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B4 and Roxylean side effects

15th April 2014

I have tried BOTH of these products and had such a bad reaction to BOTH,I was curious if they are the same product or manufactured by the same company ? With “Roxylean” ,I broke out in a rash right away and had to use Benadryl for a full 24 hours to counteract it`s affect . […]


Sveltox real or scam?

14th April 2014

I received an ad today for a weight loss product called Sveltox. It is supposed to take off 112 lbs in 30 days. $119.95 for six boxes. It is being promoted by a Dr. Jersey. Is this on the level or a SCAM?


Ultra ketone/Green Coffee Bean Con

12th April 2014

Hi, I have fallen into the trap of being conned. I saw an add on Facebook about these products (Ultra ketone/Green Coffee Bean) a free trial as I thought. Very stupid I feel right now and also very angry with my self for being conned. The only contact details are on the sample jars “office […]


Trim down club membership

5th April 2014

Has anyone listened to the complete trim down club video? Any members on here can let me know if its worth it and importantly if it actually works? Tracy


Cleanse Rite Advanced Colon Cleanse capsules

4th April 2014

Please review Cleanse rite Advanced Colon Cleanse capsules please. I want a supplement to detox and get rid of the rubbish in my body. Thanks Zara


Organic active cleanse report

3rd April 2014

I have been conned by Organic active cleanse and had to pay over £70 for what I thought was a £5.97 trial. Okay have now re-read the terms and conditions and can see in tiny print that I will be charged, but surely this is deceptive marketing? This practise should be stopped!


Super Colon Cleanse Supplement

2nd April 2014

Hi, does Super Colon Cleanse Supplement actually work? The reviews say it does but looks like its a con to be. Thoughts?


Bioganix Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

1st April 2014

Hey watchdog, Love your site, lots of super articles and real informative reviews. My friend has just taking a Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract from a company called Bioganix and she is not convinced its working for her. Can you review it and let us know? Nat


Active labs raspberry ketones scam?

1st April 2014

I am gutted as I think I have fallen for a free trial scam!!! Can you check into Raspberry ketones by active labs it reports to be a “free trial” but after reading this site I am worried I will be have money taken from my account every month. Thanks.


Slimmm Fat Burner Max tablets

31st March 2014

I am looking at the Slimmm weight management program and came across their fat burner tablets, Slimmm Fat Burner Max. Very few reviews for this and cant find one on this site so emailed for a review. ASAP would be good as I want to know if they are any good? Shelly


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