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Colo Cleanse Pro review

I have seen your site before when researching for products but cannot see any review for a detox one called Colo Cleanse Pro. Its only available in Canada and seems cheap at only $6.95, can you take a look for me?

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Garcinium garcinia cambogia report

Hi watchdog,
I would like to report what I think is a scam, the product in question is Garcinium garcinia cambogia. Like the other trials reported on your site this is another one. The terms and conditions are hidden away and they take money out your account each month. Please review and report this product.
Thank you.

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Slim New diet pill trial offer?

Warning guys another “Free trial” NOT. Reading the small print and its £94.99 after 14 days. Dont be suckered in will cost way more than £4.95!

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LeanFast and Premium Cleansing Deluxe scam

This is a scam. Same as those other Raspberry Ketone supplements. You get charged £4.95 for postage plus £.99 i”insurance” for a “free trial” but before that even reaches you your account has been plundered -£69 for the Premium Cleansing Deluxe and £99 for the LeanFast. Fortunately I replaced my debit card before they could steal anymore of my money.

I could not find any fine print on the website warning that this would happen. There may have been something in the printed sheet accompanying the product, but that was so badly mangled it was illegible, and by the time the product arrived the money had been taken from my account already anyway.

Please add this product to your list of scams.


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It Works! Greens please review

My daughter asked me to research this product: It Works! Greens, 4.23 oz, Orange Amazon sells it. I could not find it on your website. I am using “Phentyslim” and love it so far. Trying to get her to try it…. Thanks!

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Raspberry Trim free trial

I have seen another raspberry ketone supplement advertised online called Raspberry Trim. I am assuming this is like all the other so called “free trials” everyone is complaining about? Anyway just letting oyu know as not seen this on your site.

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Review on slimfy diet pill

i will be grateful if you can review the diet pill SLIMFY as many review on it shows positive feedback’s. thank you

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Which Garcinia Cambogia supplement?

Hi! I love your cite but i’m having hard time to choose the rite Garcinia Cambogia… could you pleas help me wight hat?

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JS Slim Capsules genuine?

I would like to know if JS Slim is a genuine diet pill?

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Lean fast free trial

I too have been conned by this and am still trying to get my money back. The company is called [Lean Fast] . the company advertises risk free trail. £5.94 for shipping costs. Never once does it mention the £94.97p that have taken from my account nor does it insist prior to purchasing that you read the terms and conditions. they are breaking all rules and regulations and ripping the consumer off. This should not be allowed. Why cant the consumer protection regulators do something about these unscrupulous companies?

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Ultimate CLA by Phytogenix Labs

can you help me find out more about this product [Ultimate CLA] from Phytogenix Labs.

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Phentramine RX review

i was told to try these as a diet pill [Phentramine RX] but never heard of them and there is mixed review on google.

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Raspberry Ketone Max free trial scam

I saw an advert via channel 4 saying how good keytones were. At a low point in health I decided to have a try and filled in online my free trail only fee was postage and packing. I stupidly gave my credit card details and thought I was just paying for p&p. my pills arrived which I had to collect from my sorting office. I took 3 days worth and left them as they made me feel unwell. To my horror when I logged into my credit card account I saw they had taken £93 from me. I rang tesco credit card and they said this keeps happening and so many people are getting caught. They said they would try and help me but sadly people have lots hundreds. They gave me the suppliers tel no which was an 0800 no but ended up in the USA. Long story short they told me I had signed their terms and conditions and did not cancel within the supposed 14 days so they are free to take my money. I sent back the pills as advised but still they Insist they will not give me my money back. I did not see and t’s and c’s stating that or I would ever have agreed. So, all In all I have thrown £93 +£8.95 post and packing + the £4 I paid to send the pills back. Tesco did try for me by taking my dispute to keytone max but they were refused.
Is there any way you can help me……I’m furious disgusted and feel cheated ?

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Diet Ultimo trial

I have also bought the free trial of diet pills [Diet Ultimo] & I have now been charged £87. I have cancelled it from my bank but I’m having no luck with getting a refund, is there anything I can do to get a refund. Could you help. There email is support@dietultima.com

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Slimplex free trial

I contacted this Bysimplex company which really wasnt very helpful. I ordered a FREE 2WK TRIAL of Simplex, however it cost me £4.97 postage. I didnt recieve the product until 3rd May then I noticed that they took a payment of £79.97 then a further £79.94 on 21st June 2014. When I recieved my trial pack I tried to contact them but to no avail, however I did eventually get through to them 23rd June & it was all scripted stating that I had 14days to cancel the order, even though I stated I had tried.. The guy offered me 25% refund, after I complained it went up to 50% I sstated it still wasnt acceptable as the terms given on the form are incorrect & the Customer Service was very poor. I havent got my refund as of yet they stated it can take upto 30 days, which I am not holding my breath, but this is a total scam & as a single parent I feel violated by this pathetic company as I am now £160 short WHAT A TOTAL SCAM

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Pro-Slim Plan Review

received a mailing today attractive four color claiming 15#per WK weight loss. Pro- Slim supposedly developed by MTI (playing off MIT name?)
Do you know anything about this weight loss pill?

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Triactiburn review

Could you review TRIACTIBURN Fat Burner Thermogenic Metabolism and Energy Booster Diet Pills, 100% All Natural Weight Loss Supplement MADE IN USA
by LivingFit USA

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Ketones scam

I ordered the free trial but it never came. They have taken two more payments off my credit card without permission. They say I signed up for home delivery but I didn’t and haven’t received anything. I have asked for my money back six times but I get no response. If you read these reviews don’t go ahead with the trial because the ketones are over priced (cheaper on Amazon)

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ProbioSlim trial

ProbioSlim is a product you can get a sample for $2.99 then they autoship unless you call and cancel, but when you call they entice you with a better autoship price, but with all of this aside, I would like to know how the product is for weight loss.. I have pills coming out my ears and I am still fat, so I am beginning to think I wont get thin from a bottle…

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Skinny Diva fat burner capsules

I am desparate to lose weight (have around 20lbs to lose!!!) and saw skinny diva fat burner capsules, do they work? Love the name but dont want to waste my money as tried so many pills before. Waiting for watchdog verdict please.

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