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Yogi DeTox

10th December 2016

Yogi DeTox is a tea containing different cleansing herbs and ingredients that work both as laxative and a diuretic. As a result, users may feel lighter and sometimes lose a […]

Hyleys Slim Tea

9th December 2016

Hyleys Slim Tea is a range of weight loss and detox teas from the established tea company of the same name. They are available in a wide choice of flavours […]

Bios Life

8th December 2016

Glucose imbalance is at the heart of several diseases so it is important to keep blood sugar levels in check. Supplements like Bios Life can help maintain that essential balance […]

Biguerlai Laxative Tea

7th December 2016

Biguerlai Laxative Slimming Tea is one of those products that tell us just what it does by its name! This tea originates in Asia and, according to reviewers, is quite […]

Livatone Plus

6th December 2016

The liver is essential to a good digestion and an effective metabolism. It is imperative to keep it in good health – something that is becoming more and more difficult […]

Usana Nutrimeal

3rd December 2016

Usana Nutrimeal has made quite a name for itself in the meal replacement market. It claims to be a replacement, reset and cleanse program that will help people lose weight […]


30th November 2016

Thermaxin is a fat burner type of weight loss supplement that according to the advertising will power you towards your fitness and weight loss goals. It contains 8 ingredients, including […]

Kyani Nitro

29th November 2016

Kyani Nitro is a liquid supplement that is intended to increase production of Nitric Oxide in the body, which is thought to have numerous benefits for health. Below we take […]

Ideal Protein

28th November 2016

There are so many different ways to diet, including going to support groups and using their tracking systems and meal plans, and using meal replacement products to help reduce calorific […]


27th November 2016

Dexyfen is a diet stack that includes Dexyfen and D.I.E.T products that are promoted for energy, healthy weight loss and enhanced metabolism. This product is considered as a masterpiece in […]