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Active-PK review

Please i would appreciate your advice on a supplement i intend to buy called active-PK. Its suppose to be weight loss supplement that targets the AMPK of the body. Please any comments from people who have used it or your general opinion will be really appreciated. Thanks so much

Editor’s note: This product is no longer available and has been replaced by LCR Health Active Stem. You can read our review here: https://www.dietpillswatchdog.com/lcr-health-active-stem/

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

51 comments on “Active-PK review”

  1. Maree says:

    I am a diabetic can take ACTIVE-PK ?

  2. c. Leth says:

    If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

    I was going to purchase this product after I ask my bariatric surgeon next week

    Feeling quite sceptical about purchase,

    Thank’s every one for your experience and comment on this product

  3. Mattie says:

    It sounds like the Atkins diet, I drank green tea w/ sugar and lemon, ate a chicken patty from Chick fil A minus the top bun, and walked for 30 min fast slow, and up and down small hills. my belly was flat. When I stopped, I gained bk my belly fat. Every thing doesn’t help everybody, I hope this will help you and your daughter.

  4. Monika says:

    Thank you ALL for your valued opinions, I have come to the conclusion I will not be purchasing the miracle drug and instead minimize my intake of food and keep them bowels movin seems to be what I managed to glean from the above comments.

    Thanx again, From New Zealand

  5. Ginavon says:

    Not so good at eating your fruits and veggies? This is the only way you will lose weight ….you must eat more veggies that make you feel full… I don’t even like veggies but I found a way to get rid of the ice cream in my freezer… I buy lots of veggies and fruit…peel, clean and cut them… put them into little zip lock bags..now when I want something cold…instead of ice cream.. I grab a little bag of frozen viewers or fruit and nibble on them while still quite frozen! Grapes, summer yellow squash, apples, papaya, you name it. In addition instead of eating a sandwich or chips at night I make popcorn! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED KIDDIES!

  6. KLHolmes says:

    It seems to me that everyone who have taken Active PK is saying it is no more than a laxative.
    Why not save your money and just buy EX LAX, you’d get the same result. Not to mention the fact that as soon and you began eating your regular foods without taking APK, you are right back where you started. (GO FIGURE!)

  7. Sharon Swanson says:

    I am from Canada and consider myself to be informative on most diet plans over the last 30 plus years. I”m very passionate on cooking and healthy lifestyle and feel that as a whole, we need to reduce our consumption of processed foods…. AND GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN!!!!
    Yes, cooking whole foods from scratch in order to control the fat and sodium counts and learn to train our palette to enjoy simply prepared wholesome foods again.

    I am constantly researching various opinions, facts and scientific research.

    My theory:
    Mothers went to work full time and got Careers…they couldn’t juggle the meal times and reached for convenience foods high in FAT and Sodium and empty calories. No time to cook. NO energy.
    In addition, electronics ( PLAYSTATION) took over and the kids were not sent out to play anymore. We all got lazy!
    Put the two together and you spell disaster. Not to mention meal times together and talking about the day.

    The results are coming in as the Obesity in children has sky rocketed over the last 15 years or more.

    Unfortunately…as the video explains on ACTIVE -KP…the fat cell count and size develop before 10 years old. Big problem. These children are entering adulthood fat and frustrated.

    So…what do we do if weight loss boils down to cellular issues that have been damaged from over eating processed foods/junk foods? Especially as a child?
    Well…we stop the process immediately.

    1. We can start by understanding that reducing daily calories is the only way to do this to reduce fat. We can not reduce the fat count…only the fat size!!!
    Eat less calories and of the calories we eat…make sure they are nutritionally sound.

    2. Then…EDUCATION is the key. We need to reach out to all parents out there and inform them on the consequences of caving to fast and easy processed foods.

    3.Stop buying it….they will stop making it.

    4.Get back to basics and back in the kitchen preparing proper nutritional meals for the family or as an individual! Find a way…but save kids from eating high fat foods. Kids eat what we feed them when they are young. They rely on us as parents!!!!

    5. Get the children off the couch and outside to play and enjoy the simple things in life again.

    Amazon just bought out Whole Foods for billions of dollars. Why? Because the consumer demand is saying…. we are taking control of what we put in our bodies and we want
    whole foods to prepare and enjoy at home. We want to avoid disease and live longer. We want to eat better to keep our weight under control.

    We can do this together…take charge! It starts now.
    The next time we go for groceries…let’s look in our food carts thoroughly. Is there convenience foods in the cart? How much of it?

    And say …NO MORE…I’m getting healthy and eating right. For me…for my family…for more quality life!!

    Sharon Swanson, RSE, EADP

    Please contact if you have any questions
    I’d like to hear from you

    1. JACKIE BROWN says:


  8. George W Page says:

    As an 84 year old male weighing 226 lbs, I have taken $216 worth (6 months) of Active-PK every morning on an empty stomach @ 2 tabs/day.
    Although they are NOT advertised as a weight reduction supplement, my wife noticed a waist reduction in my old and decrepit body. The major charge to be expected is a reduction of the size of the fat cells surrounding my internal organs that only an autopsy will verify.

    I called the company before re-ordering to see if the had any recommendations about continuing to take the prescribed dosage, and for how long (months or years?), or reduced the dosage. They had no recommendations or suggestions, and could not provide any further medical test results. I DID NOT RE-ORDER THE PRODUCT! Instead a will continue my life style without Active-PK and note any adverse changes
    They did refer me to their “Loyalty Department” to see if a reduced price was available for re-orders./,

  9. Dee says:

    how can u buy active pk?

    1. Jane Jemmett says:

      I watched a very long video on-line under LCR presentation. It was informative. Canadians do pay shipping. Reading reviews before I make up my mind whether it is worth trying. I have tried so many products in the past and am wary of their return policies especially paying for the shipping costs for a return. Some companies set you up for an automatic reshipment but do not know if Actiive-PK does.

  10. Cindy B Blakney says:

    Has PK been approved by FDA?
    Thank you,

  11. Rick says:

    I have one question (6/4/2017). Are any of you really telling the truth who wrote any of these comments. As a former professional athlete; as you get older, running and diet won’t work as it use to when we were younger. The FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION are LEGALIZED DRUG DEALERS. We have TOO MANY NEGATIVE DRUGS IN OUR FOOD. You won’t loose weight eating (diets) the SO CALLED HEALTHY FOOD today. Most of these comments sound like competitors or DRUG DOCTORS WHO WANT YOU TO STAY FAT AND SICK. Are any of you telling the truth? I haven’t tried it yet but as a Physical Education major, I know that people in this country is getting FATTER and people in other countries are THINNER. For those who have FAILED check to see what type of food you’ve eaten and the type of exercise (moderate) you have done. Write if down and share it and you might see how you FAILED. “I WILL BE SURPRISE IF THIS COMMENT MAKES IT ON THIS PAGE”. I WILL TRY IT AND GIVE YOU MY RESULTS. PS: I read on the previous page that this Active PK is no longer allowed to be sold. If that is so then I will find out. IF (6/4/2017) NOT THEN THE PEOPLE BEHIND THIS SITE ARE LIARS AND SHOULD SHUT DOWN THIS SITE BECAUSE YOU ARE JEALOUS. Please! Just do the right thing.

    1. Kim says:

      I’m with you, Rick… are any of these statements true? I just received my Active PK supplements yesterday (6/12/17), so the statement that ‘this product is no longer available’ at the top of this page is false. Hope it works! The studies behind the product are encouraging.

  12. Kerrie says:

    I received my 6 bottles today, it’s been so long since I ordered them I forgot what they wearer for…..so I thought I would look them up…
    OK….I haven’t opened any bottles …….
    what do I do now…
    Many thanks and king regards Kerrie

    1. Jane Jemmett says:

      Hi. One problem my friend ran into ordering an on-line product was that her free 30 day trial guarantee started the day she placed her order. The pills arrived at the end of the warranty and the company had set her up for an automatic renewal.

  13. Mary Lu Pruett says:

    I didn’t even notice that it was a weight loss product. I ordered Active-PK because it was suppose to help with constipation problems. It did. I was looking it up to
    reorder when I saw “this” write up. Since I used up my first supply I have been in deep—-trouble, constipation wise. Now I don’t know what to do.

    1. Dick says:

      Buy a bag of prunes (organic if you can find them) and eat four or five a day, no more. That should get you going, gently. They are also among the most nutricious snack in the world!
      PS. I don’t grow or sell prunes.

    2. Rita Williamson says:

      Aloe Vera juice can help with constipation, and it is a good overall detoxifier.

      1. desiree says:

        aloe vera juice is the s*** (literally) I’ve used it a bunch and also great for detoxification.

    3. Mary says:

      Drink Kombucha (it’s expensive in stores, but easy and cheap to brew yourself). Your digestive issues will be history.

      1. Irmela Kamerer says:

        If you buy your own homebrew set, it will be cheaper at the end. It’s easy to make

    4. Rebecca says:

      This is an easy solution to constipation. One teaspoon of baking soda in an eight oz. glass of water will quickly clear that up. However, be advised to be near your own personal toilet within forty minutes of drinking. It works quickly and efficiently. Cost of baking soda..less than $1

  14. Jennifer says:

    I see no other effects excepts that the diarrhea is fierce. I’m not bulemic or bese, but I can’t figure out if this is a Cleanse or will producw long term results. In the meantime, my advice would be to work from hom e and stay near a bathroom.

    1. Mary Johansen says:

      I have experienced the same effect unfortunately!! It’s unbelievable. Do these effects diminish with continued use? Of course dehydration and what not will cause one to lose weight. It’s odd because when I take it i feel a little nausea which logically causes me not to eat or eat much and then once i eat within 20 minutes that’s all she wrote. Get to the bathroom in a hurry.

  15. JUST FAT says:

    The only thing I want to say is the first three letters in Diet is Die so you really die trying to lose all the weight. Just be mindful of what you eat and when and yes getting up and moving makes a difference. The miracle weight loss will never be given to the public, to much money is being made by keeping America FAT.

    1. fool me once says:

      The initial pitch was that you will feel a difference after one month at a cost to you of $46. Was called by one of their pitchmen to see ” how well it worked for me” Explained that after take it 2x/day for one month felt no different, no more energy, no appetite suppressant etc.

      He then said well it really takes three months cause we are working at the cellular level and it takes time. My comment was that should have been included in your initial pitch vs. the one month claim.

      He then said well we will give you three months at $ 28/ bottle. My counter was how bout you keep my almost $ 50 and give me the three months at no additional charge.

      He became argumentative and came up nonsensical BS; none of which addressed the original false claim of ” feel better in a month”

      Buyer beware we have more snake oil salesman around they just don’t come in a donkey cart anymore with a bathing beauty on the side.

    2. Rozalley K Starre says:

      My daughter and I have taken the two pills every morning for three months to help rid pot belly. No reduction al ll. We are now working with Dr. Mark Hyman on the eat fat get thin diet. I means no sugar at all not even fruit except berries. Meat and eggs ok. We have lost 5 lbs each in the first 10 days, now we are going on to 8 weeks. No flour, of any kind. You can do it if you spend more time in the kitchen. Read Dr Hymans books for inspiration and recipies.

      1. Alain Tursan d'Espaignet says:

        I have been a type 2 diabetic for at least 15 years. I am 65 years of age, 5’7″ tall and I am 69 kgs in weight. ALL we have to do is eat little vegetables and/or a small portion of white meat every now and then. It’s all about calorie intake. Get to know the calories that you need on a daily basis and follow profoundly. Practise your stretching and some exercise twice daily slowly and in comfort. Hopefully we’ll lose the weight that we need. Diabetes will be in control and we’ll feel active and well alive all day. That is all I do. PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM THESE TAKE AWAY FOODS AND EVEN FROM MANUFACTURED TIN FOODS. Good luck everyone.

      2. Mattie says:

        That sounds like the Atkins diet, and you wouldn’t have to pay the dr for it.

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