Are Diet Pills Safe to Take?

The two main issues faced by consumers when deciding to try a diet pill are, will it work and is it safe? We take a look at the considerations for how safe diet pills really are.

Taking a diet pillThe desire to lose weight can sometimes mean the “will it work” question comes before the “is it safe” question, but nevertheless how safe a diet pill is a big deciding factor.

When you are frustrated with your weight loss it can be tempting to try diet pills making bold claims and not to think of the potential side effects.

The problem is for many of these products at best you can be wasting your money and in the worst case scenario you could end up with bad side effects that can affect your health!

Over the counter diet pills are not as tightly regulated as prescription only weight loss diet pills, so consumers need to exercise caution and be more informed.

Common Side Effects with Diet Pills

Many diet pills will claim there are no side effects from taking their miracle pill but the fact is most diet pills will have some side effect.

Safe diet pills, including those we have WatchDog Approved contain no negative or long-lasting side effects.

What are the typical side effects from taking diet pills?

Jittery sensations and feeling wired

coffee beansThese types of side effects are often associated with caffeine, a popular ingredient used in many weight loss diet pills. Check the caffeine content as sometimes you are receiving the equivalent of 3-4 strong cups of coffee in one pill.

So if you are not used to caffeine or you suffer from caffeine sensitivity you may experience jittery sensations, palpitations, increased heart rate and insomnia. In this case we would suggest looking for caffeine-free diet pills.

Be wary of diet pills that contain strong stimulants and check any associated negative side effects.

Bloating and Increased Bowel Movements

fibreDiet pills that contain lots of fiber, popular in appetite suppressants as they can help you to feel full, can cause mild bloating and increased bowel movements, especially if you are not eating or used to a fiber rich diet.

Diet pills that bind and block fat from your meals can cause you to have increased bowel movements that contain oily stools as you are removing undigested dietary fat.

Are Prescription Diet Pills Safer?

It make sense that prescription only diet pills would be safer than over the counter diet pills. The fact is that prescription diet pills are very strong and tend to have many negative side effects that require regular medical supervision.

Unless you are medically obese your doctor is unlikely to prescribe prescription-only diet pills to you. So if you are looking for diet pills over the counter diet pills are the only solution for you.

What to Watch Out for When Buying Diet Pills

Diet pills that contain strong stimulate ingredients tend to cause more side effects than ones containing natural herbal ingredients. Be aware this is not always the case though, as it’s a common misconception that diet pills with only herbal ingredients will be completely free from side effects. Some herbal ingredients are potent and can cause side effects but do not tend to last very long.

Avoid cheap and inferior diet pillsTempting though it is to go for cheap diet pills you can find that you end up with an inferior supplement that could well contain ineffective ingredients and fillers. The best way to ensure you don’t waste your money is to avoid cheap diet pills and only buy from a reputable retailer with a good track record.

With the ease of purchasing diet pills on-line a number of illegal prescription-only and banned diet pills can be found, we would strongly advise against purchasing these. These are often ran by criminal gangs who are only interested in your money, not your health and certainly not your waist size!

Are you vegetarian? Many diet pills are not suitable for vegetarians so it’s wise to check the ingredients to ensure its vegetarian friendly although if they are they should be clearly marked!

How to Stay Safe When Taking Diet Pills

Drink lots of water and stick to a healthy eating plan and take regular exercise. Some diet pills suggest you can lose weight without any changes to your diet or exercise but to get the best results eat a varied diet and be more active.

Always stick to the recommended dosage as specified by the manufacturer and avoid doubling up on dosages if you miss one.

Safe over the counter diet pills may cause mild side effects but they tend to disappear after a few days once your body is used to taking them. If any problems persist you are recommended to seek medical advice and consider stopping taking the diet pills.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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