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Triminex Review

Some of my coworkers are wanting to order this product because of the green coffee extact seen on dr. oz. can you approve this product?

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37 comments on “Triminex Review”

  1. Debbie says:

    I also bought the trial bottle with the cost of s/h. Called when they charged me and was refunded the whole amount. I also received 5 bottles at the same time I received the trial one. Man was very helpful. Also read Watchdog staff’s review and my bottle is green and white. Has the company name Wellness Research Institute, LLC. The instructions are on it and the dosage and the amount of pills in the bottle 60. Called Triminex with colored dots over the inex. Just started using it after using Garcinia Combogia and no weight loss. Regular Green Coffee beans caused me to gain weight. I haven’t lost or gained since I started using this.

  2. latrisha says:

    I read these comments and called right away I just got the package and thank god my bank denied the 148.00 charge they rep tried to force me to keep the product for 37.00 instead of the 148.00 I told her if this is a recording then record that I stated I wanted to return this product and if they charge my account I’m suing. She sent a cancel email and I’m returning the product with track to where they have to sign for it.

  3. Kristie says:

    Same thing with me! I ordered the “free trial” paid 4.95 S&H just to recieve a package if 5 bottles with a letter saying i would be charged 148.00. I was furious, but was like maybe its worth the investment so took 1 capsule not 2 just to see how it would affect me and now Im sitting here with a face that is swollen up like a balloon! I called the # on my letter that clearly says if its within 10 days of ordering ( which it has been only 7 ) that i could get a RMA# and return the bottles and aould not be billed.. The woman talked really fast and told me my reaction to it was because my body hasnt adjusted to the pill yet and that they were currently not accepting return of bottles. After i demanded a few times for the rma# with NO charge, i got no where. So I decided instead of losing my temper & remaining on GODLY terms that i would accept a ONE time charge of 37.00. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER these pills. They truly are scammers , I too wish I would have done more research than what I did!!!!!

  4. Melissa says:

    DO NOT do business with Triminex or any other company operating out of the location 6538 Collins Ave $114, Miami Beach, FL 33141. Unlike many others, I never even signed up for the “free trial”. Just 5 bottles of pills that showed up at my house and then an unauthorized charge to our bank account. I’ve had to cancel my card and have a new one reissued. The Better Business Bureau site for this business has over 60 complaints registered for this company.

  5. Melinda says:

    Going to return my bottles today. The return address on the original package is Garcinia Cambogia, 6538 Collins Ave. #114, Miami Beach, FL 33141.

  6. Crystalrae says:

    Does anyone know where to mail back the 5 bottles ?

  7. Christina says:

    Wow. I am amazed at all these comments and complaints regarding Triminex scams. I enocountered the same issue with the 4.95 shipping and so called free trial. No terms or conditions were provided at the time of check out which I thought was odd and now I know why. When I noticed the 148$ charge this morning I called the 800#. It was 3 times I was hung up on until I spoke with someone. I was very upset because first of all I haven’t even received the pills to try out in order to determine if I wanted to cancel. The guy said they could refund me 74$ but now I am thinking I will call and ask for a full refund and send them their shit back. I made a comment to him saying that” I am sure I am not the first the calls to complain” and he replies ” ma’am you actually are the first ” and I said “for the day “. It was 5 am central time. If anyone can provide feedback to help get me my full refund please email me. I would appreciate it. I am also going to cancel my card. I asked them to send me an email confirming cancelation and have received nothing!!

  8. Cindy says:

    I am looking for anyone that was scammed by this “company”. I have filed a police report and. If enough people stand up we can shut this site(s) down. Please contact me at cindychevallier@gmail.com if interested in preventing this from happening to others. Thanks.

  9. Mandy says:

    I ordered Triminex also. I fell for the “free trial” which only had me pay about $4 for shipping. About a month later, I received 5 bottles in the mail by suprise and I found out I got charged around $40 without my permission. The bank couldn’t block further charges from being made so I had to completely cancel my card and get a new one. It’s just a huge mess now!

  10. theresa says:

    I am really disappointed in dr.oz.i thought he was reputable.i have ordered a few things that were shown on his show and they were all a scam.i wonder how much of a kickback he gets from these companies.i cant believe how dishonest he is.i would not take an aspirin for a headache if he recommended it.how does he sleep nights?the public has crucified paula dean,when are they going to get him.she might have said something wrong but he is stealing.is that not a crime?why is the network still backing him.i have deleted the network from my tv list.

  11. Kyle says:

    Why haven’t any of you report this to the BBB. I called them and you all must call (561) 842-1918 (that’s the BBB number in Florida) to put a claim in against them. What they have done is unfair and more and more people are being scammed. So stop them by reporting them.

  12. Ron says:

    It was too good to be true. I ordered a sample bottle for five bucks on line. Nowhere did I see anything on the order form or on the invoice I received that there was a fourteen day cancelation period. I have been taking the Triminex Green Coffee samples since 7/14 with no results. I received a package today of five more bottles. I was not going to re-order, but it appears they do that for you without your permission. I didn’t even try to call them. We all need to learn from this! I don’t need to spend my valuable time arguing with or waiting on hold for some thieving scammers to give me grief. Do not waste your time. I just called my credit card company and had the fraud department stop the charges and block future charges. It really is that simple, if you deal directly and immediately with your credit card company. I know weight loss is a behavioral problem, but I’m lazy and always looking for the easy way out. Good luck.

  13. Sievers says:

    I feel like such an idiot for falling for the free trial. I got mine through links on this page- perfectwomenshealth.com/index.html. Now I go there and the products are different. And they only have good reviews; I tried to leave a review and it was “submitted to be reviewed”. I should have known better. Today my husband looked at our account and we got charged $148 for Triminex and $88.92 for Natural Green Cleanse. I fear we won’t get our money back. That is very inconvenient for us, as we are looking to buy a house right now. I am absolutely furious. They don’t even work!

  14. Camryn says:

    Purchased this, then had gall bladder surgery. Couldn’t take it so called and cancelled my order. In the process the woman I talked to offered half price to which I said “that would be fine”, then followed with but “I can’t afford it so I want to cancel”. Hung up thinking I was covered only to find that they took money out of my account. Called and got some outsourced dude who couldn’t begin to speak clearly and could only repeat over and over, ‘you said fine… we recorded it.” Idiots. Now have to wait for it to arrive and then return it. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  15. Stacy says:

    SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! – I ordered the Triminex product for the $4.95 shipping. There was no other small print or details about additional charges coming later. I looked all over for the little details that I was sure there had to be.. 1 day after I received my 1st bottle ($4.95), my account was charged $87.48 and I was sent an email invoice thanking me for my order that I placed on July 3 at 11:24 pm. Really? Even though the first email confirmation I received said they were closed on US holidays, I was calling on 4 July and still got a real person. I was furious. The lady was helpful but talked really fast and when I repeated back to her what I understood the refund process to be and asked how to return my unopened bottle, she told me that I had agreed to a 50% refund earlier in the conversation and the 50% refund was already processed. I told her that if that was the case then I just (un)agreeded to it and she needed to reprocess. I finally obtained an RMA # and address to return the bottle, and she told me the other 50% of the refund would come when the bottle was received but could take 14-21 days. I asked her last name, managers name, supervisors name, company name all of which she said she could not give me. I asked if the call was recorded, which it was, and said “for the record” that this was the most horrible experience I had ever had, they charged for something they never advertised and I never agreed to. I will never do anything like this again. I have received 3 different emails now confirming that my order has been cancelled and the refund will be issued. I’m just hoping this holds true.

    1. rachael says:

      Hi, the same thing happened to me. I received my email saying that my order has been cancelled but I’m nervous that they aren’t going to refund. Did you receive a refund by now? All of these posts are scaring me and I’m considering canceling my card. Thanks

    2. Sophia Scruggs says:

      Actually, the information IS there, they just conveniently make it like microscopic. When you first place the order, at the very bottom of the page there is a disclaimer in black saying that if you do not cancel your order within 14 days, your account will automatically be charged for the next products. I went through the same thing and was horrified when i found it. But thankfully their customer service reps were able to fix the situation. Mind you, it took about a month to get my refund, but thankfully it WAS returned.

  16. Lucia Izaguirre says:

    Oh my god I am so upset that I felt for this. This is definitely a scam. They have already charged my account for $148.00 I called them and they finally agreed to refund me the money but I have to first send the 5 bottles and wait 5 to 7 day for the refund. I am now thinking of just cancelling the whole thing through the bank. This is horrible.

    1. rachael says:

      Hey, could you let me know what address you sent the bottles back to? The address I have from calling customer service is 6538 collins ave #114 miami, fl 33141- but I read on the website that it was a different one. Thanks for your help!

  17. Jennifer says:

    DO NOT ORDER from this company. I had exactly the same experience as many listed. This is a total scam and took me three way calling with my credit card company to get my refund processed. Same excuses, same stories, same outsourced customer service.

  18. Charlie says:

    First, if the company website does not show ingredients why even begin to purchase this product?
    Second, green tea and green coffee? Caffein! That is what you are getting.
    Third, Dr Oz? What a terrible excuse for a doctor. Ah yes, the bigger bucks got to him. I wouldn’t trust him.
    Lastly, there are so many scams out there on the internet everyone should research what they are buying and who they are buying it from before sending money.

  19. Angelica says:

    I would like to thank everybody that shared their stories. I was tempted to buy the pills, but after reading the stories I have decided not to. Instead of trying to cut corners to weight loss, we should all try doing it the old school way. I am sorry that this was a bad experience for most of you, however your errors have helped me. Thank you.

  20. MJJ says:

    Triminix is a total SCAM!!!! Do not fall for it! Luckily I realized it when I called the number listed in the order confirmation e-mail that sent me and it was a DIFFERENT COMPANY. They said they had no affiliation with Triminix and couldn’t help me. I immediately called my bank and had my debit card cancelled before they could charge me the $80. DO NOT order Triminix or anything offering a “free trial”. It is 100% a SCAM!!!!

  21. M Ion says:

    Well, I called back again last week and got a recording saying they were closed. Regular business hours were 9am to 6pm. That’s funny since I talked to someone at 8:40 pm the week before. So, I called back on Mon. (my 14th day since I placed the order) and was told that they already shipped 5 bottles to me and charged my account 148.00. I was furious. I told them that I had called to cancel my account over a week ago, and I wanted a full refund. They said it was too late and the best that they could do was refund half now and half later when they received the shipment back. They said they had no record of me cancelling my account. I still wanted to know why they already sent the shipment since I was not past the 14 day trial period, and all they could say was it was automatic since I ordered online. I have yet to receive a credit to my account or the product.

  22. ft says:

    i just got the pills but its on a different battle than the one i seen on the internet im kind of scared of taking this pills but i ordered the free trial so i only payed for the delivery… does anyone know if theyre going to charge me every month for this pills?

    1. ts says:

      I also ordered a free trial bottle and just checked my bank account to see that they took 148.00 out of my account without my authorization!!!!!! Keep a close eye on your account. The pills look way different than they should and they also do not include the ingredients that dr. oz spoke of. I will nit be taking them and am in the process of filing a claim.

      1. Tina says:

        Where did you file a claim. I had also ordered the free trial. I did not give them permission to send any more or charge my card. I just bought it last week. After reading your post I went and checked my credit card and saw that they also charged me. I will be calling my credit card company today to stop payment.

      2. Hm says:

        How did you get the charge off? The same thing happened to me

  23. M Ion says:

    I saw an ad for Triminex and thought it was worth a try. I ordered the trial package which was only costing me the 2.95 for shipping and handling. Shortly after I placed the order, I thought I should read a little more about them. I found many people saying it is a scam. I gave it a few days then decided to just cancel (by the way if you don’t cancel within 14 days you will be charged 84.95). The first number I called was 1-866-412-7073. I waited on hold for 20 minutes before I hung up. I never heard the business name on recording or when I finally talked to the representative. Talking to the rep happened when I called 1-888-242-6470 for the third time (I was hung up on twice before I got through. The man asked for my name, put me on hold, then came back and said he couldn’t find me. I gave him my email, same results, then my address, then my order number, then the tracking number! Every time he came back and said he couldn’t find my account. I even asked him at on point if I was talking to a representative of Triminex since he never said. The whole thing seems shady. Be careful.

  24. K Schmitt says:

    Ordered Triminex thru information Dr. OZ provided. Payment was taken out 2/8/13 product was not delivered until 2/21/13 according to the company records. Did not receive an invoice with the 5 bottles. Have opened two of the bottles for my husband and I, caused intestinal distress for me and stopped taking. Husband took them for 3 weeks as directed on bottle and gained weight. Called 877-653-7117 number given to us thru our email and ask for refund. They only want to refund the 3 unopened bottles as 30 day guarantee is not being honored as it started on the day of the order. We could not try them until we received them which was over 2 weeks from when we ordered. Very sorry we ordered from this company.

  25. Watchdog Staff says:

    We have just completed and posted our Triminex Review. We didn’t think there was ample information about this product available to consumers and so had to unfortunately reject it. You can read our full review here.
    Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    1. Dr. Carole E Gould says:

      I gather you now have sufficient evidence to condemn this product. I wish I’d had the forethought to check out web sites for information before trying Triminex. I have used it for 5 days and GAINED 3 pounds despite cutting back on portions as well as even doing some exercise while trying it. I feel bloated and uncomfortable. How can we get it off the market???

  26. jp says:

    I ordered Triminex from the company claimed to be doing business out of Miami FL. When I received the bottles, the packages look different from what they have online. I called the toll free number (OUTSOURCED) The Rep made no sense why the package is different. I was concerned for my health not to take the wrong product. I returned the products (UNOPENED) with prof of mail. They sent me an email that my refund will take 5-7 business day. It.s been over 3 weeks I haven’t gotten my money back. Every time I called, they gave me the same lies that my refund is in process. The latest one is their computer is down for refunds (BUT UP FOR SCAMMING PEOPLE’S MONEY). I asked to speak to the headquarter, they refused to give me the phone number. Now I have instructed my credit card company to stop payment on it, since I think they realize you have limited time with your credit card company to dispute, so time can run out and they keep your money. I will never recommend this company and product to anyone.

  27. kk says:

    I was also disappointed in Triminex, I took it for 30 days and didn’t shed an ounce. When I looked at the ingredients, it was a “proprietary” blend. Not the pure green coffee extract that I had hoped.
    In addition, when I received the package, there was no invoice, no directions on dosage (except on the label) and no hints as to when the best time to take it was.
    I’m disappointed and have stopped taking it.

  28. Elaine says:

    I was disappointed in Triminex. I have been faithful taking it for 2 weeks and not only have I not lost any weight, it made me feel bloated and “thick in the waist”. I was encouraged on the first day it worked like a diuretic. I had read a medical study where green coffee actually worked as compared to other diet medications out there. I have now stopped taking Triminex, it didn’t work for me but that does not mean it will not work for others. We all have different metabolisms and I am in the post menopausal stage, this may have an effect on how green coffee works. I also drink caffeine beverages and my body may be resistant to caffeine. I actually feel better now that I am off Triminex. I will be working on diet restriction, exercise and stress reduction to loose weight.

    1. teri says:

      I had the exact same problem except I gained 10lbs to go with the bloating. I looked about 6months pregnant. I didn’t know what was going on at first but I realized it must be these pills because I was not bloated like that at all before the pills.

  29. duane says:

    i take lipitor, omeprazole and norvasc. is it safe to take green coffee bean extract with these meds?

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