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Phenadrine Lipo Cut Zero

4th August 2015

Phenadrine Lipo Cut Zero is a stimulant free fat burner and carb blocker combined. It is only available to buy in South Africa and it contains a branded supplement derived from the prickly pear cactus as well as African mango seed, bean extract and more. It looks pretty good at first glance but will this […]


David Kirsch Wellness 5-Day Ultimate Detox

2nd August 2015

There are many detox products available that claim to aid weight loss, but many of these consist solely of laxative and diuretic products and will not aid long term weight loss. David Kirsch Wellness have created a five day Ultimate detox which consists of a number of different beverages to drink over the course of […]


ProSupps Vexxum

1st August 2015

Here at Diet Pills Watchdog we have reviewed hundreds of diet pills, which all have very different daily dosings. With some products requiring customers to take as many as eight capsules per day, finding an effective product that is easy to take can be difficult. Pro Supps have released a metabolism boosting diet pill called […]



31st July 2015

Anyone can sell a product through amazon, providing an easy way for diet pill manufacturers to sell their product through an incredibly popular website with a huge customer base. Unfortunately for shoppers looking for a diet pill suitable for them, the manufacturers do not have to provide much information about their product when selling on […]


Skinny Teatox

30th July 2015

Skinny Teatox is a two-part detox plan that the makers say will promote health and weight loss. It comprises of two tea blends; one that you drink each morning, the other to be taken every other evening. The advertising looks appealing but many customers have complained about a lack of an ingredients list. We take […]



29th July 2015

Thermopro is described as a pre work out formula and a potent cutting aid. If you are a body builder so you want to lose fat but not at the expense of any muscle tone, this supplement claims to help you achieve this aim. With a full ingredients list and an advertised lifetime guarantee, this […]


APS Phenadrine

28th July 2015

APS Phenadrine is a strong fat burner that claims to end your battle with stubborn fat! It contains some powerful stimulants that may help improve focus, energy and promote fat loss and is the type of supplement that sometimes appeals to bodybuilders and athletes. Beware, this supplement contains DMAA, an ingredient that is illegal in […]


Fit & Fast Slimming Tea

27th July 2015

Fit & Fast Slimming Tea is a teatox tea that claims to increase your energy levels and help you burn calories more easily. It contains natural tea blends combined with weight loss ingredients and laxatives and according to the advertising is an internet sensation. We take an in depth look at Fit & Fast Slimming […]


OxyTherm Pro

24th July 2015

OxyTherm Pro is a fat burning supplement with high levels of stimulants. It is aimed firmly at the body builder market and according to the advertising will specifically target weight on your buttocks, stomach, hips and neck by turning off a fat receptor in your body. It sounds revolutionary but will it work? We take […]


Ammutrition Nukes

23rd July 2015

Ammutrition Nukes is a supplement that is described as a ‘weapon of fat destruction’ so the impression is that this fat burner is going to be strong. It comes with a warning not to take if you do not like stimulants and that combined with the military style advertising and name this fat burner look […]


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