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Our dedicated team of writers and reviewers thoroughly research products to give you their 100% honest opinion. They understand how your health and wellbeing affect your everyday life, and are here to help.

Sophie Medlin

Sophie Medlin
Sophie Medlin is a registered dietitian and a lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics at King’s College London.Sophie worked for many years in hospitals before moving to a career in academia and private practice. In her clinical work, Sophie specialised in managing the nutritional needs of people with intestinal problems. She carried this through to her research which focuses on the nutritional consequences of bowel surgery.

As well as seeing clients in her central London clinics where she treats weight problems, irritable bowel syndrome, infertility, and many other issues, Sophie is a keen boxer and long distance runner, and enjoys supporting amateur and professional boxers and weight category fighters with their nutrition through training and into their competitions.

Sophie is often featured in the media as a spokesperson for evidence-based nutrition. and she shares her latest articles, documentaries, and news features across her social media.

Molly Lewis

Molly Lewis
Molly Lewis gained a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Tampa, along with a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Molly has been working as a personal trainer ever since, using her years of experience to help clients of all levels of fitness to reach their goals.

A speciality of Molly’s is correcting muscular imbalances and improving strength, endurance and mobility. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Molly has worked with division 1 athletes to improve their overall performance in their specific sports.

As well as online and in-person coaching, Molly has produced several eBooks and guides on a range of training and nutrition topics, runs an informative blog, and delivers regular content on her social media channels.

Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker
Amanda is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, having completed her Comprehensive Training Program through BalancedBody University. On top of this, Amanda is also a Certified Health Coach through ACE Fitness, certified in pre- and postnatal Pilates, and is currently working towards becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Amanda first started practicing Pilates when she was just 15 years old, and now uses her years of experience to improve the physical and mental health of her clients, and work on their overall wellness through a combination of her knowledge in fitness, nutrition and holistic techniques.

Tiffany Fowler

Tiffany Fowler
As a personal trainer, Tiffany offers both online and in-person sessions, along with coaching in macro nutrition and general lifestyle changes that will guide you towards your fitness goals.

Tiffany’s blog offers further information on all aspects of health, nutrition and fitness, including macro-friendly recipes to add to your diet.

Dr. Krystal Crawford, ND, MS

Dr Krystal Crawford

Dr. Krystal Crawford, ND, MS, is a Naturopathic Doctor, who graduated from the University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition Institute, where she received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Science in Human Nutrition.

Before medical school, she received her Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Brockport and worked as a Formulations Chemist for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. She is well-versed in the strict formulation standards of both Europe and the United States, knowing what ingredients work synergistically to produce satisfying blended natural products.

Her passion for writing and science has motived her to educate consumers on how to choose high-quality natural products on the market to help them reach their personal health goals.

Marcella Janekova

A holistic nutritionist by training, Marcella specialises in gut health and digestive wellness. Since gaining her BSc (Hons) in Nutrition in Edinburgh, Cella has put her focus into helping women learn how to improve their health by using food as medicine and healing from the inside out.

As well as sharing tips and articles on how to improve your health and lifestyle on her website, Cella also provides personalised coaching, along with several guides to help you reboot your gut and overall well-being.

Cella doesn’t just improve your life and your fitness, she also ensures that you gain an understanding of what works for you, and why, so you will have lasting knowledge of how to keep your body performing at its optimal level.

Jane Weston

Jane has been passionately involved in the diet and supplement industry for a number of years, with an impressive track record covering over 4000 products.

An early grounding in food science gives Jane the necessary knowledge to objectively analyze, and a love of coffee gives her the edge when deadlines need to be met.

Rachel Butler

Rachel likes getting to the bottom of everything that is put in front of her, which comes from her background in law. Whenever there is anything tricky to look at, Rachel is always the first port of call.

Her weekends are spent either cycling or walking, then topped off by indulging her love of chocolate as a reward for her hard work.