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Category: Consumer Reports

Ultra Fat Loss Matrix from Holistic Labs LTD

22nd August 2015

Hello, I just purchased Ultra Fat Loss Matrix from Holistic Labs LTD. I would love your review on the product. I have not started taking it yet. Thank you, Lisa


Letin Shred review

20th August 2015

Could you do a review on Mike Chan’s (Six pack shortcuts) Leptin Shred?


Venus Factor review

18th August 2015

I came to the site looking for a review of Venus Factor and was surprised that it had not been reviewed.


Addium Investigation Suggestion

16th August 2015

Hello there!! I am so impressed with all the information you have available for the public! I find everything I read on your site very helpful! I am wondering if you have started dissecting all the hype over the supplement Addium? It is known to be a brain enhancer so I am not sure if […]


Platinum body fat burner review

13th August 2015

Hi, I have received an email for a suplpement called Platinum body fat burner. The offer is pushing a last minute deal and makes curious as to how real this is. Can you guys take a look? Adrian


Natural Glucocil offered by GNC

13th August 2015

I’m a senior and would like to know if any research has been done on Glucocil to optimizer blood sugar level? If not is this something you all do? If not could you please let me know how I can find out if what GNC say is true and the reviews are not paid participants’?


Musclepharm Shred Matrix review please

12th August 2015

Hi, I was wondering if you are going to review the above product [Musclepharm Shred Matrix].


Eat water slim rice review

11th August 2015

I am writing to ask if you could review eat water slim rice. I don’t think you have as I can’t find it on the site but Holland and Barret have a special on it at the moment and it would be great to know if it is a helpful diet aid. Yours Faithfully Danni


Skinnybuzz review

10th August 2015

please review this product, Skinnybuzz.


Life Plus diet review

25th July 2015

Hi, I just wondered if you knew anything about the life plus diet. lose 21 pounds in 21 days? Using Life Plus supplements and hcg homeopathic made by new vistas healthcare in limerick, Eire?


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