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Updated May 23, 2019.
Published Feb 22, 2019.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is a health drink that is designed to provide customers with a source of antioxidants, adaptogens, healthy greens, and probiotics. It is designed to provide a sense of overall wellness, with specific ingredients also aiming to support healthy digestion, liver function, and blood sugar levels. We investigate whether ActivatedYou Morning Complete lives up to the claims.


  • Broadly works as advertised
  • Appears to be popular with customers
  • Protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Key ingredient quantities not listed
  • Unnecessarily expensive
  • Some components of this product are likely to be ineffective
ActivatedYou Morning Complete
ActivatedYou Morning CompleteMornings can be a rushed affair for many, as we try to cram in breakfast whilst getting ready for work and school. Although we may want to pack in the perfect mix of supergreens, probiotics, and green tea, who has the time?

Below we take an in-depth look into ActivatedYou Morning Complete, to see whether this handy mix of all the essential nutrients is worth its hefty price tag.

Please note that although the packaging design has changed from the version to the right, the ingredients and quantities remain the same.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete Overview

What you need to know about ActivatedYou Morning Complete

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is a health drink that is designed to provide customers with a source of antioxidants, adaptogens, healthy greens, and probiotics. This expensive morning drink is unusual in that it was designed by a Hollywood actress and a “doctor to the stars”, providing customers with the chance to try out the pricey lifestyle of their idols.

What are the side effects of ActivatedYou Morning Complete?

Customers should not expect to experience side effects whilst using this product, with the possible exception of a mild laxative effect.

How much does ActivatedYou Morning Complete cost?

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is extraordinarily expensive – a single 30-serving pack costs $79 on the official ActivatedYou website. The price per pack comes down slightly when purchasing in bulk, and all purchases come with free shipping.

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ActivatedYou Morning Complete Key Features

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is a nutrient-rich drink that offers customers a supply of green superfoods, antioxidants, probiotics, and more. The powder provided in each pack is designed to be mixed with water to make an apple/cinnamon flavoured drink.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete Key Points

  • Manufactured by ActivatedYou
  • Contains 8oz (228g) of powder per pack
  • Superfood blend containing a mix of adaptogens, antioxidants, prebiotics, and probiotics

Morning Complete is manufactured by ActivatedYou, a health and wellness company based in California. ActivatedYou is headed by an actress called Maggie Q, who has apparently starred in a TV show called Nikita, as well as numerous movie roles (including Mission Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard, and Divergent).

How to Take ActivatedYou Morning Complete

The directions for use are as follows:

  • Dissolve 1 scoop of Morning Complete in 8oz of water

Whilst designing ActivatedYou products, Maggie Q partnered with Dr Edison de Mello, who heads a medical centre in Santa Monica that is said to be well-visited by Hollywood celebrities and athletes. The company can be contacted via the details supplied on its official website.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete Concerns

  • Hugely expensive at nearly $80 per month
  • Some aspects of this product (such as the probiotics) are wholly ineffective
  • Most ingredient quantities are not listed

What does ActivatedYou Morning Complete claim to do?

This healthy morning drink is simply advertised as a way to “fortify your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal health”. It is designed to provide a sense of overall wellness, with specific ingredients also aiming to support healthy digestion, liver function, and blood sugar levels. The manufacturers also claim that Morning Complete can provide energy, relieve stress, and support healthy body weight.

Does ActivatedYou Morning Complete work?

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is a genuinely good source of antioxidants and ingredients that are known to stabilise blood sugar levels. The inclusion of green tea and white tea could help to provide some measure of weight support as well. However, the probiotic ingredients are likely to be completely ineffective – we would say that this product is unlikely to combat stress or provide a healthy digestive function.

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ActivatedYou Morning Complete Ingredients

The ingredients found in ActivatedYou Morning Complete are listed below. Unfortunately, the manufacturers fail to disclose ingredient quantities properly, which can make it impossible for customers to know whether the mix is effective and dosed correctly. The quantities that are listed are correct for a 1 scoop (7.6g) serving.

Prebiotic and High Fiber Blend 4.05g

  • Chicory root fructooligosaccharides: This fibre can provide a kind of fuel for healthy gut bacteria, which supports their numbers and encourages good gut health. Source
  • Cinnamon bark: There may be some evidence that cinnamon can also behave like a prebiotic. Source

Green Superfoods Blend 735mg

  • Spinach: Spinach has a range of antioxidant properties. It also helps to prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, age-related macular degeneration, and the degeneration of the immune and neurological systems. Source
  • Broccoli: A great source of fiber (which has unfortunately probably been removed in the processing process to turn it into a supplement), and numerous vitamins and minerals. Source
  • Kale: This vegetable is widely regarded as a superfood, as it contains significant levels of numerous vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, and iron. Kale is also a good source of nitrates (which can be readily converted into NO to improve heart health). Source
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract: Mulberry is sometimes used as an effective diabetes medication, as it is known to reduce blood sugar levels. Source
  • Alfalfa Leaf: Animal trials suggest that alfalfa may help to lower cholesterol in the body. It is a good source of protein and essential minerals. Source
  • Barley Grass: Barley Grass is thought to help with lowering cholesterol, providing an antioxidant effect and helping to lower the threat of cancer. Source
  • Berberine HCl (from Berberis aristate root): Berberine is used to slightly reduce blood sugar levels in those with diabetes, and has been linked with reducing cholesterol. Source

Metabolic Enhancing Blend 390mg

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract: Green tea is high in a group of antioxidants called catechins. Studies have suggested that catechins and caffeine both increase energy expenditure by boosting the metabolism temporarily. However, the metabolic increase caused by green tea is limited. Source
  • Ginger Root: Some studies suggest that ginger root is an appetite suppressant. One study used dried ginger powder to make a tea that participants drank with breakfast. Researchers found that satiety levels were much higher when the tea was consumed with breakfast, rather than just the breakfast on its own. Source
  • White Tea Leaf Extract: White tea is higher in catechins than green tea, but has less caffeine. Despite it having a higher level of catechins overall, the levels of EGCG found in white tea are lower than that found in green tea. Both catechins and caffeine may increase thermogenesis and the metabolic rate of the body, contributing to weight loss. Source
  • Turmeric Root Extract: Turmeric contains Curcumin, which is thought to have numerous benefits, including soothing an upset stomach and reducing inflammation. However, a recent review of Turmeric studies found that its benefits have been greatly overhyped by the media. No double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial of curcumin has been successful. Source
  • Bitter Melon Fruit Extract: Preliminary trials have shown that the plant has an anti-diabetic effect, lowering blood glucose levels in consumers who already have diabetes. Source
  • Black Pepper: Black pepper extract is used for increasing the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. In other words, it increases the amounts of nutrients that are absorbed into the body in the digestive tract. Source

Antioxidant Blend 100mg

  • Lycium Berry: Some studies have linked goji berries to key health benefits (including calmness, better athletic performance, better sleep quality and weight loss), although many of these are limited and preliminary trials. Crucially, there is no evidence to suggest that goji berries perform any of these functions better than any other ordinary berry. Source
  • Pomegranate Fruit Extract: The anti-oxidant potential of punicalagin (a compound found in pomegranate) is significant. However, relatively low levels of this molecule actually reach the bloodstream, requiring large doses to be supplemented in order to be effective. Source
  • Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract (50% resveratrol): A source of resveratrol, which is a type of polyphenol (an antioxidant) which is found naturally in the skin of red grapes, as well as some other plant sources. Resveratrol has been found to help prevent insulin resistance, and so indirectly could have implications for weight loss in some patients (although this remains unproven). Source

Sugar Balancing Support 100mg

  • Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf: Traditionally used in Indian medicine, several studies have shown that this herb can support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Research into Gymnema Sylvestra’s role in weight loss is still in preliminary stages, but a few studies are publishing promising results. It appears to lower blood glucose levels. Source
  • Fennel Seed: Fennel may work as a laxative by relaxing the colon. Previous research has shown that mixing fennel seeds in a tea with other ingredients like the ones seen in this product (like liquorice) can reduce constipation in the elderly. Source
  • Pine Bark Extract: Pycnogenol (or pine bark extract) contains substances that may improve blood flow. It might also stimulate the immune system and have antioxidant effects. Source

Adaptogens 55mg

  • Astragalus Root Extract: Research indicates that Astragalus helps to control blood-sugar levels, making it an effective treatment for diabetes. Source
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract: Rhodiola Rosea appears to improve endurance (as proven in rats), and it also appears to help stave off fatigue. It is not proven to work as a nootropic in non-fatigued consumers, but it does appear to provide limited cognitive benefits to consumers who are fatigued. Source
  • DIM (diindolylmethane): Commonly found in broccoli, this ingredient appears to be promising for having anti-cancer effects. Source

Cellular Function and Liver Support 30mg

  • Organic Aloe Vera Leaf: Aloe Vera has been used to treat constipation when taken orally, as it appears to have a laxative effect. Source
  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract: Milk thistle is usually used to treat liver disorders and liver damage. It is also thought to treat heartburn, allergy symptoms, and can be used as a means of stimulating menstrual flow. It can also act as a laxative. Source

Probiotic Blend 10 Billion CFU

  1. Coagulans
  2. Gasseri
  3. Plantarum
  4. Rhamnosus
  5. Bifidum
  6. Longum
  7. Acidophilus
  8. Casei
  9. Thermophilus: Probiotics can help to balance beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract and may have numerous other benefits for health. Typically, probiotics are provided in specialised capsules or refrigerated conditions so that the living bacteria can survive and reach the gut. As these probiotics have been provided in powdered form, we believe that they are unlikely to be alive to provide the usual gut health benefits. Source

Other Ingredients

Natural Flavors, Guar Gum, Citric Acid, Rice Hull Concentrate, and Monk Fruit Extract.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete Side Effects

Morning Complete is unlikely to cause side effects. Some of its ingredients (like aloe vera and milk thistle) may have a laxative effect.

Caution: Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are taking any medications or are unsure about the suitability of this supplement for you, consult your doctor before purchase.

ActivatedYou Morning Complete Customer Feedback

All of the customer reviews we found on the HighYa review site were highly positive, with customer praising the taste and benefits of the powder. However, HighYa has put a disclaimer explaining that ActivatedYou are asking customers to post positive reviews, with many comments having the whiff of a slightly-fake “testimonial” rather than an honest review.

I am now on my second bag of Morning Complete. The taste is great, it dissolves well in water, keeps my stomach working

I love the Apple Cinnamon flavour… I’ve been using it for just over a month now and already feel better!

I love the Apple Cinnamon flavor too! I’ve been using it for just over a month now and already feel better!

ActivatedYou Morning Complete Money-Back Guarantee

On the official ActivatedYou website, the manufacturer will give full refunds on used or unused products if customers remain dissatisfied. To qualify for the refund, customers must contact the company within 90 days.

Where To Buy ActivatedYou Morning Complete

ActivatedYou Morning Complete is only available to buy on the official ActivatedYou website.

Watchdog Verdict

ActivatedYou Morning Complete does what it says on the tin for the most part. Each serving is packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients, many of which have been linked with lowering blood sugar levels and boosting overall health. The weight management component of this product is also based largely on green/white tea, which has often been seen as one of the more dependable natural weight loss aids.

Not everything is perfect. The probiotics included in this product are likely to be totally ineffective due to the delivery system. The price is also fairly outrageous, even for a well-designed product with a nice taste – $80 per month is far too much to ask for a health drink like this, and it will out Morning Complete out of the reach of most potential customers.

Overall, we like many aspects of this product’s design and the business practices of the manufacturer (including a great money-back guarantee). Give it a try if you think it sounds appealing, but we can’t really recommend it due to the sky-high price alone.

We do not recommend ActivatedYou Morning Complete to our readers.

How does ActivatedYou Morning Complete compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaActivatedYou Morning Complete ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. love this product. Great for morning smoothie with added fruit, protein and fiber added. The small scoop and durable makes it perfect for travel. Ordering three more bags today.

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