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Mate Fit Teatox

29th June 2015

Mate Fit Tea Tox is a two-part herbal tea programme that is designed to help you detox and lose weight. The Detox tea contains laxatives and diuretics. The energising tea Metabolic Boost contains stimulants. The idea is that this combination will help you rock a slender body with killer abs! So will drinking these two […]


XLS Medical Max Strength

26th June 2015

XLS Medical Max Strength is a new weight loss supplement from XLS Medical and according to the advertising is 33% more effective than XLS Medical, the company’s previous flagship supplement. Celebrity Denise Van Outen is promoting Max Strength and she even has her mum involved! XLS is a trusted brand so will this supplement really […]


Ideal Health Slimatee

25th June 2015

Teas have become a popular weight loss aid in recent years, especially as so many herbal ingredients can be used in an infusion effectively. Whilst there are metabolism boosting teas, such as green tea and matcha tea, there are also numerous laxative based teas available, which are designed to treat constipation and bloating, but are […]


HCG EZ Drops

24th June 2015

HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy, and is injected medically to treat infertility. It has been used for weight loss in the past, despite a lack of clinical evidence, but it is now a prescription-only medicine; diet pill manufacturers have responded to this by creating ‘artificial’ HCG from a blend of […]


Duzoxin Slim

23rd June 2015

Celebrity endorsements are common ways of promoting diet pills. However, when considering what diet pill to purchase, customers should consider the ingredients list, potential side effects and other customers’ reviews rather than basing their decision upon who has been paid to promote the product. Duzoxin Slim has a number of celebrity endorsers, but provides little […]


FitTeam Fit

22nd June 2015

Diet supplements take many forms other than just capsules and tablets. Powder sticks, to be mixed into a drink, are often appetite suppressing diet products, but there are some powder products that claim to tackle weight loss in a variety of ways. For example, FitTeam Fit is a product that comes in powder stick form, […]


Actislim Raspberry Ketone Max

19th June 2015

Ever since Dr. Oz featured Raspberry Ketone on his show as the next great weight loss aid, it has been an incredibly popular ingredient in diet pills, despite a lack of human clinical evidence to support its use. Actislim describe their Raspberry Ketone based product, Actislim Raspberry Ketone Max as ‘THE version of Raspberry Ketone […]


Pro Metabolism 60

18th June 2015

With so many diet pills available claiming to be the strongest weight loss aid available, it is rare to find a diet pill that actually makes almost no weight loss claims. The manufacturers of Pro Metabolism 60 claim that the diet pill is their strongest formula ever that ‘allows you to maximise your goals when […]



17th June 2015

Weight loss teas have become popular in recent years, as low calorie alternatives to unhealthy beverages, whilst also burning calories and aiding weight loss. With numerous different types of tea having various health benefits, blends of these teas have also become popular. KouTea is one option, which contains four different teas, blended to promote weight […]


Demon Burn 50

16th June 2015

Demon Burn 50 is a fat burner that contains ephedra extract and according to the product information is only suitable for experienced fat burner users. It is aimed at the body builder market so will probably not suit you if you are just trying to lose some weight. We take an in depth look at […]


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