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Easy-100 Capsules Reported

I received a letter in the mail about this diet pill and I have been looking for reviews on it and can’t find any. Have you ever heard of it? Does not list ingredients. Maker: Skinny Nutraceuticals, 1734 Lakeview Av, Unit 354, Dracut MA 01826. Does not list ingredients. Offers to pay you $5.00 per pound lost for before and after pictures. Thanks!

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130 comments on “Easy-100 Capsules Reported”

  1. Robert says:

    RUN AWAY-This PRODUCT is a SCAM As the saying goes if it is to good to be true your being lied too. Save your money and my some dumbbells to work out DONT EVEN THINK OF WASTING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON FALSE ADVERTISING. IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A SCAM BECAUSE THE PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK.

  2. Marlita E. says:

    July 13,2015 3:35 pm on June 30, 2015 I sent a money-order in the
    amount of $122.90 for the diet, and I also paid extra for priorty sh. And I still haven’t received my diet. At the same day I ordered another product; and I got that order already! I would just like to get my money

  3. Maria K says:

    Last time. I’m not really loosing pounds. I started more exercise targeting my inner stomach muscles, came off the pills and am loosing more than I did on. DON’T BUY!!

  4. Maria K says:

    Down to 189 which is not much. Definately not what promised. Am loosing inches, down about 2 inches in the waist/belly button area so that is helpful. More than when I’m not using the pills and just exercising. Trying to cut out all sugar this week – like my Pepsi’s to see if that helps. Definately walking at least 1 mile + a day on treadmill – apx 20-30 mins. Back to exercises I was doing before I messed up my leg, just less time walking (was doing 40-60 mins a day).

  5. Maria K says:

    Lost 5 lbs in 1 week, not quite what they said, Lost 5 in 1 day, then gained back 2, then lost 1 per day. I think part of it was that I stuffed myself late at night when I gained it back. I’ve been trying to stop that – I definately lose at least 1 lb a day if I don’t eat after about 6/7pm. I haven’t been excersing so that might be why not loosing as much as I could. Finding acts as a appetite suppressant a bit during the day – not as effective towards evening. Definately dehydrates me – drinking more water than usual to try to stay hydrated (can tell by whether my lips are chapped or not). I have lost 1 inch under the breasts and 1 inch in the waist itself.

  6. Maria K says:

    Started mine today. Eat fairly healthy. A little too much processed sugar in the way of a pepsi a day. Proportions decent. Lots of less processed foods, very little vegetables, lots of fruit. Exercise about 1 mile walking 3-5 times a week. Decent amount of water, probably not all I should take. Will update and let people know. Currently 195 and should be around 120 or so at 50 yrs old. I look overall larger in arms/thighs/bottom but mostly in belly (look pregnant/beer belly without the beer). Giving description so people will know if it might work for them or not.

  7. Kel Z. says:

    Well…a little under a month…4 lbs. that’s it… 🙁
    Not angry….just disappointed again.


  8. Kel Z. says:

    I too recv’d the mailer; went online to research. I’m not sure why others couldn’t find any information? I found plenty, as well as, contacted the company. I am 50yrs old- menopausal and exercised daily -bike-8miles daily and resistance training…my weight kept creeping up until I could not take it any more [70lbs. overweight-and I don’t mean from what the “medical society” states you should weigh..I mean from my “comfortable-I feel great-weight”]. Given everything under the sun – special diets,special equipment,shaking substance on my food….nothing worked…so with their $$$ back guarantee..why not? I’ve just started [day 3]…will report back to update…so far – 3 lbs.!!! Just a fluke?? Don’t know-don’t care…the digital numbers stopped going up on my scale…which gives me hope, makes me smile…; however, got a long way to go so …I’ll let you know….

  9. bonnie says:

    got my easy-100 advertisement today. being overweight and already trying to loose
    the extra pounds this was unbelievable. i thought about my past experiences and
    brought up this site. thanks for all of the insite and support to make a absolutely NO decision to the product. I do know that if you contact a company and give them your credit card number you have initiated the contact and who knows who you are giving this info to. will they use it for other purposes. even workers in offices have been known to do that right here in the good ole USA. it is called credit card fraud. one thing though if you do get the product you can work with cc company to get your money after returning the product.
    the best thought i had is … does the post office general know about this information
    that they delivered to our door. a blatent SCAM artist…. also it may be interstate
    and with that is it not a crime the SCAM act i mean. I know that we have many
    overseas people who know how gullible we americans are and they laugh as they
    present opportunities for things just like this. well. i had hope myself in this idea
    but decided to get online and check out some possibilty that someone else had
    taken the guess work out of it. Thank you to all who have posted. I a m saved
    by your words.
    let’s just go back to basics, leave off all processed foods and white foods, drink water, eat fruits and vegs, small proteins, nuts and grains. you will be surprised what a difference you will see in just a couple of weeks. dont forget to walk even if
    just for 15 mins. it does make a difference. think ill go back to that idea myself.

  10. rebecca says:

    hi .. i just recieved the advertising in the mail.. of course it looked great .. especially after gaining so much weight since i turned 50.. after reading all these comments , i just but the mailer in the trash.. these companies 1) get our information from somewhere which i would like to know… 2) know that weight lose is hard for us and are looking for something fast and easy.. i should know better .. so its in the trash.. i guess i just need to eat less and exercise more.. good luck girls .. i know this sucks…

  11. Jaclyn says:

    Easy-100 is a SCAM. Not only is it incredibly unhealthy to lose that much weight in a day, it doesn’t work. I am about 25 pounds over weight and it has always been so hard for me to lose weight. I have tried 3 AFFORDABLE products. First when I was thinner and only wanted to lose 10 pounds I used Quick-Trim Extreme Burn. It really just takes away extra bloating and water weight. But by losing all the extra bloat i did drop 10 pounds. The second one was a combo of ColoThhin and Green Tea Coffee Extract Pills. I am losing weight in a healthy way and feel better. It really cleanses your system which helps to lose weight. Be careful, the first couple days you will have many bowl movements. I have also tried Pure Garcinia Camogia, but it was expensive and it didn’t work. Certain weight lose pills are not for everyone. Everyone’s body is different. You just need to do research and test some tings out. I ONLY use products with NATURAL INGREDIENTS and so should you. Putting all those chemicals in your body will not help you in the long run even if you do lose weight, TRUST ME. I hope I helped!

  12. Ada N. says:

    Well, I just called the 888 number and I told them I have confirmation that my shipment was received by them on 9-11-13 at 12:45 pm. They said they issued me a check on 9-16-13 ( yesterday) for $64.90 which is the total minus the $9.95 for their shipment. I will update as soon as I receive it. I just want to advise you to make sure you send it with a signature request. It cost me $5.96 but is worth it. I was advised by customer service ” just send it the cheapest way” but I knew if I did that, I would have no proof that I had returned the bottle and I would not get my money back. Once I get the check I will make a complaint with the BBB. I suggest you should all do the same to stop scammers from hurting more people.

  13. Ada N. says:

    One thing I forgot to mention is that the order form said 2 bottles of 24 capsules (each) for $64.90 plus $9.95. The bottle label says 48 capsules but when you read the Supplement Facts it says “serving per container 24” which tells me this doesn’t get packed by a laboratory. The guy in customer service said “Oh.. they just added the other 24 to the same bottle” What the heck ???

  14. Howard says:

    ‘Doctors Choice Awards’ finalist list for 2013 does not include this product or the company, (Skinny Nutraceuticals), that states this product is finally available in the U.S. without a prescription, as a winner of any award that I can find??? My advice, (Be Careful, Be Very Careful). Good luck and God Bless!

  15. Debbie says:

    Thank you for all your information. I was tempted to try this product but will stick to my Atkins diet and good old exercise. I fell for Lipozene and green coffee bean… no more!!!! If you find some thing that HELPS please let me know.

  16. Sara Velander says:

    I am one of the few that have tried this product, and I was not 100 percent satisfied with my results. In fact I had no results. It states that you are guaranteed to lose weight in the first week It will melt away everything that’s on wanted. I lost no weight or gain any weight. I called customer service And they want it no explanation Jordan my personal feedback. They just basically told me to take my merchandise to the post office and send it and they will refund my money. I would not recommend this product anybody

  17. Marie Stephanie says:

    I just received this letter I’ve been down this road before with other pills that never worked.Now with this Easy 100 Mess if they we’re That great don’t you think everybody would order Soooo much it would run there Lab out of Business think about that. I’ll Lose weight the old fashion way: )

  18. Lisa says:

    I received information in the mail the other day an was looking over it. It seems to good to be true got online to read about an nothing. I have done two rounds of HCG since October if last year watching what I eat and drinking plenty of water. I started out weighing 200 pounds and now I weigh 130 never felt better an never had any side effects. Good luck to anyone trying to loose weight. I tried a lot of diet pills but HCG was the only thing that worked for me.

  19. Jenn says:

    I received the same packet in the mail. Stay away from this product!!!! It’s got scam written all over it. Makes me angry that stuff like this is even out on the market. I was heavy since I was a teen all the way until I finished college. I went from weighing 195 almost 200 lbs at times to 120lbs. Lost the weight by controlling my portions, eating right and getting active by running and lifting heavy weights. Ladies you won’t get bulky lifting but with get lovely lean muscle! I was also taking a thermogenic fat burner and appetite suppressor (yes they work but you still have to exercise and eat right!). I have kept the weight off for three years now and am now pregnant and still nowhere near my original weight of 195 lbs! Look at it as a change in your entire lifestyle rather than a temporary diet and you will be happy with your results. After trying just about every fad and scam diet pill in the book it was dedication and changing my lifestyle to be more healthy and active that got me where I wanted to be and plan on getting right back into shape after our son is born. Keep your eye on the prize and if you want it bad enough you will reach your goals!

  20. PEG says:

    Received this “fantastic” claim in the mail, that without making any other changes, I can lose 2 lbs of fat per day. First of all – this would be traumatic to the body – losing weight that fast is not healthy ! Also – I do not believe them ! There are so many scams out there, people – be careful about who you give your address and credit card info to !!!!!!

  21. Stephanie says:

    I really wish I would’ve found this site before ordering. I started the Easy 100 pills on June 3rd, took them as directed and by the 6th day instead of losing the 12 lbs they promise I had GAINED weight. I am so dissapointed but not sure why I fell for this particular scam. I’m on my 2nd six-day round of pills, I’m hoping that maybe my body is just being slow to react to the product. I’m also increasing my water intake to see if that makes a difference. For now, I would say don’t waste your time or money. 🙁

  22. Wanda says:

    This is a wonderful and informative site. thank God, I checked out this mess I got in the mail before ordering. Yep, I think I’m on everyone’s official fat list. Maybe, every time we receive one of these advertisements, we should drop them a note and tell them to remove us from their list, as I am now skinny.

  23. Nikki says:


  24. LINDA H says:

    easy 100 i thougth it was going to work for me so i order more when you order the second time you do not get your money back no matter what. Iam still trying to take it . In hope that it will start to work because i spent right at 200.00 to get this. and the free gift will I’am sure you all got the samething. (HA HA). lesson learn but still hopeing LINDA H

  25. Avis Dillon says:

    Several years ago I ordered phentemine over the internet. It worked fantastic..lost 35 lbs in about 30 days and it stayed off for a long time. It was just one pill in the morning (I won’t try anything that requires more than one a day because I just never remember to take the rest) and I didn’t exercise or even change my eating habits. Then apparently they (Big Pharm) discovered the stuff really works and made it illegal except by prescription, then took it off altogether. I thought it was great and worked very well for me. Some of these ads sound pretty far fetched..like the stuff you shake on your food?? Has anyone actually tried that one? I am tempted to try the Easy 100 but the general census of opinions I am reading here seem to label it a scam so think I will pass.

    1. SENSA says:

      I got the letter today in the mail as well. Thanks to this site, I will not order their product. As you asked the SENSA product is what you sprinkle on your food. I have 30 lbs that I want to lose, so I tried SENSA diet. I actually done it for 6 months. They billed me every month and then sent me my next supply. I never lost no weight at all. I put it on all my food and 6 months later “nothing”. Just about $500.00 wasted… DO NOT BUY SENSA… Its a scam too. We done it so long to make sure that it did not start doing the weight change after being on it for a while. 🙁

  26. Susan says:

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you for all of the comments made on this website. I too have received the offer in the mail. I have over 250 lbs. to lose, have already lost over 150 lbs.. I lost my first 100 lbs. on the Atkins diet, and kept it off, then just tried to eat a little healthier and tried to stop eating fast foods. I agree, once you lose weight you have the saggy skin, and if you have a belie like mine, it seems to get worse at sagging. I will have to have plastic surgery to get rid of the belie. Good luck to everyone, thank you for you comments.

    1. georgia says:

      I recommend Dub Nutrition for a well balanced nutritional supplement. I have been on the product now for two years….lost over 40#s and have made $12,000 in the process, being a distributor for the Company. It is not a quick fix, but it is a sustainable program that I have truly enjoyed and the CEO is awesome to work with. He truly believes in helping others reach their optimum health through supplementation.

  27. LSW says:

    hey, so i have done 4 cycles, so 4 weeks of these pills, like in my earlier note i felt like i lost inches for that first cycle, i exercised very lightly and just eat normal which is healthy but not limited.. so far not a single pound lost, i do not feel any lighter and i do not feel any more inches lost…i believe this is part a water pill and once your body realeses the extra water yes you do feel lighter but your body will not loose more water then it needs so then you wont lose any more weight.. i callled for a refund, called in the morning before 10am, got someone n the phone right away, he was from india or some where foreiign, he gave me no hassle, gave me my refund number, told me it would be 4-6 weeks for a refund..that was 2 weeks ago so i will let you know if i get it..he said feel free to call and check on the status of the refund..you have to mail back your empty bottles, so hold on to them if you want a refund..and of course you have to pay for shipping which was only like 3 dollars to send it back..you do not get the refund on the shipping of $9 dollars that we paid upfront so know that..you can keep the cheap free gift too…but yeah i wouldnt call it a complete scam because the ingredients do work for some people..it has the green coffee bean in it which is hear is great for weight loss, so I guess it just needed to be a stronger dose…good luck to all those who have lost weight..Im trying the raspberry keytone pills now that doctor OZ talks about.got them from amazon.com .i will let you know how those go..

    1. Lawana says:

      Raspberry ketones do not work either. I think Dr. Oz is getting paid to push all these “great weight loss” products.

  28. Debbie says:

    I have a feeling that the three people who claim it works, probably work for the company. hmmm.

  29. eyqween says:

    Well i feel stupid all ready even though im still waiting for them but that’s why i should have done my homework so i won’t be wasting my time taking them. Thanks for all of you….

  30. Lorie says:

    I tried to call an order easy 100 an the lady was rude an hung up on me when I was asking ??
    So that tells me write there not to order there stuff

  31. tena says:

    i purchased the product and i have not have side affects. I have not ahd weight loss either . i am looking into getting my refund wish me luck folks.but to everyone else it was a waste of time .

  32. Charlotte says:

    I too got the mailing. Ordered on 4/1. Got my credit card bill yesterday. Charged for product on 4/15 but I never received anything. Called the number on the statement (which is a processing center). Spent almost an hour on the phone. They can find no record of me ordering anything. I asked to talk with a supervisor but none were available. I was asked to call back today. I explained that I was beginning to think that they just got your cc number and never sent the product. To her credit, the rep that I spoke with was always polite and I think she really tried to find the information. My cc company removed the charge & after reading all the info here seems like I ended up being lucky.

    1. LSW says:

      yeah they said they had no record of mine either, when i called because it had been 2 weeks after i paid and no product..i then 2 days after I called I got it in the mail..but now I sent it back…read my replys..

  33. LSW says:

    Just checking in..I am on the 6th day of the first cycle of pills. So far No weight lose but I do notice my waist smaller so I think I have lost some inches. I will have to measure to be sure…I feel lighter not heavy and bloated like normal..I have not gained any weight so far either..I did not exercise at all this week just to see if you can lose weight without a workout (no pounds lost) and continued to watch what I ate of course..this next cycle of 6 days I will add some light exercise to see if I lose any weight. But no jitters or side effects of the pills. no headaches or stomach aches so thats good..I will check back in after the next 6 day cycle..Maybe the pills need one cycle to start working..so I will give it a shot and stick with it…

    1. fiona says:

      I am on my third week and still no weight loss, but I have not gains either and that’s wiwith eating whatever I want.I notice I lost inches so maybe the inches are first and then the change in the number on the scale.I am going to incorporate a little exercise and see if that makes a difference as well as cutting back on the eating.

      1. jim says:

        the only weight people on this website are going to lose, is in their wallet. $$$$$

    2. lakeyta says:

      Hello, LSW, how did your second cylce work out?

      1. LSW says:

        check my reply below on may 19th..

  34. Zonia Ocus says:

    It’s the first time when i’ve seen your site. I can gather a lot of hard work has gone in to it. It’s really great.

  35. tala says:

    I received pills yesterday. I paid $8.00 for fast shipping. I started to take them today. I have a double weight as I supposed to be depending how tall I am. I need to lose 136 pounds. If I will lost even 100, I would be happy as a lark. Even 75 would make a big difference for me. None of the pills which I took before couple years ago would work for me. The more weight you gain, the more difficult to lose it. Even though I was eating healthy food and walking every day, I was gaining weigth. I thinik that it’s result of taking different kind of medicine, antibiotics, daily stress and food at the end.. I am praying to start loosing weight. I don’t want their $5.00 for each pound, I just want to lose weight. You should believe in any treatment in the order it to help you.

  36. jess says:

    I just got mine gonna c if it works has any one actully lost weight with these pills anyone???

  37. LSW says:

    hi, i as well got the mailer and yes was thinking it was a scam but i have not ever had one of these scam mailers state such claims as they did so I ordered the pills and will try them and keep you all posted..so today I got the pills in the mail and looked at the ingredients..it has 50% of the green coffee bean extract in it that doctor OZ claims is the miracle diet pill..it also has some other ingredients in it as well that I assume contribute to the weight lose..Now keep in mind not every diet pill works for every body. the green coffee bean diet pill it self has worked for many people as I read its reviews..so basically this company Easy-100 has just repackaged the already made green coffee bean diet pill into their own..well i will see what happens in a week..but do not forget with any diet you have to continue to drink water and at least take a walk or get off the couch..some people take the words “lose weight with no exercise” to the limit and really dont exercise, but truthfully I have taken diet pills before and you have to at least maintain self control, dont go and eat everything thinking that a pill will help you lose what additional calories you just ate..Pills can only do so much so if you have not had success with this Easy -100 pill tell us what your normal day routine is..if you start off with donuts and move to pizza for lunch and hamburgers for dinner and drink nothing but soda, then I can see why the pill wont work for you..just watch what you eat and see if the pills will work..then later on when you lost your weight go ahead and eat what you want..but i think thats why most diet pills dont work for people is because they continue to eat bad and eat more thinking the pill will just take care of everything, is that why many people gain weight on a diet pill?? maybe…..but anyways I will repost in a week..

  38. Rhonda says:

    Thank you for doing such a good job exposing fraud.

    I got the Easy-100 stuff in the mail, and well, there is a tiny part of me that would dearly like to have a magic pill like that. It would be ever so nice to lose weight in a couple of weeks and put on a pair of shorts, right? But I have also spent years working in research, and those claims are just so FAR OUT… If there really were anything that anyone can take (no allergies, side effects, resistances, etc) and lose only fat (oh, yeah, and somehow tighten skin), all while eating whatever, then, well, why would there still be any overweight people? Seriously, the answer is, there would not be any.
    The few people who claimed here that it worked never wrote back. One claimed that for those it didn’t work, “they must have taken the pills wrong”. How? How can you mess up swallowing two pills in the morning? And according to the Easy-100 “research”, that isn’t even possible, everyone lost weight, right?

    Thank you again for confirming this is fraud, and making it easy to toss the stuff in the fire.
    Remember, even if you do get your “money back” (big IF), you pay their $9.95 S&H charge, and after you subtract a generous $5 for sending you the equivalent of some tictacs in the mail, they still make $4.95 off you. That’s IF you ask and IF you get your money back.
    So just send them $5 – it’ll work as well as their magic pills.
    But it sure helped to have my suspicions confirmed. Your website is GREAT!

  39. Quiana says:

    I called the Easy 100 1888 number and I got a recording. When the respresentative joined the line, he had a thick asian accent and I could hear birds chirping in the background. Not like birds from outside because his office window was open but like house birds that you keep in cage that will not stop chirping. He proceeded to try to offer me the “deal of the day” which by the way was $126.00. I proceeded to give him a fake name and address as I was doing research on the validity to the claims of weight loss and I ran across this wonderful site. I reversed searched the address and it could not pin point the address that is given on the website. The satellite map directed me to a mailbox and sure there is a building in the picture. However that address is on the adjacent street and not the street that is listed on the website. I have worked in Customer Service for 10 years and have worked in call centers. That call was not in a call center. It was transferred to someone “Working from home” if that’s what you want to call it. You don’t hear clicks when going from and IVR/Automated system to a representative. You hear the clicks when being transferred to an outside line (outside of the company number you first dialed). THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!! From beginning to end. To make matters worse, I called 3 times to ensure that the statement I am leaving is valid. And each time when I told the “representative” that $120 was just out of my price range, they stated, “Oh…”, a click, silence and the dial tone. They hung up on me! Now, mind you on their website they offer their product for 12 days at $44.95. A true company call center will want the sale not matter how low it is. Of course all CSR are trained to upsale so starting out with the $120.00 offer is a given. But to not try to make the sale at all and the only concern was me spending over $100? Yeah, that was my red flag moment. I am advising you, do not waste your money or time. This is a scam. I hope my insight and experience in the Customer Service Call Center will help you make an informed decision on whether to get this product or not. Thank you.

  40. Always positive says:

    Three weeks and nothing has happened. I think I have gained wait as weel. 🙁 back to a refund and drawing board!!

  41. Karenl says:

    Has anyone lost weight from easy 100?

  42. SANDI MAHONEY says:

    I got my pills on the ninth starting on the tenth will ley everone know ….

  43. Jack says:

    Greetings my fellow overweight friends…I have read all(abought15)comments w/
    interest.Roughly it’s abought 12 against and 3 for this wonder pill.I came close to ordering it.Your comments saved methe expence and wasted time.Thank you.

  44. Lil says:

    I’m thinking that the best thing for myself is:
    *Take an appetite suppressant
    *Count calories
    *Avoid Carbs and fats (moderation)
    *Drink lots of water
    *Make sure I’m consuming enough protein
    *Build muscle by weight lifting (in moderation of course) Muscle burns fat.
    *Eat a balanced diet

  45. JoLynn says:

    I bought these pills also. 2 weeks, following instructions, I’ve gained 5 pounds. And that’s with eating nothing but lean cuisines for all meals. I am returning the rest of my pills for a refund. Why would I put something in my body to make me fatter? How cruel to make promises to people desperate for a weight loss miracle and actually be so greedy for money you give them a product that makes them fatter. That’s the meanest thing ever.

  46. Rena says:

    I would love to try the product. Before I try anything, I always check their business out with the Better Business Bureau. Perhaps it’s because it is a new company, but there were no matches found. The only reason I’m hesitant to order, is because anyone I’ve ever seen lose a lot of weight real fast, had sagging stomachs and skin. So, I’m wondering if this stuff eats up the fat in a way that nothing sags… ??? Something to think about and consider. At least I think so. Awaiting response from Skinny Nutraceuticals in regard to this thought. Once they respond, I’ll post their comments.

  47. Mark says:

    Hello everyone. My wife and I received our pills a week ago, took them faithfully, ate well balanced and heart healthy meals. As of today we haven’t seen any weight loss, however we have lost inches. If we continue to lose inches, we expect to see weight loss as well. Feeling a little skeptical about the product and it’s claim of 2.1 to 2.9 pound per day weight loss. We’ll see. I am praying that this works.
    May the Lord bless and keep you

  48. kay says:

    Well I am giving it a try this week! will let you all know how I did!

  49. jolene says:

    I am very interested in this productas well. Everyone’s info here has been awesome and helpful so thank you. I am still skeptical only cuz I don’t know what the ingredients are! Does anyone who has some know the ingredients listed on the bottle or maybe on the paperwork that came in the package it was mailed in? I want to reseaech them before I order. I have a very sensitive body inside and out and tend to break out in hives very easily so I have to be careful. Thanks again everyone

    1. sharon says:

      Hello I received the ad in the mail today: and since I have many allergies that can be fatal I called and asked what the ingredients are. it is the usual appetite suppressant white kidney bean and raspberry keytones, green coffee and the big one is chitosan. This is what will kill me; it is ground oyster shell and other shellfish…I was very surprised that when I called they had my name address, email and phone…..The guy on the phone was real nice but he agreed I should not take this product without any more knowledge of the ingredients….
      Hope this helps, Good Luck and God Bless you with your weight loss endeavor;

  50. tisha h. says:

    @ suebabes have you seen any results yet?

  51. tisha h. says:

    pills work great !

  52. Shannon says:

    I have ordered mine on march 6 and waiting to receive them. I have over a 100 poiunds to lose and hope to do it slowly but hope it will stay off this time. I have a ten year old son and a five year old daugther. I am trying to be healthy to show them how to eat healthy. I was skeptical to but can not wait for them to arrive. Should be this week I hope. I lost a 100 pounds before my second child but having a hard time losing it on my own.

  53. Suebabes says:

    I just received a 48 capsule bottle on Saturday and started using it the next morning. I know it is early, but I have not lost anything yet, in fact I gained a pound. I hope this will work, I am not a big eater but will keep you posted!

  54. kim says:

    Just to say to the people that say it doesnt work or its too good to b true its not i got it a month ago and ive lost over 59 pounds needless to say im back to my highschool body and i also have 2 daughters. Im 26 and feel 16 again. Dont believe all u hear about people bashing easy 100 either they werent following the pills right or something but dont blame the pills people for your own failure.

    1. Shannon says:

      that is awesome congrats. I recieved mine and I am excited about starting to use them. Have you changed the way you eat with them. How do you feel using them.

    2. Phida. C says:

      Hi Kim
      first of all congratulations on loosing 59lb .. I’m a
      5″6 @ 170 lb. My goal is to loose 60 lb. I walk 2 hours a day
      But not enough. May you please tell us what did you do different
      While taking the pills? Are you still taking it & did they really pay
      you for loosing the weight?

      1. Nancy J says:

        Phida please try to be a little more practical and safe with your weight loss goals. 5’6″ and only 110 pounds is ridiculously skinny.

        1. Maria K says:

          I’ve been 5’6″ and 110 is not too skinny but it is skinny. 120 would be better but only if muscled. Partly depends on your bone structure. My daughters and I are all the same height and one is 105 and 1 child and looking good.

    3. LINDA H says:


      1. Linda H says:

        Well I took then for one more week and seeing no weight lost. Just gain. And I could not get my money back. I still have two bottles of 48pills and one of the 24 I am not going to take them. I just hate myself for falling for such a lie. I pray to GOD that this gets stop some how. And that they lose more money then they have taking from people. I feel like I took $200.00 dollars and burned it. Please do not take these pills. But I myself fell for that same hope of losing the weight, even though I heard your stories. So please do not waist your money. Back when I join the gym it only cost me $135.00 for two years. Just think what I could of done with the money I gave them. And remember with JESUS all things are possable. GOD be everyone. Three Years ago my sister was at 385 pounds she has been doing weight watchers. Working out, and watching watching what she eats. She is now down to 185 pounds. She still wants to lose 50 more pounds, and she also tried these pill and when she saw she was starting to gain she stop taking them. She is still working out and watching what she eats. She needs your prayers Thank you all for your time. Linda h

    4. Jeanie says:

      Kim. I order the pills and I waiting patiently for my order. I was wondering how long it took to lose the 59 pounds and are you still taking the pill

  55. domigirl 25 says:

    Hi i dominique c. Am like the rest of you guys …. on the product i am skeptical too but you know what in ny case i had a son two yrs ago n i really want to lose weight. This the first time in my life where i am having differcult time trying to take off the weight… i not asking to be skinny just lose the weight meaning some n yes i got a letter too in mail as well but you know what i am giving it a try n see where it goes i spoken to someone on the phone… i looked it up i also read the paper over n over to see if i find something i didn’t see. All i will say is if u lose too much weight good but i don’t want to look sick either i just want ny arms smaller n my thighs not rubbing when i sit n walk. Personally i want the old me back or a better me…. i have total gym n rocking body if anything to help me keep off the weight. So yes far me i will try it out because i have back up…. also i am doing this because my son us 2 2 n my daughter is 8 yrs olds n i want to be a hot mama next to them n keep up. As the yrs goes by. So i am continuing my decision for me. N god bless me on my journey n success of trying this out wish me luck if u want to but this is just how i feel.

  56. Diana says:

    My apologies that was Enzymes nd probiotics, mineral supplement that u add to water, nd b12 shots , drink plenty of water ,as u probably already kmw it is good for u…No’, to easy100 for me. It may nd may work, I just don’t have time to waste I also am gonna buy the Tommiecopper.TV…..$24.95 to help with my knee. I’ve tried everything in the past for years nd now using IDP did work b4 its just this time I only wanna do it to loose 40lbs quickly the get the personal trainer to work with me, oh yeah I’m also gonna use body wraps nd this waist trimmer nd in time all these will work ….last resort is gastric bypass hopefully if that the route I end up I will have lost alot of Wt by the so that skin won’t sag, right…I must not give up, quit, nor cave in, therefore I can be defeated. It is a biblical promise.ty for listening peace.

    1. Lil says:

      Hi Diana…I was interested in hearing what you had to say about the HCG diet. I am presently trying to do it and have been on it for about 32 days. I’ve lost 18 lbs. However, I find it very difficult to get beyond that. The diet is too restrictive. Also, I’m starving…so I threw in the towel and ate some carbs that I have been craving such as milk, bread, sun chips etc. That seemed to get me beyond my cravings for a day or two then I would go back closer to the required foods. Along with this I have been taking Pure Garcinia Cambogia that is suppose to help with weight loss. Regarding the gastric by-pass surgery. If you decide to do that…make sure you read the fine print. Some friends of ours had a nephew who had that done and later contracted cancer. Apparently, that is one of the possible side affects of the surgery and he didn’t know it at the time. He died. Perhaps much of his nutrients were affected because of the decrease in his intake of food. I don’t know. I also received the aforementioned mailing and thought it sounded too good to be true so I researced on line and found this site. Interesting! I’m glad I didn’t order it.

  57. Diana says:

    Hello u guys I too rec’d the ltr n the mail nd was really gun ho about trying this product even though my gut feeling was that this too good to b true, also I just came off of HCG about 1yr now nd my body was left so out of balanced that not only was I hav’g a cycle 2x’s a mnth but I was chemically out of balanced threatening osteoporosis,heart attacks, stroke,no calcium so my teeth r really sensitive nd my left knee causes my pain to walk ,I go to an herbal doctor who is Helping me to get my body right, honestly I totally knw how it feels to wanna loose wt. Nd wild just try just about anything but I was really gonna try this one more thing than if it didn’t work it was gonna b the gastric bypass for me,my mom died at 52 nd I just made 48 Jesus is who all the glory bcz he haven’t failed me yet nd I declare that I will not die nd I will see the salvation of the lord in my body, nd my soul nd absolutely no weapons formed against me shall b able to stand against me , this is temporary I am seeking now a personal trainer after I loose 20 to forty pounds with Ideal protein, if u follow take minerals nin water nd b12 shots for the proper iron needed. Also I had to include probiotics nd enyemes

    1. jim says:

      diana, i pray to god that your health gets better. a personal trainer is a good start. talk to your dr. they should steer you in the right direction. god be with you.

  58. NELLIE J says:


    1. jim says:

      nellie, watch dr. oz. he has plenty of programs to help you lose weight the healthy way. these guys are a scam. just sayin……..

      1. Tammy says:

        Jim DR OZ premotes a diet pill too that is bad for people that claimes the same thing

        1. Tangy says:

          Hey and Jim, i watch the Today Show every morning as I’m getting ready for work and yesterday Dr. Oz was on there very upset. He stated that he’s tired of consumers saying that he endorses products and that there are scammers out there using his picture for advertising their products to get us to buy them. He told Matt Lower that he DO NOT endorse anything and then he told the viewers to look at their TV screen because he wants us to watch and hear hear him when he states that he does not endorse anything and if someone says that he does then they are lying. I mean he was not happy. Just on on NBC (Today Show) and look at it. I was very shocked.

          1. EFZapp says:

            Oh, yes, Dr. Oz endorses products. That ‘s why I have Green Coffee Bean Extract pills and Raspberry Ketone pills. He showed them on his show and explained how they worked. Well, they didn’t work. Now if that is not endorsing then I guess he is just getting kickbacks for showing the product. That shows a lack of conscience. I will not watch Dr. Oz again because he will probably be showing this same product.

      2. Linda says:

        Jim, I used to watch Dr OZ, but not anymore. He has promoted GREEN COFFEE BEAN AND NOW GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT. I tried the Green Coffee Bean and it did not work. I am now on the Garcinia Cambogia Extract and instead of losing weight I am gaining weight and a lot of it. So who can you trust.!!

        1. Barbara says:

          Not Dr. Oz . I wonder what he considers endorsing than! Lots of money in his pocket either way,

        2. Carolyne Tune says:

          My kitchen table has both products you have purchased Green Coffee Bean and GarciniaCambogia Extract I Have tried with much faith to BELIEVE in Dr Oz he’s full of BS cuz neither worked for me they’re taking our money I also noticed the skin on the women in theEasy 100 ad pic not one had one inch of baggy skin impossible if you losing so much weight so fast
          Gosh!! I am so disappointed in people that pray on us over weight people
          I was just about to order Easy 100 when I decided to check online before I dropped another large chunk of money on another scam Thanks to all of you for telling the truth
          Shame On You Dr Oz!!!

        3. Sandy says:

          Linda, I am also on garcinia cambogia ….I took it for 1!/2 months now and no results…my friend is on it and is losing 5-7 lbs a month. It’s an individual thing, not everybody gets the same results. I know that my late night hunger stopped and my appetite is under control and I’m sleeping better. I feel better but no weight loss, yet….maybe it takes longer for some of us?

      3. Farida says:

        Dr. Oz went on about red raspberry ketone’s used the brand it showed on his show and didn’t lose a pound,

    2. georgia says:

      Don’t bother….it doesn’t work for me….I returned the product…they were pleasant and asked no questions.

    3. Melinda C says:

      That’s what I said too. I just order Easy 100 capsules I can’t wait until it mail to me, the thing is I don’t think you should be eating all those fatty food with this diet pill. You should eat right and exercise if it don’t work for you then you could talk bad about Easy 100 capsules.

      1. lisa says:

        If you eat right & EXERCISE …you wo.t need any pill anyway…lol

        1. mary says:

          I eat pretty well and healthy and exercise and can’t lose weight. Sometimes you do need a boost.

      2. Sandy says:

        you don’t need a pill if you are exercising and eating right…weight will come off naturally..

    4. Ada N. says:

      I read lots of comments about not losing any weight after taking these pills, but I wanted to believe. I bought the product anyway, and used it for a month.
      I DIDN’T EVEN LOSE 1 LB !!
      One of the ingredients is Chitosan which is supposed to get thick ( as glue) when mixed with water. I opened one capsule and dropped the powder in a glass of water and it didn’t get thick at all. Today I called customer service and they said return whatever pills left you have ( by the way I will have to pay for shipment ) and they will refund me $64.95. So, I am losing the $ 9.95 for shipment plus what I have to pay today when I send it back. I will see if they really refund me. One thing I noticed when they cashed my check: they cashed it in Canada. That got me curious and I googled Dr. Caroline Brown in Boston. There is one Doctor with that name but, she has nothing to do with Skinny Nutraceuticals. I tried to find out more about this company but all the information is the same as what they show on the mail pamphlet. No one has reported them to the Better Business Bureau. All BBB says is they are investigating this company. I told customer service when I called them today that it is a shame they get people’s hopes up and take advantage of them and that I was going to report them as FRAUD to BBB.

      1. Gail C says:

        Thanks for looking into it.

      2. Sandy says:

        thank you for that info…I was on the fence about this but now I’m convinced…..this is a scam and doesn’t work, especially with all the questionable background..Thanks again, you just saved me money!

  59. Michelle says:

    I received in the mail today…been on that train before. I will wait and see many more documented results before signing up…

  60. stacy says:

    got the paper in the mail … i know it may not work but i will ive it a go…..got my pills today fingers crossed

    1. jim says:

      sracy, did you do a background check on this co. doubt it. good luck trying to get your $$$$$ back. just sayin………

    2. Christine says:

      Hi Stacy. As it is now March 31, Easter Sunday, and you said you were starting the pills on March 7, how have the pills worked for you? Have you lost 2 lbs a day? Have you had any side effects? PLease put an update good or bad so some us can make a better determination. Thakns

    3. joyce w says:

      stacy would love to know if it worked??? Was looking for a response from patty p, I really don’t have the money unless someone here has gotten great results

    4. Chelsea says:

      Hi I was just wondering did your pills work? I really want to try this diet

  61. Maureen says:

    I received the same advertisement. I’ve been heavy for a long time and wonder who sells the names of heavy people….. but back on topic. The first thing that struck me was the photographs. People who lose 100 pounds in a couple of months would have a lot of sagging skin, these women had perfectly toned bodies. Just sayin’. And the lack of ingredients is disturbing. I take a lot of medication and even “natural” ingredients can cause severe reactions. Would I like to lose two pounds a day? of course. Will I give them my credit card information? Not on your life. I’ll stick to the move more eat less option.

    1. Cindy says:

      Could be if ya ever go on websites that you want to find out your BMI, and put your pounds and height in. Could be how we all get these goofy flyers in the mail. Hey heard on the news this morning that they are coming back out with a new diet pill called Belviq? Coming out in June. I wish I could do those, but they all make my heart race.

      1. Tangy says:

        Hey Cindy, I was watching Dr. Oz when this show was aired and Belvio will be by prescription only unless something has changed since that particular program was aired.

  62. Linda M. says:

    I just got the advertisizing in the mail a few days ago. I was also excited about trying the product. I had some concerns and tried many products out there. Agree the weight you can lose in a short time doesn’t seem possible, especially if you eat all the junk foods as it pictures. Health wise I will be 60 this month and fast weight can hurt and hinder your health. BUT sorry……..I couldn’t believe the money you get for losing your weight. I wouldn’t publishize myself anyway. The article says for paying you money to lose weight…… an independent committee approve your testimonial for publishing, you must vouch for it. I think means to prove your weight loss and then “if they decide to use your testimonial.”
    Another thought, the letter from the woman doctor says; “quote”, it’s a secret recipe, it will list the full ingredients along with every order. will act on your BODY by TIME-RELEASED BIO-STEM CELL derived PHYTOLOGY. “unquote,” Never heard of that sales pitch. I know some-what about “Stem Cell” nutrition. I was signed up in a good business that sold that product. Never to loose weight.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts,
    I’ll pray about this for an answer,

  63. Ethel White says:

    Hi there,
    I need to comment that you cannot pick and choose who gets the $$$$. we got this advertisement and read that we will be paid $5.00 per pound lost. Can you afford this and a litigation should one arise. I have allergies to some medications and cannot afford to have anyone lie to me at all. I used to own a business and I used to advertise and do what I advertised and did a little more for my customers. I didn’t pick and choose. I just cared for all of my customers. Do you care? I have faith in God and will hope that you do too. Blessings.

    1. jim says:

      ethel, this co. like alot of others are nothing but a scam. the first clue is they say that it’s finally available in the usa. their 1-888 # is a call center. they prey on desperate people trying to lose weight. watch dr. oz- a real dr. he has programs to help you lose weight.wave your prayers for this adminastration. they need it.

  64. patty b says:

    Just to clarify to. I couldnt believe they offeed to pay 5dls per lbs lost.. by readjng carefully.. it is only to those who’s story is chosen as a testimony… Not everybody.. it includes a success page where you write your progress ans must have before and after pictures and it has to be approved.. again… We kust read the whole thing… Funny thing is it is not in fine print.. good luck to me i guess .. we ll see!!

    1. Michelle says:

      I hope you get great results! It is very hard trying to lose weight but it is more difficult when people play on your situations to gain at your expense…

  65. patty b says:

    Hi.. i got the same offer in the mail i was very exited and skeptical at te same time . I was doing research as well i havent found anything else to back that info. I didnt have the list of ingredients either so i asked the company directly by email from their website this is the answer i got.:

    ” Thank you for showing interest in our product.

    Many people are taking this product and are experiencing great results with it. Many clients are losing weight and inches with this product. Also, this product is 100% natural; so it should not cause you any kind of side effects. However, please find below the list of ingredients, please contact your pharmacist or doctor beforehand.

    The list of ingredients:

    Ingredients – Gamma-Linoleic Acid Complex – Chitosan – Calcium Pyruvate – Green Coffee Extract

    To order our product, you can either contact our order department at 1-888-615-4924 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you or you can order the product online.


    Customer Service Department”

    I hope it helps. I am gonna give it a shot. The worse thing that can happen is that it doesnt work then ill ask for my money back. Ill sure write a review

    1. Xtina H. says:

      I also recieved a letter and was wondering since you did say that you were going to give it a shot…. If it had worked? I myself am wanting to give it a try but cautious because I do not want to gain. I have enough of that already.

      Xtina H.

      1. joyce says:

        hi everyone it worked for me; I lost 24 lbs in 2 weeks; I checked out the ingredient on line before I ordered them; I only ordered a 2wk supply to see if it does work. I have ordered a second order.
        Joyce in SC.

        1. Cheryl says:

          I also have received this letter in the mail and I am curious. Did you have to do anything special or eat any different? How much weight have you lost and if you have met your goal do you still have to take it to maintain your weight loss. Please let me know at casmith3227@yahoo.com Thank you

          1. Kshort23 says:

            Did it actually work . What She told you about I also received it in the mail and decieded to buy a 12 day just to see what happend to see please email me letting me know

    2. Pam says:

      Hi Patty did you try Easy 100 yet and if you did can you please give us feed back. Thanks

      1. georgia says:

        Tried the product, returned it after trying it for 12 days…..no results. They were pleasant when I told them I wanted to return the product and asked no questions why! It does have a money back quarantee……

  66. Tamara says:

    I also received this advertisement in the mail and if it works like they say it does there is no way they could offer 5 dollars per pound lost.And they also have money back if it does not work. If it appears to be too good to believe it is. Thanks

  67. Dawn D says:

    Has anyone had success on this diet pill? The claims seem so fantastic, 2 lbs per day weight loss, wow. I really feel they think we are so gullible, but after being heavy for so long I think anyone would be intrigued. Thanks Lana for the warning, I will stay away from this product until I hear something positive.

    1. jim says:

      people who receive this in the mail, must check it out first. they prey on people who are desperate to lose weight. as the bbb says; if it sounds to good to be true, it is.

    2. jim says:

      dawn, there’s nothing positive here. move on to something that’s been verefied.

    3. Cindy says:

      NO – I actually gained weight …. followed directions completely…. very disappointed. Sending back enpty container today to get a refund.

    4. Gail C says:

      It isn’t safe for your body to lose this much weight this quickly.

  68. Lana M says:

    Hello everyone.
    This is a warning about this pills.
    Easy-100 not only not working weight loss pills ,this is scam product
    I actually gain a lot instead loosing .
    I have being exersizing ,don’t eat a lot but anyway I keep gaining weight.
    I am so mad.want my money back .

    1. Virginia says:

      I thought that I’d give it a go just to see since it does have a money back guarantee. I’ve taken the pills now for two weeks and have actually gained 4 pounds. ugh
      sending them back and going back to the HCG diet, it worked for me

  69. Watchdog Staff says:

    Dear Gail,

    Thank you for contacting us regarding Easy 100 capsules.

    We have not seen this product before and have added this to our list of products to review. As you already point out in your email, there are no ingredients listed, in fact very little information at all…

    We do have a lot of products on our list and so will be a few weeks before we can get to this.

    Thanks again, we will be in touch when we have reviewed this product.

    Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

    1. Watchdog Staff says:

      Hi Gail,
      Just to let you know that we have reviewed Easy 100 capsules and uploaded our report. We were most surprised by the lack of information and the sales pitch used to market this product! Read our full review for more details.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team.

    2. Tara says:

      I bought this product about a month and a half ago. I was so excited when it came. I kept it a secret from my husband because I was to surprise him when I start losing weight (losing weight was always very difficult for me, I weigh 210 when I should really weigh 135), I began to take the pills immediately and I followed the instructions on the bottle, I couldnt believe it, after a month of taking them, I didnt lose anything, I actually gained 2 lbs, and I was eating better. So these pills donot work at all….dont waste your money on them, buy Insanity, I am using those work out video’s for the past 2 weeks and I already see a difference.

      1. Elly Winburn says:

        THIS IS NOT A SCAM When I read this ad, I figured that I have tried almost every thing, why not this? I did not care about getting money back, I just wanted to loose weight. I was very surprised to find out that each day I would loose 1-2 lbs. I had never seen my weight come off like this before, and I had tried many and spent a lot of money on exercises, weight belts, pills etc. this is the FIRST THAT REALLY WORKS. THANK YOU DR. CAROLINE BROWN. Sincerely Elly Winburn

        1. Gail C says:

          What ingredients were listed on the bottle you were sent??

        2. Gail C says:

          Did they send you the money you were due for each pound lost?

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