Amway BodyKey Kit

Sometimes we find ourselves reviewing a product that’s pretty bizarre, but today we’re going to look at something which is right off the “WTF?” scale. Obviously somebody at Amway UK HQ must have thought their BodyKey kit would be worth marketing, but we’d hate to be the Amway Independent Business Owner trying to sell it.

Then again, we’d hate to be involved in multilevel marketing in the first place – especially if keeping a roof over our head and our children fed and clothed depended on finding many people each month who actually wanted to buy a BodyKey kit and willing to pay so much for it. In UK pounds, one BodyKey kit costs £434.10. And at today’s exchange rate, that’d be $580.23. But for what?

Let’s look a little closer into Amway BodyKey kit and find out.

Amway BodyKey Pros

  • Contains starter supplements
  • Promotional leaflets to pass on to friends
  • Free shaker worth £11.00

Amway BodyKey Cons

  • Heavy on the soy, but no warning about that or the wheat content
  • Additional purchases required on an ongoing, continuous basis
  • It’s kind of hard to ignore the price tag
Watchdog Rejected

Amway BodyKey

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What You Need To Know About Amway BodyKey

OK – are you ready for this? For your £434.10, you’d be getting a box containing two containers of Nutrilite diet supplements (fiber and protein), a box of BodyKey Herbal Tea teabags, a free BodyKey branded shaker, and some brochures to pass on to friends curious about how you’ve lost so much weight so well.

You’ll also get three DNA test saliva swabs together, with a unique reference number to use as a registration key for your one-year access to the My BodyKey Online Coach.

Plus a brochure of your own, a welcome letter, and a membership card.

What Are The Side Effects Of Amway BodyKey?

You mean other than a serious risk of bankruptcy?

Even though there’s no warnings about any of these, we’ve investigated and found potential allergy problems (soy and wheat), blood sugar problems, and digestion problems, none of which Amway seem to be inclined to tell us about.

Apart from that, no worries.

How Much Does Amway BodyKey Cost?

To start with, the kit itself retails at £434.10. That’s £70 worth of supplements, plus teabags, paperwork, and a DNA test which costs £359.10.

Once the test results come back you’ll find yourself receiving DNA test based recommendations for Amway supplements, instant meals, bars, with costs ranging from £6.00 to £57.65, but usually around the £30.00 mark. These will help you lose weight. And money.

Our Verdict On Amway BodyKey

We’re not the greatest fans of MLM anyway, but for once in our life we have to admit to feeling a little sorry for the MLM-er who’s trying to sell a box full of nothing but brochures, supplements, teabags, and a DNA swab kit for the same price as that of a used car.

But just a little bit. They know what they’re getting into right from the start.

DNA sampling kits like the on included in the BodyKey kit are available in different fitness websites slightly more cheaper.

Oops – sorry: we forgot to include in that box of goodies the BodyKey brand shaker – a snip at a mere £11.00.

And as for that analysis, we’ve got a sample printout in front of us. It’s only a single page, but it does look very official until you get to the actual interpretation of the DNA test – the one people pay for.

This interpretation says, in its entirety,

“Fat sensitive
High MET exercise intensity”

And that’s what they’re paying £359.10 for. That’s practically £60 per word.

Overall, we do not recommend the Amway BodyKey kit, based purely on cost and value alone.

No question about it.

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Amway BodyKey Review

It’s so difficult not to be cynical here, especially when DNA has been shown to have an influence on a person’s weight but not necessarily on shedding it. (It’s also really tempting to include the phrase “shedding pounds” somewhere, although not necessarily pounds as in weight.)

Amway BodyKey Facts

  • Amway US was founded in 1959 in Michigan. The name is short for “American Way”
  • Amway UK started in 1973, but had to temporarily stop operating in 2007 due to an investigation by the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry
  • Amway UK’s BodyKey Starter kit is not available in the USA, but the BodyKey Variety Pack ($89.00) and the BodyKey Stay on Track Variety Pack $149.50) are available on Amway’s US website (Note the US capitalization for the brand, as opposed to no capitals on the other side of the Atlantic)

It’s also difficult to be impartial when there’s so much bad press about Amway on ripoffreport, reddit, and other websites. And although there’s the chance that we could be wrong here, it didn’t take much detective work to start at the original Amway UK website and finish at an Austrian DNA testing service called Novogenia.

How to Take Amway BodyKey

Here’s what we found on the website, (including misspellings):

How To Use
On receiving your BodyKey Starter Kit, take stock of its contents and read the welcome literature. After this, take the following steps:

1. Take the Genetic Test and follow the insctuctions attached.
2. Register at to complete your individual Design My Plan feature.
3. Follow the guidance provided in your personalised plan.
4. Use supplements as advised.
5. Regularly consult the online resources and the My BodyKey Online Coach.

This company charges 400 euros (coincidentally just over £350) to perform the required analysis and provide the appropriate weight loss plan – without all the recommendations for other related dietary products and supplements available through another company like, say, Amway for example.

Amway BodyKey Concerns:

  • Users will be “advised” to buy constant supplies of Amway supplements, ready meals, bars, and suchlike in order to lose weight.
  • It’s possible to find similar DNA-type tests these days on Amazon, and for much less.
  • If we had that kind of money to spare, we’d be sorely tempted to spend it on something else.

What Does Amway BodyKey Claim To Do?

From the Amway website, the BodyKey kit is, “Everything you need to define your personalized diet and to achieve your ideal body weight.”

Does Amway BodyKey Work?

As in helping you lose weight?

Well, it’s not like you’re going to be able to afford proper food for a while after you buy it, so yes, it most certainly does.

What Are The Ingredients of Amway BodyKey?

In the box for Amway BodyKey, you will find:

Opening the box and ignoring the brochure, other paperwork, and the promotional leaflets you’ve got ready on hand to pass on to admiring friends who also want to lose weight and cash the BodyKey way, you’re left with the DNA test kit and;

NUTRILITE All Plant Protein Powder (“Contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass so it’s an essential ingredient for your weight loss journey.”) It’s a mix of plain and branched-chain amino acids, together with 81% soy protein, 10% wheat protein and 7.5% pea protein. Each serving provides 8 grams of protein.

NUTRILITE Fiber Powder (“Supports normal gastrointestinal regularity, which is important when trying to lose weight.”) This is a 6-gram serving comprising Resistant Maltodextrin, Inulin, and Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum, with 5 grams of fiber.

BodyKey Herbal Tea (“This tasty tea helps ensure water intake, a vital factor for weight management.”) This contains unknown amounts of Mate, Lemongrass, Green Tea, Nettle Leaves, Oat Straw Green, Rooibos, and Liquorice Root.

Does Amway BodyKey Have Any Side Effects?

We checked the main ingredients of the starter kit, but as for the additional recommended supplements, shakes, bars, and other Amway money-spinners, we’ve had to leave those out. Who knows what we’d be advised to buy on the basis of our DNA test?

The conveniently-provided protein powder is seriously soy-based, with a generous helping of wheat protein. Anyone with any allergies to either of those would be well advised to steer clear of BodyKey.

The equally conveniently-provided fiber powder is heavy on maltodextrin, which can spike blood sugar levels, and the inulin in that powder can bring on certain digestive problems. These include the kind of problems which could make standing in confined spaces (like elevators) for any length of time either extremely uncomfortable or extremely embarrassing. Or, more likely, both.

And if you’re not good at caffeine, be warned: the mixture in the teabags contains yerba mate, which is a good source. But since we aren’t told how much yerba, or how much there is of any of the other ingredients, we can’t tell you how much caffeine.

We couldn’t find any caution notice anywhere. Of any kind. Even if there had been something about the soy and wheat, there should have been at least one more – from a financial advisor.

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Amway BodyKey?

No. There are a few for Nutrilite products on Amazon, but many of them sound like they’re from people who’ve ordered what they thought was the real thing but received something different.

One or two reviewers who’ve made a purchase have also observed that selling Amway products on Amazon contravenes the Amway Contractual Agreement.

Now, how would they have known that?

Does Amway BodyKey Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

We can’t find one. If we had, we’ve have been extremely surprised.

Where Can I Buy Amway BodyKey?

If you’re really serious about a test and you really believe your DNA really does influence your weight loss efforts, and you really want to invest a lot of grocery money in a BodyKey Kit, then by all means do please visit the Amway UK website.

There you’ll, “be given directions on how to find a local Amway Business Owner to assist you further with purchasing the BodyKey Kit”.

It pretty well goes without saying that your BodyKey kit isn’t going to be the only thing your local Amway Business Owner is going want to sell you, to help you make a success of your weight loss journey.

And then, of course, there’s just the slimmest possibility they’ll invite you into their downline, as well. Over and over again. And again. And again.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

How does Amway BodyKey Kit compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Amway BodyKey Kit Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Amway BodyKey.

Amway BodyKey

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