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Zero-cal capsules

Here’s a similar one that came in the mail: Zero-cal capsules.It’s supposed to be what astronauts use in space and developed by aerospace researcher Mark Johanston. But I googled, and there’s nothing on him, the pills, or the company, Global Weight Management.

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274 comments on “Zero-cal capsules”

  1. Barb says:

    Received a mailer today – this one is located in South Portland, ME and the phone #888-289-6466. Just wanted to give a current phone # for those who might need it, before I toss this thing in the trash.

  2. Doris B says:

    I couldn’t help but read through the many comments the majority,(about 95%),are negative. However, it is apparent that certain situations were inserted most likely by the company themselves. The two major issues I noticed that they are working both from Canada and the USA. That is why so many different numbers and working from Post office boxes instead of a physical address tells a lot. Also, buyer beware as one consumer pointed out that he/she actually had to have their credit card number changed as they kept trying to put the sale through. My credit card has blocked them but I always monitor my accounts continuously.

  3. Doris B says:

    Well, it definitely is a scam and there are several numbers and locations…lol! I was especially intrigued with the woman who lost 4 lbs. overnight. I fortunately always purchase items with my chase card because they provide protection with these kinds of scammers. The update of there location is in Texas and the phone number that they are using is 1-866-951-8010. I was promised 3 times regarding my refund which never materialized, my final communication with them was that they had sent out a check a week ago and now they would have to file for a lost check…keep in mind it was supposed to be credited back on my card but they had problems…LOL! I called Chase and I have received 100% refund and they are blocked from trying to charge my card again. I believe that these made up stories are being done by the company itself. Hope everyone reads this before they get a headache trying to get their monies back.

  4. Tammie says:

    I ordered the diet pills, received in a timely manner, Did Not lose any weight, I sent the empty bottles back and Did receive a refund HOWEVER I was encouraged to purchase a New Era vitamin I Did Healthy Choice Daily was a disaster, not good customer service

  5. patti says:

    Yes I too have take all of the bottle but NO Weight Lose so buyer be aware. just saying!!!!!!

  6. CSauder says:

    New flyer new number: 855-297-5619
    BBB show the company has a postal box address in Canada also. My flyer states Dallas, TX.

  7. Marisol says:

    NO! The answer to everything is just NO. They sent me the flyer, I was in a desperate state the day I received it and went on an impulse when I ordered it. It sounded so good, I didn’t even question it like I normally do. I got 1 bottle, received it fairly quick in the mail. It came with a crap pink plastic moonstone “pendant” and necklace chain that the clamp didn’t even work on. The guy who sold me the product over the phone promised me that it was guaranteed to work. He said don’t change anything, eat as normal and you are still going to lose weight. He is a liar. This company is crap. They have no legitimate website info and all I can seem to find are negative responses. I returned the bottle as the lady on the phone instructed, in a bubble wrap envelope with a copy of the original receipt inside and 2 pills left in the bottle. She said they will mail me a check. We shall see. I gained weight, I gained 5 pounds the month I took it, and that’s a lot for my small frame. So do yourself a favor and please don’t buy this.

  8. Linda says:

    I received their flyer in the mail, their customer service # is 1-866-951-8010. I paid extra $7 for express delivery, received it 8 days later, tried it for 2 weeks and in fact gained 2 pounds. I returned it and am waiting on refund. I believe this is a scam and don’t fall for it!

  9. judy says:

    I tried to order the Zero-Cal capsules,my bank put a block on my card, and boy am I glad. I will call the bank and thank them

    1. Marisol says:

      I had to get a whole new credit card sent to me because the credit card company noticed a unidentified charge that they had to block. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving with these people… I wish I never would have bothered. They should be stopped, it looks like this has been going on for years. 🙁



    1. Anna Marie says:

      I called them today (to order more) and this is the number that worked for me… 855-297-5619.

    2. Marisol says:

      Here’s another number, I used this one a few days ago to cancel my failed monthly trial 🙁

  11. Jamie says:

    My mom purchased $106.00 worth of pills about 10 days ago. And a purchase at a Michael Khors in Florida happened yesterday… We live in Arkansas, and never been to Florida….Don’t purchase this with your debit card or credit card. Complete scam…. My mom had just got her debit card and this was her first purchase…..

  12. Ann Mich. says:

    Just rec’d my flyer today. I was so excited until I found this site. Really am grateful for all the posted information, Will have to make up my mind wheather to try or not Seems there was success from some.

    1. Eileen says:

      It had work for I have been trying to call the following number 8552975619 and the # is always busy I want to order sone more can some one give me the right # please to the filling email addy up at the top of this saying

  13. E D Harris says:

    Two years ago I ordered this product. The first two weeks I lost nothing.Then the following week I started losing. It took 3 weeks to drop 20 pounds (Five weeks total) When I called the number to get a refill it gave another number for returning customers. When I called that number there was a recording that stated they were unable to continue filling orders. That once they have the problem resolved they would resume selling the Zero-Cal Caps. Imagine my disappointment. For a month I called the number and got the same message. Then I turned to the internet and found nothing but similar pills, which I did not order.
    Today, I received a new order form from the same name, address, and a different phone number, which I jumped on immediately to order. I am absolutely thrilled they are back in business even ordering more than I need in case this happens again.
    All I know is it worked for me and I can”t wait to get my order. In my experience with this company they have my loyalty.Their product may not do 100% of what they claim, but for me and the way I took their product it did 100% for me.
    One last thing…. I don’t believe in a ” magic pill”. I did consume 1200-1500 calories per day. Due to physical limitations I did not work out. It did not interfere with my medications. The best part, two years later, I have not put the 20 pounds back on.

    1. E D Harris says:

      I do not work for this company nor do I have any ties to this company. I have no financial interest in this company or its product.

  14. J L Lorette says:

    The Telephone # is 1 855 297 5619 – just received a mailer – you don’t say good or bad – comments are 2003 what gives?

  15. Jeanette says:

    I don’t think this product works so save your money.

    1. Linda says:

      So glad I found this site. I have tried so many things and as said by some of you I actually gained more.I need to lose weight for my health and I am desperate but have become so skeptical. Thanks for opening my eyes before I made another mistake.

  16. Elaine Robinson says:

    sorry it is 1-855-297-5619!

  17. Elaine Robinson says:

    Their envelope just came in the mail today and I thought I’d check this out on the internet before buying it. The telephone number on here to call and order it is – 1-885-297-5619.

  18. Beve says:

    I received the capsules within three weeks without expedited shipping. I am 70 years old and have no thyroid, which makes it really tough to lose weight. I also have hip, knee and back problems, so my exercising is limited (although I do try). In one month I lost 15.5 lbs. Not bad for someone with no thyroid. I have to admit, I did not lose at first. I was about to give ]up and return the balance when all of a sudden my clothes started getting lose and the weight started coming off. Don’t give up so easily. You didn’t gain the weight overnight, don’t expect miracles overnight.

    1. Wanda B. says:

      I am surprised at all the negative information. It has been almost a year ago now that I received my order of Zero cal capsules and I lost about 7 – 8 lbs per week. So far no sides effects that are apparent, but when I went to do a refill, I can not seem to contact anyone via email or phone,

  19. DanICA says:

    Hallo everyone,I just want to know is there any way to order this product in South Africa????????

    1. Carly says:

      Hello, I live in England and have just received some leaflets through the post for these. Thank you for your warnings, I shan’t be ordering these any time soon!

  20. Keren says:

    hi there– was just on the site reading comments on the Zero Cal product…. with negative review after negative review, and some people even claiming that the company falsely used pictures of their friends to advertise the product, I’m really shocked they haven’t been reported to the FTC or the BBB or some combination of all that. Plus it’s suprising to me that NASA would endorse such a thing? Seems more than a little off… wondering if you guys would look further into what looks to me like a scam….looks like a lot of people lost a lot of money


  21. Shana says:

    I used the first bottle and gained 6 pounds! not happy at all. I called customer serive number today,Dec 06, and the automated messagee says this product is no longer available, customer service does not pick up the phone either. I can’t find my packing slip and wish to return the product and get my money back and also do not want to be charged again for the second round. Can you help me please? Thanks

  22. Dave F. says:

    started my pills oct 21 took 1 bottle no results at all was sure hoping they would work but to no avail will be trying to get my money back not sure if it,s a scam best advice SAVE YOUR MONEY

  23. Mary says:

    I ordered & received 4 bottles & just got through taking all four bottles. I guessed it wasn’t going to work after a week & my weight was about the same, fluctuated a little up & down but no loss. I probably won’t get “jack” back by complaining, but I learned my lesson.

  24. Simi says:

    I just received the flyer in the mail today. It has Ontario address on it. Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 1H3, but when I read the reviews from other people, they saying the address is in Dallas. Also the phone # is different: 1-855-839-9521. So I think I will wait until I see this product in the store. Too good to be true.

  25. Robert says:

    The caps are definitely a scam. After 1 month I have lost zero pounds. I have the mailing with the phone number to call so I will be sending the remaining caps in for a refund. I had a feeling the caps were a scam when the phone rep tried to get me to buy the $99 plan which exceeded the weight loss I was trying to achieve.
    There is no magic bullet out there except proper eating and some exercise. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

  26. Robert says:

    Well it’s been a week. No gain and no loss. Expected to see a 1 or 2 pound loss after 1 week. The people claiming weight loss must have a fairly decent metabolism or they are also exercising. It looks to me that the only way these capsules are going to work is if you are up there on the space station with the rest of the astronauts! I’ll give the caps 2 more weeks and if nothing happens the remainder will be going back. I’ll let everyone know. Remember, if it’s on the Dr. Oz show it must work! Try those green tea or mango capsules. 😉

  27. Jeanne says:

    Got these pills 2 days ago the bottle was open. Am afraid to take them. Will be returning for a refund. Sounds like good luck on a refund huh ? Also calling my
    credit card company to put a stop on future charges.

  28. Sherrie says:

    day 5 no weight loss..waited 2 weeks for pills…no necklace I .ate healthy and drank lots of water I read your messages….called my bank….in Canada you can cancel your credit card so they can’t charge you again ( after they get your complaint call) and you can reverse your payment…if you don’t recieve some , or all of your order….it is Sunday…cancelling tomorrow! I am surprised people are loosing weight….glad for them….I suspect the pills might have been motivation to eat better..or they are carrying a lot of waste in their bady…wish them well! ….I know this is not working for me.

  29. Tracy says:

    HI All,

    This is day 2 taking the pills and I’ve notice that I’m not as hungry. I’d been having a real problem in the mornings being hungry all the time but yesterday and today are going well!

  30. donna says:

    Called the number on the brochure and the woman on the phone kept trying to sell me the more expensive bundle. Then she wanted to enroll me in some Rewards program, free trial and then they charge you monthly unless you cancel. I said I was not interested, and she kept repeating that I would get discounts and a walmart gift card just for looking at the materials during the free trial. I kept saying no i was not interested and just wanted the $79 package, but she kept pushing the enrollment so I just said cancel the whole thing. I already gave my cc number, so I am hoping I dont get charged. I will contest it if I am.

  31. Jon says:

    Received the flyer in the mail. Seems too good to be true. If it were real, why would it take so long to hit the market? Glad I found this site. Just another ‘magic’ pill. I believe those that did lose weight were just watching their food intake because they believed that taking the pill, and eating less, would double the weight loss. I won’t purchase until it’s in the stores. Neither should anyone else.

  32. Lisa says:

    Bummer. Sounds like a huge scam. Besides not being able to find info on these pills from NASA or on the supposed NASA inventor, check out this info from NASA websites:

    The NASA Food Technology Commercial Space Center says that “astronauts usually LOSE weight during space missions.” http://ftcsc.ag.iastate.edu/pages/trivia.htm See answer to question # 25.

    And since the STS-79 mission of 1996, astronauts have carried into orbit space walking suits designed to fit more than one astronaut to save storage space. That would seem to make the statement about the suits being skin tight subject to weight gain a lie. http://history.nasa.gov/spacesuits.pdf See p. 23.

  33. Wendi R. says:

    Just recieved the flyer in the mail. I went looking for information like so many of you. Any researcher is going to show up on the internet if they are published. Of course, we can’t find Mark Johanson or his wife. The mailing address is now out of Rye, NY. I am going to go out on a limb here and say, Texas must have been putting some pressure on them and they moved the wharehouse!

    Looks like another company making money off of our desperation to lose the weight fast and easy. No majic pill here!

  34. Sambo says:

    I am 73, and wanted to lose a bit of weight before going on a cruise. I got the flyer in late May, ordered, and received the pills by June 1st. Following the directions (one pill each morning), I lost 12# by July 1st, two days before the cruise. I can’t complain.

  35. Russ says:

    Okay…..how does ANYONE live on “no calories?” Ohhhh…..yeah, the ad says that your body uses the stored fat for energy. Actually, muscle supplies a lot of energy, and eventually you lose a lot of muscle mass. HMMMMMMM….your heart is muscle…how do you replenish your muscles with the much-needed protein on a “no-calorie” diet? The add mentions that the vitamins and minerals you need are still supplied…… but NO PROTEIN! How does that work? Now…can you REALLY believe such claims?

    1. Ben says:

      I don’t believe they mention “no protein”. It’s calories, not protein that they claim is blocked. I believe calories come from the things (sugars including fructose/glucose; and carbohydrates, but not proteins) your body breaks down into sugars, which enter the blood stream and is either used for energy or stored as fat. Calories are a measurement of energy/heat and the number of calories refer to how much energy or fat storage a food item is likely to convert into. Your body will reduce muscle mass if you starve yourself. Apparently (the only logical answer I can think of), they trick the body into not absorbing sugars, etc. And the body never goes into starvation mode (i.e. breaking down muscle mass) because the stomach is kept from sending hunger signals by the regular eating schedule. That seems like a likely answer. However, they do warn to discontinue use when the target weight is reached, which does not seem like a detail that a scam artist would need to or care to include. But it fits from a scientific/liability standpoint, if you consider that when the fat runs out other body tissues could be broken down, and they are concerned about their liability if that should happen.

      1. Barbara Snyder says:

        Ugh, calories are calories and are in protein as well. Do you think a big steak has no calories?

  36. Rann says:

    I left a reply about returning a diet pill I had purchased. When I took it to the post office, my son insisted that I insure the package. They had told me I would be mailed my refund 3 days after they received it. Well, 2 months went by and many phone calls later with promises and promises to send it to me. I then told them that I would just collect my money from the post office on the insured package and they could deal with the post office Mail Fraud Dept. I had my check sent the very next day and in my hand that week.
    Good luck to everyone… and God bless.

  37. Tanya says:

    Everyone is missing one research area the XM-218. This isn’t the NASA name but the name it was sold under the XM brand name. That company was shut down for continuing to bill the credit cards of customers. Still trying to find old results from that product. I need a magic pill lol

  38. Amanda says:

    Ok so, I didn’t lose weight over the weekend but I was snacking like crazy which normally would have made me gain weight. Yesterday I lost 2 lbs whilst drinking beers and eating pizza.

    I do think there is something to this pill but it is not like the crazy promise that you will lose 12 lbs a week.

    I think if you eat somewhat normal the pills do help you lose, I’m staying on them for a month and then I will send them back if I haven’t had significant results.

  39. Trisha Kirk says:

    My husband and I bought the 40 pounds or more package and started taking them. In a month we have lost less than 5 pounds each. That’s a far cry from the promised 15 pounds a week. It cost 113.00 for our order plus express shipping. We didn’t end up getting our pills for almost a month and still don’t have the check reimbursing for the 13.00 we spent for shipping. When I called the number and asked what was taking so long they said they were swamped and must have gotten backed up in Texas. When we asked more questions we got “I don’t know” and ” I’ll have to ask”. How can you sell a product and not know answers to simple questions? As anyone would know who is even considering this product, we were excited to give it a go. Now I really REALLY wish we had looked into it before ordering. We definitely learned a valuable lesson a little to late! So to anyone out there looking at buying these pills DON’T DO IT!!!!! Trisha in GA

  40. Amanda says:

    I did not have the shipping issues many people had on here. I ordered on Thursday and they showed up about a week later on Wednesday. I did not pay for express shipping because they said something with their system was wrong and they couldn’t offer the express option.

    Today is the first day I took a pill. Starting weight 178. I will update!

    Also the free gift is pretty cheap as expected. Ok, so this diet seems too good to be true but I have a friend who swears her friend loss 30lbs in 30 days so I’m willing to try!

    1. Amanda says:

      Ok so I woke up this morning and my weight was 176.6 for a total loss of 1.8lbs (yesterday i was 178.4). Needless to say I’m excited but still very skeptical because it seems too good to be true.

      I also ate terrible yesterday, I had McDonald’s for the first time in 3 months and I made baked ziti for dinner with choc. chip cookies for dessert. I figured if I didn’t gain weight this morning it would be a win for the pills. I’m honestly shocked I lost almost 2 pounds but how could that be???

      I will keep updating this post on Monday. Wish me luck!

    2. Amanda says:

      It’s really important that you weigh yourself at the same time everyday. My dietitian recommends weighing yourself naked first thing in the morning after you empty your bladder. This is your base weight. If you weigh yourself the same way each day you will know for sure if you are losing weight.

  41. Gwendolyn says:

    I ordered the pill at the beginning of June and received it 5 days later. I have been taking it for about 5 days now and I feel like it’s working for me. With any regimen that you start there is detox period that your body goes threw from all the junk that we have put into our bodies over the years. If you have not stayed on the pill for a least 30 days how can you accurately say that it does not work. The pill needs to be taken in the morning before you eat anything in order for it to work accurately. It has gradually taking my sugar cravings away that I used to have and my stomach is shrinking. I feel like I have worked out and I have not done any workout as of yet. Also, you don’t eat a lot as well. Everyone body is different so everyone will have a different experience when taking the pill. Please give the pill a chance for at least 30 days before you try to say something does not work. I am a real person and NO I do not work for the company. I am just stating my experience with the pill.

  42. Kayleigh says:

    Hi, so I did not do my homework before ordering these kinda wish I did but I did not so I will keep you updated with my weight Saturday was my first day taking them, I weighed 143 , yesterday was my 2nd day and I weighed 143.8, today is the 3rd day I weighed in at 144.8 so in 3 days I gained 1.8 pounds. I’m short weighed 105-115 my whole life, but had health issues and went up to 145 in the matter of months. Yes, I know with age comes weight, but this is different and to quick for age weight. Health problems sidelined, I am trying to just shed a few pounds. I will keep you updated about every other day with specific pounds lost or gained.

    Now about the bottle/ingredients/shipping info. The bottle shows it was distributed by: Global Weight Management Research P.O Box 560847 Dallas, Texas 75356-0847. The shipping label shows It’s from ‘Warehouse 3000 West Commerce Street Suite 120 Dallas, Texas 75212. That address for one looks like It’s up for sale or something could be mistaking on that. One thing I know I’m not mistaking on is Texas especially Commerce St is known for importing/exporting so who knows. I glimpsed and saw that Risa gave ingredients..

    Today Tuesday weighed in at 142.4 so could be the time I weighed myself or something, but for once it didn’t go up.

    Ok actually it might be all in my head I opened up the capsule and has no smell, like vitamin smell. It doesn’t even taste like anything yes I tasted the actual medicine inside and I don’t know what it could really be. Could be me just thinking to much. I will keep you updated.

    For anyone who put in for refund can you let us know if refund was received please? Thank you..

    1. Ashleigh says:

      Hello! I hope its works. My mom just showed me this tonight and I started researching to see if its worthwhile. Would love to know so I can let her know!

    2. JJ17 says:

      I did receive a refund to my credit card. Never received the free gift as promised many times! I gained a few pounds taking this also.

  43. Judy Saffioti says:

    Unfortunately I sent my order in before reading some of these comments. If these Zero-Cal caps do not work, it will probably be the last time I order diet pills! But I will say that I received the pills promptly (about 10 days) and they did include my “free gift” (the little necklace). Some people on here complained it took a long time to receive pills and/or they never received the necklace. That was not my experience. NOW the question is, will they work at all?

  44. DD29 says:

    Hi just received my 2 bottles today. I will let u all know if it works. It took a good 3 weeks to get them.

  45. Jules says:

    I finally received my capsules in the mail today. It took 14 days with expedited shipping. I took my first one today. I don’t think I will lose 4 lbs. in 24 hours, but I will keep you posted. I hope they work – I’ve tried every diet known to man.


  46. Brandy says:

    Come on people, we all know that NOBODY is going to lose 15 lbs. in 1 week unless you cut off a limb! If a break-through was discovered that was really this big of a miracle, it would be on GMA, CNN, 60 Minutes, the cover of every magazine and inside the new medical journals in every country! The truth inside of us KNOWS that, but the part of us that just wants SOMETHING to work, even if it’s 2 lbs a week makes us go against our better judgement many times. I’m convinced this NASA Mark Joanston and Mark Joanson are one in the same, the co-Founder of Audax Medical who is noted for raising $20 million smacker. Caution; many times people put up a dummy type company to make money for what they REALLY do, and 4 of the quickest get rich schemes are (1.) “Quick weight loss” (2.) “Look young!” ( 3.) “Make millions without leaving the house, work when you want to!” and (4.) ” Be a celebrity, we can make you or your kids stars!” They know the things that people are desperately looking for, usually one of the 4, so they develop a sales pitch within the law, for instance, if they go over a certain amout of money per person it becomes a felony, they learn the rules. RESIST footing their bills! And the P.O.Box is a dead give away.
    3 of us take Pure Health Green Coffee Bean extract and we all lost between 13 and 22 lbs. Even if that’s all the weight, I like the benefits, and no I don’t work for this company, I just liked what was said about their product. Some companies cut it with other ingredients which is not recommended, and the Pure Health is only $9.99 on Walmart .com, my kind of price! Hope I helped somebody keep the their money in their pocket!

    1. Ben says:

      Nothing based on natural ingredients has ever been on the news, unless it’s talking about dangers. Our media is addicted to bad news, I’ve seen no evidence of anything else. It’s good to hear about the Pure Health Green Coffee Bean extract! But when is the last time that was on the news?
      It may not work, but I sure as hell wouldn’t depend on the media to notify me of anything that could help me. ‘sorry for my disgruntlement, it is directed at the media, not at you’.

  47. carmen says:

    I been reading some commet & deciding weather to buy the pills because i wasted already alot money already. Thanks for helping make my decion not to buy the pills. Thanks for the heads up on chickweed juice

  48. Tink says:

    In response to Annie. TY for your wisdom and your kind heart. You have given us all a precious gift of hope. It’s as simple as….If you want it, you have to work for it. There is no quick fix. I just through my mailer out.

  49. Emily says:

    I ordered them and after about 3 weeks got them yesterday. Started them today. Noticed increase in gas. Let’s hope more than that increases, I will keep y’all posted if there is any progress!

    1. Ashleigh says:

      Hey Emily! Has there been any weight loss? My mom is deciding if she wants to get them

  50. Risa says:

    I got the flyer in the mail and ordered these pills by phone on June 3rd. My card was charged the same day. I received them yesterday, June 10th and today is my first day taking them. I also received the free gift (the necklace) in the package. There was no literature in the package. I am skeptical but really hoping they work so I don’t have to go through what sounds like a nightmare of the refund process.

    The bottle says “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.”

    These are the ingredients on the bottle:
    Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 1.16 mg
    Zinc (as zinc oxide) 8 mg
    Filipendula ulmaria (herb) extract 60 mg
    Camellia sinensis (leaf) extract (standardized to 50% polyphenols, 35% catechins & 15% EGCE) 60 mg
    Prunus domestica (fruit) 5:1 Concentrate 20 mg
    Other ingredients: Microcrystaline, Cellulos, Gelatine (capsule), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Yellow #3

    Admittedly, I didn’t do any research before buying them, but hoping for the best. I’ll update after a couple weeks of trying them. Wish me luck! 🙂

    1. Jules says:

      How in the world did you get them so fast? I ordered mine 6/6 and today is 6/18. Nothing so far.

  51. Gary says:

    My wife and I ordered this product. It took 3 weeks to arrive, instead of the 2 quoted. We’ve been on the product for 5 days and are seeing some results, but what can you expect after a few days. We do notice a change in our washroom habits, as the product seems to have a diuretic effect. I’m going to keep on using it and will post our results.

    Just remember, if you don’t try it, how do you know it doesn’t work? Does not trying it automatically make it a scam?

    1. Ben says:

      You are so right! If they haven’t even ordered it, let alone tried it, how can they know?

    2. dee says:

      yes, dear ones…the ingredients in zero are exactly to relieve fluid retention..also, drinking more water just keeps that process going..your washroom will stay busy!
      be careful not to let your electrolytes get too low…losing all that fluid..etc…be careful..dee

    3. YoYo says:

      Gary, how are your results, I so want to try this. I know it may work for some and not others. Just checking on you, I will probably order at least 1 bottle.

  52. Kathy says:

    Thank God for the Internet. I was just getting ready to purchase this product.

  53. Annie says:

    After reading all these comments, I want to share my ‘success story!’ All these brochures (I received one as well) and online ‘quick-fix’ pills, etc. do-not work. I am going to first tell you the ‘Number One Secret’ to losing weight. (1) You got to want to!!! Just like quit smoking, someone on alcohol or drugs. Number (2) You have got to start cooking and eating healthy. Number (3) You got to ‘Move’…walking being one of the best things to do for anyone. Number (4) You cannot lose weight and still drink ‘soda’s!’….Ok, with all that said this is what I did. On Jan. 2, 2008, I started cooking and eating healthy. I eat on a ‘desert plate’ because I was raised in the ‘clean your plate era!’ By Sept 2008, I had lost 50 pounds. I lost another 10 pounds from then to March 2012, then lost another 10 pounds in 2012. My son said I was too thin, so I have worked to put 5 pounds back on. So, this morning I weighed 135. I went from 200lbs to 130…(and put 5 lbs back on recently) from a size 18 -20 to a size 6…I’m still in a size 6 with that extra 5 lbs I put back on…(I have before and after pictures) Between my Toaster oven, Microwave and Crock Pot…..that’s how I cook….and occasional my electric grill. And hubby does grill steaks on outside grill…..I drink diet green tea, in the bottle (If you have a store called Aldi’s in your town, their prices are cheaper than any other store). Also, drink water with lemon juice…….I eat a lot of fresh fruit, and the leanest meat, and all kinds of vegetables….I just open the bag or can, drain, spray with Pam butter flavor spray (or Walmart or store brand like Kroger) heat up in microwave. If I crave French fries…I wash, leave skin on, cut into fries, put in the pan that came with my toaster oven, spread out, spray with the butter flavor spray and cook….grease free…salt with ‘No-salt’ if you need to watch your sodium. I do sweet potatoes the same way as fries…..Also, I walk and dance. I walk a mile, at least at the park. You start out slow, and as you lose weight, you can walk faster. I also have a treadmill I use if weather or time doesn’t allow a walk at the park. I dance twice a month, 4 hours!! I call it my ‘jazzercise!’….When I started my ‘cut-back’ I was losing two pounds a week, as I saw the weight coming off, that encouraged me, and I was ‘serious! I refused all ‘eating out’ engagements, wouldn’t eat anything after dinner, or between meals…..And you know what? It paid off…..on the weekends, I did reward myself. But where I use to could have eaten a whole medium pizza by myself, I could only eat 2, maybe 3 pieces…..I think a lot of people fail on diets…(I didn’t even call what I was doing, a diet) is because you feel like you are being deprived of foods you like, etc….(reward yourself on the weekend) But if you get some weight off, you will feel like a new person, then you keep it up to maintain…..I have so much energy, and feel and look so much better….I’m probably guessed 10 years or more younger than my actual age. I have my husband on a ‘cut down, cut back.’ He has lost 32 pounds since Jan. 2, 2013. He has RA, can’t exercise like he needs to, but he is getting there…..I would like to add also, that after a few months into my cut back, I remembered I had some pills called ‘SlimQuick.’ Can buy them at Walmart, $19.95…they are for a woman….I never took then exactly as directed, but I still take two every morning….Also, in the fall of 2011, I started taking ‘Alli’ the blue pill that is supposed to absorb 20% of fat intake (only take if eating something fat) also, be sure to read the label about health warnings…they are a bit pricey…$50.00…can buy them at Walmart, Walgreens….Their ingredient is ‘Orlistat.’…..They pulled them off the shelves late last year…..then they showed up again…my doctor said one of the reasons was because they affected your ‘memory!’ I have stopped them, because I’m forgetful enough!! Another pill I took for a while last year was ‘Fastin’, ordered it off Amazon.com…..it will curb your appetite, has caffeine, which gave me ‘rapid heartbeat’ right after I took it, but not so bad if I had eaten something!….That’s what I lost that additional 10 pounds with…..But I’m just telling you guys about those 3 products as alternates, and to let you know how they worked for me………The most important things, are the first one’s I mentioned at the beginning of this post…..(1) Want to lose (2) Cook & eat healthy (3) Walk, exercise…..and also, for people that have health problems, or take a lot of prescription meds….it’s always good to speak with your doctor, or your pharmacist to see if weight loss meds will mix with yours, if you are going to be taking anything….I also take a ‘fluid pill’ prescribed by my doctor everyday, and you have to keep your ‘bowels’ regulated. I eat an Activia every morning….it do work…and drink a 6oz. cup of Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea before bed time……they have small boxes of it at Walmart….I order mine from amazon.com…….If any of this helps anyone, I’m happy I shared. I’m just a regular person, not affiliated with any company I have mentioned here…just a happy-go-lucky old gal that lost all that weight and got a ‘New Lease’ on life…..I turned 70 years old this past Dec…….Now, don’t tell me some of you ‘younger’ people can’t do this!!!!! Good luck, and have a blessed day.

    1. Watchdog Staff says:

      Wow Annie,

      What a wonderful life affirming post you just made.

      If someone at the grand age of 70 years (young) can do this then I guess there is no excuse for anyone else.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom and giving all of us a kick up the butt. 🙂

      Best of luck for the future

      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. Grant P says:

      Just read your post…. God I feel stupid, desperate, and clueless…. I am going to cancel my order and if they try to hassle me I will call my CC company and dispute. that is the power of an informed consumer??

  54. Sandie M. says:

    Unfortunately, those of us who struggle with our weight know how frustrating it can be and how desperate we become when all our efforts to lose are sometimes in vain. I’ve seen these scam products come and go over the years and even fell for a few of them myself. I think the key here is that they have no website. Even a fledgling new business, any kind of business, starts with a basic website. This was a big red flag for me. Also, the fact that they don’t say anything in this flyer about the product itself, the ingredients, etc. is another red flag. They say it’s been scientifically proven but give no information about the research conducted. When I researched online and found NOTHING except this site with information about the developer of the product…so suspicious. But the absolute strongest reason that I hope people aren’t sucked into this scam is that if it were really a legitimate weight loss breakthrough, we’d have all heard about it on every major television network and celebrities would be singing its praise! And they’d hike up the price so that only the celebrities could afford it anyway. It’s heartbreaking to see yet another unscrupulous, dishonest company taking advantage of a group of people who wish every day for a miracle. I wish all of us success in finding a healthy solution to reaching our weight loss goals. In the meantime, remember to love yourself as you are and always keep in mind that weight doesn’t define the true worth of anyone.

  55. SMB says:

    I’m thankful that we have the internet and websites for comments these days. It has saved me money in the past and will again now! I received this flyer today and will NOT be ordering anyZero-Cal capsules!

  56. JJ17 says:

    I took the pills for 3 week, gained 4lbs. Returned the remaining pills for refund, we shall see!!! Never received the free gift either. Called 5 times and every time was told ‘it’s in the mail’. The last call was a foreign man that you could not understand, would never answer ‘the’ question I was asking.

  57. Liz g. says:

    I no I’ve been scram with all the replays I’ve read make me this way they more bad reply then good ones I paid with a check maybe I can still cancel smile.

  58. Deanna says:

    I just received my shipping today…I took the pill and I will keep you posted on my results.

    1. YoYo says:

      Any update?

  59. Cheryl says:

    I ordered them on May 11th and received them on May 18th. I started on May 18th and have lost 8 lbs so far. I am drinking a lot of water too and that helps.

    1. Congetta C says:

      Thanks Cheryl, for coming forward to give all of us your results after taking the pills for 2 weeks and losing 8 pounds. That is great news, I am so happy for you! So far you are the only one who has lost weight. I was really excited when I received the advertisement in the mail and reading it over and over. I had the phone in my hand ready to call, however, after reading everyone’s messages in this strand, I realized that if these pills really did what the advertisement claimed, this good news would have gone viral by now, making headlines. However, the only mention of the pills ANYWHERE is on this chap room. You are probably getting ready for a special event or really watching what you eat, plus the water – that’s probably how you are losing weight. Three cheers for Cheryl, I hope you get to the weight you want to be 🙂

    2. YoYO says:

      Any update, really want to place an order, but all these responses….

  60. The fat guy says:

    its totally a scam….caps does not work at all.i doubt the customer service is also really in Dallas, they have a thick middle east accent, please dont fall for this scam. they are gonna charge your CC not only once but more than once and they are not going to refund anything. i knew all this because my wife ordered it,did not work, so far no refund, its been 3 weeks since we return the product. 2days ago my CC was charged again.now already notified my bank. BE CAREFUL OF SUCH SCAMERS!!1

  61. Lynn Call says:

    I decided to email my son who works with NASA/JPL and received the following reply which I decided to add to this thread for anyone who is interested.

    I said: “Just read an ad prepared by someone who claims he has been working for NASA for 18 years. Name is Mark Johanston and he says his work is as an Aerospace Researcher.

    “Do you have a way to confirm this?”

    His reply: “I don’t see him on the JPL list, and I don’t have the NASA-wide contact list. Claiming to work at NASA doesn’t really add to his credibility much. Plenty of wacko’s can get a job at NASA like anyone else, and the fact that he would use his NASA affiliation to sell something is dubious. There are strict rules for those who have businesses in addition to their NASA jobs and using NASA or JPL in the representation of a business is a major no-no.”

  62. marilyn says:


  63. LULU WEST says:

    Have these worked for anyone that has taken them? I haven’t seen anything positive.

  64. Beth Wieda says:

    Received another packet today, the same one I RECEIVED LAST WEEK. I also received 2 bottles of 30 caps each. Have been taking them for several days now and have not lost a single pound. Very sad. I will keep taking them and hope that something magical is going to happen before the last pill is gone. I still have hope, but that is waning quickly. I still say if we can send men into space and even build bridges and subways– we should have an instant pill reducer and hair destruction!

  65. Sandie says:

    I have MS and struggle to lose weight because of my limitations. I ordered 5 bottles and paid and addtional $7.95 for express service. 1 Month later they arrived, I have taken them exactly as described….6 days later and I am up 2 lbs! ARGH! Obviously this scammer has not suffered the despiration of trying to loose weight, either that or he/or she does not have a heart.

    1. dee says:

      everyone needs to research the ingredients for zero’s claim possible. there is the proof..B6 is like a diuretic..fluid loss…you should never take Zinc without a little Copper..one is prunes..for elimination..you must ck out the herbs to see if they are
      ok to take if you are on any kind of medication and not take at least 2 plus hrs after
      any meds..getting the picture….these ingredients can activate fluid loss not fat tissue..too much fluid loss can cause low electrolytes…not good….Good Luck dee

  66. P. Meloy says:

    I ordered the capsules on May 11 and received them on the 18th. I have been taking them for one week and have lost 7 pounds and I feel great. No side effects. I do not want to loose weight too fast so this seems like it will work for me.

    1. C FLoyd says:

      Hello, P Meloy are you still taking them and are they still working? So in your opinion they are worth it?

    2. Darlene says:

      Glad to hear of one positive result so far.

  67. Christie says:

    Unfortunately, there is not a magic pill. We are so addicted to sugars and salts and all the bad stuff that is constantly being advertised on television, billboards and fliers in the mail….Our lives are so busy we grab the fast food junk because it is easy and quick. We, me included, have to learn to prepare in advance the good things, and go prepared! It is hard, but it does work. We have to “eat to live” NOT
    “live to eat”.

  68. Gayl says:

    Whenever I get one of these advertisements in the mail, such as the zero calorie capsule, I want to believe that it will really work so I won’t have to work so hard to lose weight. I received the advertisement today which brought me to this forum after trying to find out more information about the product. But all of you out there who are desperate, like me, to lose weight need to step out of the emotion for a moment and really think about it. If someone really had a pill that would melt the fat off of your body without any effort on your part, wouldn’t you hear about it all over the news? It would be the most profitable finding in history and the person who came up with it would be the most famous, most wealthy individual on the planet! There is no magic pill. We need to all eat less and move more.

    1. Sandie M. says:

      Great comment Gayl, and so true. We all want a magic pill, but there’s no substitute for healthy eating and getting some exercise. I hate seeing desperate people being scammed, but those with weight issues are a group of people who are regularly taking advantage by unscrupulous people who only see dollar signs. We have to better educate ourselves…and rely on sites like this to spread the truth.

  69. rebecca says:

    I have been on these pills for 6 days and gained 2 pounds and that is evean after watching what I ate.

  70. lmark says:

    hhhhmmm sounded to good to be true DAMN gotta keep walking

  71. Linda Roylance says:

    I KNOW this is an UNETHICAL company, and probably a scam. One of my friend’s pictures is used as a lady’s before picture and then another one of her pictures is used as a DIFFERENT lady’s after picture. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT MY FRIEND DID NOT USE THIS PRODUCT TO LOSE HER WEIGHT! She used something else to lose 131 pounds. I’d love to mention it, but it might be considered spam. BUT I can say I would not buy anything from Zero-Cal, they are dishonest!

    1. Dre says:

      Why not? Plenty of other people have mentioned products. Share the news.

  72. MJ says:

    Got my flyer in the mail today and immediately came here. There is no doubt it is a scam. Obviously, there were a lot of suspicious elements like no ingredients, the strange idea that astronauts don’t exercise in space ! ? , and that having zero calories is a good way to lose weight. Come on people. Are we really that naive? I think Dr Oz would be laughing his head off if he received one of these pamphlets. My best results have come when I eliminated sugar and white flour from my diet. Oh and stop eating at least three hours before you go to bed. Here’s to you good health!

  73. Sandy says:

    When I received this packet last week, I immediately went to the computer to see if anyone had posted anything. Couldn’t find anything so I started looking for info differently like by Marks name and Daniel Hammersmiths name…etc. Still did not find anything on them, but interestingly enough, I came across a picture that they have of a lady in the flyer that I think they have marked as Mary S. It is the women with short hair and in like a black bathing suit in the before picture and long hair in the after picture. I found that exact same before picture of her on another website and it has her name as Jenny G. losing weight at an Omaha weight loss clinic. Once I found that, I thought to myself, “BUSTED YA” and of course did not order. I wish there was some safe, obtainable pill that would do this though.

    1. Hxwild says:

      I once came across on internet site that posted pictures that are commonly used by the scam artist – seems once you place your picture on certain sites, they can then be used by anybody – that site showed the same pictures used in various different products (with different names for the same people) – most of these people are selling harmless products that they sell for many times their costs knowing that many people will order and eventually give up trying to get a refund – and the number of refunds that actually do give are more that covered by the enormous profit they get on the products not refunded (i would guess that the product they sell for $55 probably costs them something like $2.00 – so just think about the money they make before they finally disappear! (and later reappear under some other similar type scam).

  74. Amanda_Phd says:

    Or Even try African Mango. My best friend uses it and it helped her lose weight and keep the weight off

  75. Dr.Noe says:

    Synopsis: IF you ever get them, they seem to contain healthy ingredients, apparently haven’t killed anyone, they’re somewhat over-priced, very hard to to get a refund on – if even possible, and the aggregate weight loss experience has been dismal. It may be that as an inspired result of NASA research goes, TANG breakfast drink is a better buy.

  76. debra says:

    Has anyone got results from this zero-cal pill?

  77. Maria says:

    My friend ordered these pills. After finishing the bottle, she had lost 2 pounds. Can’t even say the weight lose came from the pills. If you check your weight at different times of the day, it’s bound to change by a pound or two. A waste of money. I got her to try some pills that I have been taking that are all natural. They work. Free sample with no up front credit card info required. Send an email if you would like it to [email address removed]

    1. lula renteria says:

      hi, would love to know what pill you are having success with.

    2. Diane says:

      What is the name of the pill

    3. Kenia says:

      Hello, I felt so disappointed about this . It is unbelievable people can pretend to play with our money and hopes. your email was removed. I would love to know which product (pills) are you talking about. Thank you very much

    4. marilyn says:

      can u just give the name of the pill

      1. Martha says:

        This DIET DUDE must work for them.you want to lose weight???’ This is the name of the best pill you can get…Eat healthy and exercise, that is the only thing that will work for
        sure (besides a fast metabolism ).

    5. Deanna says:

      I would love to know what diet pill you are taking….please share with us!

    6. Renon Hartleh says:

      please send me the info of what you are taking. Thanks.

    7. Happy says:

      Please send me the name of the pill you are taking.

  78. Sandra Murdock says:

    I ordered these pills may 11 and received them today, may 20. I will let you know if they work.

  79. Dona says:

    I haven’t tried this exact pill the zero-cal. But I have tried a different one. I sent the second bottle back, and sent it signature requested so they couldn’t say they didn’t get it. I called two weeks later to see when my refund would be sent. They said they were processing it. a month later still no money. Another call it being processed they said again. on the next call a month after i got a supervisor. I’ll get it sent he said. two weeks later no money, called again and was told that it was over 90 days so they didn’t have to do a refund. The lawyer would have cost more than the $65, so I wrote it off as a learning experience. So don’t believe in the refund guarantee.

  80. Tester says:

    3days taking the pills and gained 4 lbs and ate light food, not pigging out or anything.
    Need that guarantee refund …

    1. Confused and Amazed says:

      Well guess I should have read these comments before ordering the product…Probably got scammed to…should get my product in 5 days…we will see..but they told me I could return it and get a full refund if it didn’t work….I used my credit card…wish now I hadn’t….think I will but a freeze on it so they can’t use it ….any comments of what I should do…I did ask him if it was good results…and of course he said yes…he friend did great with it…….so any comments would be appreciated…..wish me luck.

  81. Sibylle says:

    I received the letter a couple of days ago. Wanted to try the pills, but I misplaced the order form. Does anyone have a phone number for Zero-Cal caps?

  82. tee says:

    I guess Im the guinea pig… I ordered the pills on Monday and rcvd them today…Friday. Pretty fast. I will keep u all posted on whether they work. im hoping they do.

    1. paulette says:

      tee…please keep us posted

      1. christine says:

        please, please keep me posted…

    2. april says:

      have these pills worked for anyone n here , who have actually tried them? please let me know.

      1. JJ17 says:

        I tried the pills for 3 weeks, gained 4 lbs.

        1. Tammy says:

          Tried them for 3 weeks, gained 6 lbs

  83. wendy says:

    I got my package today: one pill a day, each bottle with 30 pills. Since I had already ordered before I found this forum, and now have my package, I will keep you posted. My current weight is a well distributed 206#

    1. christine says:


      I want to order the pills and I was follow up with you because you said you ordered the pills. Any results as of yet??


      1. JJ17 says:

        Christine, I tried them….did not work, actually gained 4 lbs!!!! I have returned the remaining pills, we will see if I get a refund!!

    2. Missy says:

      How did it go?

    3. Judy says:

      Please keep us posted. Thanks.

    4. lmark says:

      Wendy What are your results so far???

  84. Diet dude says:

    How in the hell would any of you crazy bats have any clue whether it was a scam or not unless you actually tried it!?!?!? They back the product with a life time garantee, if it doesn’t work return it, all of you are whining and crying its a scam but not one of you has tried it, jeepers creepers get a grip and give it a chance!!!

    1. Lynne says:

      Really? Lose 15 lbs in one week. I was in the hospital for 2 wks without eating solids and guess what I didn’t lose a pound. It sounds great however it’s not realistic.

    2. Dr.Noe says:

      While what you say is true, Diet Dude, Once you order the stuff, and they have your money, the guarantee is only as good as the people behind it and if they’re just smoke and mirrors, it’s like a check written on a bank that doesn’t exist. You have my 100% Lifetime Double Your Money Back Guarantee on that!

      1. marilyn says:

        TY DR. NOE for your comment to DIET DUDE. I was about to address him in the same manner. Food for thought:has anyone contacted the Food and Drug Administration?If the company is in Texas as Juice says,there should be more labeling.Isn’t it required to include on labels all ingredients including trans. fats,calories,% of each ingredient etc. You all get my drift.Look at it this way:your health is the most precious thing you have:guard it .

        1. Risa says:

          I just received the pills and the bottle says “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.”

          1. Ben says:

            So what? That is on literally everything naturally based these days.

    3. JJ17 says:

      Diet dude….I did try it…..IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME!!!!!!! actually gained 4 lbs!!!!

  85. Helen says:

    I Googled Mark Johnston and there is such a person but he works in another field at NASA. Also, the pictures don’t match. I can’t findthe ingredients. Probably should send this to the Atty. General so these flyers will stop. To Good to Be True
    Another diet scam.

    1. Big Ben says:

      It says Johanston not johnston

  86. Carolyn says:

    I just read the FDA website for diet pills. This is a total scam. There is no “free Trial”.
    When you give your credit card number or bank info, they bill you for the full amount, then keep billing every month. You have to contact your card issuer, and your bank to stop payment.

    1. Misty says:

      That’s not true! They do not keep billing every month. Only one payment

    2. Ben says:

      And there is no “free trial”, it’s “Risk-free trial”! I am so tired of reading comments by people who have not even ordered it. If you have had an “experience” good or bad I would like to know, but please can people stop cluttering this page up with “I believe it’s a scam because… even though I know nothing about it…” posts.

  87. juana ayala says:

    i was thinking of ordering this product but after hearing all this i said never mind just another scam

  88. Dee Dee says:

    I received this flier in the mail on Tuesday. Iwas looking into finding more information on this product, but I couldn’t find anything. I am not order this “fake pill.” Please donot waste your money on something you cannot measure.

  89. Christie says:

    I’m soooooo pissed I ordered those pills yesterday and I’m calling tomorrow to cancel my order next time I get some stupid junk in the mail I Will research it… I’m convinced this “magic pill” is a scam… Do not get it do not call it… It’s not worth your time… Plus their is no info on this product no website and it it was so magical why isn’t it on the news like de oz .. Raspberry ketone pills cas it’s a scam… I would like to think every one for their comments hopefully I can conceal my order with no problems

  90. Brenda says:

    A few years back I purchased a diet pill called Zerocal from the beauty supply house I shopped at. I lost a good bit if weigh(25ish) effortlessly. These pills worked by keeping you full .. 4 bites of dinner and it was a struggle to eat another bite.. And i tr anything i wanted. When I went back for more they weren’t carrying them anymore. I’ve been looking for this pill for a while now and it would be great if this was the same one but there’s no way to tell. Sounds like people are getting ripped off.

    1. Judy says:


  91. Jean says:

    I received the mailer today, and I decided to investigate. Thank you for posting these messages because the ads are inciting for people who want to lose weight; however, it is true what others have mentioned about the fact that there is very little contact information. I also agree that it is puzzling that people can get away with such blatant dishonest tactics. DO NOT BE TEMPTED. IT IS A SCAM.

  92. Barbara G says:

    I too just received this offer in the mail. I am slowly learning that it’s best to check out these new products before ordering. So glad I came to this site. I want to lose this weight so bad, but now I will not be ordering this Zero-Cal Cap. Thank you all for helping me make this wise decision not to order and waste my hard earned money.

  93. Tracey says:

    I received this special offer today…well, I also researched astronauts gaining weight in space and found that besides eating the thing they do most is EXERCISE! There is exercise equipment on board the rockets…so this is a total scam. If its too good to be true, then it most likely is!

  94. Lisa says:

    i was hoping someone had try it and it worked thanks for all the info guess it really is to good to be true good thing i didnt place my order for the zero -cal

  95. Terri says:

    I also received the flyer today in the mail I was so so happy I call the number and they stated that everything is true I asked them how many tablets comes in a bottle and what are the ingredients in the tablet and what are the side effects I was told there’s no side effects and there’s only fruit and vegetables in the tablet . I asked how fruit and vegetables help you lose weight the young lady could not answer I did find this website so I did not order the product

  96. jackie says:

    I would be worried this company or persons would get ahold of my account info.be careful there are scammers every where!

  97. Mona says:

    I am also tired of these scam offers which I get daily with all these fake testimonies. I tried several of these products. They do not work. Thanks for all of your comments. Somebody has to stop these scammers.

  98. Debbie C says:

    I just received the Zero-Cap offer yesterday finally got to finish reading it . EXCITED,EXCITED, SOOOOOO EXCITED.Kept thinking why is nothing being said about what is in them and how many were in a bottle. What really got me thinking, I never saw info.saying before starting a new diet regimen consult your doctor first??? What a let down, so unhappy right now.
    I to am so glad I got on this site before calling and wasting money.

  99. Brenda A. says:

    Me again, I am so tired of scmmers. I filed a complaint with the State Attorney Generals office in Texas as well as the Federal Trade Commission. Seriously, if a company does not have a Web Presence, or you can’t find anything out about the company OR product it’s a scam plain and simple. If those kinds of claims were true you’d hear about it on the news or at the very least, Dr. Oz. LoL

    They do not disclose what’s in them or how many capsuls you get for your money. There could be something poentially harmfull to those who suffer from food allergens.

    They are going down and I hope the idiots behind the scam do some jail time for it.

    1. Wolf Lorber says:

      Brenda: Even though I suspected a scam, in my desperation I placed an order by phone. That was April 20th, and I was told “it” will be 7-14 days. I elected not to pay $7 ADDITIONAL

      1. Wolf Lorber says:

        Brenda: Even though I suspected a scam, in my desperation I placed an order by phone. I elected not to pay $7 EXTRA for express shipping. That was April 20th, and I was told “it” would be 7-14 days. Today, June 2, I still have received nothing.
        On May 2 (after 17 days of non-receipt) I called 1-877-760-3598, and, after ten minutes on hold, was told I would have it “by Saturday, the 11th.” About a week later I called again, and was given a USPS tracking number based on their action May 12. But I learned June 1 from my local post office that, despite the tracking number, the company has not actually presented the article to the USPS! My
        debit card was charged May 13th! I was naïve.

        But don’t you be naïve. Complaining to the FTC, USPS or BBB (especially when you have not placed an order) is largely useless. They each will send you a lengthy form, and will usually just add your complaint to a file. They will usually wait for hundreds or more complaints before they even request action from an attorney-general. Meanwhile, they are collecting fat salaries and benefits, and thousands more people are being similarly scammed. And don’t blame Obama; this has been the situation for several administrations

  100. VICKI says:


  101. Sandy says:

    I too received the flyer about the “magic weight loss pills” and also wanted to see if
    there was any info online about them and found nothing. In this modern day and age everyone, if they are legitimate, have a website that you can order from. I am throwing away the too-good-to-be-true flyer and appreciate reading all of the other comments.

  102. Tammy says:

    Well, I ordered them yesterday as well. It does sound too good to be true but I hate eating a 3 pound cookie too. Even a green salad will make me put on a pound or two. I am currently taking about every natural supplement ever discussed on Dr. Oz or in any magazine and not losing any weight either. It is probably a scam, it is guaranteed so hopefully they will stand by that. I will be glad to post any results I get, good or bad.

    1. Tammy says:

      Update, they do not work. We’ll see if I really get my refund.

  103. Monica says:

    I received this offer yesterday and tried to do some research to no avail. I came upon this site to find that almost everyone thinks its a scam. I just have one thing to say about this product. If there really was a pill that blocked calories as they claim, don’t you think the information would be all over the news and more than one company would have it, not just the one company that cannot be found anywhere on the internet. It is a shame that jerks like these are allowed to prey on people who need real help losing weight.

    1. Jean says:

      Thank you for your post. I was perhaps a little tempted because it is difficult to lose weight. I thank you for setting me straight.

  104. Betty says:

    how can they get away with this scam?

  105. Jennifer says:

    I got a flyer about these Zero-Cal caps and decided to order them. I should receive them by the 24-25th of May. I will post to let you know if it is actually delivered and post any progress I make by using them. At least then it will be first hand knowledge as to whether the claims are really to good to be true or if they are in fact true.

  106. Gaye G. says:

    So glad I did my research too. Yes this is just another scam.

  107. K says:

    Has anyone actually ordered the pills and received them? I don’t know if they work or not but I’m trying to figure out if they’re scamming anyone by taking their money and not delivering a product?

    1. Irene says:

      I ordered these pills on April 14th 2013, and as of today (May 14th) have recieved nothing. I have not checked my bank account to see if they have actually cashed my cheque, but will do so tomorrow and write to let you know.
      It is impossible to reach a real person to complain.

    2. Samy A. says:

      My buddy bought these and received them. He will begin using them soon. He has been scammed before for $25K on a life insurance (based on other persons life span) scam and lost another $2K on one of those famous “you’ve won the lottery, just send us $2,300 so we can process your winnings” scam. So he is gullible for sure. But if these pills don’t work he assures me the company promised to refund his money in full. Okay. We’ll see.

    3. Risa says:

      I got the flyer in the mail and ordered these pills by phone on June 3rd. My card was charged the same day. I received them yesterday, June 10th and today is my first day taking them. I also received the free gift (the necklace) in the package. I am skeptical but really hoping they work! I’ll update in a couple weeks.

      1. Risa says:

        Here are the ingredients on the bottle:
        Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 1.16 mg per pill
        Zinc (as zinc oxide) 8 mg
        Filipendula ulmaria (herb) extract 60 mg
        Camellia sinensis (leaf) extract (standardized to 50% polyphenols, 35% catechins & 15% EGCE) 60 mg
        Prunus domestica (fruit) 5:1 Concentrate 20 mg
        Other ingredients: Microcrystaline, Cellulos, Gelatine (capsule), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Yellow #3

        1. Mary Lou says:

          Thanks for posting the ingredients, Risa. was curious as to why this info was omitted in the flyer. Don’t think that I will order them now. What a disappointment.

        2. patty says:

          thanks for ingredients, ordered these on Aug.3,2013 and hope I get them soon and that they work. Will keep you updated

        3. Aida says:

          Oops, I am allergic to titanium dioxide.

    4. Louisa says:

      I got the flier in the mail ordered it three days later got the pills just started today hope they work…

    5. Linda says:


  108. Frankie Boyle says:

    Thanks for saving me lots of money. I didn’t bother to order thanks to all the negative comments If they can’t be found on line, then I don’t trust them.

  109. Nanerz says:

    Ladies and gentlmen:
    First rule of thumb with these so called products: If there is no information obtainable (Global Weight Management Research or Daniel Hammersmith), then in my opinion; is not reputable. I have tried to conduct research on these ‘items’ and have not found anything..so I decided to go the other route and research what astronautts DO in space – nutrition – weight etc..and found (so far) two articles on how the body changes while in space -the one from livestrong makes NO mentioin of astronauts taking a zero cal pill – as their diet and nutrition are extensively and strictly prepared..they exercise, as well, in space – funny that the fliers for this product doesnt mention that…hope this helps!…here are the articles:



  110. Melissa Cardwell says:

    A few days ago I received this very same flyer in the mail. I have struggled with my weight for many years now I have lost close to one hundred pounds but can’t get that last bit off. Not to mention if I eat a cookie I will now gain any were from two to five pounds that day. I was just about to order this thinking it would take care of the last few pounds that I am struggling with, but I was going to look up info on it and found this instead. I would like to say thank you to everyone out there that still believes in honesty, and to theses who lost money try contacting the better business beuro.

    1. Irene says:

      Thank you for the tip about contacting the B.B. Bureau.

  111. Peter says:

    I was tempted to try but as the person already said “if it too good to be true it probably is” I am a person who exercises and has a job which requires use of my mental faculties but the brochure states that “in order to lose all my excess weight I must not exercise or do yoga and must not exert myself physically or mentally”. What am I supposed to do, sit on the sofa without moving for two weeks? I don.t think so!

    1. Tina says:

      I think that was just a marketing thing. People want a magic pill that’ll work if they do nothing, and they were trying to ‘creatively’ say that their pill will.

    2. Ben says:

      Hope this helps. I noticed that their glossy brochure states on the back under the “fifth question” that, “…exercise is not necessary, but if you add some exercise into your routine, it will only accelerate the speed at which you lose weight and ultimately keep you in better shape.” I believe what they meant to convey is that it is guaranteed even if someone does not… etc. They could definitely work on making it clearer though.

  112. Beth Wieda says:

    I just paid $110 for 40 lbs. melted Zero-Cal Caps. I wanted to talk to someone who knew what was in these pills. I finally asked if she had taken them and she said no, but they had reorders for them all the time (I have learned this is the standard reply). She was more interested in selling me a subscription that included WalMart, etc. I told her emphatically I did not want that service, just the pills. She repeated the whole thing all over again. I finally cut her short when I said, “I said NO and if you repeat this again, I am cancelling the whole thing!” She said my order had been placed. I am sure this is a scam . Do you know what these “astronaut” pills contain? Its a money back guarantee, but I am suspicious!!!

    1. Juice says:

      I too was skeptical, but then I realized that the number to call when ordering is just a standard order fulfillment company, and they fill orders for many companies, and wouldn’t have info personally. I ask for the Zero-Cal Cap customer service number which is not a 24/7 order processing company, but the actual business number, which is 877-760-3598, M-F 9am-5pm, EST. Try that and you will get customer service for the actual product. Hope that helps. I know how it feels to wonder if it’s a total scam, but my experience has been legit.

      1. Pamela says:

        Thank You. Finally a post with real, needed information. I appreciate your post. I hope more people read it before spouting off negatives.

  113. Keemaya says:

    I just got the one zero calorie space pill as well. i called and said this is on some too good to be true crap and the lady really had no answers for me. she just kept trying to process the payment and get my information! then i asked have you personally seen this work and she said no i haven’t! Like i said she wasn’t convincing at all so i just hung up!

  114. GISELA WOOD says:


  115. FRANCES GARCIA says:


    1. Nicole says:

      Call your credit card company and contest the charges.

    2. Doyelene Gridley says:

      Hello the customer service number is 1-877-760-3598. I just called it to ask questions about the capsules myself. They told me any information we received in there letter is absolutely correct. They also informed me that at anytime I could call them and they would refund my money. I hope that helps

    3. Kate says:

      This pills is not working its a scam. I been taking the pill for 2 weeks didnt lose a thing instead I gained 1.5lbs. I just called them and luckily was able to get ahold of them and gave me the return address. I ask them if there is alot of complains about it and they said its the first time that they received a call complaining and instead gain weight.

      Will send the package tomorrow hoping they will send my money back.

      1. JJ17 says:

        THEY LIED!!!! I have called also and I returned my product already..did NOT work. Never received the free gift either. When I called the CS line I got some man with a foreign accent and all he kept saying was I would get it, this was my 5th call to them and told the same thing every time “it’s in the mail”. THESE PILLS DO NOT WORK….DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!

      2. Tammy says:

        I had the same results, gained 6 lbs. Same old stuff different capsule. Had a BBQ hoping the pills would help a little I ate macaroni salad and now am suffering the consequences. I was on the pills for a full three weeks still minding my intake but gained 6 lbs overnight and haven’t been able to get them back off. Called customer service, they were polite, said send the pills back and within a day or two my credit card will be refunded. Getting ready to ship them off so crossing fingers that I will really get my money back. Don’t forget to copy the invoice so that you have proof, since they want that back too, all evidence is in the mail. Never got the little necklace, the 20% discount for ordering the 4 bottles, a rebate on shipping or any information regarding the shipping rewards program. Complete scam.

  116. Diane Walters says:

    I got the flyer and my number ws 855-336-6611 I called and got a person and answers I will try and find out more before I decide if this is a scam or not. there is a website for Global Weight Management Research with alternative vitamins for weight loss.

    1. Jeanne M says:

      I ordered the pills in mid May. Never received them. Called the order department and customer service and neither will resolve my problem.

      Each sends to different groups.

      I would recommend avoiding these folks. Seems like a fraud.

  117. Shana says:

    There’s no magic pill, all these flyers that come in the mail are GARBAGE! The one that came today was the ‘space pill’

  118. Harriet says:

    Thanks for info. I received same flyer, looking for same info as others here. I will not waste my money. If it sounds too good to be true–it probably is.

    1. Linda D. says:

      Harriet, I totally agree with you. I received the flyer today and to me it sounds like a total scam. They don’t even say what is in the caps or that it would be safe to use.
      Another tip that it is probably a scam is that it only has a P.O.Box. I’ve been burned in the past so I am a bit more careful now. If this really worked, there would be 100’s of people on this website saying how great it is.

  119. cyndi procell says:

    Well i did all this too ..they hvnt cashed my check tho but no phone number to call…uf you hv obe can you please email it to me. Yes uts a complete scam….um stopping payment before its too late!!!!

    1. Linda says:

      I received a flyer in the mail too, it has a phone number on it 1-855-336-6612. Good luck, please let me know how it goes. Linda

      1. Tom says:

        The flyer I received shows a phone # to order:1-855-336-6611
        I don’t know if it is for orders only.

        1. Aida Perez says:

          I received a flier today with phone # 855–5619297

        2. Aida Perez says:

          Todays phone number 855-297-5619

    2. Stacy says:

      Did you get the capsules? Did you try them? Did they work? I got the flier in the mail too. I was about to order them, but couldn’t find any info online about the company or anybody mentioned in the paperwork… then I ran across this page…

      1. Trisha Kirk says:

        See post #81!!!

      2. Michele K says:

        I have already taken one bottle and no weight loss. I sent a money order and got the pills fast. I will be sending back 2 bottles, hope I get refund

      3. patty says:

        I got the caps in the mail two days ago. I ordered them on the 12th of August and did not pay for fast shipping. I will let everyone know if they work. I will give them a week ansd see if the scale shows any weight loss.

      4. Charlotte Francisco says:

        I purchased this product and used the Zero-cal capsules. I lost 40 pounds in four months!!!! I am very happy with the results I achieved! I highly recommend them. I have no financial interest in this company.
        Hope you get the same results!

    3. michelle says:

      I just received the info in the mail and dialed the 1-855-336-6611 number provided and asked for a website and more into and the woman told me, and I quote, “They don’t have a website.” She then proceeded to read to me exactly what was found in the flyer. She told me that the company was called “MSDG” and I asked what that meant and she told me that she did not know. The best part of the whole conversation was when she continued to try to sell me the pills. She said that she could help me with my order. I just hung up.

      1. Cici says:

        Maybe MSDG means “More Stupid Diet Garbage”

    4. Bill says:

      this is the number that we have recieved on the package today! Good luck and thanks for the heads up

    5. Brenda A says:

      I looked them up on the BBB’s website, they aer listed there though NOT an accredited business. THey have a toll free number listed there for customer service which is 877-760-3598.

    6. Juice says:

      I ordered Zero-Cal Caps 4/20/13 and called their customer service number (877) 760-3598 when it was taking so long, as it had not debited out of my bank account for 3 weeks. I gave them my order confirmation number and was told the status was “processing”. I was told correctly that it would debt when shipped and that the reason for the delay was due to the company’s warehouse which is located in Canada being on back order. The debit cleared 5/14/13 and I received my product promptly on 5/17/13. The bottle ingredients are all natural, basically, Vitamin B6, Zinc, and with the Latin names for Prunes, Green Tea and Meadowsweet or Meadow Wort,, which I researched and all have sound health benefits. I also found a very healthy diet in the magazine FIRST June 10, 2013 issue with Dr. Oz interviewing Dr. Joel Fuhrman on his book, EAT TO LIVE, which I am starting sense it is very healthy. I have also researched and will be using the herb Chickweed in powder form, I bought a pound for under $16.00 at my local health food store to add about 1-2 tablespoons to my fresh fruits/veggie smoothies for breakfast and snacks/drink since Chickweed is used for dissolving fatty tissues/benign tumors in fat cells directly, I’ve known people who have had success using this herb. I also received the promised gifts and the gift certificate letter came even before the product promised by Zero-Cal Cap; the bottle has the company name, Global Weight Management Research, address: P.O. Box 560847, Dallas, TX 75356-0847. I hope that helps with concerns, because I was wondering the same as you for the delay. If Zero Cal Caps are not satisfactorily effective they say they will refund you. It’s reasonably priced for the value even just nutritionally. Fatty disorders are symptoms of the body being out of balance, so check into all you can about health, not just weighing less. Just doing a “Google” with limited info brought up nothing. This is my first day of use, no problems. Good luck & best of blessings. I hope this helps. I will try to remember to check back and let you know how this product actually works for me personally.

      1. Congetta C says:

        You appear to be the only one who has received these miracle pills between April and the present, May 20. Thank you for providing the ingredients. Even with everyone’s comments, your results will guide us all, so please return back to this website on May 31 to give us all the news… – boy o boy I hope you really loss 15 pounds like the ad says. I know I am being optimistic, but me and 3 million people need a miracle pill to help jump start the never ending curse of being overweight just by a nibble of a cookie….

        1. Brenda A. says:

          I’m think this person works for or IS the company trying to leave comments that make them look good!

          1. Congetta C says:

            Brenda, I second your sentiment. I was really ready to purchase the pills but after reading everyone’s’ comments, I snapped out of it and came to my senses. TGTBT. Take care everyone, until we cross paths again, I hope everyone finds a way to loss weight. 🙂 Its back to the drawing board for me…

        2. shannon says:

          Mother ordered and it took several weeks but we received and pill is as described by juice. Its all natural with company info on bottle. She started saturday snd I started today. She says she has lost a few lbs already. Will try to check back in after I have tried product longer than one day

          1. Linda Jones says:

            @Shannon, have you and your Mother lost any more weight and how is it going. I would really like to order these pills, but there is a lot of negative feedback!

        3. shannon says:

          Ok said I would check back after taking longer than a day lol but I weighed today, just now actually so not even first morning weight and have lost 4 lbs!!!! So if it continues like this im thinking its not a scam

        4. Patsy B says:

          It is June 13, I just received mine in the mail today. Will let you know if it really works.

        5. ann says:

          I have been taking them for a little over a wekk now, no energy boost no appetite decrease if anything at all i want to eat more am always hungry and have actully gained i will be returning this product do not waste your money. I will be goinbg to GNC to repurchase oxy elite pro this is amazing and works great. Just thougt i would try something new with the zero cal and boy do i regret it!

          1. Karen says:

            Thanks to all who took time to share info. This is the true power of being connected by internet. If this was real, it would be everywhere-tv, magazines, celebrities, etc. They wouldn’t be able to sell it fast enough. Lack of info about product and company says it all.

      2. Pamela says:

        Thank you for a very informative reply. It’s just what I needed.

      3. Congetta C says:


        I am just following up – I said return on May 31 but if you have any results to share please do – anytime- my fingers are crossed 🙂

        1. shannon says:

          I started Monday at Noon. I weighed just now and have lost 4 lbs!!! I can honestly say I was shocked….im very pessimistic with any of this stuff but so far so good 🙂

        2. shannon says:

          Im fown 2 more lbs today but weighed little earlier than yest. 🙂 So far so good!!!!

          1. Cathy says:

            So Shannon it is now October was wondering how the pills worked for you
            Did you get the weight loss you were looking for please respond as I would like to get the pills if they worked . Thanks cathy

      4. Alyssa says:

        Dear Juice:

        Just wondering if you like these Zero-Cal Caps so far. Any success yet? I have just recieved them, it’s only been day one & no problems as of yet.

      5. Tina Roof says:

        I bought the Capules and the first day that i took the pill i got so doggone sleepy it was very hard to stay awake so i started taking them at night i have lost 10lbs but they seem to have slowed dwn and not working so good so i might just try and send them back if i can.

        1. shannon says:

          I lost 4 lbs in 1st 24 hrs from monday at noon until tuesday at 9..and two more as of today.I have more energy and less pain with my fibro so far so good

          1. yvette says:

            so Shannon…so how much have you lkost now?? I am considering starting them

      6. Liz g. says:

        Thanks for information . I too and waiting I’ve order mind may 25 still nothing I sent to Dallas tax post address you give me some hope .let me know how it working for you you get me at my email address juice says please feel free to email me thanks this Liz happy weight lose .

      7. Pam M says:


        1. Pam M says:

          3000 WEST COMMERCE ST. SUITE 120 DALLAS TEXAS,75212

        2. KMS says:

          Have you received your money back from O-Cal yet? Are they making their money on S&H?

          1. TK says:

            2 months ago i sent my bottles back. Today Aug 2 2013 i FINALLY got a check in the mail for $99 refund. I was supposed to also get a refund for the $7 extra for expidited shipping but no luck on that. I can handle losing the $7 if the $99 check clears! If anyone sees my posts, please PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!! you can email me and i will still tell you the same thing. cherokee_rose86@yahoo.com also see post #81 for my story

      8. Sandie M. says:

        According to the flyer I received, you should be down several pounds by now. Can you give us a status report?

      9. s.hooper says:

        since you have them have you lost weight

      10. Emmie G. says:

        It has been a while and I was wondering if it has helped you any…what results have u had so far??

      11. CB says:

        Dear Juice:
        It has been almost a month since you received the zero-cal pills. Have they worked?

      12. Jules says:

        Again – how did you get them so quickly? My usps.com link says (day after day after day, “The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on June 14, 2013 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if/when available. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.” The status never changes, and I paid the extra $7.00 for expedited processing. How did you get so lucky – I have called them 3 times now and they just keep telling me to keep checking the tracking number.

      13. geegaw says:

        I received my zero caps and am very pleased with the results. I plan on ordering some more for myself and other family members. It did take about 3 weeks to receive my order. They did not cash my check until my order shipped. I researched all the ingredients and found them safe in my opinion.

      14. Donna says:

        how are the zero cal caps working for u?

      15. Shiny says:

        Has the product worked for you? It’s been two months since you left this message and I’d love to know how the capsules worked for you.

      16. Linda Harris says:

        I see that you got the zero cal in May, did you lose any weight ? they really made this sound great with nasa and all they had to say, but I have not seen anyone who has posted any weight lose, I think we are all looking for that easy weight off. I hope that this is not just another scam.

      17. Judy says:

        Did the pills work at all?

      18. Jessy says:

        Has the product worked for you?

      19. joni says:

        Any luck with the zero-cal caps??

      20. Marki says:

        Hello Juice!
        I was hoping you could give some info on how this product worked for you?!

    7. Renata says:

      f.y.i everyone…. I just saw the flyer and it has a friend of mine’s before picture with one person’s name and her after picture on someone else’s name. She did not lose her weight on this diet pill! Stealing her picture is fraud!!! Pass this message on!!

    8. Cookie says:

      Their cistomer service number is 877-760-3598. Good luck!

    9. jerry f. koch says:

      hi, i received a pamphlet onzero-cal caps. sounds encouraging. i need to lose between 25 to 30lbs. i get so frustated. im handicapped so exercicing to keep in shape is a challenge. i dont look gross but would like to be slimmer. is there any dangers taking this? what ive read in your litersure souns exciting. jerry f. koch 1715 n.56st. omaha ne. 68104 jerry f. koch

    10. shannon says:

      It toom a long time to receive them but mom and I have both lost weight on them. I was shocked, being a pessimistic type person….but I lost 4 lbs in 24 hrs…grant it may be water weight, but will keep yal informed. I am a retired registered nurse with lupus fibromyalgia etc….lots of pain..my oain has been less and increased energy too 🙂

    11. Cynthia Taylor says:

      My Zero-Cal Capsules just arrived. I work out daily at 24 Hour Fitness and am additionally using the NutriBullett and am taking 10 drops 3 times daily of 7Hour Slim that burns body fat, gives me energy and kills hunger. Global Weight Management Research is real! Their phone number is 1-877-760-3598. Their address is Post Office Box 560847, Dallas, TX 75356-0847. I am so happy to have taken my first capsule this morning June 15th, 2013. I have lost 14 lbs on my own and plan to lose 140 lbs more.

      Take that to the bank. They are real an I am losing weight and will continue to do business with them!

      Cynthia Taylor
      Long Beach, California

      1. annette says:

        I am encouraged at your weight loss. I too want to loose 100 pds, and just dont know where to begin. Can u keep us posted? I got the same flyer this saturday for the pill and sooo tempted to order.

        1. Grant P says:

          I figured for $105 dollars for 4 month supply if it works wow! If it does not woe unto them as I can be quite feisty when I get scammed. I figured it is worth a shot. I have tried everything else.

      2. Jules says:

        Glad to hear they are working so well for you. I am still waiting to get my order. I mailed a check on 6/6, they said it was processing on 6/12 and the should have been mailed out on the 14th. My check still has not been cashed and the usps.com tracking number says, “info about an order coming for shipment has been sent to usps, but it has not be received for mailing yet.” I’m wondering if I will ever get it. I wish I had the product in hand so I could actually try it. How long did yours take to get? I even paid the $7.00 express fee for expedited shipping. Hate to be negative but hope it is not a scam. Trying to be patient

      3. Rob says:

        Cynthia, I just received the mailing. I read your blurb dated 6/15/2013. Are you still using and have they worked like they claim.

    12. polola says:

      unfortunately i did not check before ordering this ” Zero-cal capsules” when i get them and try them i will keep you posted, i hope they work already waist a lot of money on oter products that don’t work like the DR oz product don’t work non of them.thank you!!

    13. Caprice says:

      In search of the “miracle” weight loss sucked me in again. I did received the Zero-Cal Capsules quite quickly. However, I have faithfully used these pills for 2 weeks and have NOT lost even one pound,

      Thank you for the number, Linda. I did call it and they gave me my “Finder” number and address to send it back. “Warehouse, 3000 West Commerce Street, Suite 120, Dallas,TX 75212 (The return address on the package). Be aware that the number on the package that says “RE:…..” is NOT your “finder” number that you need to send back the pills.They also gave me the Customer Service number of 1-877-760-3598. I called this number between the hours they said to call and all I got was a recording that said to call back between the hours of 9 and 5 Central Standard Time. Have yet to get anything but the recording. Want to believe I will get my money back, but I also wanted to believe these would work, so at present, am not very hopeful.

    14. Rann says:

      For those of you who have ordered and are unhappy with no results… I ordered some diet pills that NEVER worked and decided to send them back. My son went with me to the post office and insisted that I insure the package. That insurance on the package is the only reason that I received my money back. They kept saying it would be sent on such and such a date but never sent it. I finally told them that I would report them to the Mail Fraud Department and I would collect my money from the Post Office. They absolutely panicked and my money was in the mail the next day… I received it that week after 2 months of them procrastinating.
      I found out in the process that if they have a home office in Canada (not that Canada is bad) but the “company” can delay and delay and delay.
      Good luck to everyone. I don’t buy anything from a company I don’t recognize as a reputable company any more.

    15. Suzie says:

      I sent for these also. Took forever for them to come. I have taken them for 2 months and see ZERO change in my weight or anything else. To be fair, I do eat a ton of crap and I have NOT gained any weight. So do they work? Who knows

    16. TK says:

      customer service number 1-877-760-3598

      but i highly recommend you NOT order these. I did and have not lost any weight at all. My husband lost 6 pounds in 4 months which is way less than what is promised!

    17. Mary Lou says:

      Rather late,but I received their flyer in the mail yesterday. It’s from Ontario, Canada, but you could probably get the American phone no, from them. The number is 1-855 839 9521. Their address is as follows
      Zero-Cal Caps
      300-2222 Carling Ave Unit 4
      Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 1H3

      I hope that everything works out for you

    18. Jim Logan says:

      All the ads saying how “good” the product works, were written by employees of the company. What does that tell you. Every single piece of junk mail for diet products, always show a skinny girl in a bikini who never has weighed over 100 pounds. That alone should send off the alarm bells.
      IF a product is a MIRACLE PILL, let them show us a 400 pound person in a before and after picture and a way to contact them to make sure the pill made them drop all the weight or if they had gastric bypass surgery.

    19. redtoc says:

      Bot pill almost amonth ago which took a long time to receive. My mother & I took the pills & haven’t lost an ounce maybe gain/maintained. Been on a month already.

    20. Kathy S. says:

      I tried the Zero-Cal Caps they didn’t help. So I sent them back as requested in the (Lifetime Guarantee) EMPTY or not I was suppose to get my money back. As you probably already guessed I didn’t receive it yet. I have prof that they received it also, because I had it sent back with Certified Mail, had trouble with companies saying that they never received the item/s back. That way I could check with the USPS to see if they received it. Today I tried to call the number that I used to order to ask where is my money, but couldn’t get through. imagine that! HA! HA! Now I’m trying to search it on line with no luck yet, but I did get this. I guess that I’ll have to report them to the CPS or the BBB.

      1. Kathy S. says:

        Reporting them to Mail Fraud Department sounds like a good idea. Thanks! Rann. I also like what Dr Noe says. Oh! ya I never received my Moon Stone Necklace either. And when you do call to order they try to get you to order magazines from the (Rewards Service Center) and promise you a $50 Walmart Gift Card witch (I never received either) even if you cancel the magazine order. I reported them to the BBB after many calls promising many times that it was in processing to wait two more weeks after already waiting ten weeks then it was in the (MAIL).

        1. Kathy S. says:

          NOT so That is why i reported them to the BBB.

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