 days! no confirmation email, but didn’t realise this was a scam, as thought id paid for everything!
    Only noticed today 2nd aug, when checking credit card statement Ive been billed for £3.48 and also a whopping £84.95 15 days later! Ive not used any tablets so ive decided to return them recorded delivery today- with help with the address from posts on this forum=At cost fulfilment, Herkimer House, Mill Rd Ind.Est. Linlithgow EH49 7SF, Scotland . had phoned tel number of 0800 148 8243 to cancel any further payments but said I could not get a refund, confirmed they did not send a confirmation email on ordering, just a live confirmation! refused to give me a RMA code as I was out of 14 days they said even though ive never opened the bottle seal still intact. Said I would contact police and they replied saying they have better things to do! Not in my opinion they must be scamming millions from innocent people.
    I have contacted the action fraud team helpline on 0300 123 2040
    and reported to my credit card company who will investigate.
    Hope we can all get our money back….
    No idea of this auto enrolment, credit card company are going to investigate

  178. Jill says:

    Please make sure if you send pills back to send them recorded. I wasn’t advised to send it back with “tracking”, I would have done so because Id have remembered “tracking” as its not an English term!! However I just sent it back in the post as normal and because their receiving centre hasn’t received it and there is no tracking number to trace they have taken £84 out of my bank account. I called to ask why they stole money from me and they agreed a 50% refund there and then and said they will wait to see if their returns centre processes it and then I would get the other 50% back, which could take 30 days. I’d love to cancel my bank card but I don’t know if they refund would ever make it back to my account.
    So cross.

  179. Adele says:

    Ive too been scammed, at no point did I see any small print! They’ve took an extra £84.95 from my account leaving me overdrawn with bank charges, something needs to be done about this fraudulent company.

  180. Michelle says:

    Can anybody tell me if this company takes money even after the card a
    Has been cancelled with bank I didnt think anyone could as the card numbers have all changed

  181. Jennie R says:

    I’ve just been through the same thing after unauthorised payments of £42.47 & £69.95 taken from my bank account. Just had a protracted conversation with telesales person and her supervisor who insist I am not entitled to a refund because I didn’t cancel within the ’14 day trial period’. However, the additional payments were taken out AFTER the 14 day period so I was not aware I needed to cancel anything. They refused to refund and put the phone down on me. I will email BBC watchdog and suggest others do the same.

    1. Kirsten says:

      Jennie, I contacted my bank and explained what had happened, they told me that the company is well known to them and as I had not authorised the transaction I could get my money back through them. All I had to do was sign the paperwork they had sent to me and return it to them asap, and within 14 days the money was back in account. So contact the bank and dispute the transactions. I found my bank very helpful with this situation.

      1. Emily says:

        Can I ask what bank this was as mine have been very unhelpful and said that it is the customers responsibility to read all terms and conditions and will not refund the money.

  182. Kirsten Bruce says:

    What a scam, ordered a months free trial of both beyond raspberry ketone and nutra green coffee. Was only able to cancel contract on receipt of products,which I did immediately. looked at bank account today to see that nutra green coffee have taken £53.Called the customer line and requested a refund was told that I had not cancelled with them but with beyond raspberry ketone and they had already shipped the product so I was liable for the charges. I stated that I had cancelled with both companies not just one and had returned the free trial unopened on the 15th of july. Still will not refund anything to me, even with an RMA number.

  183. Claire Halliday says:

    What a rip off! Happened to me too! Can’t believe it! Ordered free trial and 14 days later 83.00 taken out of my account unauthorised! Contacted them and they put down the phone on me. Rang back and was told it wasn’t a free trial and that if I wanted full refund I had to send ‘free trial’ pills back!! I said that would take too long and that I needed the money back now. They then said that they would refund 25.00 without pills. After further disagreement, they agreed to refund 50.00 without pills. Still not happy but accepted as I felt at least it was something! So so angry at this company. Would do anything I could to put them out of business and stop them doing this to others!

  184. Emma says:

    I too have been scammed. Ring the tel number but do not rush to press 1 to cancel – like I did. You get in a loop where they do cancel your subscription but at the cost of £34 !!

    I have also now got major problems with my Hotmail account – which all started the same day I ordered – coincidence??

  185. Olivia says:

    Like Sara above said. There is an option to cancel online. However it says there is a cancellation fee of 39.95 which enables you to keep the product that was sent to you. You don’t have to cancel this way! If the website you are on is www. beyondrasberryketone. com you should click need more options and it will say that your account is cancelled and it will give you your RMA number that you need to return the package. After reading the problems people have had with this company I am skeptical to whether the automated subscription will really be cancelled so I will be calling my bank to tell them not to accept any charges made by the company.

  186. Alison says:

    This has happened to me also. I put order in for the free trial. only today I realised they had taken 2 payments 1 of £85 & another of £66. luckily i paid on credit card and bank say they will follow this up.

    1. Jennie says:

      Check out my mailing 25 July for my story and actions taken.

      Also see http://www.marketinglaw.co.uk/online-advertising/trial-offers-with-strings-irk-asa which shows complaints to Advertising Standards Authority. If you ring them and hold to speak to someone, mention Trading Standards and the ASA, I believe they will cancel without charge and (hopefully, return any additional fees taken).

      I hope this helps.

      Good luck

    2. alison williams says:

      i have also paid 64 pounds and 84 pounds with visa please could you tell me if your bank refunded you thankyou

  187. Sara says:

    Have cancelled today after getting order yesterday. Tried the link in the confirmation email which didn’t work but googled the web address and clicked on the link which did work. Had to clear my browser history to be able to cancel the second product but it did work eventually. Due to go away and I don’t have time to call them and try and cancel so have settled for the cancellation fee. I did revive a confirmation email for the cancellation so will see how much they take when I get back. Hope this helps.

  188. Jennie says:

    I have also been duped by these two companies into believing I had agreed to a special trial offer which could be cancelled without problem, within fourteen days but now find they want to charge almost £40 per product to cancel.

    I have been unable to contact them by phone and so have sent emails asking how they can possibly do this and confirming I wish to cancel.

    I have also reported the companies to The Office of Fair Trading (and advise everyone else to do similar so that they are aware if the scale of the problem). Their No is 08454 040506. They advised me to write another cancellation email stating that I wanted to cancel UNDER THE ORIGINAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, which did not include details of any cancellation charges.

    In addition, I have advised my credit card company, who have put a block on/cancelled the card so no further charges (other than the initial payments agreed) can be taken.

    The company is clearly operating a major scam and I imagine many people are too embarrassed to report them when they realise they’ve been conned and they are making a lot of money out of it. Like everybody else here, I feel a real idiot because I was duped, but these companies are very clever. Don’t let them get away with it. It might be too late for some of us, but if we all report their deceitful practises, they will be investigated and we might just be able to save someone else being conned out of their hard earned cash.

  189. jacqueline says:

    I have had the same issue. The (FREE Trial) payment was taken on 10th July but I didn’t receive my products until two days later. Then 84.95 payment came out of my account 11 days later and no further products were received. I cancelled that same day using the telephone automated 0800 number but the cancellation number was read out too quickly and I didnt manage to take it down correctly. So I sent a request via the site to ask for the payment to be put back into my account and after two days and no response I called again. I have been told this was non refundable and in the terms and conditions. A full blown arguement took place where I pointed out that a 14 day trial can only take place when you have had the product for 14 days and the advert is misleading. They refused to budge but rather than giving me the information I requested on how to cancel the nutra green coffee too, she then went on to try and sell me the raspberry keytone at a much reduced price!!! Really? Is there any way this can be taken any further?

  190. Paula says:

    I too have been a victim of this company, the link on the e mail they send you comes back with an error. I was told on the phone by a very arrogant male that the free trial started from the moment the order is placed and as I placed the order on the 1st July but did not received my package until 3 weeks later that was my own fault. How can a FREE trial start when you do not have any product, I never even got an invoice for my delivery. I have asked mt credit card company to look into this and stop any further transactions. I too feel like a fool scammed!

    1. Clarissa hand says:

      Iv Just cancelled my subscription after receiving the tablets today ! I placed the order three days ago but I’ve just cancelled due to everything Iv read on here!
      when I explained to the AMERICAN that How is it a free trial?? She replied with you have 14 days free trial until sept 7th!!!!
      To which I then said so you’re telling me I can use the products until then and then return what is left of the contents to you ?? I got told no I must return the bottle UNOPENED!!! I said how is it a free trial then?? what am I supposed to do just have it sittin on the side and jus look at the bottle?? To which the lady was quite rude obnoxious short tempered etc and just kept saying that I’m not listening to her and wanted to follow on with my RMA number.. This truly is a total disgrace I have paid £13 postage and packaging to just receive two bottles that I CAN’T EVEN OPEN and have to pay to send them back!!! I’m considering sending back to empty pots! As why should they continually get away with this disgusting stealing from innocent people!!!!

  191. Jasmin says:

    I have just been conned into this too! Ahhh I feel so stupid! I cant believe they advertise it as free but you have to pay to send the product back or pay £39 to cancel! Seeing as I stupidly just signed up to both products after reading what appeared to be a very legitimate article from the daily mail that would be nearly £80 to cancel plus the £8 postage I paid! How can they advertise this as a free trial?

  192. Carol says:

    PS: I have tried to email them several times with no success

  193. Carol Matthews says:

    I too have been caught out by this company.
    I did not read the small print and must have agreed to continued payments
    to this company each month without realising it.
    The bank will not stop the payments from my MasterCard.
    I will have to close it which will leave me without a card.
    Such a hassle.
    BEWARE of clever marketing!!

  194. sue causer says:

    I too, believe this is a scam, along with Nutra green coffee ! I had £85 taken out of my account recently, and spent 2/3hours phoning bogus numbers and “my easy cancel” website also appears bogus !! I did speak to my bank, who have re-imbersed my account, but did state that if this company (who-ever they are) challenge – my bank may have to debit my account again !

  195. Simone says:

    My only wish is that I seen this forum before being stupid enough to order these myself!! What a bloomin scam!! The 3 advisors iv spoken to this morning in trying to get my money back have been 1. Very rude 2. Very unhelpful 3. Ignorant due to not being able to navigate away from a script “I’m sorry but it is stated in terms and conditions”…………………. What bloody terms and conditions???? I wasn’t given any when ordering and only came across them today when having to research in to it after being £85 out of pocket! It’s false advertising when signing up for a 30 DAY FREE trial they take unauthorized money from you after 14 days??????

    What a scam!!! Please everyone be aware of this scam of a company and don’t hand over a penny! You will end up bitter and sheepish like me!! My blood is boiling!!

    Requested by citizens consumer advise (amazing people) I have personally made a formal statement against them to trading standards!!! Doubt it will make any difference because they seem to have t&c wrapped up in a pretty little bow but I couldn’t do nothing after feeling very vulnerable due to this company

    1. Kate says:

      Did you get an email? Read a post further down with this link: http://www.asa.org.uk/Rulings/Adjudications/2013/3/Beyond-Nutra-Ltd/SHP_ADJ_217447.aspx

      Their terms and conditions are flawed for some as for me, I never received an email from them. Some people have called the company again mentioning the ASA etc. and have been told they have got full refunds, whether they will or not…?

  196. Marion says:

    on 2nd July 2013 i also applied for a “Free Trial” of Beyond Raspberry Ketone and Nutra Green Coffee Bean dietary suppliments for weight loss-recommended to use together for maximum benefit. After arranging for the “free trial” delivery i was then notified of the excessive charges that would be taken monthly from my credit card that i had just paid the delivery charge with! i cancelled the agreement after recieving the items and trying them for 1 week – during which a gained 3 lbs !! however when trying to cancel i was told that i had to return the goods at my expense before the 1st August or my card would still be charged! so you are not permitted to even try the product for the first month even if you wanted to.
    when i wanted to cancel i could not find any contact info but i had fortunately written down the links. these are “myeasycancel.com/BeyondRaspberryKetone/index.php” and “www.myeasycancel.com/NutraGreenCoffee/index.php” i hope this helps others. Bear in mind that on these link sites i was still told to return the item within 1 month of the order date or i would still be charged!
    I sent them the letter copied out below using the address they gave me to return the products to: ( i have yet to find out if they succeed in getting money from my credit card company.)
    Herkimer House My address here
    Mill Road Industrial Estate 19th July 2013
    EH49 7SF
    Re: RMA no.84276419434 also RMA no.84275419496
    Nutra Green Coffee Bean Beyond Raspberry Ketone

    Goods ordered on 02 July 2013. Agreement cancelled on 11th July 2013.

    Regarding the two codes above I was going to return these products to you however, you will not cover the postage costs and they were sent to me as a “Free Trial”. Therefore, in deciding not to continue using the product I find that as it was sent under a free trial offer I do not need to return the product.
    Having used the product for 1 week I find that I did not lose any weight, in fact I gained 3lb.and this was during a heat-wave when I was eating less anyway. The ingredients of these two products are nothing more than laxative ingredients – very expensive laxatives!!

    The advert for the goods said nothing about the extortionate cost of them, or the automatic recurring credit card debit to be taken monthly, this information was given AFTER the order was placed for the “Free Trial”. Also, you advertise a “Free Trial” of 1 months supply, yet the order has to be cancelled within 14 days if the customer is not satisfied – this is obviously a SCAM.
    Also when I requested to cancel the agreement you expected me to return the goods (thus again not allowing for the free trial to actually take place!) and stated that I would be charged for them if they are not received by 1st August. Also you will not cover the postage, so I will not be returning the goods unless you send me a pre-paid label. If I do not receive this within 14 days I will dispose of the products myself.
    Below is the link that I clicked to receive my “Free Trial” of both products so you cannot deny that it stated it was a FREE TRIAL.

    Click Here To Get A Free Trial Of Beyond Raspberry Ketone
    Use Our Exclusive Link and Get Shipping Reduced to £4.95!
    Click Here To Get A Free Trial Of Green Coffee Cleanse
    Use Our Exclusive Link and Get Shipping Reduced to £4.95!
    The free trial offers end on Tuesday, 2 July 2013, so be sure to act now!
    Promo Ends: Tuesday, 2 July 2013. Get your free trials now to avoid disappointment!

    My Credit Card company have been instructed to refuse any requests for payment from you as our so called “agreement” was cancelled on 11th July 2013.


  197. Zoe says:

    I fell for this too but hopefully have got away with only losing £3.48 postage !!
    I saw the link on facebook and as it was a channel 4 page i thought it would be ok !! I registered for the raspberry ketone but before i registered for the green coffee i had a strange feeling and investigated a bit more. i then found this page and my heart sank !! I phoned them on 08001488243 and cancelled my subsription (DO NOT PRESS OPTION 1 TO CANCEL AS U WILL BE CHARGED, i had already read about this on this forum so waited on the line, it gives u the option to press 1 to cancel twice but if u stay on line the next option is to press 0 to speak to someone) I was told that they could not stop the order as it had already left !!! 1/2 hour since is registered !!!! But they did cancel my subscription there and then and said i would have to post the tablets back to them. I then also cancelled it on line using the my easy cancel webpage !! I also phoned my credit card company and was told they could not block them from taking more money, but if they did they would pass it onto the fraud department as long as i had proof that i cancelled my subscription within 14 days. unfortunatly i had recieved no email to say that my subscription had been cancelled !! I phoned them back and they said it takes 24 – 48 hours to recieve a confirmation of cancellation email !! Here’s what i did next:
    1) i photographed the screen showing i had cancelled my account on the my easy cancel webpage, this also showed the date in the corner of the screen so as there can be no arguement that i cancelled within 14 days.
    2) I used the voice recorder on my mobile phone and used my house phone on loud speaker to record the phonecall to the company so i had verbal proof that my account has been cancelled. i also confirmed several times during this conversation that they would be taking no more than £3.48 off my credit card. I asked for the RMA number so as i can track the tablets back to them when they arrive and they confirmed the address that i need to send them back to.
    3) I emailed them at support@beyondraspberryketone.com stating very clearly the date i registered and that i cancelled half an hour later, i attached the screen photo confirming i have proof that i canclled within 14 days and i informed them that i recorded the conversation stating i have cancelled and that they will not take anymore money.
    I’m hoping this works, but if not i am armed with enough proff to get my money back. i just hope i get the confirmation of cancellation email and that the tablets actually arrive because if they dont arrive they may still charge me. They said the tablets usually take 2/3 days to arrive so i will defo be able to return them within the 14 day timeframe !! If they dont arrive i am seriously thinking of closing my credit card down so as they cant take any more money !! I will keep you informed as to what happens but fingers crossed ive caught it in time !!!

    1. zoe says:

      Also remember to ask for the callers name and only phone in the morning or early afternoon if phoning from UK cus if you phone later u will get their night staff who cannot speak English! Phoning in the morning u will speak to an American !

    2. Pemma says:

      i also emailed them on the address above, the email bounced back after a few days.. keep checking your emails and try the link ‘easy cancel raspberry ketone’

    3. Nerissa says:

      customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com This is the Most recent email address, I recieved an email from them today confirming that my order has been cancelled… did they take any more money from you Zoe

  198. David Drury says:

    I signed (perhaps that should read – singed) for the trial offer and then saw a debit from my account for £84.95 fifteen days later. I rang the company, 0800 157 7409, and had a really grumpy guy on the other end who told me there was nothing I could do as I had not cancelled the trial. What trial??!!
    I then rang my bank, Halifax, and they told me this company was well known to them for pulling this SCAM. I was then told what to do and phoned Keytone back and got an RMA number and an address to return the product when it arrives.

    The woman at Keytone started by offering me a 50% refund, upped it to 60% and then agreed the full amount.

    After all this I telephoned a friend who works in the NHS and told her to put out a round robin circular to all her colleagues.

    I am now going to write to Women’s Health and the Daily Mail to tell them they are promoting a bunch of shysters.

    And the product doesn’t work. Simply increases your toilet visits.

  199. Katie says:

    I fell for it too they took out $159 and I just wanted the free trial!
    Has anybody got any money back for this scam? I called the number the bank gave me and there customer service was closed at 5! Ugh this just irks me I hope I get my
    money back!

  200. Kathryn says:

    I fell for this too!! I came across this link when googling them and I’m 10 days into the trial. I called up and got through to an American guy who luckily for me was v nice and cancelled straight away, I’ve just received confirmation of cancellation and no further charges! Phew. I guess its because i was still in the trial period. So you’ve all helped another person not get charged the monthly subscription. Thanks guys

  201. YN says:

    Just Come off the phone with them, insisting on terms and conditions and no money back garantee. Basically it wasn’t a free trial .Scam company, don’t be fool ! £140 has been taken from my bank card from this so called freetrial. Urrrrrrr!

  202. Lee says:

    Absolute scam. I have just come off the phone with them and they are a joke. spout on about the terms and conditions and how they have no money back guarantee. Dont order as nothing is free

    1. Lee says:

      Just had to cancel my bank card to make sure they take no more money. Real scam. Is there anywhere else I need to comment to make ‘fools like me’ aware of this.

  203. Lisa says:

    I have literally just received a call from 0800 148 8243, presumably because I was about to sign up for the free trial but on reading the T&C’s before confirming, I saw that if no cancellation is received within 14 days my debit card will be debited £84 each month. I didn’t sign up for the free trial and have already received an email from them so despite not placing an order my data was captured anyway. Another number to add to the reject list and I’ll purchase if and when I want to.

  204. Leanne says:

    I just ordered the free trial and then read these reviews. I called my credit card company straight away and have told them that my card was stolen. That card is now blocked so the merchant cannot take a payment from me. I haven’t even paid for the shipping of the free trial pills yet! What a lucky escape I think! So sorry to all of you who have been caught out like me! xxx

  205. michelle says:

    i have just got back from my holiday to open my bank statement and raspberry ketone and green coffee have taken out £84.99 and £69.95 when i only agreed to a “free trial” i am a stay at home mum and cant afford this amount, i have been on the phone to my bank and the company to no avail i cant get my money back i am so mad and disappointed, i found the advert on facebook!! is there anything i can do?

  206. Karen says:

    I can’t believe it, I’ve just ordered the raspberry keytone and now come across this blog. Tried to use the cancellation link and of course it came up error! I will ring my bank in the morning so fingers crossed. Think the channel 4 thing is a scam as I’ve now spotted a similar thing by woman and home and daily mail with almost the exact wording. I should have known the only way to lose weight is diet n excercise!

  207. Rachel says:

    I just wanted to know if any of you ladies had considered getting these products through more reputable companies such as ‘Amazon.co.uk’ and not on the free trial site? They are being advertised at £12.99 for 60 tablets etc and wondered if anyone has ordered this way, paid for it and been OK?

  208. ursula says:

    i had one pack of rasberry and one coffee, didnt see small print telling me they were going to take 84.95 and 69.95 each month , so got my bank to get money back, just checked and another 84.95 out, bank is dealing with it, so i phoned the number someone put on here and told them to cancell it also got them to say no more money out of my bank, ,fingers crossed next month

  209. Jade says:


    I went on the site to order my free trial BEFORE reading these comments. When I put in my payment details, the page refreshed and up came the payment screen again but with a red message above where you put in your details saying ‘invalid phone number (null value) found’. None of my details were there when the page refreshed, and i was NOT taken to any confirmation page and saw no confirmation message, just a red sentence that I’m assuming suggests my payment hasn’t gone through? Can anyone confirm this?! Has this happened to anyone and the payment has still been taken out?

    1. Jade says:

      Also, the end of the red message said ‘please try again’ this MUST mean my payment hasn’t gone through?! I just don’t want any nasty surprises as I did put in my card details.

    2. ursula says:

      make sure you cancell before they take money out of your bank,

  210. Jane says:

    After making an order for the BRK and the NGC at 09:05 US time, I cancelled the order online at 09:59 US time then sent an email stating I did not want to be enrolled onto the auto-subscription and that I did not want to receive any products.
    However, what did I receive in the post today, the Raspberry Ketone, I’m completely outraged. I rang up customer services and they said I have to send it back before July 30th otherwise I will be charged. I can’t believe it, now I have to pay more money to send something back that I didn’t want and told them not to send me it.
    I’m so glad I cancelled my debit card after I cancelled my order, hopefully they won’t be able to take my money!!!

    1. Jane says:

      Now I have been sent both products even though I cancelled my order and I have spoke to my bank and even though I cancelled my debit card apparently they can still take money from my bank account by using the cancelled card and the bank (RBS) cannot stop them from doing so but they can get my money back, which will be really annoying but hopefully it won’t come to that because I will send both products back unused.

  211. Carina says:

    Maybe we should start a Facebook page about this? Enough facebook attention usually gets newspapers and tv shows like This Morning and Daybreak (GMTV) more interested??

    1. michelle says:

      it really needs to be put out there, the numbers are mounting up of people getting done over with this site

  212. Alice w turner says:

    Please please do NOT and I repeat order the free trial, I did that a few days ago and this mng they took £84 from my account, now am overdrawn and when I rang them no one had a clue on how to help and idiot even asked how to spell Alice, am furious, it’s just a big CON

  213. Terry says:

    Hi fellow mugs! I have been relieved of two lots of £84.95 + original trial price! I too thought the 14 day trial was for 14 days and not less so then got charged first £84.95 on 10/6/2013 but stupidly thought it would be for a year’s worth of pills! No pills have arrived so I was just about to contact company when I found the second lot of £84.95 had been stolen today 9/7/2013! Immediately contacted bank who have stopped everything so no more can be taken and I am to be contacted by the bank fraud squad tomorrow. When I sent an email to the company demanding an explanation I received two emails – the first at 19.57pm thanking me for cancelling my order! which I never did – and the second at 19.58 saying they could not do anything about my complaint because I had already cancelled! Total lies all of it. Will take it up with card company and Watchdog and anybody else I can thing of to try and get my money back – fat chance – but must make the effort – can’t afford to lose this sort of money. Pity we can’t start a class action against the b—–ds and take THEM to the cleaners! Brace up girls we might get lucky!

  214. Jane says:

    After reading the channel 4 article I decided to place an order for the free trials earlier today. Then I read all these reviews and I am very worried. I went online and cancelled my accounts, sent emails to both companies stating I do not want to receive any product and I have cancelled my debit card. I paid the P+P but will I occur any further charges?! What will happen to me?!

  215. Keel says:

    I had a similar problem with another diet supplement. They continued to take smaller amounts from my bank account which I didn’t notice at first. After calling and emailing 3 or 4 times I eventually had to call my bank to cancel my card as they kept putting through a new payment each month. It took more than 6 months to get this sorted. Cancel your bank card now or they could keep taking your money!

    1. Linda says:

      My bank have told me that cancelling my card wouldn’t make any difference and they could still make withdrawals because there would be links to my old card!! So I’ve been told to monitor it and they will monitor my account too. It’s despicable.

      1. Jane says:

        Which bank told you that cancelling your card wouldn’t make a difference?!

  216. Carina says:

    I am SO FURIOUS with myself for falling for this scam, I signed up for the ’14 day trial’ today and I’ve just found this website. I never fall for things like this but they used Channel 4 in an advert through facebook saying a staff member for channel 4 opted to be a ‘guinea pig’ they are completely FRAUDULENT! I called them immediately after reading this blog and told them my bank had called me warning me it was a scam service! I told them I did not want EITHER product posting out to me and the horrible smarmy woman on the call said they had already been posted when the order was processed little more than an hour before! First she said if I send the product back I will not be charged £30 odd cancellation fee and then 5 minutes later said I would be charged regardless if I send them back or not! As it is not 10.45pm I can not call my bank to cancel any transaction until the morning but I will be telling them I was conned into giving my bank details over and that they fraudulently advertised the product using largely recognised names! I also am going to try getting in touch with channel 4 and letting them know that this company is advertising on their behalf with what I imagine is without their knowledge. I want to get this story on the news, in the papers and anywhere else to stop other people falling for this trap! Who is with me??

    1. Carina says:

      I have this morning spoken to my bank Yorkshire bank who have cancelled my card and are sending out a new one! I did use my mother’s bank as well which is the one getting the charges and they said I couldn’t stop the transaction without a fax from the company, they could stop future payments but not pending ones. I then called Nutra Green back (knowing it was Raspberry Ketone taking the payment) and the woman I spoke to was absolutely wonderful, not like the retched woman on the Raspberry Ketone line, she was actually very helpful, supportive and friendly. She has raised the issue with her head office, as I cancelled the product same day as purchase I should get the cancellation fee of £38 revoked as I will not receive any product and that charge is there in order for me not to have to send the product back. so I should expect contact within 3-5 business days from them, if I don’t hear anything that is a good thing! I plan to contact my Mums bank daily in order to ensure the payment is stopped and no further payments are taken.

      My advice for anybody who does fall for this awful scam, FIRST contact your bank and tell you believe there is fraudulent activity on your account, that you clicked an advert online and then received an email stating your order was processed, say you did NOT authorise any payment. Request your card be cancelled and a new one sent out, if payments are already processing and the bank states you need a fax from the company stopping the transaction then call NUTRA GREEN on 0800 157 7409 don’t bother with Raspberry Ketone everybody I spoke to there was argumentative and unhelpful. Nutra Green can assist you with Raspberry Ketone orders aswell. State that you wish to cancel your order and do not wish to receive the full trial. If you have ordered the same day as CALLING to cancel then you should not receive any cancellation charged. DO NOT cancel online as you will receive a £38 cancellation fee regardless and then you will have to follow the steps I took, I really hope this helps everyone who happens to fall into this devious trap, good luck guys xx

    2. Linda says:

      Everyone needs to call Action Fraud to report this. I contacted This Morning and BBC Watchdog and so far they don’t seem interested, but I have contacted Action Fraud and got a crime number and also Trading Standards. This company need to be stopped. My bank seem to think despite UK regulations about making advertising clear and them breaking the regulations, that I wouldn’t win if I were to take it up with the credit card company. It’s totally immoral. I’ve done what I can.

  217. Claire says:

    The word FOOL springs to mind as I have also signed up for a “free” trial today.

    I can’t believe this has been going on for over 6 months! I rang my bank and asked them to cancel my credit card. This should have been my first alarm bell as I thought – “put it on the credit card as im covered…just in case” I have also emailed Beyond Raspberry Ketone and also the Nutra Green Coffee to say DO NOT post out these pills to me. And I have cancelled the account with them both too.

    Watch this space.

    I’ll be purchasing weight loss pills over the counter from now on!

  218. Linda Turner says:

    I’ve been scammed as well. I’m absolutley livid. I received an advertised FREE sample from a link on Facebook to this company. They later took without my permission £69.95 and £84.95 out of my account without my permission. No terms and conditions came up on screen and to all intents and purposes looked free and thought nothing more of it. Came out of hospital after a having a hysterectomy and removal of possible cancerous cyst. Looked at my online bank statement a little while later when feeling a bit more human to be shocked to see these large amounts of money taken out of my account. I phoned the number on the dispatch note. Had a blazing row with this obnoxious American woman who was talking over me all the time. They won’t refund my money and all I have are these 2 small bottles, one of Raspberry Ketone, 1 Nutra Green Coffee UNOPENED and they won’t take it back either. So I’ve baid £150 ish for 2 items that are never in a million years worth £150! I’ve reported them to Action Fraud and Trading Standards and I would urge everyone else to do the same. I haven’t got money to burn! So angry.

    1. ursula says:

      get your bank to get refund i did

    2. Patricia Wilson says:

      Your bank will refund you under the fraudulent terms of the bank. Mine told me this; Barclays. Hope this helps.

  219. Lorna says:

    I have gotten scammed as well! bought the 1 month FREE trail for the raspberry ketone and coffee cleanse. The automated service took £30 from me straight away for selecting that I wanted to cancel. Then spoke to a less than helpful customer service adviser who got angry with me for not being able to understand this thick accent. He told me it was my own fault for choosing the automated service (how the hell am I supposed to know they are money grabbing *****) Which didnt give me the option to speak to anybody. He then gave me the address over the phone (wrongly about 3 times) for me to send the green coffee back otherwise they would charge me an extortinate amount too!!!! I’m fuming to say the least!!!

  220. sam says:

    hi i know the free trial is a scam but does anybody know if the rasberry ketone and coffee cleanse actually work and is it genuine im a bit unsure wheather or not to take them now

    1. ursula says:

      dont do it read all on this page

  221. Mary says:

    And also the 0800 numbers they gave is not working

  222. Mary says:

    Oh My Days, I thought I’m the only one. I am so angry to see my bank account has been debited, they took the shipping money on the 1st of July and another £136.94 on the 2nd July 2013.

    Arghh! please help.

  223. Nora says:

    Hi all. is this the anonymous-lackwits? Oh good.. I´m in the right place then. -I am feeling pretty powerless reading this thread as my story is same as stated by 158 other people before me. I am feeling physically ill knowing how long this company has been allowed to be doing this.. how is it possible?? Is this legal?? In that case we should ´make robberies legal too as I dont see any difference.

  224. Chris says:

    I started to order then stopped last minute after finding this thread. I then received an email saying reduced P+P at 95p. I thought why not and ordered, but Im going to play them at their own game. I’ve ordered the months trail and I’m going to report my card lost tomorrow. When they go for payment it will be refused as card will be blocked and keep the whole months tablets and be skinny as f***. Hahahahaha

    1. friendly consumer says:

      Ummmm.. regardless if you report one card stolen, the bank will honor all recurring online charges to an account for 30 days. so you need to call up CS and get return instructions or you wil be charged, sorry to tell you. 🙂

      1. ''not so friendly consumer'' says:

        Bet you work for them

    2. Patricia Wilson says:

      Did it work? I too fell for the advert, but something told me to read the offer conditions. I emailed cancellation within the 14 days and cancelled my debit card. So, do I get to keep the free pills? I emailed the company but as yet have had no reply.

  225. Amie says:

    Seems like I am one of the many “suckers” that got roped into the FREE trial of these tablets (beyond Rasberry keytone), I have phoned immediately when I received the tablets through the post and assumed I would be charged for postage and that was it. Looked at my bank statement this morning and was horrified to see that they taken it upon themselves to take £38 out of my account for a blimming “free” tub of toot that probably does not even work…… I am going to my Bank to disallow any further payments to them, but this was extremely misleading, what a farce!!!! They should be SHUT DOWN, money grabbing thieves. When you are just looking for a way to lose your Mummy Tummy and that flags up, it is abusing the fact that we all have a family to care and provide for and taking large chunks of cash from us will cripple them in the long run as I for certain will spread the word far and wide about this damn right unfair company!!

  226. Lisa says:

    We called the company in question at 11:00am on a Sunday morning on the UK free phone number (0800 157 7409) and got through pretty easily (diverted to USA).
    Got RMA numbers for both products after a brief chat where she tried to extend our trial period, all i can say is ”be firm stick to your guns” don’t accept this.
    She said no further money other than the postage will be taken and the products need to be returned to the address in Edinburgh.
    I have also canceled my card after a chat with the bank just as a precaution.
    The postage was taken in 3 transactions which both myself and the bank thought strange. The banks fraud dept, are going to monitor the account for the next 14 days to see if further transactions are attempted and prevent, as well as monitor for further cases.

  227. Caroline says:

    Thank you so much for the advise on here – I got my pills this morning and thought I would double check the reviews and I had not seen this page before. I called to cancel my pills and got an automated message which said I will be charged £38.00 for cancelling. I called my credit card company and they have blocked any further payments for beyond-raspberry-ketone and the green coffee cleanse. I feel such a fool. Not sure what to do with the pills now tho. Has anyone been contacted to send them back after cancelling?

    1. Katie says:

      how long did your pills take to arrive? in the T+C’s or easycancel webpage (which i have studied now!) it says that if you do the cancellation fee then you can keep whatever they’ve sent

  228. Mel says:

    Another mug – it seems different prices are being charged for both products! I rang the numbers Sarah gave (0800 148 8243 and 0800 157 7409) and got an automated service on a crackly line which said to press 1 to cancel. Apparently, both have now been cancelled and I got a (really fast!) cancellation number. Have also addressed the matter with my credit card company who have reimbursed my money and put a block on future payments if they crop up. Am keeping my fingers crossed but am still wary…

  229. SP says:

    I’ve fallen for this scam too after reading the C4 article. Having placed my order for both products I immediately phoned my bank and blocked my card, they have reassured me that no further payment can be taken from my account once the card has been blocked. I called the 0800 number within 10 minutes of placing my order telling them my card had been used fraudulently and they immediately cancelled both orders and my account. This appeared to be the easy way of cancelling the order with no further money being taken.

  230. Sarah says:

    I’m a very cautious person usually but after doing a lot of research (although clearly not enough), I was convinced I should try the Raspberry Ketone and Nutra Green Coffee. I read the terms and conditions on payment and it states that, after 14 days, your card will be charged with the full amount of the products. After doing some snooping, I found this thread and immediately started panicking. I phoned up this evening (Nutra Green Coffee 0800 157 7409 and Raspberry Ketone 0800 148 8243) to cancel my subscription – you have to phone them separately. Having told each of them I wasn’t benefitting from the pills, both ladies tried to convince me to keep going by offering to extend my free trial, give me 50% off all products etc but I insisted I wanted to cancel. The RK lady was helpful (if not annoyingly chipper) and gave me the address to send the product back to and the RMA number to write on the front of the envelope and send recorded delivery. The NGC lady was equally helpful and told me I didn’t need to send the coffee pill back as I had cancelled within a good amount of time and won’t be charged for the product. I am not convinced this is the case judging by the above comments but I am going to my bank tomorrow to explain what’s going on. I have taken the names of both women I spoke to along with the date and time of the phonecalls. I will keep an eye on my bank account in the next few days and see what happens.

    Sorry for the lengthy post but I wanted to share my experience with this company. They are, indeed, sneaky.

  231. Holly says:

    does anyone have the postal code for where we have to return as im not sure i heard the lady on the phone correct

    1. Sarah says:

      The one I’ve got is:
      EH49 7SF

      Hope this helps.

    2. Linda Turner says:

      You’ll be lucky to get any money back. They won’t hear of me sending my 2 supposedly FREE bottles back and refunding my £150. I feel so stupid and angry about it. They shouldn’t be able to get away with this. I would urge everyone to call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 so that they can be investigated and hopefully shut down.

  232. Holly says:

    i have too been tricked into this “free trial” rubbish. i contacted my bank and they dealt with my situation and cancelled any further money exiting my account, I rung the raspberry ketone customer care and the lady was really unhelpful and just kept saying okay, finally got my RMA number and the returns address, the lady who i spoke to cancelling my coffee cleanse was much politer and far nicer to talk to. fingers crossed now no money will be taken.

  233. Beccie says:

    I was also shocked to see £84.95 taking out our account a few days ago but so glad i found this page last night as we went straight to the bank this morning (Barclays) with advice that we had picked up from many helpful people that had posted on here so many thanks, Our bank was/is fully aware of this latest scam and are sending us a form to sign and return then our money will be refunded back into our account asap,

  234. Sarah says:

    Just to let you know I too, stupidly ordered the free trial and one for Nutra Green Coffee Plus Cleanse through what I thought was a genuine article in Women’s Health online recommending it. I was already suspicious after ordering as I belatedly discovered the article was a cut and paste job not the real website! I have rung my credit card to try and stop any continuous payments coming out and been told that they can’t do this. Apparently I have to let the first continuous payment come out, assuming I haven’t been able to cancel it with the company, and then raise it as a dispute. This will stop future payments but I may or may not have to pay the first payments! Apparently they have no system to note down that the payments are not to start until the first one has started!! I have also been told canceling the card will not solve this problem as continuous payments are likely to continue.
    So far I have only received an email confirming the one p&p for the cleanse but my credit card said both p&p payments are in the authorisation process, but as these are not the continuous payments they can’t cancel it from these.
    I have tried the number on the email, engaged, and the cancellation webline, page not recognised. I am very concerned and very cross with myself for being so gullible!

    1. Tracey Coulson says:

      Hi Sarah.
      I’ve done the same as you I’m usually very cautious and the advert looked so believable it was only when I went back to reread it that the original advert had gone that I found this link I’m horrified at the posts and now waiting to call my card company I like others cannot afford to loose money like this I’m so mad with myself for falling foul to this advert through Facebook I’m so desperate to loose weight for my operation that I succumbed to the advert in the first place so angry that they can do this

  235. Jay says:

    I too was fooled! I never buy on-line and cannot believe that I fell for it. It was definitely because of Channel 4’s recommendation. I cancelled my card the same day as ordering because something did not feel right. I also did not see any t & c. According to my bank, who I contacted today, only the £3.48 p&p has been taken out of my account but after reading the comments on this page I am worried that the scamsters will trace my new card details. I phoned the American phone number to cancel my account and an abrupt girl said that the computers were down and to phone later. I phoned again and a pleasant woman named Diane tried all the tricks mentioned in the above emails: discounts etc. to make me buy the pills but I said no and she did give me the address and RMA number, so I will return them on Monday (at my expense). I have read the comments on this page and cannot believe so many people have been conned, and the company is still in operation. Why is nothing being done to stop it from happening again?

  236. Karen says:

    Just read the Channel 4 blurb about these pills and thought ‘sounds good & legit’ ordered trial p&p only charge £3 odd. Got e-mail conf for p&p only. Then found this page! Phoned them straight up and they cancelled the whole thing there and then, just received 2 e-mails confirming every thing had been cancelled……lets see!

  237. Sam says:

    I did not enter my details online because I read the terms and cons and saw the £84 charge and I wasn’t happy with how it was worded. Then I had a call from thier customer services and the man on the phone told me that he could send me out the free trial for a total of £1.90 I questioned the charge of £84 and he told me that as long as I cancelled my subscription on or before 2nd July then I would be charged no more money. So I went ahead and like the rest of you have fallen for this massive scam. I read up on this site after someone telling me they did the same thing and I rang the customer services of beyond raspberry ketones straight away to cancel. The man on the phone was rude and abrupt with me. He told me it was in the terms and conditions I accepted. However when I told him I didn’t enter into this online and it was over phone and what I was told he didn’t care. I canceled my subscription but like the rest of you I was offered 25% then 50% off the £84 as apparently the trial is free not the product so I was now asked to post the product back to them again at my cost. I was not happy with this at all. Why should I have to send something back I was sent and informed was free to me and again pay out more money to send it back. I told them I was going to watch dog and I was going to report them and being fraud and a scam to which the man just gave me a mouthful and I told them I would take them to court if they took any money out of my account without my permission. I was then hung up on. I then rang my bank straight away and they have cancelled my card with immediate effect and will be sending me out a new one so the company should never be able to take any money off me. I have reported the company as fraudulent due to the fact I never accepted any terms and conditions as the transaction was all done over the phone and I was given misleading information. I asked the company if they recorded their phone calls so my call could be listened to to prove that I was given misleading information and I was never given an answer the subject was changed and the man went on and on about how they are covered by thier terms and conditions. I have definitely learnt my lesson and will never be doing anything like this again. Please readers do not fall in to the same trap as I and many others have done with this company and I am sure there are many others doing the same.
    Shame on channel 4 aswell for their advertisement!

  238. lizzie says:

    I put a post on here months ago about how to get your money refunded. If you paid by visa debit or visa credit you ring your bank and ask for a chargeback form you fill it in saying you have not received the product and it is a scam and that the company do not answer calls the money will be put back to your account. The company do not track parcels so they can not say you have it. Do not be fobbed off by your bank you are within your rights stick with it you will get your money back.

  239. Rachel says:

    this is a scam, wish i had known about this website before i ordered!! threaten trading standards and you will get a full refund. be persistent dont back down, the second i said trading standards the advisor said “you just said the magic word” and agreed a full refund. what an awful company!

  240. kay says:

    And yet another one that has been fooled and taken for a mug im livid at this company, ive found out when i looked on my bank they had taken two payments, one for £69.95 and another for £84.95 and yet again i did not see any terms and conditions. I asked them to send me a copy of terms and conditions and he said that he could not!!!!! surely there is some way to stop this company from doing this to people!!!!!!! As far as im concerned its fraud and is that not a crime??????

  241. Natasha says:

    I’ve just fell for this but straight after read this page. I was fuming I rand the number on the first comment, I pressed one to cancel and then was told I would be charged £39 today cancelation fee I checked my bank and sure enough they had? This made me even more angry! After 10 attempts of ringing back to customer services I finally got through to a lady who just spoke really slow confirming what I’d done at this point I was boiling and demanded to speak to someone in charge, after bring on hold for 20 mins a man came on the phone I told him I was raising a despute with my bank for unauthorised payment and had been to watchdog he continued to tell me there was nothing he could do, but I insisted there was to which he replied he could refund £19 which I immediately didn’t accept. He then proceeded to pretend that he had spoken to his technical team and they refunded the whole amount I also asked for an email as confirmation 🙂 don’t let them tell you no! They know exactly what there doing. He told me he had never refunded money before like he was doing me a favour!!

  242. Lucy says:

    Can believe it I’ve fallen for it too!! Absolute joke, I’ve contacted both of them and obtained rma numbers for both and sending back Tomo!! Apparently nothing else will be leaving my back but I’ve contacted my back to stop any further payments too, is there anything else I should be doing???

    1. Natasha says:

      . I was fuming I rand the number on the first comment, I pressed one to cancel and then was told I would be charged £39 today cancelation fee I checked my bank and sure enough they had? This made me even more angry! After 10 attempts of ringing back to customer services I finally got through to a lady who just spoke really slow confirming what I’d done at this point I was boiling and demanded to speak to someone in charge, after bring on hold for 20 mins a man came on the phone I told him I was raising a despute with my bank for unauthorised payment and had been to watchdog he continued to tell me there was nothing he could do, but I insisted there was to which he replied he could refund £19 which I immediately didn’t accept. He then proceeded to pretend that he had spoken to his technical team and they refunded the whole amount I also asked for an email as confirmation 🙂 don’t let them tell you no! They know exactly what there doing. He told me he had never refunded money before like he was doing me a favour!!

  243. Claire Butters says:

    I cannot believe I have fallen into this trap too!! Surely something can be done!? I am outwith the 14 day trial period and £84.95 has been deducted from my account. It is so misleading and this type of marketing should be illegal. I ordered the Green Coffee Bean capsules too but the charge has not been implemented as I was within the 14 days for cancelling this and will need to send the item back. I spoke with the American lady too. She was very ‘cagey’ and was not giving anything away when I asked questions. She did say she was in America and when I asked if there were contact details for the Linlithgow distribution company she was silent, then said no. It really is awful and I hope they get their comeuppance…

  244. Emma says:

    I stupidly fell for it aswell, thought after i had done it that it was a stupid move then read aload of complaints, paniced and cancelled my card then phoned to cancel my order.. in a panic on the phone that i had been so stupid i accidentally clicked to keep the pills for a charge of £38.71 so now i am stuck with pills that i dont like that cost me money i just dont have! fell bad for you guys that got the massive charges, wont be so nieve next time i see something online, feel ashamed!

  245. Kayleigh-Mae says:

    After reading this I have just contacted my bank to stop all payments from these companies. So far I have only been charged for the p+p. If you call your bank and ask them to cancel before any money is taken the bank will refund you the amount.
    I’m so glad I found this page before any money was taken.

  246. Abi says:

    Today I ordered the Beyond Raspberry Ketone and Nutra Green Coffee on the ‘free trial’ it then charged me for P&P which I thought was fair enough. So I entered my card details and continued on till my order was complete. I was getting quite excited to receive my order and thought I would do some more research on the pills to make sure I was taking the pills right when I receive them. And boyy am I happy I decided to look into it more. I read on a website not to buy any of the pills on ‘free trial’ as they do not have the right supplements in and are nock off’s of the real ones. So automatically I was worried because I’d already orders mine from beyond which were offering me a free trial. So then I googled reviews on beyond raspberry ketone and I’ve seen all these bad reports. I instantly picked the phone up and called to cancel my order. I cannot justify £80 being taken out my bank account without any knowledge of this and feel very very annoyed that I have been mislead. When I called to cancel they were very much trying to persuade me to not cancel and obviously I wasn’t listening to them, so they got very moody and impatient with me! At the end I said I would like an email confirming my cancellation, so I have it in writing as proof. They said that was ok. So I ended the conversation very politely on my part and they ended theirs by hanging up on me!! I am going to order some more but I am going to do it properly as the saying “you get what U pay for” is very true. I will just do a lt more research on the company BEFORE I purchase anything this time instead of doing my research afterwards. People get carried away when they think something is near enough for free. But it’s right that nothing in life is really for free.

    1. Kerrie says:

      U can buy them from holland an Barrett for £10

    2. Lesley says:

      Remember, they conned people by saying it was a free trial. That would usually mean, if you tried them and liked them, you would buy more of the product. this is why it seemed like a genuine offer.
      Be careful with this product if you plan to buy on-line because I have noticed that other companies also have the same ‘before and after’ photographs. Does this mean that they too are a branch of whoever ‘beyond’ may be – as they do not have any contact addresses, only call centres and PO box addresses or the UK distribution address in Linlithgow.
      It does spoil things for genuine companies.
      It would be interesting to hear if any other people managed to get full refunds and if they did, then no-one should settle for any less.

  247. Kali says:

    I have just been conned by this company.
    I found the link on my FB page and trusted it because it was a C4 reports. I started to become suspicious when exactly the same article kept appearing but with different diet pills. By then I had already placed my order.
    I tried to cancel today but said I would be charged, I managed to get my RMA number for raspberry ketone but not the coffee cleanse. I phoned customer service, which I was spoken to in a horrible manner. She finally gave me a number which was made up. I figured out because it had too many digits unlike the BRK number. I then google nutra green coffee and it took me to the same website but a different page, where I had the option to cancel this subscription. I was then given another RMA number, different to the one the lady on the phone gave me but same amount of digits as the BRK. I have phoned my bank and they have a filled out a form so the company can’t take anymore money out, as this is happening alot by the same company. Another thing I want to add is, I received am email
    Saying I had paid £3.48 for postage for BRK but didn’t receive anything for deep coffee cleanse and I haven’t received an email giving me and RMA number either whereas I did for BRK. I might actually phone my bank again.
    Horrible experience and never again will I be duped into stupid things like this, I
    Always careful.

  248. Seema says:

    After reading a review from channel 4 abount these diet pills, i decided to give a 30day free trial a go. I understood that if i carried on with the the pills after 30days there would be a charge of £84.95 for the raspberry ketones and £ 69.95 for the coffee clean beans. After 14 days i noticed they had charged me for the supposed FREE trial – i called the customer service team on 08001488243 and asked why o have been charged tehy stated this was because i only had 14 days to cancel. i was not happy about this as i was not aware and asked if i could raise a complaint, i was told i can not. She assured me that she cancelled both products and that i would not be charged going forward and that there will no further shipping of the products.

    Following month – credit card charge of £84.95 for raspberry ketone’s- i was shocked and i called the customer service team again- this time the agent said i had only cancelled the coffee cleans not the raspberry ketone’s. I said i had called and cancelled both products last month . he said looking at your notes there is no evidence you spoke to a agent- it looklike you cancelled this over a automated system.

    I am so angry – they have made me feellike a liar- i did speak to an agent i have had no refund uptill now.

    This serice is discusting i have never up till now ever been treated like this.I told the agent i will write a report on experience he had me in tears but did not care.

    Can anyone help me ?

    1. Lesley Barnard says:

      There are different Customer service numbers for the 2 products.
      Beyond Raspberry Ketones is: 0800148 8243
      Nutra green Coffee Cleanse is: 0800157 7409
      When you call, the automated voice asks you to enter your phone number from which you placed your order, WAIT, then it says, or if you would prefer to speak to customer service, press 0 then #.
      The customer service people speak to their supervisors when they have not got the answers. I’m tearing my hair out, waiting to call my credit card co. in the morning.

    2. Lesley says:

      The 2 products have different customer service numbers:
      Beyond raspberry Ketone 0800 148 8243
      Nutra green Coffee Cleanse 0800 157 7409
      They do not seem to be connected, so you need to ring them both.
      I said I was going to speak to Trading Standards, and the Scam and Fraud Dept of my credit card. The girl gave me my RMA number to return the raspberry, she said it was on the packaging when they came and didn’t want to give me one. She spoke to her supervisor and then gave me it. Ofcourse, I don’t trust this. Seeing is believing. I shall ring my credit card co tomorrow – so infuriating that trusting people are conned like this. Wow..what a way to learn a lesson.

  249. Audrey says:

    Found an online cancellation form and accepted cancellation without further payment. So, still out of pocket but at least they won’t be taking any more from me. That is a relief. Just have to find some money to live on for 2 weeks now….

  250. Audrey says:

    Add me to the list of gullibles. £84.95 out of pocket and am on benefits. Cried my eyes out this morning. Future payments won’t be honoured by my bank and will be calling shortly to get RMA number from these fraudsters but how do I pay my bills without this money? Sick to the stomach!

  251. Trish says:

    I just called my bank and they knew of the companies. For those of you who haven’t yet been charged (thank god) DONT bother trying to deal with the companies, just call the bank and cancel your card immediately…

  252. Trevor says:

    I too have been scammed by this company did not realize and they took 3 payments of £84.95p.I tried for a refund and they told me they did not offer a refund and i should have read the t&cs so it was my fault. The lady refused to give me a RMA number to return the pills. I contacted they bank santander whos credit card i used and they say they cant help as i did not cancel before the money was taken out, i told them i did not realize at it was supposed to be a frree trial i am appealing but not holding my breath.
    This is a total rip off by a shameless company.

    1. Lesley says:

      Trevor, there’s some good advice when you read all of the comments on here. I’m gobsmacked by all of this. We should all keep on sharing the best way to proceed. They will be banking on people believing that they should have read the misleading small-print.

  253. Sarah says:

    I ordered this product so did 2 of my colleagues, we have all been charged 80.00 for cancelling these. all I can advise you all is that this co is such a scam and you must BLOCK THE TRANSACTIONS via your back. ladies learn a lesson as we have and stop fretting. there is nothing you can do, block their transactions with your bank and learn. im as gutted as all of you. wernt we all silly 🙁 we will all be wiser for the next time and advise others to STOP!

  254. Yas says:

    I did exactly the same.

    They are refunding my money once i have sent the items back.

    I didnt even recieve my free trail i called up to cancel and they are sending me the 1st lot and too the money out of my account -How does that work!!


  255. Darius says:

    Some people don`t understand that this has nothing to do with ch 4. If you go on to that website you can clearly see that it is fake. All the links from `new`, `weahter` and anything you click on take you to the pills sales page. Channel 4 is a victim in all of this too and should do something about it. Hope I`ll watch it on watchdog soon.

  256. Amy says:

    I rang up to cancel in time and they charged me £35 automatically for cancel. This wasn’t in t+c’s.

    Everyone should contact watch dog and complain.
    After speaking to any people who tried other things through channel for similar things through different companies [nto diet] have had the same problems. I will no longer trust channel 4 with anything!

    Watchdog need more people to complain about both channel 4 and Beyond

    1. Lauren says:

      I did the same thing, cancelled within the 14 days and was told i would be charged over £35 for the product on an automated phone service. I finally managed to get through to talk to someone and explained that i was happy to send the unsused product back. The women i spoke to just continued to say ‘in the terms and conditions of cancelling the trial you agreed to pay this’ she then said ‘it’s you’re own fault for not reading the T&Cs properly’ i pointed out that i had and nowhere does it say i would be charged. Her response was to keep repeating the same thing over and over again, talking over me until i honeslty felt like crying. I’ve reported this to Waatchdog and Trading Standards.

      I’m going to cancel my card too as despite being told that my subscription has been cancelled i dont trust them not to take money

  257. kathleen says:

    Add me to list just been robbed too, just got bank statement in and £154.90 been taken out. Have just spoken on phone and they said its only a trial for 14 days after that money gets taken from bank, so much for taken channel 4`s advice

  258. Kerrie says:

    I have made another phone call just now to these robbing beeps, I got trew straight away an was told that they seen i canceled my order straight away an that no product will be sent to me nore will any money go from my bank she even said the £3:65 that I payed would be refunded into my bank I have recorded all phones have every persons name I have spoke to an times an ref numbers so on.y time will tell, for those people sayin that cancelling ur card does not wrk it will as my bank llyods tsb have canceled my card as I was due another one anyway an there is no way the company can take any money as its a different long card number an cv2 number on the bk defo taught me a lesson as I feel sick ever time I think about it it was late at night an I was not thinking

  259. Jodie says:

    Opps i forgot to say that Nate would pass on my details to his supervisor which has my e-mail address and order number for him to send an e-mail to say its been canceled as he could not send this to me.

  260. Jodie says:

    I ordered this product this morning and so glad I found this page. I rang the 0800 148 243 number right away and spoke to someone named Paul. I said that i wanted to cancel my account and this product right way. He said that the product was on it’s way and that he could not cancel my order!!! He said that my account has been canceled and that i would not get anymore products or any more payments taken out of my account. He said that i would only need to pay £20 rather than the £80 something amount and that i could keep the pill’s. After reading more comments on this page about others getting a e-mail saying that they have canceled this product for which i have not got!! I decided to re call them up and spoke to a nice gentlemen by the name of Nate who confirmed that any further payments have been canceled and only £20 will be taking from my account on the 19th June. He said that he could see on the computer that i called 45 min’s ago and he said that my account has defo been canceled. He said that i could call back after i have got the product to get the address to send the product back but from reading all the comments i believe i won’t be doing this. I have also not long got off the phone from my bank who have been very helpful. They said there’s no point in canceling my card as the company would be able to find my new card details. They have said to wait until the 19th june and if any other payments come out after the £20 i am to re ring the company saying they have taken an unauth payment from my account and that i want a refunded, if they kick up a stink. I will have to re ring my bank again anyway to let them know an unauth payment has been taken from my account and then they will step in and deal with the company to get my money back. I have defo learned my lesson and will not be listening/reading such fake artitcals again!!!

  261. Louise Sellers says:

    Absoloutly disgusted with this SCAM, customer service was a disgusting an American woman chewing gum down the phone banging on about terms and conditions. I have learnt my lesson with this company (BEYOND RASBERRY KETONE) and consider myself to have been ripped off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  262. Magda says:

    I`ve just rang my bank to dispute a payment of £84.95 which I DID NOT agree to pay and they said nothing can be done apart from blocking any future payments because I was meant to return unwanted product. I said I`ve ordered the “free” trial on the May 18th and still didn`t receive it so what am I suppossed to return??? SO basically I just lost 95GBP and there will probably another payment going out for NutraGreen which CANNOT be prevented until it`s done. And then I will hear again they will not be able to dispute that either. What a bunch of scams that website it!!! SOOOOOOOOOO PISSED OFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lizzie says:

      Go back to your bank tell them you haven’t received it and under visa chargeback you want a refund. don’t take no for an answer.

  263. Kerrie says:

    Omg I fell for it to iv jst rang 08001488243 to cancell it straightaway i got threw straightaway they had all my details she claims to have cancelled it an i have her name an reference number so if any money goes from my account I will be seeking legal advice as its theft

  264. Sarah says:

    I fell for this scam myself this morning, and I feel so stupid because I did so even after reading the terms and conditions (I obviously didn’t pay close enough attention!). I got suspicious when I decided to go back and try and get the green coffee one as well, and the link took me to a different page.

    After reading a few sites like this I realised how daft I’d been, and quickly checked my bank account in case someone had already used my card details.

    My next phone is going to be to my bank, but I just got off the phone with this company of scam artists, and after quite a bit of arguing with the woman on the phone I managed to not only cancel, but also get a promise that my postage would be refunded if it was taken.

    This was after multiple attempts to offer me a discounted price (going as low as £20) to get me to keep the first lot, but I stuck to my guns and she voided the order (despite earlier telling me that it had already been processed for shipping and could not be voided).

    If you fall for this, don’t hang around getting in touch with them (0800 148 8243) – ring them as soon as you realise, not after it arrives…it may not be too late to even save having to pay two lots of postage if you’re lucky and stick to your guns.

    I guess it’s true that when something sounds too good to be true it usually is!

  265. anita atterbury says:

    i was scammed as well ordered both products on trial and they hit my bank for £85.95. been to my bank they can’t help retrieve that payment but will stop further payments. i contacted channel 4 as it was after seeing their report i ordered this is their reply
    Dear Anita,
    Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries.

    Unfortunately, this is not a Channel 4 issue as it is not endorsed by Channel 4 and does not appear on our website. Julia Miller is not, nor has she ever been a Channel 4 employee. If you feel you have cause for complaint you will need to contact the Trading Standards Board.

    Kind regards,

    Alex Chase

    so devastated as this is nearly a weeks wages for me 🙁

    1. lizzie says:

      Alex why did the bank tell you they couldn’t get you your money back. You are covered on a visa debit in the same way as you would be on a visa credit. If you didn’t receive the goods or you weren’t able to cancel you are entitled to a refund under Visa chargeback ask your bank for a form.

  266. Leanne says:

    I felt physically sick when I came across this website with the information. I ordered the product on Friday, products arrived today. like everyone else fell for this scam after reading the article by C4 (feel slightly stupid). I checked my bank account and thankfully only the P&P has been taking. I have immediately cancelled my card and followed the instructions for cancelling my account which i have been told has been done now I am going to have to return these stupid tablets at my own expense. I think it is disgusting that these T&C’s are not clearly marked out, usually you would be asked to tick a box if agreeing not have to hunt them down after finding out the whole thing is a scam :0!!! Good luck in getting your money back I am glad I found out before it was too late

    1. Trish says:

      June, I hope you didn’t bother returning the pills as once you cancelled your debit card, they couldn’t take the money off you anyway. No one should spend a penny more on this scam!

  267. Mia says:

    I ordered this product yesterday, I’m usually so skeptical about buying online as it seemed to be endorsed by channel 4, I applied for the two week trial. I checked my account this morning to find they had took £49 out of my account. I called to find out why and was told this was a membership fee and was part of their t+c which can be found in the email I was sent and on the website. I have throughily checked and see no mention of terms and conditions. I have cancelled my membership, they Should be banned from advertising!

  268. Tammy says:

    I chanced upon the website via a Facebook ad, and I read the “review” that was supposedly written by a Julia Miller for Channel 4 (suspect “review”: womanshealthmags.com/unitedkingdom/article/051299/). Everything felt suspicious (the typical use of bold and coloured text that you see in scam sites). With a bit of googling, it turns out that this is one of the latest reincarnations of an old scam. Read this blog entry (disclaimer: not mine): http://www.powersupplements.com/blog/656/. If you were to try clicking on any of the links on the “review” page, you will realise that it brings you to the raspberry ketones site. Note that the review URL is deceptively similar to an actual (legitimate) magazine website, but it really is NOT affiliated with Women’s Health Magazine.
    Please be careful everyone!

  269. Julia says:

    I am so angry that I fell for this scam. Will definitely teach me a lesson. I rang my bank up and reported it as an unauthorised use of my card. they then put it through to the correct department who advised me that they see loads of this all the time. I couldnt get my money refunded as it was my debit card however he made a note on the system so that the robbing thiefs ( I am trying to be polite here!) could not take any more money from me. I also went onto their website to cancel any more orders. I am so angry and cannot believe that they can get away with it. I feel very abused!

  270. maureen wilson says:

    this is a scam company. some customer numbers are bogus and when you do contact someone they deny they are the company. they take money from your account and keep sending you products with no way of cancelling them. BEWARE THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. THEY ARE MERELY THIEFS

  271. Clio says:

    As soon as I read about the scam, I cancelled my credit card, so now the company has absolutely no way of taking any further funds out of my bank account. I only bought the ketone premium two weeks ago and, thus far, the company have only taken out what I expected them to take out, but if they try to take any more out from here on, they’re gonna be in for a bit of a surprise!!

  272. Fiona Digan says:

    I am sooooo glad I found this page. I have read everyone’s experience and am horrified that this company is still trading. My daughter is their latest victim. Having felt some assurance this health link and C4 review thought she would sign up for a 14 day trial understanding the Trial would each cost 4.95 and 6.95. She did not expect to then be billed 10 day later £69.95. She had not even received nor has since ever received the product trial.

    She got in touch with her bank and explained what had occurred and her bank have been great and cancelled the card and they are raising a debit dispute with the company.

    We tried contacting the company and just like everyone else it was an endless game of misinformation, answer machines and rude operators and no mention of an RMA no. We did get an email saying it confirmed the subscription had been cancelled – then a few days (22nd May) later they took a further 84.95 from my daughters account. This was only 5 days since she had contacted them querying why they had already taken 69.95 from her account.

    In 10 days this company has lifted a total of 6.95 and 4.95, and 69.95.Then after contacting them and getting an email from them confirming her subscription was cancelled they took another 84.95 5 days later!

    My daughter has never received any of the product and has had a total of 166.80 take from her account. They are despicable. My daughter is embarrassed and mortified to feel so duped when she was simply looking for help to loose some baby weight. Her son is only 5 months old. That is the money she needs for his milk, nappies and house, heat and hot water costs. How can these people sleep at night?????

    I urge everyone to report them as we have. While it may not get your money back quick enough they will eventually be called to account if the relevant authorities take action. Otherwise this company will continue to defraud people.

    1. Jayne says:

      Same here, paid for P/P and found £85 taken out of my bank and in case I wasn’t stupid enough had another £70 taken out for the Coffee bean one that you’re advised to take with the Rasbury one t
      wondered if it has been or can be on Watchdog to help stop others people being caught out, The alleged subscription you pay for doesn’t actually offer anything so doesn’t even exist.

  273. cielo says:

    Hi guys, I’ve been doing worst than you all…

    I know this product when I fill in Marks and Spencers questionnaires. They offer me this free trial product. They say I only charged me for shipping cost 2,48 pound. Then I receive the pill.The next month I receive the pils again. Since there are no e-mail notifications and no invoice inside the product, I was thinking that they gave me free sample again.
    I rarely check my account transaction, and since I do many transactions online and usng cards, I was not suspecting there was something going wrong. Until this day, I check my transaction and found out that they have deduct my debit card 3 times within March till May. I was so upset and don’t know what to do until I found this website.

    I have cancelled my order and also send this fraud to my bank via e-mail since this is Sunday and tomorrow is bank holiday. This is very horrible. They took all my savings.

    I will try to contact them to get my money back since I didn’t use any of the products. Can somebody raise this issue and make this company kicked off?

    I don’t believe they can get away easily form this since this company is totally a scammer. They have different website containing different things.

  274. Nicola says:

    There is hope!!!

    I too was a victim of this scam. I saw the advert on facebook through a fitness page I subscribe to thinking it was legit. After filling in my details I waited for the confirmation email… which never came through! I checked all my folders and junk mail, there was nothing so I presumed it hadn’t gone through. A week and a half later the package eventually showed up. I decided to wait and left the seal on the bottle. The next thing I noticed a payment on my account for £84.95. Immidiately I wrote to BRK expressing my anger and demanded that someone contact me. I then called my bank to stop any outgoing payments to BRK and cancelled my order on their website. I recieved an email the next day to call them for an RMA number (0800 148 8243). On Monday I spoke to a lady who was helpful but still tried to fob me off saying they’ll repay only 25% as I had agreed to their T&C’s. I refused to accept this as I hadn’t received any confirmation email about the initial order and thought it hadn’t gone through. I demanded a full refund and also mentioned that I was recording the conversation. I have just checked my bank account and there it was! The full refund of £84.95. So it pays to be persistant and firm with these guys!

    Good luck!!!!

  275. Ieva says:

    As many of you, I have gotten myself into the same silly situation by purchasing this product without investigating the actual terms and conditions.
    After reading many comments and complaints I realized what I have gotten myself into.
    I rushed off to my bank to report it. ( I am with Halifax)
    I was told to wait until the company debits the postage fee amount from my account so my bank can see their details appear on my statement, and then contact the disputes department of my bank in order to cancel any future payments ie. the full amount charged for the product after the supposed trial period.
    My bank is not able to ban the payments from my account completely, however because i told them i tried to cancel the contract with Ketone (telephone and emails, however with no response to cancellation), my bank has placed my account on monitor, and if any payments are taken out by this company, they will be disputed and refunded within 24hrs.
    I hope this helps you guys and you will be able to avoid being charged ridiculous amounts by these scammers.
    A decent company should not be acting in such a manner, where you cannot freely cancel the trial as the cancellation forms are non-existent and once you call them they do not cancel your contract but give you just one option – reduced price for the product (meaning you are still in contract with them). No replies from the numerous emails I have sent them were received either.
    This company needs to be stopped.

    1. Ieva says:

      P.S. Do not be silly and do not waste your money by sending their products back, there is no point. I’m sure they will not report you as they say, or put you on a black list because they would be to scared to end up on one themselves after being reported. Also it is clear that the delivery of the products is not tracked and therefore they cannot prove if you have received them or not (event hough they state otherwise).
      Do not waste your money and time by sending the products back by special delivery or any other post.

  276. Dan says:

    I too have literally just fallen for this, ordering some lipo slim tablets. fortunately It felt like something wasn’t quite right after ordering so rang up the bank to cancel my card. Fortunately only the £2.95 postage has been taken, but even though I have cancelled the card apparently they can still request a payment on my account??!

    I was asked who the company were and when the next payment would be and what amount. But seeing as I’ve not even had a confirmation email and that payments seem to be at different times and for different amounts I couldn’t really answer the banks questions.

    Does anyone know what the name of the actual company taking payments is please!?

    I also tried to cancel my order online by using the myeasy address above, but this no longer seemed to work, does anyone know an alternative?

    I purchased from a fake article linked to by a Facebook page and so I don’t even have the main company’s website… Very very frustrating!

    1. Ieva says:

      Hi, cancelling your card doesn’t stop the payments being taken out. Contact your banks dispute department and inform them about the situation. Check your bank statement so you know the name of the company and the date the payment was taken out. Let your bank know that you were not able to cancel the contract with the company directly, and they will place your account on monitor and refund any payments taken out, or will be able to ban them totally.
      I hope this helps.

  277. Heather says:

    I have just seen all of this! and I have ordered my free trial!! IM SO UPSET, i fell for it. Whats the best way of cancelling not paying the £84!! Please help me someone!! Do I just send back my free trial of can I use it, please help someone!!

  278. Anne says:

    So glad I found this site…Thank you to all who have posted. I’ve just called credit card company and cancelled my card. Told them I’d given my card details to a scam company. They cancelled my card straight away. They had only taken p&p money, thankful I saw this before the 14th day!

    1. claire says:

      Same here Anne!!

      1. Heather says:

        Anne, I have just cancelled my card! did you cancel with them too? I haven’t even received my pills yet!

        1. Kerrie says:

          Did u have any money taken i got threw to the company an cancelled got her name an ref number an told her I was recording the conv an my dad was a lawyer then after rang my bank an cancelled my card an they said the p&p had been called for but cancelling my card sud stop any further payments

        2. nadia says:

          hi Heather, i also cancelled my card but there’s a lot of people saying they were still able to take money out of their accounts. My bank said they wouldn’t be able to but for some reason im just not convinced!! i am gonna cancel my account tomorrow, i haven’t been able to sleep since i realized i was caught on this scam..

  279. doola says:

    i’ve also been trying to cancel, dont do the automated line it does not work….they say that you agreed to keep the pills half price, and charge you anyway, i’ve eventually now got RMA numbers to return both sets, as i just kept calling back to both numbers 08001488243 raspberry & 08001577409 green coffee to confirm that i had cancelled but had lost my RMA number, ist time they would not give it out so i just kept calling back, after 3 calls someone gullible answered and i got them, i also asked if when i returned both products i would be charged any further for anything he said no, i then asked if he could guarantee this 100% he said yes, i then told him that iwas recording our telephone conversation, took his name and his id number so now he has made a verbal agreement with me.whether its of anyuse i don’t know yet.

    1. Lesley says:

      Did you get a refund Doola?

  280. Laura says:

    DO NOT USE THIS SITE [Editor: The supplement site not ours ;)]. The biggest con artist ever.

    Can’t believe I got sucked in, i’m so angry, surely they can’t get away with this, it’s so unfair….

    They need to highlight the facts more. Just called and not willing to help they just say its a no money back guarantee = NO REFUND GRRR!! SO for two bottles of diets pills £150. Gutted!

    Live and learn the hard way!

    1. Missy says:


      I have had the same problem!! Surprise surprise! And after 40 minutes on the phone ( I couldn’t wait any longer!) I reluctantly agreed to an 80% refund! Unfortunately if I had time to tonight I would have argued further, but suspect if I called back I’d be back to square 1 again. Anyway, managed to get a refund of £123, which means I paid £31 for the ‘free trial’!! Lesson learned I guess!

  281. jan says:

    I also ordered these last night and got charged the postage price went this morning to cancel my card after reading all your comments before it goes any further but was told that they could still take the money. So tomorrow i’ll be going and cancelling the whole account. I went back on the sight that sucked me in this morning the one with all the great comments and wanted to leave a comment of my own but of course you can’t and now it all makes more sense now i wished i had of done my research better a sore lesson learnt can’t believe i was so stupid..

  282. Darren says:

    Like all of you, I too have been scammed by Beyond Raspberry Keytone. They have taken money from my account despite cancelling my order by phone and by email with 60 minutes of making the online order. I have not even received any goods to be returned!! This is out and out fraud – they believe they can just take money at will from your bank account.

    I am dealing with Barclays who are setting up a “dispute” and hopefully this will get my money back. If that proves not to work, I am quite happy bringing a claim against the company in the small claims court. However, I do not have a company name nor registered office address and this information is not provided on the website (I have the goods return address at Herkimer House, but this may not be its registered office).

    I was wondering if those who had received goods whether any invoice or other formal documentation was sent with the goods that gave details of:

    (a) The full formal name of the company from whom the goods are purchased (Barclays tell me that the Merchant collecting the money from my account is called “Keytone Advance”)

    (b) The Registered Office for the Company.

    Any help on the above questions would be very much appreciated.

    1. Lesley says:

      Interestingly, Keytone Advance are on a different website to the Beyond site. They use some of the same Before/After photos.
      There are no addresses on websites – see my comments on June 17th.
      Good luck everyone – keep on posting to make other people aware.

  283. Kirsty says:

    It is definitely a scam. However you must must must read the terms and conditions before rushing to click the “I Agree” button. They tell you that you have been enrolled into an “Auto-Home Delivery Programme” and after your 14day trial they will automatically take out £84.95 plus £4.95 P+P if you do not cancel. You can cancel the enrolment at any time and any remaining tablets or products must be returned within 21days beginning the date of your purchase with an RMA written on the envelope. Which you must ring up to receive from them. Just go to Holland and Barrett they sell exactly the same product for £9.99 for the entire 60 capsules

  284. Kirsty says:

    I actually took the time to read the Terms and Conditions and it actually says that you must cancel after your 14 day trial and if you do not cancel you will be placed on an auto-home delivery and you will be charged £84.95 a month for a new batch. Everything has a catch and I assume after the 14 day trail the remaining tablets will need to be returned to the address given. Read things next time and understand what you’re getting into

  285. Lorraine Frost says:

    I looked through all the advice on this site after my partner and I were fooled by this company and the best advice in here is the following which has been put on by someone who works in a bank who was also taken (!) which proves how devious this company are :
    “I contacted visa and put in a claim under chargeback and have received all my money back. If you paid by visa debit or credit ask your provider for a claim form. The company have to advise you clearly that you will be re billed they can not hide it as they do they also have to give contact details phone and email and address which can be used these can not and they have to be able to prove that they have delivered the product and although they say it is tracked it is not and so is your word against theirs. Tell your provider you haven’t received anything and your emails are coming back and you will get your refund and the company will be flagged up as a scam after so many chargebacks and their credit facilities removed stopping more people being scammed.”
    This company took our money and we have never received anything anyway, which I understand is happening to a lot of people. Hope this helps.

  286. Siobhan Murphy says:

    Help! I do not know what to do – ordered the 30 day free trial, found out that they have charged by debit card £84.95, they wont give me any refund or a RMA number as I am now outside the trial period. I have not recieved anything except what i thought was the free trial. I rang customer service now 3 times and am waiting to speak to a supervisor. I have sent an email on their contact webpage asking for refund and making a complaint.

  287. Nicola says:

    Hello I have been fooled & done the same thing for the 2 bottles of diet pills was charged £150 approx & been overdrawn as didn’t realise I would get charged … & have now cancelled future pills & payments they have now said they will refund me 50percent customer curtesy but still not sure now wether this is a con or not please help!!! Do I accept the 50 percent money back?? X

  288. Kara says:

    This has also happened to me. I feel foolish! To cancel it is going to cost me almost £40 for the raspbetty ketone and the green coffee cleanse! Not very happy considering this was supposed to be a FREE trial!!

  289. Sarah says:

    I have just cancelled my subscription after reading this and will send the product back but has anyone else got the returns address? I think I got most of this but the postcode I got was EH49 7FF is that right? It was an automated thing and I could be sure if she said SS or FF at the end! Someone please confirm I got it right! Xxx

  290. Brian says:

    I’ve been caught by these scammers. I’ve tried getting a refund but they refuse.
    They say it’s impossible to order without ticking a box to confirm having read
    the terms & conditions. I am sure there was no such box when I went for the free trial. Can anyone confirm this?

  291. Vicky says:

    I made the foolish mistake of ordering both products too. Came across this site the next morning and rang the free phone number straight away to cancel. I was told by Mike that my order had already been processed and that I would have to wait until I have received them before I can cancel my subscription. This infuriated me as there was noway the pills had already been shipped out, its just their way of trapping you into paying the first payments. I then spoke to my bank who put me in touch with visa disputes and I didnt even have to mention the companies name, they knew all about it. I have paid around ten pounds p&p and visa have put a cancellation request on any future payments meaning that the company may still take the money but visa will reimburse my account if they do. So pleased to find there is a way out of this mess and I will definitely be more careful next time, even if ch4 claim there are no hidden charges involved!

  292. Kathy says:

    There are a few companies with the same address as I have checked on google, the return address has no company name to send to…. I figure it is Phytoscience as it is the only company at this address that provides natural products for health and beauty can anyone confirm this?

  293. Kathy says:

    I ordered not that long ago and I found this website, I wish I didn’t do it now but I’ve been trying to lose weight for a year with now success. I went back on the website and cancelled my subscription for both sets of pills. I hope I receive them before the 14 days…. How do you prove it has been delivered after 14 days? I took a photo of the cancellation so I hope I don’t get charged anymore….

  294. Emma Louise says:

    I got this trial to and they also took the monthly money for the ketone & nutra green resulting in me being £173 down i have since cancelled but i still have not received the goods i paid unknowingly for. This is going back to 22nd of feb and they are still saying these have been dispatched and are there way. Has anyone else had this wait. I cant return goods & claim my credit if i have not got them. Any help or advise will be great. Thanks.

  295. sharon Roberts says:

    I also have been ripped off. I started to complete the form on line and when it asked for my bank details I would not enter them I came off line. Moments later I recieved a call from Atcost telling me I was moments away from a wounder not to worry go ahead it would only cost me £1something trial price how wounderful they were. I even asked if it was a con silly me. I was told to ring on the 28 april to cancell I did and found they had charged me nearly £150.00 even though I have not recieved the product It was delived to my house on 26.04.13 would not go through my door so it is with the post office. I rang the bank and they have taken money out my account on the 24.04.13 ? surely thats illeagal.

    1. Emma Louise says:

      Its not illegal they can invoice on day of dispatch. I wonder if this is the same as mine they took £173 from me and this was in Feb i have nothing now i presume they are at post office. Only problem i have is my return has exceeded 21 days as I had no idea were they could be. Its so sad all these comments are money so the money there getting is a joke it actually turned my stomach as we are victims.

  296. Dave says:

    Wish I’d seen this forum before ordering. I followed a review/recommendation from Channel 4’s web site, received the pills about 2 weeks later having paid postage. They took 84.95 out of my account. Just got through and the customer service lady tried selling me more, I confirmed I was calling about the debit to my account and she said do I wish to cancel the subscription – What subscription? This is unethical. No emails confirmed any subscription….I don’t understand how this can be a free trial for 14d when it took longer than 14d to get the tablets? appalling and feel ripped off. Need to keep an eye on my account!!!

    1. john says:

      record every phone call you have with these people. Even the CH4 ad on the rasberry ketone ad is is fake, get a total refund from your credit card issuer never mind just the first or last billing! you were sold items on the basis of it being a genuine advert, Fight for your money back.Read consumer rights for buying online its all on the net.Good luck John

  297. Rachel says:

    I have also fallen for this scam! I ordered my ‘free trial’ yesterday then discovered this page an hour or so afterward. I started to panic and rang the 0800 number to cancel.. After 35 mins there was still no answer so hung up. I managed to cancel the raspberry ketone online but it wouldn’t let me cancel the green coffee cleanse. I then cancelled my card after hearing of them still debiting money from accounts even after people had cancelled. I hope cancelling my card is enough to avoid being ripped off!!

  298. Ozzie says:

    I too ordered the trial priced beyond Raspberry Ketone and the Nutra Green Coffee cleanse this morning, the weird thing was whilst I was trying to place the order it kept on declining my payment for the postage, I thought that was bit weird but I then used another card (debit) then it went through. After I placed the order I noticed on the website it doesn’t give you any indication of the actual cost of the item that is unusual why they would just send you the item to try-it-free and only charge you for the postage.

    Then I had only received the email confirmation for the Nutra Green Coffee, not the Raspberry Ketone…thought that is unusual , called their customer support on 0800 148 8243, the gentlemen told me both the orders went through, I then asked when I would receive the product and what happens if I want to order more as there is no details on the website, he then explained to me nicely that the product could take anything up to 10 days to arrive and after 14 days of the order date (today) they will automatically send me supplies. This totally freaked me out!. So item takes 10 days to arrive, 4 days after that then without my permission they send me supplies and charge me amounts that I didn’t agree to or for the fact I don’t even know how much one bottle cost…this is not right so I have asked them to cancel my order, this was 15 minutes after I have placed the order. He has confirmed my order is now cancelled, I asked for a cancellation ref, he said you will receive an email. I then received an email for one but not the other. I didn’t want to call them again or take their word as everything about this seemed weird so I called my bank (HSBC) and explained what had happened, the bank has checked my account and said they have attempted to take same amount of money (postage 2.95 and 4.00) from both my debit and credit card at the same time alerted the bank to decline the payment. The bank suggested that I cancel both my cards there and then in case they attempt to use it again as they have both my card details, so I did and managed to escape from this scam without losing any money.
    I would suggest you contact your bank immediately and cancel the card you have used, and then call their customer support service to cancel the order, don’t choice the “cancel order” function, speak to the representative, if for some reason you can’t get through or the phone goes dead…don’t bother calling them again just use the cancel order function of the website, and print your proof….but never take their word please cancel your card too…there is nothing much you can do.
    I was lucky, good luck to all…

  299. dee says:

    Olivia go to myeasycancel.com/BeyondRaspberryKetone/index.php and myeasycancel.com/NutraGreenCoffee/index.php enter your email and you will cancel both agreements and transactions.

    1. Sam says:

      I have just tried to cancel it on this website however it says that I don’t have an account with them!!?? Don’t know what to do! I have already cancelled my debit card but am worried ill still get charged

      1. Jen says:

        Hi Sam,

        I have just reported my debit card lost as i too have been scammed by the Beyond Raspberry company. So far the company have only taken the postage fee out of my account. The bank have cancelled my card. Did canceling your card stop all payments debiting from your account? I really need to know as my 14 days are nearly up and i don’t want to be charged lots of money 🙁

  300. Olivia says:

    I fell for this today! I thought it was a great idea to get my mum i am only 17 so yes I wasn’t allowed to buy them but i am 18 in 3 days. I found it on a supposed channel 4 website. I paid the postage then did some research after having a worrying feeling after. I then found out what everyone was saying and checked for the terms and conditions that I could not find when i placed the order. I got my boyfriend to ring up and found out I was ringing America! Great they said it was a free number and they were based in Scotland…that was a lie! She refused to cancel it for me I said i did not want to receive the free trial and wanted to cancel my order. The woman was quite snooty and would not. My boyfriend told her how it was illegal as I am under 18 and if she sent me anything then it was breaching the regulations. She then went away and checked and said she had cancelled it. He asked if i would receive anything or have payment deducted to which she replied no. I have gone and checked my account and the postage has been taken so I am going to fill out a fraud letter. My problem is I am not 18 and used a debit card so I may not be covered. This really angers me. I am naive and feel stupid! I will be cancelling my card if this occurs. WATCH OUT people!!

  301. dee says:

    I also ordered trial and haven’t read terms and conditions and I’ve been charged for two bottles over £150. The same day I called that company and cancelled everything and they assured me that no more money will be debited from my account. And guess what today I got message from the bank that I have done overdraft went to check online statement and again they debited £69. I know I’ve done mistake not reading terms and conditions before trial and another mistake not calling bank to stop that debit after first time they took my money. So please be aware of that and don’t try to call that fraud company because they will promise you that no more money will be taken from your account but you will be charged anyway. Good luck.

  302. kim says:

    really pleased i found this site, i too had fallen into the trap of it being an honest free trial of what seemed like a decent product, there was nothing on the terms and conditions i read to suggest that this was an ongoing membership, they just basically said that each individual is different and results vary, seek medical advice for medication etc etc. im kicking myself im normally so aware of scams. still i ordered 3 nights ago and the postage and packing was charged from my account, i havent recieved the product yet but its early days. Since reading this i have transferd all money from the account that is linked to the card into a savings account so there is no money for them to take, i am going to the bank first thing tomorrow to try and get them blocked before they are able to take any money out.. please could someone advise if this is the correct way to go about it and there is anything else i can do to protect myself in this instance, its the middle of the night and i do not own a phone to call the bank so will have to wait until they open tomorrow.

  303. geoff ellis says:

    I sent for this so-called free trial paid the postage and then found £21 had been debitted from my account. As I was still within the trial period I was given an RMA no. and was told, on receipt, my money would be refunded within 48hrs. NOT SO. When phoning up to find out where my money was I was told by an irritating customer service agent that I must have misheard and it can take up to 30 days. I do not mishear where money is concerned. These people are pure scammers ,quick enough to take your money but snail slow to refund. Avoid this company at all costs

  304. Kerry says:

    OK, I’ve found out that the telephone lines are next to useless to getting a response.

    I’ve managed to track down the following web sites so that you can easily cancel your account(s):


    Enter your email address and you should get a confirmation email response with a cancellation reference number.

    I would still advise that you cancel any pending payments through your credit card company/bank.

    What an utter nightmare this whole set up is!!!

  305. kerry judd says:

    I went to but this product filled in the detail’s but changed my mind left the page .now this compay are foneing me 5-6 time’s a day so glad I never went through with it after reading these comments

  306. kerry judd says:

    I looked at buying this product filled in all detail’s till I saw u had to pay for p&p so came off the site without filling in the bank detail’s …..now the company is calling me 5-6 times a day so glad I never went through with it after reading these comments

  307. paula adam says:

    I cant believe i fell for this scam im usually so good at spotting things like scams.
    My bank cooperative say they cant stop payments or my card?? think i need to call them back also anyone know where to return these pills, is it Linithgow.x

  308. roisin says:

    Can someone please tell me the email address please? They have done the exact some thing to me. £84.95 taken from my account. I have cancelled my bank card but will try to email them as I can’t get through on the number. They can’t get away with this. Please can come supply me with the email adress? It would be much help to me.
    Thank you!

    1. paula adam says:

      but it took 6 emails before i got a reply with rnm number and still they didnt give me return address

  309. Michelle says:

    I also signed up for this about a month ago and have never recieved anything from this company so thought oh well….. only to now find out that they have taken £69.94 for Nutra GR Coffee and £84.95 for Betond Raspberry Ketone. This must be theft taking money without sending me the trial which I do not want now that I have seen all the coments plus the cost is a joke. I will be going to my bank and opening a fraud claim I may also contact the police to see if I can cause them as much pain as I possibly can….Grrrr!

  310. Hazel says:

    Exactly the same as everyone else, I have been massively mislead, thought 2 lots of postage would come out, should of realised when they insisted on 2 credit
    card numbers, cancelled well within the 14 days, told no other money would come out, but it has, over £160 has come out without my authorisation. Thankyou to everyone that suggested cancelling cards, which i have just done. Banks been very helpful and suggested contacting the fraud line which i will do Monday.Havent even received everything been billed for !!!!!!!!! I have emailed and phoned the company requesting money to be credited to my account, so will have to wait and see.

    Usually I am alert to this sort of behaviour, but as many have stated, as this was advertised on Channel 4, thought it was all above board.

  311. Jacqui Wilson says:

    I sent for these tablets as I was under the impression it was a free trial and I piad the £6.95 postage. They arrived today and I have just found this website so I got straight on the phone to them and the girl said I was not on the system but after a very long time she did find my details and said I would still have to pay for them. I got straight on the phone to the bank and have cancelled my card so they cant get any money (they have already taken the £6.95) but thats all they are getting. The bank were great just cancelled the card immediately. I cant beleive I fell for this as I am usually very very careful.If they want to send me bills for money they can but they will not get paid.

  312. Shirley Adams says:

    I too ordered the trial priced beyond raspberry ketone (trial price £2.49) AND the nutra green coffee cleanse (trial price £4) I ordered them both at the same time for the offer price. I received those items that I had paid for but I didn’t recieve information on the ebook priced £0.95p. I received an order notification, a shipment notification and a tracking number for those items.

    Less that 28 days later I noticed £63.71 taken out of my bank account for beyond raspberry ketone and £17.49 for nutra green coffee cleanse. Claiming that I placed an order on the 14th March 2013 at 02.48am for BRK and that I claimed on the 16 March 2013 at 02.09am that I placed an order for nutragreen coffee cleanse.

    I did NOT place this order as I haven’t opened the TRIAL priced ones as I was out on medication.

    I called your 0800 number, from a mobile and the guy I spoke to didnt seem to understand what I wasn saying. He gave me an address for the BRK and an address for the NGCC with and RMA number!!!!!

    I dont know why I am given an RMA number as I won’t receive the order you took the money out of my account for. I havent received an order notification, shipment notification or tracking number for these items.

    I didnt order the items priced £63.71 or £17.49 in March 2013, infact I didnt order anything in March from you. The only order I place was the trial period items on 23 February 2013.

    Please return the unauthorised money you took from my bank account. (£63.71 and £17.49) I have tried to email your company but the emails don’t get through to you.

    I cant return something you havent sent out to me AND I do not want you to send them out to me. I just want my money put back into my account!

  313. Elizabeth says:

    I tried these but did email them to cancel them within the 14days, did ask for confirmation that it had been cancelled but didn’t receive it and today £84.95 taken out of my account. There is a button at the very bottom of the page which allows you to cancel it on-line even after doing that they have still taken the money out of my account. They do have a shipping address which is 2 miles from me so guess where I am going tomorrow. The pills were rubbish as well.

  314. Alison says:

    My god, how can this company get away with this . They have taken £ 80 .00 from my account. I have only received my one pot. Disgusting they can get away with this…..I will be ringing the help line no 0800 148 8243. And cancelling my current card and getting a new one so the scamming ……… Can’t help themselves to anymore of my money!!!

  315. samtar says:

    I have also stupidly signed up for this free trial and then discovered it was a scam the same day. i cancelled it straight away and got an email confirming my cancellation alongside a RMA number. As it was was an automated system and the american voice spoke really fast i didnt catch how to send the order back. i believe it was PO box 112, shannon, county clare, ireland and i have to put my name and address and rma number on the back of the package. Can someone correct me if i am wrong, i am really panicking over this and cant believe i was silly enough to fall for this. i have also contacted my bank who will moniter my account.

    1. mikatonic says:

      Hi samtar, I’ve done the same as you with an almost identical process, but the PO box they gave me was 113,shannon etc . Just adds a little more evidence that this is a scam. I have also cancelled the card i used , a bit inconvenient but at least they cant take any money now. Make sure you stay in touch with your bank and monitor your statements.

    2. alison says:

      Im so glad to see these comments as ive been having sleepless nights over this appauling rip off .Ive spoken to numerous assistants in the states trying to explain that in the uk a free trial is a free trial and they cant then take £150.00 of my card without my say so but they just talk nonsence and twice i have been cut off. I have emailed them threating to contact the watchdog television programme but they dont even reply to the amails.My credit card company have cancelled any further amounts and tell me they can get the second amount for March refunded but ive still to pay the Febuary amount of £150.00.The bank indicated it was my own fault for not reading the terms and conditions, which has further upset me .Can anyone advise what we should to to try and put a stop to this happening to anyone else. Ive lost a weeks wages , endless call to the states and a lot of time over this and needless to say no body fat. Also has anyone noticed that they recommend using these two products together but the ingredients are identical on the labels.

  316. babsie says:

    hi guys, I too fell for this scam…I managed to get out of it and they didn’t take any money from my account!!…I cancelled the same day as I ordered, because I read from all you guys it was a scam.. I called the number 08447452161, its automated service, but there is an option to cancel order, which I did..I got an email from them saying they had cancelled order, but if I didn’t return the product within 14 days they would charge me full amount of £63..The product arrived 2 days later, so I put the ticket number and the RMA number on package and sent it off to them. As I expected, they emailed me to say they had not received the package. I then cancelled my bank card and the bank was monitoring my account, I then got in touch with the action fraud police 03001232040 and they are making an investigation into this company. I emailed the support@ketonepremium.com and told them that the action fraud police were informed about there scam…The next day I got email back saying they had the package and my order was cancelled and they would NOT take any money and they didn’t….Please remember when your posting the product back to them, to get receipt of how much you paid and also a receipt with their address on it!! you will need this as proof….I hope this helps everyone who has fallen for this scam and there is a way out of it…

  317. Saranne says:

    I sent off for a free trial because of the channel 4 condonement, which I now realise may not be the channel 4 (uk)…I am doing alot of research into this subject, because I am so incensed at the way this company have tricked me out of over a hundred pounds. Lets face it, they have to be vague and shady to be able to do this. If the product was so great and worked they wouldnt have to to do sales in this way. These companies rely on people not to read the terms and conditions which you can hardly see -right at the bottom of the website. The terms and conditions put the complete onus on the consumer. A professional company will usually send by trackable mail and wants you to recieve their products…this company doesnt rely on trackable mail, so that if you don’t receive your products, the onus is wholl on the customer to advise them within 7days of you placing your order. If you haven’t read the t’s and c’s -you wont know this. Once the fourteen day trial is up,they will go right ahead and take your subscription money. I tried to cancel and got some ridiculous automated reply. I did cancel it, but did not trust it, so the very next day, I cancelled my bank card to prevent any more withdrawals. I have written to the company who have just fobbed me off over and over and just keep hitting me with their t’s and c’s spiel. I told them that i never saw any t’s and c’s on the website i visited. Neither did i know that their products cost over a hundred pounds, if i had – i never would have signed up for the free trial. They would have been out of my price range and over priced anyway. A professional company will always state their t’s and c’s clearly in the website page, a good example is Which, who state their t’s and c’s clearly for magazine cancellation. In my case, Keytone have taken all this money off me without even sending me the months supply and they will not refund me. All they keep asking me is for me to confirm my name and address so that they can send them. Can a company withdraw money before you are in receipt of goods? I am seeking legal advice. In the mean time, it was a very expensive learning curve. It is an absolute outrage that these companies are technically getting away with stealing people’s money.

  318. mikatonik says:

    I have just tried to cancel an order which was placed only a couple of hours ago via the 0800 number and was told by an american lady that they cannot access the Ketone Premium system.
    She could not provide a good phone number for the Ketone Premium sales.
    I have also tried the 0844 number listed on the Premium web site this is an answer machine that just says contact is via the online link on the web site. It all seems to be a play for time which puts you into the 14 day payment time. I too will be contacting the bank to explain and try to block the payment.

  319. alan says:

    Guess what folks i got my money back after contacting my bank and after 20 emails and 3 phone calls they refunded my money.here is how.
    1 contact your card provider, mine was a credit card,.make a fraud claim,the card company already have a pre-printed complaint letter to deal with this.
    2 phone the 0800 number ,if it asks for the original phone number just key in the one you are using,it will tell you that the account is not recognised or closed if you have already posted back the goods,wait for a second or two and it will ask you to press 1 for an advisor,hopefully you will get to one.
    3 arrange to send goods back[,stick the returns number on the bottles]
    you get a returns number and the address to send it .
    4 RECORD deliver the package as they use the record number as a reference.
    I do hope that you all get your cash back maybe a lesson to us all not to be to ready to believe the adverts we read ,
    My grandfather used to say a bargains only a bargain if you need it.
    Good Luck .

  320. George says:

    To everyone trying to call the 0800 number, I have called several times now. It asks for you to enter the mobile number you entered when you ordered the product and mine is not on their system. There is no other option to get through to a customer service rep and so I have not been able to get through to anyone to cancel my order. I think in this case it is your bank that will help you, not this sham company

    1. Kat says:

      0800 148 8243 – did you ring this 0800 number? i got through on this and they didn’t ask me to type a number in. try using a different phone as well, i think they are blocking certain calls – if you gave your number when you ordered the product. hope this helps

    2. Alison says:

      No they don’t want people ringing them, and with no address and dud email account no way of getting through to them. The bank stopped any further payments coming out but not the £230 I lost. HAve sent a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission USA

  321. Kat says:

    I fell for this trick. don’t beat yourself up, I never ever usually fall for scams, but stupidly fell for this, i think we should all do something silly like this at some point in our lives, it is the only way you learn.
    When you rec’v the product Ring them straight away – 0800 148 8243, if you don’t get through, use another phone, (they may try and block your call so you can’t cxl) ask for an address to send it back to, they will give you an RMA number to write on your package, so when they recive the package back they can track you on thier system. the address they gave me was Scotland EH49 7SF. although they may give different addresses out depending on where you live, I am not sure. Make sure you are sending it back within the 14 days, as you are very likely to be charged a lot on the 14th day if you don’t, you could read thier terms and cond, however they are very sneeky with how they word things, so don’t take too much notice. just do what i have told you. here is my story in more detail, read carefully:
    on the same day i ordered the product, i rang them half an our after, as i suddenly realised it must be a scam. I asked for it to be cxld as i didn’t want them anymore, the lady on the phone confirmed it was cxld and i got an email confirming this as well, she said if any money does come out of my acct, it would go straight back in. I also cxld my card with my bank, just in case. a few days later i received the product anyway (this is to trap you), although the P&P did not come out of my acct. Straight away, i rang them again and asked why i had rec’d it, they said it is cos when you submit the order on line it goes to another department, so the package would have already been ready to send to me, even after i cxld it. they apologised for this. She gave me an RMA number and an address to send it back to. she assured me that as long as i send it back as soon as within the 14 days, i will not be charged anything. i asked her over and over to make sure, she sounded very genuine and reassured me that the company are not out to rip people off. I then sent it back 1st class, recorded delviery the nxt day. she was called Melisa. i shouted at her at first, then felt bad at the end of the call, as she was very helpful, so i apologised. I just hope that after 14 days no money comes out of my acct, i don’t think it will, as i have done everything they have asked me. Good luck to you all and don’t be too hard on yourself. hope i have helped.

    1. MIKATONIC says:

      Hi Kat i am in pretty much exactly the same situation and circumstances and feeling angry with myself it was the channel 4 report that made me feel quite confident that this was ok. I have cancelled the credit card i used and confirmed that they cannot take money. I did email them yesterday and was surprised that they replied today with a cancellation confirmation. I did ask for the order to be cancelled before dispatch so that remains to be seen. I can’t see how if you have cancelled your card and you have confirmation of the order cancellation that they can get any money from you. They rely on good peoples honesty, integrity ,naivity and take advantage of this.

  322. George says:

    I stupidly fell for this scam too… As soon as I had submitted my order I knew something was up and found myself on this website. I called my bank (Natwest) and spoke to the visa department immediately. They told me they would check up on my account every month and anything that came out as ‘free trial’ would be refunded within 24 hours. If I spot it befor ether then I can ring up and I will be refunded by 4pm that day! They say they deal with this stuff a lot and after a couple f months the aments will stop coming out. This is because the company is charged an admin fee every time they have to refund the bank. I am so happy I called the bank straight away even though I am so upset I fell for the scam in the first place. I tried calling the company directly at first to cancel my order, but my mobile number apparently did not have an order associated with it !!

    1. Kat says:

      YES send them back straight away. Ring them on 0800 148 8243 and ask for an RMA number and an address to send it back to. it is very important that you get an RMA number as this is so they can track you on their system when they rec’v the package back from you. send them 1st class rec delivery as they need to be back within 14 days of when you ordered them. good luck

  323. Clare says:

    I ordered these products, stupidly, after reading the article about them. This was only a few days ago and then I found this website. I immediately cancelled my orders and was told I’d be charged £38.71 for cancelling. They sent me a confirmation email but I don’t know where to go from here. Do I ring my bank and try to get them to cancel the transaction? Do I return the products? Where to? Luckily I’ve seen this earlier enough but would really like my £80. This company should be ashamed of themselves. It’s disgusting.

    1. Kat says:

      Oh and the fact that they send the product is to trap you

  324. alan says:

    May be the other side of the “con” is that when money is taken out it is over £100 so the card company is libel to refund money , But when they refund half of it that brings the amount due below the card holders limit and they are not responsible,does anybody have any knowledge of this situation.
    I am now 12 days after returning the extra tablets and no sign of the refund.
    They are now selling their wares under a different name with the same report as our one and the same channel 4 guf with the same actress telling you the bull—t.

  325. Jane says:

    I just fell for this because of the Channel 4 association. I’ve received the tablets but now want to return them and find that I can cancel one of the products but not the other one. The telephone number provided on the paperwork goes nowhere and so I tried the number mentioned several times above 0800 1488243 It looks as if they’ve got wise to the number of people calling and told me this was a different company and they couldn’t understand why people kept calling them. They had no record of my order number, shipment number etc and so although very polite, absolutely useless. I have spoken to my credit card supplier who can’t do much until they actually charge me for the products – but then they say they will pursue them for repayment. One piece of advice I was given is only to use credit cards for these kind of purchases as they can be cancelled a lot more easily than your bank account, and also they don’t give any access to other accounts you may have with the same bank. I’m hoping I can get through this without losing too much money and hope I’ve learned my lesson about things seeming too good to be true – they are!

  326. Michelle Annis says:

    I too ordered both bottles after some research and thought it was a “safe” bet, oh how wrong was I.
    After seeing £150 gone from my account and having received no tablets at all, I was worried to say the least.
    I contacted my bank (barclays, they were really helpful and understanding) who put me through to the fraud team, they cancelled any future payments, and told me that if I still hadn’t received anything in two weeks they would rise an investigation and I would be get my money back. So fingers crossed.

    lesson lernt !!!

  327. Vicky Ellis says:

    I foolishly ordered both trial bottles after reading the channel 4 article, which is a complete con! Wish I had googled the company and found this page first. However on a positive note, as I had only ordered it today I was able to cancel the shipping and they claim they will credit back my account. I am disappointed they continue to mislead the public having received so many complaints!

    Back to plan A I guess, sensible eating combined with exercise and leave these miracle tablets well alone!

  328. alan says:

    I returned lefT over samples on the 8th March with the returns numbers i received over the phoneand having received half monies back have emailed this company three times for balance each time to get a standard email back =,please give alternative email and name and original order numbers so we can process this.”they do everything possible to hold onto their half of my monies”.IF YOU Are reading this and have ordered this product Cancel your order by phone” Now” on 08001488243 and send the balance of the tablets back to the address you are given by recorded delivery ,Get your bank to stop any future payments and report to trading standards asap.
    These tablets can be bought locally at Holland and Barret for pennies compared to this lot.If you are reading this and were going to order “DONT”

  329. Shelly says:

    After doing a routine check on my bank account I noticed the sums of money taken out by beyond raspberry and nutra green coffee totalling over £144. I was totally shocked! I searched the web and found this report which has been a great help.
    I rang my bank who put me through to the fraud dept who will stop beyond raspberry taking any more money from my account. I then rang the company and spoke to an American lady who was very helpful and most apologetic who offered to refund half the money for both products. I received emails confirming the cancellations and refunds while still on the phone. Not sure how long it will take them to pay the money back into my account though!
    I would recommend everybody to ring and cancel and to notify your banks fraud dept about this company.

    1. sharon says:

      just wondering if you recieved your refund hun? i have been told to expect mine in account bewtween 24 n 48 hours x

  330. Stephanie says:

    In response to what can we do to stop this. I think we all need to contact FTC in US, Trading Standard in UK, Watchdog, and report the facebook page, so they close it down.

    1. Alison says:

      Yes good idea, I have done all of these. But why are the links for this raspberry ketone still on my facebook page for goodness sake!

  331. Alison says:

    Why are the links to these diet pill scams still on facebook?! What s disgrace! I’ll never see my £230 again but have sent a complaint in to the Federal Trade Commission in the USA

  332. Sally says:

    After falling for this 30 day free trail, i was mortified to see £79.85 and £64.95 taken from my bank account without any notification.

    When i looked for why i’d been charged, the only reference i found was in the order confirmation email, it said i could cancel anytime by email or phone. I emailed the support address and heard nothing. 48 hours i resent the email and again waited. No repsonse so i phoned the 0800 number and was connected to a US speaking person who was rather rude and said it was my fault for not returning the product or cancelling within 14 days. She agreed to cancel my account and i recieved the email whilst were still connected.

    I wanted to leave some feed back on theie website, but could not find anywhere and stumbled on this site. Thanks to all the comments on here i phoned them again and insisted they offer me some form of refund (which was not offered during the first phonecall) as others on this site had been offered. The free trail products should of been returned by today so i was only offered 25%, but thats better than nothing.

    I dont understand how this company have been able to continue to get away with this form of scamming. I appricaite i was pretty guilable to even try this product, but its just wrong to con vunerable people.

    Please find away to stop these people…

  333. Stephanie says:

    I too failed for this con. I did google raspberry ketone before purchasing, unfortunatly this website didn’t come up at the time. Thanks to all the above comments, I rang my bank straight away, who are sending me a form to sign, which will prevent them to take any further money. I’ve email them many time and no reply, I still haven;t received product, I’ll call them tomorrow again, and tell them they can go where the sun don’t shine… and they can chase me if they want.. but they won’t has they are crooks…..I am going to complain to facebook, as this ad came up on my profile, and they should have a responsiblity as well, and also going to email watchdog, and trading standard. If I had seen this website before I would never fall into this con. I really felt violated. I am not going to stop there.
    The no, is 08001488243, you’ll be patch to the state, but advise to anyone affected by this, ring your bank asap, even after you have purchase product, cancel payment, then cancel with beyond.

  334. Linda Crooks says:

    Does anyone have the 0800 telephone number for Beyond ? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

  335. karaline says:

    March 15th 2013.

    I cannot believe this company…I didnt realise like many that I was going to be charged such a horrific amount of money…so I tried to phone them..in the USA..kept on hold..then put through to some idiot who couldnt convienently find me on their system…I hung up in desperation. I phoned my bank they have opened a fraud case on this.

    So angry I phoned Raspberry ketones again..got through to a young man who had a brain!…I told him I did not want this product..he said I would have 5 days to return it or he would not be able to refund….yet another scam…they would just claim it hadnt been returned on time. So I said no I was not happy with this, so he offered me 50% on the spot refund which I took.

    This is a terrible scam which clearly preys on people who suffer from issues with their weight, & more than likel;y probably cant afford to loose £140 out of their bank account. THis is DISGUSTING….this product is advertised on facebook as well….an absolute disgrace.

    1. ralph says:

      I agree totally they have took nearly £200 of me im a single parent working but only on minimum wage, its mad me sick to the stomach.

  336. karen says:

    I have just been scammed out of £79 .The tablets i sent for were not received and unless i send them back with auth code i wont get a refund .I cancelled them over the phone .No e mail sent to me so i have a feeling they going to take more money from my bank ..what can i do ? x

  337. sharon says:

    Hi All,

    I have just rung the 0800 number and got through straight away to an american man who was very pleasant even though i was spitting feathers down phone after they unauthorised a £40 out of my account leaving me overdrawn ggrrrr, i got issued with a specific number and an address to send product back and they will issue me a full refund as i said this is fraud and im contacting fraud squad at my bank, i shall post the rubbish things back registered so they cannot say theu didnt recieve them, fingers crossed i get refund and good luck to everyone out there xx

    1. Linda Crooks says:

      What is the 0800 number?

  338. Hetty says:

    I also signed up to the free trail and after reading this, I contacted my bank staright away and cancelled my card. They said they aren’t sure if the company has set an auto billing on my card but if they have, that should stop it. If they take any money out in the next couple of weeks, I should contact them and they will look into it. I cannot believe this scam but, I am happy I have an understanding bank. Although teh girl laughed at me when I told her I found out it was a scam! Bless her

  339. Jade Burns says:

    I am absolutely ragin. They have done the same to me too.. Is there anyway of getting your money back? X

    1. sharon says:

      ring the 0800 number, explain u tried getting through to them on the 0844 number and that you are going to the fraud squad at your bank, their quick to refund you then x hope that helps

  340. claire says:

    same happened to me,£79.95 taken from my account yesterday phoned my bank to make sure no more payments go out of my account fraud are keeping an eye on my account and asked if everyone could get in touch with the trading standards and hopefully something can be done with this company if they get enough complaints,good luck

    1. sharon says:

      phone the 0800 number and explain u tried getting intouch but no one answers phone on the 0844 number and they will issue you a RMA number and an address to send products back to and refund your account, dont forget to tell them you want your account stopped immediately and that you are going to file a fraud complaint x

  341. Holly says:

    I begged my partner to let me do the free trial on these and he did it for me on his card 🙁 wish i had read this first, don’t think he should have to pay for my stupidity, think what they are doing is disgusting, HOW DO I CANCEL?!?!?!?!?!?!…..please help

  342. Lynne says:

    I have just tried ordering this and just before adding my details i noticed there was no s for secure on the http(s) bit so i stopped – after reading this i am so glad.

  343. Yvonne says:

    they have been deducting a lot more from my account than laid out in terms and conditions. 2 payments of £ 150 each. never sent pils.

  344. Yvonne says:

    the same happened to me as well. they took 2 payments £150 each ,and never sent any products. they have been deducting a lot more from my account than laid out in terms and conditions.

  345. Alison says:

    Thank you I wish I could get in touch with the company but different to the address above feel sick have lost £250 theres no way for me to get my money back going to contact the Federal Trade Commission in the USA only hope now

  346. Victoria Parker says:

    I can’t believe I was conned into sending for the free trials too. But here’s a success story:
    Ordered the 2 trials @ £4.95 postage each, but saw no T&Cs but maybe they were hidden. Received the bottles, then a month later saw £79.95 & £59.95 on my bank acct statement. Phones my bank who were brilliant (Natwest), they gave me a phone number for Beyond Raspberry, after numerous phone calls (4), have received a full refund after posting the 1/2 used trails packs back. The £140.00 charged is for if you keep the trial packs!! (they’re £9.99 at Holland & Barrett)!
    Here’s the info: 0800 1488243 (in the US, I spoke to Nathan who was quite helpful)
    Address to return pills:Nutragreen Coffee Klense At Cost,
    Herkimer House,
    Millroad Industrial Estate,
    EH49 7 SF

    Send both of the bottles Raspberry and Coffee stuff to this address recorded or registered post and keep the 13 digit postage ref as I quoted this as proof of delivery.
    Good luck!

    1. alan says:

      Thanks Victoria,Further to my comment i phoned the number you gave and spoke to Nathan as well ,sending back to address as directed by him and getting 50 per cent back instantly and the balance on receipt ,Still caused a lot of problems at my card company and having to post back with the way they do business .Hear this American company .This is not the way to do business in the UK.

    2. Linda Crooks says:

      I have just contacted the company on the above number and spoke to Mike who was very helpful,. I should teceive confirmation by email of my cancellation, and details of how to return any products if necessary.
      Fingers crossed! x

    3. jodi males says:

      Hi I am with NatWest and funny enough had money removed from my account however NatWest are saying that they cannot in any way get my money back for me I have also phoned the number for raspberry ketone people and they have said they too cannot refund my money, I have said it was unortharisesd ! How did you manage to get a refund as they have removed all my money ??? X

  347. alan says:

    Just checked my card statement to find i have also been conned by this company the same as most of you , I HAVENT RECEIVED ANY GOODS OR ORDERED ANY SINCE “FREE TRIAL”on contacting my card company they have put in a fraud investigation and stopped any more of these transactions. i will be in touch with CAB tomorrow to inform them as well. to anyone else reading this .

    1. Pam Morris says:

      I also fell for this scam. My husband phoned the number and spoke to a guy who said his name was Richard Martin, the guy was foreign and spoke with a very broken English accent. As soon as my husband spoke the line became very bad and broken (so Richard said) but when he spoke the line was fine. Anyway after 40 minuites on the phone, no joy. My husband phoned again the following day and the same guy then said he was Daniel Jones!!!! Still no joy. Not only have they taken £95 and £85, they also set up 5 mobile phone contracts, 3 O2 and 2 EE pay as u go accounts. I to am going to contact watchdog and the fraud squad and intend to get this company shut down. Seems amazing that i havent recieved any more emails about trailing rasberry ketone since!!!!

  348. Alan says:

    Like alot of people I have fallen for the “free trial” I was of the understanding that I would receive a 30 day trial of both Ketone and Cleanse Premium and I would only have to pay for P&P. This message was very clear unlike any message about further payments. I have a case open with my credit card company who say they have received alot of calls about this company.

  349. Mitra says:

    I have also fallen for the same trap and only tried it because of Channel 4 ad… Spent half an hour on a call with them and no use. How can they get away with this, I also ordered the Green Coffee and noticed the ingredients are identical to Raspberry crap…
    Whoever is thinking of ordering these useless products PLEASE DONT unless you want to part with £132..

  350. coley says:

    this has happened to me they said they cant cancel through email? so going to phone them later today also when I phone my bank who do I ask for? what do I say? thanks

  351. BlueBabe says:

    I have also been ‘Scammed’ by this company although I have contacted my bank (Payments Disputes Team) and they have been very helpful, and are in the process of refunding me thank god. I ordered these ‘FREE TRIAL’ products in good faith and have since had £37.50, £79.95 and £48.71 debited from my account even after I sent them cancellation emails within the trail period (which were completely ignored). DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY or any of their products. Be Warned!!

  352. floxy says:

    same thing just happened to me,did’nt even receive any till now and they debit me 79.95. please how can i retrieve my money back?

  353. Pat Hill says:

    I also gave it a go after the channel 4 article they said ” give it a go its free and you only have weight to lose” ( no mention of the £70 onroleing chare).
    and then whilst on face book I had a article flash-up “you have been chosen for afree trial of premium keytone” you only pay £4.75 P.P.
    I wow I thought I’ll give it a go.
    But oh no when it arrived and i read the leaftet it said i’d joined a role-on subscription. which had I known I would not have joined as i’m unemployed and have no money coming in. It also informed me I had to telephone customer services to get the address to return the item (at my own cost) because the automated message was difficult to understand. I e:mailed the company, to check the return address and got a message back saying someone would get back in 72 hours this is discussting.

  354. Carla Auty says:

    I also ordered this Free Trial via an ad off facebook which claimed to of been Tested & reviewed by an editor of the Daily mail , after reading her comments i thought as we all have these sound great and only p&p to pay.
    Pills ordered never saw any small print regarding any monthly subscribtions checked my bank this morning £75 & £37.50 taken from my account ….I felt sick and the best of it ive Not recieved any tablets .
    Tried frantically to find the site and stumbled on this site , was mortified when i saw all these posts immediately ive rang my bank and stopped my account which is a massive inconvienance .
    Luckily ive managed to alert my daughter & her friend whom also ordered from the same site b4 any money was taken from there accounts
    I will be ringing the 0800 no 1st thing to try and recover my money. Im so angry ive become a victim of this scam as im sure we all are …this needs to be address and STOPPED !!!

    1. Diana says:

      Go to your bank tell them you have tried to cancel they can bring this as a debit fraud, tell everyone also get on to thebCAB they have a site for trading standards, the more people who contact them, they will close them down. They know this could be a criminal offence they have took on my case.

  355. Diana says:

    Very disappointed! I have been scammed too, I got onto them after seeing a second payment come out, they said I was out of the money back for the first payment I made and I have to wait for my second batch of pills to get my money back if I get my money back! My bank have put a stop on the account that is taking the money out and will try and claim it back through them, I have contacted the CAB to notify them and will try every way to claim my money back, what a waste of money, the more people complain the more this company will get investigated, must say when I told the woman I was going to report her to trading standards she didn’t even know what that was! They just don’t care. Good luck everyone

  356. pauline says:

    I rang the 0800 148 8243 at 7-30am and they answered within 2mins spoke to a chap called Nathan who explained the 14day trial to me, I told him that this just was not made clear at all when ordering the trial of the products, I felt that they are a bogus company. He assured me that they are not a bogus company and have had a lot of GOOD feed back, ( I dont know where this feed back was from) he says he will refund me 50% back via my bank and also cancell future orders, I didnt know I had any future orders. But consiquently when you order your free trial it also commits you to future monthly orders. He has e-mailed me confirming the cancellation and I will keep an eye on bank statements for the refund. Keep you posted

    1. Chervonne Shennan says:

      Call the bank anyway I have and they cancelled my card, once they have your card number thy can do and take what they want x

  357. pauline says:

    I dont believe that I have been scammed !! You think you are on the ball regarding bogus companies, but when I have just viewd my bank statement I couldnt believe my eyes. Yes Billed £79-95 and £59-95 . After reading all the reviews on your site which are very helpfull, I will be contacting my bank in the morning and try and ring the 0800 148 8243 hoping I may get a reply. I will keep you posted. It makes you so angry and of course upsetting.

  358. lizzie says:

    I ought to have known better as i work for a Bank and see people being scammed all the time. The Chanel 4 thing had me convinced that it was kosher and there was nothing to say i would be auto billed, however i did a bit of research a couple of days later and found that it was indeed an auto billing scam so i rang up to cancel before i had received anything. I was told it had been cancelled and forgot all about it until 6th feb when i found they had take 79.95, i then looked at jan statement and found another 79.95 had been taken. I had been so busy spending over christmas it had gone unnoticed. I rang and they said they would refund the money and cancel the order and i did receive an Email confirmation. I did not get a refund so i emailed them but got a mailer daemon notice to say it had not been delivered. I then contacted visa and put in a claim under chargeback and have received all my money back. If you paid by visa debit or credit ask your provider for a claim form. The company have to advise you clearly that you will be re billed they can not hide it as they do they also have to give contact details phone and email and address which can be used these can not and they have to be able to prove that they have delivered the product and although they say it is tracked it is not and so is your word against theirs. Tell your provider you haven’t received anything and your emails are coming back and you will get your refund and the company will be flagged up as a scam after so many chargebacks and their credit facilities removed stopping more people being scammed.

    1. Alison says:

      Thanks but my Bank said they can’t give me my money back as I stupidly gave them my bank card details over the phone of my own free will. There is no way of me contacting the company. I didn’t even see the terms and conditions as a woman rang me so all I thought I was getting was one months supply at £6. All the bank can do is put a stop to them taking further monies out. Somebody somewhere must know how to get hold of the dam company. I was so upset yesterday

      1. Alison says:

        I have a friend who is tracing this bogus website. Its American based. Why on earth hasn’t anyone taken it off Facebook and traced it down. I have being taken the ketone and cleanse for a month got knows whats in them its obviously not the orginal one. Why can’t someone do something about this

      2. lizzie says:

        Hi Alison
        Go back to your bank and tell them you want to make a formal complaint, If they didnt tell you on the phone they would be rebilling then you have a case whether you gave them your card details or not. Don’t let them fob you off tell the bank you will take it further if they don’t do anything tell them you want a chargeback claim form sending out and be persistent . They make their money out of people just giving up. Good Luck

        1. Alison says:

          Thanks Lizzie I will do this on Monday. Really wasn’t very impressed with the Halifax – and don’t trust them to monitor my account I’m going to cancel that account altgogether too. Thanks.

          1. lizzie says:

            And when you speak to them tell them you haven’t received anything from them, they say they track but they don’t so they couldn’t prove otherwise and they can’t take money for something they haven’t delivered. Let me know how you get on.

          2. Philippa says:

            I am with Halifax and they were not helpful at all!! am going to ring them again in the morning and tell them to blimmin well block it or I will close my account!!

    2. john says:

      i like so many was conned by Beyond by the misleading C4 endorsement as far as I am concerned it was a deliberate act to deceive into giving the product total credability.I too ordered both products but got no confirmation email of starting and ending date of the free trial was emailed ( which is grounds for total refund) you just realise your sucked into a re- billing when you get your statement.Icalled capital one ;my card issuer to get them to halt any future charges ,they promised do do just that but as my nest statement was to show didnt ! Got onto them really quick and got an apology and card was cancelled with a promise of refund.i then contacted beyond told them i`d emailed them weeks earlier to cancel and boy did Adam`s the Beyond reps arse go when he realised i had recorded his answers- do as i did record any conversation you have with these people use it for evidence of ther lies and verification of your cancellation and u tube it- make these lying thieving con artists famous. I even had an email saying I could only cancel by phoning (the STATES) that also is a lie it can be done online although it takes some fathoming out. I really dont give a damn about the money now if i get it back smashing, but I want to cause them as many problems as they have caused me it`s personal now every rep of theirs is a part of the swindle- never mind the people who say i talked to a very helpful man / woman etc it`s probably them writing the nice coments! make it personal- record conversations get names save emails be as tricky as these scum bags.

    3. Emma Louise says:

      It is a good diet but a total rip off, you can buy them on ebay through pay pall and a different brand for £9.00 for 100. This site needs shutting down i emailed them with regards to the diet plan and heard nothing, have been paying monthly and received nothing, i have to face facts i will get no credit as i waited a month for the pills and they need to no within 21 days yet this is not even stated in their t&c’s x

  359. Nancy says:

    I fell for it to and I’m really cross about it. All I saw was a trial product for £4 something like everyone else. However, I did call them and get my account cancelled. I was charged £69 and £80 for the pills. It is a con the way they get you to fall for it. If anyone hasn’t already just call the number above to get your account cancelled. As I’m out of the 30 days trial period all they will give me is 25% back of the total cost, which is £14 and £19 something like that, nothing compared to what I paid out. Not even tried the pills and I don’t even want to. Never again will I ever do anything like this. Remember if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

    1. Alison says:

      Has anyone else got a leafet with the number of 0844 7452161 on which is a con and you can’t get through. No address just an email which is also a can. Can anyone help? I cannot believe Channel 4 review made me consider buying this product they should be ashamed of themselves

  360. Hayley says:

    What i just did was call that 0800 number, spoke to a girl on the phone who gave me the option of either return the 50%+ of the pills (costing £10 for your P&P) and she would refund me however it would take AT LEAST 30 working days.
    She gave me 50% of my refund there and then and you do not have to post back the products.
    In long the run, its a lesson well learnt just to take the 50% there and then, you get some of your money back after making your own mistake.

    She also cancelled my subscription there and then also.
    (E-mails follow the phone call)….

  361. Claire says:

    I ordered Beyond Raspberry Ketone for me and my mum this evening after reading rave reviews. Once it was ordered I had a niggly feeling, so I looked into the product a little more and found this website. I felt sick after reading these reviews – I am not usually this gullable. I called the number shown on the website as I could’nt order online and went through to an American call centre. Don’t get me wrong the staff were very helpful ( suppose they have to be ) and the order was placed. I have just called up the number 08001488243 and cancelled both orders. A cancellation email was sent to me almost straight away ( for only one of the orders – so I will be keeping a watchful eye for the second email) but I will be calling my bank first thing in the morning to put a stop on them trying to take any future payments. Thought it sounded too good to be true!

  362. Debbie says:

    Cannot believe that I have fallen for this scam. For JUST 4.95 I could have a FREE 30 day trial of this product….£160 quid and two months later I read this and all makes sense now. At no point did I read anything on their site that referred to additional monthly costs of around £80 per bottle, nor did I read that it was to be on a monthly basis…30 day trial..£4.95…this is what I saw!!! Shocking!!! And feel like a complete fool for falling for this :((

    1. Alison says:

      I cannot not believe I have been so stupid I too have lost over £200 and the Ketone Premium number of 0844 7452161 is obviously a con you can’t get through! I have spent all day a the bank/on the phone sorting this out please help

  363. Peachy says:

    To cancel them, Call 08001488243. but u hav to be patience coz they ll let you wait very long longgg time to response ur call.
    I called to cancel and tried to refund product to get the money back, but they said it was very difficult to refundand might take time so they offer me a 50%refund and let me keep product. If you dont want to waste ur time and just want to stop them deductur money like me. Just try to call and ask for same condition like me.
    Hope it help!

  364. Suzanne lilley says:

    I too have fallen foul of this scam. £112.50 taken from my account and ever since a number of emails sent with no reply. I am escalating this with my bank and seeking independent advice. Please read all forums in relation to this product as there us good advice out there and some people have been fortunate enough to get a refund. I hope I do! Good luck for anyone else that’s been a victim of this.

  365. Amy says:

    Having purchased the ‘free trial’ earlier on and then reading these comments i have now cancelled my order! All i did was ring this number 08001488243 and they cancelled it over the phone there and then!! I hope this helps people out!!

    1. Eva says:

      Just in case Check this cancellation. They are sending contradicting info. Most of the time they say that you cannot cancel order over the phone CHECK THIS NOW

  366. Amy Robinson says:

    I have just ordered the ‘FREE TRAIL’ but have now just seen this and i cant find anywhere on the site where i can cancel it!! Please help!!

    1. Eva says:

      as above …Block your method of payment NOW

  367. rosina mcmillan says:

    how is this company be allowed to con people, i ordered this product on a pop up site saying i had won a prize. i had a choice of three prizes ,the won i took was as above no mention of a return or cancell was metioned i am a sensor citizen and cannot afford the £139.90 which was charged to my account,i have not been given any help frpm my credit card provider as they say it is legal what the above company is doing. i am going to cantact consumer council in northern ireland ,hopefully they will be able to put a stop to this company taking vunarable people on.. how can you sleep in your beds .

    1. emma davidson says:

      i have ordered this this morning for me and my mum. seen this and am now completely panicking. i have tried to cancel the orders but they say they have no recollection of my placing any orders.! Suggestions please

      1. Eva says:

        inform your bank and credit card and ask them to BLOCK this transaction as frodulant NOW

  368. Jessica says:

    I ordered the trial package and was told by the automated service I could keep the trial for 37.50 to prevent future subscription, this was taken from my account as expected however a further £37.50 has since been taken from my bank account which was not expected. Have emailed ‘support service’ and heard nothing!

  369. susie 59 says:

    well, thank goodness I read this before I ordered, shouldn’t someone be aiming our concerns at the woman who used her name and the C4 connections, I think maybe she may be infringing something in her own contract to con vulnerable people, and yes, those of us, who are desperate to lose weight, are vulnerable.

  370. Snoopy213 says:

    That’s the email I got from them. And I still not recived any goods from them. I paid over 100£ for nothing

  371. Snoopy213 says:

    Dear Customer,

    Thanks for your email.

    Please note that the offer you signed in is not an offer for free products, it is a 14 day trial; the deal is to try the products for 14 days and pay only P&P. If you like the products you could keep them and would be charged on the 14th day the full price of the products. If you are not happy with the products you can cancel within 14 days, request RMA numbers and return the products within 21 days for a full refund less P&P, as long as you returned 50% of the product. If you returned less we would pro-rate the refund.

    All this was explained in the Terms and Conditions, which you agreed to when you placed your order by checking the box saying you had read them. You could not have placed the order without checking the box, as it would not have processed the order. They were also in the leaflet that you should have received when you received your orders.

    If you require further assistance, please respond to this email, ensuring the ticket number is left in the subject line.

    Many Thanks,

    Ketone Premium Customer Service Team

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: ARO-873-92127
    Department: Ketone/Cleanse Premium UK
    Type: Issue
    Status: Closed
    Priority: Critical

    Support Center: http://csupport.kayako.com/customersupport

    1. susan nagle says:

      I ordered ketone and cleanse as a free trial. Money for shipping came out on 11th January and on the 28th January £75 and £37.50 came out of my account. I have not received the pills yet so am unable to return them. Can I just cancel the account or do I have to wait for the pills to eventually turn up?

    2. Hayley says:


      I ordered these pills at the start of the month.
      However, they are making me ill. I have over 50% of the pills remaining.
      I have been billed £80.
      If i return the products to you (to what address?) will i be given a refund?

    3. Alison says:

      I wasn’t given chance to read any terms and conditions as a woman rang me up and never mentioned any of this. Please can I have my money back £200 in 4 weeks is ridiculous and can ill afford it. Why can’t I get through on your telephone number

    4. Alison says:

      A woman rang me so I had no chance to read any terms and conditions. I would be grateful if I could get my hundreds of pounds back. They don’t even work, and what is in them? You have been deducting a lot more from my account than laid out in terms and conditions. I bought these in good faith. Please help

    5. Carol says:

      Your company is a complete and utter scam! It should state CLEARLY on your website about being ripped off for £80 rather in a ridiculous small print of terms and conditions! To anyone interested in purchasing this garbage – DO NOT BOTHER YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF.

    6. Eva says:

      Ticket ID: ARO-873-92127
      You are not instructing your people correctly. i.e. I was told to return EMPTY bottle there was no mention of 50% return or any pro-rate refund..

    7. maxine payne says:

      Hi reading all these comments makes me so angry I rang up a number of times and the line was dead I tried sending email and it kept saying error £86.00 and£66.00 has been taken from my account and it has now been canceled so no more money will be taken I am going to go to the papers and I have reported your company to watchdog and also the police its digusting that your company should be able to rip so many people off for so much money and I have not recieved anymore tablets.my partner is in the process of looking for your address to picket your firm at no point in my dealings with you were I told I had to send back 50% of the tablets, I want a full refund of my money to be sent to me and your company disbanded

      1. kristina says:

        I rang & cancelled my subscription with the 14 days. I was then told I would be charged £38.95 for CANCELLING!! I remained polite but firm & told the woman (Brenda) that if they attempted to take any money I would sue them for fraud through my bank. Initially she said ‘go ahead, charges are in the small print’, I then told her I was recording the conversation & had a copy of all their terms & conditions & it said nothing about ‘extra charges’, I again reiterated my intention to have the company charged with fraud. Brenda has now agreed to refund any money I have paid & confirmed they will not be taking any more money. However, I have contacted my bank & cancelled my debit card because frankly I don’t believe anything this organisation says. For anyone interested the company’s address is Herkimer House, Mill Road Industrial Estate, Linlithgow, EH49 7SF.

        1. ana says:

          hello I’ve been charged for 84.95 and I sent them an email I ask them I want a refund because I cancelled and I’m not interesting by this product
          They sent me an email and said call the customer service..
          I told them I will tell the bank
          So I told the bank and they are investigating
          Hopefully get my money back

    8. Maggi says:

      If it’s not a scam then why don’t you say on your website it’s a subscription? why didn’t the girl on the phone tell me that when she made further offers? Also there was no leaflet in my order. Liars and scammers all

  372. emma says:

    not happy with company, i read all small print saying you can phone up and cancalled. they never said when ordering you have to send half back to not get charged then they dont give you adress so it makes it impossible to cancel. i been chrged 4 times had to stop it at bank lost lots money

  373. Sandra says:

    Anyone got information on how to cancel this as I have been going round in circles! Anyone got a success story as it sounds like most people are just getting money taken

  374. sean says:

    hi i got nailed toobut im fighting with creditcard co to get my money back,a friendly bank helps.
    slimetone plus want me to send their stuff back via reg post but to a po box.cant be done.
    noted that the c4 ad with julia miller is part of their fake site click anywhere on it and u go to slimetone and julia miller does other fake sites too.even in the states.on fri 25th it said the offer was ending on the 25th jan 2013.24hrs later it was ending on 9th oct 2012.hope i get my money back.i mean i will !!!!!

  375. john says:

    Hi, Me too unfortunately!
    However, I have reported problems with company to econsumerwb@ftc.gov
    using link from this page/site above right to Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
    This permits secure report of problems with any company worldwide,
    thereby alerting others to potential scam. Prompt reply from them too!
    The more reports of these, then the less likely others will be scammed
    and more possibility of return of unauthorized payments! 😉 Good luck.

  376. julie says:

    exactly same thing has happened to me tried to cancel and told another batch on its way that day how very convenient!! still not arrived by the way ? was charged 79.95 and 59.95 for “free” trial which is obviously not and same charges for next batch. PLEASE READ T&C and don’t get caught out like us its alot of money from budget. Am now swimming and going to gym and making portions smaller and am steadily losing weight the right way and its costing me less. Also have notified the bank and got them in on it even cancelling creditcard so go talk to your bank and see if they can help !!!

    1. Eva says:

      It looks to me that the charges are just random amount as practically every one of us “suckers” were done for a different amount for the same trial product.

  377. TAMARA says:

    I received my “free” trial and when i read the T & C’s it says they would charge me over £100 after 14 days from ordering. However I could ask for a return’s number to send the product back within 21 days. I requested the returns number on Day 13 and never heard anything. They charged on Day 14 and I have followed this up with another 3 emails. Still no reply. I cannot get to speak to anyone over the phone and I am gutted. I have followed the T & C’s they have set out and they just keep ingnoring me! Please if anyone hears anything please pass the info on x

    1. Fay says:

      Hi if you go on to the site you can cancel there and they give you a RMA number to include with it, have done this but cancelled my card also so they can’t take any money, hope this helps

      1. debbie says:

        Hi, I fell for this offer. After the first lot of tablets came, it was only 4 days later that another batch arrived! I tried ringing up first and it was an automated service. Went online to cancel which was ok and they gave me a number for each lot of tablets which they said I had to return separately!
        Was sending then back recorded delivery but was just over 9 pounds for each one. Sent them normal delivery, but got a receipt. Am canceling my card tomorrow and ordering a new one so they can’t take any money out.
        They are ripping loads of people off by the looks of it!
        Also, I only took the tablets for 3 days and I started feeling faint. Came off them just in case it was that.
        Hope something is done about these people!

      2. Peachy says:

        Hello Fay.
        Could you please tell me more about how to unsubscribe please.. I cat find ways to stop them deduct my money 🙁

        1. samantha says:

          hi steve, my name is sam, im glad that i may be able to help, contact your bank straight away, as they will continue to take your money at 90 00 a bottle! go to the fraud people at your bank, they will cancel all , and if they take any money the bank will reemburce you asap within 24 hours, tell them as soon as poss. dont contact the company. good luck. dam scammers. let me knowhow you get on . samantyha x x

          1. fiona says:

            thankyou for your advice iv had 140 pounds taken from this company i rang my bank straight away and there now dealing with getting my money back and putting a stop to them taking from my account when they never got my permission from me ..this is a bad company nobody buy from them .

          2. sally says:

            Hi all- I too have sent for the 14 day free trials of these products and been quite ill with them. Then read all this and have actually phoned my bank (Barclays) who put me through to the company to cancel my subscription (although I hadn’t realised I had subscribed to an on going product, just the trial). After talking to a very strange American guy who was a little abrupt, he said he would cancel my subscription and gave me the 2 RMA numbers and a return address for the pills- which will cost me to send them back recorded delivery! I then received an email notification of cancellation of just one product! I have phoned my bank and they have said they will try to cancel any future payments to this company, or refund my account within 24 hours if a payment does go out. I advise anyone to speak to their bank and explain what has happened to them asap! Good Luck all.

        2. mel says:

          Cancel your card!

      3. annabel says:

        Hello I too have been sent the pills! I read after ordering the conditions and tried to cancel the order 5 min of ordering, but pills were sent! I too cancled my card but the bank said they can still take the money! I’m really worried and don’t know what to do! Has any money came out since cancelling your card?

      4. Lorna McMillan says:

        Please could you give me their web address as iI need to cancel my so called membership that I hadn’t realised I’d signed up for. Thanks

        1. Kathy says:

          Ring Raspberry Ketone to cancel asap 0800 148 8243 and for Nutra Green Coffee 0800 157 7409.

          1. Eva says:

            Nutra Green Coffee 0800 157 7409Nutra I try to ring this number second time and it was dead line. The only way to deal with them is to block any payment to them from your bank and/or credit/debit card.

        2. sarah says:

          there is a site called “easy cancel beyond raspberry keton”. just fill in your details & the site will find your details & ask if you still require to cancel.

          1. Kimberley says:

            yes but for £40, I too fell for this scam, they must be stopped now watchdog. They dont even work.

      5. nadia says:

        Hi Fay, i have cancelled my account now on both rasperry ketone and Nutra green coffee and also got RMA numbers for both but i haven’t received any pills yet so i can send them back!! i also cancelled my card but i am scared they will still be able to take money out of my account..as some people have said they still took money out after they cancelled their accounts.. Can someone tell me for sure if they can still take money out even after u cancelled ur card? thanks

        1. nadia says:

          i meant after they cancelled their cards, not accounts.

    2. Diana says:

      Go to your bank, this is debit fraud, you have tried to cancel and no answer, also go to CAB they have a link with the trading standards in America, they are taking on my case. These companies are bad and prey on people, good luck make sure you get your email dates and dates of when you tried to cancel and take it to the bank they should help you.

  378. Charlotte says:

    I ordered a free trial and after looking at my bank statement they have charged me over £100 and say I am on a monthly subscription. I did not sign up for this and how can they take a payment using my card without me knowing? I have cancelled now but have lost £100. I have not receive anything in writing from this company. This can’t be right!

    1. siobhan says:

      Hey, so I’ve just signed up without reading these comments which I should’ve done, but how did u cancel the subscription??

      1. claire says:

        Siobhan I ordered mine too, received them. I just called my bank after reading all this and asked them to cancel my card and reissue me a new one. I cant believe this! Its awful!!

        1. nadia says:

          hey Claire, i also got caught into this scam last week and i was advised to cancel my card by my bank (halifax) and order a new one! they said the company could not take any more money out but im still not sure about it and really worried! Cna u tell if they were able to take any more money after u cancelled ur card?

  379. Steve brown says:

    I have also order from beyond raspberry and they won’t cancel over phone – they sat I will be charged trial price £ 4.99 and I can then send back and cancel – can u advise me what I should do to ensure I don’t keep getting charged

    1. Peter says:

      I was told they would charge me 59.95 if I insisted on cancelling over the phone. The auto-ship arrangement is neatly concealed on the webpage. I got angry and sent several emails expressing my annoyance (putting it nicely). They conceded to cancel 3 days after the order was placed. I got an email stating my account was finished but they have now sent the goods a further two days on, trapping me in their awkward T&C’s return policy once again. Terible, terrible company….:-(

      1. Tracey says:

        Get in touch with your bank ! Tell them the company is refusing to cancel your order and they will cancel card then they will get you to sign a disclaimer saying that you never realised you were obligated to the company for futue offers or the rasberry ketone , and the bank fraud team will then cancel your subscription . Please note that cancelling your card on your own wont stop it cause its like a DD to the account .

        1. nadia says:

          hi Tracey, i was advised to cancel my card by my bank (halifax) and they said the company would not be able to take any more money out of my account.. but now reading your comment as really worried me..

          1. Carol says:

            Hi I am yet another scammed person who received products about 2 weeks ago and noticed that payments of £95.00 and £89.00 had been taken out of my bank 2 days ago. I’ve contacted my bank and cancelled my debit card but its not enough just to do this as it is classed as a recurring payment..I was put through to fraud and then disputes department who have put a note on my account to monitor any future attempts to take further money from my account. If these payments do slip through then the bank has assured me that this will be picked up and fully refunded within 24 hours. With regards the money I’ve already paid…unfortunately because I’ve used the products (unsuccessfully I might add – don’t work) and unable to return then they can’t refund. I’m really upset about all of this and how easily I’ve been taken in..lesson learned – THERE’S NOTHING EVER FREE

    2. Eva says:

      Inform your bank and ask to block this and any future transactions to this company.

  380. robert tomlinson says:

    same thing happened to me.
    something must be done aqbout this company
    150 pounds for two small bottles of pills
    i note chanell 4 tv has a connection to this

    1. siobhan says:

      This is the reason I decided to give it a go, because of a channel 4 article, they didn’t point out any cons nd how to cancel 🙁

      1. Tracey says:

        You are so right in fact in the channel 4 report it actually tells you that there are no hidden charges from these reputable scam artits , they did the same with the teeth whitening offer . Your bank will help you avoid any further payments being taken out but if its in the terms and conditions I’m afraid you won’t get you money back .my they will only help you cancel the subscription . If this is a channel 4 true article they should also be held accountable by watchdog .

        1. maxine payne says:

          yes I have canceled the credit card I used so they cannot get any more money but its alot to loose will try watch dog but dont hold out any hope anyone reading this dont be taken in x

      2. sara says:

        If I had known about the 80 pound charge I was gonna getfor a free trial I would never have orded them fauls advertisment nd conning scum is what kidlington is

    2. Jez Stoker says:

      I have fallen for the same scam, which has taken me over my credit limit. A very expensive 60 pills. Terrible short term business, which does not even work. The Channel 4 endorsement gave me confidence. T&Cs are one thing. There is absolutely no clear reference to future costs and certainly nothing in the order confirmation. Shame on beyond Raspberry and a lack of care by Channel 4. Never again!

      1. Hope Taylor says:

        I’m not sure this is the same Channel 4 that you watch on TV.

        1. Gabriela says:

          What Channel 4 would that be then? They have been clearly using this name to fool people into believing it is a genuine deal because of the reputation of the tv channel.

    3. Beth says:

      It’s nothing to do with C4, the reporter is actually a french news reader. The website is also fake, everything you click leads to the pill site, just wish I had realised this before falling foul! I should have known better!

      1. Gabriela says:

        It might not be but they should be aware of it by now. I have been fooled by that on the 15 September 2013 and an the person who wrote it said was a Channel 4 employee. That are posts much older than mine here. When I went searching for reviews, unfortunately this did not come up but something else that helped me to believe it was a safe deal.

    4. Gabriela says:

      Yes, I agree with you that they do have a connection with Channel 4 tv channel.

      I have only bought them after reading a testimonial of an employee of Channel 4. Whoever this person is (but referred to self as being a woman) added couple of links to her post. One linking directly to the Miracle Raspberry Ketones (which apparently is also the name of this disgraceful company) and the other linking to the Colon Cleanse Total.

      This happened to me on the 15 of September 2013 as I clearly remember her stating there that the 30 day free trial was only available until that day, which made me hurry on making a decision whether or not to buy it. Believing it was genuine after a Channel 4 staff having made a propaganda of it, I went for it. How stupid! I should have made a note of the Channel 4’s employee.

      I left the page open on the browser of my phone for another 5 days but instead should have made a screen shot of it. When I tried to get back to it to get her name, the page refreshed automatically and her post was gone.

      I bought both products paying 4.89 pounds each but only got a confirmation of one of them. Two weeks later I started getting emails saying that if I wanted to keep the product I would have to pay for it 142 (not stating whether pounds or dollars and if for one only or both), displaying sensitive information of my debit card on the email.
      In that moment I realised I was a victim of scam.

      The reason they’ve given for having to charge me that money was that the payment was declined and if I wanted to keep the product sent I should pay that amount or send back. I tried to call them but the number did not seem to work. I sent a query via contact us on their website. I emailed them queries that were never directly or clearly answered but in no one of them I had a satisfactory customer service.

      I have receive them and today I got another email with a different reason. They had informed me that they tried to debit my account using my debit card but it was cancelled (which I did once I realised they were going very soon to take more money from me). They also say that because I did not reply within 14 days from purchase saying whether I wanted to keep or not the pills I should be charged an extra amount. However, the company manager is giving me 50% discount to keep them (I received both in the end). Although if I do not want to keep them to let them know and they will send me instructions to send them back.

      I am scared these pills can harm me, so I wont use them but I am sure I will have costs to send them back. I found at the bottom of my email confirmation stated saying this:

      1. Gabriela says:

        “we ONLY bill the total amount stated – $4.99”

        So I replied the email saying that I did not contract the risk-total free trial but the 30 day free trial, that all is paid and I owe them nothing else, attached a screen shot of a copy of the email stating the above and asked them to stop sending me emails.

        Obviously, even though I had no extra money charged into my account I am not feeling safe because I am not sure how much far they can get away with it and I have no clue who to contact to help me and make them stop. Only replied to them today because I feel scared if I don’t defend myself they can use that against me and I don’t want any consequences. However, there must be someone out there that can make them stop!

        Who can help it?!!!

        ps: the statement they said was going to appear was MIRACLE and a buch of numbers but as expected and did not and something completely different appeared. I have purchased these evil pills from Miracle Raspberry Ketones.

        1. Gwyneth says:

          Try your bank, they were really helpful with me 🙂

  381. Watchdog Staff says:

    Hi Caroline,
    Thank your for taking the time to report this supplement. It looks like another “trial” that uses an auto-billing programme has been released. We would urge consumers to ensure you have read the companies “Terms and Conditions” clearly before purchasing.
    Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

    1. HAYLEY says:

      this as happened to me but how do i get hold of them i have had no emails or anything from them and now i cant find anything online apart from the free trails not contact us info

      1. jenny says:

        I done the same call customer services on 0800 157 7409 or 0800 148 8243
        Go back on line for the cancellation form you must get what they call a RMA number as you will need to send back the item when you recieve it. Hope this helps

        1. Tammy says:

          Hiya Jenny
          Thank you for this information I was shocked to hear that money would be taken out of my account, I think it is disgraceful that they make it sound like you get to try the product for free thanks to you I have phoned the number and got my RMA number and the address to send the product back to- they said I have to pay for tracking as if product gets lost in the post and they dont receive it then I will be charged the full amount!! Im going to go to my bank to see if they can block any payments going out this end incase the company try to take any money. It was only by luck that a friend at work warned me and showed me this forum otherwise I would have used the product and not cancelled within the 2 week time limit.

          1. Emily Cole says:

            I have rang up and cancelled them taking money out of my account again as they’ve already taken 95 out. Is that all I need to do? Do I need to send them back aswell? I’m so fuming angry and frustrated!!!!!

        2. Amy says:

          What a joke! I fell into the same trap. I ordered the “free” trial then on receiving the product rang to cancel any auto payments thereafter. I was shocked when the automated messaging system told me £38.71 will be collected immediately from my bank! I read all the terms and conditions previously before purchasing and there was nothing in it to say I would be charged at all!
          I found when calling the helpline that the woman I was speaking to got quite annoyed as I wouldn’t let it drop that I got charged for a so called “free” trial! After 10mins of trying to get her to explain herself I simply said its not free then is it! False advertising isn’t it? She didn’t have much to say and proceeded to refund the amount taken with out authorisation. I have sent the product back and am expected to get my found within 3 working days….. Here’s hoping!
          A discracful company! How can they keep getting away with it!

          1. hollie says:

            hiya ive literally just fell into the same trap today and luckily read the one email I did get and got told I would get charged the same money as well. I have requested the refund and he said he doubts I will receive the products but im worried I will now they have got my bank details. I have received a RM number for the raspberry ketones but not for the green coffee. its really worrying me. even the man on the phone said the automated service should be taken off. the two people we spoke to for the raspberry ketones was so so rude and kept lying to myself and my partner saying one minute they was going to cancel it then they had canceled it. let us know how you get on as they told me not to send the green coffee back only the raspberry keytones but now im really worried!!!!!

          2. JULIA STERGIOU says:


          3. Julie says:

            Oh dear, I cannot believe have also fallen for this scam. I am normally so careful and just goes to show how the best of us can be gullible to this type of advertising. It was only when I put it in google did I see the ATA advice and of couse these comments. I ordered the keratone trial on my phone and luckily am within the 14 day return policy. I managed to get my RMA number. I only got the email to say it had been dispatched today so am hoping it comes quick so I can send it straight back. However, when clicking on the same link for the green coffee it kept coming up as an error page and saying couldn’t use same browser. I panicked and decided to ring number as didn’t want to be charged the full amount only to be put in a queue so briskly hung up as don’t want to receive a huge telephone bill as Gawd only knows what the charge rate is. I suddenly thought that I’d try inputting the cancellation link on email into my laptop and hey presto it worked so now also have a RMA number. I was going to ring my bank as well but I have received automated emails to say that they’ve cancelled my account and any future orders so am hoping that is sufficient? Keep spreading the word all – this is the only way we can highlight this SCAM! Dreadful….

          4. phylliis says:

            hi I ordered these tablests today along with a cleanse tablet for £ 5 P-P each at the end of the transaction it told me to take down the number as I would need it to contact the company and read terms and conditions I read the terms and conditions and low and be hold tis it what it said below !!! I emailed the company and told them to cancel any monthly payements I didn’t authorised ,I will try ring them in the morning to say the same to them ,,I cant believe I got caught like this ITS A BIG SCAM ,, please read the terms and conditions below that pop up after you make your transaction

            Trial Offer and Continuity Plan Summary

            For UK Customer: (0)20 3356 6290 customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com

            To help you get started, we offer a 14-days trial of Raspberry Ketone Blast with the eligibility of automatic enrollment in our home delivery program. You can try Raspberry Ketone Blast risk free to determine if this product is right for you. When you submit your order, you automatically agree to pay the non-refundable discounted shipping & handling cost of £4.95 for a full trial of 30 day supply of Raspberry Ketone Blast.

            If you do not find the product right for you, simply call our Customer Support Center or the numbers shown on your bank statement, you can also send an email to cancel your home delivery program before the end of 14-day trial period and you will not be charged the full price of the Raspberry Ketone Blast. Your 14-day trial period begins from the day of ordering. Our products are normally delivered within 3 to 5 business days from the time of ordering. If you do not receive your trial bottles within five (5) business days after placing the order, please contact our Customer Service Center or numbers shown on your bank statement. Our support staff will be available to give you more updated information on the estimated delivery time along with the tracking info.

            If you do not cancel before the end of 14-day trial, we consider you as our valued member of home delivery program and charge the credit card on file the full price of £95.00.
            £99.95 (£95.00 + £4.95 Shipping & Handling) will be charged on the 30th day from the order and 30days there after your credit card on file will be billed for the fresh supply of full 30-day supply of Raspberry Ketone Blast until you choose to cancel the home delivery program. No further notice will be sent by the Company.

            Beach Ready Inc.
            P-O-Box 13511 Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7YH UK
            (0)20 3356 6290


            You may cancel your continuity shipments within, the specified period, any time. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can make us a call (UK) (0)20 3356 6290 or numbers shown on your bank statement. However, if you are cancelling pursuant to the 14 Day Trial as stated above, the Company will not refund any amount previously paid up to the date of cancellation. For termination, you shall not receive any pro-rate refund for the partial month’s payments and you will be deemed, to remain liable for any and all unpaid charges, billed through to the date of cancellation. We consider that you understand and agree that cancellation of the continuity program is your sole right and remedy with respect to any dispute with the Company. The Company henceforth considers that, you have read, agreed and (met) all the required terms and conditions of the company Policy.

            Customer Support: customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com

            Refund Policy:

          5. Suzi says:

            I have fallen for the scam I shouted and ranted in the phone they kept just saying that it was in the terms and conditions. The green tea one eventually gave in and said I will be getting a refund (let’s see if it actually goes into my account in three days). The raspberry one fought hard and wouldn’t budge but I did manage to get most of it back. All n all probably cost me about £40 for something I didn’t even found worked. They prey on people who want to lose weight and its disgusting.

            Lets see if the money goes back into my account. Going to contact my bank and make sure they don’t take anything else.

          6. Hannah says:

            Hi this has also happened to me. do you have any contact number you called for a refund?
            Thank you so much for your help.

          7. wendy says:

            same thing happened to me, i emailed them within hours to cancel and now recieve daily emails from them demanding money.
            cant believe they have not been closed down how can this be allowed to happen

          8. Gabriela says:

            I also fell into the same trap. However, they were not able to charge me in time as I went to my bank and spoke to them about what was happening and I got to cancel my debit card to prevent and further charges. But as you, I read the terms and conditions and there was nothing there stating that I would have to pay anything further.
            I have only bought it because I read a post were an employee from Channel 4 (should have made a note of the name) said that it worked on her. The trial was called the 30 day free trial, though they are now almost two months later saying that I contracted the risk-free trial. What a load of cr*p!
            How naïve! I feel a complete fool. Never gone for something like this before and now paying for it. Even though I have not had any more money taken from my account I am not feeling totally safe as I don’t know what else they can do once they keep emailing me about this extra costs they believe they are entitled to.
            The only proof I have that I don’t owe them anything is a state at the bottom of the dispatch email confirmation saying that they were only going to charge $4.99. I have attached a copy of it and sent back to them but not sure that this is going to be enough to stop being harassed.

            Is any one able to help with it?!!

          9. pam watkins. says:

            dear people,
            my name is pam,and i also fell for the freeby offer.i had £89 taken out of my account.the bank can do nothing except stop further payments.it is a disgrace.they must be exposed!!once they have your bank account details,they just help themselves!!we must NOT take this lying down.this is legalised fraud,i had such a shock.they con you by asking for a small postage fee for the freeby…then …bingo..they start raiding your account!!!

          10. michelle hutchinson says:

            Hi can eney one help me iv ordad them 2n nd now they tuck 2 x 4 4.97 for free trail what do I do im singel mam ov 2 cant aford them to take more money x

          11. Sally Stone says:

            Report them to a Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Agency

          12. James Lampett says:

            Same thing happened to me yesterday thay took £72.30 out my account thay did not tell me anywhere thay would take an automaticall payment out . Feeling very angry .

          13. Robyn says:

            I was charged nearly 95 pounds for the raspberry ketones, and when I rang up to complain, they said it was in the terms and conditions that payment would be taken after 15 days, although I hadn’t seen it when I went through them. The woman on the phone then gave me a RMA number for the green coffee pills, which I sent back the same day by special delivery to make sure they arrived the day after. This was 4 weeks ago, and I’ve just checked my account and seen they have taken a further 80 pounds for the pills I returned. Needless to say I will be ringing with all the details of the return postage, and I will be getting my money back.

        3. Jessica says:

          I rang 0800 148 8243 to get hold of someone. Takes a while and the woman I spoke to clearly had no sympathy for me when I explained £85 had been taken from my account without my consent. I said how loads of people online have had this problem and she just referred me to the terms and conditions.
          I feel pretty naïve and stupid for falling for this, especially as all I was offered was a 30% refund of the £85. I am pretty upset about the whole thing but getting that is better than getting nothing back I suppose. And although I don’t want it she said I can keep the product, which I thought was odd.
          Can’t believe with all these complaints they get away with it!

        4. mo walker says:

          thank you jenny for publishing these phone numbers. I was charged two times for products. first time the money went back when they realised I had cancelled. they charged me again today. I have just called them to cancel again, they were not going to refund me, then they said they would refund half, I would not settle for anything but a full refund. they said it will be back in my bank in 3 working days. thank you so much.xx

          1. Leanne Farrer says:

            Hello Mo… I am in the same situation- ordered the ‘free trials’ and exactly 14 days later had £200 taken from my account. I couldn’t find the company, searched for another 2 weeks then BAM- £89.95 taken last Friday then £99.95 on Saturday. FURIOUS. I called my bank on Friday and they did a reversal so I could have that money back, she gave me the telephone numbers and I called the companies to cancel… They completely refused to even give a percentage of my money back?? In 4 weeks they have totally cleared out my account. I am a single mother of two very young children and now have to wait until the end of the month until I get paid again- how did you get your money back from these thieves?? xx

          2. Ann Olsen says:

            I have tried and tried to get any kind of refund with no joy or sympathy whatsoever. What did you do to get your refund?

          3. Leah says:

            Hi there, this has happened to me and I’m so upset. Did you actually ever recieve your refund?

            Kind regards

        5. Celia says:

          Where do I go on line please to get cancellation forms- I have just checked my bank and see they have taken money without my authorisation.

        6. Leah says:

          Hi jenny,

          Did you get a refund from this company? I’ve been in contact with them, they gave me a RMA number and said my refund would be seven days but it’s not in my account, it’s now been ten days (working days ) I’m really worried they won’t pay my money back. I’m so worried.

          Thanks Leah

      2. Nicola says:


        I have just dealt with the same company regarding the ‘free trial of beyond raspberry ketone’.

        I phoned this number – 0800 148 8243 and explained I wished to return the ‘free trial’ and cancel any subscription they do not really mention when applying for the pills.

        They really do try and keep you by saying you’ve not given it long enough to try the product, offering 25% off any monthly costs, before finally offering 50% off any subscription.

        Be firm and insistent!

        You do need an RMA number from them to return the pills which needs to be displayed on the outside of the envelope.

        Returns address is At cost fullfillment/PPF
        Herkimer House,
        Mill Road Industrial Estate,
        EH49 7SF.

        Hope that may help someone else,


        1. neil says:

          hey nicola, how can i send these pills back and get a refund??? im sooo angry!!

          1. Lesley says:

            You need to ring them, I typed out the numbers at bottom of this page. They said the RMA number was on the outside of the packaging and I said why would I keep the packaging. The girl gave me a 14 digit number to return a product to the address in Linlithgow. There’s lots of helpful comments on this page.
            I’m not even sure if the number she gave me will be valid – many people must feel mighty dumb (including me). Infuriating.

        2. Kay says:

          Hi Nicola,

          Thanks for your help, I rang this number and they did exactly what you said but I was firm and told them I didn’t want the products and wanted to cancel my order and any subscription I have unknowlingly signed up for. She finally gave my the RMA numbers for the products and the address to send the tablets to. I am still going to call my bank and make sure all payments to them are cancelled etc.

          Hope others manage to get sorted

          1. Pemma says:

            It has happened to me too. I originally ordered one month’s free trial on 9 June of Raspberry Ketone and Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse. On 24 July I received another bottle of RK in the post and so checked my credit card to find to my horror that I had been fraudulently billed by the company for £84.95 on 23 and £69.95 on 28 June but had not received any products! It was only the delivery on 24 July that alerted me to a problem. Unlike others here no one has answered the phone on the numbers left above despite several attempts at calling. Instead there is a message ‘please leave the phone number you were given when you first placed your order’. Since I placed my order online there isnt one, so no way of contacting them. The links on the original invoice come up as error pages and I have trawled the web looking for links to contact them and finally found one and have managed to cancel raspberry ketone but they say they cannot cancel the nutra green coffee cleanse, despite them operating from the same address. I am usually so cautious and careful and always read the small print, but there was none available at the time the order was placed, so am really shocked that I have been so well and truly scammed and have now handed it over to my credit card company who have stopped further payments. Ive also written to BBC Watchdog and encourage you all to do so. Its a horrible feeling to be robbed like this and I feel so stupid to have fallen for it. I want this company well and truly exposed so they can never do this again. Their Friendly Fraud entry on the original invoice should have alerted me to their scam. They are really saying ‘ we are going to bill you for stuff we dont send out’, which is what they have done.

        3. Ruth says:

          Just been on the phone to them as a further £84.95 taken out my account 14 days after ordering. They’ve cancelled future payments, but refused to refund my money as it wasn’t actually a FREE trial, just a trial. I tried a few days of pills, but stopped them.I can’t find the original advert which was on my facebook news page with a link to daily mail. Does anyone have details of this. What is an RMA number? Can i send back an opened bottle?

          1. Lesley says:

            I googled the original ad again, it is under Raspberry ketone Official £3.48 Promo Code SAVE.
            Funny thing is, their pictures of people who have lost weight on this site are the same pictures that appear on some other sites.
            When I tried to close the site, a pop-up appeared, Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page….
            There are no addresses on the page or company names. Only…let’s go to the checkout. Very cute!

        4. Lorraine says:

          many thanks to nicola,
          I have also fallen into the same trap with beyond products. I have contacted the company to cancel my order and asked for the RMA number, i eventually got the numbers, but i did find them to be a bit abrupt.


          1. Jenny says:

            I too fell in their trap I cancelled the day and just minutes after ordering the free trial for both raspberry and nutra green coffee cleanse. The guy over the phone said I couldn’t at first then spoke to his supervisor and they agreed it was ok to cancel it. But the next day I received the products through the post. I rang them up again and told them this is whats happened I still received the products even though I said I didn’t want them and cancelled. The guy on the phone said oh in that case congratulations we give them to you for free it was our mistake. He mentioned this after speaking to his supervisor. Still wasn’t sure whether I would be still charged. So I rang up my bank and told them its a scam and to cancel my credit card. So no further payments are being made. I hope this work. I did get a rma number in the end but they are expecting me to pay for the post as I said to them I do not want theses products. They are very slow in replying and the guy I spoke to today was like speaking to a brick wall had to repeat myself so many times because he couldn’t understand what I was saying.

          2. Bev says:

            I have also fallen into the con, i cancelled my order on the 1st july, they told me i would have to pay £34+, so i said fair enough, i have just been to the bank for a statement, knowing i would be overdrawn, they took £100+, i am not a happy bunny!!!! i have just been on the phone to them, shouting, he told me i shouldn’t shop online!!!!! i didn’t purchase on line, they phoned me! is there any way of getting my money back??????? anyone????? i feel sick to the stomach of been scammed :(((((

        5. Annabel says:

          Thank you so much for this Nicola, I wish I’d seen this before, I’m normally so careful not to get taken in by scams. I’ve managed to get a full refund by involving my credit card company who know all too well about this type of set up and are already pursuing them on behalf of other customers.

        6. jodi males says:

          I have been on the phone and finally got the man to agree to a full refund however I am wondering if he was being truful to me, has anyone actually received a full refund ???? Could anyone please get bk to me, I too feel very stupid embarrised and upset about this x x thank you

          1. jo says:

            I have just rung up for a colleague and i dont think i have EVER been so angry in my life! She hasnt even recieved ANY products yet and has had £170 taken out of her account since june 18th! it’s disgusting. Please please please can i urge people to write to the television serie watchdog and lets take them to the cleaners! furious doesnt cover it!

        7. Charli says:

          I’ve just done the same thing. Really hoping this works! Feel such an idiot!

        8. Jenny says:

          When you returned the products did you have to pay for posting it back to them? What delivery method did you use?

        9. How could I have been so stupid! says:

          Thank you for this, I have so far received the RMA number and will be returning tomorrow, as will my nanny, for what they say is a full refund as per your advice.

          I’ve also contacted my bank and asked them to ensure no further ‘unauthorised’ payments are made.

          What a complete fool I feel, and I thought I was a relatively smart Buisness women!

          1. Consultant says:

            Let me know if they charge you.

            I canceled my order and they said everything was fine and I wasn’t going to be charge anything, for the RAspberry Ketone and that I could continue at a reduce price, I said no. then for the nutra green coffee they said I had to returned it.
            The day after I realised they charge me £84.95!!!!! for the Raspberry.
            I called them to complain and they said I wanted to keep the sample and I never did!! This is frustrating, they talk about a free trial and it’s not actually free.
            It’s a scam, people needs to be aware of this.

          2. Leah says:

            Hi there, I’ve been taken in too, can you tell me if you actually received a full refund? I’m still waiting,

            Thank you


        10. Ursula Rose says:

          I got stung as well. Thanks for the address – what a total scam.

        11. George says:

          I purchased both these products but was skeptical about the website but thought I would it give it ago as it was clear about the 14 days cancellation, and that I would be auto enrolled and billed after. But after I received the invoices with their notes about “friendly fraud” I became more wary and found this thread. As I was concerned I would fall into the same traps as others I cancelled my orders immediately.

          This process itself was dubious as both ‘easy cancellation’ links lead to nowhere. Speaking to the nutra people first the first phone call went no where. The second call went through to a woman who encouraged me to give it a chance as they have already been shipped (I had ordered less than hour before) she even offered the 25% discount after saying no she provided me with the above address and an rma number! she mentioned sending them tracked. She was reasonably pleasant.

          The call to RK was swifter, it answered quickly the gentleman didn’t ask why I was cancelling (presume this happens a lot) he’s checked the nutra coffee had been cancelled for me too, if he’s able to check this not quite sure why I had to call two different numbers and speak to different people??? None the less he said my ordered had not been shipped and so I would not need an RMA number when I said this contradicts what nutra said he put me on hold to consult with his supervisor, he came back and said I should not receive anything and should not need a number, needless to say I will be informing my bank not to allow any payments to “ketone”. Just hoping I don’t receive anything in the post in the next “5-7 business days”

          Hope others read this before ordering.

        12. jackie freedman says:

          I have just try to cancel my bank details and get my money back and on the two occasion that i got through they cut me of and in the back ground a lot of other people were asking for the same thing their money back, which they are not giving when i said i was going to sue them they cut me off , they would not give me a RMA number and they say they do not take returns. This is just one big con, i will do my best to tell everyone i know not to sign up for any of these again.

        13. Ali says:

          Hi Nicola, I have just ordered the free trial of Keytone Advance and was just about to order the Nutra Raspberry Ketone Cleanse and I really don’t know why but I decided to click on Watchog to double check!!! Boy am I glad I did as the money they may take from me, I really can’t afford to loose. I rang the number you posted(do not go for first option as you will then be charged £38 cancellation fee, wait and pick option 4 to speak with a customer service Rep) and basically asked for my RMA number which she gave me straight away. I got the 11 digit number for my order and told her I didn’t need her to read me the address as I already knew it (thanks to you!!) I DID manage to say how terrible it is that they are doing this to people(she got off the phone pretty quick then!!)
          I really can’t believe I fell for it and feel really stupid but THANKYOU so much for bothering to post the information you did and I really hope this will help others too. I also hope that they accept the return and don’t take any more money!!!! OMG why did I fall for it!!!! AND just realised that I didn’t say anything about cancelling any subscription so I do hope I’m not saying on here in couple of days that they’ve took some more money!? Just rang them back and an automated message told me that I’m NOT enrolled in their “autoshipment” so here’s hoping.
          All I can say to everyone is PHONE STRAIGHT AWAY on 08001488243
          Many thanks to you, Nicola. Kind Regards to all, Ali C.

        14. Ang says:

          please can someone tell me what the number is from australia?

        15. pam watkins. says:

          its not good enough…how dare they help themselves to my bank account!!i intend to go to the national newspap[ers with this.we al;l should.

          1. Heather Hanley says:

            Like all of you, I have been scammed too. I was only alerted because another bottle of ketone arrived and I checked to see if another postage amount had been taken! They had taken £99.95 and when I checked back there had been another £94.95 taken. I phoned them and, like everyone else here, got nowhere – they said there was no supervisor there then there was but they were busy so would call me back. Luckily the operator mentioned the Equinox cream because otherwise I would have had problems with that too – I immediately told them to cancel ALL accounts with them. I got really angry with them but they told me to email them. I have been emailing them now for quite some time and I have threatened them with National Press, National TV, Trading Standards, Advertising Standards. I have told them I will accept 80% of the total amount they took from my account without my permission – they replied they would give a refund of 80% but did not give an amount – I have emailed again and asked them to confirm the amount they will refund. They send bog standard emails back to me saying “Thank you for reaching us, I hope all is well on your side. Kindly note that your issue has been submitted with the customer support department, Kindly call on the number provided to you at the bottom of this email for any further query. Thank You, Customer Support UK 0-20-335-6 6290 1-877-880-7726” What they don’t seem to get is that THEY are customer support and they are asking me to ring customer support! I am getting so angry! What angers me is that on the order form there is no mention of the 14 day period but there is a 30 day money back guarantee …. you have to click to say you are over 18 and agree to the terms … you don’t have to click on the terms but the word is underlined so it is a link …. most other ordering online make you click on the terms and conditions (you may not read it but you have to click on it in order for the order to continue). I don’t know whether I will get all my money back – there will come a point I guess where I need to accept the 80% they are offering and follow through with my threat to publicise their unscrupulous business or, do I continue to email them AND write to everyone anyway? What do you think?
            Pioneer Labs

        16. Amy beookes says:

          I have not yet received the tablets and they will not let me cancel my order until I have. Is this right???

        17. law says:

          Hi Nicola

          I too have been scammed out of £95 i rang to cancel and they sent me and email confirming my cancellation number and an RMA number to put on front of package I was never told to send this recorded delivery, but thought it was best to do so for my own security, however i lost the receipt for the recorded delivery so cant track my parcel. I have contacted the Rasberry Ripp offs and they said I wont get my refund back as i dont have a tracking number to prove i sent it back, i guess im asking you did you send your product back recorded and did you get any refund back?

          1. Hazel says:

            I have also fallen for this terrible scam. I understood that if I cancelled within the 14 days I would not be charged any more. I ordered on a Friday so the order was not processed until the Monday but the 14 day trial was apparently from the date of the order. I cancelled the order by email after 6 days, realizing it was a scam from checking up on the web. They still took out £89 and £95 from my account. My bank cannot chase for the payment back because of the Terms and Conditions and so I am £184 worse off, being out of work, this is no joke!

            After numerous attempts I have finally managed to get through to the company and at last, I seem to have managed to cancel my order! The repute that I ever sent an email cancelling my order withiin the trial period, I then said that I would report them to the police fraud section and they agreed to refund £60.00. What use is that? I haven’t even opened the containers the tablets are in, and I have to send them back so I have paid out £135.00 plus the return postage for nothing. I am infuriated and feel very silly for falling for such a scam. These people need locking up and their business closed down.

        18. Ann Olsen says:

          What’s an RMA number?

          1. Watchdog Team says:

            Hi Ann,
            A RMA number (Return merchandise authorization) is used by manufacturers to track returns and is normally related to your order number/receipt. They are also used to ensure consumers contact them first in order to ensure you only send back the bottles that qualify for a returns.
            Diet Pills Watchdog Team

      3. Eva says:

        I just got my statement and the same company charged me staggering £84.45 for the Beyond Raspberry Ketone. I rung them and they said that I didn’t cancel the trial order and they charged me full price after 14 days. They are a real sob of a company BE WARN!!!

        1. martin wyatt says:

          Hi Eva, just to let you know I had exactly the same experience and rang them today spoke to a chap who has refunded my money in full and without having to send the pills back!!! I told him I was raising it with my credit card company as an unauthorized charge. I told him I thought the advert was misleading and at the least deceitful. I told him I had been on this website (watchdog) and there were many other people who had the same experience. He first said he would refund 50% of the charge, I told him I didn’t see why I should be charged anything as the product I was offered was supposed to be free. He said not to raise it with the credit card company and he would refund it in full. They may try and say it only says “trial” on their web site, and not “free trial” but their initial adds on Google etc say free trial!!! Hope this helps, Martin.

          1. Dawn says:

            Hi Martin

            Have you got the telephone number you got through on only because I cant seem to get to speak to anyone

          2. Angela says:

            Hi Martin,
            Today I’ve received my bank statement and found that I have fallen into the same trap… I called them straight away (approx 10.45am today) and spoke to some American woman who was getting very impatient with my insistence of demanding my money back. I explained their site advertises a one mth free trail… you understand the rest. I also informed that these 2 payments of £84.99 and £69.95 have totally wiped my account out and that I have incurred charges. This didn’t make any difference and her response was “You are out of your 14 day trail, you should have read the terms and conditions”, if you didn’t wish to carry on after 14 days you should have cancelled the product. I can’t believe how upset, angry, humiliated and embarrassed I feel!!! I really need to get my money back or at least some of it as I feel I have been robbed, and why would I pay £154.90 for something that doesn’t work after a 2 week period. Martin, I would be very grateful indeed if you could advise me what to do next.

            Many Thanks

          3. Tracey Coulson says:

            I just ordered the free trail went back to reread the advert and the original does not come back on totally different. I then found this link and am horrified to see its a scam. I received emails telling me my order is placed and at the bottom a link to cancel so of course I tried to cancel it does not work no address found now have to cancel card only just got it

          4. Tina says:

            Thank you Martin I have phone the company 3 times today first to be told that I would not get refund on either products I was demanding a manager then someone above him, I ended up shouting at them because of frustration. I like the rest have fallen into this trap. Then came on here and read how eveyone has tried to get money back. I called Puregreen coffee first and said I was raising it with my credit card company as an unauthorized charge. I told him I thought the advert was misleading and at the least deceitful. I told him I had been on this website (watchdog) and there were many other people who had the same experience. Just like you Martin I was offered 50% said why should I pay for something thats was offered free. So now he is giving full refund. I then called Beyond Raspberry and did the same. I have called my bank to stop them taking any more money out.
            My advise keep trying they are scum.

          5. Spring says:

            I cannot believe that I have fallen for this as well. I had ordered these through a trial free offer via Facebook website. There were no small prints to indicate any of these ridiculous amounts. I have been in email communication with them, they said they cannot refund as it is in their terms & conditions! This is a fraudulent business conduct. I have never consented to those charges. I will get in touch with my bank to try to retrieve these charges also to write to the watchdog of BBC. I think if more people do it, they may stop such ‘stealing’ practises with wrong trade descriptions.

        2. cris says:

          Hi, I just cancelled my card, as they don’t want to refund any money, and the webb does not allow me to cancel the second product, I managed to cancel one of the two, but then I cannot cancel the other one. They are indeed a real sob, they are as a matter of fact stealing the people’s money.

        3. pam watkins. says:

          you must fight!!this is illegal.try this phone number.020-33566290.

      4. victim says:

        Go to your bank and talk to the fraud dept.
        You should get your money back as you did not authorized this amount to be taken from your acc.
        These websites have hundreds of pages that the consumer does not see, on another page it will state about how much they will take.
        I know this because I was a victim of fraud.

        1. Joanne says:

          Hi Iv fallen into this web of deception ordering free trial and then seeing £95. debited from my account after reporting it to bank and the fraud team I was told that the fraud team will not do a fraudulent transaction as iv made payment meaning I know the company and as if that wasn’t enough a week later the same scamming company took £85,I have managed to get the £85 back but I haven’t got my £95 im disgusted that this company is still trading, so called FREE SAMPLES which has cost me £95 and iv not received any thing for my money gutted iv allowed myself to fall in to this trap,

        2. Ann Olsen says:

          I am in the process of getting my bank to help. I told them I did not authorise the payments taken and that these have taken me into overdrawn. Waiting to hear back from them. The people on the phones have no authority. When I ask to speak to a supervisor, they say they can’t & when i ask why they can’t they just say they can’t. They’re puppets. I have to say I was not kind to the operators (I have spoken with 5 so far) and have told them I hope they can sleep at night deceiving people of their money and putting them in debt.

      5. Mandy says:

        0800 014 9641 this is the number to cancel I got it off my bank

      6. Vee says:

        It’s has just hoped to me and I feel sick and very stupid. Did you ever get you money back. I have had £159 taken today

      7. Lorna says:

        Please can you help I have bought raspberry ketones through a Facebook advert they said it was £4.95 trial they have now taken 2 payments out of my account for £95.00 and £89.00 I have no email or contact for this company I have cancelled with my bank they have give me a number for this company 02031293265 I am constantly on hold. Please do you have any suggestions ?

      8. andy says:

        0800 014 9641 try this number….

    2. Kathy says:

      I ordered Raspberry Ketone & Nutra Green Coffee in Jan 2013 for a free trial ! I’ve had money taken out of my bank, I tried to cancel over phone but after a few seconds the phone went dead. I have received another months supply which I dont want but have found a telephone number on the despatch note, these are Raspberry Ketone 0800 148 8243, Nutra Green Coffee 0800 157 7409 to cancel. I’ve rang my bank and they said to cancel bank card and get new one. Hope this helps.

      1. Eileen says:

        Hi Kathy
        Was just wondering if this was successful for you? I cancelled my card yesterday and a new one is on the way so fingers crossed. Can’t believe I was so gullible!!!!!!

        1. Jane says:

          I did the same thing too and I’m fuming!! I’ve just spoken to them and they’ve said they won’t return the £84.95 because it was in the small print!! I am absolutely disgusted. I cancelled my account and my back card. How annoying is this!!!

          1. Eva says:

            i JUST DID IT WITH MY CARD.

    3. Sandy says:

      I too have fallen foul of this so called Raspberry Ketone” free trail ” scam . I tried to phone Ketone customer support but the line was dead !! and the cancellation option on the website , kept stating “error ” !!!! . So I contacted Lloyds TSB (scam and fraud department ) and they have stopped/ blocked payments to Keytone elite Now any transaction will be stopped as/if a payment request is made.
      As there is a Return to sender address/post code on their package ( very small writing on the left of your address) With the tablets and patch’s enclosed I rescured the envelope and popped back into the Red post box ! I refuse to pay for return package !!
      Shame on channel 4’s trial of the product statements . “free trials”

      1. adele says:

        I don’t think channel four had anything to do with the article as far as I can find it’s been made up by Beyond!!

    4. Teresa says:

      Same thing happened to me..I received the trial and after reading the ingredients saw that they were just expensive laxatives!!I emailed twice to cancel my subscription but no-no replied..They took £104 out of my account.I have phoned my bank and they said there is nothing they can do but will “try” to block any future payments..The worst is I didn’t even receive the next month supply so they have taken money for products I haven’t received..Do you have any way of contacting this company

      1. Philippa says:

        My bank have said the same…they will raise it as a dispute if/when they remove the money!!

      2. Emma Louise says:

        Have you got your pills yet? I am also waiting on mine and its been 8 weeks. X

      3. Janet Shaw says:

        This company have also taken monies from my credit card and I haven’t received any products from them. My Credit Card company have cancelled my card and will try to reclaim the monies, but whatever their terms and condition maybe, I don’t know because I haven’t’ read them, they cannot charge you for products not received and you have the right to cancel by just stopping your payments.

        1. Sue Street says:

          This has happened to me also twice payments have been taken for close to £155 each time. When I explained I was applying for a free trial some obnoxious man at the end of the telephone was totally unhelpful, telling me to read the terms and conditions. This company is totally unscrupulous and any legitimate fair minded business would hae offered full refunds and admit their mistake – but not this lot. To make matters worse we were charged for goods in April that we never received – the company should be shut down by the office of fair trading.

      4. Eva says:

        Never pay for goods on Internet with bank card or details.Use only credit card as they will refund your money if the transaction is unlawful. Bank will not do that.

        1. IVAN says:

          this is incorrect your bank card is normally Visa and as such you are covered .

      5. Alicia says:

        Hi, I have just been on the phone to them for an hour.. they said that the payment of 84.95 etc is for the products received initially!! what a joke, they send it to you under the pretense of it being a FREE trial and then charge you the rest

        1. sim says:

          I have just got of the phone with them and have been cond for the same. I just wish I had read this page earlier.
          Considering one can buy these at a fraction of the price off the shelf.
          Its all such a big fraud I wish one could put a stop to this sort of marketing. They assume the product gives results in 14 days???? certainly not in my case…

    5. john says:

      LIKE other people this has happened to me . After reading other peoples comments.I have contacted my bank explaining what has happened. My card has been stopped and any future request for payment through auto-billing will be stopped. When placing my order there was no terms /conditions to be read. I was also assured that any possible payments that might be taken. WOULD BE REPAID BY THE BANK.

      1. Heather says:

        the terms and conditions link is in very small print right at the bottom of the page which you don’t even see if you just click on the get my free trial link at the top, they just hide the details so they can scam you they’re despicable!

      2. Susan says:

        II have just received my 2 free samples today( only paying £4.95×2 for p&p) and then found this site. I have called the free phone number from the invoice and got through to USA..(tablets came from East Lothian), the female who answered could not find me at all by name, number or order number. I then located the transaction from 25 July from my bank statement which gave me 2 different numbers with 0203 pre-fixes. They also claimed they has no orders or details of me. Obviously if they cant find me they wont be able to cancel anything!!! I have now called my bank who will stop any further payments. They said they cant stop them trying but if they do I will get a full refund. I am furious, I never fall for these scams. I have gone back over the order form on the internet and even in the terms and conditions there is no mention of any further payments or any contract. I don’t know how they can get away with this.

        1. sassy sue says:

          Hi Susan, I have stupidly done the same not realising what i was getting myself into untill i saw the watchdog site while trying to find our more about the product,i have also contacted my bank and blocked any further payment they also have issued me with a new debit card with new number,to play it fai i tried emailing the on there cancellation email address on my order confirmation,suprise surprise this address does not exist!!! they seem to try to make it very difficult to cancell, they will be getting a very curt call from me on Monday morning informing them what undesirable people they are prying innocent people who just want to lose a bit of weight.

          1. Susan says:

            I have had almost £400 taken out of my account since 07 August by these people. Thankfully as I called the bank immediately (back on 27th July as above) they have repaid this back into my account, whilst they investigate this company. I haven’t bothered calling them again as I cant be bothered to get upset and anxious over this **** of a company. I have not lost out financially apart from my initial £4.95 x2 for the initial order, but how can they get away with this. It disgusts me.

        2. Jan says says:

          Do you mind telling me which bank you are with as mine seems very unhelpful, the same thing has happened to me.

    6. Kelly says:

      I have just noticed the payment from my Bank :(..
      I think Channel 4 should take some blame and put pressure on the company refund us, as I ordered the tablets as a result of their Journalist saying they were great and its a free trial.!!!!

      they have to show some responsibility

      1. Jen says:

        I agree 100%. I ordered these months free trial but in actual fact they send you a months worth but it is only a 14 day free trial period. The trial free period starts from when you order, not from when you receive. So in actual fat it is only a 10 day free trial and I must now pay to send the rest of the tablets back.
        I can send the Nutra Green back as they give a 4 day extra trial for posting but not with the Keatone. I also only ordered this because of the rave reviews the Channel 4 juournalist gave them – needless tosay I have not lost any weight. I am livid, been charged £84 for 30 tablets that were supposed to be a free trial (hubby is fuming)

      2. Julia says:

        I don’t think it really was Channel 4, but a fake webpage pretending to be channel 4, as when I clicked on a news link for something else on the page it took me straight to the diet pills website. The real Channel 4 website looks very different.

        1. Helen says:

          There is also the exact same report which implies it was a reporter for Woman magazine doing the trial

          1. Christa says:

            I saw it advertised online via Women’s Health where the ‘guinea pig’ was one of their reporters Helen Hasman.

            I fell for it as well and ordered. Luckily I found this site and called to cancel both Beyond Raspberry Keytone & Nutra Green Coffee. They did say it had been done, but I’ll still be calling my bank first thing Monday morning to make sure no payments are taken from this company.

      3. Deborah says:

        I agree with you entirely. When a reputable journalist endorses a product you have an element of trust. I feel she must be on beyond raspberry ketones payroll and is equally as bad as the company! Otherwise why not mention in the article to be wary of signing up for future monthly payments of £84! Furthermore the tablets are ineffective and her article false!!

    7. Ann says:

      I’ve managed to get some money back from them. It took me a month of calling to customer service but finally I got half money back for RK and full amount for NGC. Like most of you I found out that the free trial is not free when I’ve noticed that they took money from my acc. I spoke to my bank and they could not help me to cancel the payments but what they blocked the further payments. Then I started my battle with company as I did receive only one product RK and I’ve been charged for 2. One advice which I can give do not waist your time to call on their night shift (it’s 6 hrs difference to UK time) they are helpless. The worst agent on night shift is David (his ID no 1364) and on day shift Mat (ID 23490). Please demand to speak to senior person or supervisor they are more helpful and they can make some decision not only repeating like machine the T&C. Ask them as well to create for you the complain no and to give you the ref. no as they will never otherwise reply to your complain or e-mail. Good Luck!!

    8. Caroline says:

      I would advise everybody to stay away from these diet pills. You do lose pounds? POUNDS STERLING…. There is no free trial and you will be charged nearly £100 for each product….BE WARNED…

    9. kathy oxenham says:

      also been taken in by this – what pushed me towards trying was the fact that it was endorsed by channel 4 – but maybe this was a con as well. 2 payments of £84.95 taken from my card – recall nothing about needing to cancel after 14 days to stop the useless tablets being sent out. so am really annoyed with myself / have phoned the company and put a formal request to stop the auto billing.

    10. Julie Whittle says:

      I have been on the phone tonight and you are right they are a sob of a company. is there anyway i could get my money back .

      1. louise says:

        I got the BRK and NGC as a 14 day free trial, I only got emails from NGC about the shipping of the products and that I should cancel within the 14 day free trial from when I ordered them if I didnt want any further shipments or payments being taken out, so I rang both numbers and automated voice told me to press 1 to cancel so I did I received my RMA number and then the voice said I would be charged the discounted price of £38.71 for the so called ‘ free trial ‘ pills. The thing is that was for NGC and was sorted straight away but for he BRK the automated voice said I could cancel now for discount price of £38.71 or cancel without any further charges so I pressed for no further charges then it said after 28 days I would be charged the full price then no more charges after that, I have tried to contact customer services but no one picks up!! BRK are the ones that really con you NGC I had no problems with really apart from the fact these pills were supposed to be a free trial. I will go to my bank tomorrow and hopefully stop the payment to BRK and never deal with them again

    11. Sallyanne Smerdon says:


      I also ordered this product on the free trial but I immediately sent them an e-mail saying I did not want an automatic continuation on the order. The replied the same day confirming that they would not take another payment.

      I’ve been using the pills for 2 weeks and I have to say I am very pleased with them. They work well (for me) as an appetite suppressant and I have lost 5kg in that time along with 4 sessions a week at the gym and a much reduced eating plan.

    12. maxine payne says:

      hi caroline just read your report on this artical I to was ripped off for £150.00 which was taken out of my bank acc this week, i tried to get in touch with the site to cancel the trial and kept coming up error and this morning I noticed my money gone so keep reporting this as it shouldnt be allowed xx

    13. Jo Woolnough says:

      Hi Watchdog,
      I became aware of this product when it appeared in my news feed on Face Book, assuming it was from one of my friends i went onto do the Free Trial – then found as everybody else had that the “myeasycancellation” URL was non exisent and cancellation phone line has “technical Problem”!
      I immediately contacted my bank and they informed me that i dont have to cancel my card and they will dispute the charges, at the moment the only thing they have taken is discounted shipping charges, if they do try and take more my bank will refund.
      Also received Confirmation Email for order so i immediately replied telling them this was my OFFICIAL CANCELLATION and stating that if they tried to take any more monies then i would send my findings to “WATCHDOG” and “TRADING STANDARDS” – so far have had a reply acknowledging that they accept i have cancelled – going to keep a daily check on my bank account though – SO WATCH THIS SPACE – have “shared the link on facebook with a very strong warning”!!!

      1. Jilly P says:

        Dear Jo

        Don’t be too sure!!!! I am soo cross and and beyond fuming, let me explain… I noticed the free trial on the web and completed the details but felt uneasy and didn’t proceed and DID NOT give my bank details. A couple of nights later a “lovely” American lady called me asking why I did not proceed. Without asking why they had “captured” my information without my consent, I said it was because I was uneasy giving my bank details. “No problem” was her reply and for only 99p we can send you the free trial in the post” I asked if that was all I needed to do and she said yes and with that I STUPIDLY (I still can not believe it) did so. I asked what happened after the trial had finished and she then said “as per the terms and conditions if you do not return the goods within 15 days we will take a total of £98 out of your account” I said I did not want to proceed, wished to cancel my order and she had not read me the T&Cs etc. etc. She said she was unable to cancel my order as it had already been processed (in a matter of seconds ??) I am normally of a placid dispostion however, I HIT THE ROOF!! I said I would be contacting Watchdog, Facebook and every other means possible to highlight people to this scam. With that she asked about Watchdog, I explained and she asked me to hold on. When she came back on the line she told me not to worry, she was a senior member of staff and she had been able to cancel my order. She said I wouldn’t receive anything and she had written a note to say my account WAS CLOSED, gave me her name and said if I had any more problems to call her. Two days later, the pills were delivered. I immediately called back and asked to speak to “Chawntay”, pronounced Shawntay, to be told it was not possible to speak to a specific agent, you’ve guessed it, I HIT THE ROOF, again!! to cut a very long story a bit shorter, I was basically told that contrary to what I had been told THAT MY ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED if I did not return the items within 15 days I would be charged the full ammount. I said that the only way I could prove I had returned the pills was to send them registered post and this would cost me £12 (knowing what I know now about this scam, I personally think that if the goods are not returned by registered post, they will say they have not been received and charge the full amount. I have contacted my bank and they have blocked my debit card and are issuing another one. Do check keep checking your bank and well done for posting on FB – my hope is that Watchdog investigate and feature this on their prgramme. Oh, and to add insult to injury, I have been charged 99p for each item!!

      2. Yvonne Willis says:

        Jo that’s exactly what I have done – I think I will contact BBC Watchdog – that website is very misleading – it says a free trial so why should they take monies out of your bank account – I told them so in no uncertain terms. They need to be stopped as they are conning people who want to lose weight..

    14. Ruth Kirkbride says:

      I ordered a free trial and paid the shipping. I read the terms and conditions and after reading more reviews cancelled and sent the items back within the stipulated 14 days so no charges should have been taken. However I also called my bank and guess what 9 days into the trial they tried to take £79.95! The bank put a stop on the payment and any future payments to the company. So even after abiding by the Terms and Conditions is still shows it is a scam.

    15. Simon says:

      When I ordered the rasberry trail it did not tell me in any shape or form that I was on an auto payment. Suspicion was only aroused when I ordered the second product and it came up with the ‘terms & conditions’. Immediately called to cancel and was informed by the automated response that I was being charged £38 for the privilege of cancelling within minutes, I will be raising dispute with my card provider and will contact trading standards.

    16. Bethany Lancaster says:

      We got a 14 day trial of rasberry ketone and there were no terms And conditions to read and agree too.Theyve taken £84.95 out of my account. We rung them up on number 08001488243. And after about half hour of complete babble trying to get us to stay a customer said we had to send it back to get receive a full refund. But we have to post it back to the states (tracked)!! Has anybody received a full refund after sending these pills back??? Outraged!!

    17. april says:

      I’ve just been robbed of £84 had to cancel my card as bank not able to get money back for me and i don’t want them taking more money out for the green coffee. Contacted them and all i could get out of them was a £14 staff discount will be contacting watch dog they have been going years apparently they just change there name when the scam is too well known, according to my bank.

      1. Danielle says:

        I need help!!! I’v cancelled within the 14days but they are still taking money! Something about 75percent discount!! I told them I’d be contacting my card company and watch dog but she didn’t care and was so rude. Who did other people speak to to get their money back? So angry!!!!

      2. april says:

        heres an update after contacting my bank again found i was too late they had taken £66 for the green coffee .i phoned them again and was told i could only get £14 back, but then i said that i would be reporting them to trading standards and they offered me a full refund if i returned the pills using a refrence number and used recorded delivery.Has anyone had a refund or am i just going to lose more money paying out for postage? is canceling my card enough to stop them my fraud dept was closed by the time i found out about the coffee deduction, they were informed about the raspberry ketone though.

        1. april says:

          this product now under the name pure berry max and colon cleansing. the fact they have chanced their poduct name shows it to be a scam,

          1. april says:

            i have contacted trading standards and bbc watchdog what with postages i’m out off pocket £165. i’ve also posted this link too all my friends on Fb and asked them to forward it to all their friends.please take the time to do the same as they are still advertising on Fb . don’t forget to tell them of the product name change and that its likely to change again once they have scammed another set of people.

    18. Yvonne Willis says:

      Hi, I’ve just read all the comments on Beyond Raspberry Keytone & Nutra Green Coffee. Thank you. I’ve contacted my bank and alerted them about these companies taking monies out with you knowing. They have sent to both companies “A notice to Quit”, and I’m sending back the pills by recorded delivery with a note inside saying that the bank has been alerted for any monies they try to take out. If they do I’m to contact the bank & they will refund me. As of yet no further monies have been taken. I cannot find the website that I ordered the “free trial” from as it was from facebook. I cannot believe that I had been so gullible – I feel a total nut. I’m glad I saw this website. Thank you once again. I really feel like contacting Anne Robinson (Watchdog) over this.

      1. Tony Smith says:

        Hello, I too have just been taken in by this “Legal Fraud”.
        If I try to cancel any of my 4 orders (1 for the Raspberry, 1 for the Coffee extract times 2 people = 4) I see I will now be charged £38.71 each time to cancel.
        Could someone clarify to me what this “Notice to Quit” is and how it should be sent please.
        I am incensed that even Channel 4 should be promoting this product without even telling us what is just about to happen – £38.71 just to cancel a £3.48 Free Trial, Pay only Shipping/Handing order.
        This has to be legalised fraud – don’t do it.
        Tony S

        1. Emma says:

          It’s not channel 4 it’s a front for beyond raspberry ketones. If you click on any of the other links such as news or sport it takes you straight through to their website.

          Another use of fraud me thinks.

    19. Cheri says:

      I can’t believe I have just fallen for this too, I’m very over weight and want so much to be slimmer even a size 16. I’m hurt that I have been taken advantage of Also. I have just paid for these trails so I will be keeping an eye on my bank statement

    20. denise says:

      we have also fallen foul to this fraudulent practice of selling by internet, I oderered this product on the understanding that the trial bottle would cost £3.95 with the understanding that you could cancel the order within 14 days.
      To cut the story short we were told the same as everyone else, So i opted to cancel within 1 hour of purchase and the Company refused to cancel the transaction.

      Here’s what my Husband did. he contacted the bank and reported the transaction as a scam and asked for anyfurther payments to be stopped.

      2nd He telephoned the company and told them they had fraudulently obtained money by deception in the way they advertised their product by misleading customers into thinking it was a free trial.

      after much deliberation and threats of repoting them to trading standards and the FBI , we still got nowhere with the staff , Or we thought we got nowhere, until we recieved a email some 2 hours later with this reply

      Cancellation Notification
      Order Number: ****** Ordered on 07/22/2013 11:06am

      Dear Denise *****,
      Thank you for using Beyond Raspberry Ketone Trial. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.
      If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

    21. Christine says:

      Ive just found outvive been conned too. I ordered mine on 10th June and since then they’ve taken a total of £248.28 out of my account I’m now in the process of trying to cancel but I’ve got to wait till morning.

    22. sheila says:

      Hi- this is a scam. CANCEL your card and ask the bank to reclaim the charges. The scammer works under different product names. PureBerry Max is another.

    23. Sarah says:

      Hi, I just received my raspberry ketone pills, and then I found this link. I was disgusted to read that it is a scam! I immediately took action and searched ‘easy cancel beyond raspberry ketone’ I found my account and cancelled, I will send my pills back right away. I have received a cancellation email from the beyond company and they say I will not be charged if I send the pills back within 21 days. I am also speaking to my bank to make sure they do not take any money out! Hope this helps. I feel so gullible.

      1. Jenny says:

        OMG I have also been caught out with this total scam and I am SO angry. I sent off for the FREE trial, there were not terms and conditions to agree to, and was told I only have to pay £3.48 postage, have just opened my bank statement and have been charged an additional £84.95, which has made me overdrawn. I am FUMING. The FREE Raspberry Ketone tablets made me sick so stopped taking them after a few days and have never received any more and don’t want anymore, so what are they charging me for. I have emailed them and will ring them in the morning and go to se my Bank. How can this Company get away with this? It is shocking. We must be able to do something to report them.

      2. Pemma says:

        thank you for the link. I have tried for a week to find a way of cancelling nutra green coffee and the link ‘easy cancel nutra green coffee’ has finally shown the account has been cancelled. however, the company is not to be trusted so keep checking your bank/credit card statements just in case.. and I am still trying to recoup £155 unlawfully deducted without my knowledge… spread the word, this site has been a huge help, thank you

    24. Elaine says:

      Do not purchase raspberry ketone from the Internet. Health food shops sell them at a much cheaper price. We are being ‘ripped off’ by these companies.

    25. Angie says:

      I too have been stitched up!!!!Vita berrytrim and coloncleanse 800 offered a 30 day free trial with only p&p to pay.Unfortunatelymy daughter ordered a coloncleanse 800 too.I was horrified to find today 2x £79.99 has been taken from my credit card and £69.99 from my bank after ringing a premium rate number and speaking to someone i could barely understand ,i was told the trial was not free and was onky 14 days !!!!! I really could cry ….I feel totally duped and now in the red .

    26. dawn says:

      ME TOO I canot find any way to cancel all leads are to buy I want to cancel so they don’t take money from my account, is that legal no email address no phone number to cancel help me please

    27. Pat Singleton says:

      I fell for this Beyond RasberryKetone scam and they deducted £84.95 from my account. I am contesting it but don’t hold out much hope.

    28. Alison says:

      I too was taken in by the ‘professional looking’ website.This website should be shut down. I did receive the Raspberry Ketone and the Green coffee cleanse for just the shipping charge as promised. My problems came when I tried to cancel. Phone lines going dead, robot phones with the only the option to keep at the cost of £19 each or to return incurring shipping charges. I eventually got to speak to a couple of American women and when I told them what an outrageous scam this all is they promised me there would be no more charges and I could also keep the goods… I wrote a letter to the London address that appears on the webpage (does it exist) and have also made my local Trading Standards Dept aware. I have spoken with the Bank and they have checked no other payments have gone from my account other than those I authorised and have told me to let them know if any other monies are taken as they will be unauthorised and they will act on it. I very rarely purchase anything on line and will be very reluctant to do again….

    29. Liz says:

      Yes fallen into this one too. So ring 0800 148 8243 for raspberry ketone, 0800157 7409 for green coffee. Keep telling them it’s fraud, cancel your account and don’t give up – they will tell you it’s legal and that you didn’t cancel within the trial period. I was firm and shouted until I got a 90% refund for both products, and will be reporting them to trading standards on Monday. I will also be using the phraseology ‘unauthorised payment was taken from my credit card and taken without my knowledge or permission’ to my credit card.

      If you have fallen for this, don’t beat yourself up – the alleged endorsement by Channel 4 did it for me and I will be contacting them.


    30. JULIA STERGIOU says:

      Dear Fellow Scammed: AN UPDATE TO MY PREVIOUS POST ON 30/8
      They HAVE refunded £50.97 – 60% of the £84.95 – into my bank!! I spoke to an advisor just now (before I checked my bank balance) and firstly informed her that I was recording our conversation…and I had passed this case on to the relevant authorities.
      I argued that I should get a full refund as they had broken their own T&C’s by not giving me a full 14 day trial – I ordered on 15/8, received pills on 19/8, then had £85 taken 29/8 – therefore giving me only 10 days to try them. To which she replied that if you don’t receive the pills within 3 working days, their T&C’s state that you can get a 10 day trial extension.
      To be honest, their asses are well & truly covered by their T&C’s – every argument you can throw is pretty much covered there in black & white…it is the fault of my own & others no doubt, that I did not scrutinise them BEFORE ordering! So they aren’t breaking any laws as such..as far as I can see, the only thing that is questionable is the Green Coffee pills not having any milligram content breakdown – I’m pretty sure that is a legal requirement in the UK, and the FDA are even tougher so damn sure it is in the USA too.
      I’ve got 60% so feel lucky to get that, though it won’t stop me badmouthing them every chance I get, but I’ve just learnt an expensive lesson which will def. make me think before purchasing ANYTHING online!

    31. Susan Morgan says:

      I have contacted the company today as I too have been charged nearly £400 over the past two weeks. When ordering I was under the impression that I was receiving a free trial of Raspberry Ketone Blast and Cleanse Xtrem, only paying for the carriage. I ordered after going into a Channel 4 website (or so I thought) and following the link. To my knowledge I was not given the opportunity to read any terms and conditions and only today have realised the scam when reading my Tesco credit card statement. The company have refused to refund me and unfortunately Tesco say they are unable to stop the payments. Is there anyway of getting my money back?

    32. Leona Turner says:

      Ring up your bank tell them you have not received any products and they’ve charged you for nothing, the company are crap I am going the the press about it t warn people!!

    33. shelagh ritchie says:

      I too have just been scammed out of 2 payments of £85 huge scam going on here that needs to be sorted

    34. Jenny says:

      Hi I also just ordered these pills just last night.. I sent an email to the Raspberry Ketone Blast cancelling the item.. Will I be charged anything on my account? I also ordered the extreeme cleanse and wanted to cancel these too.. does anyone have the link for this??

    35. Hazel says:

      This has happened to me and I’m horrified! I rang 020 30144015 and the woman I spoke to was so rude. She said that I cold have read all the T&C’s on the website that I have never been directed too, I received my two free samples but aprt from them in the envelope nothing else was in it. They would not let me speak to a manger as they do not take phone calls. After saying that I would not end the call until I got resolution they did offer me 50% refund of the last payment that they had taken. I did not except this. They have cancelled the subscription and given me postal address and email customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com which I have since written to. Please help me further if you can, I can’t afford not to get this money back, but not sure where to turn next

    36. Patricia says:

      I too was duped on a channel 4 website advertisement. In addition there is no 14 free days. A full month was charged and then a month later my cc hit for 450€.

    37. Maisie says:

      That’s all well and good but even if you adhere to the T&Cs they still take money from your account. I have emailed them, phoned them, reported them to trading standards, reported them to the ASA, reported them to Channel 4 [who endorse the product on their website], and Halifax bank fraud department and no one seems to have ant “teeth”

    38. Gabriela says:

      Are we all talking about the same disgraceful company apparently called: Miracle Raspberry Ketones”?

      Because if we are not, this is the one I fooled myself into.

      I have written some of what happen to me below.

    39. Katie says:

      I have fraud protection on my Chase Visa. This a.m. over $95 was charged to my credit card. Since the billing was from PES*13103620267*ACAI in China…my cc company declined it, called me, shut down my credit card and I will have a new one, tomorrow. I did not even agree to a free trial of this product. I did for a Colon Cleanse…they may have shared my info!!! For $8.99/mo you can have this same service. I have had it for YEARS and it has saved me a LOT of fraud issues like this.

    40. Sue says:

      I too have fallen victim, but I ordered the cleanse extreme too, so was charged a massive £180 for the two. It has cost me £13 to send both back, so this miserable episode has now cost me over £200. What an idiot I have been. I cannot believe I have been so gullible. Let’s hope next time, I will be a bit more cautious. The company told me Sunday night they would not refund, but today they have given me RMA numbers. Not sure I will see a refund, so have written this off and had to move money around to pay for it. Very dodgy, how can they charge £95 for a months supply of pills. Absolute rip off!

    41. Laura says:

      The same thing happened to me I thought I was paying for a five pound trial bottle of raspberry ketone tablets but the company do not notify or mentiton clearly that if you do not cancel then they will ‘assume’ you are a continued customer! how ridiculous I was lead to believe I was paying for a one off payment until a month later £99.95 was taken out of my bank account. Obviously if I had known that was the asking price for a pot of pills, I would have cancelled alot sooner. After getting onto there customer services for a refund I too was told I wouldn’t be entitiled to the full amount and that £20 would be deducted because it is part of their policy! So basically its all my fault because I didnt read the small print. DO NOT go to this website as this is where i got them from . Although I have been offered a refund i do not feel confident or trust the company at all. Its clear this is how they make there money by creating ridiculous one off payments. Not reading the small print was my fault but the company did not inform me clearly the whole deal either surley as a customer I have a right to know exactly what I am paying for!

    42. Amy Brookes says:

      Hi, this forum has really helped me with my encounter with this company so thank you all who have provided information such as phone numbers and returns addresses. I am happy to say I realised the scam before the 14 day trial period and managed to return the pills back within a week of this time. My advice to anyone is be persistent with the advisers to get your RMA number as they will try to convince you to continue with this product. Also send the pills back recorded delivery, this comes with a tracking number and provides you with proof of when the company has received it. Lastly once you know the pills have been received by that company, ring them to make sure your account has been cancelled. I did all this and received a email notifitying me of my account cancellation.

    43. Bernadette Brasenell says:

      This happened to me too. When I saw they had taken £79 out of my credit card account for each supplement, I called them, I explained I wanted to cancel but all they were doing was offering me a discount, I eventually cancelled this month before the next shipment was due out. I asked about money back guarantee but they kept saying we gave you a discount that I did not want or ask for. Learned my lesson well. I will never do anything like this again. As for them using celebs to promote the product is unbelievable. Pauline Quirke used the Lighter Life diet I had read in a magazine.

    44. sara says:

      Ive fallen for this scam as ive bought them 3 week ago to find I have had the value of £79.90 taken from my account what can I do to stop any payments going to them help please xx

    45. Abbi says:

      I have just found this out and am appalled! If I cancel the card I used to pay for the postage, would this stop them taking the money or being able to take it further? I’m fairly ill and bed bound at the moment, and only chose the pills to boost my energy. Please help!

    46. Glynis says:

      InMy granddaughter has been taken in by this,my husband used his credit card to pay for the trial items,in just over 3 weeks they have taken about £380 that was up till christmas,waiting for new statement to see how much more has been taken,it has been canceled but they said she can’t return them and so can’t claim a refund,my granddaughter is a mum of two young babies,and my husband and myself are pensioners,we are now in debt on credit card by god knows how much, we are utterly disgusted with this companyand I’m not going to let it rest there,please be warned stay clear of this thieving company.

    47. Lisa says:

      I stupidly ordered Raspberry ketones and colon cleanser on 31st March 2015 was charged £4.95 for p&p ..on 1st april 2015 i was charger £89.95 plus £87.76 ..this was taken out obviously before the 14 day cancellation period which was not shown in the add..now the company are saying that they havent got my money and its not their company i have bought from..and i also have no goods !

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