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Acai berries are often described as a superfood, due to their reputation for being a rich source of nutrients and health benefits. As they are packed with antioxidants and dietary fibre, consuming acai berries is known to contribute to an improvement in overall health. But do these interesting fruits offer the same benefits when powdered and packaged in supplement form?

Below we take an in-depth look into Acai Plus Extreme, to see whether this herbal health tonic offers the dramatic health improvements we associate with acai berries.

Acai Plus Extreme Pros

  • Ingredient quantity information is relatively clear
  • Product is not overly expensive

Acai Plus Extreme Cons

  • Customer reviews are mixed and mention severe side effects
  • No money back guarantee
  • Product offers limited benefits
Watchdog Rejected

Acai Plus Extreme bottle

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What You Need To Know About Acai Plus Extreme

Acai Plus Extreme is a health supplement packed with acai berries, green tea, and energy-boosting stimulants like guarana. Although not directly advertised as a weight loss aid, the product is clearly purchased by customers expecting this effect, as well as the assorted health benefits associated with acai berries in general. As of 2018, this product is mainly sold in the UK, although international customers can still make orders at the cost of relatively modest international shipping fees.

What Are The Side Effects Of Acai Plus Extreme?

Although we wouldn’t normally expect this product to come with too many side effects, a few customers have reported serious side effects after using this product, including severe diarrhoea, acne, and migraines. We advise a degree of caution given these claims!

Another clear source of side effects is Acai Plus Extreme’s high caffeine content, which may cause insomnia, jitters, headaches, anxiety, and more. There are a few more (albeit rarer) side effects to discuss – check the Side Effects tab for more information!

How Much Does Acai Plus Extreme Cost?

A single pack containing 60 capsules (a one-month supply) costs £29.99 from all outlets where Acai Plus Extreme is available (namely the official manufacturer’s website and on Amazon). UK customers buying from the official manufacturer’s website (Evolution Slimming) should also be able to access free shipping, as well as discount deals for bulk purchases.

Our Verdict On Acai Plus Extreme

The main issue with Acai Plus Extreme is that it is not entirely clear what it is supposed to do. It is conspicuously not advertised as a weight loss pill, which is good given that it doesn’t provide fat burning or appetite suppressing benefits. In fact, we would expect this product to do little other than give a boost of energy and perhaps provide a source of antioxidants.

The customer reviews we were able to find on Amazon were mixed, with a couple of customers complaining of serious side effects or the disappointment of finding no clear benefits. Despite a reasonably cheap price, this product does not represent the most affordable way of purchasing acai berries (if this is what customers are looking for). The manufacturer, Evolution Slimming, do not even provide a money back guarantee to make purchases risk-free.

Overall, we see little point in purchasing a product like this, and would recommend checking out options that offer much clearer benefits for your money!

We do not recommend Acai Plus Extreme to our readers.

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Acai Plus Extreme Review

Acai Plus Extreme is a herbal supplement that claims to provide a source of antioxidants, dietary fibre, and omega fatty acids. As the name suggests, it contains a dose of acai berry mixed with green tea, guarana, and others. It has also reportedly been featured in positive media coverage in the UK, enjoying attention in the Daily Mail and the Sunday Express magazine.

Acai Plus Extreme Facts

  • Manufactured by Evolution Slimming
  • Contains 60 capsules per pack
  • Health and weight loss supplement manufactured in the UK

This product is produced and sold by Evolution Slimming, a supplement manufacturer based in the UK. Evolution Slimming enjoys a high rating on TrustPilot, and seems to be reputable in the sense that they fulfil orders in a timely and professional way. However, the company appears to take a more aggressive stance against reviewers on TrustPilot that make comments about the quality of the products themselves (or the lack thereof), forcing deletions and retractions where they can. As you might expect, the quality of Evolution Slimming’s products is far more questionable than the speed with which they deliver. The company can be contacted via the contact details provided on their official page.

How to Take Acai Plus Extreme

The directions for use are as follows:

Take 2 capsules in the morning before or after breakfast. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and aid the removal of toxins. Do not exceed 2 capsules in 24 hours.

Acai Plus Extreme Concerns:

  • Product has attracted significantly negative reviews on Amazon
  • No money back guarantee
  • Product does not offer any clear discernible benefits

What Does Acai Plus Extreme Claim To Do?

Although we expect that the majority of customers are drawn to Acai Plus Extreme due to expectations that it can help with weight loss, the manufacturers don’t really make this claim on their official website. Instead, they claim that this product is a good source of antioxidants, phytosterols, omega fatty acids, catechin polyphenols, bioflavonoids, and more. The key idea seems to be that this product functions as an all-round health supplement, with ingredients that help protect against infections.

A couple of brief sections on the product website do mention thermogenic effects, glucose oxidation, carbohydrate/fat metabolism, and appetite suppression. It is not at all unreasonable for customers to expect to lose weight whilst using this product based on these claims.

Finally, Evolution Slimming highlight the fact that the stimulant properties of guarana should provide customers with a boost of energy, one that is reportedly long-lasting rather than short with a quick drop-off.

Does Acai Plus Extreme Work?

In the sense that it really does provide a rich source of antioxidants, phytosterols, and other nutrients, this product does what it says on the tin. The real question is whether these nutrients actually do anything perceptible in the body. Customers should not expect any noticeable effects as a result of having a source of these nutrients, other than the vague claim that they improve “overall health”.

Customers certainly shouldn’t expect any weight loss effects. The quantity of green tea used in this product is not high enough to be effective, and ingredients like chromium have produced mixed weight loss results in the past. The customer reviews we found on Amazon reported differing results, with some customers experiencing no weight loss and others having light success.

One effect that customers should experience whilst using this product is a significant energy boost. With a large dose of guarana (combined with green tea), this product should provide a significant stimulant effect.

What Are The Ingredients of Acai Plus Extreme?

The ingredients found in Acai Plus Extreme are listed below. It is not clear whether the ingredient quantities listed below are correct for 1 or 2 capsules.

  • Pure Açaí Berry Fruit 400mg: A berry that has been wrongly hyped up as a weight-loss super-food, the use of acai berry in diet pills has rocketed in recent years. Acai berry is high in anthocyanins, which are antioxidants which may help to protect the body against cancer, inflammation, aging, neurological diseases, diabetes, and bacterial infections. However, any claims that it aids weight loss are unproven. Source
  • Guarana Seed 4:1 Extract 200mg: A berry that is naturally high in caffeine, it is often an ingredient in energy drinks and diet pills. It is sometimes used in weight loss products, although its effectiveness has never been proven. Source
  • Green Tea Extract 40mg: Green tea is high in a group of antioxidants called catechins. Studies have suggested that catechins and caffeine both increase energy expenditure by boosting the metabolism temporarily. However, the metabolic increase caused by green tea is limited. One study found that the use of green tea was not enough to counteract weight gain following a high calorie diet. Source
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine 40mg: Acetyl-L-Carnitine can boost energy levels, and is used to treat fatigue. As an amino acid, it is also often used by bodybuilders. Typically, this ingredient is supplemented in large doses. Source
  • Chromium Polynicotinate 75mcg: This is used primarily to lower fasting blood sugar levels and to lower insulin levels in people who have type 2 diabetes. In terms of its potential effect upon weight loss, it is possible that taking chromium picolinate by mouth for 2 to 3 months might produce a small weight loss of about 1.1 kg. Source

Does Acai Plus Extreme Have Any Side Effects?

Acai Plus Extreme shouldn’t come with too many side effects on the face of it, although a few customers have notably complained about severe side effects, including acne, severe diarrhoea, and migraines.

The most common side effect we would expect to arise is associated with the caffeine contained within the green tea and guarana. When over-consumed, caffeine can cause sleep problems, anxiety, irritability, heartburn, dizziness, headaches, and tremors.

Potential side effects of L-Carnitine include nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, heartburn, diarrhoea, and seizures. It can also cause the urine, breath, and sweat to have a “fishy” odour.

Although such effects are rare, long-term use of chromium may sometimes cause skin irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, mood changes and impaired thinking, judgement, and coordination. Discontinue use if you experience these symptoms.

Do not exceed recommended serving size. Use only as directed. Not intended for use by persons under 18 or by those with a serious medical condition. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Please consult your physician before using this product.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Acai Plus Extreme?

We were only able to find a handful of customer reviews discussing this product on Amazon (we have decided not to count the many reviews posted on the official Evolution Slimming website, as we have found out that the website only posts positive comments). The four reviews posted below represent all that we could find, with reviewers apparently split down the middle in terms of whether they view Acai Plus Extreme positively or negatively. It is notable that the negative comments are far more strongly worded than the positive!

Beware of this product!!!!! Not only does it not work but it can create some health problems… These pills did not work at all! Firstly the website states to take one at 9am then at 3pm where the bottle of pills stated to take 2 before 10am. I had to contact the company to ensure i was taking them correctly as the directions were not clear which speaks volumes to me! After a week of taking these pills i started coming out in spots where i usually do not suffer and my hair became greasy and limp. I also suffered from severe diarrhea and migraines. I consulted my doctor and was told to stop taking these immediately. After a few days of not taking these pills the symptoms had stopped so it was very clear what was causing these problems. Do not trust the reviews on the website as if you look carefully a lot of these are duplicates from the same person (probably a member of the team). I did write my own review but funnily enough it did not make it to the website!

Arrived quickly but simply didn’t work! As suspected the gym and a healthy diet do work! Not worth the money.

I lost 4 lbs in the first week and 2 lbs in the second week….i am currently in my 3rd week so hoping for another good result. i am not that much overweight, but with a good diet and exercise, this seems to be working!!

Have used this product before not through amazon was very impressed they arrived as stated and do as described!!! i have found that used with a sensible diet and regular excersie they have worked very effectively!

Does Acai Plus Extreme Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Although Evolution Slimming claim that they offer a money back guarantee, a closer inspection of their policy reveals it to be anything but. The company states that all customers have the right to return any product within 30 days, but can only receive a refund when the item is in its original condition, unopened, and still within the expiry date.

Where Can I Buy Acai Plus Extreme?

Acai Plus Extreme is available to buy from the official Evolution Slimming website and on Amazon. We also saw it on sale from a few sellers on eBay.

On both websites, a single 60-capsule pack of Acai Plus Extreme costs £29.99. Discounts are available when purchasing in bulk (when buying 4 packs at once, you effectively get one for free). Any order of Acai Plus Extreme on the official website should come with free shipping, unless ordering from outside the UK (orders to Europe costs £2.99 and orders to elsewhere costs at least £3.99).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Acai Plus really work?

The benefits of acai berry have been shown to promote weight loss. Combined with green tea extract and guarana, Acai Plus could help to boost metabolism to use in conjunction with a dietary programme. The ingredients in this supplement can also help to increase energy levels to combat lethargy often seen when dieting.

The reason why Acai Berry is seen in a number of supplements is its said to also promote cardiovascular and digestive health. This is because of its combination of healthy fats (monounsaturated), phytosterols, dietary fiber, and omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fats.

Acai Plus is well tolerated by consumers and safe to take as dietary supplement alongside a healthy eating and exercise programme.

How do I take Acai Plus Extreme capsules?

Each bottle contains 60 capsules and are recommended to be taken twice daily. One in the morning around 9am and the second around 3pm. You are advised to drink plenty of water to keep well hydrated throughout the day, suggested intake is between 8 and 10 large glasses per day.

Is Acai Plus safe?

Although advertised as an “extreme” supplement all the ingredients are natural and safe for consumption for most individuals. Unless you are particularly sensitive to caffeine (see below) you should not experience any negative side effects.

Is Acai Plus for everyone?

If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid or Prostrate conditions then you should avoid taking this supplement. If you are taking any prescription medication then you are advised to speak to your medical doctor first.

Is Acai Plus vegetarian-friendly?

Yes. This supplement is one of the few that don’t are fine for vegetarians to consume.

How much caffeine is in Acai Plus Extreme?
There are two sources of caffeine within this supplement; Guarana and Green Tea extract.

Guarana contains around 20% caffeine, so with the 200mg Guarana in each serving means 40mg of caffeine from this ingredient, which is not a lot.

Green tea extract varies in the amount of caffeine content depending on the type used, but can be up to 5%. With 40mg found here that works out to be no more than 2-3mg of caffeine.

So in total Acai Plus has around 45mg of caffeine per serving, which is around the same as the caffeine found in very mild coffee.

Does Acai Plus come with a money-back guarantee?

There is a money-back guarantee available for every purchase that lasts 30-days but is only available for unopened bottles.

Can I buy Acai Plus from Amazon or eBay?

You can buy this supplement from both Amazon and eBay from the official stockist, Evolution Slimming. Prices are similar to the official website and so would recommend getting from the official site.

Where can I buy Acai Plus Extreme?

You won’t find this supplement on the high-street but is available from a number of online sites, the most popular being the official Evolution Slimming website. A number of deals on offer from the official site that can give you good savings.

With a good pre and after sales that includes discount codes for returning customers, this merchant is one of the better ones online.

How does Acai Plus Extreme compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Acai Plus Extreme Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Acai Plus Extreme.

Acai Plus Extreme bottle

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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