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NDS Slim-tox

22nd December 2014

There are hundreds of thermogenic and stimulant diet pill products that are ideal for use during the daytime. However, they can interfere with sleep, meaning that they should not be used in the evening or at night. NDS Nutrition have created a diet pill that is stimulant free and intended for use at night, to […]


truDERMA GastrobiPlex

19th December 2014

Truderma Gastropiplex is marketed as a weight loss alternative for those who are contemplating bariatric surgery as a means to lose significant amounts of weight loss. Consisting of a three tier weight loss plan, each box contains a book with dietary and exercise recommendations, as well as a month’s supply of a meal replacement shake […]


Rightway Nutrition Forskolin

17th December 2014

Rightway Nutrition are one of the many companies that manufacture a diet pill based solely upon the Dr. Oz approved ingredient, Forskolin. Whilst we have looked at several Forskolin based products before, we thought we would take a look at this one to see if it is any better than its direct competitors. A supplement […]


FatBurner 4X

16th December 2014

Fat Burner 4X is a diet pill that contains 19 natural and organic ingredients. It comes from US Company Nature’s Dynamics, a family owned business with a focus on whole food. We love green credentials but beware: if you decide to buy, you may find yourself signed up to an auto billing agreement. We take […]



15th December 2014

DigesTrim is a US supplement that claims to help boost your energy levels and lessen what the advertising refers to as ‘digestive distress’. This is a strange claim because if you experience digestive discomfort, seeing your doctor rather taking an OTC supplement might be a better option. We take a look at DigesTrim to find […]


MaxTrimm FibreTRIMM

14th December 2014

Sometimes the supplements we review here at Diet Pills Watchdog claim to have a huge range of benefits, as well as supposedly aiding weight loss. Many of these multi-purpose supplements are detox or digestion aids, such as FibreTrimm from MaxTrimm, the product being reviewed today. FibreTRIMM Pros May treat constipation and digestive problems FibreTRIMM Cons […]


DietWorks Yacon Slim

13th December 2014

DietWorks Yacon Slim is a weight loss supplement that contains Yacon Syrup as its principle ingredient. This natural plant extract is derived from a Peruvian fruit and according to some clinical investigation may help promote good health and help you shed some pounds as well. We take a look at DietWorks Yacon Slim to find […]


LG Sciences C2K

12th December 2014

LG Sciences have produced a thermogenic diet drop called C2K, and have described is as containing “the hottest supplements for weight loss”. However, one of the key ingredients has never been tested in humans, the product comes with a long warning list of potential side effects. We decided to take a look to see just […]


SlimmingSolutions TeaTox

11th December 2014

Slimming Solutions Teatox is a new Slimming Solutions supplement on the market. Released in Autumn 2014, it is a combination of two herbal teas designed to be taken for two weeks in order to help you lose weight and detox. Will this approach work and is it even safe? We look at Teatox to find […]


BellyTrim XP

10th December 2014

There are many different ways of promoting diet pills, and explaining how these diet pills work. One method is little more than click bait, offering the customer miracle weight loss, if they just read about (and purchase) their incredible and exclusive product. Biotrust utilises this marketing technique for their product Belly Trim XP. We thought […]


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Our complete list of diet pills from trusted manufacturers

Watchdog Approved Diet Pills