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FITteam Evaluation

My daughter in law just started selling this product. Lots of weight loss reported. I can’t find anything about it other than from their sites. I’m thinking it has ALOT of caffeine given my daughter,s jitteriness. A bad match with high blood pressure, I’m thinking.
Your site/info is very helpful. Thank you!

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NutraSun Cleanse free trial

hey watchdog,
I know your not a fan of detox supplements but have seen one from NutraSun called Natural Green Cleanse offered on a trial. Can you review this supplement, really need to detox and lose few more pounds. Thanks.

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Supreme garcinia cambogia scam?

You dont have any information on this new so called free trial “Supreme garcinia cambogia”, I assume this is like all the others and charges you every month? Ade

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Hellfire EPH 150 by Innovative review request


So I recently bought a product called Hellfire EPH 150 by Innovative. I only took one capsule, but it made me very sick. I would have called 911 but I couldn’t move! It hit me real hard, really fast and I ended up curled up in a ball with the worst hot flashes, pounding fast heart beat, and even threw up a few times. I had extreme anxiety and could hardly breathe. I’m not a religious person but I was praying to Jesus to help me!

Now, it could have just been that I was sensitive to caffeine, since I only drink a couple cups of coffee a day, but wow, it was probably one of the worst experiences in my life!

I bought the product on eBay because it had very good reviews and was even listed on one website as one of the top 5 best fat burners. But, now I’ve been hearing about how another product called Ubervita, (which I bought yesterday and now regret) being accused of having MANY (over 7,300!) fake and bribed reviews on Amazon. So, I’m just not sure if it’s legit.

I tried requesting a refund for the Hellfire, but because I opened the bottle they would not do it (it was not from the company though, so I can understand the sellers reason not to reimburse me.)

I just want other people to know that it is a potentially dangerous product IF it is, because I am now out of 35 bucks. But most of all, I am extremely curious if this is product is even effective.

I mean yeah, you’re bound to lose weight if you’re sick beyond belief after taking it!

I apologize for the length of this message, I just wanted to provide a background story, and I trust Diet Pill Watch Dog’s reviews over anyone else!

Thank you so much for your time!

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Cyanidin-3 Glucoside(C3G) thoughts?

I was wondering if you have come across much research regarding Cyanidin-3 Glucoside(C3G)? Right now there are a lot of non-reputable sites toting it as the next big thing that’s been kept secret. The only reputable company that I see selling it is Biotest as Indigo 3-G. Claiming the anthocyanidin in berries has been harnessed to help with insulin regulation, antioxidants and without burning muscle as well. I was curious as to what your knowledge-base thinks of this as Indigo is about $65 for 2 weeks.

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Nutrasun Garcinia reviews

I have seen a news report on a product called Nutrasun Garcinia cambogia and looks to be impressive and only £4.95 for trial bottle. Only seen one review from what looks like a news site but none of the links work on it but the links to the product. This looks fishy to me. Can you take a look?

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BioActive Raspberry Ketone free trial

I purchase some raspberry ketone and it wasn’t till I got the packages today that I realised I’d been scammed I red the fine print on the website which I didn’t see before and it says I need to cancel within 14 days this was for bioactiveraspberry, I contacted my bank and the fraud team there sending me a new card with new details and keeping an eye on my account for pending transactions, I’m so scared as im on benefits hence why I ordered a ‘FREE’ trial, I’ve emailed the company twice as I can’t phone them as its a usa number, they haven’t got back to me, I’m so scared. Can anyone tell me what else i can do to provent money being taken from my bank account?

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Lipovingual review

my local meditrim weight loss office is selling a liquid version of the lipo shots with the amino acids/b12…I havent seen you guys do a review yet so I wanted to see if you would consider it! The name is Lipovingual.

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Ketone Slim XT fake?

I was just procrastinating on the internet until I came across this website that guarantees weight loss! of course it’s fake and I didn’t know if you know about this site. here is the link. It’s too long to be a legit website :/

[link removed]

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Slimdrene help

hi not sure if you can help me. I recently ordered a free trial of slimdrene and I want to send them back and cancel any monies coming out of my account but no matter how hard I try I cant find an email address. it says on the letter to email the address but nothing comes up. hope you can help many thanks

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Isogenix scam?


Don’t see any info on Isogenix. Is this another scam?
Thanks for your response!

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Does Adicor work?

I want to know if the product Adicor works or not before buying.

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Query re K5 Raspberry Lean capsules

Hi there
I was just wondering if anyone had tried the Pharma Vits K5 Raspberry Lean capsules? I got them on special offer so thankfully I didn’t pay very much for them, I haven’t tried them yet but was wondering if they are safe to take as I am sensitive to caffeine.
Many thanks

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Oceantrim 100 review

I received in the mail information on getting Oceantrim 100 and was wondering if it was a scam or if you have heard of it. If you have heard of the product….does it work? Please let me know. Thank you.

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Youth H2O review

I would be interested in seeing a review of Youth H2O. Thank you

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ZETATRIM fat burning formula

I have been looking for a review on ZETATRIM fat burning formula and not find one. Can you look into this one and let me know if worth buying as seen it on ebay.

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Pure genix garcinia have caffeine?

Does pure genix garcinia with green coffee have caffeine?

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PurSlim terms and conditions

i wish to report that because i did not read all of the T&C i fell victim to allowing to this internet scam. Before my full next delivery they have already taken £300.16 from account.

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Raspberry keytone proslim review

Signed up for free trial 12 February 2015 and cancelled within the agreed timescale. payment taken 26 February even though cancellation sent by email 20 February As the payment made using credit card thought that as payment not authorised and no goods sent to me transaction fraudulent I would be covered under credit card
fraud criteria. Worked in banking for over 30 years and one of the selling points was items purchased covered by some sort of insurance.

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Slendertoxtea review


I wondered if you would be reviewing slendertoxtea soon please?

Thank you,

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