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SlendaTrim is a diet pill that promises to kick start your metabolism, reduce your appetite and enhance your energy. It is aimed at people who are seriously overweight and have more than 5lbs to lose.

We take an in depth look at SlendaTrim to find out whether this diet pill will really help you lose all your excess weight.

Slendatrim Pros

  • Reasonable price
  • Some good ingredients

Slendatrim Cons

  • Overblown advertising style and misleading information
  • No ingredients profile
  • Promised 60-day guarantee looks very doubtful
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Slendatrim Review

Slendatrim Facts

  • Marketed by Vitegrity based in Florida, US
  • Each bottle of SlendaTrim contains 180 capsules
  • SlendaTrim contains vitamins and minerals

SlendaTrim is a US diet pill marketed by Vitegrity who are based in Florida. The pill is manufactured in the USA and contains 100% natural ingredients. It comes with some powerful and punchy advertising but despite that customer feedback is very hard to find.

If you are among the billion people across the world who are overweight or obese, a diet pill like SlendaTrim is a tempting proposition.

According to the SlendaTrim advertising, this supplement is the;

All Natural Number One Rated Thermogenic Fat Burning & Weight Loss Compound Available on Today’s Market

It is aimed at people who “need to lose serious weight and achieve serious change” not just shed a few extra pounds.

This supplement includes a blend of appetite suppressant ingredients including Hoodia and Glucomannan as well as natural antioxidant rich green tea extract, vitamins, minerals and more that may improve health and have an effect upon your metabolism.

Essentially, the basic principle of SlendaTrim is that it will help you burn fat and at the same time suppress your appetite so targets two of the major weight issues.

According to the advertising, SlendaTrim uses five key features to help you lose weight:

  • Burn away unsightly fat
  • Feel satisfied with less food
  • Boost your drive and energy levels
  • FDA approved and made in the USA
  • Guarantee or your money back

How to Use SlendaTrim

To use SlendaTrim take 3 capsules twice daily with a full glass on water. Take once in the morning after breakfast and another three capsules prior to your afternoon meal.

(We are not sure if they mean at lunchtime or in the early evening, as we have never actually met anyone who has a regular afternoon meal.)

SlendaTrim provide plenty of satisfied customer testimonials on the website plus numerous images of thin people and flat stomachs. Although this supplement is not gender specific, it is aimed primarily at a female market judging by the images.

In fact, the only image of a man on the website is a picture of a fully clothed male doctor in a white coat. Not very impressive.

We are not so sure about the FDA Approved statement either. To our knowledge the FDA do not approve OTC diet pills and the small print on the foot of the site clearly states;

Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of Slendatrim have not been scientifically substantiated or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Vitegrity are based in Florida and according to the website are a family business but provide no further details about this point.

The company address is:
970 Lake Carillon Dr.
Suite 300
St. Petersburg,
Fl 33716

There do not appear to be any issues or complaints about Vitegrity from customers. Worryingly before you see the price of the supplement on the product website, you have to submit your full contact details including email and phone number.

This gives the impression that SlendaTrim may be a scam auto bill company but reading through the lengthy terms and conditions, this does not appear to be the case.

However, this feature is very annoying and will put off potential customers.

Slendatrim Concerns:

  • Advertising seems far-fetched
  • Advertised guarantee seems unlikely to be honoured
  • No reason why this product only targets people who are extremely overweight

What Does Slendatrim Claim To Do?

According to the advertising, SlendaTrim is a “Confidence, Energy, Fat Burning Thermogenic Booster”
that will deliver;

Mind Blowing Results

You are “Invited to Try Today, Results in 60 Days Or You Don’t Pay” We like the sound of a good guarantee so this is a great point in SlendaTrim’s favour.

The advertising is aimed at you if you are seriously overweight.

If you are within 5 pounds of your perfect weight, hey, SlendaTrim may not be the right product for you. SlendaTrim is for those who need to lose serious weight and achieve serious change

So What Is Slendatrim and What Are The Ingredients For Slendatrim?

SlendaTrim is a fat burner combined with an appetite suppressant. Sometimes diet pills with this dual action contain high amounts of stimulants, which suppress your appetite as a side effect. However, SlendaTrim uses ingredients that specifically target this issue.

Although the SlendaTrim advertising does not provide ingredients amounts, this information is available on the product’s label and is per serving size of 3 capsules.

  • Irvingia Gabonensis (AKA African mango seeds) (150mg): This fibre rich natural seed extract has shown some good effects for weight loss when added to diet and studies suggest it may help reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Glucomannan (300mg): Water soluble dietary fibre sometimes used as an emulsifier and food thickener and in more recent years as an aid to counter obesity. Glucomannan swells up in the stomach and creates feelings of satiety. Although further research is required, it looks to be a promising ingredient. Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6096282
  • Chromium (200mcg): Trace mineral present in a normal diet and here in safe quantities. Research has shown that high quantities of chromium can cause dangerous side effects.
  • Hoodia (200mg): Once considered the answer to obesity, the appetite suppressing qualities of Hoodia have now been discredited. It has undergone extensive medical research and is proven to be ineffective for weight loss. May cause side effects. To see more about Hoodia take a look at our investigation.
  • Green Tea (300mg): Green Tea is a source of antioxidants including ECGC a potent polyphenol. . It may have numerous medical benefits. Reports have shown that green tea extract intake is associated with increased weight loss due to stimulating thermogenesis. However, health advice is to drink as tea to achieve the best results. Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17201629
  • Citrus Aurantium (10% total amines 35mg) (350mg): This stimulant raises the heart rate and increases blood pressure. It is believed to stimulate the breakdown of fat and boost the metabolism but there is a lack of clinical evidence to prove this.
    It should definitely be avoided if you suffer from any heart related health conditions. Take a look at our Citrus Aurantium article here
  • Bioperine (3mg): Patented black pepper extract that is used to enhance the effects of other ingredients
  • Calcium 500mg: Essential mineral that is necessary for life and makes up your bone structure and teeth. Calcium is found in a healthy diet such as milk and vegetables.
    Medical advice is that no more than 600mg should be taken as a daily supplement because excess calcium causes the body to absorb less.
    The advice is to eat plenty of calcium rich foods throughout the day. This 400mg a day is in excess of health guidelines. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcium

Other ingredients include a number of Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and D3).

So What Does All This Mean?

SlendaTrim contains some healthy ingredients that may have some benefit to weight loss. We like the fact that it contains a range of vitamins and unlike many other supplements chromium is here in trace quantities, which is safe. However, the Hoodia content is a matter for concern as is the high dosage of calcium. In addition, this supplement contains Citrus Aurantium, which is known to have dangerous effects upon the heart and blood pressure.

Despite these concerns, the Citrus Aurantium content is actually quite low and overall this supplement looks safer than we expected.

Does Slendatrim Have Any Side Effects?

We have been unable to find any independent customer reviews so we cannot bring you any true-life experiences.

However Hoodia is known to cause nausea, vomiting and skin irritations in some people and even small amounts of Citrus Aurantium may cause elevated blood pressure and heart rate if you have these sorts of health issues.

Overdoing the calcium can cause constipation and bloating but taking the supplement with food may minimise these effects.

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not take if you suffer from a heart related or blood pressure health condition. If you are on medication, seek the advice of your doctor before you take SlendaTrim in case of drug interactions.

Any Slendatrim Reviews From Customers?

The only SlendaTrim reviews we could find were on the SlendaTrim website so we cannot guarantee that all of these are independent and we do not know if the company have chosen to show only positive reviews, which is likely. Both men and women seem fairly happy with this product.

Elsewhere things are not as straight forward. SlendaTrim is on sale from Amazon, for example but nobody has appeared to try it.

So Does Slendatrim Work?

We think it may work a bit and it may help you lose some weight. You may find that Glucomannan suppresses your appetite and the pill may have some effect upon you metabolism. Results are not likely to be earth shattering but yes, it may do something.

We have certainly seen a lot worse.

Where Can I Buy Slendatrim?

You can buy SlendaTrim direct from the product website but you may need to give all your details before they allow you to see the price, which is annoying.

The basic kit costs $39.97 and will last a month. This includes one container of SlendaTrim (180 capsules) plus a 60 capsule bottle of Vitegrity green tea supplement.

Two months supply – two containers (180 capsules) of SlendaTrim plus I free bottle of green tea costs $75.94.

The best value deal costs $159.88 and is four bottles (plus 2 free) of SlendaTrim, one 60 capsule container of Green tea and includes free shipping to US addresses.

Sometimes other bonus gifts and special offers are available too.

Standard shipping (5-7 business days) is $7.95.
Priority shipping (2-3 business days) is $14.95.
Next Day (next business day) is $29.99
International is $29.99

As well as the USA, the company ship to: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

You can also buy SlendaTrim via Amazon.com where one bottle of 180 capsules costs $39.97.

What About A Guarantee

Yes, there is a 60-day money back guarantee on offer. However when we looked into this on the website terms and conditions, the page was unavailable so don’t hold your breath on this one. Elsewhere there was zero information about how to claim your guarantee and sadly we don’t believe the company will honour it.

Watchdog Verdict

There are actually some good points about SlendaTrim. We like some of the ingredients and we like the way they have combined the fat burning idea with an appetite suppressant. It is unlikely to be “mind-blowing” but it may assist with modest weight loss.

We are not impressed with the offer of a guarantee that seems unlikely to be honoured and not so keen on the style of the website. There is just something about it that looks like a scam and it is probably putting people off.

We also did not appreciate having to search for a full ingredients profile or being unable to see the price without entering our details.

It is frustrating because it is close to being good. The price is reasonable and you can sometimes receive added freebies, which is always welcome. If Vitegrity would just cut out some of their wild claims, sort out the guarantee, and drop a few of the ingredients perhaps we would have had a winner on our hands.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

#1 Consumer Choice: Phentaslim



Thousands of customers have cut the fat with this fast and powerful thermogenic fat burner. Can suppress appetite, boost energy levels and elevate mood without the jitters.

  • Over 91,347 of satisfied customers
  • Manufactured in a GMP facility
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • FREE shipping and buy 3 get 1 FREE offers!

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

110 comments on “Slendatrim”

  1. Sandy says:

    Has anyone tried starting with one pill and ease your way into it. I just received my bottle but now I’m a little nervous about starting it.

  2. Larry says:

    Company has closed please call the 800 number for refunds

  3. Kimberly says:

    Hope this helps. This “Dr. T” is not a medical doctor but a drugstore pharmacist. She is a “pharm-d” which means she passed classes related to putting pills in bottles. Everyone who graduates from a pill class (which you can actually get a quick degree online to get certieid. Everything else has been made up about her as a weight loss expert. She herself is very obese and has no professional accreditation as a expert manufacturer. It’s ironic to say the least. This slendatrim is a formulator that is private labeled. It’s not patented and has no clinical proof of anything losing anything more than their money. So its a label slapped on some bottle with a forumation that is not “revolutionary.” She had a few friends working for the company. The goal, pump, dump, and make money. She fired everyone and now the “company” as single person operation, She now answers the phone, emails, packs any victims orders, and then spends her day figthing or ignoring product returns request. It’s a joke. Sorry for anyone who bought these pills I contacted the BBB and they said that all of tge BBB seal on the sites she all unapproved. Click on them . Nothing happens. I’m returning all of my pills this week. I feel silly for falling for this whole thing.

  4. Betty L. says:

    I would try the product if it was made by a recgonizable brand. I keep reading about a “Dr. T” and some sort of title “Pharm-D” but I’ve never heard of it before. What is this Dr. T’s full name, and what medical credentials does this person have where there being referred as a genius? Does anyone know any of thes answers. It all seems a bit scammish to me. I never heard of this brand called Vitegrity before. A very unusual name for a pharmaceutical type of company. TThey are not listed anywhere online. I researched its address and it comes back to a trailer park location. It all seems highly suspect. If anyone knows specifics about the compan and this Dr. T individual please advise. I bought the product and now I’m afraid to use it. The label looks copied and cheap. It’s peeling off the bottle. I received no directions, the website has no information, and when you call the company number listed on the website all you get is a voicemail saying “there are an overwhelming amount of customers and no one can take your call,” I live in Clearwater and I want to visit this so called “state of the art manufacturing facility” represented in previous postings. I am leaning on the side of my gut instinct. This is some sort of garage business, there is not “Dr. T” and this “Pharm-D” title is nothing more than a counter worker filling prescriptions in a drugstore. Please provide any details that you can to alleviate my fears. I am heavily leaning towards returning this product. I shou;d not have impulsively bought this pill bottle without asking these questions before I provided my credit card information. I am now quite scared by the thought of ingesting whatever I received. Please provide anything you can about the company, this “doctor” and these pills. Thanks Betty.

  5. Venessa L. says:

    I bought Slendatrim – X (the next generation formula) and its really powerful. I have been taking it for 4 weeks and I’ve lost 12 punds and I have tons of energy. Anyone who bought Slendatrim should send it back in to the people they bought it from. I received the product upgrade after seeing it online and then contacting the company. Great customer service, and they were quick with the new product replacement. I told them there was some negative blog post about the old Slendatrim formula, and they told me not to worry. Next day air I received the Slendatrim – X Forumula product. I love it, Moving forward all I want to read about is the new formula. Vitegrity nailed it with these new formula. Product is great! Thanks Dr. T. for hitting another one out of the park. A Pharm-D genius! Good luck competing with this this product for weight loss. Better than anything else I’ve ever tried!

  6. Fran says:

    Slendatrim is no more I called and talked to them today, their last day selling any product will be in 2 weeks. To many lawsuit threats and bad publicity

  7. pam says:

    It is a bad product

  8. Helen says:

    It Works! Slendatrim was born out of Doctor T’s passion to offer products driven by science and clinical backing to the consumers. She has allowed overweight people to begin living life on their terms—because they too have dreams to be a success just like herself. It’s not the many homes and cars that drives her passion to continue to be a force in the industry. It’s the fact that she clearly is changing people’s lives for the better!

    The Vitegrity product line represents best products on the market. Driven by an organization that heeds the same passion to be a success! If you can’t deliver that passion and performace than you simply can’t cut it. Cutting words, with false statements are acts of angry failures. Step up to the mirror, acknowledge the responsibility of your failures and begin changing your life today with Vitergrity.

  9. Vivian says:

    All of the negative comments on Slendatrim don’t reflect the Vitegrity brand, which offers professional-quality supplements, and health related products to consumers, celebrated its recent move to a new headquarters—a new, state-of-the-art weight loss facility.

    Company employees, the Vitegrity family and extended family and friends were in attendance, including Vitegrity Brand Business executive Elen Jones. Light refreshments and champagne were served, and facility tours were provided.

    Jones shared her own personal plight with weight gain and obesity. She struggled through her speech and she thanked the company founders for helping her lose 60 pounds with an intensive combination of a healthy diet, daily exercise, and Slendatrim. She is the new national spokesperson behind the brand. She looked fabulous in her pink halter top and skinny jeans as she flaunted her new “Slendatrim Body.” While shining at the podium she announced the unveiling of company’s new product “Slendosleep” which is intended to burn bodyfat while you sleep. This revolutionary product has been developed after years of research on obese sleep study patients. Many beta-test patients have reported significant weight loss while in deep REM sleep.

    Vitegrity has gone through a company restructuring and has began to recruit a news sales force through medical clinics. The pilot studty was performed by experts in weight loss and health supplements. The Doctor behind the company is widely recognized across the globe as the preeminent expert on obesity.

  10. Penny says:

    My son took 1 Slendatrim tablet and had a horrible reaction. He did everything right. Ate after 30 min etc. He appeared to be having a seizure he was jerking and twitching all over and was non coherent and foming from his mouth and was acting crazed and vicious, it was like he had rabies . Stay away from this crap.

  11. Samantha says:

    Great product! I saw the product formulator at Woodlands Square shopping mall at the Health Expo on the future of nutritional supplements in the treatment of disease. What a smart and nice person! Powerful presentation. Afterwards I was a bit intimidated to approach her (she has bodyguards), but was so personable and welcoming. She answered all of my questions about the products I was taking and on top of that she was kind enough to pose for a photo. What a thrill for my entire family!

  12. Buck says:

    Certainly doesn’t work when you mix it with spicy hot wings. My wife and I went to the Piggly Wiggly in celebration of our new pick up truck purchase. It was quite a special day as I found a new security job at Walmart. My wife had taken the product hoping to decrease her belly fat. She has a family history of awful GI issues. Looking back she should have not been taking any product whatsoever. Midway through the chicken diablow burners she let out a yelp. Her anus was on fire. I believe the Slendatrim and the spicy juice from the boneless wings mixed together and formed a type of fireball internal gastro fireball. Howling in pain, we immediatey rushed her to the hospital in the new 4 x 4 and they jumped into action. They started a with a drip line and she was told to drink alot of milk. Thankfully It took care of the problem. A couple of things to remember. Don’t take supplements with hot wings and always get bucket seats with a truck. She left quite a mess on the seat. I am going back to the dealer to see if it can be washed out of the vinyl. Never again.

  13. Wendy says:

    I agree with the comments on this page SLENDATRIM is JUNK!!! The product has disgusting side effects, I spent a ever embarrassing afternoon in the bathroom. At one point my MALE boss knocked on the door and asked me did he want me to call an Ambulance.

  14. Chuck says:

    I dont like the product. I think its awful. I’ve written 60+ reviews expressing the same comments.

    Financial Disclosure: I am paid 10 cents per negative post negative fake reviews about the company and the product. My wife and I are in financial distress. This is the best job we ever had. Tonight we get to eat hot wings at the Piggly Wiggly if you like this post.

  15. Dawn says:

    I hate this product made me feel awful
    People do not waste your money on it

  16. Pam says:

    Kelly you are not following the rules of this site.. You are nothing but a sales person for this junk

  17. Yolanda says:

    Anyone who thinks diet pills work have to have their head examined. Diet and exercise is the only think that words. I do not feel sorry for any person on this form

  18. Annie says:

    slenda trim is not for me I had severe nosebleeds and a headache I had to stop I really really wanted this to work but it just doesn’t live up to the hype

  19. Kelly says:

    The 80 negative product “review” posts here we written by a couple who were formerly involved with the company. Please disregard them as their agenda is quite clear. To discredit the product and the company with lies about lawsuits, sick people, etc. The truth is that they were fired for “personal reasons” and they have chosen to use this forum to spread lies. I am thankful to all of our supporters (to numerous to count) who have ignored them as they know the truth. They are wasting their time posting lie after lie. Childish and immature but to be expected if you met them. They are desperate individuals who are clearly spiteful but don’t have the intelligence or fortitude to reveal any so called “truths” about the company. There are and was never a single lawsuit against this company or it’s principals. Sales have never been stronger as thousands or satisfied orders are shipping each day (and it’s only getting better). People have happily adopted the Vitegrity Lifestyle. We are changing lives.

    Our products are still the best on the market, manufactured under the highest level of FDA standards, by a Pharm D.

  20. Ashley says:

    You are so right Candy! She is an inspiration. I just watched the video and how she is changing healthcare with revolutionary products. I am a big fan too! She is incredible woman. Doctor’s family are well connected, live in a massive beautiful home in the nicest community, drive fancy cars, and it is exciting to see them out and about town. Feel priveledged that they are living amongst us. The negativity is clearly being posted by some haters (there’s always one). Groupie? You bet I am! They are amongst the best families living the good life in our community. I will be buying her book!

  21. Adam says:

    You are so right Candy about what is going with the failed PR attempt on this tread. Sharon obviously has a horse in the race. I have contacted the FDA and the FTC about this company and they assured me that they going to take action against the makers of Slendatrim

  22. Candy says:

    Sharon why are you talking this nonsense about the owner you sound like a groupie? Their are over 80 reviews on this page about Slendatrim being a awful product. You sound like you are PR rep for this company brought in to control the damage this product has caused people. 60 minutes needs to do a story about this damaging company

  23. Sharon says:

    Agree Laura. i was on a tour of their facility last year while interviewing for a job. The place was wonderful. The Doctor who owns the company is well respected and has degrees covering the walls. I understand that she is very wealthy and also owns numerous other companies. According to a newspaper article, she is in the process of writing a book on her life experiences, from raising herself from abject poverty to being a self made multi-millionaire. She is an inspiration. Those who have met her are charmed by her intelligence, personality, and looks. She is well respected in the community having donated to sports leagues and educational institutions. Any attempts to spread lies about her companies are being done by competitors and former associates clearly jealous of her success. Not a nice thing to do but it happens when you are on top.

  24. Carlton says:

    If you google street view their address it shows you in is next to a trailer park and auto scrap yard. Laura must be confusion it with the nuclear power plant 5 miles down the highway

  25. Mavis says:

    No one answers the phones regarding questions about the product or about returning the product. How can I be a great company ?

  26. Laura says:

    That last post was unintelligible. Why would a company tell you anything about who worked for them? I know of no law suit now or ever against this company. Your facts are short on facts. What lawsuits? Their products are the best, they are made by a world renowned weight loss expert, who is a Doctor, and their company is staffed in a world class facility. I live in the area so I drive by their state of the art facility everyday. Many of my friends work there and they love their jobs. This company was never sued so get your facts straight. Your post wreaks of personal bias and issues. All fabricated posts. Facts..Great products by a top notch professional company!

  27. Katie says:

    Vivian is a sales rep for the company
    posting here to counter these very bad reviews about Slendatrim in my opinion. No Carman has ever worked for the company I just got off the phone with them. The are in the process of closing the business do to the case action lawsuit that has been all over the new here in Florida.

  28. Vivian says:

    OK. Here it goes. I tried the product months ago and I wasn’t sure if I was taking the correct dosage. I spoke to the help desk person, I believe her name was Kim. She was very rude and unintelligent. I put the remaining pills in my cupboard. Last month I decided to restart the product and I spoke to Carmen. I told her about my previous interactions with Kim and how negative and unintelligent she was. She advised me that Kim was no longer with the company (because of numerous similiar complaints). She then advised me that the product was best taken on an empty stomach and never before bed. 12 days later I’ve lost 6 pounds and I feel great. My energy is up and I’m even starting to take long walks in the evening. I feel refreshed, restored, and revitalized. Thank you Carmen for guiding me with intelligence and the doctors behind this product. Simply great!

  29. Ben says:

    Wow Nancy ! The woman you talked to is sick in to head, if I was you I would call the local authorities in your state and report this company to the FDA

  30. Nancy says:

    Blood in my poopy enough said. I called and talked to the “renowned Pharm D” about my side effect and she said ” impossible it has to be a hemorrhoid” she called me a liar and said that she would not give me a refund.. Ladies and gentlemen It is a scam.

  31. Kate says:

    I’ve tried the Slendatrim product and it works great! Down 8 pounds in 14 days. I had a problem tracking my order and I called their customer service department and I spoke with Christine. She was so helpful and engaging. Her ability to answer my questions was beyond professional and she was really smart. She told me the product was made by a world renowned Pharm D weight loss and nutritional expert. This company is top notch and I will continue to shop with them.

  32. Cathy says:

    Slendatrim left my whole GI track burning and raw from my mouth to my
    anus. It was like I eat a cactus . I call the help desk and some bull of a woman told me I was BS’ing her and told me she would not give me my money back.. It’s a ripoff folks.

  33. Dawn says:

    Invest in more toilet paper if you’re stupid enough to try this product , because you’ll be running to the bathroom all day and all night . And forget about getting in contact with anyone from the company it’s impossible !! No luck get my money back.

  34. Travis says:

    Love the Slendatrim product! My wife used it to lose 20 pounds and she has another 80 more to go. I have had nothing but positive dealings with this company. Their customer serrvice is fantastic and their products are great!

  35. Cary says:

    Pure garbage ! I seriously thought I was having a heart attack ! Called the helpdesk for assistance I considered it an medical emergency. They told me get to the hospital . And that the company was doing a voluntary recall because of the side effects.

  36. Bibi says:

    Awful side effects ! Horrible customer service.. trying to get a refund ! Credit card was double billed ! Beware of this company !

  37. Tina says:

    I never got a chance to try it because the expiration date has expired. I called the number on the bottle and requested them to send me a new fresh one. Some rude woman answered the phone and did not believe me she told me to ” go scratch myself ” and then refused me a refund .

  38. Grant says:

    I have called numerous times to try to return this stuff without any success phone kicks over to an answering machine but no l person ever picks up the phone. I have contacted my credit card and I’m seeking legal redress with my attorney. Buyer beware

  39. Pam says:

    Slendatrim does not work

  40. Nancy says:

    I took the recommended dose of 2 pills of Slendatrim and 160z of water. Fifteen minutes later I ate a sizeable meal and within minutes my stomach began to hurt. The pain went on for hours. I felt hot all over so I took a cold shower to cool off. I continued to drink water throughout the day. It wasn’t until later that evening that I began to feel better. That was 5 days ago and my kidneys are still hurting. I would not recommend this product to anyone the side effects are too much to handle.

  41. Gracie says:

    Not happy not happy at all! Having extreme difficulty time trying to receive a refund. Many emails sent to them without the courtesy of a reply! I called and called and called I left my number just like the answer machine said no one called back. I have contacted the consumer protection agency about slinda trim and their activities.

  42. Vance says:

    This product left me jittery and made my heart feel like it was going to punch through my chest and run away! I didn’t see any results other than a burning sensation in my throat and stomach. Stay Away from This Stuff it’s dangerous.

  43. Carla says:

    Utter disappointment losing my money is one thing, but my health no Way down the toilet with these pills

  44. Kendall says:

    Slendatrim does not work! The only area where I lost weight was in my purse. I am fighting with this company for a month to get my money back. No one answers the phone I sent four emails finally I got an email response email it said “F**k you the Guarantee was expired”. I live down here in Florida right by this company’s warehouse I thought I would drive over with my boyfriend and try to talk to somebody about getting my money back. The place is a dump with garbage all over the place, it’s filthy. I banged on the door and asked to speak to someone, a old spanish man came out and said they only come in once a week to send out boxes. Said a big lady comes here with strange looking man who say they are owners and that is all he knows. This is obviously a scam operation I am going to contact The better business bureau these people!!!

  45. Dawn says:

    i started taking Slendatrim 1 months ago, i took the pill as directed but only half the dose. i took it for 3 weeks and decided to quit taking it cause it wasn’t working. 2 weeks after that i had a scheduled yearly physical with my family MD. he’s drawn up blood for routine checks. the results came back and i had elevated liver enzyme and not just borderline high it was really high. he had me tested for hep a,b and c and had an ultrasound done which all came back negative. i didn’t have any symptoms. i don’t take any thing other than the Slendatrim that i took for 3 and stopped 2 weeks prior. the only thing i can think of that could’ve messed with my live was this drug since its not FDA approved. my conclusion is that Slendatrim is probably excreted in the liver and accumulation can shot your liver. take precaution with this especially if you have some medical condition. i am a pretty healthy person and i know with a little detox i should bounce back to my normal but to someone who is compromised might do some pretty serious damage it’s dangerous stuff

  46. Belinda says:

    I only used Slendatrim pills for 3 days before I had to stop. The first night I used them I could not sleep at all, they kept me up. The 2nd night I kept falling asleep and waking up but each time I feel asleep I had weird dreams, the third night was the same and the next days I felt tired all day. Also the third day I took the pills, It messed my stomach up when I tried to eat it felt like acid or something in my stomach. It hurt so bad to eat that I couldn’t finish my food, and made my bowel movements extremely stinky like fish. Maybe that’s how you lose weight because it hurts to eat and nervous to poop. I’m afraid to take the pills again because of the side affects, I thought I had trouble sleeping before the pills but the pills took that to a whole new level. I called the phone number about getting a refund four times no one answers. I have emailed him two times with no response. Looks like I got ripped off

  47. Natalie says:

    Product is a complete scam

  48. Connie says:

    Item came opened and was missing 7 capsules, I called to 888 number to voice my concern and the gentlemen on the phone did not believe me, he said I could be with making false accusations against they’re very reputable company. I have contacted my credit card company about getting my funds back. What they are doing to people is totally dishonest and frankly quite dangerous there are laws against sending consumers a product that clearly has been fiddled with. I have contacted an attorney and have documented everything.

  49. Trisha says:

    Wow, pretty negative comments. We’ll I did get through to their phone # yesterday. I spoke to a really nice representative and she said the company was re-organizing business operations and addressing consumer complaints. They said because of massive growth in sales they needed a larger business infrastructure and were building out and as a result some people were let go and a more professional team put in its place. I’m glad that they are righting the ship and taking care of growing pain problems. Good for them and even better for all of us that love their colon product. Calm the fears. I think their back strong!

  50. Andrea says:

    I used this product faithfully for about 1 week. I had constant upper gastric pain, nausea and felt feverish, although I did not run a fever. At first I was sure I was coming down with a stomach bug and then perhaps an ulcer due to the dull pain in my upper abdomen. I imagine if I had able to tolerate constantly feeling very ill, I would have lost weight, because I definitely felt too bad to eat. I stopped taking this and was feeling well within days. Definitely a painful disappointment. I have attempt to call the 888 number about a refund 8 times with no luck ???? I think they are out of business.

  51. Brianna says:

    Horrible product made me very anxious
    With terrible side effects, I missed my prom because of Slendatrim, I was hoping to lose a few pounds for my big day. Instead it became a day of running to and from the bathroom. My mother tred to call and get a refund but the phone just rings and rings nobody picks up.

  52. Hillary says:

    Didn’t give me any energy, doesn’t suppress appetite makes your heart pound and body sweat. Has horrible smell like crap. I was vomiting from smell of these capsules. I called the Slendatrim hotline for a refund and no one picks up the phone. I do not think I will get a refund

  53. Lucille says:

    Tried the whole bottle of this junk and after a month I weighed the same as when I started. Tried to get a refund and all I got was a recording stating they couldn’t answer the phone because they were “so busy” serious .. what a joke I guess I got scammed.

  54. Samantha says:

    I am still unsure as to whether or not I have a stomach bug or I have the liver damage this product is said to have caused. Since I am a person who rarely gets sick I’m leaning more toward blaming this product. I started yesterday taking the recommended dosage I took 3 yesterday and today by my second one I was in the middle of mopping my floor and started to feel very weak. Soon after I began vomiting. I threw up all my breakfast and haven’t even been able to keep water/sprite down. I pray that it is not this product because I would much rather this be a stomach bug than liver damage. I will update what I find out as time goes on. If it is liver damage,I was completely unaware that this was a side affect because they certainly don’t mention it on the Slendatrim website when I call the 888 number a child answered the phone and told me to wait until she got her mom .. Very scary

  55. Larry says:

    This product is crap. I have been calling the 800 number and no one answers the phone. I think this is a pump and dump scam.

  56. Delores R. says:

    Their products are a SCAM….Never again will I order anything from them. Worst online shopping experience ever. This Slendatrim product put me on the toilet for 2 days in wrteched pain. I think I know what withdrawal now feels like. Take it off the market!

  57. Abigail says:

    They did answer the phone this evening. I spoke to Chase. He was professional and courteous. He refused my return because he mentioned expired guarantee. Not happy about that. Service those is much better than in the past. They had me wait for 30 minutes, the woman had such an attitude, put me on hold, checked in 3 times with “are you still there” and then clicked me off the line.

  58. Gary says:

    Slendatrim should be pulled from the market, tried this product over two weeks with horrible side effects, the FDA should look into this company about false and misleading claims + deceptive false marketing. We called the company three times today about getting a refund no one answers the phone!!

  59. Valerie says:

    Zero results awful product makes your skin itch and burn and actually gain weight using this product

  60. Diane says:

    Horrible company! Talk about deceptive business practices. The amount of hoops you must jump through to return this junk Slendatrim is ridiculous.I have had to call numerous times and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes then start to express my frustration, they simply hang up on me.

  61. Andy says:

    oh my god, this Slendatrim stuff has made me sooooo sick. i took three yesterday morning, i felt pretty bad all day, but not miserable. my heart was pounding and i was really jittery and irritable. i hoped that i just needed to get used to the product so i decided to take three more again this morning. BAD MISTAKE. i have been so nauseous and have been throwing up all day. i took them about 6:30am and it’s now 5:32pm and i’m still super sick. for the first couple of hours i felt like my heart was going to explode. i was shaking and just absolutely miserable. i wouldn’t take another one of these pills for anything in the world.

  62. ellen says:

    I have just bought slendertrim to try and i have just read the reviews and i am now worried to try it i might just throw them away waste of money. These are some of the scariest reviews I’ve ever read.

  63. Cassondra says:

    When I started this, I thought maybe it just might work to curb my appetite. I took 2 before meals as directed. Day one, seemed not to work. Day two, still seemed to not to work working. Day 3, I started a nice dinner of seafood stew, by the time the dinner was ready, I couldn’t touch the food. This was after taking a morning and a lunch dose of 2 pills respectively. I was so nauseated, I ended up eating a bowl of plain rice for dinner. Well, yes, I guess you would loose weight being so nauseated that you couldn’t eat. Well, I really thought I was having a bout of gastroenteritis, and since I couldn’t eat anyway, I stopped the pills. By the next day, I felt fine. I then suspected that it may be an ingredient in the pills, so I cautiously took just one pill. The nausea started to return once again. By this time I knew that it was the Slendatrim. Definitely not worth it to be so sick you can’t function. Wasted my money on this. Diet and exercise are the safest way to loose weight, and yes, I should have known better.

  64. Amberley says:

    dont waste your money on this garbage the only good thing about this product is the little plastic bottle it comes in which i am using to keep pennies in

  65. Pamela says:

    I’m not even sure I can say that it worked. I took it for two days and felt sick after taking the pills so I stopped. My boyfriend started taking them, and started getting alarming sharp pains in his head, which went away immediately after he started taking them. I’m trying to figure out how to take advantage of the “guarantee” with zero luck to date

  66. Mandy says:

    slendaslim is the worst supplement I have ever tried, the side effects are horrible

  67. Rosemarie says:

    This product didn’t work very well at all. The first week that I used it I , I noticed a lot of blood when I made my daily bowel movements . Needless to say ,I stopped using the Slendatrim and the blood stopped.

  68. Killeen says:

    Tried this product with high hopes, but extremely dissapointed. Only took two pills (one dose) in the morning. Never took the second dose and never consumed any other caffeinated products. What I got was, bloating, gas, a terrible headache that would not go away even after taking pain reliever. I had ringing in my ears, sleepiness, lack of concentration and insatiable cravings which I gave in to. I actually gained five pounds after trying this product for a week. Your probably wondering why I took it this long with all these side effects. I Wanted to give it a fair trial period and hoped the side effects would go away. Throwing the rest of the bottle away.

  69. Christine says:

    Makes me feel extremely nauseous and sick!!!!!! Does nothing for my energy and the only reason my appetite has decreased is because I constantly feel like I am going to vomit.

  70. Jackson says:

    I purchased these slenda trim pills for my wife and upon her taking the 1st dose of pills, she became very ill. She complained to me that she was having heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting. My wife is a healthy person with a runner’s blood pressure. I personally don’t think these pills are safe. These pills must have some kind of secret ingredient not described on the label. Be careful when purchasing everyone.

  71. Lisa says:

    I’m only on day 5 on Slendatrim and I am going to discontinue using it Today. I feel like a heavily used dumpster. I cannot stop shaking, I have no energy, and I’ve been nauseous since the second day. Moreover, I’ve gained 5lbs on these pills despite exercise and dieting. It’s really strange how its doing the compete opposite of what it claims. The side effects alone are simply not worth the promise of losing a little bit of weigh. I would never recommend this product to anyone, not even my greatest enemy.

  72. Phyllis says:

    On my 2nd day of taking Slendatrim , my face, arms and back of my neck became really hot and tingly. My arms turned extremely red and it scared me to death. I have NEVER experienced anything like this before in my life and I decided to STOP taking this diet supplement immediately. I don’t take side effects lightly and if my body reacts this way, it’s basically warning me to stop!! I’ve realized that although I want to lose weight desperately, I refuse to take diet supplements. I’m going to do what I should have done in the beginning…watch what I eat and work.

  73. Helen says:

    Well I’ve been an active atkins dieter for as long as I can remember, but have been stuck trying to get my last couple of pounds off. Therefore, decided to read up to see if this product really lived up to its standards. Well I’m here to write a truthful review. First day with the product I took two of the pills and experienced extreme abdomen pain. Then came day two and I took three pills, and felt pretty good. Now comes day three I took another 3 pills, and things took a turn for the worse. This evening I’ve had almost every severe side effect diarrhea, twitching, vomitting, abdomen pain, blacking out, you name it! Layed in bed this evening for over 2 hours thinking my stomach was going to explode. Went to the bathroom and passed out with severe diarrhea, and fell on the floor I was so weak. Then I proceeded to throw up. If you’re thinking of trying this product. DO NOT BUY IT. IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR HEALTH! I have never felt so sick and scared in my whole entire life. Slenda trim might as well be called the pill of death.

  74. Carla says:

    This pill is a joke. It did absolutely nothing for me. As a matter of fact, I was always hungry after taking it and in spite of working out and watching my calories, I GAINED weight!!!!! Do not purchase this product. I believe that it is a placebo pill meant to trick people into purchasing it. I am totally disappointed!!! All Slendatrim does was make me fart all day that is it!

  75. Katie says:

    Not worth the money. I am not overly over weight, more a little Passover weight being tough to lose. Having read all the hype, I fell for it. Week one, taking the max dose but not changing my eating pattern and I put on 3lb!!!! And constantly needing to go to the loo. Week 2, lower dose and careful with my eating pattern, lost 2 of the 3lb I out on in week one and felt constantly hungry and lethargic. Week three, stopped taking the supplement, went back to normal eating, upped my exercise a little and the weight is slowly reducing. My advice. Don’t believe the hype, don’t wast your money on this, instead buy some trainers and go out walking at a good pace and get some fresh air. I’m ashamed I fell for the hype and went for what I thought would be a quick and easy fix. It’s not, sensible eating and exercise is!

  76. Erica says:

    I have been using and experimenting with dietary and weight loss supplements since my sophomore year in college. I’ve been around the bend with a lot of mild to WILD supplements and I like to help people avoid charlatan garbage as much as I can.

    Please. Do not buy this product. Ever.

    Slendatrim is the kind of outright snakeoil quackery that gives supplements the bad name they have.

    This product does nothing. It has a pathetically weak appetite suppressant herb in it. There is not a single substance in their blend that aides in weight loss AT ALL. It’s actually impressive to me how ineffective they managed to make it, considering how lenient the FDA is regarding herbal ingredients. Furthermore, even if it DID effectively suppress appetite, that’s NOT a good thing. Not eating or feeling it’s a chore to eat when you’re in a chemically-induced, non-hungry state is TERRIBLE and results in your body hoarding fat stores, not losing any weight. I’ve BEEN there on real appetite suppressants. It’s not fun nor is it good for you.

    I’m going to be frank, anyone who believes this product could helped them loss weight is fooling themselves.

  77. Victoria says:

    Very disappointed really poor results, all it did was give me mild cramps and block me for a couple of days. Pills really hard to swallow as well. Packaging looks very cheap and there was dust all over the bottle when it arrived. I would not recommend anyone take this product.

  78. Zara says:

    I was extremely disappointed with the slenda trim product. Apart from frequent visits to the loo, there was absolutely NO change in my weight or appearance. I consider this item to be all hot air due to the heavy advertising that went with it. I didn’t find it at all useful and more than half the tablets have been discarded. I should never have been sucked in by the claims.

  79. Randy says:

    I have received my order, but I have since thrown them in the bin, after doing abit of research on the internet through Diet Watchdog. The side effects are definitely not worth the risk to your health, nor has the contents of the tablets been proved to aid weight loss. Research the product before you buy the rubbish.

  80. Heather says:

    The first two capsules as instructed, within 20 minutes I was shaking with heart palpitations, the product sent me to A&E. I have no sensitivity to caffeine however the doctor who saw me describes these as a “very high dose”. I was feeling anxious for hours, would not reccommend these to anyone. I am sure there is something very dodgy in Slendatrim beware of these tablets.

  81. Nickie says:

    Used this product per the instructions for 3 weeks. No results! When I called to return, the lady on the phone made is sound like it was my fault that the product didn’t work, that I either was taking it incorrectly or did not take it long enough. And come to find out that their ‘unconditional’ guarranty does not include the origininal shipping and handling or the return postage, so I’m out $25.00. Do NOT buy this product or from this company.

  82. Joan Lewis says:

    I ordered Slendatrim. It did not arrive, but I was informed by my post office that a customs charge had to be paid of £13.15 in addition to the postage charges I have already paid. Not acceptable. I have emailed slendatrim at the email address I received from shipping and unsurprisingly, the email was returned. I am also unable to access their website. I will be reporting them to Trading Standards and anyone else I can think of, as this is obviously a scam

  83. Jane Jollman says:

    I have been taking this for about 3 weeks. A week ago I started having terrible gas, bloating, stomach cramping and running to the toilet. I had never had these symptoms before. I’m not taking anymore.

  84. Val Breker says:

    Slendatrim was very abusive to my intestines very disappointed with the experience. Seems to be more of a laxative in a weight-loss product

  85. Tubby Boy says:

    It’s a Scam the auto ship hit my credit card for $350. What a joke

  86. Alexa Manning says:

    No luck with Slendatrim very disappointed with the experience

  87. Laura Dawson says:

    I thought I would try Slendatrim even though it had many negative reviews. It does not work. I actually gained weight. It did interfere with my sleep pattern and bowel movements ( runny wet diarrhea) but I still kept taking it, hoping it would work. It didn’t. I would say save your money, but others said the same thing and I didn’t listen.

  88. Amy Spears says:

    Didn’t work for me and they keep me awake all night, I could’nt go to sleep at night after only taking one in the morning.
    After 1 days I felt like I was severely hungover with severe GI distress. Not happy at all. What a waste of money.

  89. Cherri Jackson says:

    Slendatrim is not helpful loaded with way too much caffeine and calcium, it makes you nervous and has a laxative effect on the body because of the high calcium concentrate. My friend who is a Dr said it should be pulled from the market after reading the bottle

  90. Brett Peters says:

    Consider yourself lucky. At least you were by yourself. I was doing a slideshare powerpoint presentation and I was wearing a mic during a conference presentation in front of 200 plus folks. 2 hours after the first dosage of this product I felt something going on with my stomach. It was 8:30 AM. Presentation at 10 AM. I knew I was in trouble. I was 10 minutes into my demo. when the mic picked up the gurggling noises. The audience could here it. It sounded like a bulldozer crashing into a mudslide. Five minutes later and my tan pants exploded with what looked like a Brown Oil Spill. I was completely embarrassed. I stopped the show, clenched myself, and moved as fast as I could off the stage. The show was stopped for clean-up for 20 minutes. I was beyond horrified. I was invited back on stage by the show promotters but there was no way I could show my face again. I have not been able to live it down at work with my colleagues.

  91. Tammy Lowdell says:

    Purchased Slendatrim 1 week ago. Took the pills at 6am and decided to go running at 7 am HUGE MISTAKE ! The diarrhea started 2 miles into my jog, Totally embarrassed myself it was running down my legs. I had to hide behind a tree until my husband picked me up. This STUFF is nothing more then a bad laxative.

  92. Tammy Lowdell says:

    Purchased Slendatrim 1 week ago. Took the pills at 6am and decided to go running at 7 am HUGE MISTAKE ! The diarrhea started 2 miles into my jog, Totally embarrassed myself it was running down my legs. I had to hide behinded a tree until my husband picked me up. This STUFF is nothing more then a bad laxative.

  93. Leanne says:

    I have done SO MUCH reading. Thank goodness for sites such as yours. Thank you.

  94. Kate Conners says:

    Severe headaches and diarrhea up to 48 hours after taking… Had to call in to work one night! After 2 days of taking Slendatrim I sent it back and have been trying to contacted the manufacture with no luck about a refund. This made me absolutely sick to my stomach! horrible stomach pains! Destroyed two pairs underwear and my favorite thong.

  95. Maria Leap says:

    Slendatrim a brutal product on yout GI track It made changes in my bowel function Fatty/oily stool, oily spotting, intestinal gas with wet discharges, I had feeling of needing to have a bowel movement right away +increased number of bowel movements, and poor bowel control . I call about a refund and total them about the side effects and some clown named Travis in the customer service said “well it sounds like you are losing weight too me” what a response. I have filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General to look into the scam product .

  96. Nancy Vincent says:

    I never write reviews but Slendatrim was so bad something needs to be done. This product gave me no energy, no appetite suppression, it did absolutely NOTHING Except Hot Smelly Flatulence!! I would never recommend it to anyone. Do not waste your money on this product.

  97. Dante Dymtrow says:

    Slendatrim is AWFUL . Uncontrollable diarrhea while taking it. I distoryed a new suit taking it .

  98. Bryan Spearman says:

    Slendatrim made me throw up was taking it for two days, I was taking only 1 pill a day also made my heart flutter alot. I will not be using this any more. I just flushed them down the toilet

  99. Travis Lapdog says:

    I was very hopefully for this product. After one week of taking Slendatrim I sent it back and also contacted the manufacture. This made me absolutely sick to my stomach! horrible stomach pains! Would not buy again…..

  100. Nelly Nervous says:

    It doesn’t work. Just makes you discharge lots of oil, uncontrollably from your rectum it is a horrible product adult diapers are a must when taking Slendatrim.. And the return policy Is the worse, fighting with them for 6 weeks to get a refund !!

  101. Suzzy Franks says:

    This product is awful. Waste of money and effort. When I was using this product every day I would get terrible migraine headaches and diarrhea. I kept thinking it was caused by something else so I gave up caffeine, changed my diet and exercise routine but the headaches persisted. Finally I stopped using Slendatrim and the headaches went away. I thought it was just me and gave it to my husband to try and the same thing happened to him. So again we gave it to my father in law and he got headaches from it too and had to quit taking it. Don’t use this it’s not worth it.

  102. Dawn Glenman says:

    The products is useless, and the side effects are the worst. I think Slendatrim puts your health at risk.

  103. Janet Keane says:

    Firstly I did not lose any weight but secondly the side effects are intolerable. Due to the caffeine I have palpitations all the time, tremors, anxiety and nervousness ,dry mouth all the classic side effects of too much caffeine plus awful smelly painful gas. I have stopped taking them, a waste of money.

  104. James Fatpaccioli says:

    absolutely the worst thing ever. gained 11 pounds in two weeks taking Slendatrim exactly how it is prescribed. also had the worst breakout ever in my life. almost two months later, i am still trying to get my skin cleared up. been 12 days since they received my return. was told i would be refunded in 15 -20 days from the day they received it. called again today and they said it would be another 25 – 30 days before i would be refunded. What a joke

  105. Monica Brandon says:

    Have seen no improvement. And I am not a lazy slob hoping this was the miracle pill to help me lose weight while sleeping. I exercise and try to easy right And still didn’t notice anything except Explosive Diarrhea while taking Slendatreim . Total Waste Of Money.

  106. Julie Paulson says:

    A complete waste of time and money. It did nothing it claimed to do.
    I’m so dissapointed. I took the pills just as prescribed. Lived on salads, yougart and fruit well under 1200 calories. Joined a gym and exercised 2 xs a week and didn’t loose a single pound. I also swim everyday. I am in the process of fighting the company about getting my money back, so far no luck..

  107. Terri James says:

    It has done nothing for me but tear my stomach up!! I quit taking it because I can’t work while taking Slendatrim, I would be setting on the bowl all day. I can not understand how this stuff is allowed to be sold to people.

  108. Sandy Ellis says:

    Slendatrim is not a good product it screwed up my menstrual cycle for two months and that wasn’t the worst of it my breath was awful while I was on this product. It might be helpful for men but it truly is not a good product for women

  109. Matt Williams says:

    I am very disappointed with this Slendatrim, this product is awful, leaves and awful taste in your mouth in about 30 minutes after taking it my skin becomes flush and burns. I contacted the company about getting a refund with no luck 🙁 I have filed a complaint with my credit card company. Buyer beware of this product

  110. Dr Teresa Cowbell says:

    Great Review I was just about to purchase this product until I found this awesome review

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