Abidexin is a diet pill that claims to offer you a way to eat less food, reduce body fat and boost the metabolism. We feel that we have heard all this before and that there is something familiar about Abidexin. It turns out that Abidexin is simply a name change for the slightly better known Apidexin, another diet pill on the market.

We look into Abidexin to find out whether this diet pill has something original to offer.

Abidexin Pros

  • Website is easy to navigate

Abidexin Cons

  • Expensive! One bottle may only last 10 days
  • Poor customer feedback
  • Customer privacy concerns
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Abidexin Review

Abidexin Facts

  • Name change for diet pill previously known as Apidexin
  • 1 bottle of 60 capsules costs $49.95
  • Each bottle lasts from 10 to 30 days!

After a bit of digging we discovered that Abidexin is made by NutriPharm, LLC in the US who appear to own a number of other diet pills. Some of these we have reviewed previously and include; Fexotropin (now discontinued), Appexit (also discontinued), Slimrexin and Metabosyn.

The first thing that strikes you is that it all looks a bit familiar, right down to the name and the type face used on the website and then it hits you. It is identical to Apidexin a better-known diet pill that has been on the market for the last few years.

The two products are identical down to images and text on the websites but after contacting Apidexin, the confusion was quickly cleared up. They are the same diet pill and run by the same company however, the Apidexin name is being phased out because of its similarities in name to Adipex P a pharmaceutical drug.

According to the company, the name led to customer confusion between two very different diet pills. In addition, they were quick to stress that Abidexin is a 100% natural product.

Abidexin contains five key ingredients that are designed to work together to suppress appetite, enhance energy levels and burn fat. These are natural extracts and although the caffeine content may cause side effects if you are sensitive, there does not appear to be anything dangerous or unknown contained in these diet pills.

How to Take Abidexin

According to product information, you should take Abidexin in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.

The recommended dosage is between 1 – 3 diet pills per serving and you are advised to take them no later than 7 hours before bedtime. This is because the caffeine content may cause sleeplessness.

You are advised to take only one capsule each serving until you become accustomed to the effects.

Consumer Notice: Be aware that if you take 3 capsules per day then one bottle will ONLY last 10 DAYS.

Abidexin offers a guarantee and provides contact details. The free phone number is currently 866.917.0541 and valid within the US and there is a “live chat” option too.

The company does not appear to operate an auto ship programme but you do have to register your details in order to pay. Tucked away in the small print you will find that your details may be shared with third party sites, and that your privacy is not guaranteed. Unsubscribing to emails from Abidexin may be difficult because small print information states that you need to opt out of this feature. In the light of internet security, the way that Abidexin deals with their customer privacy issues is worrying.

Abidexin Concerns:

  • Might be expensive if you take maximum dosage – 1 bottle lasting only 10 days
  • Lack of positive customer feedback
  • One ingredient unapproved by the FDA

What Does Abidexin Claim To Do?

Can You Imagine Burning Fat and Eating Less Food Effortlessly?

The Abidexin website proposes this question and then provides an answer. Yes, you’ve guessed it; you take this diet pill, which is claimed offers three key benefits. According to the advertising Abidexin will help you;

  • Eat Less Food
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Boost Metabolism

The small numbers do not appear to tie up with anything else on the website but we get the idea that this diet pill contains ingredients that will help achieve these goals.

According to the website:

The Abidexin Research & Development team set out to create the world’s strongest fat burner.

We like this ambition but of course it doesn’t really mean anything and anyone could say it. This statement works for everything, so for example “we set out to create the worlds best cake recipe”, does not mean that Mr Kipling or Sarah Lee have anything to worry about.

The Abidexin Research & Development team sound interesting. It implies that scientists in white coats have been tinkering in the lab with test tubes and formulas and with a strong irony alert, it seems a shame they did not publish their research or their findings. In fact, there are no medical endorsements, explanations or research findings that come from the Abidexin Research & Development Team.

Instead of real information, the Abidexin website focuses on supposedly genuine customer testimonials including plenty of before and after photos of satisfied customers, which look great. This effect is spoiled because some of the images do not appear to be the same people in both photos. Yes, they are thinner, but Kay Charoenwong for example looks completely different facially in her before and after photos.

All customers featured on the website have an Abidexin success story to tell. They used the diet pills. They lost weight. What could possibly be more convincing than that!

So What Is Abidexin and What Are The Ingredients For Abidexin?

Abidexin is a diet pill that aims to reduce the appetite while simultaneously boosting your energy levels and helping your body to burn off fat.

It contains five ingredients.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (210mg): This is the dry powdered form of caffeine. It stimulates the fat burning effect and increases alertness. Caffeine works as a diuretic so it will be important to drink plenty of liquids.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (200mg): Unroasted or immature coffee beans are green and high in chlorogenic acid – linked to causing a weight loss effect by inhibiting the release of glucose into the blood stream. Glucose is stored by the body as fat. Green coffee bean extract is popular as a diet pill ingredient following exposure by Dr Oz on his TV show.
  • Green Select Phytosome Green Tea (150mg): Trademarked green tea extract often included in diet and health supplements. You can buy this ingredient yourself as a health supplement, from various outlets and benefit from increased dosage. In many cases with around 600mg per serving. Green tea is beneficial for health due to its high level of antioxidants and believed to help prevent against cancer. It is also effective for healthy weight loss for the same reason.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis (150mg): Also known as African mango seeds. Popular diet pill ingredient derived from a natural plant and believed to increase weight loss due to fibre content. This ingredient has shown some good effects for weight loss when added to diet and studies suggest it may help reduce cholesterol levels. The best results show that Irvingia Gabonensis may work best when taken in its natural form rather than as a supplement.
  • CoEnzyme Q10 (50mg): Described as being a “promising weight loss ingredient”, this substance is found naturally and helps convert food into energy. It has not been approved by the FDA as a supplement, which is a matter of concern.

So What Does All This Mean?

Abidexin looks reasonable enough and contains some good ingredients. The diet pill is safe and it may have some effect upon your weight loss if you combine it with a diet and exercise regime. However, it is expensive for what it is. Yes, green tea and coffee is good for weight loss but you could probably achieve the same effects by drinking a cup of coffee (approximately 200mg caffeine per serving) and drinking more green tea.

The effects of Irvingia Gabonensis on weight have not been proven although they look promising and the FDA has not approved one of the ingredients as being suitable for use as a supplement. This is a matter of concern.

Does Abidexin Have Any Side Effects?

The website does not outline any side effects and the supplement looks pretty safe. However, you should avoid if you suffer from a heart condition or have high blood pressure. You may experience caffeine side effects such as jitteriness, tremors, headaches and anxiety and you may need to visit the bathroom due to the potential diuretic effect, also of caffeine.

No side effects are reported.

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. If you have any underlying medical condition or are taking medication, seek advice from your doctor.

Any Abidexin Reviews From Customers?

Abidexin feedbackThere are 65 independent customer reviews available for Abidexin on Amazon with a very poor rating of 2.0 out of 5 stars at the time of writing this review.

Some of the reviewers have questioned the authenticity of the some of the positive reviews claiming they are likely to be fake!

A typical unhappy customer comment reported.

Waste of money did everything it says on bottle, didn’t lose any weight what so ever in 1 month. The money I wasted on this I might as well off spent it on a pizza, got the same result.

So Does Abidexin Work?

It might work a bit. Despite the negative review and lack of feedback, the ingredients look OK and you never know….This diet pill is not going to set the world alight though! It is highly possible you will not notice any effect from taking this, especially if you are used to drinking coffee.

Some of the ingredients have performed well during clinical trials so benefits may transfer to the effects of these diet pills. Irvingia Gabonensis may help reduce cholesterol.


Green coffee bean extract reduced fat in mice during clinical testing.


Where Can I Buy Abidexin?

Abidexin is available direct from the product website and you can find it on sale on Amazon as well as some other third party sites. Please note that some sellers are keeping to the old name Apidexin – the same product.

Abidexin costs similar to other supplements with one bottle of 30 diet pills costs $49.95 with savings made on larger orders. Three bottles of Abidexin costs $109. 95 and includes free shipping and three free bottles of Abidexin Cleanse an associated weight loss product.

Consumer Alert: Consumers need to remember that the serving is between 1 – 3 capsules so if you take the maximum dose of Abidexin twice a day as recommended, your month’s supply would only last around 10 days!

What About A Guarantee

To qualify you have to contact the company for a return authorisation number but they offer to refund on one used bottle of Abidexin as well as unopened bottles. The guarantee is good for 90 days.

Watchdog Verdict

Abidexin is not the worst diet pill on the market but it has a way to go before it qualifies as being a good product.

One of its major drawbacks is that it does not provide good value for money. This diet pill is expensive and your bottle of pills will probably run out long before the month is over.

Many of the ingredients in this supplement can be found in other more cost effective supplements. And if you drink coffee already you may not notice any effects at all.

It may work a bit but do not expect much from Abidexin or you will be heading for disappointment.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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  • Over 100,000 satisfied customers
  • Manufactured in a GMP facility
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
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See our Full Review here

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Abidexin is an effective weight loss product. I’ve been taking it for a year now and have lost 80 pounds so far. I LOVE IT AND WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS. Results will not show until after 2 months of taking the pills so please just be patient. It is a fat burner machine, it also gets rid of all the stubborn cellulites behind your thighs and your butt and your arms – but this won’t show until like after 6 months of taking the product. I’m a loyal customer and will never look at other diet pills because these other weight loss formulas just do not work. PLEASE TAKE MY WORD FOR IT 🙂

  2. I recieved.this.product a few.weeks ago. The.cleanse makes you run to the.bathroom.alot and.your tummy.will.hurt. The diet.pill, well…. it did nothing for me. I.actually felt tired and.hungry like an.hour.after taking even the max dosage. I DO NOT recommendn these. I.wish I.could find a real diet pill.that works but.maybe that just doesn’t exist.

  3. Just received my Abidexin, very excited to try this out, I have 3 bottles of both the Abidexin & 72hr cleanse, I also received 1 bottle of Abidexin Super Shredded so I think I am ready for weight loss. I am 50yrs old, 5’3″ & weight 215, I have always been thin, around 125-135, in 2009 I was treated for a liver condition & in 2010 I quit smoking, I gained a lot of weight after this & want to loss it. I am uncomfortable in my own skin & hate going shopping for clothes, I shop online for clothing now. Hope this works. Will keep you updated. Thanks.

  4. I bought 2 Bottles (2 Month Supply) of Abidexin Plus 1 FREE Bottle of Abidexin 72 HC. I took finished a bottle but I only dropped 3 pounds. I think it did not work as well as advertised and I wanted my money back. I sent 3 emails and called them twice and finally talked to their representative. I was informed that they will only issue refund on the remaining bottle bottles. So I just want to point it out that “If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, just return the product within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price (minus S+H)” is NOT true, or perhaps misleading.

  5. Ordered mine today. Excited to see if it works or not. Was previously taking Asset Bold, until they discontinued it because of an illegal ingredient (worked amazingly). Wish me luck!

  6. I started taking these pills as directed on 2/24/2015. I weighed in this morning, just 2 days later, and I’m down 3 pounds. The first day I felt a little jittery but my appetite was decreased by alot and my energy levels increased by alot. Day 2 I didn’t feel the jitters but I still felt the affects of the appetite decrease and energy level increase. I have not started my excercise plan as of yet, I plan on starting the day after this 3 day cleanse. As far as my eating habits, I’m barely hungry so I force myself to eat yogurt and cottage cheese for breakfast and a healthy sandwich for lunch. It seems like at dinner time I have my appetite back and I’ve been eating whatever I prepare for dinner which is not diet food but I’m still loosing pounds. I will check back in after a few days to let you know what my results are.

  7. My pills should come today. I’m excited to start them. I got 1 regular bottle, the Cleanser, and the PMs. I’m going to start them Monday 1/19/2015. Hope to see results fast.

  8. For me these pills are a lie, it does not working.
    It´s like all the rest that sell in the market
    I’ve been taking abidexin for three weeks and my appetite continued like.
    And of course I haven´t lost any weight

  9. One month prior to ordering abidexin I cleaned up my diet& got back on the treadmill. That being said, seeing that you need a clean diet+ exercise with this “#1 selling diet pill”, I was sure it would work out. Week one: 2pills a day(30min before breakfast, 30min before lunch) weight loss: no. Week two: increased exercise & added another abidexin pill thus adding morning headaches but three pounds lost. Weeks three-five: same exercise, decreased meal portion size, maxed out to four abidexin pills a day thus hammering harder on the headache. Lost three more pounds. Then week six I go out to eat with my husband TWO DAYS that week and eat off my diet that entire day but was still taking four abidexin pills& I gained four pounds back! So I was still on the pills but ate restaurant food, didn’t exercise that two days& gained pounds. So, I’m noticing that if I stick to my diet& exercise I can lose weight. But reading between my lines, did my smaller meals& greater exercise help me lose the weight or was it the abidexin? In my opinion, the pill is just one big headache. As far as decreasing appetite? The more pills I took, the hungrier I was within an hour after taking them. I think I will stick to diet& exercise& skip the pills from now on….see where I get

  10. I’m now taking it and I feel great the detox has me urimating and doing bowel movements I take 5detox breakfast n lunch n 2regular pills I think they workn neva used bathroom dis much did have upset stomach so I drunk more water then energy came I love it

  11. I started using Abidexin about two weeks ago. I did the 3 day detox pills. Five pills every morning for three days. I felt no difference. I did not have to run to the bathroom as some people indicated may happen. First three days I started with 1 pill before breakfast and one before lunch and on the third day started taken two pills. I exercising every morning for 50 minutes and burning around 600 calories. Stayed under my calorie intake and didn’t lose an ounce. Next week I decided not to exercise and still stayed within my calorie intake and still have not lost an ounce. I am going to give this about two more weeks. If no results I will be requesting a refund. day detox pills. First week I started with 1 pill before breakfast and one before lunch. Started off by exercising every morning. 50 minutes. Burning around 600 calories. Stayed under my calorie intake and didn’t lose an ounce. Next week I decided not to exercise and still stay within my calorie intake and still have not lost an ounce. Going to give this about two more weeks. If no results I will be requesting a refund.

  12. After 4 hours of doing my research I finally decided to go with abidexin. I chose it for a number of reasons, 1. They have a 90 day return policy with the promise they will accept one used bottle. 2. Even though I had to hunt (as with most diet pills), there were more good reviews then bad 3. Very few of the bad reviews talked about abidexin harming their health (when used properly!!). This is my first time reviewing ANYTHING and it’s also my first time trying diet pills. I’m 20 years old (female) I’m 6’2″ and weigh about 165lbs. I was an all star volleyball player but I broke my foot and was out for a while. I realized my passion wasn’t for volleyball so I stopped playing and lost a lot of muscle tone while gaining a lot more weight. Before I was able to eat anything and still be fit because I was so active, but now I’m not as active and eating more, I need help with getting my energy back to get in the gym again and I’m hoping these will give me the boost I need. Today is 1-22-14, I’ll do a short post again when I start and a follow up after using for a week. Wish me luck!

    1. Hey guys! I got my abidexin in the mail yesterday and was so excited! It came with everything it promised (2 bottles of the normal pills and 1 bottle of the 72 hour detox). I only opened one regular bottle, due to the return policy and took 2 pills today. I took one before lunch and had so much energy! I wasn’t very jittery but it made me want to actually work out so I put in my p90x 20 minute ab workout and was actually able to keep up! I felt myself pushing harder and getting more reps in, it was great! I felt my hunger suppress and had a nice small lunch. I also felt happier too. My mind felt really clear and I felt motivated and not lazy, it was a really nice change. I felt myself coming out of the funk I’ve been stuck in. I made sure to take each pill with 2 cups of water each time. It’s hard to drink that much water in one sitting but because of the caffeine you can get really dehydrated. I made sure that when I went to the bathroom my urine was clear and I didn’t have many stomach problems, I did have a little cramping (kinda feels like period cramps so it’s easy to deal with) but I’m sure once ive taken it for a few days my body will be used to it. At dinner, I had 1 pill with 2 cups of water. I was actually really hungry but it was surprisingly easy for me to eat a smaller portion which is normally not the case. I always eat until I’m uncomfortably full. It is now 10:20 pm and I am hungry as this is normal my late night snack time (lol) but it is so easy to keep myself from eating I’m actually kind of amazed. Once i get on a regular 3 meal a day diet, with smaller portions I’m sure I won’t be hungry in the late evening anymore. I’m really excited that I’m seeing most of the results that are promised, let’s just hope we see the weight loss as well! I’ll let you know in a week with my results!

    2. Hi Tasha, I was curious on your progress. Are you still losing weight? I’m considering purchasing and I’m really hoping this works. Thanks!

  13. I’ve taking those for about a week now. I eat almost anything and I dont have cravings. I’m having a lot of energy and its like drinking coffee. I lost a lot of weight but im going to stop them because im losing my boobs ( ive never lost weight on that part of my body).
    I think those pills only works if youre the kind of person who loses weight easily and fast. Otherwise, its a waste of money.

  14. Noticed no difference, as I am a coffee drinker. I just wanted it to reduce my appetite, which it did not on maximum dosage. Tried to return, it is simply impossible to contact company. “Chat” is always down, they never respond to emails, phone calls put you on hold, then send you to voice mail. In ten attempts over two weeks, I could not contact the company once. Don’t even consider if you can’t get ahold of them either.

  15. Gonna start this tmw. I weigh 155 and am 5’7. Need to lose and 25 pounds by december Ill post weekly results on any weight loss and any side effects.

  16. I started this on Tuesday with only 2 pills. One before my lunch and one before dinner. I had an awful headache all day. Didn’t know if it was the pill. Wednesday decided to take 2 before lunch and 2 before dinner. Still and awful headache and I also felt nauseas and almost got sick. I tried again today but only with 1 pill before lunch and lots of water. Dont have the headache but felt a little queasy. Not sure I’ll continue. Yeah I can’t eat and lose my appetite due to the fact I feel queasy.

    1. the only time i’ve experienced the lightheadedness and was tired was when i didn’t eat enough and my blood sugar got low. I also only take one pill a day

  17. I just started taking it. I took one in the am and one around 2 I took the 72 hour cleanser with it and ive been light headed all day. tomorrow im just going to start taking the abidexin. ill keep posted on my results! has any one eles had bathroom problems or light headedness?

  18. I started using Abidexin on 7-26-13 and on 7-27-13. i was down 5.2 pounds. my goal weight is to lose 50 lbs by October. I only take one in the morning and one before lunch. i walk on the treadmill for an hour. It curves my appetite. i do watch what i eat.

    1. If one could lose 5.2 pounds in one day for taking a few pills, I would serious question what is in those pills. I couldn’t shed that much in a day for stopping eating and drinking altogether. Besides, It would be dangerous healthwise.

  19. i ordered 1 bottle last june 6 or 7 in website for abidexin but i haven’t got it yet. and the tracking number that they gave me was invalid. i already send them emails for few days now and even tried the “live chat” but got NO response from them yet. is it a scam?

    1. hey kate would u mind to tell me which website u did order from? coz i hv a similar situation like u as well > <

  20. I have been using abidexin for a week now and have lost 8 lbs. I am very pleased with it. And that is only taking 3 or 4 pills a day!

    1. I am just starting Abidexin today. I already exercise 5 days a week, just hoping this will up my results. If you don’t mind, I was just curious about your weight. I’m 170, but have a lot of muscle (most people are shocked when I tell them how much I weight).

    2. I am 187, exercise 3 to 4 times a week at 1 hr. trying to boost my efforts. Did this product delivery any results for you?

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