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There are so many dietary supplements on the market that it’s tough to keep track of all of them. We try to review as many of them as possible but sometimes one comes up that we haven’t reviewed. This is where you come in.

We’d like you to use our contact form to let us know if there’s a product you want reviewing, if you’ve got any questions about something specific or you just want to share your views with us. This will allow us to help you understand more about the ever growing diet pill industry.

Here are the latest reports that have been submitted. Feel free to join in on the conversation or visit our reviews page to see what we’ve been looking at recently.

List of Consumer Reports

Ketovox Review

I would like to know about the diet pill Ketovox. Is it a approved pill? If you could check this pill out it would be really helpful and greatly appreciated! [...]

Lean Max Botanical Slimming Soft Gel Capsules

I came across leanmax diet pills. I know you wont like them as for the webpage is poor and ingredients are not well specified. but they claim to be FDA [...]

La Trim Plus Review

Would you please review this product.

Carb Stopper Extreme Review

Please can you write and let me what your website knows about the above USA product? Thank you, most Grateful.

Review Lunaflex PM

I have just ordered a 3 months supply of Lunaflex PM manufactured by North Star Nutritionals – it has an impressive website!

Slim-44 information

I received a packet for ordering SLIM-44. I have not received the product. Do you have any information on this product?

Kyani review

Can you please review this product? It also claims to promote overall health

Please review LaBri’s body health

Please review LaBri’s body health. I was taking some pills they sell called Atomic and while they helped me shed pounds, they had some pretty bad side effects. My left [...]

CocoaBurn review

Can you please review CocoaBurn diet product.

Arctic Ruby Oil does it work?

Does this product work?

unicoNutrition’s Vulcan Fat Burners review

Hi WatchDog ! I wanted to know if you can do a review on unicoNutrition’s Vulcan Fat Burners. There’s like NO reviews for it anywhere ! You’d be helping me [...]

Ultra Fat Loss Matrix from Holistic Labs LTD

Hello, I just purchased Ultra Fat Loss Matrix from Holistic Labs LTD. I would love your review on the product. I have not started taking it yet. Thank you, Lisa

Letin Shred review

Could you do a review on Mike Chan’s (Six pack shortcuts) Leptin Shred?

Venus Factor review

I came to the site looking for a review of Venus Factor and was surprised that it had not been reviewed.

Addium Investigation Suggestion

Hello there!! I am so impressed with all the information you have available for the public! I find everything I read on your site very helpful! I am wondering if [...]

Platinum body fat burner review

Hi, I have received an email for a suplpement called Platinum body fat burner. The offer is pushing a last minute deal and makes curious as to how real this [...]

Natural Glucocil offered by GNC

I’m a senior and would like to know if any research has been done on Glucocil to optimizer blood sugar level? If not is this something you all do? If [...]

Musclepharm Shred Matrix review please

Hi, I was wondering if you are going to review the above product [Musclepharm Shred Matrix].

Eat water slim rice review

I am writing to ask if you could review eat water slim rice. I don’t think you have as I can’t find it on the site but Holland and Barret [...]

Skinnybuzz review

please review this product, Skinnybuzz.

Life Plus diet review

Hi, I just wondered if you knew anything about the life plus diet. lose 21 pounds in 21 days? Using Life Plus supplements and hcg homeopathic made by new vistas [...]

Slim Vit on Amazon

Anyone heard about a new diet pill called Slim Vit? It’s sold on Amazon and really seams to work. Any feedback pls on if it’s safe to use.

CBS Slimming Pills review please

I was recently recommended a diet pill called CBS (supposedly from Australia) by quite a number of my friends. It is incredibly popular in Singapore (where I’m from) and Malaysia, [...]

la trim plus (bee pollin) review

Want to know health risks. manufactured for MWN health

Truvision Health products

Have you done/will be doing a review on Truvision health products?

Glucomannan Plus review

Glucomannan Plus please review these but I heard they can make choke you if you do not drink enough water

Healthy Systems USA products

I was wondering if you had information on the Healthy Systems USA products. I couldn’t find any on your website and was just wanting your thoughts. Thank you!

Have you reviewed Bio Trust Pro-X10?

Hi, have you reviewed Bio Trust Pro-X10. If so, do you approve or recommend it. Thanks Chris

Garcina forte diet pills

I am very fat need help I want to know if this dieet pill works as they say please thank you

Garcinia Torch scam?

I was at work looking online-thought I’d go for a “Free trial” found out of course the free trial is not free-then the people at the company called me having [...]

Dexatol 27

I am wondering if or when you will be checking out the new FDA approved diet pill Dexatol 27. Thank you Awaiting your reply Char

Phenocal a good diet pill?

I would like to know if you have looked into this diet pill. It got excellent ratings on another site. Can you give me your input? Thanks

Methoxyburn review please

I’d love to see a review of Methoxyburn.

CF24 Onyx review

Good morning, I live in the Midwest. And the “hot” fat burner/diet pill around here is something called the CF24 Onyx. Do you have a review on this or know [...]

Melaleuca Products

I have been shopping at Melaleuca for some time – they have a few new products that help increase metabolism and their Access shakes help to burn fat. Have you [...]

St Nirvana slimming pills

Hi i have looked on the list of products they you have researched and reviewed, i didn’t see a slimming pill called st Nirvana here is a link to a [...]

Slimina weight loss pills review please

Can you review Slimina weight loss pills please. Thank you.

Lipotrin review

I saw this on Amazon and have been looking for reviews. Can you please review the product and give feedback. Thank you

T5 acai berry scam

Hello, i received a message from a trysting friend on facebook telling me about med natural t5 acai berry drops, they know im trying to lose weight. even although i [...]

Nature’s way metabolic reset the weight loss shake review

I love reading your review and find the information very helpful. What are your thoughts on nature’s way metabolic reset the weight loss shake?

GCBMAX Green Coffee Bean review

Dear Diet Pills Watch Dog; I am happy to come across a unique website such as yours. I noticed that green coffee bean extract such as the infamous GCBMAX Green [...]

Evaluate superfruit pro

I would like to know if superfruit pro is as good and as safe as superfruit slim

Green Coffee Ultra with GCA review

Good day, First of all let me start saying that I love your work and I trust on it. I would like to have reviews for the following two diet [...]

Skinny bunny tea review

Hi! I’ve recently stumbled upon a site that sells weight loss tea, detox tea etc. they have 4 types of tea each one has its own benefits, and they are [...]

Nudey Tea review please

what is it with all these detox teas? The best name one is Nudey tea Can you please review this tea, same as all the rest?

Leptin Control Diet pack really work?

Does Leptin Control Diet pack really work?

3 week diet scam?

Im not so sure about this site (3weekdiet).

Forskolin Slim advice

I need to stop company from sending pills monthly and automatically billing my credit card. I can’t find the name of the company. The credit card info only lists “healthandw”. [...]

Activetrim and new slender life advice

I need to speak to someone on the fine pls if you could contact me or email me a number I be greatful for two months you have taken £174 [...]

Review Leptigen

I want to purchase Leptigen but want a review from you first.

Resolution Drops from Total Life Changes

Greetings, I am asking for a consumer report on Resolution Drops from Total Life Changes. They also have products such as IASO Tea (detox tea), HCG, and NRG (energy pills) [...]

Skinny Teatox review please

I am seeing detox teas called “teatox” everywhere these days, the recent one is skinny teatox. Cant seem to find any reviews of this can you review please? Thanks.

Ultra Supplements Raspberry Ketone T5 review

I have just received Ultra Supplements Raspberry Ketone T5 from Wowcher. You have not mentioned this product in your review. I was just wondering if it is safe to take. [...]

ChiroThin weight loss program review

Have you reviewed ChiroThin weight loss program? Is it a scam?

Dexamine review

I took a diet pill supplement Dexamine a year ago for about 4 months and I have nothing but great things to say about it. Great energy, appetite suppressed and [...]

Instant Knockout review

Hi, thanks for all the help you give on here. Would it be possible for you to review a product called Instant Knockout? Thanks, Hamish

FITteam Evaluation

My daughter in law just started selling this product. Lots of weight loss reported. I can’t find anything about it other than from their sites. I’m thinking it has ALOT [...]

NutraSun Cleanse free trial

hey watchdog, I know your not a fan of detox supplements but have seen one from NutraSun called Natural Green Cleanse offered on a trial. Can you review this supplement, [...]

Supreme garcinia cambogia scam?

You dont have any information on this new so called free trial “Supreme garcinia cambogia”, I assume this is like all the others and charges you every month? Ade

Hellfire EPH 150 by Innovative review request

Hello, So I recently bought a product called Hellfire EPH 150 by Innovative. I only took one capsule, but it made me very sick. I would have called 911 but [...]

Cyanidin-3 Glucoside(C3G) thoughts?

I was wondering if you have come across much research regarding Cyanidin-3 Glucoside(C3G)? Right now there are a lot of non-reputable sites toting it as the next big thing that’s [...]

Nutrasun Garcinia reviews

HI, I have seen a news report on a product called Nutrasun Garcinia cambogia and looks to be impressive and only £4.95 for trial bottle. Only seen one review from [...]

BioActive Raspberry Ketone free trial

I purchase some raspberry ketone and it wasn’t till I got the packages today that I realised I’d been scammed I red the fine print on the website which I [...]

Lipovingual review

my local meditrim weight loss office is selling a liquid version of the lipo shots with the amino acids/b12…I havent seen you guys do a review yet so I wanted [...]

Ketone Slim XT fake?

I was just procrastinating on the internet until I came across this website that guarantees weight loss! of course it’s fake and I didn’t know if you know about this [...]

Slimdrene help

hi not sure if you can help me. I recently ordered a free trial of slimdrene and I want to send them back and cancel any monies coming out of [...]

Isogenix scam?

Hello, Don’t see any info on Isogenix. Is this another scam? Thanks for your response!

Does Adicor work?

I want to know if the product Adicor works or not before buying.

Query re K5 Raspberry Lean capsules

Hi there I was just wondering if anyone had tried the Pharma Vits K5 Raspberry Lean capsules? I got them on special offer so thankfully I didn’t pay very much [...]

Oceantrim 100 review

I received in the mail information on getting Oceantrim 100 and was wondering if it was a scam or if you have heard of it. If you have heard of [...]

Youth H2O review

I would be interested in seeing a review of Youth H2O. Thank you

ZETATRIM fat burning formula

Hi, I have been looking for a review on ZETATRIM fat burning formula and not find one. Can you look into this one and let me know if worth buying [...]

Pure genix garcinia have caffeine?

Does pure genix garcinia with green coffee have caffeine?

PurSlim terms and conditions

i wish to report that because i did not read all of the T&C i fell victim to allowing to this internet scam. Before my full next delivery they have [...]

Raspberry keytone proslim review

Signed up for free trial 12 February 2015 and cancelled within the agreed timescale. payment taken 26 February even though cancellation sent by email 20 February As the payment made [...]

Slendertoxtea review

Hi, I wondered if you would be reviewing slendertoxtea soon please? Thank you, Julia.

Feedback on Phenatrim this year

Would like to hear any comments regarding above product this year and what was the weight loss if any? Interested but want to hear more results. Need to lose about [...]

Warrior Blaze fat burners Review

Hi chaps, would it be possible to review this product? A friend has recommended it saying it does the job and is much stronger than others out there, to be [...]

PurSlim green coffee cleanse trial

No review on the site for Purslim green coffee so can you check them out. Ta

Slim Wise Cleanse review

Hi, I have read you are not impressed with detox products but this one seems too good to be true. Slim wise cleanse is free trial so I can give [...]

Xentrafen review

Hello, Amazon has a diet pill called “Xentrafen”. It has excellent reviews. I was wondering if you have ever heard of it. Thank you in advance for your time.

Garcinia Fast review

To whom it may concern, Could you please investigate a company called Healthy Habits Production Garcinia Cambogia product [Garcinia Fast] at the website – I’ve bought from them before, they [...]

Forskolin Belly Buster review

Your review on Forskolin Fuel sounds much like one I wish you would review called Forskolin Belly Buster. The only difference is they nowhere mentioned continued billing,and yet the next [...]

Essential Elements Supplements

Curious if you have checked out a company called Essential Elements? Curious about their products called… Essential Elements Garcinia Cambogia Essential Elements Green Coffee Bean Essential Elements Colon Cleanser AND [...]

Is Absolute Garcinia a Scam?

I am tempted to buy Absolute Garcinia and checked on your site to see if this is a scam. Is it?

Slimgenix Pro free trial

Hi there, I am seeing adverts for a free trial called Slimgenix Pro and another one called Cleanse efx. Cant find any reviews on your site for these can you [...]

LipoDream review

If you haven’t considered it already, a review of LipoDream would be awesome!

Vimax detox review

please let me know all the details about vimax and how to purchase it

Complete Nutrition tone review

Hii. I recently purchased tone pills by complete nutrition they target stubborn fat and promote weight loss . Would love for you to get a intake in these products please

Slim Wise ketone scam?

Hi, I have been led to believe that slim wise ketone is a scam. there are no reviews on your site and want you to take a look asap. Sarah

Raspberry Ultra slimming pills

I have just been “caught out” by this scam and subsequently found your site. There are over 750 complaints about the way this company works and they need stopping. My [...]

Nutri Drop Grapefruit Diet review

Hi, I wonder if you have any review regarding the abovementioned product? =) Cheryl

Garcia Slim pill review

Hi.Is the GarciaSlim pill by Health Aid company approved?

Skinny Gums Raspberry Ketone review

i don’t see any reviews on a diet supplement called skinny gums raspberry ketone it is provided by GB supplement and i wondered if you had reviewed it

Benevita review

Hi, could you please review the weight management system of Benevita. Although they have approval from EFSA, I wanted to get your opinion on it too. Many thanks, Khayyam

Sletrokor review

can you review this pill?

Javita Cofee Company review

Could you please review Javita Cofee Company. Here is the companies product page, but a simple search will also bring it up. Thank you, Jessica

Mega Cleanse Plus Scam

I have recently lost a fairly large amount from my bank acc. for goods I have not received from the above firm. There was no paperwork to inform me of [...]

Shred JYM review

Hi Could you please review Jym Shred JYM? Thanks, Jas

Recommended diet pills from Holland and Barrett

Hi there, any chance you could recomend the most effective Dietry Pills,Keytones Etc that Are sold from Holland & Barrett, Id much rather go into a shop and buy them [...]

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  • Slimfy is absolutely very effective in 2months i lost 17kilos, Slimfy is amazing "Posted by ai on Slimfy at 2015-11-25 15:26:16
  • This is some serious shit. It has results BUT you need to be smart and careful with this to decrese …"Posted by Zaid Waiz on Black Spider at 2015-11-25 14:19:39
  • Hi Aida, thanks for you reply, I've stopped talking the pills, and I've reduced the amount of food, and going to …"Posted by Ashraf on Phentaslim at 2015-11-25 11:56:36
  • I was confused at first also. I was thinking I ordered a trial size, but I got a 30 day …"Posted by Kat Delaney on Garcinia Torch scam? at 2015-11-24 18:32:10
  • Hello Charlotte, I apologize for the confusion, but the reason the credit card company did not reverse the charges is because …"Posted by Customer Service on Garcinia Torch scam? at 2015-11-24 18:12:04

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