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Category: Consumer Reports

Slim-X2 by Direct Market review

15th May 2016

Do you know anything about a product called Slim-X2 by Direct Market? I think it’s a FDA registered facility. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks

Superfruit pro compared to Superfruit Slim?

14th May 2016

I read your review on Superfruit Slim. Do you know how this compares to Superfruit Pro?

Review of Carbon Fire 213

4th May 2016

Unless I just can’t find it, I would like to see a review of Carbon Fire 213. It is a newer product and I believe is a replacement for the […]

ProbioShield review?

3rd May 2016

Holistic Labs produces a probiotic called, ProbioShield. Is it safe? I have done the milk test, and it does have viable bacteria. I also purchased the Energize Greens from Holistic […]

Phen P-375 Information

18th April 2016

I see Phen P-375 on Amazon. Includes bold claims. I don’t see anything on your website about this supplement. Any information?

Tummy Trim With Herbal Band Blend Review

16th April 2016

Hi have you heard of Tummy Trim Pills? Claims all natural stomach lab band without surgery..Proudly made in the Usa…100 procent Guaranteed it works…

Phenadren Review

14th April 2016

Please review this product and let me know if it is any good.

Pure Garcinia Slim Scam

12th April 2016

I fell for a free trial for Pure Garcinia Slim diet pills. Now I have been charged $180!! There is no website and no phone number. The bottle says Organic […]

Raspberry Ketone Reviews

10th April 2016

I have been taking Raspberry Ketone by My Berry Diet and Distributed by Core Science Medica, LLC of West Palm Beach, Florida. I am searching for any reviews of this […]

Fibre Primvital Safety?

8th April 2016

Dear sir/madam I want to know, Is it safe to use Fibre Primvital?