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24th October 2014

Therma Rip is an extreme fat burner that promises to stimulate just about everything! According to Monkey Nutrition the British company behind this it, Therma Rip combines thermogenics, metabolic and adrenal stimulants, appetite suppressants, diuretics, glucose disposal agents, anti-estrogens and thyroid regulators, as well as immunity enhancing ingredients. We are feeling quite exhausted just reading […]


Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix

23rd October 2014

If you have ever fancied replacing most of your daily meals with a drink that tastes like diluted cake mix, here’s your chance! Vi Shape Nutritional Shake Mix is a meal replacement shake that the makers claim will support lean muscle and weight loss. This supplement is just part of a range of weight loss […]


JH Bodyfire Hades

22nd October 2014

The official website for JH Bodyfire Hades boldly states ‘Shred the Man- Reveal the God’. This a huge claim about the strength of this product, which is endorsed by England Rugby player James Haskell. We take a look to see if JH Bodyfire Hades is as good as the claims suggest. JH Bodyfire Hades Pros […]


Trim Secrets

21st October 2014

Trim Secrets is the product of a collaboration between Michelle Mone, the entrepreneur who created the Ultimo Lingerie company, and Professor Jan de Vries, a pharmacist turned naturopath. De Vries spent 5 years developing Trim Secrets, and Michelle Mone lost 6 stone whilst using the product, but does it stand up to our high standards? […]


EZ Body Slimmer

20th October 2014

EZ Body Slimmer has seemingly been through several reformulations over the years, with the most current formulation being called ‘Super EZ Body Slimmer Supreme “All New”. With so many reformulations, and customers being mixed about their reviews, with some insisting that the ‘original’ formula worked like a dream, whilst others report unpleasant side effects, we […]


Hydroxycut SX7

19th October 2014

Hydroxycut is a familiar supplement name in the bodybuilding world and there have been several versions of this product, including Hydroxycut Max and Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. Like all these others, Hydroxycut SX7 comes from Canadian supplement company MuscleTech and promises extreme weight loss via some unusual ingredients. We look at Hydroxycut SX7 to find out […]


Diet Magic

18th October 2014

Whilst we try to make it clear that diet pills are not magic bullets that will cause miracle weight loss, there are some products that seem to suggest the exact opposite. One such product is Diet Magic, which we found offensive merely by looking at its misleading name: it may be that the secret behind […]


Athletic Greens

17th October 2014

Athletic Greens Superfood cocktail gives you up to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables with just one serving and is made from 75 whole food ingredients. Sounds good but beware that Athletic Greens sometimes offer a free trial and always uses auto billing as part of the standard sales practice. We take a look at […]


Legion Phoenix

16th October 2014

With a huge variety of diet pill products available, each new product launched has a lot of competition to deal with. Therefore it is unsurprising to find some marketers deciding to promote their own product by slandering others. Whilst Phoenix, by Legion Supplements does not name any other products expressly by their title, they do […]



15th October 2014

There are many diet pill companies that launch products that use ‘phen’ as a part of their name, hoping to draw a link between their product and the prescription appetite suppressant Phentermine. One such product is Phenamax, a herbal diet pill sold exclusively online. Below we take a look to see if this is a […]


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Our complete list of diet pills from trusted manufacturers

Watchdog Approved Diet Pills