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Category: Consumer Reports

Ketovox Review

12th November 2015

I would like to know about the diet pill Ketovox. Is it a approved pill? If you could check this pill out it would be really helpful and greatly appreciated! [...]

Lean Max Botanical Slimming Soft Gel Capsules

8th November 2015

I came across leanmax diet pills. I know you wont like them as for the webpage is poor and ingredients are not well specified. but they claim to be FDA [...]

La Trim Plus Review

7th November 2015

Would you please review this product.

Carb Stopper Extreme Review

6th November 2015

Please can you write and let me what your website knows about the above USA product? Thank you, most Grateful.

Review Lunaflex PM

7th October 2015

I have just ordered a 3 months supply of Lunaflex PM manufactured by North Star Nutritionals – it has an impressive website!

Slim-44 information

5th October 2015

I received a packet for ordering SLIM-44. I have not received the product. Do you have any information on this product?

Kyani review

4th October 2015

Can you please review this product? It also claims to promote overall health

Please review LaBri’s body health

3rd October 2015

Please review LaBri’s body health. I was taking some pills they sell called Atomic and while they helped me shed pounds, they had some pretty bad side effects. My left [...]

CocoaBurn review

2nd October 2015

Can you please review CocoaBurn diet product.

Arctic Ruby Oil does it work?

5th September 2015

Does this product work?