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29th March 2015

There are many products available that use names similar to Phentermine, the prescription appetite suppressant, in the hopes of attracting more customers. One such product is PhenaTrim, a fat burning diet pill available exclusively within the USA. Below we take an in-depth look at Phenatrim, to see just how effective this product really is. Phenatrim […]



28th March 2015

Oxyshred is a thermogenic weight loss aid that is sold in powder form to be made up as a drink. The manufacturer states it is suitable both for daily use as a metabolism boosting product, as well as being suitable for use as a pre-workout supplement, boosting energy levels to help the consumer to exercise […]


PNI Thermadex

27th March 2015

There are many different diet pill manufacturers that launch products with commonly used diet pill ingredients, and yet claim that their product is revolutionary and superior to all others on the market. Thermadex, from PNI, appears to be one such product, being described as unique by the manufacturers. Below we take an in-depth look to […]


Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea

26th March 2015

Dr Stuart’s Slim Plus Tea , also titled ‘What a Waist’, is tea blend that may help suppress your appetite and provide support for weight loss. This English caffeine free tea has the right look and comes with some great credentials (and some terrible puns) but will it really help you lose weight? We take […]


Kaizen Raze

25th March 2015

Kaizen Raze is a fat burner, which contains some powerful looking ingredients including Amp Citrate. The makers say this blend of stimulants will work synergistically to promote fat loss and all without the jitters and nervousness often associated with other stimulant fat burners. We take an in depth look at Kaizen Raze to find out […]


Pro Supps’ DNPX

24th March 2015

As new information and research becomes available about commonly used diet pill ingredients, it becomes apparent that some ingredients carry a high risk of serious side effects. These are sometimes banned by numerous countries, and the diet pills that contain them have to be reformulated to stay legal. One such product is Pro Supps’ DNPX, […]


Greenceutics Green Pura

23rd March 2015

There are literally hundreds of diet pills for sale on the web retailer amazon, with many of them listing very little information about the product itself, or the company that manufacture it. One such product is Greenceutics Green Pura, a green tea supplement. We take an in-depth look at Greenceutics Green Pura below, to see […]


Shapeology 15 Day Cleanse

22nd March 2015

One of the side effects of taking a cleansing product that contains laxatives is weight loss. This has led some people to use these cleanse products as weight loss aids, even if that is not their expressly stated purpose. Below, we take an in-depth look at one such cleansing product, Shapeology 15 Day Cleanse. Shapeology […]



21st March 2015

Apex-TX5 is a diet pill marketed as an alternative to the prescription weight loss drug, Phentermine. But, can a non-prescription weight loss aid with commonly used ingredients compete with a prescription strength diet pill only given to the clinically obese? We take an in-depth look at Apex-TX5 below to find out. Apex-TX5 Pros May boost […]


Trimthin X700

20th March 2015

If you are looking for a way to incinerate belly fat and power up your energy levels, Trimthin X 700 looks to tick all the right boxes. This US made supplement seems popular with customers who have raved about these red capsules. We take a closer look at Trimthin X700 to find out more about […]


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