Adiphene seems to combine the features of most of various types of weight loss supplement all rolled into one pill. Does this pick and mix approach work or is it a hotch potch of various ingredients that misses the target? We take a look into Adiphene to find out!

Adiphene is a US diet pill with a name that sounds like a cross between Adipex – a Phentermine diet pill, and Phentermine itself. Does this mean that Adiphene is strong and dangerous too? Or is it just a catchy name so called to sound vaguely familiar to buyers?

Adiphene Pros

  • Company does not run an auto billing scam

Adiphene Cons

  • Inadequate ingredients profile, which does not provide amount quantities
  • Many of the ingredients are linked to side effects
  • Some of the weight loss claims about the ingredients are not correct
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Adiphene Review

Adiphene Facts

  • Adiphene is produced by American company RDK Global
  • RDK have a distribution centre in the UK
  • One month’s supply is 60 capsules or one bottle

Diet pills can help weight loss if you combine them with a healthy eating programme and exercise programme.

For some people, an appetite suppressant will help them stick to a diet without giving way to hunger pangs and cheating. Others like the energy buzz of a fat burner and the increased fat loss that this type of pill can cause.

Some people are attracted to the idea of a fat binder that simply prevents some of the dietary fats from adding to the body as weight.

Adiphene is a diet pill that contains all these features. The makers claim will help you lose fat in five different ways via its 12 listed ingredients.

Adiphene ingredients contain:

  • 3 fat metabolizers – to speed up metabolism and the rate that you burn calories and fat
  • 1 fat binder – to prevent dietary fats from adding to your weight
  • 1 appetite reducer
  • 2 thermogenic boosters – to raise the body’s core temperature and help you burn fat
  • 5 stimulants – also helps increase the speed of the metabolism and gives you an energy buzz

This all looks good but before we all get carried away, remember many diet pills do cause more than one effect.

Fat burners contain stimulants and these do have an appetite suppressing and energy enhancing effect – this is the way that they help weight loss.

There are some differences to this pill over others though. The fat binder function is provided by Chitosan – a natural sugar obtained from the shells and bones of shellfish, and the appetite suppressing effect is enhanced by Glucomannan: a natural fibre that swells in the lower intestine making you feel full and less likely to suffer from hunger pangs.

Adiphene contains some questionable looking ingredients. The stimulant fire power is provided by Bitter Orange Extract – also known as Synephrine which is well known for causing side effects such as increased heart rate and blood pressure so will not suit everyone. Chitosan will not suit you if you have an allergy to shell fish.

Other ingredients look fairly standard and safe and include cayenne pepper and cinnamon extract. These are the so-called thermogenic ingredients although their fat burning effect may have been over exaggerated according to clinical sources.

Worryingly, there is no accurate ingredients information for Adiphene when it comes to the amounts actually contained in this supplement. The company doe not even provide a picture of the product label.

How to Take Adiphene

To use Adiphene, take one capsule with 8oz of water 20 minutes before breakfast. Take a second capsule with 8oz of water, 20 minutes before lunch. According to the product information, you will get the best results if you stay on the pills for three months!

Adiphene is made by RDK Global. This company have been going for nine years and although seem to be reputable do not give away any information. That is not a crime but it is impossible to really find out anything about RDK Global beyond that they are registered to an address in Scottsdale Arizona.

However, Adiphene is based in Dallas Texas and any orders (or returns) are located at USA Distribution Center located at 3636 N. Buckner BLVD, Dallas, Texas, USA 75228.

For customers in the UK and Europe, the company address is: FOUNTAIN BUSINESS CENTRE, ELLIS STREET, COATBRIDGE, ML5 3AA.

Other RDK Global products include Phen375 – described as an all-natural substitute to Phentermine, Provailen – natural arthritis pain relief, Optimus Green – a green coffee bean extract and Breastogen – breast enhancing cream.

(Although we guess they would say that, wouldn’t they!)

Adiphene Concerns:

  • Zero contents information. How strong is this diet pill?
  • This supplement may cause potentially dangerous side effects
  • Weight loss claims have been exaggerated

What Does Adiphene Claim To Do?

Surprisingly for a Phentermine name inspired supplement, Adiphene does not actually mention any connection to Phentermine. However, it does make plenty of claims.

Because Adiphene not only turns your body into a fat eating machine, it also allows your body to reject some of the fat you eat and keeps your hunger at bay.

It contains;

powerful, proven ingredients work in harmony together, ensuring you absorb less fat, your hunger is kept in check and your body becomes a fat melting furnace . . . even without diet or exercise.

Fat burning furnace!! No diet or exercise? Can we really believe that? In addition, this implies that this formula for weight loss has been tested. Not so. Adiphene itself has never been clinically tested.

The claim that you do not need to change your diet or exercise is repeated a few times on the website.

In answer to the question “Do I still need to diet and exercise while taking Adiphene?” The answer is “No you don’t”.

The advertising states that this is an “All In 1 Formula” and goes onto say “We Guarantee Adiphene Works!”.

So What Is Adiphene and What Are The Ingredients For Adiphene?

Adiphene is a multi purpose diet pill that offers a range of effects in one capsule.

Unfortunately, there is zero information provided about ingredient quantities so we cannot provide a truly accurate description just an overview of ingredients.

The Three “Fat Metabolizers”:

  • Vitamin B6: Involved in many aspects of the metabolism and vital for the breakdown of lipids. Vitamin B6 is present in many foodstuffs including pork, bread, eggs, fish and poultry.
  • L Carnitine HCL: This amino acid helps the body convert fat into energy and is a natural substance produced in your kidneys and liver and stored in the muscles, heart and brain. Taking L Carnitine supplements can be effective for some medical conditions but there is no evidence that it helps with weight loss.
  • Ginger Root: This familiar spice with culinary use is often taken to treat stomach upsets. No evidence that it has an effect upon the speed of the metabolism.

The Fat Binder:

  • Chitosan: This natural fibre is extracted from the shells and exoskeletons of shrimp, lobster and crab and is a fibrous material that is believed to block the absorption of dietary fat. However, clinical evidence has not proved that it works as described and an extensive randomized, double-blind trial of Chitosan for body weight reduction, found that: “Chitosan in the administered dosage, without dietary alterations, does not reduce body weight in overweight subjects.”

One Appetite Suppressor:

  • Glucomannan: Natural indigestible fibre derived from the konjac root. . Because the stomach cannot digest Glucomannan, it stays in the gut for a long time and creates a feeling of fullness and appetite suppressant effect.
    However, any positive benefits have been seen in whopping daily doses of 3000mg so ingredient amounts here are probably inadequate.

Two Thermogenics:

  • Cinnamon extract: There has been a lot of clinical testing carried out on this commonplace household ingredient but the only conclusion is that the results are inconclusive. It may be effective in reducing cholesterol levels but testing was carried out using 6000mg a day over 40 days so the quantities here are likely to be insufficient.
  • Cayenne capsicum: Some research has indicated that high levels of cayenne, increases the metabolism and promotes fat burning. One clinical test carried out in Thailand found that after eating 5000mg of chilli peppers the metabolism was increased for 30 minutes after ingestion. Likely to be in insufficient quantities here.

Five Stimulants:

  • Bitter Orange Extract: Contains synephrine, which helps increase adrenaline levels and can put your body into a stressed fight or flight response. That is a stimulant effect for sure but it raises the heart rate and increases blood pressure, which is potentially dangerous. Bitter orange is linked to causing heart attacks and strokes. There have been cases of otherwise young fit and healthy people suffering heart attacks following taking bitter orange supplements.
  • Chromium Picolinate: This trace mineral is not a stimulant. There are no stimulant benefits to taking this ingredient and medical opinion that taking chromium supplements is unnecessary.
  • Gurana Extract: This Brazilian fruit extract contains more caffeine than coffee so has the usual caffeine effects of the world’s favourite stimulant. Can perk you up and help weight loss by increasing the speed of the metabolism.
  • Ginseng Panax: Sometimes used as mental stimulant because this ingredient may improve alertness.
  • Cacao Extract also known as chocolate! Cocoa may help lower blood pressure but it can raise blood sugar levels too.

So What Does All This Mean?

Adiphene makes claims about the ingredients that are simply unproven and in some cases untrue. Chitosan has not been proven effective for weight loss despite the hype and this ingredient requires further evidence.

Cinnamon and cayenne have had limited clinical testing and only in extremely high quantities. Glucomannan has also only been found to have any benefit for weight loss when taken regularly in high doses over months. You need a lot of these ingredients for any positive effects and although Adiphene have not published contents amounts, these ingredients are highly unlikely to be in the amounts required.

We are concerned about the bitter orange content too. This ingredient is potentially very dangerous and works by increasing adrenaline levels – potentially putting a strain on the heart and blood pressure. Panax Ginseng can cause side effects too.

Does Adiphene Have Any Side Effects?

A total lack of customer feedback means it is impossible to bring you any true-life customer experiences so it appears that no one has actually tried this supplement.

Looking at the ingredients list, you can expect possible side effects including:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Palpitations
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Gas and Flatulence
  • Diarrhoea
  • Insomnia
  • Increased choking risk
  • Jitteriness
  • Anxiety

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not use if you have ever had an organ transplant as this supplement could interact with medication.
Do not take if you have a heart or blood pressure related medical condition or are taking medication for this due to interactions.

Risks: There can be a choking risk associated with Glucomannan so make sure you take this pill with plenty of water so that it does not expand in the throat and for this reason do not break open the capsules and take them in powder form.
Do not take this supplement if you have a shellfish allergy. Although this often applies to the meat of the shellfish rather than the bones, we would not take that risk.
Do not take Adiphene if you are taking prescription medication because of interactions. Adiphene will interact with Warfarin (high blood pressure medication) anti depressants and other drugs.
Adiphene have not provided any health warnings beyond the advice to visit your doctor before taking these pills. We advise you do the same.

Any Adiphene Reviews From Customers?

Remarkably, we could not find one independent customer review for this supplement.

So Does Adiphene Work?

Very unlikely, this supplement will not work in the way as described.

The company have overhyped the efficacy of many of the ingredients and have not been transparent with the actual contents of the capsules. Some of the ingredients described as potent – look fairly mundane. A few mgs of cayenne and cinnamon for example is not going to make you thin.

In addition, we are totally unimpressed with the claims that state you do not need to change your diet or increase your exercise levels in order to lose weight.

The Adiphene website is glossy and convincing but the truth is that nobody has appeared to have tried this supplement and the ingredients list is inadequate.

Where Can I Buy Adiphene?

You can only buy Adiphene direct from the product website.

One month’s supply of 60 capsules costs $65.95. Two month’s supply costs $129.95. Three months supply (plus one free bottle) costs $197.95.

In order to buy you have to first sign up and register for an account. This makes the supplement look like an auto billing scam but reading through the terms and conditions, this is not the case.

Shipping details are not provided but if you live in the USA, Adiphene will be sent from Dallas, UK and EU customers will receive their orders from Scotland.

For customers elsewhere you will need to contact the company for further details.

What About A Guarantee

There is a money-back guarantee but you need to delve into the returns policy in-depth to fully understand.

Firstly the Adiphene support staff reserve the right to judge if a refund is possible.

If applicable then the refund is possible only within 30 days of ordering where an 18% re-stocking fee and $14 US shipping charge or $45 International order charge is applied.

This means ordering the largest package $197 from the UK means you will be charged a whopping $35 re-stocking fee and $45 shipping fee ($80 in total). So the guarantee will only give you back 60% of your order.

Watchdog Verdict

Adiphene is a well-advertised diet pill that uses some powerful and persuasive advertising. Despite this, it comes with some very inaccurate information about weight loss and the powers of the ingredients. We don’t like the claims that you can still lose weight without making dietary and lifestyle changes because no diet pill will magic you thin, however good it is supposed to be.

In addition, Adiphene may cause a whole range of potential side effects, which are totally glossed over in the product information.

There is zero independent feedback available for this supplement and the guarantee is somewhat confusing and not as good as others on the market.

Don’t be fooled by some graphs and some glossy promotion. It looks good but this diet pill is nothing special and in our opinion is not worth the risk to your pocket or your health.

We liked the idea of the mix of ingredients to target various aspects of weight loss but don’t believe this particular combination will work. In the end though it was an easy decision to reject Adiphene diet pills.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. I have been taking adiphene and it doesn’t give me a pick me up like garçonia Cambodia does. Those pills work and made my tummy look smaller. Being about 70 pounds overweight it’s a uphill battle but so far this pill has just been a cleanse. I only spent about 10$ on Amazon for 60 capsules so we shall see if after it cleanse me out things start changing.

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