Atrafen PM

Updated May 20, 2019.
Published Apr 19, 2017.

Atrafen PM is a non-stimulant fat burner that is intended for use at night. It also claims to help you sleep better. There is already a product called Atrafen in the Nutratech range, but as that one does contain stimulants it is for daytime use. The company presumably wants you to buy both and use them together. Atrafen PM seems to be more effective as a sleep aid than as a fat burner though. We’re not that impressed with some of the marketing practices, such as false claims and giving free bottles away in exchange for 5-star reviews, but we do like that there is a money-back guarantee.


  • Product contains ingredients that should aid sleep
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Company bribes customers to post positive reviews on Amazon
  • Ingredient quantities not provided and false claims are made on the website
Atrafen PM
Stimulant-based weight loss supplements can increase the consumer’s rate of weight loss (if they contain therapeutic doses of certain ingredients that have been proven to work). However, they can cause side effects, and cannot be taken too late in the day, else they will interfere with sleep patterns. Some supplement manufacturers have launched new products that promise to deliver the promised weight loss without relying on stimulants at all, allowing them to be used in the evening or at night. Some have even promised to help customers sleep better than normal!

We take an in-depth look at Atrafen PM, to see whether this supplement can actually help you to lose weight as you sleep, as well as improve sleep quality.

Atrafen PM Overview

What you need to know about Atrafen PM

Atrafen PM is a weight-loss supplement that is produced by Nutratech. The gimmick of this particular product is the fact that it can be taken in the evening; the product is made up of non-stimulant ingredients, and in fact contains a number of ingredients that could aid sleep.

The manufacturer mentions on Amazon that customers can combine their use of Atrafen PM with other Nutratech products, particularly Atrafen. It’s clear that the idea appears to be that customers take Atrafen (a stimulant-based weight loss product) during the day, before switching to Atrafen PM in the evening, so that the intended effects of both products take place 24/7.

What are the side effects of Atrafen PM?

Atrafen PM may come with some side effects, and some of the following effects have been highlighted in customer reviews. This product contains garcinia cambogia, which can cause headaches, nausea, digestive tract issues, dry mouth, and dizziness. The inclusion of melatonin may also lead to headaches/dizziness, stomach cramps, irritability, and brief spates of depression.

One study uncovered a range of potential side effects of magnolia, which include, headaches, persistent tiredness, shaking hands, heartburn, and sexual and thyroid problems. Despite Atrefen PM being a sleep aid, phosphatidylserine has been known to cause insomnia on occasions.

How much does Atrafen PM cost?

On Amazon, one bottle of Atrafen PM (30 capsules) costs $35.00 with free shipping. The same bottle costs $39.99 on the official website, and domestic shipping should cost just over $5 (free shipping is only available for purchasers of multiple bottles). International costs for shipping from the manufacturer’s website are notably, reaching well over $50 for a single bottle.

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Atrafen PM Key Features

Atrafen PM is a weight loss supplement that promises to help customers to lose weight without the jitters or insomnia associated with stimulant-based products. Advertised as suitable for taking in the evening, Atrafen PM claims to shun the normal “thermogenic” approach taken by most diet supplements in favor of a way that allows customers to sleep peacefully at night.

Atrafen PM Key Points

  • Manufactured by Nutratech
  • 30 capsules per bottle
  • Designed to be taken in the evening

Atrafen PM is manufactured and sold by Nutratech LLC, which also produces a range of other weight loss supplements (including the stimulant-based original, Atrafen). Customers looking to get hold of the company directly can reach them at [email protected]

How to Take Atrafen PM

We were not able to find any directions for use on any website promoting Atrafen PM. As there are 30 capsules per bottle, we presume that customers are expected to take just one pill per day. Customers may take this capsule in the evening. On Amazon, Nutratech also specifically claim that “Atrafen PM should be used in conjunction with a daytime fat burner like Atrafen, providing as much as a 25% increase in weight loss!”

Atrafen PM Concerns:

  • Manufacturer seems to bribe existing customers for positive reviews
  • Ingredient quantities are not listed

What does Atrafen PM claim to do?

Atrafen PM is intended to be used as any other weight loss supplement, with the added twist being that the product promises to be free of stimulants (meaning that customers are free to take it in the evening or at night). In general, the manufacturers claim that Atrafen PM helps customers to lose weight, and when combined with the original Atrafen, can help customers to burn fat 24 hours a day.

On the Amazon product page, a few more key benefits are listed. Atrafen PM is said to decrease belly fat by regulating the body’s blood sugar and cortisol levels, ramp up the body’s metabolism without the use of stimulants, and provide customers with a deep and restful sleep.

Does Atrafen PM work?

The main weight loss ingredients contained within Atrafen PM are a mixed bag. Garcinia Cambogia is likely intended to be the main ingredient, yet its strong reputation is built on extremely shaky foundations (multiple studies on humans show that it has no effect on weight loss). L-Theanine and Magnolia may have some mild effects for some people, helping to induce a sense of relaxation and calm, but their effects are not strong or consistent enough to regard this as an effective product. All other weight loss claims (including that it can help to regulate blood pressure or cortisol levels and ramp up metabolism) are completely bogus and based on false research on the key ingredients.

The other ingredients contained within the product are geared toward inducing relaxation and sleep. On this count, Atrafen PM will likely work as advertised if the quantities of certain ingredients (such as melatonin) are sufficient. As these quantities are not provided, it’s impossible to tell for sure!

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Atrafen PM Ingredients

The ingredients used in Atrafen PM are listed below. Customers should note that the ingredients are provided in the form of a proprietary formula, meaning that ingredient quantities are not disclosed. This can make it hard to estimate how effective each ingredient can possibly be within the mix.

Proprietary Blend 640mg:

Atrafen PM Side Effects

Some of the ingredients contained within Atrafen PM may cause side effects for some people. Garcinia Cambogia can occasionally cause headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, digestive problems and nausea. Although effective at its primary job, melatonin can cause short-term depression, dizziness, headaches, stomach cramps, and irritability.

In one study on magnolia, two participants listed a range of side effects: one complained of shaking hands, sexual problems, thyroid problems, and heartburn, and the other mentioned headaches and ongoing tiredness.

Worryingly, phosphatidylserine can cause insomnia (the opposite intended effect of Atrafen PM). At higher doses (such as 300mg or more), phosphatidylserine can cause insomnia and stomach upset.


Please consult your healthcare practitioner before using any nutritional supplement, especially if you are taking medications (either prescription or over-the-counter) on a regular basis, anticipate surgery, or are otherwise under medical supervision. Product not intended for use by children under 18 or women who are pregnant or lactating. Product contains melatonin: customers should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after consuming.

Atrafen PM Customer Feedback

Prospective customers can find hundreds of reviews of Atrafen PM on Amazon. The vast majority of these are extremely positive, with many practically gushing in their praise. However, these positive reviews have been heavily tainted by the fact that Nutratech essentially bribed customers to give positive reviews!

Any customer that buys a bottle of Atrefen PM is immediately sent an email requesting a 5-star review (this policy may have changed but was in effect for at least a year). Any customers that do this are then offered a free bottle! As you might expect, this policy has a huge impact on the reviews on Amazon.

This product has made my life so much easier… I used to be the person who watched tv at PM and snacked… a lot!! But thanks to this, that is no longer an issue for me! About 1/2 an hour after dinner I take 2 capsules and that’s that! I don’t have any cravings and I sleep great. Best of all when I get up in the morning my tummy is flat and I feel fantastic!

I don’t believe this has helped a load in weight loss, but if weight loss requires sleep so one can have a proper go of it at the gym the next day-than this has. One capsule and I sleep like a baby. I’ve used them for about a month and now I no longer take them every night just nights that I can’t settle down. They don’t leave you groggy the next day nor do they make it hard to wake up when the alarm goes off. They calm you down…. I’d recommended them and I’ll purchase them again.

Didn’t work well, I think people rating high because you get a free bottle

Not a good product. It caused me headaches, dizziness, nausea, irritability, moodiness, shortness of breath, sleepiness (this is no joke). My wife was very concerned about me and insisted I stop taking this stuff. Very bad stuff. The company offers free product for 5 star ratings. If not 5 stars then the make you contact them to persuade you otherwise too. How much pressure do you [Amazon] need from consumers before you take action to stop this cleverly disguised scamish type of behaviour that companies like this engage in?

Atrafen PM Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturers of Atrafen Elite, Nutratech, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on products ordered direct from the official Go Nutratech website.

They state:

Nutratech offers a 30-day money back customer satisfaction guarantee on each individual order.

Our policy lasts 30 days from the point of your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange after this time limit has been reached without exception.

Orders from become final once the order has been made and payment has been processed.

To take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee, you must contact us using the form below to receive from our staff a Return Merchandise Authorization or ‘RMA’

Once an RMA has been provided following a review of your contact and return request, you will be also be provided the current return address for your product and location.

Nutratech recommends that you return the package insured for the full value of the product and that you use a service with a trackable id or identifier such as Priority Mail.

Postal, Inspection, Shipping & Handling charges are non-refundable following a return and subsequent refund as per the 30-day guarantee covering only the value of the products in question.

The refund policies of third party retailers may vary and should be researched individually.

Where To Buy Atrafen PM

Atrafen PM is available to buy on the official website and on Amazon. Amazon appears to be the cheapest and best place to buy Atrafen PM at the moment.

On Amazon, one bottle of 30 capsules of Atrafen PM costs $35 with free shipping. The same bottle costs $39.99 on the official website, and free shipping is only available for customers that purchase multiple bottles of product. Shipping costs when buying from the official website are $5.67 for most locations in the USA, and a whopping $50+ for international shipping.

Watchdog Verdict

Atrafen PM is marketed as both a sleep aid and a weight loss supplement, as well as a means of regulating blood sugar and cortisol levels. Of these bold aims, one seems to be one to bet on; Atrafen PM probably will help you sleep and relax better at night. The product contains some key ingredients that should work effectively as sleeping aids, and even critical customer reviews concede that it helped them sleep.

If the rest of Atrafen PM’s promises seem a little optimistic, it’s probably because they’re not based in reality. This product contains little that would aid weight loss, and any effects that may be seen are likely to be mild and inconsistent. As ingredient quantities are not supplied and the manufacturer makes no effort to explain how many capsules are needed per day, it remains impossible to gauge exactly how effective this product is, but the information we do have is not encouraging.

Nutratech’s business practices are also extremely shady, and seem designed to mislead and confuse customers. The company infamously bribes customers to post 5-star reviews on Amazon with promises of a free bottle (a policy that has proved depressingly effective). Ultimately, smart customers should remember that a free bottle of a junk product won’t do an awful lot for them except take up space on the shelf!

Overall, we do not recommend Atrafen PM to our readers.

How does Atrafen PM compare to Phentaslim?

CriteriaAtrafen PM ComparisonPhentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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