Constant cravings are the major causes of why most diets fail. We may start off on a great diet but soon give into sugar cravings and snacking constantly between meals which completely throws the diet off schedule.

Diets are meant to work the body in such a way that the fats are melted away and put to use as fuel, so the body tends to feel the hunger pangs. But with appetite suppressants like Appesat, one can now control these cravings and lower the unnecessary calorie intake.

Appesat Pros

  • Fills up the stomach
  • Controls cravings
  • Reduces calorie intake

Appesat Cons

  • May lead to side effects for some users
  • May not be equally effective for all users
  • May lead to digestive disorders
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Appesat Review

Appesat Facts

  • Uses the power of natural seaweed extract to expand in stomach and fill it up.
  • Keeps the body full for a longer time and controls cravings for food.
  • Helps lower weight and leads to effective weight management.

Appesat is a natural appetite suppression supplement which has been clinically proven to be very effective in long term weight management. It uses all natural ingredients like a patented seaweed complex to support weight loss and treat excess weight issues. It is designed to help control food consumption and cravings by suppressing appetite very effectively. It does so by expanding inside the stomach and helping one feel very full for a longer time. It stays in the intestine for a while then slowly passes through, dissolving naturally and going out as waste. While there are many such products out there most are synthetic in nature. This is one of the natural products that users can opt for.

No matter how many slimming tablets one tries out, unless appetite is controlled well all diets are going to fall flat. The seaweed extracts are quite potent and are formed into a unique formula that has helped millions of struggling dieters lose weight. When combined with a calorie reduced diet and regular exercise, it works even better. It is perfect for those dieters who love food and find it hard to control their cravings. Appesat works by stimulating hunger sensors in the stomach to send “stomach full” signals to the brain, making the brain believe in that fullness. Now, no matter how much or less one eats, one will feel less inclined to snack in between meals. This is will prevent the intake of unnecessary calories.

Developed by the manufacturers of LipoBind, which is one of the most popular slimming tablets in the UK, Appesat has fast risen in popularity. Users have been raving about its effectiveness which has prevented them from avoiding junk food so much more. Many users have taken to calling Appesat “the seaweed pill”, a nickname that is quite apt due to its main ingredient, Laminaria digitata, which is a fibre complex that has been extracted from the seaweed. When users start taking this pill they find that they are eating much less and find it easier to stick to a healthy diet regime. It works in a manner similar to other high fibre products which promote a reduction in hunger, except this has been clinically proven to be more effective.

The patented formula incorporates the Bioginate Complex, a seaweed that is found on the French Atlantic coast. Made from this powerful complex, Appesat works as a natural appetite suppressant. It goes into the stomach and expands in it, keeping it full and satiated for a long time. It also works on the brain and signals a feeling of fullness to it. Unlike many other supplements, this is perfectly suitable for vegetarians. It is free from nuts and shellfish, gluten and has no artificial flavours or preservatives making it very safe for regular consumption.

How to Take Appesat

Users are advised to take one to three tablets, at least 30 minutes before each meal. Each intake should be accompanied by at least 250ml of cold water.
One should take care not to exceed the maximum daily dosage.
For best results one should combine it with a reduced calorie diet and regular exercise.
It is advisable that one consults a healthcare professional before taking this or other health supplements.

Appesat Concerns:

  • May have side effects for people with thyroid, blood pressure and kidney problems.
  • No money back option offered.
  • Not equally effective for all users.

What Does Appesat Claim To Do?

Appesat claims to help users lose weight by suppressing their appetite effectively. Made from fibres from seaweed extracts, this natural appetite suppressant is rapidly rising in popularity. It is fully organic and all its ingredients have been clinically tested so the risk of side effects is low. It contains five natural ingredients and the key ingredient is an extract from seaweed. It keeps the user feeling full for a longer time and thus prevents them from binging on snacks and fast food in between meals. When paired with regular exercise and a lower calorie diet one can lose weight faster and more effectively.

So What Is Appesat and What Are The Ingredients?

Appesat is an appetite suppressant that prevents calorie intake and helps users lose weight. It uses natural ingredients that are organically bound in a patented and unique formula to deliver faster results.

A closer look at the key ingredients:

  • Proprietary blend (bioginate complex): This contains the active ingredient Laminaria digitate which is basically an extract of a species of seaweed. It is highly fibrous in nature that expands when ingested and has a powerful swelling effect on the stomach. This keeps the users feel full for a long time. It also sends a fullness signal to the brain so the body doesn’t crave food or feel the need to indulge in snacking for a long time. It therefore, lowers the consumer’s calorie intake and slowly leads to weight loss and management.
  • Other ingredients: Sodium alginate, aluminium hydroxide, hydroxypropyl cellulose (with titanium dioxide colour), calcium hydroxide.

So What Does All This Mean?

All these go on to show how natural ingredients can help us achieve good health and manage our weight easily. While there are many weight loss pills and many diets that one can try out, nothing will work unless the cravings and constant binging on fast foods is controlled. This powerful appetite suppressant prevents all that by stimulating the sensors in the stomach that sends messages to the brain to trick it into thinking that one is not hungry any more. People eat less and find it easier to stick to their diets. This prevents calorie intake and encourages people to work harder at their weight loss regime, helping them lose weight.

Does Appesat Have Any Side Effects?

Since this is a natural product, the chances of side effects are minimal.

Some users have complained of upset stomachs and some have reported minor headaches, but one is not sure whether these are directly linked to the supplement. Since this is a fibre based product it may lead to can cause flatulence, bloating and abdominal cramps.

Laminaria has high iodine content which may interfere with thyroid functions. High potassium levels may affect kidneys. It may also lead to increased blood pressure. However, clinical trials have shown that the ingredients are not absorbed into the bloodstream so these risks are rare.

Users should not exceed daily dosage limits.

Keep out of reach of children. Not meant for children under 12 and those under 18 should take this under medical supervision.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers as it can affect hormones. The seaweed may also contain some poisonous chemicals since a lot of waste is dumped in ocean waters.

Store in a cool dry place.

If one is experiencing any of the side effects mentioned above, intake should be stopped and a doctor consulted.

None of the manufacturers’ claims have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Users are advised to consult a doctor before taking this or any other diet supplement.

This supplement is not meant to replace a healthy diet and exercise routine, and should not be used for treating or curing any illness.

Any Appesat Reviews From Customers?

There are plenty of reviews online for this product, although the reviews are mixed. Here are some positive ones:

This product is fantastic!!!! I cant stress how much this has done for me, ive lost a stone in a month using this, while some might say thats a lot i was very overweight after having my baby so i can afford to lose it lol!!Am definately buyin this again!

It worked for me. I have been using it for about a week and it has drastically improved my appetite. Before I would always snack between meals. A slce of bread with cheese here, a chocolate bar there, you know the drill. After taking Appesat, I started drinking more water because it is recommended, reduced my food intake and so far I feel good.

I am going to be honest with you, and with myself. It might be the placebo effect that is helping me rather than the product itself I am not saying that the product is a must buy item to lose weight but if you need just a little boost on how to jumpstart a diet, this is something that worked for me and hopefully work on you.

This product was recommended by a friend to help my weight loss programme. I was sceptical about its glowing recommendation as I have tried a number of Diets Aids products, to find they really don’t live up to their claims. However, this certainly wasn’t the case with Appesat, I must state that for me, its the best product I have tried. Its easy to take, it supresses my appetite and I have to date, shifted a stone and half. I am most impressed by this product. I have not noticed any unpleasant side effects other than a dry mouth, which is readily dealt with by drinking lots of fluids. Placing the order with Amazon was straight forward and delivery was quick, actually a day earlier than anticipated, the packaging was descreet and secured and I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever with ordering, delivery, packaging or the product itself. I am new to Amazon but will now deal constantly with them. Thank you very much and apologies for any spelling errors in this review.

Here are some of the more negative reviews:

After two days of taking them .. THEY DIDNT WORK …. So i decided to open up a capsule,all there is inside the capsule is a very tiny bit of foam … i put one in luke warm water to see how much it would swell (as its supost to make you feel full) it hardly changed in size at all … need i say more !!!

This tablets didn’t help me(and yes, I was watching what I eat).I need to lose about 2 stones.I would not recommend them to anyone.It’s a waste of money.

I found these tablets horrendous. I only managed to take them for 2 days, so I can’t say whether they worked or not. They caused dreadful dehydration. I was constantly thirsty, and drinking gallons of fluid made no difference. My eyes were really dry and sore, and my skin felt like paper. I only started to feel better when it was time to take another tablet, then it would start all over again. I binned them on the second day, they made me feel so ropey.

Would NOT recommend these to anyone

Appesat is a waste of money, it did not work it did not suppress my appetite and you need to drink a lot with each tablet (3 tablets three times a day) therefore a lot of trips to the toilet which is not practical at all, I do not recommend to any one. These celebs are paid to advertise their products do not fall for it..

They don’t work. Don’t waste your money! Drink a pint of water instead before each meal; cheaper and more effective.

So Does Appesat Work?

Going by the reviews, it is hard to see if this supplement will really work as the opinions were split. The supplement uses the natural power of seaweed to keep the stomach full for a long time and prevent cravings from taking over. However, clinical trials are still incomplete and some experts have expressed their doubts on its viability in the long run. While side effects have not been widely reported, chances of some untoward effects are still there.

Where Can I Buy Appesat?

It is available at various retail stores.

What About A Guarantee

There is no ready information available on the money back guarantee provided by the manufacturers.

Watchdog Verdict

Appesat is a natural appetite suppressant that uses the power of the seaweed to prevent cravings from overtaking a diet. It uses natural fibre power to fill up the stomach and keep it full for a long time. So one no longer feels the urge to snack in between meals and controls calorie intake. This leads to effective weight management and better health in the long run.

Although it is a natural product and as such has low side effect risks, there are sine potential side effects to worry about. It is therefore advisable that one consults a doctor before taking this. There is also no money back option readily available which is a cause for concern, especially for a new user.

Unfortunately, we don’t think Appesat is good enough to add to our approved list so we have to reject it.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
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