• Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt

    It is easy to find ab belts or abdominal stimulators in the market. With so many of them, it is natural to feel confused, but Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt claims to be the best mainly because it is easy to use and comes with 6 pre-programmed exercise routines. It relies on electrical stimulation of muscles, and allows you to choose from 10 variable levels of intensity to get desired results. You just have to apply some gel on your belly, wear the belt for some time, and get well-toned abs.

    Abgymnic Muscle toning belt claims to be the simplest way to lose weight. It claims to work even when you do not pay much attention to your diet and exercise, which obviously makes people skeptical about its functioning. Can it really help you burn calories and lose fat? Is it possible to lose weight while sitting and watching your favorite show on TV? Here is our review to help you decide.

    Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Pros

    • Easy to wear and use
    • May help tone your muscles

    Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Cons

    • Extremely time consuming to use it
    • Takes a long time to see any effects
    • May not work for everyone
    • Ineffective for people with high body fat percentage
    • May cause some side effects
    • Quite expensive
    Watchdog Rejected

    Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt

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    What You Need To Know About Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt

    Abgymnic is an abdominal belt designed to help you tone your muscle, while making it easier to burn additional calories. Its regular use is supposed to help you lose weight, and even promote muscle gain and strength.

    You have to wear the belt around your waist and it sends small electrical shocks to stimulate your muscles. You can also wear this adjustable belt around your legs, arms, and buttocks to get good results.

    Abgymnic is advertised as an amazing way to firm up your abs and lose weight, but unfortunately, like other abdominal belts, Abgymnic is merely hype. There is not enough scientific evidence suggesting that you can reduce weight by using Abgymnic without having to pay attention to your diet or exercise.

    What Are The Side Effects Of Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt?

    Abgymnic is a muscle toning belt that claims to help you lose weight, but the FDA has mentioned that using these ab belts can cause several side effects and issues, such as burns, shocks, pain, and skin irritation. Refer to our “Side Effects” Section to learn more.

    How Much Does Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Cost?

    You have to spend £6.47 to get this Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt.

    Our Verdict On Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt

    Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt claims to help you burn more calories and lose weight, without having to consider what you eat or what exercise program you follow. The idea looks too good to be true, and the reality is that there is no scientific evidence suggesting that you can lose a significant amount of fat just by wearing this Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt.

    Just like other belts that rely on electronic muscle stimulation, Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt fails to produce any change in your weight. It may help tone your muscle a bit and give you a relatively leaner look, but do not expect anything special. However, you will be wearing it on one body part at a time, so even if it works, it may lead to muscle imbalance. Most studies that have highlighted positive results are not reliable either. The price may not look very high in the beginning, but you will have to spend a lot to buy the gel once it runs out.

    Overall, it is better to avoid wasting your money on Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt, as it does not work at all!

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    Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Review

    Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt claims to help lose weight and tone up your abdominal muscles. It relies on electronic muscle stimulation technology. You will be wearing the belt around the area that you want to tone. Once you turn it on, it will send electrical currents to your muscles and make the contract. This contraction is supposed to help tone up your muscles, and increase strength and endurance at the same time. Most people opt for the Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt because they want to lose weight. In other words, it is considered a weight loss product, but the truth is that there is no scientific evidence confirming that using electronic muscle stimulation technology can cause weight loss.

    Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Facts

    • Easy to use
    • May tone the body

    The first big issue with the Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt is that it cannot help you lose weight. Like other similar products, it may offer some benefits related to muscle toning and strengthening. Even the FDA has not approved these belts for weight loss, girt reduction, or to get “six-pack” abs. If you want to buy the Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt to lose weight, you will be hugely disappointed. In fact, it may not offer any benefit at all. For instance:

    • The American Council For Exercise cites a study it conducted on EMS toning equipment, which found this type of EMS technology to be “ineffective, time consuming, and at times, even painful”. The study, led by John Porcari of the University of Wisconsin’s Human Performance Lab, evaluated the effectiveness of the devices in 29 college-aged students. The subjects were measured for weight, body fat and muscles strength, and divided into control groups. After eight weeks, the EMS group demonstrated no significant improvements in body weight, percent of body fat, strength or appearance over the non-EMS control group.

    However, there are some studies that have noticed some benefits related to the strength and endurance. For instance:

    • An American Council on Exercise study in May 2010 that took place at the University of Wisconsin determined that certain belts can improve strength and endurance in the glutes with regular use. During the study, the muscle stimulator was compared with traditional exercise like hip extensions that works the glutes. The exercise group experienced a 9 percent strength increase, and 26 percent endurance increase after six weeks. The muscle stimulator users improved by 15 percent for strength and 29 percent for endurance.

    How to Use Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt

    Abgymnic is a muscle-toning belt that you have to wear around your arms, thighs, buttocks, or abs. You first need to apply an ample amount of gel and then wear the belt over it. The belt will send electronic pulses, stimulate your muscles, and help you lose weight.

    Even though you may notice results, the effects are not going to be that significant. Moreover, you are not going to benefit at all if you have layers of fat to remove, because the Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt may only help tone the body and do nothing in terms of fat loss.

    Some people think that wearing the Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt can help gain muscle, but that is not true. The proponents of such belts say that weightlifting involves contraction your muscles, and the belts like Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt do the same. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to confirm that these belts can send signals strong enough to contract your muscles the way you contract them while weightlifting. Moreover, you cannot gain muscle because there is no external load with these belts, and in the absence of progressive overload, you just cannot gain muscle mass. Also, there is no range of motion involved in wearing the Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt or similar belts, which is why you should not expect any muscle gain benefits from its use.

    Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Concerns:

    • Time consuming
    • Takes time to show effects
    • Ineffective for most
    • Possible side effects
    • Waste of money

    It is also thought that the Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt may help increase muscle efficiency, which means that it teaches your body to recruit and contract muscle fibers more effectively. You can find some scientific studies showing that electronic stimulation of muscle may help active more muscle fibers, but even then, it is going to lead to a slight increase in strength. Moreover, you cannot find enough scientific data to confirm if there will always be some positive impact of using such belts and devices.

    It is worth mentioning that you need to wear the belt for at least 30 minutes a day to notice an insignificant reduction in weight. You will be much better off using natural options to help reduce weight. You need to follow a calorie-controlled diet and stick to a good exercise program to help burn fat in a natural and more effective way. If you keep eating high-calorie food, you are never going to notice any benefits from Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt, no matter for how long you wear it daily. Consider keeping a food journal, learn about the number of calories you consume each day, avoid junk food and alcohol, and include more veggies and fruits in your diet to maintain a healthy body weight. You can also include abdominal exercises in your routine to help strengthen your abdominal muscles without having to spend money on buying an EMS belt. Moreover, you can also introduce a fat burner into your diet to help accelerate fat loss. Just stay away from Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt, as it is not going to help in terms of weight loss.

    What Does Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Claim To Do?

    Abgymnic is designed to make weight loss easy. Like other electronic muscle stimulation belts, Abgymnic makes several big claims. For instance:

    • Burns additional calories without any exercise
    • Stimulates muscles and improve strength
    • It helps contract your muscle tissues naturally
    • Burns additional fat effectively
    • Improves muscle efficiency

    Does Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Work?

    Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt is advertised as one of the simplest ways to tone up your abs and burn additional calories, without having to move your body. Unfortunately, it is not that simple to get rid of layers of fat. Some scientific studies are in favor of these belts, but they do not come from reliable sources. Some studies suggest that these belts are going to help tone up your abs, but they are not going to do anything when you have a high body fat percentage or have layers of fat to remove.

    Another concern is that though the Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt comes with different intensity levels, it is not going to induce muscle contractions strong enough to develop washboard abs. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to what you eat and follow a good exercise program to help lose weight effectively.

    What Are The Ingredients of Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt?

    There are no ingredients for Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt.

    Does Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Have Any Side Effects?

    Abgymnic does not share any side effects of wearing this abdominal muscle toning belt, but the FDA has expressed its concern over devices that rely on electrical stimulation of muscles. In most cases, the belts do not produce desired results, but leads to several side effects. You may burn your skin, have bruises, or develop skin irritation. Abgymnic comes with different intensity levels, but selecting a higher level may result in pain and shocks. It is therefore better to avoid using these belts and instead pay attention to your diet and exercise to reduce weight in a healthy way.

    Are There Any Customer Reviews For Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt?

    Abgymnic is like other similar belts in the market and fails to offer desired results. Here is what customers say about it:

    I have been using this Abgymnic for over three weeks now and it has done absolutely nothing to improve the appearance of my abs. I do not think it works.

    I have used it until the gel ran out, but I noticed no results, so I never bought any gel to wear it again. I think there is no substitute to exercise. Avoid this belt!

    Unable to get the belt to work. Changed the battery a few times and tried extra gel etc and still would not work. Had to throw it away – not worth the hassle (made purchase only to wait for arrival get frustrated and throw it in the bin).

    This is rubbish doesn’t even work, switch on and nothing happens and the battery doesn’t stay in properly! it’s a cheap version of the more expensive brands waste of money!!!!

    Does Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

    Depending on where you go to make a purchase, you may or may not get any money back guarantee.

    Where Can I Buy Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt?

    You can buy Abgymnic from third-party retailers.

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    1. Vince says:

      I am extremely wary of products like this. The claims always seem overblown. Sure, there’s a chance that this may promote muscle development. But, if the effect exists, I doubt it is very strong.

      Besides, even if it worked as advertised, you’d never see all the health benefits that exercise offers.

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