Meal Replacement shakes are one popular dieting option, but there are many diet shake brands available, all of which claim to be the best choice for losing weight. Almased is one of these meal replacement products, with the manufacturers claiming that Almased will help consumers to ‘Lose weight without the dreaded yo-yo effect!’

Below we take an in-depth look at Almased to see if it can aid significant, safe and sustainable weight loss.

Almased Pros

  • Contains vitamins

Almased Cons

  • No money back guarantee
  • Expensive product
  • Lots of side effects and unpleasant taste
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What You Need To Know About Almased

Almased is a weight loss meal replacement protein powder made with non-GMO soy to help provide essential amino acids and enzymes. It’s said to be an easy to digest, stimulant free, and clinically studied formula.

What Are The Side Effects Of Almased?

Side effects of following a very high protein diet may include bad breath, headache, and constipation. The low fibre content of this product could cause irregular bowel movements, and could also cause constipation.

How Much Does Almased Cost?

Almased is not sold directly by the manufacturers, but it is available from amazon, with a 17.06 oz pack costing $27.97 plus delivery charges.

Our Verdict On Almased

We dislike very low calorie diets and meal replacement shakes in general; meal replacement diets are often difficult to stick to, as many people find the lack of chewing unsatisfying and find the very low calorie count difficult to deal with. The product contains a high level of protein, but the fibre content is almost non-existent which could cause digestive upset and have a long term impact upon health.

Customers also note many side effects that occur whilst taking Almased. Drinking three shakes per day provides 540 calories; this level of very low calorie diet should only be undertaken under supervision from a medical professional, and is not suitable to be followed in the long term. Weight loss will be quick and significant whilst consuming this product, but may be regained after regular eating patterns are resumed.

The product is incredibly expensive and has no money back guarantee. Considering the number of negative comments about the taste, the potential side effects, the high cost and unsustainable nature of the product, we do not recommend Almased to our readers.

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Almased Review

Almased is a meal replacement shake that is very low in calories. Following the recommendations provided by Almased on how to use the product would lead to the consumer following a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), which in itself has numerous flaws.

Almased Facts

  • Manufactured by Almased USA Inc
  • 10 servings per tub
  • Meal Replacement Shake

Each serving of the shake contains 180 calories, plus the calories of the liquid that it is mixed with. If a consumer were to replace 3 meals with a single shake each, they could expect to consume 540 calories per day if mixing the product with water (more if the product is mixed with milk or a milk alternative such as soya milk or almond milk).

How to Take Almased

The manufacturers do not provide exact directions for use, other than stating that all three meals of the day can be replaced with a shake. The product is available either as individual sachets or as a tub of powder. Each shake should be made up with either one sachet of the shake powder, or 8 tablespoons of the powder.

Almased is manufactured by Almased USA Inc, who are based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Their contact details, including a company address, email address and phone number, are all available on the privacy policy page of the Almased website.

Almased Concerns:

  • No money back guarantee.
  • Expensive product.
  • Lots of side effects and unpleasant taste.

What Does Almased Claim To Do?

The manufacturers of Almased state that the product has the following benefits:

  • Speeds Up and Improves Your Metabolism
  • Proven Safe & Effective for Diabetics
  • Extremely Low Glycemic Load: 4
  • Low Glycemic Index: 27
  • All natural, Non-GMO

Almased Synergy Diet is made in Germany, using a unique fermentation process that enables nutrients to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. That means 27 grams of satisfying soy protein is at the ready morning, noon and night. With a host of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, you won’t miss a thing sipping on Almased for all three meals. Or, turn to this delicious drink mix to top off a hard work out. The new you is just around the corner…

Does Almased Work?

There are several factors that may interfere with the consumers’ weight loss whilst using Almased. These include the poor taste and texture. Many customers found the drink to be gritty, and unpleasant tasting, even when adding in other flavouring such as cinnamon, cocoa, bananas and flavoured milk. Some customers feel constantly hungry whilst using the product, whilst others report feeling full all of the time because of the high protein content. Fans of the product state that the first three or four days are the hardest, as the consumer needs to get used to such a low calorie diet.

However, if consumers can stomach the product, stick to the diet laid out on the Almased website, and can afford the high cost of the shakes, then they should lose weight quickly whilst drinking the shakes. This is because they contain very few calories. However, numerous consumers also report side effects.

In the long term, it is very likely that consumers will regain some, if not all of the weight that they lost whilst taking this product after they return to a more normal diet. This is because following a VLCD lowers the body’s metabolic rate; this can lead to yo-yo dieting.

What Are The Ingredients of Almased?

Almased is based upon Soy Protein, Honey and Skim Milk Powder, and contains numerous vitamins and amino acids.

Each serving contains 180 calories, 27 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbohydrates (which is entirely sugar based, containing no complex carbohydrates) and 0.5 grams of fibre.

  • Amino Acids: Amino acids are the component parts of muscle; anyone who is undertaking muscle-building exercises to bulk up needs a steady supply of amino acids to effectively build new muscle. Some amino acids have additional benefits.
  • L-Tyrosine 950 mg: An amino acid that is a building block of protein, this ingredient is found naturally in many foods including meat and dairy products. Some people use it as an appetite suppressant, but there is little evidence that it is effective for this use. Large doses of tyrosine may be useful for increasing alertness, especially in people who are sleep deprived.
  • L-Methionine 500 mg
  • L-Cystine 340 mg
  • L-Lysine 1550 mg
  • L-Threonine 950 mg
  • L-Tryptophan 600 mg: An essential amino acid, it is used by the body to make niacin and serotonin.
  • L-Leucine 2300 mg: An essential branched chain amino acid which stimulates protein synthesis in the body, and is used as a building block for muscle. Whilst dieting, supplementing Leucine could help to maintain muscle mass whilst still losing fat mass, as it is used to help fuel muscle.
  • L-Isoleucine 1400 mg: Isoleucine appears to promote glucose consumption and uptake. It also plays a role in inducing muscle protein synthesis (although it is not as strong as Leucine).
  • L-Valine 1400 mg: Valine appears to be the least potent of the branched chain amino acids, but will still play a small role in stimulating protein synthesis and promoting glucose consumption and uptake.
  • L-Histidine 600 mg
  • L-Arginine 1800 mg
  • L-Phenylalanine 1300 mg: An amino acid used for treating depression, amongst other things. However, the research to suggest that this will effectively treat depression is outdated, with calls for more testing using updated research methods.

The product is incredibly low in fibre; the recommended daily intake of fibre is 20-35 grams per day, and yet consuming two shakes provides just one gram, making it almost impossible to make up the rest of the RDA in the consumers one meal of the day. High protein, low fibre diets often lead to constipation, and fibre has numerous benefits for dieters, including helping them to feel full without adding many calories to the meal.

The high protein content may help those who are undertaking strenuous muscle building exercises, as amino acids are used by the body as a basic component when building new muscle mass. We dislike that the only carbohydrate content is sugars, and not complex carbohydrates. Despite this product having a low glycemic index according to the manufacturers, the truth is that simple sugars are processed by the body much faster than complex carbohydrates, leading to energy levels peaking quickly before crashing.

Almased consumers will be following a VLCD, with two shakes providing 360 calories, and replacing two of the days meals.

Does Almased Have Any Side Effects?

Side effects of following a very high protein diet may include bad breath, headache, and constipation. The low fibre content of this product could cause irregular bowel movements, and could also cause constipation. In the long term, eating a high fibre diet is associated with lowered cholesterol levels, and so consuming almost no fibre would remove this beneficial effect.

The lack of fibre in the product may also cause increased hunger, as fibre slows down digestion, and swells in the stomach to provide a feeling of fullness.

Soy is the main ingredient in Almased. According to the Mayo Clinic, soy may cause asthma, bad taste, bleeding, bloating, constipation, damage to pancreas, diarrhoea, goiters (enlarged neck due to increased thyroid size), growth failure, fatigue, immune changes, increased heart rate, insomnia, intestinal inflammation, loose stool, menstrual changes, migraine, nausea, stomach pain, and vomiting. Use cautiously in people with hormone-sensitive cancers such as breast, ovarian, or uterine cancer, or hormone-sensitive conditions such as endometriosis. The isoflavones present in soy can increase estrogen levels in women, which can lead to irregular menstrual cycles, cramping, and other side effects.

It is also possible to have a soy allergy. Obviously anyone who is allergic to soy should never take Almased.

Customers report feeling nauseous, bad breath, vomiting, constant hunger, increased blood sugar levels, diarrhoea, irregular menstrual cycles, hot flushes, and chills.

Not suitable for those under the age of 18. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, unless expressly recommended by your doctor. Soy may interact with numerous medications, and so consumers who are taking prescribed medications, or herbal supplements, including saw palmetto and ginkgo biloba, should consult their doctor before purchasing this product. Not suitable for anyone with thyroid problems.

Are There Any Customers Reviews For Almased?

There are thousands of customer reviews for Almased that have been left on amazon. Numerous negative reviews mention side effects related to estrogen levels, an irregular menstrual cycle, and cramps.

I used Almased for 2 months and did lose 9 pounds however I got a period after not having one for a year and a half. I called by GYN and she ordered hormone levels and my estrogen level was 7800!!! Extremely high. I immediately stopped almased and had my level repeated 6 weeks later and it came down to 18. If you are post or peri menopausal speak to you physician before taking this especially if you have cancer or cancer risk factors. Some people are very sensitive to soy so this may not be safe for you. I have never written a review before but just wanted to warn you before you purchase this product.

There are also numerous complaints about the taste and texture of the product.

tried mixing it with every combination mentioned in the guide as well as most of those mentioned here, and I can’t choke it down. Unless I can find a way to make it taste better I don’t think I’ll be losing any weight with this product. I use protein drinks everyday for my breakfast and this is by far the worst tasting I’ve ever encountered. If your going to give this a try, order only one can, not the double pack and make sure you can tolerate the taste before you spend this much money!

I am a Type 2 diabetic and I thought this might be perfect for me. I only need to lose 15 pounds. I can’t get past the taste. I have added all kinds of things in to help with the taste, but it still tastes like sour milk to me. I wish I wouldn’t have bought the pack of 4 because I now have 3 unopened canisters and can’t do anything with them.

I tried it with Vanilla Almond Milk. It was gritty in texture. I just could not drink it 3x a day.

The other most common complaint is the price of the product, which appears to have increased dramatically over the past few years. Conversely, there are many more positive reviews than negative reviews, as people who can tolerate the product lose weight very quickly.

Have lost 12 lbs. in 3 weeks! Tastes good, to with flavorings, etc added.

I love the flavor, try adding a banana and trust me, you’ll love it too. I lost 15 lbs in one month

Does Almased Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee for this product. The manufacturer does not sell the product directly or accept returns. It appears that most sellers of the product will not accept open products for return.

Where Can I Buy Almased?

Almased is not sold directly by the manufacturers, but is sold by a number of online third party retailers. The official Almased website provides an ‘order now’ link to one third party website, called Figure Plan, but there is merely a list of the three products the company offers, links to supplement information, and a ‘find a store’ list.

The product is available from amazon, with a 17.06 oz pack costing $27.97 plus delivery charges. Two packs costs $52.75, whilst three packs costs $83.91. Delivery is free on orders over $35. Customer reviews note that amazon pricing for this product changes often.

GNC have the product listed on their website but it appears to be unavailable, as there is no pricing information listed. Almased may still be available in selected GNC stores.

Walgreens sell a single pack of Almased for $29.99. They also offer a discount, along with free shipping, when signing up for their auto-ship program. However, we strongly discourage our readers from signing up to autoship programs, as they often work out as more expensive in the longrun, are easy to forget about, and can be difficult to cancel.

Vitacost charge $27.97 per pack of Almased.

Each box of product contains 10 servings; following the directions for use means that the product will last for less than four days. When replacing two meals per day with shakes, a single tub would last for 5 days. This makes the product incredibly expensive to use in the long term.

How does Almased compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaAlmased ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Diet Pills Watchdog rejects Almased.


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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. I am wondering if the high protein content of Almased could be too much protein–potentially dangerous for the kidneys.

    I mix it with unsweetened organic soy milk, stevia, and a lot of cinnamon. I really like the taste. I am unable to find organic almond milk and notice that almond milk has a lot of other ingredients mixed in.

  2. i would like to know if almased can be used after the expiration date, i bought two cases and was not able to diet at that time.

  3. My maths is not the best, but 6 weeks of two servings a day would *not* be 36 cannisters! One canister every 5 days for 42 days…just over 8, no? Or am I misunderstanding what you mean?

  4. I tend to have low blood pressure and noticed that my blood pressure was much lower after using Almased 2x day for a few days – would not recommend it if you have low blood pressure. Stopped using it after the first week when I ran out of powder. I did like the taste, I mixed it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

  5. This product works for me and my husband. It is a good replacement for a meal and keep the sugar craving down. Love the product. Also, stabilizes our blood sugar.

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