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    Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi is a natural antioxidant, thought to help reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Sacha Inchi is rapidly gaining popularity, not just in those little high-end health supplement boutiques, but also very much in the mainstream these days.

    We looked a little closer into Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi, and this is what we found.

    Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Pros

    • Rich in omega 3 fatty acids
    • Rich in protein
    • You only need a small amount for the best effect

    Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Cons

    • Difficult to buy from this supplier
    • Supplier’s very limited social media presence
    • Only 3 human clinical trials on Sacha Inchi
    Watchdog Rejected

    Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi

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    What You Need To Know About Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi

    Sacha Inchi has been grown in Peru for centuries and, more recently, farmers in Thailand have seen its profit potential and have started growing it there.

    Sacha Inchi is often called Inca nuts, Inca peanuts, Jungle nuts, or Sacha peanuts, although technically they’re drupes, which is the term given to fruits that surround shells containing seeds, such as peaches and cherries.

    It’s a natural antioxidant, thought to help reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

    What Are The Side Effects Of Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi?

    The most common side effects of Sacha Inchi are nausea, headaches, and mood swings.

    How Much Does Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Cost?

    It’s possible to buy the roasted and salted nuts for close to $20/lb. from retailers other than Alpha Natura. Roasting reduces the efficiency of the omegas 3, 6, and 9, many people prefer to purchase Sacha Inchi elsewhere in oil form, leaving the nuts unheated and therefore more effective. We’ve found 8.5-ounce bottles of Sacha Inchi online for $29.99, but prices can vary.

    As for buying Sacha Inchi from Alpha Natura themselves, since they’re wholesalers and you have to email them to ask for prices, we can’t help remembering that famous quote from JP Morgan that goes “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it”.

    Then again, if you’re looking to score a few lifetimes’ supplies worth of Sacha Inchi, then Alpha Natura is definitely the company for you!

    Our Verdict On Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi

    Sacha Inchi is rapidly gaining popularity, not just in those little high-end health supplement boutiques, but also very much in the mainstream these days. And we think it should – after all people have been enjoying its benefits in South America for centuries, and if Alpha Natura don’t want to sell Sacha Inchi in suitable quantities for domestic use, then who are we to argue?

    They’re wholesalers and are probably used to selling Sacha Inchi by the ton. And since you only need just a handful of Sacha Inchi a day to enjoy the benefits, unless you’re going to set up in business and sell it yourself, you’re going to get totally overwhelmed by their idea of a minimum order.

    So it’s nothing personal, and we’re going to wish Alpha Natura all the success they deserve for bringing this and other South American potential superfoods to the market, but we’re still going to reject Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi anyway.

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    Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Review

    One problem with Sacha Inchi, as we’ve said before, is that once the drupes (or seeds) are roasted, they lose a lot of their potency. So for all those benefits, such as lowering cholesterol levels, and raising those of serotonin, Sacha Inchi oil would make a lot more sense.

    Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Facts

    • Alpha Natura is based in Peru
    • The company’s website is in desperate need of updating
    • Their product line is standardized in the form of 90-capsule bottles, with each capsule containing 500mg of supplements like Acai Berry, Dragon’s Blood, Shark Cartilage, and Green Coffee

    That’s especially since serotonin helps us cope with stress and even regulates our appetite, keeping excess snacking to a minimum.

    How to Take Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi

    Best to not eat Sacha Inchi raw, even though roasting them reduces their omega fatty acids. A handful of roasted Sacha Inchi, salted or unsalted, is rich in fiber and protein and is just about the right amount to snack on.

    Raw Sacha Inchi oil retains its omegas and is excellent for skincare, and ideal for drizzling over all kinds of food.

    Then again, Sacha Inchi definitely makes for a handy snack, and it’s seriously protein-rich. For each ounce, we’re looking at 8 grams of protein. That’s almost one-third protein by weight, roasted or unroasted.

    Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Concerns:

    • Alpha Natura’s website is depressingly outdated: one page’s copyright starts at the year 2006 and stops, it seems in 2009
    • The company has distributors in Serbia and Chile, but their American equivalents are a little harder to find: their Californian distributor’s operations have been suspended because of their failure to meet tax requirements, while their Florida distributor is listed as just plain “inactive”
    • And of course, since Alpha Natura cater for industrial sized orders, buying Sacha Inchi from them could be quite a pricey option, and you’ll need a lot of room to store your order

    What Does Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Claim To Do?

    We’ve got a lot of claims to work our way through – are you ready?

    According to Alpha Natura, their Sacha Inchi:

    • Helps reduce bad cholesterol levels
    • Is an antioxidant, thanks to its vitamin A and E content
    • Helps transport nutrients through the bloodstream
    • Improves the functioning of the nervous system
    • Has a high protein content
    • Keeps blood pressure stable
    • Strengthens the heart
    • Balances triglycerides

    And then the website proceeds to repeat these claims all over again, so it looks like Alpha Natura thinks their Sacha Inchi has got to be twice as good as anybody else’s.

    Does Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Work?

    From here we can’t put our hand on our heart and say it doesn’t. It’s not like there’s a huge promotional campaign going on, but people in South America and Thailand are selling the seeds, making the oil, and selling it to thousands of satisfied customers, and it’s been a staple in South America since long before the Incas, so we’re going to assume it’s got some – if not lots – of benefits to those consuming it.

    What Are The Ingredients of Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi?

    The website itself it a little confusing when it comes to listing the ingredients, that is, once you’ve managed to find it since it is white text on a white background.

    Let’s take a one-ounce serving, and see what it contains.

    First off, calories: there’s 170 in total, of which 126 are from fat.

    Total fat: 14 grams, or 50% of that serving by weight. You could also say that’s 22% of the recommended daily value for an adult. Of that fat, only 1 gram is saturated, and that’s 5% of the recommended DV.

    Total carbohydrate content works out at 6 grams, or 2% DV, while dietary fiber again works out at 6 grams, or 24% DV.

    Sacha Inchi contains no sugars, but does contain calcium and iron, at 4% DV each.

    Each ounce contains 9 grams of protein, which would be just under one-fifth DV.

    Does Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Have Any Side Effects?

    It’s easy to underestimate how much Sacha Inchi to snack on, and it’s just as easy to feel a bit uncomfortable in the digestion department if you’ve had more than a couple of handfuls.

    However there’s another side effect Sacha Inchi can bring on, and that’s mood swings – especially if you’re taking prescribed medications already. These mood swings can range from mild to severe, and you’re advised to stop snacking on Sacha Inchi or using the oil right away if you suffer from a severe mood swing.

    (On a practical basis, this is a very good reason for not buying Sacha Inchi in bulk from Alpha Natura, or any other supplier, until you’re absolutely certain it doesn’t bring on those mood swings. Or any other kind of side effect.)

    If you’re taking anticoagulant drugs, you might find the omega-3s in Sacha Inchi can thin your blood even more, and cause more bleeding than normal if you cut yourself.

    Are There Any Customer Reviews For Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi?

    We can’t find any reviews about the Sacha Inchi sold by Alpha Natura for obvious reasons, but we did find another supplier on Amazon with a few reviews to offer.

    We particularly liked this one

    I think the seeds taste kinda like the best peanut you’ve ever had on steroids and the powder to me has an English toffee flavor.

    We just love the idea of peanuts on steroids.

    Does Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

    Not from Alpha Natura – at least not that we’ve managed to discover. And it’s very possible that if there was a guarantee and you took Alpha Natura up on it, there might be one or two complications when it comes to exporting plant material to Peru – especially since they’ve got so much of their own Sacha Inchi there already.

    Where Can I Buy Alpha Natura Sacha Inchi?

    Amazon, online retailers, the occasional eBay vendor – in fact anyone other than Alpha Natura – unless you really, really feel like buying in bulk!

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