Are Diet Pills The Magic Answer?

Any diet pill advertiser who claims you can lose lots of weight in a few days just by taking a diet pill is misleading! That may sound like a big statement but sadly there is no diet pill in the world that will get these kinds of results, especially without making changes to diet and lifestyle too. Diet pills can help weight loss but they do not have magic powers however convincing they may look.

Magic diet pills?But we have all seen the advertising. Images of beautiful super fit bodies, the clinically proven ingredients, the “buy it now” button…next thing the diet pill is on its way to your address. You take it for a few days and very little happens. Just another disappointment and it does not help your mood, your weight or your pocket.

The fact is that some diet pill marketers will say anything for a sale and they know how to push their prospective customers’ buttons in a very cynical way. And it is powerful stuff. However savvy we may be, it is really easy to be convinced by a positive sales pitch sometimes, especially if you want to believe it yourself.

Deep down we may be sceptical that we can lose 10lbs within 7 days, 22lbs in a month or similar but we’d like to give it a try. There are lots of diet pills on the market that tap into this impulse.

The Weight Loss Industry is Huge!

According to a market data company based in the US, the American weight loss industry alone is worth over $60 billion. In the UK, the diet industry is estimated at around £10 billion per year. With figures like this, no wonder the diet industry is competitive. It’s simple. The fatter we all get, the richer they become. It is a racket and you have to take care not to be taken in.

A simple rule with slimming pills is that the more enticing the weight loss results appear to be, the less likely they are to work. It is important to remember that some diet pills are just a cynical rip off.

Despite this, not all diet pills are bad and although they are not the magic answer to weight loss, they can really help. There are some good supplements out there that will help you achieve and maintain a steady and permanent weight loss A good diet pill can give you the little bit of extra support you need in order to succeed.

Putting on Weight Does Not Happen Instantly

It’s odd. Your weight does not shoot up overnight. You don’t get to be carrying those extra kilos over the course of a week. You don’t go to bed a normal healthy size and wake up the next morning with a wardrobe full of clothes that are all in huge XL sizes. Despite this obvious fact, many of us expect instant results from slimming and diet pills. This can only lead to disappointment and feelings of failure. Expecting to lose excess weight in a few days when it may have taken months or years to accumulate is unrealistic.

Weight gain can be very insidious and creep up on you. Sometimes we just don’t notice a few extra pounds until it is too late or we can’t do up our clothes.

Most of us know this experience and according to figures over a third of us are on a diet at any given time. It takes time to get fat but we all expect that losing weight should be faster than putting it on. It might seem unfair but it is a fact that most people find it much easier to put on weight than to lose it.

Eating Habits

Cut out snackingEating habits have changed over the last few decades and some people have never actually been a healthy weight. A poor diet as a child, a taste for fattening fast foods, some of us are now suffering from obesity due to our background and upbringing and all of those cookery programmes on TV don’t help.

There can be many reasons for your particular weight problem but whatever it is; there is not a diet pill in the world that will magic it all away in a week. Weight loss takes time and a change of diet or lifestyle. Short of having a limb amputated, you cannot lose your extra weight in a couple of days, a week or even a month in most cases.

Safe Rate of Weight Loss

According to the NHS, the rate of safe weekly weight loss is between 0.5 – 1kg, or around 1lb – 2lbs per week. Any faster than this and you can run into health problems. Putting your body into starvation mode of drastically reduced calories can slow the metabolism, making weight loss even slower.

2lb per week is not actually that slow. Start now and by this time next month you may have lost 8lbs already. In two months time a stone in weight.

It may not be easy but you can do it and many people find that the support of a diet pill gives them the extra motivation they need to stay on track, especially if they are trying to lose weight alone.

Safe Diet Pills Can Help

Some diet pills contain natural ingredients and are safe as well as effective. Boosting your antioxidant levels and taking extra vitamins may help you keep fit and well while you are trying to lose weight. Natural diet pills that contain healthy Super fruits and similar will help increase your metabolism and may help raise serotonin levels, all factors which will help you cope with weight loss.

There is an added benefit of investing in some diet pills and starting your weight loss. Importantly, the act of committing to buy a diet pill shows that you mean business and a course of supplements may help provide the structure to your weight loss plan.

Many people have found that taking a supplement has helped then maintain their diet and new healthy lifestyle. Some people report that they have persevered with their slimming simply because they feel that they have “committed” by buying a course of supplements so have kept to it.

The key to successful weight loss is sticking at it. Often a little extra help in the form of a slimming pill will make the difference between success and failure.

Everybody Needs Help Sometimes

Weight loss in the mindIn the early days of weight loss, it is easy to drop off your diet. We all have to eat and it is easy in an unguarded moment to “cheat” on your diet. Add some pressure or a low mood and these moments of weakness can escalate. Social occasions, low moments, simple hunger or stress and it is easy to reach for “forbidden foods” and sabotage your success.

Giving up anything “messes with your brain” and can certainly be difficult. Your mind plays tricks on you and tempts you. You can become hungry and fixated with food. Diet pills may help you stay on the straight and narrow. Everybody needs a little help sometimes.

Dangers of Diet Pills

Obviously not all diet pills do work. Some contain caffeine and very little else, others contain ingredients that will do nothing at all and even worse some may contain ingredients that may cause harmful side effects.

Some diet drugs for example were the USA’s most popular weight loss pills and have led to a raft of health problems as well as addiction. Many people are surprised that these types of diet pills remain on sale in many countries but maybe it should not be a shock. After all cigarettes are still on sale despite the health issues. There really is no “big brother “type character monitoring your health and welfare. You have to make your own decisions.

What About an Extreme Diet for Fast Weight Loss?

Fad diets can sound convincing but they don’t really work. Fad diets that require that you change your diet for a few weeks can sometimes lead to rapid weight loss but in most cases are unlikely to lead to a healthy weight in the long run. Although everybody has the idea that once they get thin, they will change their habits and maintain their new slim shape, in most cases the weight starts piling on again once the diet is over.

Some people go from one extreme diet to another, interspersed with periods of being overweight in the meantime. The classic yo yo diet pattern.

You Have to Make an Effort to Lose Weight

Going on a diet or trying to lose weight can be difficult at first, but the key is to find a plan that you can live with. It does not have to be drastic just something you can stick to.

Here are 12 simple tips to weight loss which may help.

  • Reduce your calorie intake by eating from a smaller plate
  • Cut out fizzy sodas and try water. Either straight from the tap or sparking
  • Eat more vegetables and fruit. Really load your plate with them
  • Exercise a bit more walk to work or the bus stop. Do the school run on foot
  • Keep a record of your calories so you can identify fattening food and replace it with something less fattening
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Cut out processed foods and ready meals
  • Takeaways are the devils work. Avoid them
  • Don’t snack in front of the TV
  • Take a slimming supplement
  • Drink green tea
  • Try wholemeal bread and grains over the white variety. It is more satisfying, good for you and it fills you up

We all have own triggers and impulses and identifying them and changing behaviour will boost the chances of success. If you have just woken up to the fact that you need to do something about your weight, losing weight can seem a long and drawn out uphill slog. You want something that works fast and makes losing weight easy. You do not want to think about it every day, calorie count, change your diet or take exercise. However you will have to make some changes in order to lose weight otherwise it simply won’t happen.

Weight related conditions kill and damage health and obesity is a serious problem that is ringing alarm bells with the medical establishment. Taking your weight loss into your own hands and making some changes in your life to maintain it is the first step to a new future, however you decide to achieve it. Diet pills may not be magic but they can help.

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