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Nuez Dela India

27th October 2016

Nuez Dela India is a health supplement that is made from candlenut. It aims to help people lose weight, as well as help in lowering cholesterol, improving skin health and […]

Take Shape For Life

26th October 2016

Take Shape For Life is described as a vibrant lifestyle community redefining the path to health and wellbeing. This sounds confusing but in fact Take Shape For Life is a […]


25th October 2016

Univera is not a single supplement; it is an entire range of health supplements that are sold through multi-level marketing. Below we take a look at Univera to see if […]

WLD Fat Burner Superior

24th October 2016

There are literally thousands of weight loss aids available on the internet, with varying degrees of strength, quality and effectiveness. Weight Loss Development Inc. claim to have developed their Fat […]


23rd October 2016

Vitakor is a dietary and weight loss supplement that uses natural ingredients and promises to be a safe and effective fat burner. Below we take an in-depth look at Vitakor […]

Vimax Detox

22nd October 2016

Vimax Detox is a natural colon cleanser that facilitates bowel movements in an attempt to detox the body. We take an in-depth look to see how Vimax Detox shapes up. […]


21st October 2016

Known as an “all day” appetite suppressant, Traxafen claims to control food cravings while kick-starting the metabolic rate of the user, which is required to burn the fat and additional […]

Tea Rexx

19th October 2016

Bro Labs Tea Rexx is described as an extreme fat burning catalyst and thermogenic so the clues from the name are that this supplement is strong. It comes from Bro […]

TBI Labs Achieving Zero Evolve

18th October 2016

Achieving Zero Evolve is a type of beverage powder, which promotes weight management while offering increased mental focus and increased energy. This supplement also claims to control appetite and increase […]

TKO Knock Out Weight Loss Tea

17th October 2016

TKO Knock Out Weight Loss Tea is the perfect addition to any diet or weight loss plan – that is according to the product advertising. The tea contains a blend […]