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Category: Rejected

SPX Nutrition Nutri Thin

25th May 2016

Nutri Thin helps you get the body you have always wanted! According to the advertising, this supplement increases your energy levels and makes you feel happier too – great attributes […]


23rd May 2016

We have previously reviewed Synedrex here at Diet Pills Watchdog, and rejected it due to its DMAA content (amongst other issues). The product has since been reformulated to remove the […]

Acai Fresh

20th May 2016

Acai berry is one of many products that has been hyped up as a strong weight loss ingredient in recent years, despite a complete lack of clinical research. It is […]

Smart Caffeine Nootropic Stack

19th May 2016

Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine is a supplement that claims to deliver the energy boost of caffeine but without the jitters so that you can be both relaxed and alert while […]

Vfinity V3 Max

18th May 2016

Vfinity is a Multi-Level Marketing company that sells V3 Max, which they describe as an appetite suppressant. The product contains some controversial ingredients which either have no clinical support or […]

Solaray Sharp Mind

17th May 2016

Solaray Sharp Mind is a supplement that is described as the “complete brain formula.” It contains an ingredients blend that will enhance alertness and mental performance. Some customers have been […]

SciTec Nutrition Thermo FX

16th May 2016

Amino acids may be beneficial for consumers who are undertaking muscle building exercises, helping to maximise their muscle gains. SciTec Nutrition Thermo FX is one product that contains amino acids, […]

Yellow Devils

13th May 2016

Losing energy and feeling exhausted are two side effects associated with the weight loss process. For obese people who have to lose a ton of weight, it is even more […]

Source Naturals Garcinia 1000

11th May 2016

Being overweight is definitely not a good thing for one’s health and obviously not for fitness. Exercising can be a way to reduce those extra pounds effectively but it does […]

Blue Star Elevate

10th May 2016

The nootropics industry is still in its early stages, but it is growing incredibly fast. Many nootropic supplements feature ingredients that only have preliminary clinical support at best, as the […]