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Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia by Phytogenix Laboratories

I will be starting Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia by Phytogenix Laboratories tomorrow and would like to know if there are any others taking it, and if so, what there results are.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Eugene says:

    I have been on Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia for about a week now and so far have gained 2 lbs and my waist is at the same measurement as when I started. I am taking 4 pills per day (1556 mg total), each one hour before eating. My goal is to convert belly fat to muscle and take at least a half inch off my waist in 3 weeks of taking the pill.

    • Eugene says:

      I am now about 2 weeks into my use of Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia (1556 mg per day). I am down 3 lbs. in weight and have taken a whole inch off my waist. My objective originally was to take a half inch off my waist in 3 weeks. I still have one week to go and will let you know where I am after the full trial period.

      • Eugene says:

        I have been on Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia (1556 mg. per day) 1 pill 4 times a day (one hour before meals) for 18 days now. Ready to enter a New Year and I am down 5 lbs. in weight and have taken an inch and a half off my waist (3 times my goal) with 3 days still to go.

        • Eugene says:

          Well it is 3 weeks now on Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia (1556 mg per day). Taking 4 pills a day (1 pill, 1 hour before each meal). I am down 6 lbs. and I have trimmed 2 whole inches off my waist. My original goal was to take a half inch of belly fat off my waist, but I have exceeded the goal by 400%. I will be discontinuing the product and hope that I keep the inches off. It could be difficult as I am a chocoholic and a buffet junkie. Kept clean for 2 months on a weight maintenance diet, but fell off the wagon during the Holidays. Now I will attempt to maintain my progress (without taking the pills).

          • Jessica R says:

            Hi, I was just wondering if you drastically changed your diet to get these results? I started these because it said that better food choices would achieve better results, but even if you didnt change your food choices, that it would still help.

          • Eugene says:

            For two months before taking this product I was on a weight maintenance diet of 2000 calories per day. During the Holidays when I started this product I fell off the wagon: stuffed myself at a buffet and bought 5 lbs. of chocolate (eating some almost every night). I also had some of my favorites like Black Forest Cake, Gingerbread Cup Cake and Pumpkin Cheesecake. If you eat a weight maintenance diet or a low calorie diet, you probably will do better.

          • Eugene says:

            Well, I went off Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia one week ago. I am now back up 3lbs., but my waist remains the same, no inches came back. I admit I have not been eating as I should. I hit a buffet this past week and have been eating chocolate and indulged in some Pumpkin Cheesecake that was leftover from the Holidays. If I put on any belly fat I will go back to the GC and see if it melts away again.

          • Christina says:

            So your taking them 1 pill 4x a day instead of what the directions say and still losing weight??

        • CAROL says:

          I bought this same product at Walmart on the shelf this weekend…directions or instructions ..say: take 4 caplets -3 times a day…an hour before each meal.
          Eugene,,,check ur directions again.

          • Eugene says:

            I have been off Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia for 2 weeks now. I have gained back 5 lbs., but my waist is still the same, so I am not adding belly fat, even though I am off the GC and I am not staying on a particular diet.

          • Angela says:

            I bought the same at walmart!!! My question is the same is yours let me know if you get an answer

          • joseph says:

            I bought the twin pack of Garcinia Cambogia at walmart along with green coffee bean.My results have been nothing short of Amazing. I did wear a size 40 inch waist however after 3 months of taking both I now wear a size 34 inch jean.There are fillers in this product but it also contains exactly the right amount of hca” so you will or should get great results.Also I DID NOT exercise or change my diet in any way.People now see me and do a double take look just to make sure its me thats how good this product is.It also is very affordable at under 10 dollars for 2 bottles and 4 tablets of the GC three times a day.My opinion forget about the mirror if your same clothes dont fit then continue on that path you will reach your goal.I have and its been no pun intended a piece of cake.

          • Jacklyn says:

            Are you getting go results?

          • annie says:

            Mines also state 4pills 60 min before meals not to exceed 12 pills in 24hr period

          • Angelica says:

            Yes thats what mine says nd I fot mine at walmart was wondering why it is different from other s

          • lee says:

            wierd i just bought it to.. the appetite control one and it says take two pills each time before a meal

          • Ronnie says:

            Agree. It’s 4 pills not one per label. Reread directions. Do NOT exceed 12 pills per day.

          • Kelly sauve says:

            That’s what I was reading, the same as you said but there is a letter on the internet about these kinda products. If they were bought at Walmart or target they are knock off and to check the ingredients on the bottle…then go to a health food store and heck the ingredients… You will see what I am talking about… I have been taking Oneida bought at a health food store and you only take 2 pills a day and I have lost 60 pounds in 8 mouths…go check it out…good luck to all

          • Kelly barnes says:

            I just started garcinia and my question is how well will this product work if before you started taking it you really weren’t eating a 2000 base calorie diet and still aren’t due to no real appetite.?

        • mari says:

          It is IMPOSSIBLE to convert fat into muscle….do your research

          • Amanda says:

            It doesn’t say that it “turns fat into muscle.” It says that it helps you BURN FAT! Do YOUR research……

          • Amanda says:

            I have been taking it for 3 weeks (4 pills 3 X’s per day, as directed) & I’ve lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks. I would say that it’s VERY effective when taken correctly…….

    • kim says:

      It says to take 4 pills 3 x a day

    • Brandie says:

      You may not have had success because the directions are to take 4 pills 1 hour before each meal which would be 12 pills a day. Not 1 pill 1 hour before each meal. That would only be 4 a day which isn’t near enough.

      • brittany says:

        Im wondering if these are not as good as the pure garcinia cambogia pills because you only have to take one pill a day on those oppose to 12 pills a day?

    • To many scams says:

      This brand has fillers, exactly what Dr. Oz said to avoid. Look for pure GC Extract and NO fillers or binders. So many scams out there it’s hard to find one, read the reviews and if they are constantly talking about great customer service…let it be a red flag! When I do find a good brand I will come back to post it, I wish Dr.Oz could have given us a few to choose from but I’m sure that could be a potential liability for him. Good luck!!

      • Loretta says:

        What fillers? Nothing is 100% I was told to make sure it had at least 60% of HCA and it does. So what’s the issue?

        • Tori says:

          Loretta fillers are the added ingredients on the back of your bottle. pure garcinia will say just that pure natural garcinia 100%. Somethings are still 100% you will just need to make sure it shows that on the brand that you choose. Most health-food stores will have the real deal :-)

      • dee says:

        You have to be sure you’re getting the right one, phytogenix brand.

      • Kelly sauve says:

        Your right I watch this to… I am on another brand I bought at a health food store and you only take 2 pills a day and I have lost 60lbs in 8 mouths…good luck

      • Shawn`` says:

        Dr Oz is the last person I would ever trust. If you listen to him, you are sure to get sick or die. He’s more of a social doctor instead of an actual health specialist. He got his start on tv, and that’s where you see him is on tv.

    • sue says:

      you are supposed to take 4 pills before EVERY meal ~ maybe that’s why it’s not working!!!!

    • Angela says:

      The directions say take 4 pills three times a day for a total go 4667 mg per day. Not one three times. This could be why you didn’t get results.

      • Heather says:

        If the box says 4667 mg a day then 1556mg times 3 is exactly that and more would be over 6 thousand.

      • Steve says:

        Im in Canada and my pills are 375 mg per. My recommended dosage says 2 pills 1 hour before each meal and no more then 6 pills in a 24hr period so that’s only 2250 mg per day. And says should be taken in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and regular excercise program. If you reduce your calories and excercise regularly your going to lose weight anyway lol.

        • Grandiose16 says:

          I am in Canada too and I am French. The twin pakage I purchase in a pharmacy also says 2 pills 1 hour before meal 3 time a day. BUT what really bugs me is tha t in the French instructions are completely different! It says to take 2 pills WITH the meals!!!!! I am trying to reach this company to tell them about their louzy translation… If you’re English, you take the pills 1 hour before the meals but if you’re French…you take them with the meals???? It does’nt make sens!

          • Lojain says:

            I know, i want to contact them as well. Does it make a difference though at the end of the day?

    • Ella says:

      Hello, I have been taking the product for a week. (5/15) After 2nd day I realized I was to take 4 tablets 3x a day. So I had to increase intake to see results. I weighed in yesterday (5/20) with my personal trainer having lost 2.5lbs. 28lbs to go!

    • Ronnie says:

      It says on box 4 pills one hour before each meal do not exceed 12 tablets per day. No wonder you’re not losing weight.

    • Nance says:

      Directions on my box says 4 caplets 3 times per day with 8oz of water 60 min. before eating. does yours say only 4 pills per day?

    • Britany says:

      Does anyone know if this will affect birth control. I bought my bottle off the website for it I have the pure stuff the 86$ bottle. My bottle says 1 pill twice daily 30mins before a meal bought from premium garcinia extract (888)-886-8214 it also says to take the pure yacon which is also the same directions. Bought from original yacon extract (888)-885-0207

    • nicole says:

      Hello you stated in your post that you take 4 pills a day and you have not lost weight . I have to tell you that you are not taking the rite amount . It states on the bottle that you have to take 4 pills 60 mins before each meal . Not just four pills a day .

    • QUINN says:

      all i can say about this pill is do not take a few hours before u plan on going to sleep it will keep u up all night

    • Tish says:

      Hello there!
      I just wanted you to know you are taking it wrong…you should be taking 4 pills an hour beforeeach meal ,,,,not to exceed 12 in a day…perhaps this is why you got no results.

    • Joseph H. says:

      Is not 4pills per day is 4pills before meal = 12 pills a day … but DO NOT EAT carb and everything low fat… i lost 70lb in 6 month bro …. no side effect, also after the second month lower it to 8 pills by (lunch and before sleep) your body will use what is already there (fat sodium + water) but don’t put more food garbage in your body again , then next following month 12pills again but change your habits diet forever to maintain your weight.. is natural if u take more than 12 you’ll feel dizzy.. but that;s all do not exceed more than 12 i never exercise and i lost 70 lb believe me!! i created a website i put my pictures there and i turned myself an adviser and fitness trainer 1 month ago…i help people who don’t understand how the body and food work and how your frame size matters before dieting … if u have any question call me anytime i am here to help… good luck!! Joseph H.

    • katy says:

      Am i supposed to take the ultimate green coffee bean with the garnicia cambogia

      • Marie says:

        I have been taking the Garcinia pills now since May 2015 and have lost and kept off 42 pounds. I do eat a more balanced diet however I do cheat on weekends with pizza and cake and stuff. My stomach shrunk so I don’t eat alot any more. I do drink GREEN TEA daily which is unsweetened and no calories. Once in awhile I will have a glass of wine. I have tried so many diets in the past that have not worked. I normally don’t get involved in gimmics of any type and I am so happy I did with this. THESE PILLS WORK! I have gone from an size 18 pants to a size 12 now in only 3.5 months. Now that is AMAZING! I have never felt better and had more energy in my life. I even joined a Cardio Kick Boxing class….and that is something I never thought I could do. So during the last 3.5 months while on Garcinia I have changed my diet to eat less portions but to make sure I eat 3-5 meals per day (small ones) and healthier items but with cheating allowed. I didn eat 4 pieces of pizza over weekend and that didn’t cause me to gain anything. The only other thing I did until recently with the Cardio class was I walk and use my treadmill – I do it about 3 times per week 30-40 minutes is all. Don’t pass up this product but be careful whom you get it from. Make sure its the REAL stuff without fillers. Go on GROUPON and you can get the product super CHEAP too. I actually bought 10 months of the Coffee Bean and Regular Pills for under $200. I was getting them each for $90 per month…WOW thank you GROUPON!

  2. missy says:

    Eugene, you are supposed to take 4 pills, three times per day.. total 12 pills.

    • Eugene says:

      Since all the studies say to take no more than 3000 mg per day and no more than 1500 mg per day without consulting your doctor, I feel I can ignore the recommendations on the bottle, as it may only be to sell more of their product. Besides, the study that was referred to on Doctor Oz was 1500 mg per day. Although some people have had good results from a lower dose of Garcinia Cambogia than the 1500 mg. I have consulted with my physician and do not want to risk taking a higher dose. I am already taking 22 pills per day, which includes a number of prescribed medications. They claim on the bottle that you should take 12 pills per day, but at that rate the two bottles would only last 7 days total. Also, if it really takes that much of their product to be effective, I would doubt that their product has the amount of GC they claim per pill and/or the percentage of HCA they claim. Since there are no reviews or studies of people using this particular product, I am trying it for 3 weeks at the accepted dosage and not at the their recommended dosage.

      • Christen says:

        I agree.! I’m not taking 12 pills A day.! 4 day will help me with exercise and plenty of WATER.!!

      • Jacklyn says:

        That’s a lie it says on Dr.oz at least 3000mg a day

      • msfitness says:

        Eugene, and those of you who are too lazy to wirk out!Stop eating at the buffets, and all the junk food. Get off your butt go walking, and hit the gym!.Garcinia cambosia can only do so much.
        I got on it, been on it 1 week, work out 5 days per week. I needed a boost.
        I’ve already lost 5lbs.1 inch off my waste. 1 week!! I don’t starve myself, But I make the correct eating habits.

    • gail says:

      this is what they told me at the counter. I am reaally confuse. Do we take 4 caplets a meal or 4 caplets a day?

  3. Jean says:

    Hello this is for Eugene: Hello you are not following the directions on the bottle. You are to take four (4) of the pills three (3) times a day. You take four pills one hour prior to your meal. You do this per the instructions three (3) times a day. If you are not going to follow the directions on the product bottle, then your review cannot be respected. I just started this product today and will keep you posted on how it works for me . . . following the directions that are listed on the bottle.

    • Eugene says:

      I am very interested to hear your results with the increased dosage. Unfortunately, I must go with my doctors recommendations and the recommendations by Dr. Oz and stick with the 1500 mg per day. I wonder if higher dosages will result in better results, but so far from the studies I’ve seen it depends on the individual, their food consumption and daily routine. Also, it seems that the results will stop after continuous use for more than 3 months, no matter what the dosage.

      • Sandi says:

        I have been on it for 3 weeks lost 5 lbs and just under 1 inch on waistline. I have to say I read it wrong and was taking one pill 15 min. prior to eating 2 or 3 times a day since I am not a lunch person. I am happy with what is working for me. No sweets at all.

      • Angela says:

        Dr Oz isn’t a second opinion. He doesn’t always get it right. It’s from the earth so the directed dosage won’t hurt you.

        • amber says:

          Angela as a nurse i just want to say something. Just because something is “from the earth” or all natural does not mean it can not hurt you. You can over dose on any thing. Will an over does of this stuff kill you… not likely but that is not to say there could be harmful side effects. For example taking to much vitamin c is not going to kill you ….. however you could experience the unpleasantness of nausea diarrhea and stomach cramps

          • Catherine Schmit says:

            Amber, please read Doctor Yourself by Dr. Andrew Saul or watch his videos on youtube about Vitamin C. Also there have been numerous studies that show that a larger dose of garcinia is beneficial & low doses do not give any results. High doses are safe if you read the studies.

        • Ames says:

          Angela – Arsenic is “from the earth”. Maybe you should try that instead? Oh wait, it’s carcinogenic and highly toxic… Guess not everything naturally occurring is good for you, hey?

    • Tom says:

      Jean, would be very interested to see your results after two weeks – by 11 January

    • Amanda says:

      If you take the 4 pills, 3 X’s a day it works like a charm!!!!! I’ve been taking it for only 3 weeks & have lost 11 pounds!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Good luck to all!!!!! ;-

    • Steve says:

      Im in Canada and my recommended dosage is 2 pills 1 hour before each meal and no more then 6 pills in a 24hr period and my pills are only 375 mg per pill so that’s only 2250 mg per day so each bottle will last exactly 7 days (42) per bottle.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Eugene.

  4. Monique says:

    @Jean- Why wouldn’t Eugene’s information regarding this product and his experiences be just as respected as yours? He has disclosed the dosing he is using as well as his thought process as to why he has chosen to make the dose adjustment. If he achieves great results with less supplement, well then, good for him! In all actuality, having two simultaneous ‘experiments’ with different, known doses, will be exciting to hear who achieves the greatest benefits. Yeah! I hope to hear your success stories! I’ve been struggling with the decision to try or not. Both of your experiences are welcomed.

  5. Georgia says:

    So you really take 12 pills a day that’s seem alike a lot 4 pills 3 times a day is that really right

  6. Dawn says:

    I’m getting ready to start the ultimate Garcinia Cambogia tomorrow, it said to watch out for fakes, so I was just wondering if anyone had any problems or side affects with this brand, good luck to everyone, Happy New Year and I hope this works!!!

    • pamela Lee says:

      I started it yesterday 9/25/2014 and my first pills I took that morning almost killed me my throat swallow up could not breath or talk had to go to Dr. and get an injection.. Do not recommend!!

  7. Shaneen says:

    Hello everyone, I plan on starting this product tomorrow. I only plan to taken 1 pill before each meal also. I’ll let you know how my result are

  8. Christina says:

    I’m using phytogenix a right now but haven’t been working out because of injuries, is this a good brand?

  9. john says:

    i’ve been taking phytogenix for 3 days . i only take one caplet before each meal. iseems that im down about a pound. the thing i really noticed was that it surpresses the apetite

  10. Denise says:

    I am taking 3 1/2 pills at breakfast as I eat 2 egg whites, 1 Sardine, 2 slices dry whole wheat toast. I fry egg whites in 100% olive oil.
    I take 4 at dinner and if I have a late night snack. I don’t eat lunch. I eat a late breakfast instead.
    My evening meal I eat whatever I want. And as much as I want. I just make sure I am finished eating within an hour or 2 hours after taking the 4 pills. I saw that on Dr. Oz. If you have not watched his show about Garcinia Cambogia you should. It is very helpful.
    I have been on these from Wal-Mart for 8 days and have lost 3.2 lb.
    I have an under active thyroid, high blood press., diabetic taking metformin, and I am over 40 lb. over weight. I have not problem at all with the pills. I started out taking less than the bottle said and it made me very hungry all of the time. Once I started the 3 1/2 – 4
    before meals I am fine. I don’t even have a late night snack which is my great down fall as I am a night person and stay up until about 2-3am.
    I do take blood pres. medication too as well as thyroid medication.
    And a full adult aspirin daily.
    I take my thyroid medication early while in bed. Hours before I take this pill.
    I take the phytogenix first thing when I get up with 8oz. water
    I eat 1 hour later.
    After eating I take my other medications.
    I do this with my evening meal as well. And I have had no problems at all. As they say; it is a fruit.
    I have not been feeling well due to very bad head cold. Just sitting a computer for the whole week. I do not work and I am not very active during the winter living in Kansas with cold temps and snow.
    I will come back and let everyone know in a week and lets see how I have done.

  11. Denise says:

    I wanted to ad that I am female, 57 years old and I LOVE food. I eat cheese, chips, fried meats, gravy, and lots of carbs. And so far this is working. I did write an extended post. I just wanted to ad this info.

    • Terri says:

      I’m with you Denise…about loving food! I bought this at walmart four days ago and take it as per the instructions on the bottle(4 caplets 3x per day 60 minutes before meals) and find that it is one of the few products that suppresses my appetite, including my desire to munch at night. I went to get more at walmart today and sadly it was out of stock.

  12. Melisa says:

    Hi. I am a pharmacist and just began taking this product after much research. I would like to clarify “safe & effective dosing.” Dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA however they are monitored by the FDA to ensure they follow good housekeeping manufacturing requirements. I did pull a couple of studies on HCA which the FDA did review before I started this product. The FDA did determine that a safe maximum daily dose of pure HCA is 2800 mg without adverse effects. The confusion comes in the fact that this product is Garcinia Cambogia BUT HCA is the active ingredient that’s doing all the work. The label says four caplets equals 1556 mg of Garcinia Cambogia but you have to take that x 60% to get the active ingredient daily dose of HCA (what’s doing the work to help you lose weight.). So here is the breakdown of why the directions say 4 caplets three times daily. 4 caplets = 1556mg Garcinia Cambogia x 60% = 933.6mg of pure HCA per dose x three doses daily = 933.6 mg x 3 doses = 2800mg HCA daily – right where clinical reviews say you can take. I hope this was helpful & keep up the good weight loss fight.

    • mike says:

      Thank you. That clarifies things and put my concerns to rest. I have another concern though. I read that this substance is toxic and can cause testicular atrophy.

    • Eugene says:

      Wow! Why don’t they mention this fact on all of the Garcinia Cambogia products, which rang from 100 mg. per servicing to 1556 mg. per serving. I have read that people who want to lose a small amount of weight may get results from a lower dose, but those who need to lose a substantial amount of weight may need a larger dose. Either way, they should consult a physician before increasing the dosage.
      My doctor had me on a low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol diet before I even started taking Garcinia Cambogia. I lost a lot of weight, but still had a lot of belly fat. Taking products with Garcinia Cambogia I lost 3 inches off my waste in 5 weeks. I am now not dieting anymore and hope I am able to keep the weight and inches off.
      Look forward to hearing your results and recommendations.

    • lori says:

      im taking same product but it says 2 pills 3 times a day do not exceed 6 pills a day. Now I don’t know what amount I should be taking

      • Carmen says:

        Hello everyone.
        I started this product today and am taking it as stated on the label, which is 2 pills, 3 times a day (1 hour before meals).
        What kind of side effects, if any, has anyone experienced?

    • dee says:

      Thanx for that information. I was debating on the 4 pills. Just wanted to make sure and ur info was very helpful.. I only got a lil to lose jist winter weight thought 4 pills was alot but with ur information helped me understand.. Thanx

    • passion says:

      “Thanks Melisa…VERY HELPFUL.!

    • Chalunda says:

      Thanks so much breaking that down for us. So many people posting here have been back and forth about the dosages.

    • Dawn says:

      Thank you. I was going to calculate that out. As I have been reading I’m seeing different suggested doses people have stated and been concerned that everyone is saying the dosage is printed different on their bottles. Mine states 2 one hour before meals. I feel that I’m accurate in my thinking to go by % rather than dose on bottle. Thank you for sharing your professional suggestion. I didn’t want to take incorrect dose, but feel due to 60% I should throw in an extra tablet.

      • Rosie says:

        So here is the breakdown of why the directions say 4 caplets three times daily. 4 caplets = 1556mg Garcinia Cambogia x 60% = 933.6mg of pure HCA per dose x three doses daily = 933.6 mg x 3 doses = 2800mg HCA daily – right where clinical reviews say you can take. I hope this was helpful & keep up the good weight loss fight.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Melissa for breaking the calculations down. That was very helpful.

  13. Marie says:

    I just bought Phytogenix lab Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia from Walmart and the package has 4667 mg per day and 60% HCA. the directions say 4 caplets 3 times a day. but all the comments say they are taking 1556mg. So now I’m wondering if I should only take 2 pills before meals. do any of your products have this same labeling?

    • Angie says:

      I have the exact same product , and it say’s to take 2 pills 1 hour before meals 3 times a day ! DO not exceed 6 pills a day ! this is on my label.
      So im wondering the same thing here .

    • Rich says:

      You should take 4 pills 3 times a day. 1 hour before each meal. Been on it for 3 weeks and have lost 10 lbs

      • justin says:

        People, people… use common sense here, the package that says take (4) 3x daily has (4) caplets per serving, which is 1556 mg of Garcinia Cambogia. So if your package says take (2) caplets 3x daily check your serving amount. I’d assume that package would indeed say (2) per serving @ 1556 mg of Garcinia Cambogia. Different strengths per pill is common even under same manufacturer. If you have the (2) 3x package – be happy! That only means less pills for same effect, but for lords sake, if you cannot figure this out with simple math maybe you should have some set up your doses for you. But, starting this today – very excited!

    • Lisa says:

      I have the same product, same directions but the way I’m understanding 4 pills = 4,667mgs. I’m wondering the same question Marie??

  14. alice lopez says:

    I just bought Phytogenix Utimate Garcinia Cambogia from Walmart. I am 45 lbs over-weight. I am not taking any pres medication. I am new to this new brand, so I hope it has no side effects like dizziness or headaches like the other diet pills. I will be back here to let you know how I have done.

  15. Tanya says:

    I purchased my pills from Walmart last Friday so only been taking tj is for 3 days. I was not taking them correctly until this morning. 4 three times a day. Will be posting my results

  16. Chelle says:

    I just started gc Friday and lost two pounds from doing this. I do exercise regularly on my wii u fitness since starting . I just bought the walmart version to see how they may vary from my vitamin shoppe gc. I’ll keep you all posted. Happy weight loss to you all. :)

  17. Maddy says:

    I am starting this program tomorrow and I found these comments very helpful. I was worrying about the safety of the products but I feel better now! I also have Green Coffee Bean as well but I am concerned about taking both of these at the same time. If anyone can provide information on if this is safe, please let me know!

    • joseph says:

      As far as the Green Coffee Bean it was suggested to take it with the Garcinia Cambogia.It was or is like a secondary way of flushing your system of the toxins and build up on the walls of the intestines and such to boost the potential on losing the weight due to constipation and irregular bowel movements. I took it my self and continue to take it however for the first 2 months I really stayed in the bathroom which was a good thing.The Green Coffee Bean really compliments your total weight loss I think and I believe contributed to me losing 6 inches in my waist. Both products are safe together or have been for me I am a veteran and i am housebound due to injuries sustained in service so I gained alot of weight of course being inside but with GC and GCB I feel like I have been reborn.I’m over 56 lbs now in 3months I will update periodically as I achieve more weight loss.

  18. Andrea says:

    I purchased these pills from walmart. Im on my second week and I have gained wieght. Im using these pills along with a 4.25 mi run every day, and other excerises at the gym. What is going on? Could these be fake? I was so excited when i found them at the store and now i am so disappointed!!

    • Ocean Dennis says:

      You are gaining muscle and losing fat from workingout,muscle weighs more than fat you’re probably losing inches which is better

  19. Andrea says:

    Im on my 2nd week. I excersise 2 hours a day. I have not seen any improvement, just wieght gain, Also purchased it at walmart. Do u think this really works?

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Andrea,
      How many tablets of Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia are you taking each day? Also, how much weight do you want to loose? It sounds like you are doing a great exercise program. Do you know what your daily calorie intake is?

      • Tina says:

        Hi! So just wanted to say that muscle weighs more than fat, so rather than checking the weigh scale try checking the measurements :)

    • Suzzette says:

      Muscle weighs more than fat. Working out 2 hours a day…how many days a week? If you are bulking up on muscle, you are going to gain weight. Think of this, if you want to loose weight with working out, 1 pound of fat is 2000 calories. So you’ve got to calculate your daily calorie intake, then x7 for your weekly calories, then calculate how many calories are burned in each workout session (for me 1 hour of simple walking or biking with a gentle incline burns 420calories), then figure out the appropriate combination of decreasing daily calories and workout calories burned to decrease your weekly calorie intake. There are websites to calculate (based on your age, gender, height, current weight, how much daily activity you honestly do, your goal weight, etc.) how many calories your body needs each day. I was consuming about 1800 calories a day, I cut it down to 1400 and exercise 1 hour a day 3 days a week and I burn about 1 pounds a week. I’m hoping with his pill, I can see a difference in my waist and upper thighs, where I’m not seeing a big difference. I’ve got knee damage so there are many exercises I can’t do. Remember EVERY body is different and everyone will have a different experience, no matter how similar they are. Good luck!!

  20. Andrea says:

    I take 4, 3 x a day. I want to lose 20lbs. Calorie intake is about 1500. :( Plus i burn alot at the gym

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Andrea,
      I gained 2 pounds during the first week, but I was only taking 4 pills per day, instead of the 12 pills recommended on the bottle. After 3 weeks I had lost 6 lbs. and 2 inches on my waist, and I was taking in much more than the 1500 calories. At the 1500 calories per day plus exercise, even without the 12 pills per day, you should be loosing weight. I would check with my doctor and see why you are gaining weight. It could be water retention or something else. I saw my doctor to evaluate my taking the product as I was already taking 22 pills per day, including, heart, arthritis, and prostate medications.

  21. Andrea says:

    Im starting to think the garcinia from walmart is fake. My energy level is really low during the day until i hit the gym after work. Also did a little research and saw another comment from someone stating they have also gained wieght from this product. Im still using it. It is 2 1/2 weeks and im hoping to see a change by the 3rd week. I’ll let u know

    • Ella says:

      well last month with personal trainer I gained 8lbs. ( three pounds fat and 5lbs muscle). Currently in between dates 5/15 – 5/21 I have lost 2.5lbs. Im still taking the product (bonus pack) that I too got from Walmart. Ill try to keep you posted.

  22. Gracie says:

    I have been struggling to lose weight for the past 8+ years. Since I started menopause, I am now 56. So with all the hype I thought I would try this new product along with my low card diet. I’ve been taking this product I purchased from Walmart. So I wanted to report that I had a couple of days of slight headache and a bit of a queasy tummy but after the third day I only feel a lack of appetite. I will take the pills as directed until the bottle is gone and then decide what kind of review I can give it. At the directions rate I have a weeks trial period. I will let you know how it goes. Good Luck to all of you.

    • Betsy says:

      This is my second day and I have a headache, nausea and vomiting. I am taking 4 tablets three times a day as stated on the box.

  23. Gracie says:

    I guess I should add due to the fact I broke both my feet awhile back I am not up to alot of exercise, but at least I can get around on my own really well. It is also a well know fact stress can be a big deterrent with weight loss. Unlike some people who will lose weight under stress. So keep that in mind if you are that type. I know I am so I have been working on my stress levels with things other than exercise.

  24. Gracie says:

    I really appreciate Melisa’s passing on her research. Can she clarify what HCA is? And how it works in the equation? Thank you

  25. Andrea says:

    HCA stands for Hydroxycitric Acid. A chemical that helps you lose wieght

  26. MC says:

    I have been using this product for two weeks. I have also been using colon clear along with it. I have lost 8 pounds and 1 inch off my mid section. I think for me the combination of the two are working really well. Week one I did the GC by itself and lost 2 pounds. Week two, I added the colon clear and lost 6 pounds. I have a long way to go, as I have quite a bit of weight to lose. That being said, my appetite is suppressed and I have been able to stick to a diet ranging from 1200 – 1500 calories per day. I am also walking on my treadmill for about 30 minutes per day.

  27. Susy says:

    HI ! I Saw this pruduct at HEB and I stared taking it 4day ago. I need to lose 60 pounds and I have lost 4 pouns since I stared. I take 4 pills before breakfast and 4 before dinner I do not take 12. My appetite is suppressed and helps me to focus in eating healthy food. I also drink green tea with lime twice a day, drink a lot of water and just walking 20 minutes a day for now. So far ,I recommend it.

  28. Kelly says:

    I started a week ago today, started with 3 pills 3x a day because I read the bottle wrong. Then two days ago I was looking at it and realized I should be taking 4 pills 3x a day. I haven’t gotten to the gym yet so no exercise, I only cut out all sweets which I shouldn’t have anyway. I lost 5 lbs so far. My goal is 30. I have also been sleeping better at night which is a plus. I am going to continue and see what happens at the end of week two. Good luck to everyone!

  29. Treece says:

    I purchased My GC yesterday!..I am really excited about getting started on it, I am starting tomorrow, and Along with eating healthier and exercise..My goal is to lose 30 pounds..I hope this works!!!…:)

  30. gqroll says:

    I really like reading reviews, so I want to contribute. I am 48 y/o fem, never had a weight problem up until last year – I gained 12 lbs in less than a year. I have not been able to lose a lbs, even with exercise, so I will give this a try and let you know.

  31. Dana says:

    I bought this brand at Walmart a week ago., I’ve been taking the product as directed 4 pills x 3 a day one hour before meals. I’ve also have changed my diet to a low calorie diet., The pills have suppressed my appeitite., so I am eating less. I have no desire to eat more. Which is good. I also started an excercise routine as well. One thing I have noticed is I urinate a lot and I feel tired. I’m also starting to feel agitated. I don’t particularly like these side affects. So I’m going to go with Colon Cleasne and keep up with the diet and exercise. Just wanted to share my experience with this brand of Garcina. Good luck to everyone else.

  32. Chance says:

    I just purchased this from Wal Mart this morning. I read somewhere it will not work if it has calcium in it. I bought it anyway to try it. Wondering if anyone else read or knows anything about the added calcium?

    • kim says:

      Calcium blocks some absorption of the pill.

    • Chris D says:

      I got the “ultimate garcinia cambrosia” and will be testing it out along with you guys. 15 minutes of activity a day, no dieting and maintaining weight currently.
      I am looking up anything i can find about this and think this is worth a look: (mind they are advertising but has some info that may be worhty note)
      unless I totally missheard, potasium and calcium help break the pill down to be effective. The walmart “ultimate garcinia cambogia” doesnt seem to contain these listed in the ingrediants but maybe as biproducts of the other added ingrediants, but also contains some stuff that concerns me. I looked these up on wikipedia and other sites to see what they are as it is an interesting read what I(we) am(are) putting in me(us).

      • Eugene says:

        Hi Chris,
        I have been on DietWorks Garcinia Cambogia for 3 weeks now. It has both the Potassium and Calcium that you refer to. So far I am down 8 lbs. and have taken an inch off my waist.

        • Chris D says:

          Hi Eugene, Dietworks brand may contain but they aren’t listed in the ingrediants on the bottles I bought. I am not sure this is what we are looking for, Dicalcium phosphate. No potasium in this product (again it is walmart bought wellnx life science brand – Ulimate garcinia cambogia). It does contain macrogol for the coating, a nice laxitive additive.

          1st week no loss and actually worked out shovelling and playing outside and taking in more water than pop. No gain either and I still feel hungry every 2-4 hours I am awake so far. (i eat small meals/snacks usually)

          thanks for your input Eugene and glad it is doing something for you.

          Chris D

          • Eugene says:

            Hi Chris,
            I think you misunderstood me. I agree Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia does not have Calcium or Potassium listed as ingredients. DietWorks Garcinia Cambogia has them listed on both the back of the bottle and the box. Not a huge amount, but I also eat a lot of foods that have them Calcium an Potassium in them. I know that Walmart bought the E

      • Chris D says:

        March 22 a good while after starting this. I have been workign out actually more than in february, i have been eating a little healthier but not less. I ask myself if I am really hungry before I eat anything. I have lost at least 2 pounds since last month. Though I dont weigh myself every day, I did weigh myself for a couple days and took an average. I am thinking this product didnt really work for me. Perhaps the drinking water before the meal will help eat less and maybe contribute to meal proportioning since I get fuller faster.(nice mental trick) Well it is off to putting in time for working out and eating better for me.. no shortcuts… Good luck and God speed to everyone else.

    • Rachel says:

      The product from Walmart does not contain calcium..i am starting today.

  33. kim says:

    I lost 4 lbs in three weeks. So i switched Walmarts brand yesterday. Remember to weigh yourself at the same time every day. You gain aprox four to 3 pounds more from morning to evening.

    • kim says:

      I switched to Walmarts brand yesterday

      • kim says:

        So i lost 4 pounds on a different brand, switched to Walmarts. Not only did i gain my 4 pounds back, i have now gone passed my heaviest weight on my life! Thumbs down on this cellular filled brand.

    • Marilyn says:

      Which company is yours distributed by? I got ultimate GC steal art but distributed by wellnx life sciences which have an F rating from BBB

  34. KonaGeri says:

    Aloha Susy! I bought my 2pk of the GC at Walmart today. I’m excited cause I’ve done the research and now I’m ready! I cannot exercise due to permanent lower back injury. I will be following the dose directed on the label and with a reduced calorie intake. I will be doing this diet for 1 month due to the different results from many people who have tried GC. I need to lose 70lbs. I’ll keep everyone posted from day 1 which will be Jan 27, 2014. I will post my starting weight and inches for my waist, thereafter I will update every Monday. Please wish me the strength to finish this trial period, I need the results to help ease some of the pain from my back. Talk to you all again on Jan 27,2014!

  35. Ruby says:

    I started my GC now two weeks, and yes I gain a pound, but the second week, I lost 3lbs, and 2 inches from my waist, I feel better, I eat less, and I love food, I’am 61, with arthritis in the knees, but I walk my dog three times a day, my form of exercise, I purchased my supplements from Walmart as well, planning to take them for one month, and I will update.

  36. Erikaor says:

    i started these pills last Saturday, January 25th…i hope they really work, i need to loose 10 kgs. i’ll tell you next week the results :) Good luck!!

  37. Sydni says:

    I just bought this product literally an hour ago. I maintain a some what healthy life style by eating good and going to the gym regularly, but i wanted to try this and see if it worked. The only thing I’m worried about is getting some sort of long term side effect. Is anyone noticing any problems before I start this pill? By the way, i’m 18 yrs old. i need to lose weight because i’m pre diabetic and honestly i’m desperate.

    • wanda says:

      I am starting this diet in the morning I sure hope it works .I saw a video of me and my grandson I looked awful I need to lose 60 pounds so I can feel better about my self hope it works I will let you know soon 4 pills 1 hour before meals 3 times a day with water 8oz here goes

    • Mel D says:

      Hey Sydni,
      I’m in the same boat at you.. How is your progress going? I just bought mine today!

  38. kim says:

    Made me gain 5 pounds! Boo ;(-

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Kim,
      Walmart does not have their own brand of Garcinia Cambogia, but handle several different brands by different manufacturers. So far I have tried two of the five brands I found at Walmart and another one that I found at Costco. I am very interested to know what brand you bought at Walmart and how many pills you were taking each day? Also were you taking them a certain amount of time before each meal or with your meals. How long did you try the pills: for one week, two weeks or more? Like I said, I am on my third product with Garcinia Cambogia right now, and have had varied results from each product. So I would be very interested in more detail on your experiences.

  39. Diane says:

    I have beenon these same pills also. almost finished my second bottle and have not lost any weight.

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Diane,
      How many pills are you taking each day and did you take them a certain amount of time before each meal? How long have you been taken the product? Is there a set amount of weight that you want to lose or do you just want to turn fat into muscle? I am interested as I have already finished taking this product (Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia)and am interested in others experiences.

  40. Robin says:

    I can’t help but wonder how much of the appetite suppression is due to drinking a full glass of water before meals….

    That said, I just took my first dose, so I’ll post back if I have any success with the product.

  41. Rocsi R says:

    I just bought GC from Wal Mart and trying it I will post results soon!

  42. Tiffany says:

    So I just bought this from Walmart last night and about to take my first dose. I only eat Breakfast and Dinner and will only be taking 2 pills before each meal. I have been on a low cal/low carb diet now for 5 weeks and have plateaued at the 10-11lbs mark for almost 3wks. Getting married in a few months and have 10 more to go before 1st dress fitting 4.12.14. Since calcium is not good, is it bad that in the morning I drink creamer in my coffee or will this not matter?

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Tiffany,
      You might want to read response number 12 on January 12 by Pharmacist Melisa. Also you might want to read:
      Garcinia Cambogia: How to Optimize Effects
      Harry G. Preuss MD, MACN, CNS
      and Dallas Clouatre, PhD
      It is probably good to have some calcium in your diet, but more potassium will optimize the effects of the supplement. The important thing is to take the pills at least a half hour before eating anything, and preferable an hour before. 

  43. Michael says:

    This makes absolutely no sense at all. Out of curiosity, I just purchased this today. A “2-bottle bonus pack’. Each bottle has 42 caplets. If I take the recommended dosage on the bottles (4 caplets, 3 times per day), that’s 12 pills per day. That means I have enough of this stuff for 7 days. I’m supposed to lose weight in 7 days? Any diet or reduction in calories will make a person lose weight in 7 days.

    This is a rip-off.

    • lori says:

      I was 198 pounds and changed my eating habits with out diets pills or exercise im now at 180 but it seems im maintain this weight and not losing so I started the pills my box said 2 pills three times a day so Im going to stick to that amount and give it one month I wont weigh my self for 30 days and see im also drinking green tea with lemon 3 times a day .I don’t eat junk or sugar or salt .I fell for the hype cause I love dr.oz .lol hopefully he wont let me down I think maybe I have to find different brand .

  44. Fernando says:

    It worked for me! I lost 12 pounds in two weeks, went from 198 to 186 lbs.
    I bought the 2pk w 42 caplets each and lasted for a week. The first three days I lost 2 pounds per day!! Yes, I reduced my food intake, during that week avoiding snacks between meals and no junk food, no exercise either. I got a second 2pk for the second week and lost about 1 pound per day for a few more days, then I got stuck on 186 lbs.
    I’ll change GC for green tea and chromium for the next two weeks, I’m aiming to Loose another 7-8 lbs to get to 178. (My ideal weight is 175) So, hopefuly another two weeks of GC will get me there. Good luck to all!

  45. cara says:

    I’ve seen where u should use a cleanser with the pill for better results. I will be starting these pills this week I will keep u pisted if I lose more weight with the cleanser and pills together.

  46. kristin says:

    I just bought the 2 bottle pack from Walmart so I can’t say of they work or not yet.
    My dilemma is about breakfast. Breakfast is supposed to be eaten within a half hour or so of when you wake up…should I be setting an alarm an hour before I’m going to actually get up just to take these pills??
    I’m an RN and I have to get up at 3:15am to be to work at 5–I don’t really want to have to wake up an extra hour earlier to take pills.

  47. Christen says:

    Okay I just got the Walmart 2-pk, 42 tablets each,, and me taking 12 pills is to much.
    But I see where some people lose weight just by taking 2 pills breakfast and before dinner. I’m wondering if I do 2 pills per meal will it help.? It will work on certain people, So I’m going to give it a try… Comment your results too please :)

  48. Janine says:

    Has anyone used the walmart ultimate GC & yacón syrup (yacón thin from walmart? I heard that this will help boost the weight loss.

  49. Rose says:

    Just purchased these pills at my local walmart I really hope they work my ultimate goal is to lose 70lb in 4 months i am kind of scared to take them cause of all negative things I been reading regarding the walmart brand please help me do these really work

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Rose,
      Many people in these reviews and others have referred to the Walmart Brand. Walmart does not yet have their own brand of Garcinia Cambogia. At present, the Walmart near where I live handles 5 different brands of supplements that contain Garcinia Cambogia. So far I have tried two of them “Weight Loss 4” by Doctor’s Select and “Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia” by Phytogenix Laboratories. I am now trying a third brand that I found at Costco, call “DietWorks Garcinia Cambogia.”

  50. Sarah S says:

    I bought this recently and haven’t taken them yet. My box is the 2 pack from walmart. it does say 4pills 1 hr before each meal. (3 times a day) ok so yes 12 pills per day basically. well i do agree with some above comments. seems like too much pills in one day. plus i do take a birth control pill every morning. I am 5′ 4″ and 140pounds i wonder if i should stick to the directions on my box, or just take 2 pills for every meal instead of 4. what do you think? i dont want to mess up.

    • Sarah S says:

      it was the phytogenix brand that i bought by the way.

      • Eugene says:

        I have tried 3 brands so far. Two that I bought at Walmart and one that I bought at Costco. I have determined that, by reading the reviews, that it depends on the individual, their daily diet, and their exercise, how much of the product they need to have a positive effect. From a financial viewpoint, if you were to take the 12 pills recommended per day, you would use up the two bottles you bought in only a week. At that rate, a 10 week supply (or 20 bottles) would cost you about $100. I just purchased DietWorks Garcinia Cambogia and at the recommended dosage on the bottle, a 10 week supply cost me only $14.99 plus tax.

  51. Mandy says:

    I have been using the Phytogenix Utimate Garcinia Cambogia from Walmart along with Phytogenix Green Coffee Bean for about 3 weeks now. I have lost 13 lbs and went from a size 17 pants to a 12. I am going to stop the coffee bean and continue with the GC by itself. Hoping it works.

    • May says:

      Hi mandy, just wondering what dosage you took for the coffee Bean extract. Did you take both the coffee Bean and GC before you each mail? How many pills total per day?

    • Marilyn says:

      How are you doing now? I’ve just purchased today, not started

  52. Itsjustme says:

    I’m only 17 and I am 240 pounds. I was taking them for about a week or two and then I sprained my ankle so I can’t really do my running or anything for 4-6 weeks. I stopped taking them for 4 days an have already gained 5 pounds :( this is not okay. Spring break is coming up soon and were going to Florida and I want to be able to look decent in a bathing suit. I need help because I don’t know what to do. I want to loose a lot of weight before I go. Please help!!

    • Dana says:

      Hi Itsjustme, I know what your going through and it feels not great! I think if you want faster weight loss than get a different brand. From what Dr OZ said and everything I have read you need a brand that has 60% HCA and no added stuff like Calcium as it can block it and Potassium is good to have. Along with the green coffee bean you should still loose while your ankle heals, it’s got to be better than putting weight on! Right? Good Luck and get better soon!

    • Mel D says:

      Hi there,
      How is your experience so far?? I’m 20 and I probably weigh that much… I bought my bottles today..

  53. Elizabeth says:

    First I want to thank everyone for your opinions, updates, and reviews, they were so helpful to me. I decided to try both the Garcinia Cambogia and Coffee Bean Extract by Phytogenix. I’m starting them both on Monday, March 3rd as part of a new weight loss plan that I am beginning. I will update my progress weekly so that anyone looking to try it can get another opinion. I am a 41 y/o female with hypothyroid disease (it has been pretty difficult for me to lose weight). Recently I have been treated and my thyroid function is now normal so I think I will have a better chance. My weight loss plan is as follows: Exercise 3x a week doing the 3 mile Walk Away The Pounds workout with the 2lb weights (45 minutes), use My Fitness Pal to track my calories @ 1200 per day (lots of fruits, lean protein, and whole grains), and take both of these supplements. I am 5′ 5″ and currently weigh 162lbs. I would like to lose 32lbs by July 1st, approximately 16 weeks, which equals 2lbs per week. I am looking for healthy, long lasting weight loss but I’m hoping these supplements will give me a boost to help with energy and appetite suppression as well as fat loss. Good luck to everyone, I hope these supplements help!

  54. Rachel says:

    I am very skeptical taking diet pills because of the side effect. But after reading the reviews, I decided to give it a shot. I started taking it last Jan. 31, 2014. I lost 7lbs. and I only take 2 pills before breakfast and another 2 pills before lunch. I do 20 mins. exercise 4 days a week and eat a smaller portion of meals. I am happy with the result.

  55. Rachel says:

    By the way I got the one from Walmart Pythogenix Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia.

  56. Ina J Blewitt says:

    I ordered 3 bottles and started as soon as they arrived. As soon as I started taking it I noticed a rash of tiny blisters. I thought there might have been something in the hay at our farm. So I kept taking the product and I proceeded to claw skin off my body. I was very allergic to it. I contacted the company I bought it from and sent itback for a refund that I am waiting to receive. They didn’t seem to be surprised about the rash.

  57. Joseph says:

    I bought the two pack box of the Garcinia Cambogia at Walmart and I am going on 14 weeks of taking not on the GC but also I take the Green coffee bean also.I started both products at the same time and my results have been nothing short of amazing. I did wear a size 40 inch waist in jeans now I am in a comfortable 34 inch.I do fully believe my results were accelerated due to the GCB the cleansing of my body is what I think gave me the great results. I did spend almost 2 months 4 to 5 times a day in the bathroom. However the end result is just fantastic. I feel great and have lost now a total 58 lbs.

  58. Joseph says:

    Also I stop drinking sodas and no sweets and ate plenty of nuts, and yogurt but did remain on basically the same meats and vegetables that I was used to.One more thing I did not exercise at all so I will continue to follow this path and update every 2 weeks.

  59. Rob G says:

    Hee hee!! Amusing to say the least but hopefully Eugene as well as others stick to a reputable product and not bounce around in hopes of mitigating the china panda buffet/ chocolate factories calorie consumption. I’m only 7 lbs. over my desired weight but am guilty of wanting a shortcut too. I have a pharmacology background so I know that this walmart phytogenix is the creme de la creme. I was able to shed 7 lbs in 6 days but I followed the directions 100 %. I finished both bottles in 6 days while consuming 100 oz H20/day. I’m down 2 lbs in week 2 w/o product so the high dose of 3,000 + as well as 1/2 body wt. in oz water is a must. I consumed roughly 2200-2,600 calories/day, except for day 2 when I messed up and hit 5,000 cal. I had another cheat meal which was another 3,700, of healthy foods. I would say good luck but it has nothing to do with that since it works w/o a doubt, but you have to truly want it.

  60. Rob G says:

    I should clarify that my 100% efforts are more like 80% to the average, non binge, ideal weight person. The last two weeks are the best discipline dietary weeks in my life.

    • Eugene says:

      Thank you Rob G.,
      You are the first person I see that had great results from using the 12 pills per day. For me, I was in no hurry and since it was recommended that I take 1500 mg per day and it seemed to work for me, I did it. I actually have taken 2 brands that have Garcinia Cambogia as their primary ingredient, 1 brand that has 4 main ingredients (GC being just one of them), and a 4th brand of weight control product with no GC at all. All four seemed to have some effect, although somewhat different. I lost 16 lbs. total and took an amazing 3 inches off my waist. I am now off all products except food and hope I can maintain the progress.

  61. cali says:

    Hate to be the burden of bad news but your all wasting your time and $8.00. There is a reason the real stuff costs $50-$100. The #1 ingredient if you did your research on the stuff, tells you that fillers and other stuff you probably have no clue what it is, I know I don’t….will be added and that ingredient is Calcium phosphate look at your box….For whatever reason that is a big no no for this particular diet pill. I know this because I was suckered into wanting to believe the cheap stuff is just as good. And yes it states to take 4 pills 3 times daily wow! poor liver!!!!

  62. Daphne says:

    So.. I bought this product today. Really glad some people have posted on lower doses. I have a heart condition so I am being very careful right now. I will only be taking 2 pills before each meal 😉 will post results. I am also dieting, and substituting protein shakes for snacks! Daily workouts! Interested to see how well this works! Will post results 😉

    • mary says:

      i talked to wal-mart pharmacist and showed him my blood pressure pills, out of all the diet pills they sell,this is the only safe one for me.

  63. CarlaG says:

    I just bought a double box of Ultimate GC from GNC…it says take 2 and hr before every meal…anyone else?

  64. Ny says:

    I started the product 3 weeks ago…I have taken 4 pills 3 times a day…One hour before meals. I have lost 20 lbs and 4 inches at least. I love this product. Minimal exercise not much different in my food in take….I’m sure going to continue taking this product as I am diabetic and need the weight loss.

  65. Nikki1234 says:

    I’m 15 years old and I want to try this because I’m over weight but I don’t know if it would be bad for me, does anyone know?

    • Watchdog Team says:

      Dear Nikki,
      The advice for taking any dietary supplement is that its suitable for over 18 year olds only. So we wouldn’t advise taking any dietary supplement under 18 years of age and suggest speaking your local physician who can best advise you.
      Kind regards
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  66. Cyndi Najera says:

    I just bought the Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia from Walmart. Dosage says 4 pills 3 times a day. Now after a lot of research one major thing that stands out to me is that it says in order for your body to absorb the HCA and the fruit extract ingredients must have potassium and calcium. For maximum weight loss. This brand has neither. And calcium and potassium are common supplements for absorbtion. So I think I will look to find a product that includes these 2 ingredients without the other fillers this brand has. Had anyone else heard or read this information?

  67. charity says:

    I started taking this paticular brand march 15 and have lost 3 belt sizes, instead of craving junk I crave healther foods. I have hbp, hypothyroid, and am an emotional eater. I am able to control my eating habits. And I have had no side effects other than what I mentioned. I feel great!!

  68. Lola says:

    Hi there
    I take 2 pills in the morning with 1 raspberry ketone pill and 2 green coffee bean pills again with raspberry ketone in the afternoon. Yesterday (day 1) I forgot to take my afternoon dosage but was still not hungry. I feel it’s very strong in suppressing my appetite. It’s only been 2 days and I have lost 3lbs. The effect is different for everyone but I’m happy it works. I have tried different pills in the past including Lida Daidaihua and Phentermine which worked for my friends but not for me. So exciting…

  69. Barbara says:

    I have read all the comments and will be starting tomorrow. I am going to start with the 4 pills in the am and then do 3 before lunch and 2 before dinner. I need to lose belly fat! I am hoping to see results before I run out of pills! Well see if it works!!

  70. amber says:

    i have been taking this product for about 4 weeks now. I take 3 pills 3 times a day. I try to take it about an hour before meal, but sometimes i forget, so i take it as soon as i remember… 10 or 20 mins before i eat. I have lost 15 pounds. I will also say i did not intend to change my eating habits, however after about a week or so of taking it, i noticed that my craving for sweets was all but gone. In the past week or so i have also given up soda pop because i am not craving the caffeine because i have more energy.

  71. Juls says:

    Can anyone tell me if they have experience more hunger instead of a decrease in hunger? I have taken it for 4 days now and I have not lost any weight or inches and I do not feel different at all. Infact, They have left me feeling a tad dizzy and I’ve had some headaches? Ive been taking the 4 pills, 3x a day 30 mins before meals. Not sure if this is working for me but will continue for another 2 wks.

  72. neal says:

    Started today. read a lot of reviews.. following directions on bottle I’m a 325 lbs lite. I’ll update in 7 days..????????

  73. Matt Pounds says:

    meI. is is my seventh day of using the Walmart product. It does seem to curb your appetite some. but I made certain I ate the same foods and tried to eat the same amount anyway. after 4 days I seem to have lost a pound and a half but after 7 days I actually gained 2 pounds. seems to me that it may work if you work along with the suppress appetite but if you do not work with the suppress appetite it doesn’t seem to do any good at least not for the first week in mMMay

  74. SHIRLEY says:

    APRIL 15,2014 @8:14AM
    Just starting to take the gc pills. 12 seem excessive to me. Will start out with 2 pills in the morning 2 pills in the afternoon. I think it will work just as well.

  75. Rina says:

    I have been taking this exact pill for 8 weeks, but I’ve been taking it exactly as the directions said – 12 pills per DAY – I’ve lost 18 inches overall, and lost 16 lbs without a shred of exercise. Yes, I have altered my diet to eat healthier (tofu, veggies, fish) and completely cut out red meat, egg yolks, and cheese (all of which I really miss); however, I love the result of leaving out those foods from my life! I have a lot more energy, and I love being able to touch my fingers to my toes without sucking in my gut! LOL I wish I didn’t have to use all 12 pills per day, but I do – it can hurt the pocket book, but for now I’m cutting back so much on my food budget that I’m applying that money to these pills. I hope it continues! Good Luck everyone!

  76. Mel D says:

    Hi everyone,

    I just bought this product today at Walmart. I bought a 2 bottle pack of the Phytogenix Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia. 2 capsules are 750 mg. The instructions say take 2 pills 1 hr before every meal, but do not exceed 6 caps in 24hrs. Does anyone else do it like this?? This is different from the reviews I’ve read on here, people taking 4 pills 3x a day.

    I plan to take only 4 pills a day. 2 pills, 1hr before meals so I have a total of 1500 mg/day.

    • Dawn says:

      There was a pharmacist on the chat that suggested because it is 60% he calculated a safe dose of 4, 3times a day. So I feel he would likely give professional educated suggestion. I’m going with his recommended dose.

    • Grandiose16 says:

      same as you on my bottles…

    • patty says:

      hello mel, yes my package says the same thing, im going to start them tomorrow,hope they work

  77. chi-gurl says:

    Hello all, just started Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia 3 days ago, 1st of all the directions definetely say 4 pills 60mins before your meal, 3 times a day. However this product does not curve my appetite at all…..I’m stilljust as hungry as I was before I took the darn pill . Does anyone else feel the same way? Did it take more than 3 days to start being effective? Should I discontinue?

  78. Charlene says:

    I just bought the Phytogenix 2 pack at Walmart tonight and instructions are, 2 caplets 3 times day. Not to exceed 6 caplets per day. A dosage of 2 caplets has 750 mg garcinia cambogia. Also what is interesting is that I am in Canada therefore the different dosages.

  79. laura says:

    Been taking wallmart brand a few weeks now. 2 caplets 3 times a day. No exceeding 6 caplets In. A 24 h period.

    I have lost a 6 or so pounds my waist is a inch or so smaller. I have hypothyroidism. So I lost everywhere but my waist before and was really excited to lose around my abs. I had 3 kids to so that also makes it difficult.

    I am about to finish my two box supply. Can I start another set or is there a wait in between.?

  80. Angela says:

    Well y’all, I started taking these pills on Wednesday (3 days ago) I have not been sticking to the directions, because I work 12 hours a day 6 days a week and do NOT eat three times a day. Since I started taking the pills though, I have been drinking nothing but water, and I take them 60 minutes before I eat TWICE a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I am however taking the recommended 4 pills. I have also tweaked my diet a bit and cut out all sodas and monsters. (I was monster addicted) The differences I have seen in 3 days have been amazing. I no longer look bloated in the mid section, and I have had 2 people in those 3 days ask me if I have lost weight. I do not know how much my starting weight was. ( I hate scales) but, I had my size 15 pants fall off me while I was running yesterday. I would say that for me, this product is working. I also have had absolutely no side effects ( even though this product has the fillers) Good luck to all of you. I will come back soon and let everyone know what other differences this product is making for me.

  81. Erin says:

    Mine say 2 with 250 ml water one hour before meals..max of 6 caplets per day
    2 bottles/k from Walmart (Canada), Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia, Phytogenix brand.

  82. Robin says:

    well – I just took my first dose – I have been taking the colon cleanse for three days now – so the phytogenix is in addition to the cleanse – my bottle here in Canada is 2 caplets 3 times a day DO NOT exceed 6 caplets a day. I will let you know how it goes.

  83. Kat says:

    Ok, so after reading a lot of the comments, it does work. I’ve been considering it, along with my good eating and working out 5-6 days a week. It sounds like the amount to take depends on the individual, 4 pills before a meal, 3x a day is working for some and 1 pill 4x a day is working for others. I will try it and see what dosage works for me. I appreciate reading everyone’s input!

    • penny says:

      Ok so I started mine two days ago. Right now I’m weighing in 164.2 I am hoping to work out 1-3 times a week with an already busy schedule. I will be taking 4 tablets 1 hour before every meal. Let’s see how it goes. Does anyone take any additional pills with these like the Greene tea or anything

  84. BCBG says:

    Hello I started this product on yesterday. 4 pills 3 x a day. Should I also take the Green Coffee Bean with it or the Garcinia Cambogia works well by itself??

  85. Maggie says:

    Mine says to take 2 pills an hour before each meal with 250 ml of water and I take it with green coffee gimmes by purely inspired my goal is to take 2 inches off my waist cause I’m a 26 and I wanna be a 24 or 23 how long should it take and I also workout every other day

  86. Stefanie Lozano says:

    I’ve started this on Friday today is Monday. I don’t feel like this stuff is working. I seem to want to eat more often. Snacking a lot. I try to weigh myself only once a week. So will see if any results. I work out 3-5 days a week but not noticing any difference.

  87. Stefanie Lozano says:

    Went to the Dr. I’m up 3 pounds from my kast weigh in. Doesn’t look like im going to continue this stuff.

  88. tanya with an A says:

    Ok i.had to stop halfway through the comments it got repetitive…but all I’m gonna say is if u are exercising properly (as in atleast 30 mins on the treadmill or climber at a speed of atleast 2.8 mph ir walking,tae bo,aerobics,zumba) or etc…other than just squats and a few lunges for5 mins u should see results with this product and also if u do workout properly and u still feel really tired or drained most the day and can’t seem to lose weight but gain it…it could be a thyroid problem and need to be tested for that…thyroids can wreak havoc on your body…I’ve been on this product for a month now and i work out 6 days a week…30 mins on the treadmill at a speed of 3.5 if i don’t have time to take a walk…45mins of tae bo later in the afternoon and. I try to eat clean 85% of the time…and if i want to eat something not so clean i portion control it…its simple there is NO miracle diet pill…u can take them to help u but when it comes down to it u have to get off your butt and do the work…and as for buffets i love chinese buffets…but they also have many dishes with veggies that are delicious and if you must eat at the buffet then choose wisely and eat small portions and go walk it off…even walking walmart helps…good luck guys!!!

  89. tanya with an A says:

    Also I’ve been off drinking sodas,energy drinks or anything high in sugars…i drink only lemon water and silk vanilla almond milk…anything else i don’t touch it and that’s how i started losing weight…sodas and sugary drinks are #1 next to fast food that causes obesity…six months off sodas and sugars and i feel so much better.

  90. Denise says:

    I have really fat arms and a lot of babyfat can somebody tell me if the whole body slims down including arms and legs? And can someone tell me some side effects?

  91. cee says:

    I’m just curious as to why in Canada the dose is different tha in the U.S. if its the same product
    Phytogenix lab ultimate garcinia cambogia double pack 42 count each 1556mg from Walmart is what I have

  92. dee b says:

    Im pleased so far with this product. Haven’t been taking it too long but I have lost inches and maintained my weight.

  93. Jennifer D. says:

    I have just started taking the double pack of ultimate garcinia cambogia and its says take 4 pills 3 times a day 60 minutes before each meal with an 8 ounce glass of water. Can anyone tell me if after taking it for the first time is it supposed to make you feel nauseous??

  94. Lori says:

    I have read through all these comments, as I have read hundreds more not associated with this site, and it seems to be a trend… The bottles are not clearly translated and/or they have different dosages. In the USA, I purchased both the GC as well as the GCBE as Dr. Oz stated to do, and I’ll be beginning my plan tomorrow. I’ve noticed that everyone is mainly talking only about the GC and not about combining the two, as suggested. That may be why you’re not getting the results you wanted. I’ll be following the dosages on both bottles as directed ~ Phytonix GC at 12 pills per day and the Phytonix GCBE at 6 pills per day and post back with my results in one week. Good luck to everyone, and please also consider including a minimum of 30 minutes per day an exercise. Even something like walking will help. These supplements are diet AIDS, which means they AID you in your diet plan, not work miracles for you while you choose to continue to eat unhealthy and not move. I’m not slamming anyone at all, I’m just saying to use common sense.

  95. cassy says:

    Just bought this product from walmart because it said all natural. My question is this…does anyone know if there is anything in this product that will show up on a drug test. I am on probation and get tested and can’t take most diet pills because they will spark a false positive.

  96. kell says:

    I just started the garcinia cambogia myself as well. I myself had gotten full already on my first meal with the pills, usually I go back for seconds lol. But it’s only been a day so we’ll see if I have any results in a week, can’t wait to see. I will most definitely be changing my diet as well though. Good luck to all as well who started on a garcinia Cambogia diet.

  97. Becky says:

    Does anybody know if these are ok to take for about a month about 4-5 months before planning to be pregnant?

  98. MarQuita says:

    I just bought the 2 pack tonight and I start tomorrow morning. My weight as of this morning was 278. I will give an update in a week!!!

  99. Yvonne says:

    Please everyone continue to update on your weight loss progress & any tips. This is very helpful. Day 1 for me, I bought the Photogenix Ultimatee GC brand (60% HCA) from Walmart today along with Green Coffee tablets (45% chlorogenic acids). Took both products (followed directions on package) 1 hour before lunch with lots of water. Started feeling full before finishing everything on my plate. Tried to eat my chocolate candy afterwards but was full, almost hard to believe myself! I did feel nausea and a little dizzy earlier but starting to get used to the pills in my system. I love that I’m not hungry even though it’s time to eat dinner now. Looking forward to continuing with both of these products. Will keep updating on my progress.

  100. Over weight Me says:

    I just purchased the twin pack of Phytogenix Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia. I want to initially lose 60lbs on my way to 150lbs (Ideal weight). I have been using My Fitness pal for about 2 weeks and watching my calorie intake. I will start using this in the morning. I hope this works. I exercise every day for at least 30 min which includes walking, treadmill, Gazelle freestyle machine.

  101. Amanda says:

    So I have a question I am taking Cipralex it is a axiety and depression medication. I am wondering if GC would interact with it. I have heard of people taking GC while on those types of medications and it was fine. But I just wanted some feedback from people that have actually been taking it. Thanks

  102. Over weight Me says:

    I have stopped taking these pills because at first it appeared to be working but after taking them for over a month it seemed like I was more hungry plus I started feeling light headed. My calorie intake has remained the same since I stopped taking them and I do not feel light headed. I had high hopes for these pills but it looks like a waste of money. Oh and I was taking the Green Coffee Bean pills as well and have stopped taking them to because I just don’t think they work either. I will do the old fashion way of losing weight by exercising and watching what I eat that seems to be the best way.

  103. Jill says:

    The box said 4,667 mg. per day so that would mean each pill is around 389 mg per pill? If u take 4 pills 3 times a day that averages 4668 mg. per day. The correct amount does not average out correctly. To me 389 mg. is an odd dosage. I did not see anywhere on the box where it actually said how much each pill. actually is and I find that odd as well. I do have it here I just haven’t tried it yet I am still on the fence about it. Does this seem odd to anyone else?

  104. Nadi says:

    My comment on this product is “DON”T WASTE YOUR MONEY!” My job is to research and test products like this against placebos. I took this product AS DIRECTED. Followed to exact directions. I started a diet plan of no sugar, dairy, and salt. Along with the diet plan I also started walking 10-15 miles a day. I did this for 2 weeks, I am 34 and my height is 5’9 and my starting weight was 143. My end results after the two weeks = 2lbs. This product may work for those of you who need to loose more than 10 lbs. I noticed that it would suppress my appetite, unfortunately since it did I would get extremely hungry when it wore off. Oddly, I was eating my prepped portions every two hours and I would still have the same problem everyday around 3pm. As soon as I would feel hungry I knew my body would start using my lean muscle to product energy not my fat…. not ok. To me, this is a complete waste of money. To those of you, like I said earlier, who need to loose a lot of weight this could help with over eating and eating bad food too often. I am allergic to MSG and preservatives so I can’t eat any of those things, yes it sucks. At the same time it forces me to NOT eat those things so incase some of you who might read this think that I was not eating properly or getting the proper exercise, please believe me – I was. I work in a factory and it is hard work I also have a 200 acre organic farm so I am busy all the time. If you are looking to loose those last 10 pounds, this is not the product for you. Take care, life’s short, enjoy it.

  105. Pat says:

    Did anyone have an allergic reaction? My directions said take 4 capsules 3 times a day, an hour before each meal. I am allergic to so many things, I only took one once. My throat itched, my lips and tongue swelled. I had hives and itched all over. I did not take anymore. I wonder if I can get my money back…

  106. Arianna says:

    I started my journey with Ultimate Garcinia Cambogia (Walmart brand) Sunday 2/1! I’ve also started working out again 30 mins a day, lowered my calorie intake and very little sweets. I will keep you posted on my progress! I am too excited!

  107. tina khan says:

    I have started Ultimate Garcinia Combogia by Phytogenix (84 caplets pack) today, as it’s the only one available in my city. I followed the exact dosage of 4 pills three times a day, one hour before meals. I haven’t really changed my diet and don’t plan to add any exercise. Let’s see how it works for me. I am 5’8 and weigh 260 lbs. I developed HELLP syndrome during my last pregnancy a year and half back and gained 80 lbs as a result. I need to lose at least 100 lbs. I am just concerned if it’s safe for me and doesn’t affect my liver. I will keep you posted about the results. I really hope that it works for me as I have tried almost everything on earth to lose weight but couldn’t succeed. I must say that on first day i didn’t feel nauseous or lightheaded as i did with other diet pills. Wish me luck.

  108. Robert bruno says:

    Mine has coffeebeans is there caffeine in it im allergic to caffeine

  109. Pat says:

    Hi, anyone knows any interaction with birth control pills?

  110. Maria says:

    i bought some garcinia cambogia pills .. I’ve been taking them for 2 days now but it says to take 4 pills 3 times a day.. A total of 12 pills a day.. And I think that’s just to much.. But I want it to work. Also I’m doing diet but I can’t do excercise because I kind of broke my ankle.. I can walk a little bit but not run as I used to 4 days ago.. What do you guys think about the 12 pills?? Isn’t that crazy??

  111. Mary says:

    The Bottle for Ultimate Garcinia say’s take 2 pills 2 times a day. Why are people taking 1 pill 4 times a day. Does it make a difference or is it
    more harmful to your body? Curious!!!!

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