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NDS LipoRush

31st January 2015

LipoRush DS is a powerful looking diet pill that NDS – the company behind this supplement, describe as a maximum strength thermogenic, only suitable for ‘advanced users’. Maximum strength usually means stimulants so will this diet pill cause side effects? In addition, will this help you lose weight? We shine the Watchdog spotlight on LipoRush […]



30th January 2015

Advocare Fibo Trim is a fiber supplement that may cause you to feel less hungry. It may help prevent fat absorption as well. This sounds like good news for weight loss but beware there are a couple of features about this supplement that won’t suit everyone. We take a look at Advocare Fibo Trim to […]


Man Scorch

29th January 2015

There are literally hundreds of fat burning products available to buy, with a huge percentage of them all claiming to be the best product with unparalleled fat burning capabilities. These claims can make it difficult to decide which product is the best to purchase. Today we look at MAN Scorch, to see if it lives […]


FitnessGuru One Heat AM

28th January 2015

One Heat@ Day is a high potency fat burner, designed to help you eliminate sugar cravings and enhance your energy throughout the day. It comes from stylish Swedish company Fitnessguru and is just one of a whole range of health and weight loss products. We take a look at One Heat@ Day to find out […]


Action Labs Super Fit Burners

27th January 2015

Action Labs Super Fit Burner is a fat burner diet pill that is supposed to enhance your metabolism and reduce your appetite. Unlike other supplements described as thermogenic fat burners, it does not contain stimulants so it may suit you if you are looking for a side effect free way of supporting your weight loss. […]


Slim24 Pro

26th January 2015

Meal replacement shakes have become a highly promoted way of losing large amounts of weight fast; but they have numerous problems associated with their use, including a high chance of regaining weight once the dieter begins eating solid meals again. Could Slim 24 Pro, a high protein meal replacement shake manufactured by an Indian company, […]



25th January 2015

The manufacturers of Resverashape make some bold claims about their product, and the ingredients used within it. We take a look to see how accurate these claims are, and whether or not this diet pill is a viable weight loss supplement or merely an over-hyped waste of money. ResveraShape Pros Some clinically proven ingredients 30 […]



24th January 2015

Back in May 2014 Dr. Oz, the television show host, recommended Garcinia Cambogia as a weight loss supplement. Since then, there has been a massive boost in the number of Garcinia Cambogia products available, all claiming to be the most effective and purest form of the plant. One of these many products is Garciniburn, which […]


Fit Tea Detox

23rd January 2015

There are numerous different detox drinks available on the market, promising to aid weight loss merely by drinking a tea infusion of several ingredients once a day. We take a look to see if Fit Tea Detox can actually aid weight loss, or if it is merely a diuretic product that causes the appearance of […]



22nd January 2015

Using Colon Cleansers and detox products can cause some weight loss, at least temporarily. But are any of these products a safe and viable weight loss solution? Furthermore, do they actually aid long term weight loss, or do they merely remove waste and water weight from the body? We take a look at PuraCleanse, an […]


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Our complete list of diet pills from trusted manufacturers

Watchdog Approved Diet Pills