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Final Trim Diet Pills

Hello, I would like to know if you have any findings on Final Trim, which promotes to losing weight. I purchased this product, I haven’t seen any results. I personally think it’s a gimmick.

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39 comments on “Final Trim Diet Pills”

  1. ananomouse says:

    Final trim is a scam they trick you wit their “fre trial” only so you can get suckered into paying for something that dose nothing I actually gained weight from this product instead of losing weight and I did what the directio ns said if it really was a free trial in my opinion you should not have to pay one cent not even for shipping and handling then it’s not considered to be free this product is just another get rich quick scheme that only wor is on really gullible people and if you really want to lose weight the only way to do it is through good old fashioned diet and exercise so if you value your money do not by final trim.8

  2. Diane says:

    Does anyone have the return address? The “supervisor” told me that he was not going to help me dispute the unauthorized charge of $79.90 with my bank by providing me the return address even though I cancelled the product within a week of receiving it! Unbelievable! I just want to send it back.

  3. Susy Ball says:

    One month ago today I received my “free trial of FINAL TRIM. However, there was a major problem, at least I consider it a problem. Here is my story.

    Shortly after Thanksgiving, my husband suggested that I order my free trial. I must have been on the phone for over 15 minutes ordering my supply. While placing the order I was asked several option about upgrading and expediting my shipment and for each of these options I would have to pay. I did not want anything but my FREE TRIAL so I listened and answered the questions accordingly.

    My two month supply of FINAL TRIM arrived on December 12, 2014. This was to have been a 30-day free trial. However I di not find that true. Every free trial that I have gotten in the past began the day I received the product. I noticed that my credit card had been charged the amount for the two month supply on January 2. When I called the company on January 7, 2014, I was told that the FREE TRIAL had begun the day they shipped the product, not the day I received the product. I said I had never gotten anything is the mail where the 30-day FREE TRIAL for anything in the past the trial period had never began any other date then the day I received a product. I was told that was not how their company operated and when I argued about the date of the charge, I was told that I should have called their CUSTOMER SERVICE department to clarify date of the FREE use of their product. The argument that I did not have access to a scale on December 31, 2014, the date they considered an end to the FREE TRIAL, they said no matter. Also it was noted with them that even if my shipment had been lost in the mail, I would still have to pay 30 days after the product had shipped from their company. When I did have access to a scale I weighed myself and found I had only lost one pound. And now even though I am very dissatisfied with the product, I am stuck with there product and an $80 bill.

    People often wonder why we as consumers become very distrustful and angry with mail-order companies and their products. I hope this explains WHY and expresses why mail-order companies are ofter not trusted. I think this company was out to scam the public and as I said I was very dissatisfied.

  4. Ken says:

    Thank you to everyone for posting. Wanting a little extra help at 43 yrs old I heard this on a radio station and decided to do some research on it. I will not be ordering this and found some helpful information for those who may need it.
    Final Trim Weight Loss
    165 Pleasant Ave
    South Portland, Maine
    Phone: 800-665-7651

  5. Beth says:

    1800-605-1231 this number works for customer service. Had no trouble with them cancelling my order.

  6. Mike says:

    I had talked to a gal and canceled my order and she did assure me I would not be sent any more well 12-26-14 billed for 79.90 and not to happy I cannot reach any one on any numbers I have found and have seems they know there scum bags and got a good trap going for people I did contact my home town radio station and ask WTF they where advertising and if they had any info on company I’ll be talking to them again on subject if any one dose have a good number for these crooks is like it the post from earlerer most numbers no good

  7. Leah says:

    I’ve been taking this product for 2weeks and I’m having back, shoulder and some chest pain. I will be contacting an attorney

  8. Gary says:

    Final Trim is what they do to your wallet!

  9. Tyler says:

    Thank you Steph I called the number you had posted and the guy was very respectful I didn’t get the full 79.90 but I got the original half.

  10. DEE DUNN says:


  11. Brittni says:

    I have used product for 3 days. Have lost 6 lbs. but I have constant need to use bathroom. And pain in abdominal area when I shift position, eat, or drink anything!!

  12. Steph says:

    1-800-605-1231 is the number I used to speak with someone directly. I was told I would get a full return after sending both bottles back, one being unopened. She said it would take about 3 weeks to see a return once they receive the package. We shall see if it works. Also, I work out regularly and eat right, just needed a little help to shed those final pounds, so the people like John above who think others just sit on our “fat lazy” asses “watching TV on the couch all day long” in my mind are the epitome of ignorance in this world today.

  13. Marilee says:

    Don’t fall for this. Said it was free, turns out it’s not free at all. After the $7.95 for shipping and handling if you even open one of the bottles they will bill you for $39.95 for each bottle. They said I have to return an unopened bottle so they can restock it or I wouldn’t get my money back. This place is an absolute joke. It’s sad because it’s out of Maine and I live in Maine. We aren’t all douches, I promise.

  14. seth says:

    I ordered final trim as a free sample and was in a vulnerable way weight wise. I was never given a return address to be able to return the product. Just received a call stating what I owed was going to be put into a collection agency. I told the very ignorant and inhuman collections person from the final trim company that I received the product but had no return address. This is when he stated that the number is on the bottle and nothing is for free. The only time I’ve wanted to reach through the phone and wring someone neck. How are companies like this allowed to advertise a free product and not be sued!

  15. Christina says:

    John, how did you find this website if you weren’t doing research on the product?

  16. Christina says:

    Just change your card number people. You’re bank should give youa temp card and send a new one with a new number.

  17. Angelina Grijalva says:

    I also ordered Final Trim. It didn’t work, and now I can’t cancel it. They keep charging my account. How do I stop this if there is no one to talk too.

  18. John says:

    Michael, exactly. These people on this page are so stupid. The only way to lose weight is to put in the work. EXERCISE. go to the gym. you cannot take some “magic pill” and then let your fat lazy self keep watching TV on the couch all day long while you’re waiting to see the pounds drop. idiots.

    1. Sarah says:

      Not everyone who looks for a pill to help with weight loss is fat and lazy. Why are you two even here if all you want to do is bash others? Get off the internetand go find something else to do with your pitiful lives.

  19. Michael says:

    Why do you people keep falling for these gimmicks? Why don’t you just eat right and exercise? There is no magic pill to lose weight. If there were, the person who invented it would be a trillionaire overnight! Stop falling for these scams. Eat right, exercise and take better care of yourselves.

    1. Gary says:

      Michael is correct. Why in the heck would ANYONE fall for this stuff? If you can’t see right away that it’s garbage, I guess you deserve to be scammed.

  20. Bailie says:

    I also did the free radio thing with it. It took 2 months to come in and as soon as it came in I called to tell them I dont want this anymore well they had already charged me the 79. so I sent back the bottles and now im still waiting for the refund but does anyone have a number that works? The one i have now says its out of order. It has now been 3 weeks since I was supposed to get the money back and Im still waiting. I just need a number to call!

  21. Shannon says:

    I do not know if this product works because I never tried it. i did place a call to order Final Trim. But during the phone call I realized that I didn’t want to order it anymore. So I hung up before any confirmation was made. I do believe before I hung up I did say I didn’t want the order but since it is all automated I just hung up. Anyways a month and a half later I noticed a $79.90 charge on my account. I looked into the charge and realized it was from Final Trim. So I called them and explained how I hung up but most importantly I NEVER RECEIVED THE PRODUCT. They told me that I did and they have a tracking #. I told her that if I received it that I would’ve called them earlier to send it back. She gave me the tracking # so I could check with my post office. She told me that if it isn’t there I should call them back to get my refund. Well, I checked with the post office and they didn’t have it. So I called back and the 2 men that I spoke with were so rude. They want to only give me reimburse $59.95. How can I send back something I never got? Why can other customers use one bottle then send one bottle back and they get a full refund? Also I asked them to go back and listen to my message and see how I didn’t confirm the order. He said he has to send away for that. I asked who was above him. He said that there wasn’t anyone else I could talk to. I then asked for an email or wedsite. He replied that the website is down because they are putting new product out there. Kind of funny because I bet it is the same product just different packaging so they can scam people all over again. I want to know who owns this company. Who can I complain more to so I can get the rest of my money back including shipping/handling fees since I NEVER RECEIVED THE PRODUCT! The tracking # doesn’t give me info on where the product was sent from. I don’t have a bottle to look up info either. Does anyone know anymore info besides a phone #? I want to file a complaint with the BBB. Thank you….

  22. michael defilippis says:

    I canceled my order over two weeks ago and was assured my account would not be charged guess what it was who is going to help me

  23. nicole says:

    Customer service #is 800-670-7553

  24. nicole says:

    I cancelled my order 2 weeks before the free 30 days was up and my card still got charger 79.90 and then when I called to get my money back they said I could get 59.95 back in 3 to 5 business days when those 5 business days ended and no refund I called and they rudely let me know that it would b another 3 to 5 business days because for some reason my payment got stopped but no one had noticed that the last 2 times I called when ask to speak to a supervisor they told me no because the supervisor could do nothing for me and then said what do u want me to lie to u and tell u it would be over night because I can do that if u want!!!!!! What kind of company is this?

    1. Shannon says:

      i am having some issues with them right now about a refund. I never got the product so I don’t have any product to send them back. why are they only going to refund you $59.95? Very rude people.

    2. Bailie says:

      Did you ever get the money back?

    3. Rosemarie says:

      Thank you for your comment/review. For this, and many others, I will NOT be trying this product.

    4. mike says:

      thinking the same got the trial paid for it then called and said not to send me any more cancel that did not stop just got hit for 79.90 I did not loose any and did not see any results from pills

  25. Donna Ford says:

    I need the customer service number to on cancel.

  26. Donna Ford says:

    I want to on cancel my order of final trim because I havent reserve myORDER YET.

  27. Donna Ford says:

    I want to IV cancel my order of final trim becaus I IV haven’t reseve edmy order yet and I want TV my money back

  28. Tonya says:

    I tried final trim and their trial policy is a gimmick. I did lose some weight , but I was upset about them taking my money. I was able to call and I spoke to an operator who assisted me and I made sure they would not bill my card again . I have tried this product , I think its safe and I will use it again.

  29. randy white says:

    I took the Final Trim plunge also. didn’t appear to lose any weight from my tummy area; none at all. Got several bloody bowels though. Will consult my physician. Recommend you dont use. Thanks.

  30. Beth W says:

    I’ve also fallen for this and don’t know how to contact them to cancel. Please help me as they have taken two payments of over £89 an £95!

    1. mary mcrorie says:

      hello the number is1 800 679 7553 this the customer service if they keep taken your payment I would call the better business or your local tv station sometimes they can get answers

  31. Angela Hernandez says:

    Hello I would like to know how do I cancelled my order, I purchased them and is already four bottles of the Final Trim Pills and I haven’t lose a pound I called the 1-800-900-0486 and I can’t get no costumer assistances. please let me know what can I do. Thank You.

    1. mary mcrorie says:


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