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Dorian Yates Black Bombs

30th July 2014

If you are looking for the “Badass fat burner of Body building” Black Bomb looks to have got it covered. Black Bomb, devised by champion British body builder Dorian Yates, is a strong supplement based on the illegal amphetamine party drugs of the 1960s. Here at the Watchdog we are used to seeing body building […]


Dexatrim Max Complex 7

29th July 2014

Dexatrim offer several different weight loss aids, including Dexatrim Max, which uses their proprietary formula, Complex 7, to boost the metabolism and increase weight loss. We see if Dexatrim Max lives up to its own hype, and whether it will really ‘max out your weight loss. Dexatrim Max Pros Less caffeine than a cup of […]


LeVel Thrive W

28th July 2014

LeVel Thrive W is described as a “premium lifestyle capsule” that is aimed at women and at first glance, it looks a fairly ordinary supplement. However first impressions can be misleading because beneath the surface gloss of the advertising, LeVel Thrive is not so much a diet pill – it is a whole new way […]


NRG Thermofuel

27th July 2014

NRG Fuel is a British company that sells a wide range of supplements aimed at fitness enthusiasts, for improving their physique and physical performance. One of their products is Thermofuel, a fat burner that they claim will help you to lose weight by increasing your body temperature and therefore boosting the metabolism. We see if […]


JST Jodie Semtex

26th July 2014

JST Jodie Semtex is a fat burning diet pill that promises explosive energy! This thermogenic supplement is made in collaboration between sports Nutrition Company JST and glamour model celeb turned body builder Jodie Marsh. Jst Jodie Semtex is popular with bodybuilders and gym nuts but is it a step too far for people just looking […]


Arnold Iron Cuts

25th July 2014

Arnold Iron Cuts is a diet pill aimed exclusively at men, promising to deliver a “harder, dryer, leaner look” in just a few weeks. If the promises the product makes aren’t enough to lure in potential customers, then the face of the Iron Cuts may bring in a few. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s image and name are […]


T5 Super Fruits

24th July 2014

The people behind T5 Super Fruits describe this supplement as an iconic revolution for dieters but very few consumers appear to have tried it. T5 Super Fruits contains a mix of tropical flavours but does it live up to the T5 title? Even more importantly, will it help you lose weight? We find out. T5 […]


Weider Fat Burners

23rd July 2014

Weider is an American company who are well known for making and selling protein shakes and other bulking style supplements for athletes, and regular gym-goers who want to bulk up. They also have a small range of diet and energy pills, including their simply named Fat Burners. Weider Fat Burners Pros Inexpensive Reputable company Weider […]


Lineaslim Effervescent Tablets

22nd July 2014

Lineaslim is a Garcinia Cambogia supplement that you add to water to create a sparkling effervescent drink. This all sounds refreshing and healthy and the fact that it is on sale from Boots will inspire trust in UK customers. We look into Lineaslim to find out more. Lineaslim is a Garcinia Cambogia supplement that contains […]



21st July 2014

Thermacuts is a thermogenic fat burner that the manufacturers claim could help you to lose up to 26lbs in only 5 weeks, with no diet or exercise. Whilst we find these claims incredibly unlikely, Thermacuts claim that they have a clinical trial that supports these results. We take a look to see if thermacuts can […]


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