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Re:Active Purecol

26th November 2014

Re:Active Purecol is a colon cleanser and detox supplement that promises to remove toxins from your body and speed up weight loss. It comes from British company Desirable Body who are the major UK stockists of Re:Active brand supplements including the T5 range which we have already approved. So is Re:Active Purecol as good as […]


Grenade Killa Ketones

25th November 2014

There are hundreds of different diet pills available, with many of these being tailored for the individual needs of certain groups of consumers. Grenade Killa Ketones is a fat burner designed to be used by women, alongside a calorie and carb controlled diet that is high in protein. We take an in-depth look at this […]


XTR FUEL T5 Fat Burner

24th November 2014

XTR Fuel T5 Fat Burner from Simply Sport Nutrition is a diet pill that the advertisers describe as unlike any weight loss supplement seen before! We must have heard this statement a thousand times… however this supplement does look a little different from many others on the market. The principle ingredient is L Tyrosine, an […]


Kinetica Thermo 5

23rd November 2014

Thermogenic diet pills are a popular type of diet pill, causing the body to increase the amount of energy the body uses in producing heat and using more energy in other metabolic functions, burning off more calories in order to boost weight loss. One such product is Kinetica Thermo 5. We take a look to […]


Isagenix Natural Accelerator

22nd November 2014

Isagenix Natural Accelerator is a diet pill to reduce appetite and increase metabolism in order to speed up weight loss. Isagenix is a direct marketing company so if you like the supplement, you can become a distributor and sell it yourself! Some people have done this and become millionaires! The big question about Isagenix Natural […]


Isagenix IsaFlush

21st November 2014

Whilst many medical professionals state that cleanses and detoxing are not necessary to maintain good internal health, there are many people who devoutly follow the practice. There are also those who use cleanses to lose weight, such as the subject of today’s review, Isagenix Isa-Flush. Isagenix IsaFlush Pros Laxative- can treat constipation Isagenix IsaFlush Cons […]



20th November 2014

Toxiflush is detox supplement that makers Healthspark claim will support inner cleansing and help maintain a healthy digestion. According to the product information, the average person on the western diet holds 8 meals of indigestive waste in the colon! But is this even true? And is taking Toxiflush the right way to remedy the problem? […]



19th November 2014

Diet pills occasionally are reformulated to meet changing regulations and to improve the effectiveness and safety of the product. Hypercuts has been reformulated to remove the banned ingredient DMAA, and has changed several other ingredients as well. But, is this new formula safe, and does it work? We take a look to find out below. […]



18th November 2014

Green tea has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese, and clinical studies over the past few decades have shown that its use can boost the metabolism and increase weight loss. There are hundreds of different diet pills that contain green tea amongst a variety of other ingredients, whilst some products use just […]


Mega Slim Plus

17th November 2014

Diet supplements have expanded from just capsules and tablets over the past few years to other forms, including chews, gums and even liquid drops. These drops are usually taken under the tongue, so that they can be absorbed into the body quickly and effectively, without any active ingredients being destroyed in the acid in the […]


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Our complete list of diet pills from trusted manufacturers

Watchdog Approved Diet Pills