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Nutriberry Slim review

I have nutriberry slim on womens health mags online, is this for real or a scam? looks to good to be true and seen on your site other pills like this which make me doubt it.

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258 comments on “Nutriberry Slim review”

  1. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Igael Kariti
    Oded Karati
    Gabriele Yotvak Kariti


    Nutrition First Ltd
    Superior Nutritional Ltd
    Evident Health Ltd
    Healthy Essentials
    First to Market Ltd

    The directors were arrested in 2009 as part of a drugs import and distribution and money laundering operation with links to Organised Crime in Canada



    Therefore the credit card companies surely cannot defend the fraudsters (unless your bank is the co op ?) because the money is obviously being laundered and the operation used for drugs import and distribution and should offer to charge back to the merchant account to reclaim your money. If they dont they are aiding money laundering and drugs distribution and import

    [Editor Note: Information provided as not been 100% verified]

  2. kismat says:

    I have also same problem they taken from my account £767.oo plz who have any idea help me. how i refund my money from them…

  3. Danielle Rennie says:

    I am a victim aswel, I fell for it last June, it was supposed to be a 2.99 deal and I had £90 taken it of my bank, I tried to get the payment to be unauthorized and they were having none of it, I ended up being overdrawn and in debt because of it, when I tried to report it as fraud they wouldn’t help me, I called the cleanse Ultimo company and asked if they knew about the scam and they did but couldn’t help afterwards, I ended up having to cancel my direct debits, close my account and start fresh.

  4. Danielle Rennie says:

    I am a victim aswel, I Dell for it last June, it was supposed to be a 2.99 deal and I had £90 taken it of my bank, I tried to get the payment to be unauthorized and they were having none of it, I ended up being overdrawn and in debt because of it, when I tried to report it as fraud they wouldn’t help me, I called the cleanse Ultima company and asked if they knew about the scam and they did but couldn’t help afterwards, I ended up having to cancel my direct debits, close my account and start fresh.

  5. Dan Foster says:

    Well, lets see…saw this ad on a link on Yahoo…saw £2.99 postage…blah blah blah…however, 196 Caerphilly Road in Wales could not be contacted, and neither could the e-mail address to cancel. Thankfully I caught this in time and my bank, Halifax sorted it all out and stated the debits were coming up under different names etc. I hope Yahoo has done something as I feel they are partly responsible for advertising this in the first place.

  6. Laura says:

    I ordered these and two weeks later my bank was debited £93, it was stated as a risk free, free trial which it is not. Not only has my account been debited there is no confirmation of what is even being sent and why they have taken this amount of money. Its defiantly a scam

    1. Carolyn Roberts says:

      Laura see my note 42 and 51 they should help get your money back 🙂

  7. Grace says:

    I ordered the free trial for £2.99 and then read the reviews. I called my bank straight away and asked them to block anymore payments to the company and they done so but said the company could change their details and get more money out. If so I get my money back. Has anybody else done this? Did they block them and then them still taking money out? Also did the pills actually work for anyone?

    1. Dan Foster says:

      Hi, Grace, same here but these pills did nothing. Good to hear your bank were aware too.

  8. Cher says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I. too, was scammed into buying a 2 month supply and they put on membership even though I told them not to. For $149 x 2 TOTAL $300 US- they also sent Thyrostart and Serovial- HGH with the Vysera-CLS.
    JUST GOT OFF THE CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE WITH MARIA…..who was RUDE, CONDESCENDING and REFUSED to let me talk to a supervisor because there wasn’t one. The Serovital-HGH bloated me and gave me gas. Probably should have stopped there. Stopped it for a few days and then started the Vysera-CLS and Thyroidstart immediately more bloat and gas. Stayed on it 10 days but was very uncomfortable, lethargic and no energy. AGAIN, stopped it for 6 days. Bloat and gas subsided. TODAY, STARTED AGAIN WITH ONLY (1)one dose of Vysera and (1)one dose of Thyrostart my FACE TURNED RED AND IS HOT AND PRICKLY, this has bee going on for six (6) hours which is why I called.
    Going back to customer service, After Maria said she would remove me from membership…how nice, she said it was MY FAULT THAT I DIDN’T RETURN IT WITHIN THE 30 days and IT WAS MY LOSS! NO REFUND ON UNOPENED PACKAGES.
    And again, she refused to give me another option of talking to someone different because she was in charge.

  9. Andrea says:

    Hi I only wish I’d read this before I sent for the trail, unfortunately it’s too late for me (£93.00 and £89 taken from my account). I am 100% sure there was no information that explained the subscription, if there was I’m sure none of the people writing on this website would have signed up for that. Thank you for all those that have offered advice I have cancelled my subscription but will also call trading standards. I would love to know how Helen who posted her comments on 3/7 went on with her money back after she returned the product.

    1. Janet Alston says:

      Andrea,I too am 100% sure that there was no information that explained the subscription.I certainly wouldn’t have ordered these stupid capsules that don’t even work.How in this day and age can these people get away with cheating people over and over again?

    2. Carolyn Roberts says:

      Andrea please see notes 42 and 51 I did get my money back 🙂

  10. Tristan says:

    Hi Everyone

    I found out my other half signed up for this a couple of weeks ago. I have since filed a complaint against them in the county court. My main concern is that the director is currently released on bond from the US legal system over Marijuana charges. A large enough bond at $300K. My suspicions, given that Healthy Essentials Ltd is registered as a non-trading company are that there is a degree of money laundering here. They have offered me an out of court settlement but I am keen to bring this more in to the public eye and have Oded Kariti held accountable.

  11. moira randall says:

    I too fell for this scam I don.t remember ticking the box but have been charge £95 95 three times although I only received the trial ( I thought) I had a reaction to the first two tablets so didn’t take anymore and forgot about them until I looked at my bank statement yesterday. I have spent many hours since trying to get hold of someone only to finish up very stressed I have spoken to fraud at the bank and will go into my branch on Monday. I feel a very stupid old lady who doesnt need the stress.

  12. Lisa says:

    I had same situation as I called and they said they don’t have my details . There is no contact number for me to cancel ahhhh, but I will fight for my right as they took 300 pounds from me, I will call the Trading Standards

  13. Laura says:

    You must report them to trading standards 08454040506 and the retailer disputes section of your bank.

    Also fraud investigation 03454040506

    they use different addresses P.O. Boxes etc and make returns procedures difficult. Hopefully you will get someone helpful from your bank who can activate chargeback, which means the money will be reversed and put back into your account.

  14. Nicola says:

    Tried to cancel the ‘free trial’ that is not an actual ‘free trial’ and get a full refund…..offered £100 total refund, not accepted as the tablets received are supposed to be a free trial, that apparently is not a free trial when you speak to the extremely unhelpful (non)advisors. Will be contacting the company again tomorrow and request to speak to a manager until I get a full refund (hopefully)!!! Just wish I had googled this company 1st and saved myself from this FRAUD!!!

  15. Helen says:

    Well flipping heck!!

    I too was scammed this to the tune of £93 more then 14 days after I ordered the trial. This is what I did after reading advice and I am yet to get the money back but I am hopeful this will happen.

    I called 020 3281 1046 and it connects you to a call centre which they say is in Florida but its folks with Indian accents that answer the phone with names like , Mark, Geoff and Rick..

    My first tip is do not do not let them put you on hold at any point!

    Firstly I cancelled the subscription and got them to send me this confirmation by email. This came through straight away!

    Then I told them that I wanted a full refund. They spent a lot of time telling me its not possible because of the terms and conditions. However, I kept on with it and told them I was going to dispute it with the bank, mentioned trading standards and any other plausible threats I could think of.

    He then started to negotiate with me. First of all they offered me a 30% refund and I could keep the product. I said no, mentioned the bank again, trading standards etc. Then they offered me 50% to essentially keep me quite and not to go to the bank. He spent a lot of time on this, but I stuck to my guns and told him that was him paying me to keep quite and finally he said if I send the product back (even though it is opened) I would get a full refund. He gave me the address PO BOX 13511 Linlithgow, West Lothian EH49 7YH and a RMA number.

    I am going to put this in the post today and he said it would be 3 to 4 days after that I would get my refund. Now I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them but I am going to send it back and I will report back on what happens. I have never bought diet pills before and I do feel like a total idiot. Live and learn I guess!


  16. shay Erasmus says:

    How do you cs cancel it? Iv got the same problem.

  17. Jade says:

    I stupidly ordered the nutriberry & Garcinium tablets thinking nothing of it, thinking it was just a harmless ‘free trial’ I’d try out. Until I read into it afterwards seeing all the terrifying comments of it being a big scam. But luckily fingers crossed I caught it early. I went into my bank and they gave me a number to contact regarding ‘reoccuring payment’. I spoke to someone over the phone explained and she seemed like she already knew of them saying there were payments due in a few days time and they will keep takingnit every month I told her I triee contacting them but no response,???? she restricted these payments and cancelled the contracts sending a warning to them so they cannot withdraw any money from my account. She then said if they do take any money out the bank would refund it 🙂 she said the payments were due on the 30th which I was oblivious too but fingers crossed its all sorted and the dirty scammers haven’t been able to con me out of any money as the bank has cancelled them because they were on my statement from p&p. Best thing to do is contact your bank immediately!!

  18. jody says:

    Me and my friend got the tablets, payed are little bit of money for them and before you know it they took money out of my friends account.It says you need to stop your order with in 12 day, They took the money way before 12 days. Its a joke i got hold of them and told them about there self F****ing p****s . I had to go to my bank to stop them getting any money of me, I stopped it just in time thank god.. The people asked for the tablets back and i told them no, why am i giving them back if i payed for them… We just know now we go to the shop to buy things like this.. GOOD LUCK ALL WITH LOSING WEIGHT..

  19. Andrea says:

    Iv just purchased this product and not had my 14 days to cancel and got billed 93 pound got in touch with them and got told it is 12 days and 16 days to cancel.
    So im with in my cancelling time and they are billing me 4 days before my cancel time is up.
    You call them and you cant under stand them as they are indian and they don’t understand you and you cant understand them but they change the terms and conditions to suit there self.

  20. Karen says:

    Hi, I too got scammed by this company. My bank gave me a direct dial number for them – tel: 0203 2803719. I returned my products and I am still waiting for my money even though they confirmed they received the products over 3 weeks ago. Please make sure you send the products back tracked as they wanted the Royal Mail reference number from me as proof of return. Also, clearly print their authorisation to return number(s) on the outside of the envelop otherwise they don’t even look at them. I have been told today that my money will be credited back into my account within 3 to 5 days, I hope it is! My advice…. Stay away from this company. They are charging me £10 to restock the item!

  21. jinky44 says:

    Gaynor this IS a scam.!! Do you work for them???

  22. jinky44 says:

    Ive just contacted Watchdog please do the same.


  23. jinky44 says:

    Why dont we all contact WATCHDOG and set wee Anne on them??

  24. jinky44 says:

    Ive just discovered this mob have taken nearly £400 from my bank account and they would have continued to do so for ever. Robbin thieving gangsters imo. I contacted my diabetic nurse about them and she advised me not to take them. Im going to contact Watchdog and get them to warn people abt this scam!!

  25. Angie Jones says:

    I had aprox £182 taken from my bank ….so I called Nutriberry only to be told I should have read the terms and conditions fully. They have cancelled my account….so hopefully that should be the end of it !! I have however contacted my bank to stop any further payments being taken by this dreadful company. One question for everyone……..when you placed your order did you tick a box saying you had read the terms and conditions ?? I can not remember !! If we didn’t we are covered by our bank to get the money back for us.

  26. Jimbo says:

    These companies set up what is called a Continuous Payment Authority and people are wrongly advised by other people or their banks that they cannot cancel as they have entered into a contract.
    If you want to cancel a Continuous Payment Authority
    Tell your bank or card provider that you have a CPA and name the merchant; give any other details you can such as how the payment appears on your statement and, if you know, the dates and times when the payment is normally taken. Tell the bank that you cancel that payment authority with immediate effect. Quote regulation 55 of the Payment Services Regulations 2009. And the latest release from the FCA dated 28 June 2013 http://goo.gl/Ky9hE

  27. leanne says:

    hi this is a scam got my free trial and then ive seen thay took £93 from my bank so not happy ,, ive found a phone number 02032811046 I spoke to someone ,I manged to get £35 back from them please don’t by theses its a scam

  28. Helen Bevington says:

    I too got caught up in this scam!!!! I still can’t believe how stupid I have been…..lesson learnt ALWAYS read the small print!!! However after having £400 deducted from my account, countless emails gone unanswered, the same can be said about the phone, it was my bank (Lloyd’s) who finally helped me out by blocking the card!! They even refunded me which I was not expecting as I’d decided to cut my losses & put it down to experience. I’ve even returned all the parcels I’ve received, each with a letter, without this mysterious RMA number, which apparently you need!!! Finally, today I’ve had a response from both Nutriberry & Vita Cleanse comfirming my subscription has been cancelled!!!! My bank were well aware of these 2 products & the crafty 14 day trail!!!

  29. Deborah Golding says:

    I ordered the trial and I must admit that I only paid the small amount stated. However, I haver just noticed a charge of £93 for Nutrislim and £89 for Vitacleanse, although not yet received anything else. I have called 08005460185, they have cancelled my subscription and received an email to say that it’s been cancelled and I will not be charged any more. I would advise people to be careful but if ylou have been caught try this telephone number. hopefully you will be able to cancel your subscription.

  30. BJW says:


  31. Rose Ansah says:

    This is a total scam, went on website for the free trail offer, put in my details but the website crashed before everything went through(so was unable to read teams and conditions), only just noticed they have taken 2payments of £93 and£95.99 , I phoned the bank and made sure they won’t be able to take any more payments, but when I phoned the company they fobbed me off saying I should have read the terms and conditions, didn’t want to hear my reasons why I didn’t get to read them and then had the cheek to tell me if I continued with the subscription they would only charge me £48 a month, I told him in no uncertain terms what he could do with his bloody discount. Please don’t let any one else fall for this.

  32. Carol says:

    Hi I have been caught by this scam also. I am still so angry… I ordered 1 free trial bottle of Nutriberry 1 of vita cleanse, today I have checked my bank account and they have taken £46.50 and £10.50 total £57.00, after ringing them up and cancelling the order., they tell me I can’t take them because I have fibromyalga and also because of my age.. They said to send the Nutriberry back and they refund £36.50… Has anyone send them back and recieved a refund.

  33. neha agarwal says:

    thanks for commenting on the products, i also received the survey procees, and after the survey they ask me to go for free trail for 3 pound, and than they again gave discounts, and made me to pay only 2 pound as shipping charges, i was shocked so i thought of cross examining the product details in goggle, and i was shocked to see so many comments posted reporting the products as fake and scam. Than god and all the persond for the comments, my money is saved.

  34. Mrs Julie Hazell says:

    I had a email come up on my computer about raspberry ketones and vita cleanse and how to get a sample so I went for it I didn’t receive any pills until three weeks later by then they took out £179.00 out of by bank. I phoned my bank. And they told me that there is a lot of this going on they told me I should have cancelled with in 14 days. But I couldn’t as I had not reviewed any think until the cancel dates. The visa people told me they would put a block it so if they tried it again the visa people will put it back in and now on the 22/05/14 they took £100.94p out of my bank this time they were called nutriberry and vita cleanse . We don’t know if they are the same people but the visa people are looking into it. They are refunding the money. Hopefully tomorrow but only the second mount. I am now not trusting any thing on my computer

  35. Betty says:

    Well its loooks like I am number 110 to have fallen prey to this SCAM,I returned all packages un opened and asked for my money back nearly £400 has been taken from my credit card, I have written 3 emails to date, no reply! my bank card has sent my 3 letters this last one asking for copy of terms and conditions !! did any of you actually see terms and conditions on the free trial offer ? I did,nt

  36. Claire says:

    Hi all

    I’m worried I’ve been caught by these people but I’ve not given any bank details so how can they charge me? Am i safe – I’ve emailed and told them clearly within minutes I want to cancel and don’t want the product. Any other advice?

  37. Rebecca gibbon says:

    I have also been scammed with the diet tablets newtiberry and vita cleanse. One payment of 93 and the other of 89 been to bank and they say they could not do anything as I have signed up for the free trial not for anything else. Anybody with any advice that could help me get something back would be helpful

    1. Emma says:

      I rung 02032811046 absolutely fuming because i signed up for the free trial and was then charger 93 pounds.
      I managed to cancel my account and get a 45 pound refund which is better than nothing .

  38. Dave says:

    As my lost post seems to have disappeared I will try again…
    OK I have managed to contact someone in the bank who was quite helpful, basically the gist of it was…
    you are under a legally binding contract and cancelling your card will not stop them from taking any future payments. The banks are aware of the scam and will investigate it only after the have taken the initial large payment after the postage and package payments, you should get your money back but only after the investigation.
    The only way you can stop them from taking money is to cancel with the actual company its self, this has nothing to do with the bank until they take a fraudulent payment. If your account goes over drawn in this process you will be liable to pay any bank charges which occur during this process.
    The bank will try and block any future payments but what will happen is the company will try again under a different name and it will go through. Again the only time the bank is involved here is when they take the payments, you have entered in to a contract between you and the company.
    Basically If I was to set up a monthly subscription (agree to T&Cs, legal contract) for a product to be sent to my house every month and cancel my card if I receive the product the company is still legally entitled to their money and will get it. What these guys are doing is legal, just barely but still legal.
    I’m going to phone again today and find out EXACTLY what i need to do to stay with in the terms and conditions, my bank card has been cancelled but it seems that may have been a waste of time…

    Thanks Dave.

  39. Dave says:

    OK I have managed to contact someone in the bank who was quite helpful, basically the gist of it was…
    you are under a legally binding contract and cancelling your card will not stop them from taking any future payments. The banks are aware of the scam and will investigate it only after the have taken the initial large payment after the postage and package payments, you should get your money back but only after the investigation.
    The only way you can stop them from taking money is to cancel with the actual company its self, this has nothing to do with the bank until they take a fraudulent payment. If your account goes over drawn in this process you will be liable to pay any bank charges which occur during this process.
    The bank will try and block any future payments but what will happen is the company will try again under a different name and it will go through. Again the only time the bank is involved here is when they take the payments, you have entered in to a contract between you and the company.
    Basically If I was to set up a monthly subscription (agree to T&Cs, legal contract) for a product to be sent to my house every month and cancel my card if I receive the product the company is still legally entitled to their money and will get it. What these guys are doing is legal, just barely but still legal.
    I’m going to phone again today and find out EXACTLY what i need to do to stay with in the terms and conditions, my bank card has been cancelled but it seems that may have been a waste of time…

    Thanks Dave.

  40. Ivy Given says:

    I am very upset that even after all this the adverts still ran in local newspapers. I was shocked that people had fallen foul of this company back in 2013. Why wasn’t warnings given out? Does Dawn French and other celebs know that it appears that they are giving this product the go-ahead? That is why I decided to try it because it appears that they have used it.

  41. Dave says:

    Hey guys, can anyone confirm about cancelling the visa debit card? I have seen some people here saying to cancel the card and some people saying the only way to stop it is to close the account completely. So far I have cancelled my card and waiting on a new one to be sent out, do I still need to contact the vita cleanse company and the ketone extract company? I have managed to catch it before they have taken more than the “free trial” shipping costs and contacted the bank to stop the initial payments but as we are now aware they are just going to change the company name and try again
    Thanks Dave.

  42. Dreadlocks says:

    I to got caught in this scam when I decided I would try the trial nd only had to pay for p&p I thought I was getting a deal, but it’s certainly NOT a deal far from it when there taking £93 out yr bank for them how’s that a free trial???
    I didn’t realize until I tried to withdraw money from my bank and there was nothing left in I found this website nd seen the comments so I rang them straight up after trying numerous numbers nd them keep hanging up on me, telling me they had no details that I had got the free trial. I also got told to ring back in 2-3 hours as there computers had gone down but by this time I was furious as that was the only money I had being a single parent to 3 children,I eventually got through although they wouldn’t let me talk to a manager or supervisor they agreed to pay me 50% of the money back they says it will take 3-5 days to return back in my bank nd I have to post the tablets back to them in order to get the rest of my money
    ********WARNING********* this is a total scam they post on Facebook to prey on the vulnerable nd un-confident people who will try anythink for a bit of confidence.
    Some think needs to be done about this
    And I can now say my eyes have well and truely been opened because of this never again will I jump in and be sooooo stupid

  43. Gaynor says:

    Hey it’s not a scam but you need to read the T&C prior to the trial – I have tried the products and found them to work but please contact your bank for the telephone numbers in order to cancel and if needed ask the bank to raise a bank indemnity claim – ENSURE YOU CONTACT Nutriberry and Vita Cleanse I got a full refund following this, good luck

  44. Sandra says:

    This is a scam. Call the fraud department in your bank as soon as possible. The number to call to cancel is +44 20 3281 1046
    But beware their systems will be fine do they will not cancel for you they are based in Florida. Hope this helps. Just waiting to see how much they have taken from me. Hopefully I have caught it before it’s too late.

  45. Michelle says:

    I managed to contact these people and said I hadn’t revived my products they said they would be with me in the next couple of days which of cause goes over the 14 days so doesn’t give you time to send the products back and cancel the order so that’s how they then remove the money from your account so now I had to cancel my bank card won’t be had like this again had me fooled total scam !!!

  46. dida says:

    fallen for it! got my first trial bottle today and only den found out bout this craziness!canceled my bank card straight away and rang these scamers up to they canceled everything.didnt ask no trial product back.

  47. lil says:

    Fell for this as well , only realised what was happening because happened wiith another one . but I called this number today 020 3281 1048 asked for it to be cancelled for the 2 products , also asked for address to return to the gentleman refused so asked for manager and was told manager was busy with another customer. have been told that it will be cancelled and no money will come out also received and email straight away to confirm cancellation , but still wouldn’t give me address to send , said was up to me if wanted to or not return items . have found this address for returning to Healthy Essentials Ltd, PO Box 13511, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7YH United Kingdom , never again will I be so stupid.

  48. KJ says:

    I realised as soon as I pressed pay it was some kind of scam and tried to back out of payment screen but was too late!
    What a dope!
    I called 02032811046 to cancel and after trying to talk me into trying the product for the trial product, which I declined politely and accepted I would still be charged £2.99 shipping. I have recovers email confirmation that my account has been cancelled. I have also cancelled my debit card just incase!

  49. Loraine says:

    Hi, I’v also been scammed with this product Rasberry Ketone and the Vita Cleanse paid p&p for free trial received product on the 7th April 2014 and on the 14th April £93 went out of my bank account then on the 17th a further £89 went out I tried to phone the number on their contact details but the number was not recognised,. I finally found another number and an email address so I e-mailed them and also phoned I spoke to someone called Melissa and after about half an hour of her explaining terms and conditions and me saying I was going to take legal action I managed to get her to agree to pay me £130 back into my account it should be paid back within the next three- five days. the number is 08455281163

    1. Clare says:

      OFFER TERMS: By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of Vita Cleanse (just pay £5.95 S&H). If you feel Vita Cleanse is not for you, cancel within 14 days from today to avoid the purchase price of up to £89 and enrollment in the auto-shipment program. Forty-five days after you start your trial and every thirty days thereafter, we shall send you a fresh 30-day supply of Vita Cleanse and charge you £89. You may cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at 8005460182 .

  50. A Moss says:

    Hello, unfortunately I did not get a refund because I had purchased the trial product. However I did get a notification email saying my subscription had been cancelled. the telephone operator was very understanding and patient. Don’t get caught out on this! I think I have learnt a big lesson. Always read the T&C. 🙂

  51. jose says:

    They advert their site on facebook to lure any victim and put a lot things. I was victim of this scam yeah they ask you £2.99 the rest is free, they didnt mention on the front page, say read term and condition and they too small and too long indirect explanation so that the people wont bother to read. When I check my accounts I was shock £93 debit to credit cards I ring the bank strainght away to block any transaction to this scam company. I call them since I notice to my account they say they return my money half of what they took from me. I suggest that this company should be under investigation. They fool a lot of people. Since I read the news that rasberry ketone is illegal now in uk. They should return our money to us. Watchdog help us about this.

  52. Sandi says:

    I too fell for this scam, wasn’t until I got my credit card statement that I realised that I had been duped. There is a very good article in the Observer (February 2014) which highlights this company. I informed my credit card company who have put a block on my payments. Cant get through by phone and haven’t had any response to emails so have put it down to experience. Like the tablets – money down the drain.

  53. Carol says:

    I fell for this SCAM and had a total of £180 taken out of my account. After a lot of searching scamsites I rang 0203 281 1046 and eventually received two emails saying was cancelled. I returned the pills to the only address I had which was a delivery place in Scotland. I didn’t get my refund though, still trying. My bank are aware and will stop them taking further money. Still going to try and get my money back.

  54. lynne mayho says:

    I also had this so called free trial they took £93.86 from my account saw the bank and they said they cant stop it and now they have taken another £86 I did not know when you filled the trial it was a contract what a nasty scam and they made me feel sick

    1. JCS says:

      lynne mayho you need to ask your bank to cancel the direct debit immediately and change your visa debit card number if possible.

      1. rachel says:

        Jcs is correct they took more monies out of my bank account even after the bank had stopped them the day before. They just used another name but they are both linked to the same company x x

  55. nina says:

    To anyone like me that foolishly sent for these products, what a rip off.
    Less than two hours of placing my order I came across this website thank god I did. I went about starting to cancel what a nightmare, the customer service email they give doesnt exist, E-mail just returned in error rang the number got through to recorded message, when finally got told being put through to someone, it cot off. By day two beginning to panic finally got a number from this website 0800 5460224. got through gave my order numbers and e-mail address after a little tooing and frowing he agreed to cancel my order, but I couldnt get my payment of postage back. I recieved e-mails to confirm cancellation.
    Hoping this is the end of it and I have learned a valuable lesson.
    Good luck to anyone else who has had a similar experience.

    1. Rachel says:

      Hi Nina,

      I have had exactly the same thing happen to me last night. After you received the cancellation emails, did they still send the product or take any further money? I have received confirmation emails and they have said over the phone that they will not send the product (I definitely do not want it) and am concerned that they will send it and still try and take further money. I also contacted the fraud department of my credit card provider and they have put a block on it, but I still feel nervous! Would be great to know how this has panned out for you a month on!

  56. Michelle says:

    Ordered thru a link on Fb , got confirmation email THEN another web page was on about 14 days or pay £69 or something ? It certainly wasn’t there before my email came thru’. Will b calling cred card in the morning and cancelling order with an 0808 phone number :/

    1. W Chan says:

      cancel it immediately. Tell your bank to stop the direct debit and change your debit card number. Next day you will find yourself £90 odd missing and you cannot dispute because the bank will say it is your fault if you are with NatWest

  57. christine says:

    hi Cant believe all ive read as i just completed the free trial this evening and ive already called my credit card company. ive noted the phone number down but am not calling the premium rate phone number. Please can anyone give me an email address for this company as i cant find it anywhere. The address in Scotland is only 15mins drive from my home so im going to pay them a visit as its an industrial estate i know well. I also contacted police and reported them but they said to try and get something in writing so please if you have an email address you have used to get contact with them can you post it for me so i can get police and trading standards what they need to prosecute them ! i cant do anything without something in writing from them. who knows if police scotland and trading standards can get them shut down then some of you may eventually get some of your cash back. Thank you very much. hoping someone can help us get these con artists stopped !! any takers ?

    1. sue70 says:

      try this email CSM700@helpdesk.emailcenterpro.com.
      but contact your bank asap.

      1. yvonne says:


        OFFER TERMS: By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of Nutriberry Slim (just pay £5.95 S&H). If you feel Nutriberry Slim is not for you, cancel within 12 days from today to avoid the purchase price of up to £93 and enrollment in the auto-shipment program. Forty-five days after you start your trial and every thirty days thereafter, we shall send you a fresh 30-day supply of Nutriberry Slim and charge you £93. You may cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at +44 (0) 20 3281 1046.

        CAREFULLY READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS BEFORE ORDERING ANY PRODUCT THROUGH THIS WEBSITE ATTENTION: This is a legal agreement (the “Agreement”) between You, the individual, company or organization (“you”, “your”, “The Customer” or “Customer”) and Nutriberry Slim (“we”, “our”, “The Company” or “Company”). By ordering, accessing, using or purchasing any product (“Product”) through this website or related websites (collectively the “Website”), you are agreeing to be bound by, and are becoming a party to, this Agreement. We may at our sole and absolute discretion change, add, modify, or delete portions of this Agreement at any time without notice. It is your sole responsibility to review this Agreement for changes prior to use of the Website or purchase of the Product.


        To contact The Company with billing, fulfillment or any other inquiry associated with The Company products, please call The Company at:

        +44 (0) 20 3281 1046

        Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
        To cancel anytime please email us at: customerservice@trynutriberryslim.com

        D11 Glyme Court
        Oxford Office Village
        Langford Lane
        Kidlinton, Oxfordshire
        OX5 1LQ
        United Kingdom

  58. V says:

    Come on girls! Such claims as: “Nutriberry Slim has been clinically proven to: Promote 4 Times More Weight Loss Than Diet and Exercise” are utter rubbish and too good to be true! There is nothing that can replace or match good diet and exercise. You get fitter, stronger, reduce your resting heart rate and prolong your life – no meds can match that period! Save your money and get yourself a gym membership and a decent exercise programme. Talking from personal experience.

    1. JCS says:

      Do you believe every word it says?

  59. Kim says:

    I to have been involved in the scam and they have take £93 so far

    1. steph says:

      have you been able to stop the payments and how?

  60. Kim says:

    I was also caught up in this scam and they have take £93 so far
    I am asking every1 that has been involved in the scam

  61. Sophie, Leicester says:

    So today I ordered the Nutriberry and vitacleanse products through the free trial. It was only AFTER ordering I decided to look up reviews (stupid, I know) and found this website, amongst others.
    I first rang up this number: 02033566290. This was the number in the small print on the ordering page. It took a while to get through, kept cutting off and when I did get through the guy said he could not find my details and to ring back in half an hour due to computer faults. (hmm…)
    I then rang a different number that I saw on this webpage: 02032811046. Got through to someone and managed to cancel both products. I will not get the products delivered (hopefully) and my cancellation email said:
    Dear XXX
    Thank you for using Vita Cleanse – Trial. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.

    If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

    So fingers crossed. I’ve just rang my bank and going to have to keep a close eye on any transactions in the future. The bank said if this happened, then there is a sale team to help me with it. Hopefully I won’t need it though!
    Has anyone had any similar experiences and did they keep their word after cancelling? I.e. will I not be charged at all?? I’m a student and cannot afford for this not to work!! 🙁

    1. Ali says:

      Hi just doent the same read the horror stories but got through on the same number so hopeful I wont get charged as its within the time frame. Like you I cant afford it and if it is to good to be true it probably is ! good luck will keep you posted

  62. Françoise says:

    Do anyone know the name of the company as it appears in bank statements? Also when do these scammers collect the membership fee after one’s initial trial payment? Might as well know if I should close my bank account today. Thanks if you can help.

    1. Sam says:

      Hi Francoise from what I’ve read on reviews it varies when they take the next payment but the trend seems to be 14 days from your initial order. I just cancelled my account as the bank can only stop the same company name but told me they have been known to use different names so can’t always block it. Good luck!

      1. Françoise says:

        Thanks Sam. I have removed the debit/visa card attached to my account. The shipping price is still unclaimed by Heath Essentials LTD, that’s why I took the precaution to have no longer a card related to this account. The Co is Dormant, has £0 Cash, £0 Assets, £0 Net Worth. £0 Liabilities. Director is Oded Kariti, 1 year in the job, previous one, the unpalatable Robert Bedford (From the US), a virtuoso of scamming companies. I emailed the customer service my cancellation at trynutriberryslim.com, and due to the cost of sending back the goods,etc, told them I would not bother although I have no confidence and no intention to use the products. I see no point in phoning them and probably paying for a premium phone line. I nonetheless check my bank account daily, my bank is well aware of the problem. We are curious to know exactly where the shipment money goes to. Do you know? The bank thinks some name starting by ‘berry’

      2. Françoise says:

        Again Sam. After 5 working days, shipment money not taken, so this even is now blocked, although I was advised by the person I talked to at the bank this morning to return the trial samples so not to be attacked by Health Essentials Ltd. I still do not want to return them. Have you heard of any complications when someone refuses T&C set by a scamming company?

  63. Françoise says:

    Bought the free trials for Nutriberry Slim and Vita Cleanse. Yesterday eve. Was on the phone with my bank 1st thing this morning. Cancelling credit card not an option to stop the scam. The bank needs for the 1st payments to be taken to know the name of the real name of the Co. Tomorrow, I have to contact the bank again in the hope that no further payment has been initiated to open a ‘Cancel Payment Authorisation’ which is the only way to stop these people debiting your account. How to stop this Co operating, I wonder.

  64. liz says:

    Hi, as soon as I realised I was scammed, I cancelled my card. Am I safe (economically and legally) if I dont cancel my subscription or account or whatever I unknowingly signed up for too? And am I guaranteed they won’t be able to take money now i have a new card? Thanks 🙂

    1. Sam says:

      Unfortunately I also got scammed came to my senses minutes after ordering so phoned my bank and reported my card lost was too ashamed to mention my stupidness! The next day I decided to phone my bank again and spoke to the fraud department they said it was a good job I phoned them as cancelling your card doesn’t work as these sh!theads set it up as a recurring payment like a direct debit they can continue to take money from your account. My bank said they have put my account under watch to try and stop the payments and will deal with the company on my behalf to get my details removed from their system! Luckily I have had nothing more than the £4.95 taken and have now fully closed my bank account and set up a new one as not taking any chances….

  65. evilpixi says:

    I too fell foolishly for this scam, luckily my bank were straight on to them and the fraud department called me to check if i had authorised them to deduct 93 punds from my bank as they hd just declined the transaction due to lack of funds( im already skint enough!) i told the bank i had not authorised this transaction and they cancelled my card there and ten and sent through a new one- the bank confirmed they will NOT be able to attempt to take any further money without valid card details. so simply cancel your card as soon as you can, this is the first time iv been thankful for having an empty bank account!

  66. Arlene says:

    I too was also scammed by this company. Logged into my bank account to find £150 from 2 unknown sources googled them and found to be the vitacleanse and nutriberry. Livid, took me ages to find a contact number which is 02032811048 finally got through and demanded that my money was refunded back into my account and it stopped from taking anymore money out altogether. The guy on the phone has told me I will be refunded within 3-5 working days and a confirmation email will be sent for cancellation, I have also asked for confirmation that I will be refunded which he has said he will mail. Further more I explained that no where in they’re T&C’s it says they will continue to post these useless products and that it only states the free trial prices for postage and packaging. DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS SAVE YOURSELF FROM HASSLE!!!!

  67. Mehhboob Hamza says:


    If there is any one out there who have had their debit cards scammed, then please do get in touch with me and let me know the bank account of Nutriberry. I tried my best to get this info from my credit card company but they would not provide the info of the Merchant. In my case, the transaction was disputed and my credit card is cancelled as this was the 2nd time they billed me for something I had not ordered. On both cases in October and recently 190 Pounds was not billed to me and hence protected. But for debit card payers it is a nightmare. I am ready to have my friends in USA take it up with FBI.

  68. heaven says:

    How do I cancel? Ive just ordered my free trial!!!

  69. Kirsty says:

    Complete scam, phoned cancelled membership was given apology and 50% refund, 3 months later they have taken another £176 for pills I have not received and don’t want. Bank are investigating but the scam includes a direct debit agreement and cannot be cancelled .next step is to cancel card and close count, by cancelling the card and reissuing it does not make the issue go away, the scam can still take your money

  70. Andrew H says:

    I also tried the free trial. Have just noticed £85 taken. Phoned the 02032811046 number (Indian call centre). The woman told me I had agreed by not notifying them within the 14days. I stated I had no knowledge and feel the way they have conducted this to be fraud. I demanded a refund and cancellation or I will be escalating this through trading standards and county court. She notified me that the order has been cancelled and my card will be refunded within 3 to 5 working days. I have received an email stating cancellation and one notifying me of a refund. Lets see if the money arrives.

    1. christine says:

      ive just fallen for this scam this evening before i read all these comments. ive called my credit card straight away and they’ve assured me this company wont be able to debit anymore than the £2.99 i paid for shipping. ive got the correct address to return them when they arrive and also a phone number from all your posts but i cant find a email address for them anywhere so does anyone have one so that i can contact them and start a paper trail. my brothets a solicitor and he wants me to contact them as if they get passed my credit card company then we are going to small claims court and emails are a good way to prove what they have done to you. so if anyone has an email address please can you post it. thanks x

  71. J Boyd says:

    I have now reported these people to Trading Standards & to Action Fraud. Suggest everyone else does likewise. They need to be stopped.

  72. J Boyd says:

    Yes – these people are thieves – a free sample is not something they should charge for, and continue to try and charge on a monthly basis.
    We should all report them to Trading Standards & if necessary take a class action against them – would probably need to be in Scottish courts – anyone living north of the border prepared to deal with this?

  73. Eirene Siddall says:

    Just received statement from bank, and second lot of payment taken out, in all £385.02, didn’t know what was getting myself into, haven’t opened either pill,s as have various illness that prohibit,s me taking them! One lot was sent from Sweden, the other from Salt Lake City, no contact number,s or anything! Bought trial sample for £4.99 and £4.97. through The Dawn French endorsement, paid for it by Visa Debit, bank has told me to get in touch with company but to no avail so far! Anyone help please, pension won’t cover this Boob so close to Xmas, No fool like an old fool, should have known better!

  74. julie says:

    I’ve just received a full refund of £89.99 & £64.95 for nutriberry slim and vitacleanse.
    You just have to be persistent.
    The 14 days lapsed for me as I hadn’t seen the T & Cs re: automatic subscription.
    Despite being offered a ‘courtesy refund’ of a stupid amount, I firmly requested RMA numbers so that I could return the items.
    Eventually I was given 2 RMA’s and sent the trial bottles back half full- recorded delivery (costs about £6)
    Having noted with Royal Mail that the items had arrived at their destination, and were signed for, I allowed 1 week to receive instruction/refund…but nothing.
    Chased them up (several times, because as usual they were experiencing ‘system delay’) and they then checked the tracking number.
    Having confirmed their receipt of the 2 products I received a confirmation email that full monies would be refunded.
    The next day both refunds were received.
    Altogether, took about 10 days of chasing/processing etc
    Would also recommend blocking further payments with your bank.

  75. helen says:

    i also fell for this scam. As soon as i realised i rang the company on this number 02032811046
    spoke to a lady and requested to cancel my order and account, she did so and i got an cancelation email.
    also rang my credit card company and stopped any further transactions from the company so fingers crossed they cant take any more money and i only lost the postage costs

  76. Me25 says:

    I have got Nutryberry slim this weak. Now I found your comments and I’m scared… What can I do, that they don’t charge me no more? Please help me….

  77. emma pritchard says:

    Please do not but these products as trial as a total scam i got 2 charges 1 for £93 and other for vita cleanse which are supposed to be free trials new nothing off this until my bank statement came in today hned bank said nothing they can do as its a subscription am so gutted

    1. emma pritchard says:

      vita cleanse was £86 so total of £179 scamming baskets

  78. laura black says:

    Hi there

    Like everyone else, I too completely fell for this scam!
    Luckily the day I received them I found this web page and was able to act fast. That day I call the number and got through to an operator (it was a terrible line), she said she would email the RMA number to put on the front of the envelope to send back, I wasn’t convinced but sure enough about 1/2 hour later it came through. I then contacted my credit card company and told them what had happened, they said they would ensure that this company would not take any more money from my account. I then sent the products back via Royal Mail, sign for on delivery. Once the items had been signed for I emailed the company with all of the details and a day later I got an email saying that my account had been closed. That has been a week but I am still checking my card everyday to ensure they haven’t used another name to withdraw funds….
    Don’t know if the tablets would of helped me loose weight but all this worrying has certainly put me off my food…
    Good luck to you all

  79. C says:

    Website said I could cancel by email, but when I emailed I got automated response saying to Call Nutriberry Cancellations dept on +44 20 3281 1046 (London, UK). Phoned on 23/10/13 – spoke to ‘Anni’
    “Send Nutriberry Slim bottle to address [below] with RMA number on envelope”
    PO BOX 13511
    EH49 7YH
    then Phone us back with Tracking number from Royal Mail (?)
    Challenged ‘Anni’ about how website said I could cancel by email. Advised that this ‘process’ was in terms and conditions. Challenged Anni that legally I don’t have to follow this neeedlessly complex process to cancel the subscription. ‘Anni’ then got irate and refused my request to speak to her manager.

    CALLED my credit card company RIGHT AWAY AND BLOCKED FUTURE PAYMENTS AS THIS IS A SCAM! Their website and its ‘reviews’ are all fake. Also think phone number may divert to premium number as ringing tone clicked and changed after a few rings.

  80. Jacquie Neilson says:

    Wish I had seen these reviews before signing up for the FREE TRIAL. The Terms and conditions are not working on the site I ordered mine from at Nutriberry Slim. I ordered Nutriberry and VitaCleanse. Just been debitted this morning for £93.00. The bank are putting a recurring check on to make sure they don’t do it next month but its very worrying. They can change their name and come back in and take again.

    With no terms and conditions on the site to read- I had no sign up to the 14 days return policy so surely they can’t get you for this. Is there no actual way out of this SCAM?

  81. carol gregory-davies says:

    I have recently been scammed by this to the total of 15.00, I told a friend she was scammed by £390. I explained to a local councillor who took all my details and passed them onto the MP in House of commons. Please tell your local councillors as she wants this expossing up to goverment level. I have recieved a letter saying they are dealing with it and will get back to me.

  82. Ann says:

    Sent mine back within 14 days but charged £93 anyway. Called customer services who said I was meant to call in 14 days not return it. Out of courtesy they will refund me 50% and cancel my subscription. I explained I never wanted the product but was trying to donate to a charity and I could not get to the site without ordering the product.

  83. Lesley says:

    Doh – yeah me too, can’t believe it, I read all that bumph about the Channel 4 newsreader (can’t remember her name) who lost weight and had loads of energy – ha. For all the good they did they may well be full of chalk powder! I have a return address in Linlithgo EH49 75F and have also been in touch with bank to refuse any more payments and try to get my money back. Why oh why can these thieving b’s get away with it – someone must be able to do something.

    1. janet says:

      I fell for it too. I went into panic mode when I realised it is a scam. I have paid for the trial, sent back empty bottles to the address in LINLITHGO EH4975F and received confirmation of cancellation. I also contacted my credit card company who are looking into it. but I have still been charged nearly £80. I will get to the bottom of this .

  84. Seema says:

    I too fell for the scam and call the 02032811046 and told that I would like to cancel my subscription and would like to return the both products and was told that my subscription has been cancelled and I would not need to return the bottle and would recieve a refund of £130 within 2-3 working days and would receive a cancellation email. Hopefully will get refund.

    1. laura black says:

      Hi there

      Can you tell me the address you returned them too. I cant seem to find an address.

      Many thanks


  85. julie says:

    I entered blindly into this too and have been billed against my instruction for about £150 for the two products. I have contacted the call centre- in India, and spoke to ‘George’ and ‘Kurt’ (yeah right!) but have eventually been given two RMA’s in pursuit of a full refund. I just wonder now though how much the phone calls have costs me??? Not sure if 02032811046 is a premium number, but I spent ages on hold, was cut off twice, and asked to ring back 3 times due to computer problems, before finally (hopefully) resolving the matter!

    Good luck everybody. I also intend to cancel my card.

    Also, 2 of my friends have since received emails apparently from my Outlook account (though this is not the case- I did not generate them and they don’t appear in my sent items box) but they advertise similar American diet products. Coincidence ??? Reported that to ‘Action Fraud’ though I’m sure it’s probably a lost cause.

    All very worrying. People Beware!!!

  86. Carolyn says:

    Please see my comments 42 and 51. I HAVE HAD MY MONEY RETURNED! There is no reason why you should not be able to do the same. I told them they stole the money from me as i hadnt agreed to it, they didnt put up a fight, you must try to get your money back and dont let them win.

  87. Joan says:

    Do not buy their free two week offer. It has just cost me £83 as apparently they state somewhere [but I can’t find it] that if you don’t send back the free offer they will vharge you for them. In my view this is not a free offer because how can you try them and send them back??????
    A disgraceful con.

    1. Carolyn says:

      Please see my comments 42 and 51. I HAVE HAD MY MONEY RETURNED! There is no reason why you should not be able to do the same. I told them they stole the money from me as i hadnt agreed to it, they didnt put up a fight, you must try to get your money back and dont let them win.

  88. Michelle says:

    I just had to call to cancel subscription I didn’t even know I was in so much for free trial charged me £84.99 what a joke!

  89. Amy says:

    yup i fell for it too…. admittedly i didn’t read the small print.. ive called the nutriberry customer services & all they said was our systems are down can i have your name & number & we will get back to you…. still no answer so im currently onto my banks fraud team…. fingers crossed they prevent me gettting any further charges..(luckily i havent been charged any more than the £4.95 trail) But if i didn’t read your comments id have been non the wiser so thanks guy…. hope you all get some money bck… what a total SCAM!!!!!

  90. Skillie says:

    I feel really stupid for falling for this scam. I live in Australia and have lost $180 already. I have cancelled the product and they kept on deducting money. When I called again they said you should make a confirmation call within 14 days after you have cancelled the product. I now got a cancellation email and they said $50 would be refund but I will have to see. My bank said now that I got an cancellation email they can dispute any future transaction. My advise, the product doesn’t work and if you cancelled the product insist on a cancellation email. If you don’t received it within 24 hours keep on calling. I struggle to get the Australian contact number, here it is 08 7100 1462. I saw the original advert on Facebook, please let all your friend know that this doesn’t work. I hope someone can stop this from continuing.

  91. Mark C says:

    I’ve just been scammed by Nutriberry Slim also. They took the money without the product arriving and then took £85 and £60 from my credit card. They made one mistake, they cited the transactions as being based on a signature and so they have provided false data to the credit card company. Please all go to the fraud departments at your cc company. They all share data and can shut these idiots down.

  92. Mark Craddock says:

    Hey guys if you come across this do what i have done and cancel your card and get a new one from the back. No payment can be taken without a valid card.

    1. liz says:

      Did this 100% work? No further payments have been taken? I cancelled mine nigh-on immediately but am still terrified! 3 weeks since they first took £94 and up all night every night panicking in case they manage to get money from new card!

    2. liz says:

      Also, does it matter that I’ve not contacted the company, I’m afraid they’ll find a way of getting into my phone account or scam money from the phonecall

  93. Jackie says:

    I paid for postage and when received I was unsure about them so I got onto the Internet and found it was a scam so I immediately called my bank and told them not to allow any funds to be taken by them to which they agreed. I then called the call centre in London and asked for any ‘contract’ that I was mislead into to be cancelled, to which the rude man said send the good back then. I asked him if he was going to pay for them to be returned and also refund me my £4.95, he said no. So I said well I am keeping the goods then and you won’t be getting any money from me as my bank are aware and won’t be authorising any funds to you! he was shouting over me saying ‘madam madam’ and I just said goodbye and hung up! then 5minutes later I got an email saying verification of cancellation! if you are worried call your bank!! then do what I did.

    1. Françoise says:

      I did what you did, except the phone call, I emailed them, attn of Director Oded Kariti and Robert Bedford who is behind all diet pills scams. I plainly stated that I wouldn’t return the pills. They have not taken the shipping cost of the trial offer after 5 working days, so they cannot take it now, would be blocked by the bank, and anyway, no visa debit card attached to my account. When I advised the bank this morning that I would not return the trial pills, the person I dealt with advised me to return the products to prevent them attacking me. I certainly am not prepared to do so, not that I am going to use the pills. Has there be any bad consequences to not returning the goods? I had sent 2 emails to Health Essentials Ltd., none replied to.

  94. Carolyn says:

    OK for those of you who think you cant get your money back as you didnt send the product back in time….think again. If you are in the UK phone 02032811046 you will get through to a call centre, be patient (you do want your money back), tell them that you did not agree to them taking extra money out of your account and you want it back. They should then give you an address which is….BTB Mail Flight Ltd, Wolseley Road, Kempston, Bedford, Bedfordshire. MK42 7UA. and a RMA number. You must then send your ketetones back (dont worry if there is nothing in the bottle) in a package with the address, the RMA number and your name and address and post at post office, get a tracking number from them and keep safe for a few days to allow the package to reach its destination. Phone the call centre again and give them your name and tracking number they will have your details on the computer and they then will refund you. I did this 5 mins ago and have to wait for 2-3 days for the amount to go through, but I was told (with no quibbles) that they were crediting my account. So good luck peeps and hope this info helps you get your money back for a product that doesnt work, (will power and lower calorie intake is all you need guys)! Read Pauline Quirks book ‘Where have I gone’, as it is very motivating.

    1. sam baker says:

      do you remember the name of the person you spoke to?

    2. Kathleen Parsons says:

      I to have been scammed I received the nutrislim today and although I have told my credit card that this is a scam they said that even cancelling my card would not stop them from taking the money out so what dso I do now as I am 81 years old

      1. Carolyn Roberts says:

        Kathleen read my comments above (51) you can get your money back….dont give up. The credit card company CAN stop other amounts coming through. I was well over the 14 days, I said they made me feel sick and they didnt work and I had not agreed to them stealing my money!!!!

  95. Naomi says:

    Well I just got it today it didn’t say before I ordered that came with subscription sp what do I do? If I cancel card will that stop any more payments going out? I read about this product in a magazine and the editor herself had do it didnt say anything about being scammed

    1. Mark Craddock says:

      Cancel your card no future payment can be taken then. As your card number will be different regards

  96. Fred M says:

    I also fell for this scam, both Nutriberry and Vitacleanse. The phone number given by Simple Detox/Vita Cleanse did not work in any combination. I did get through on 02032811046 which seems to be an Indian call centre. In order to get my money back I have to send them the pill bottle, with an RM number for each product on outside of envelope, get a tracking order for my packet, ring them and get them to check I have returned. THEN they say I will get a refund. It remains to be seen. I do feel a fool! The sites which praise these products need to be accountable for all this hassle – no warning given!

    1. sheena says:

      Hi there, exact same thing happened to me in process of sending back packages, did they actually refund your money. I’ve threatened with trading standards. Regards

  97. Brooke says:

    I just got my free trial through from the post today and the guy made it clear on the phone that I had to call within 14 days to extend my trial period and within that time i could then cancel my subscription send back the bottles and not be charged any more so hopefully they are trying to sort it out!! i hope i don’t get charged anymore!!

  98. diane says:

    ask the bank to get the money back for you, if you have not authorised the payment, they should get this back within a few days

    1. W Chan says:

      NatWest Bank cannot give a toss about it. They said i instructed it and told me to sort it my self. Will change bank soon.

  99. Amber says:

    When you call them say you’ve already notified police re fraud. I did that third time round and they were more helpful although I’ll have to wait and see if they do actually refund the money as they said they would. Did anyone actually get money back?

    1. Carolyn says:

      I will know in 2-3 days 🙂 so i will let you know if it actually appears 🙂
      Re: comment 51 and your comment 45.

  100. Amber says:

    Like loads of others I also got caught out by this SCAM. I am distraught because they have, without my knowledge or authorisation, taken £150 out of my account. I can’t afford that. I thought I was signing up for a free trial and all I was paying was postage. Customer services were awful, hopeless and rude. Said they had never heard of me, it wasn’t them. It was. Gave me an email address to write to which doesn’t exist and a postal address that also sounds made up: somewhere in Islington with an Oxfordshire postcode???? Bank says beware because once they have your account details they share them with other companies (presumably in teh same group) who also take money from your account. I am going to cancel my account first thing on Monday morning. I am so upset with myself for being an idiot. I have fibromyalgia and can’t take the blooming pills anyway as they are full of cafeine (Doh!) and they make my pain MUCH MUCH WORSE, So I have two tubs of the pills and I’ve just taken a few and then been made ill. Don’t feel confident to return them to address that sounds made up! Think kissing my money goodbye and closing my account is my only option. Gutted I’m such a moron,

    Why didn’t it come up as a scam before? I saw the ad on facebook. Going to report it there. Please everyone tell EVERYONE not to be cheated by this!!!!!

    1. Barbara says:

      I too saw it on FB. I have been told by my bank that as i paid with credit card closing it wont stop them as the credit card people are bound to pay on your behalf. Mine is in dispute and they have stole £190 so far. Really stressed, upset and feeling stupid

      1. Carolyn says:

        I paid with a credit card too……..I put all the info you need on here (comment 51), but you need to phone your credit card ppl and tell them you have been scammed and to stop any further payments to the company, the credit card company wont be able to re-imburse you BUT thats where all my info comes in……you can get your money back if you try, dont think its a lost cause. Also I saw this on a channel 4 write up, its shocking how this company can do this to people and get away with it!

        1. liz says:

          I paid by debit card – am I safe? Not bothered about getting my money back, just can’t have any more taken!

    2. Shirley Wallas says:

      Thank you for your account of your experience with NutriBerry – I am so sorry to hear how you were treated; I have had a similar experience and had £97.95 taken from my account
      when I had written and said that the “free sample” was no good and I did not want any more pills.
      Is there nothing we can do to get compensation or to expose them further for their dishonesty?
      All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
      Shirley Wallas

    3. Mrs Taylor-Woods says:

      I had more or less the same problem. My bank is taking on the resolution of this problem and are repaying me the money; they are then going to tackle the company concerned and reclaim the money from them. And there I was contemplating changing banks! Anyway we’ll see what happens, but all payments are now blocked/.stopped and will contact bank again to make sure. Can PayPal to anything?

  101. Babs says:

    Nutriberry… Total scam!
    Don’t buy but if like me u find out afterwards then hope it’s within 14 days… I called and asked to cancel on the 14th day they said they need give me RMA number and returns address of; BTB Mailflight Ltd,Wolseley Road,Kempston, Bedford,Bedfordshire, MK427UA. They want the container empty or not but I sent all tablets back and they extend the trial so u have 14 days to return (in total 30 days from purchase) and most importantly they need tracking number, so I sent special delivery called and got it cancelled and got email confirmation.


  102. Lynda C says:

    After reading the Channel 4 review I sent for the Nutriberry and Vitacleanse pills paying only for postage & packaging. Firstly I was charged £4.95 P&P for the Nutriberry AND £5.95 P&P for the Vitacleanse but they both arrived in one package so why was I charged for P & P twice. I did not see any mention of automatic subscription if you don’t return within 14 days. The only noticeable word was FREE. I now have had £84.99 taken from my account for Nutriberry and £69.95 for Vitacleans. I phoned today and got speaking to Sean who cancelled the subscription but would only agree to refund me £107 rather than the £165.84 which has come out of my account. Told him I was not happy with this and refused to accept his offer of £107. Told him I was going to report it to BBC Watchdog and Channel 4 but all he said was I would either have the £107 immediately or post the tablets back (which would cost me £30). The address he gave me for return was BTB Mailflight Ltd in Prague. I intend to report them but where to????

  103. Carolyn says:

    I was also scammed! £4.95 for FREE TRIAL and then £84.99 billed again 10 days later! I stopped my card so nothing else would go through and closed the NutriBerry slim A/C, I phoned 02032811046 telling them I had not agreed to the £84.99 and said i wanted to return the product, he then gave me an address and a RMA number to send the product back. I am supposed to send through the post office so they can give me a tracking number and then I can phone them again with this tracking number and when they receive the product they will credit my account…..we shall see, but its worth a try.

  104. Simon h says:

    I have also had a charge of £85 taken from my account. I contacted customer services & after they offered me a maximum refund of £15 I ended up getting a total of £65 & more importantly the account closed & they have emailed me to confirm this. I told them that I have the pills still unopened but they are not interested in getting them back. I also pointed out the fact that the bottle states that if you have ‘Any medical condition’ do not take them. So completely useless if you do like me. I am disputing the amount with my bank as well for the money. They say all details are in their advertised terms & conditions which they probably are but who reads all of them?? ” I do from now on” :-/

    1. Amber says:

      How on earth did you manage to get any money back from them? When I phone customer services they tell me they’ve never heard of me and that it must have been a different company. Liars! I have lost £150, the pills made me ill (I have fibromyalgia) so were worse than useless and now I have to close my bank account. I feel like an idiot and my husband is furious.

  105. Bev says:

    Also tricked out of £150 and nothing you can do about it. They do not work anyway and I was advised by my GP to stop taking them! BEWARE DO NOT BE SWINDLED

    1. Amber says:

      Me too. £150 I can’t afford and nothing I can do. Gutted

  106. Jane Thompson says:

    I thought I would never fall for such a stupid scam, but I did. I did the free trial, only paying £4.95 s&h, but then two days ago they took £89 out of my account. I called straight away, but I am basically stuck. By posting these messages, hopefully the word gets out and even if it stops one or two going through what I went through then its worth it…. Dont fall for it.

  107. Louise says:

    I received the tablets, then read on here all the comments so I immediately rang and cancelled the operator was fine told m e to send empty bottle back and she sent me an email saying all cancelled.

    1. sarah says:

      Hi Louise, I was just wondering whether that was the end of it or whether it went downhill after that, as its been 9 months and I fell for thus scam.

  108. leah says:

    I stupudly ordered them this morning before reading reviews so worried what do I do!

  109. Joan says:

    I am 76 years of age and outraged that I fell for the scam of ordering these tablets ( all I had to give my credit card details for …was the postage £4.99.
    To my horror, I discover that this company then takes £89 from your card, claiming it was part of the contract!!!!
    They must be fraudulantly getting millions of pounds from unsuspecting clients like myself.

  110. Kath says:

    Cost me £84.99 for what I now know is my own stupidity. There should be a law against this sort of thing. Their website is very dodgy, won’t let you leave a page without warning you that you order will be duplicated, then when you chose the stay on page or no thanks option it signs you up for more stuff anyway. I was too frightened to return to the website to check out things like terms and conditions in case the whole thing happened again. Complete crooks, as long as they manage to get £90 – £150 off everyone I’m sure they’re more than happy. Rude and threatening when you ring them.

  111. jackie says:

    defo a scam!!!! i just received my credit card bill and although i purchased this on the free trial like everyone else has, i also got charged £84.99 and £69.95. i just called the company and they cancelled any further orders he did say he could refund me if i sent items back but the refund would be the original £4.95 and £5.95 trial price the larger amounts are shipping and could not and would not be refunded very angry with myself for doing this but even more angry that these companies are allowed to rip us off!!! keep clear and DO NOT ORDER any of these items

  112. Shannon says:

    hi, i put my address in but the page just kind of refreshed, will i not get charged? I didn’t put any bank details in. It sounds like a scam I don’t want to get involved?

  113. Clare says:

    Hi All

    I ordered my free Nutriberry Slim trial tablets last Friday and they have arrived today. I wish I had read all these reviews before I ordered as am now worried about being charged. I have phoned the number and cancelled and the girl gave me an address to send them back to and told me that I need to get a tracking number and ring them back with it. After reading the post about them saying that tracking numbers are incorrect I am now worried this will happen to me too.

    I then had an idea and I have just phoned my bank and asked them to put a stop to any payments that this company may try to take in the future, they were happy to do that so hopefully if they try and take any money they won’t be able to.

    Also, the address for returns on the despatch note is different to the one the girl gave me on the phone. The address I was given is BTB Mailflight Ltd in Bedford, has anyone else sent them back to this address?


    1. Will Hawkins says:

      Hi Clare, My partner Rebecca has fallen into this trap as well she ordered two products on the 17th September, the customer service rep said we are on the 15th day after contacting them on the phone today just out of the 14 day trial we given the same return address as you which appears to be a mail shipping company we were also given to RMA numbers to quote on the envelope along with the address. I am not convinced this is the right return address however was told these are returned back to Florida on the website says returns go to an address in Scotland, what would you advise we do as really worried that further payments will diss appear from her account

      1. June W says:

        hello I have literally had the same issue foung the two payments on my account today. I am horrified the thing is once you send them away it may be hell to get them back. I am in the process of calling my bank and trying some of the numbers detailed above. but please Will or Rebecca if any luck has happened to you7. my daughter works in a bank and the only way you can stop the payments debiting is to completely cancel your card so your issued with a new card number. this is because the company will be take money from the card number you gave them. with a new card number they wont be able to access your account because it would be invalid. the only advice my daughter was able to give that might be helpful. if you do that please stress a new card number not reissued!

    2. Alison says:

      The return address is:
      Healthy Essentials ltd
      Herkimer House,
      Mill Road Industrial Estate?
      EH49 7SF?
      United Kingdom

      The registered company details are:

      Mr Oded Edward Kariti
      Healthy Essentials ltd
      Herkimer House,
      Mill Road Industrial Estate?
      EH49 7SF?
      United Kingdom

  114. Marta says:

    A damn scam!!

    The pills don’t work and they took 84.99 from my bank account without my authorisation saying that I took too long to cancel, I emailed couple of days ago asking to cancel but they replied saying that I need to call them to do that.. I forgot to call and today I checked my bank account and they took the £84.99, when I called first a lady said to me that all the systems are down and I need to call back in two hours, but I just didn’t believe her so I hanged up and called back and spoke to another, after screaming at him for about 10 min he refunded me £45, now just waiting for it to get back into my account. Ladies just be persistent and don’t take no for an answer and hopefully you will get at least some part of the money back.

    1. bob says:

      You will be charged. It has happened to us. The company changes name every month so the bank try as they might will not be able to stop the payments. The only sure way is to close your account and open a new one. That is what we have had to do. Speak to your banks fraud department.

  115. Jackie says:

    Does anyone think this should be reported to Watchdog?

  116. Jackie says:

    I sent for a trial of the nutriberry slim and the vita cleanse as the channel 4 info said they worked better taken together.
    They did not agree with my body after 4 days so i had to stop taking them.
    I have just had another 2 bottles delivered and notification that my account is overdrawn. They have taken a total of 4 payments. 2 x £84.99 and 2 x 69.95.
    I phoned them and was told their system is down. They took my number and said they will call me back. I have a feeling they won’t. HELP, what can i do?

    1. bob says:

      Close your bank account and open a new one because your debit card is linked to your bank account. That companies will come back time and again and they change name so try as they might your bank will not be able to stop them taking the money. Speak to your banks fraud department.

  117. Lindsey says:

    I purchased the £4.95 trial and then found out I was pregnant the very next day so called them to cancel, they gave me a number to send it back and informed me nothing else would be charged to my account. 3 days ago I got an email saying they cancelled my subscription but also took £84.99 on the very same day!! I called them asking why and they said they didn’t receive the item, I have them the tracking number and they said it was incorrect. I asked for a head office number and Thomas Jones couldn’t give me any other number. Its an absolute scam, I have a tracking number from the Royal Mail printed on the receipt yet and they are saying its wrong, and unless I can provide the correct number they won’t refund me!!!! Lost for words at how disgusting I have been treated.

  118. Sara says:

    Got a full refund for both items the first time, after sending empty bottles back. But beware !! a month later the day i was leaving for my 2 week holiday i received an email saying my order had been had been posted and i should receive products in the next few days. Rang to see what was going on and the gentleman i spoke to didn’t think i would receive anything and nothing will leave bank. On my return from hols nice postman had signed for my parcel and low and behold £155.00 taken from my bank again. That was 15 days ago and am still waiting for full refund and told i could keep products for there mistake. Tried ringing them this morning to chase refund only to be told that the computers are down.

  119. Christine says:

    Complete Scam. I have just called and they refunded me, or so they say. Have cancelled my card anyway.

    1. bob says:

      Cancelling your card does not work. Close your account and open a new one. Once you have given your card details these are linked to your bank account so these companies have effectively got hold of your bank account and sort code. I know from my own experience.

      1. Amber says:

        You’re right. I am gutted. Just had £150 taken from my account. Will close my account first thing Monday morning.

  120. nicky says:

    i ordered the nutriberry over a month ago, and they have not worked, thought that was the last time and would not get any more, and charged anything else, but went onto my account today and found that they have take £84.99 out of my account, i have spoken with my bank which tell me they cannot cancel the payments, after reading all these messages, i have just cancelled my card so no more can come out. i am going to try and get a refund as i have made a dispute with my bank. i will let everyone know what they say.
    dont go for this scam it does not work

  121. bev says:

    I just ordered these then read all of these posts. I rang the 02032811046 number. spoke to Paul. I cancelled my order and he said that I may not get my £4.95 refunded. I said I didn’t mind loosing that but I didn’t want to be robbed. he assured me that no more would be taking out of my bank account. its 00.28am i’ll not sleep now until I speak to my bank in the morning. I followed the link on facebook, and it took me to the dailymail ad. I will be ringing them tomorrow aswell.

  122. Suzie 29 says:

    I have no problem admitting that I didn’t read the T&C’s so I guess I deserve to be stung for £84.99 and £69.95 (yes, I was suckered into 2 products). However I called twice to cancel, they alledgedly couldn’t find my account details but then said they’d cancel?! US call centre – I dread to think what my phone bill will be. I phoned my CC company to ensure no further payments came out. A further payment has been taken but my CC company have confirmed they are going to get this reimbursed from (Nutriberry) bank so fingers x’d! Simple appetite suppressants – could’ve gone to Boots for those. Must admit though, the thought of having been scammed for £155+ quite killed off my appetite anyway!

  123. Beverley McKee says:

    Oh I forgot to mention the money was back in my account in a couple of days

  124. Beverley McKee says:

    I ordered this but made sure I followed the terms and conditions and returned the empty bottles. That’s all I was asked to do. However I later got an email saying my order was on the way. I ran and said I had already cancelled. The order turned up anyway and money was taken from my account. I rang up again and they said they would refund me right away and I could keep the product. I had no trouble getting through to them at all and they were friendly and helpful. I’m going to cancel my card just in case though. So whilst not a scam as such it preys on people’s naiveity and as the old saying goes Caveat Emptor!

    1. Therese says:

      Hi, could you please tell me what number (uk) you called them on please? Thanks

    2. Jackie Barker says:

      Did they work though?

  125. Debbie says:

    I have also been caught by this scam- has anyone successfully contacted them and had money returned? I have now had two lots of £84.99 and £65.95 taken from my bank as was completely unaware I was signing up for a subscription. Have emailed company but no reply. Bank have blocked any more payments but state they may not be able to stop them being taken. Any success stories would be welcome!

    1. bob says:

      Bank will not be able to stop payments being taken. Close your account completely and open a new one. Once these companies have your card details they can change their name each month and apply for the funds and probably get the monies. Talk to your banks fraud dept.

  126. fay says:

    its terrible how these sites are allowed to exist. This is a way of conning people. I ordered these tablets and the green coffee from another site. tried to cancel and was told I had to pay £38. I have canceled my card. did not want them to take more. of course will pay them the money,. but make sure I will put it into their account rather than them having my account details.

  127. Carla says:

    I have just returned from holiday to have found £84.99 taken from my account. I have contacted the bank who have blocked them from taking anymore money. I emailed the company and called them on the number above but they have not reasponded. A complete scam! I have looked into reporting them on Facebook as this is where I saw the advert but cannot work out how to do this. I also intend on reporting them to trading standards. So angry with myself as I am forever warning my mum about scams and now I am part of one! The pills don’t even work & I still have half the pack left, I refuse to take them as who knows what rubbish is in them as frauds have provided them. If anyone has anymore advise they can share please do.

  128. Carol Vorbett says:

    How can this company get away with it? Dread to think how many people they have ripped off! Surely something can be done with the Official Bodies we have, Trading Standards etc. How about BBC Watchdog, anyone contacted them? Something needs to be done to stop them Trading.

  129. Hannah says:

    Hi all
    Do not buy this product!! I didn’t realize I had to call and cancel as I was not aware I would be put into a contract where $80 would be withdrawn monthly. when I realized $80 was taken I called and asked for a refund as I was unaware of the terms they kindly refunded the money and I thought It was over but guess again a month later another $80 was taken on the 2nd call they then told me I was on a plan so I disputed it and cancelled and only got half my money back. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING!!!! A month after canceling I have had another payment of $80 taken out of my account!!!! And they state that they have not taken anymore payment because the account was cancelled but the amount has clearly been taken out when looking at my bank account online.!!! Do Not buy this product this could happen to you and $80 is alot of money so steer clear of this product!!!!!

  130. nicky says:

    I thought I’d found something to help me shift this stone that has crept on over the last 12 months. I placed the order for the free trial. Then I was a bit suspect as when paying method didn’t go threw to my normal bank server for my password codes. I phoned them and enquired how this was right as I was talkin on the phone I was reading the page again I’d just ordered threw and to my shock I was to be billed in 14 days for the 2 products which I had ordered. 100 not a chance!!! I phoned the bank and they said that even if I was to cancel my card threw visa regulations my new could be tracked for the payment. I have cancelled my account before any product was sent. The bank informed I think by accident that the company is well known, it is a scam but if monies are taken they can be claimed back. I’m sure like myself 100 coming out when not authorised could be the bill or shopping money. Please DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!! Get a gym membership it will be a lot cheaper

  131. Charlotte says:

    I have just had the same issue with calling and their system being down. I cancelled my subscription over a month ago, got a cancellation code but yet another £84.99 has been taken out of my account! I will try again in the morning, if not I will have to cancel my card too

    1. Hannah says:

      Hi Charlotte
      The best thing to do is cancel your card ASAP they are so rude to you when you have cancelled your account with them and do not help you

      1. leah says:

        Omg ive just read all these comments and I bought them this morning! What should I do I cant afford all that money?!

    2. Jayne says:

      I called them to cancel after they sent me the free sample, the guy said it has been cancelled for you and I have received a cancellation email. after a few days 84.99 £ have been taken off my account. Called again and the guy this time talked about the 14 days in the T&C but promised to refund me 50£ as a courtesy from the company and to cancel the refill program. after a few days, 50 £ were back in my account but guess what, straight after they took another 84.99£. I will try to call them again tomorrow and I will call my bank to see if something can be done.
      did you contact them after this?

  132. Robyn Boxford says:

    Does Anyone have a number or an address in the uk. Need to pass this on to fraud department at my bank…..i am furious and now broke!!!

  133. Robyn Boxford says:

    ONE BIG SCAM !!!

  134. Sue says:

    I did get a RAM number (twice!) and returned (unopened) as my bank said they cant even attempt to get the money back if I have not done this first. I sent recorded delivery on 29th July and then received an email on 30th July saying further product was being sent – I called Nutriberry but surprise, surprise their system is down and my bank cannot stop payment should they come in for another £154.00 even if I cancel my card! How do I get them off of my back?

  135. Debra says:

    How can these people he away with this? I have also been scammed! Luckily my bank rang me before I even realised what was going on to say that there was a potential fraudulent transaction on my account. I have cancelled m credit card and am raising this as fraud as I did not agree to this. And I read everything that was available on the web pages that you ordered through. How do we make this a known scam?

  136. dawn says:

    I ordered these pills 3 weeks ago and still not received them !! when I called them they said they had been delivered, only to inform me they had been delivered to an address 50 miles from where I live and the delivery date was 4 days before I had even ordered them !!! Called again this morning to cancel but as its gone over the 14 day trial there may not be a guarantee I don’t get charged the full price !!! I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, its got SCAM all over it !!!

    1. Barbara says:

      This is exactly what happened to me and must be part of their clever scam. Theyve stolen £190 so far from me

  137. marilyn says:

    I had money taken from my account in under the 14 day cancelation deadline , and best advice from my bank was to cancel card so no further payments can be taken .. cannot get through on phoneline that they put on site .. One big scam doubt the pills even work !!!!!!!

  138. Scam says:

    Load of rubbish that didn’t work anyway
    Returning them is not possible as they won’t give me an ram number and have taken over £80 from my bank without my authorisation
    My bank are on the case now but don’t hold out much hope as they say I have agreed the terms and conditions by not returning the trial bottle within 14 days
    Tel no. In uk is 02032811046 but then you will get someone in the USA
    Address is a po box

    Total waste of time and energy it’s not right that they can just take money without a formal contract

  139. Urvashi says:

    Could anyone please post thier contact details for the UK.Phone number etc.
    I have stupidly fallen for this…SCAM

  140. Barbara says:

    I was just checking my bank account on line when a pop up came on the screen saying that as a valued customer would I complete their survey and I will receive a free gift. The questions were about the bank so I thought it was genuine. When I finished it I had four products to choose from and Nutriberry was the one I thought I might use. I chose it then received an email thanking me for choosing their product and stating if I wish to cancel my membership to ring this number. I rang the number and was told I had to return the bottle in order to cancel. I thought it was a lot of hassle and rang my bank to complain and they did not know anything about it the survey. I have returned the whole bottle by recorded delivery and I will be checking my bank account closely to check if any more money is taken. BEWARE !!!

    1. Jo Wilson says:

      A COMPLETE SCAM . When I called they promised to email me a return address so I could return them, but a week later they still haven’t

      1. RainyDayz says:

        The Operator I spoke too said I could keep the product, gave me my refund and closed my Account.

    2. Denise says:

      Thats exactly the same as I did, but I didnt realise that there was a 14 day return on it after all the site said it was a FREE gift for taking the trouble to complete the survey. I have informed Action Fraud of this case and recommend that everyone does so that they can see the scale of this scam.

  141. Lou says:

    It’s a complete SCAM!!

  142. soph says:

    I saw those terms after I had ordered it and tried to ring up today to cancel it and they kept hanging up on me each time i said i wanted to cancel! so i’ve cancelled my bank card instead. stupid scams.

    1. K says:

      Soph, you cancelled your card the day after ordering… did they manage to take any money still?

  143. mary says:

    Yes ring them to cancel. After 14 days they will charge you if they do not have the bottles returned. They ask you how many you took and want the rest returned. So if you ring on day 10 to cancel, they’ll expect 20days worth of pills back. So longest you can get out of free trial appears to be around 10days in order to get the product back by the 14day deadline. This is how I understand it anyway. I spoke to them on phone today, easy enough to get hold of, gave me return address and rma number.

    1. Urvashi says:

      Dear Mary,

      What is their contact number for the UK.

      1. fay says:

        I just called 0203 2811046 to cancel my order. she said she will cancel it and send me a confirmation.
        canceled my cards in case.

      2. Mo Jo says:

        Also fell for this con. £88.44 charged. I phoned 002032811046 after consulting the fraud department of my Bank. An American gent was patient with me while I had a great rant!!! Promised to refund me £50 within three working days……watch this space!! By the way also cancelled my credit card.

        1. laura black says:

          hi there

          where did you return them too…not sure of the return address.

          many thanks


  144. Natalia says:

    Be careful! It cost more than $4.95 … Read terms and conditions – automatic membership + £84.99 & £69.95 full payment if you would not return these pills within 14 days and cancel your membership!!!!

    1. Jessica says:

      I put in an order today, $4.95 s&h. Do I need to ring the customer services for them to cancel?

      1. Sheila says:

        I found this to be a scam. they took £130 before I got the products. No address given to sent them back! Needed to get in touch with credit card company to stop further payments going out. Did not even get to try them before I sent them back in the hope of getting the money returned. But not much hope apparently!!!!

        1. Jane Waite says:

          I too was caught up in this scam. They took two lots of money from my bank without my knowledge. I have telephoned them and emailed them. I have got half my money back into my visa card with an email promising me the rest. My VISA card people were very good at helping. Try to get email from them if they say they will refund. A paper trail is needed at all times. Good luck

          1. Mr Roy Bly says:

            Hi–I have just seen £93 debited off my debit card having paid for a trial bottle @ £2.99 — .I did not knowingly order additional product , I cannot find a contact tel number or postal address but see the small bottle receipt had orders@buyoceansbounty.com — can anyone help advise in any way ?. I have sent e-mail but no reply.I have also had my bank stop any more debits being taken.

          2. Watchdog Team says:

            Hi Roy,
            We have removed your email address and telephone number from this comment to prevent your details being shared by 3rd parties.
            We would recommend taking a look at our guide to refunds from free trial scams here.
            Diet Pills Watchdog Team

          3. Mrs J Coulson says:

            God i wish i had seen this site before I too have been scammed! I thought (stupidly) that because it was a ‘Channel 4’ website it was more likely to be legit (lol)! Not so, I’ve just had £89 taken from bank account! I scanned ‘Terms and conditions’ but didn’t read anything on there?! My bank are saying if i’ve received the goods there is nothing they can do, other than stop any more payments!

          4. Annick Peeters says:

            Hello, I am a victem as well. I am from Belguim. Do you want to give me the mail addres to sent a reclamation.
            Sorry for no good writin, I speak flemish, thank you so.
            Pleas sent it to my mail. Thanks, Annick Peeters

        2. Valerie Hart says:

          I also sent for trial, they took £179 before I could try them, no phone number or address given on E Mail from them re order number.

          1. rachel says:

            Their number is 0845 528 1163 I got scamed by these got half my money back so far just keep being persistent. Letting my visa dispute deal with it now, they soon try and keep u quite when u mention that ur bank is involved x x good luck

          2. Steve Jeffery says:

            I wish I had heard of this before but we don’t investigate until something goes wrong. I have just been scammed for £93 for NutriBerry and £86 for VitaCleanse, £179.00 in total. I have sent 3 emails and had no reply, I went to my bank today (Nat West) and they let use one of their offices to speak to their fraud department. They have put a stop to any other payments being taken and are also trying to trace the culprits. Steve J Stafford 16/04/14

      2. Jenny says:

        you will find an answering machine telling you that they are busy and to call later…. but no one is there. Its a con designed to waste your time so that you will not be able to cancel or return the fake product in time and so they start stealing your money. Call your bank immediately and cancel the payments or change your credit card, tell them you’ve been conned and report it to the Police fraud department! Good luck

        1. Debs says:

          I have had nearly 600 pound taken from my account even after I cancelled via email. Have cancelled with my bank but they keep changing their name around and the money is still disappearing from my account. Fraudsters that’s all they are. Praying like vampires.

          1. Clair hill says:

            Change bank details

    2. Rachael says:

      I made the mistake of ordering the free trial, and did not realise I had to send them back if I did not want to continue. I have now been charged the two amounts and they are not replying to my emails. If anyone has a phone number please post it back to me as I need to ring them and get this sorted. I have reported it to the bank but they cannot do anything so I am not happy.

      1. sam says:

        hi Rachael
        The number for this company is 02032812048. They are not very helpful as they say it’s in their t&c. It’s an American company so good luck. I got the number off my bank statement.

        Good luck


        1. Lyn Oxford says:

          Hi, have just returned from holiday to find my bank account debited with £79 for my initial free supply!!!! Try ringing this number 02032811046. Very helpful and patient lady has promised to refund in the next 3 days, and cancel my subscription. Good luck

          1. Lyn Oxford says:

            OMG have just received email to say they have refunded amount and cancelled subscription. Will keep close watch on bank account. Just for the record lost 4lb before holiday and came back 7lb heavier. Nill by mouth for the next week!!!!! Lyn

      2. sandra mcgall says:

        hi I have a phone that my bank gave me for them its 02032811046 maybe a 8 on the end of that I spoke to someone there and told them to my money back not had it yet but keeping fingers crossed

        1. Barbara says:

          Rang them but wouldnt help unless i gave them my card details. Already taken £190 so not leaving details so wouldnt help. Informed fraud people and bank. They are thieves and its a massive scam and very scary

          1. Valerie Hart says:

            This is definitely a scam.!

        2. Jenny says:

          First contact your bank immediately, report it as fraud, cancel any pending payment and change your credit card! THEN….

      3. Barbara says:


      4. Carolyn says:

        see comment 51

      5. Joan says:

        I have not returned my trial pack as I did not realise that I would be charged for these, totalling £154.95p. The phone number I have is +44 (0) 20 3281 1046. I have rang this number 4 times and each time it was answered by an Asian sounding person but the line was so bad each time that I couldn’t hear what was being said. I was given another number 0800 546 0224 and when I rang this number the line was just as bad. They said to call back later as they were open 24/7.

        1. Jenny says:

          First contact your bank immediately, report it as fraud, cancel any pending payment and change your credit card! THEN….

      6. lynn says:

        its in florida the number I just rang 02032811046. Then theY send you an email telling you its stopped but AFTER they’ve taken out all these fees im disgusted and its nothing but a money making scam.

      7. Janice McDermott says:

        I’ve got 2 numbers 0203 281 1046 and 0203 318 2509

        Both numbers were answered by people with USA accents who took five minutes to not understand my name or how it was spelled. Finally got through and was told I had not cancelled on time, which I had.

        I was also given an address to write to of customerservice@rasbery-keytoneblast.com

        Sent an email asking them to refund my money and I would send them the goods back.

        I just got an email saying they were not authorised to amend accounts and to ring the first above number. The second number I got from my bank account.

        As a result of this I have cancelled my account with them but am still trying to get my money back. I will get it somehow!

        Good luck to you all, if I do get my money back I’ll tell you how I did it.


      8. JOAN PHILLIPS says:


    3. May McCarroll says:

      What a con please don’t order them. They took £84.99 out my bank today and they won’t refund because I didn’t cancel within 14 days. How can you when you don’t get them till then so don’t fall for it

      1. RainyDayz says:

        I ordered the free trial for both the berry and the cleanse pills, I only received the cleanse pills, then yesterday received both sets, checked my bank and they had charged me £89.99 and £69.99 respectively.

        So I called the customer services number on the dispatch note.

        Told them I was unaware it was a subscription based product, also that I had only received half of the free trial which I signed up too. The operator initially offered me £100 refund, I said this wasn’t fair given that I hadn’t had chance to trial the product, so he then refunded me the full amount, well… he said it would take 3-5 days which is normal so I hope he is good to his word and then cancelled my account.

        Notes to assist:
        They are able to give full refunds.
        Always ring customer services rather than email: 0203 281 1046
        If you didn’t receive all of the products requested then you didn’t have the free trial and you are then not obligated by their terms.

        Good Luck!

        1. Amber says:

          How did you manage? i got nowhere and lost 150 i cant afford

        2. Barbara says:

          I received no products and lost £190 up to now

        3. deborah says:

          They have just told me that they do not give full refunds? Did you get all of your monies back please? Thank you

        4. Sally Edgar says:

          I have unbelievably been charged £431 so far. I only knew I was even on a subscription till a new set of pills arrived today out the blue. I called customer service twice and the max refund they offered after about 20 mins of asking to speak to the person in charge was £190. They could not explain what the other £251 was for except it was for the Free Trial. I am not satisfied and got the name of the manager who is Curt Freeman which I suspect is made up as he was never available to come to the phone. Emails to their customer service bounce back as the mailbox is full. Therefore I have done some digging in Companies House, the company who owns this scam according to their website small print is Healthy Essentials Ltd, after doing a Companies House search I found out the co reg no 08364075, the sole director is Mr Oded Kariti, Director ID 917707175. Address is 196 Caerphilly Road, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, CF14 4NR. If its the last thing I do I will get to the bottom of this scam. I hope this information helps someone

      2. J p says:

        I fell for this to, you can get your money back, I rang the number of this thread, returned the bottles with the returns number that gave me when I rang them, get a tracking number when you post them, rang a few days later and requested a refund and after three days the money is back in my account ! I am very relieved and feel so daft for having not read terms ect if you need any help let me know 🙂

        1. laura black says:

          hi there

          can you tell me where you returned to..not sure of the return address.

          many thanks


          1. lynn says:

            hi the returns address is on the packet it came in and if you got them on a creditcard get the card to block any more payment comeing out

    4. Sharon says:

      Please report on http://www.scambook.com as the more people who report the more likely something can be done about it

    5. June W says:

      This is exactly what has happened to me, I found this on my statement today. I will try some of the number below and ring my card company. Is there anything that worked for you ?

      1. Carolyn says:

        see comment 51

      2. lynn says:

        get the creditcard to block them stop them takeing money out

    6. Gina says:

      I ordered the free trial, then cancelled, returned the goods within 14 days, got a confirmatin of cancellation email and they still charged me the £84 and £69, my advice steer well clear!

      1. Vanessa Jones says:

        looks like I was lucky and my bank stopped them

    7. Vanessa Jones says:

      I just had a call from my bank and they had tried to take 2 x £94 from my account and the bank were worried so they refused payment – I cannot get intouch with these people as the ‘contact’ tab comes up error – I have also received Garcinia Pro which I did not order and still nothing on the bottles to make contact with them can anyone give me their phone number please

    8. Ann moir says:

      I’ve just had £94 taken from my bank I’m so angry in will fight to get it back

      1. Sarah J says:

        I fell for this too. Had 2 lots of money taken out of my bank before I had received the goods. Just phoned them, the third number I tried was the right one (apparently there are different companies) and they have said they will give me half my money back in 3-5 days and they don’t want the tablets back. Will see what happens!

        1. emma pritchard says:

          been scammed with these 2 tablets 2 payments 1 of 93.00 plus 86.00 taken off my credit card for a free trial of these tablets has any1 got a uk based num for theses rip off merchants

    9. georgie says:

      I stupidly ordered the nurtiberry Slim today and then looked at all these comments, have sent an email of cancellation and rang and spoke to them. I have received an email confirming my cancellation does that mean they wont take money out of my bank? as I have done it within the 14 day period and have not received any of the products?

      1. rachel says:

        I would cancel your card straight the way they r very quick at taking the monies out x

    10. Mary says:

      Please, everyone on this page – write to Trading Standards and log complaint with them. Only then will something be done, although this forum is great for information, it cannot take any action – so take it yourself and report them!!

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