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Adios Quick Slim

27th April 2015

Meal replacement shakes have been a popular way of losing weight over the past few years, and as such, there are a wide variety of brands offering their own version of this weight loss aid. However, there are numerous potential problems that make meal replacement shakes a less than ideal weight loss option. Adios Quick […]


Any Protein Thermo Shred

24th April 2015

Any Protein Thermo Shred is a fat burner diet pill that is described as the ultimate thermogenic. It contains a range of natural stimulants and amino acids but the principle ingredient is cayenne pepper. Will this help you lose weight? We take a look at Any Protein Thermo Shred to find out. Any Protein Thermo […]


Holland & Barrett Spirulina Tablets

23rd April 2015

Holland & Barrett Spirulina Tablets are a health supplement that contains just Spirulina, a natural algae that grows in the world’s oceans and lakes. It is considered a Superfood so may have health benefits and help weight loss too. We take a look at Holland & Barrett Spirulina Tablets to find out more. Holland & […]


Body Lab Thermodynamic Total Burn

22nd April 2015

The popularity of some weight loss products are often boosted by celebrity endorsements, especially when the celebrity is renowned for having a great body. Body Lab Thermodynamic Total Burn is endorsed by Jennifer Lopez, who appears on the box of the product. We take an in-depth look below to see just how good Body Lab […]


Mega T Green Tea

21st April 2015

With so many weight loss products available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one to use. There are many factors that help dieters decide between these products, such as good reviews, well-known ingredients, reputation, current dieting fads, recommendations from friends and of course, price. Mega T Green Tea is one of […]


Mini: Detox

20th April 2015

Mini: Detox is a detox supplement created by reality TV star Vicky Pattison. According to the Geordie Shore star if like her you love to party, this supplement will help ease a hangover and remove unwanted toxins like alcohol. We take an in depth look at Mini: Detox to find out more. Mini: Detox Pros […]


Re:Active Raspberry K Tone

17th April 2015

Re: Active Raspberry K Tone is an all-natural weight loss supplement that may help regulate your metabolism and as a result lose weight. This supplement comes from British company Desirable Body who provide a wide selection of weight loss products including the Re: Active T5 range, which we have already approved. We take an in […]


Hyper T5 Fat Burners

16th April 2015

Hyper T5 Fat Burners are advertised as the UK’s Most Powerful fat Burner. This supplement is aimed at increasing the speed of the metabolism so that you can not only lose weight but manage to keep it off too. We take a look at Hyper T5 Fat Burners to find out more. Hyper T5 Fat […]


Fat Burn X

15th April 2015

Fat Burn X is a fat burning diet pill that offers a ‘free trial’ to customers. But, with the trial only lasting 10 days before customers are charged for the product, and a single bottle costing well over $80, is this offer worth the risk? Below we take an in-depth look at Fat Burn X, […]


Absolute Garcinia

14th April 2015

There are many companies that have sprung up in recent years, offering ‘free’ trials of their ‘revolutionary’ weight loss aid, in exchange for a small fee for delivery costs. Many of these companies go on to charge their customers hundreds of dollars for the same ‘free’ product, and subsequent products that are a part of […]


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