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GNC Total Lean Advanced Metabolic Elite

8th October 2015

GNC is a well-known American company that sells various vitamins, pills, supplements and sports nutrition products. Whilst they do act as a third party retailer, selling products made by other [...]


8th October 2015

There are many diet pill ingredients that feature in the majority of diet pills because of their strong clinical support, such as caffeine and green tea, or general popularity, such [...]

Green Tea TX100

7th October 2015

Green Tea is an incredibly popular product to use in weight loss aids, thanks to the huge amount of clinical support that shows it can aid weight loss and benefit [...]

Warrior Princess Blaze

7th October 2015

Strong is the new sexy! Warrior Princess Blaze promises to get you the curves you deserve and help with your weight management plan. This “women only” weight loss supplement comes [...]

Thermo Burst Hardcore

6th October 2015

GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Hardcore is a supplement that claims to boost your energy levels and endurance so you can work out for longer and harder. The result is [...]

T5 Ultraburn

6th October 2015

T5 Ultraburn is a fat burning diet supplement that may help increase metabolism and as a result help you burn more calories. It is made in the UK by a [...]

BeautyFit BeautyHeat

5th October 2015

BeautyFit BeautyHeat is a pro grade thermo stimulant especially for female physique, bikini and fitness competitors looking for fast results and may suit you if you are serious about training [...]


5th October 2015

Stop the diet, start a lifestyle! Fruiteatox is a teatox tea program that claims to help boost your health and fitness levels. Teatoxing is popular right now, so could this [...]

Thermo Up

2nd October 2015

There are numerous weight loss products endorsed by celebrities as a part of the marketing plan, in an attempt to boost sales and visibility. Increasingly celebrities and fitness professionals are [...]


2nd October 2015

Slim n Light (also marketed as SnL) is a weight loss supplement manufactured and primarily sold in the Philippines. It also contains an ingredient that supposedly whitens skin. Below we [...]