AMPK Activator

Updated May 20, 2019.
Published Oct 2, 2017.

The AMPK enzyme is typically associated with anti-ageing, but it can also play a part in general health and in weight-loss. This is the angle that AMPK Activator is going for. Unfortunately, the theories behind this product are still somewhat unproven. Even more unfortunately, pretty much all of the consumer reviews claim that it doesn’t work. There is a good money-back guarantee on it though, so at least unsatisfied customers can get a refund.


  • Excellent 12-month money-back guarantee
  • Few side effects


  • Most customer reviews regard the product as ineffective
  • Manufacturer has been repeatedly in trouble with the FDA for making false claims
  • Key ingredients are not backed by scientific evidence
AMPK Activator
Anti-ageing supplements are a mixed breed, and different products often approach the subject from wildly different angles. One approach is to attempt to raise the levels of the AMPK enzyme within the body, as this important enzyme is associated with muscular performance, weight loss and other youthful attributes. The theory depends on the notion that raising the AMPK levels via a supplement can effectively inhibit or even reverse the ageing process over time.

Below, we take an in-depth look into AMPK Activator, to see whether this AMPK-centred product actually has the anti-ageing effects its manufacturer promises.

AMPK Activator Overview

What you need to know about AMPK Activator

AMPK Activator is an anti-ageing supplement that works by boosting the levels of AMPK in the body. The AMPK enzyme works like a kind of master control for the body’s metabolism, fundamentally influencing how our body processes energy. High AMPK levels are promoted by good diet, exercise, and youth, although some supplement manufacturers are now exploring ways of boosting AMPK levels artificially.

AMPK Activator is manufactured by Life Extension, a US-based supplement manufacturer, magazine producer, and charitable foundation that has been around for 35 years. Reportedly set up for the purpose of researching ways to increase lifespans, Life Extension has been the subject of controversy since its inception due to publishing false information. The company’s managing directors were arrested in the early 1990s and fought a long and bitter legal battle with the FDA for several years over their right to sell products. As recently as 2017, the FDA has launched another complaint against the company after Life Extension claimed its products could help to treat breast cancer, brain tumours, and more (all the while encouraging naive readers to grow suspicious of conventional treatments).

What are the side effects of AMPK Activator?

The key ingredients found in AMPK Activator are known to cause a few side effects, some of which are mentioned in customer reviews. Gynostemma extract has been found to occasionally cause severe nausea and more frequent bowel movements. In addition, rose hip may sometimes cause vomiting, insomnia, constipation, heartburn, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, headaches, fatigue, and others.

How much does AMPK Activator cost?

The cheapest prices we found online for AMPK Activator were on Amazon and eBay, where a standard 90-capsule pack costs around $26. The standard price on many websites (including the official Life Extension website, Best Price Nutrition and iHerb) is $36. Customers shopping on the official Life Extension website can obtain small discounts and free shipping by signing onto an autoship program or by becoming members.

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AMPK Activator Key Features

AMPK Activator is an anti-ageing supplement that contains just two active ingredients. The product claims to work by boosting the levels of AMPK in the body, an enzyme which is associated with weight loss, muscle performance and healthy ageing.

AMPK Activator Key Points

  • Manufactured by Life Extension
  • Contains 90 capsules per pack
  • Anti-ageing product with weight loss effects

This product is produced and sold by Life Extension, an American supplement manufacturer that has been operating for more than 30 years. Life Extension mainly concern themselves with making anti-ageing supplements, and have also produced a magazine and charitable foundation devoted to the same purpose.

How to Take AMPK Activator

The directions for use are as follows:

Take two (2) capsules (servings) with the first meal of the day and one (1) capsule (serving) with the second meal, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Despite generally good customer reviews, Life Extension has repeatedly landed itself in trouble with the authorities for false advertising, particularly with the FDA (whom the company repeatedly lampoons on its website and in its magazines).

As recently as 2017, Life Extension was once again pulled up by the FDA for claiming that its unregulated supplements can act as medication for serious illnesses like breast cancer, a stance which could put naïve customers at risk of serious harm or death. The company can be contacted via the contact details supplied on their official website.

AMPK Activator Concerns:

  • Product and its ingredients are not backed by strong research
  • Manufacturer has been warned by the FDA repeatedly for making false claims
  • Customer reviews are generally negative

What does AMPK Activator claim to do?

As the name suggests, AMPK Activator is mainly intended to activate and raise the levels of the AMPK enzyme in the body. High AMPK levels are said to “revitalize ageing cells, promote mitochondrial production, and inhibit multiple damaging factors associated with ageing”. The same enzyme is also said to help customers to lose weight and enjoy “metabolic benefits”.

Does AMPK Activator work?

First things first: the only active ingredient in AMPK Activator is gynostemma extract, as the other ingredient (rose hip) has not been supplied in sufficient amounts to be effective.

Gynostemma has been found to raise AMPK levels in rats, and it stands to reason that it may have the same effect in humans (although this has never been proven). Whether raising your body’s AMPK levels with a supplement can reduce the effects of ageing is another question entirely. Although we know that our levels of the AMPK enzyme decline as we age, it’s difficult to say whether increasing it artificially will reverse or limit the process. Although scientists know that good diet and exercise have positive effects on both AMPK levels and the ageing process, it isn’t clear whether popping a pill will have the same effect.

In conclusion? We’re not sure whether this product raises AMPK levels in humans, and even then, we’re not sure whether raised AMPK levels have an anti-ageing effect in the first place. In any case, most customers do not appear to be happy, with most posting negative experiences on Amazon.

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AMPK Activator Ingredients

The two ingredients included in AMPK Activator are listed below. The ingredient quantities listed below are correct for 1 capsule.

  • Rose hip extract [from dog rose (aerial part) std. to 5% trans-tiliroside] 373mg: Rosehips are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, although much of this is lost during the drying and powdering process. Some animal studies suggest it could lower cholesterol and blood pressure, ease osteoarthritis, and help dieters to lose weight. However, the quantity of rose hip included in this particular mix is far, far too low to be effective. Source
  • ActivAMP gynostemma extract (leaf) 150mg: This plant has been found to have beneficial anti-diabetic effects, many of which are still being explored. It has been found to raise AMPK levels in rats, and is thought by some researchers to be a mild prophylactic. The claim that it can effectively act as an anti-ageing supplement has never been explored by any scientific study. Source

AMPK Activator Side Effects

AMPK Activator features two key ingredients that may cause occasional side effects. Gynostemma extract can be used safely on a short-term basis, but even then can occasionally cause severe nausea and more frequent bowel movements. Its long-term safety is less clear.

The quantity of rose hip included in this mix is too low to be effective but may still cause adverse effects. Potential side effects include vomiting, insomnia, diarrhoea, constipation, heartburn, stomach cramps, headaches, fatigue and others.


Company warning states: Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not purchase if outer seal is broken or damaged. When using nutritional supplements, please consult with your physician if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating.

AMPK Activator Customer Feedback

Most of the customer reviews we found online were mixed or negative, with most positive reviewers admitting that they hadn’t tried the product yet! The general consensus from former customers is that the product simply doesn’t work, and represented a costly waste of money for many.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT – IT DOES NOT WORK. I have been taking this product for 3 weeks & absolutely no effect what so ever… wasted money on 2 bottles. REALLY DISAPPOINTED.

I will never know what it’s like as its supposed to help you live a longer life but I find it too expensive to buy every month not knowing if it’s doing you any good.

Save your money. Bought these and completed, no result at all!

They dont seem to do anything, bit of a gimmick i think

This supplement has helped lower my blood sugar. Very encouraging.

AMPK Activator Money-Back Guarantee

All products purchased through the Life Extension website seem to be protected by a generous money-back guarantee (although the company barely advertises it as such). If customers are unsatisfied in any way, they are free to return their product within 12 months of purchase. A return address is supplied on the FAQ section of the Life Extension website, although it makes sense to contact the customer service department first to make sure your return will be processed as you expect it to.

Where To Buy AMPK Activator

AMPK Activator is available to buy from the official Life Extension website, Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, Lucky Vitamin, iHerb and more.

A standard 90-capsule pack (a month supply) costs $36 on most outlets, including the official Life Extension website, Best Price Nutrition, and iHerb. The same pack costs slightly more on the Vitamin Shoppe ($39.99) and slightly less from Walmart ($30.97) and Lucky Vitamin ($34.20). The cheapest prices we found were on Amazon and eBay, where a 90-capsule pack costs between $26-$27 depending on the seller.

Watchdog Verdict

Customer reviews are often very telling and this product’s feedback is near-unanimous on Amazon. It simply doesn’t work.

The theory is fairly flawed from the outset, as the theories guiding it are all very unproven. It isn’t clear whether this product’s key ingredient even raises AMPK levels at all (it has only ever been proven to work on rats), and the only other ingredient has been provided in far too small a quantity to be effective. The process of raising AMPK levels with supplements has also not been proven to limit or reverse the effects of ageing, and we believe that this approach represents a misunderstanding of the cause-and-effect chain!

Customers complain about the product’s ineffectiveness, the relatively high price point, and even of unexpected side effects. Even positive reviews are hardly magnanimous, with moth adopting the “wait and see” approach.

Life Extension is another manufacturer that suffers from a very poor relationship with the American authorities. The evidence of this product suggests that this poor reputation is well-deserved, as Life Extension’s website makes a number of over-the-top claims that are not backed with convincing evidence. As this is a company that is also known to promote its own rubbish herbal supplements as cures for horrific illnesses, we believe they should be regarded as insincere quacks to be avoided. More professional and trustworthy options are out there for those looking for anti-ageing supplements or products suitable for the elderly.

We would not recommend AMPK Activator to our readers.

How does AMPK Activator compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria AMPK Activator Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. It is quite possible that AMPK Activator is indeed not effective, but I am disturbed by your categorization of Life Extension Foundation as a poor provider. In tests in a University of Florida biochem class their supplements were found to be consistently better in their molecular formulation than those from other providers, and in most cases far more bio-available. Their magazine also helps one stay informed of peer reviewed research. That the FDA has problems with them means little, as the FDA is notoriously wrong a high percentage of the time, often keeping the US behind Europe.

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