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Avesil has been around for a while and has seen some big sales, but after getting a tip off from a reader we thought it was time to take a closer look at it. Do the big sales mean its one of the top diet pills, or is there something else we should all know about when buying Avesil.

Lets take a closer look at Avesil and see what interesting facts we can uncover.

Avesil Pros

  • Nice looking sales page cleverly written

Avesil Cons

  • Sold on a “trial” basis
  • Very expensive for what it is
  • Disclaimers on sales page
  • Poor ingredient information
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Avesil Review

Avesil Facts

  • Ingredients not clearly shown
  • Comes from a company with a poor track record
  • Bad customer reviews
  • Lack of clinical evidence

Ok, so let go to the main website

Straight away the alarm bells start ringing, they are offering this on a “trial” basis. We truly thought these had died a death after the FTC outlawed them a while ago, but it seems its still going on. After the FTC cracked down on the free trial scams, they introduced some very strict rules about what could and couldn’t be said by businesses using this sneaky tactic, and it seems in this case it appears they are within the laws.

In the past, and even now to some extent, the scammers offered “free trials” which were anything but free. Who would believe that right?

So one of the rules is that it can’t be described as a “free trial” but “trial” is OK as long as that is what it is. In this case they are offering a “trial” and as long as the rules of the trial are prominently displayed then they can still do it.

A bit sneaky? Perhaps, but legal nonetheless.

At this stage we are now wondering if a high-powered lawyer has not been employed to go over this site, to make sure it’s compliant in every way. We’ll soon find out.

Ok, so we have a super fit skinny girl drinking water of all things. This is a trick the Utah diet pill scammers use all the time, and is a nice bit of mind association. You are meant to sub consciously think that “this could be you”, without them actually saying it. Ever wonder why they never show a really obese person before they start taking the pill as the main image? Now you know why.

Moving on we have the generic headline, “Fast Safe Weight Loss” as well as some innocuous bullet points;

All normal stuff, and rather deliberately no specifics are mentioned. In one way this is good to see, but on the other it means they can’t be held accountable for anything.

Avesil Warnings:

  • Don’t fall for the 14-day trial without full understanding it
  • Poor company ratings
  • Bad customer feedback
  • Very expensive
  • No clinical evidence

What About the Rest of the Sales Page?

Further down the page we have the usual testimonials, and then in smaller letters,

Your results will vary. Most people do not lose as much weight

So why on earth print these testimonials if most people are not going to see the same effects? We guess you might not spot this disclaimer at first glance, but it ensures once again that the site is compliant.

So What Is Avesil and What Are The Ingredients For Avesil?

At first glance it’s hard to find out what is in Avesil. But after a bit of searching we find a tiny link in the footer to a FAQ’s popup.

It’s a bit hard to make out but it seems that each tablet is made up of 100mcg Chromium, and then a proprietary blend of Decaffeinated Green Tea and Ashwagandha Extract (475mg) and Caffeine USP (75mg).

Not that old chestnut, the proprietary blends again. Yup, I’m afraid so, by doing this they can possibly hide the exact quantities of ingredients in order to fill it with the cheaper ingredient. As soon as we see this we are suspicious.

Lets see what each ingredient can do:

So What Does All This Mean?

It’s hard to really make an informed decision when a proprietary blend is used. There is no real indication of what exactly you are taking so it’s not possible to say one way or the other whether Avesil will be effective for weight loss. At first glance you would more than likely get the same effect from having a decent cup of coffee twice a day.

Does Avesil Have Any Side Effects?

No studies have been done either into the effectiveness of Avesil or indeed if there are any side effects from ingesting the mix that they have come up with. There could possibly be long-term damage to the body; at this stage it is impossible to say one way or the other.

By deliberately not listing the quantities of the ingredients used in Avesil, it is not easy to see whether there could be any detrimental side effects to your body

Any Avesil Reviews From Customers?

Apart from the three testimonials on the home page there are no others shown. As the lawyers have insisted on having the disclaimer below these testimonials then it makes them pretty much ineffective. What’s the point showing people who have claimed some big weight loss to then say it probably won’t happen to you?

What we did find was a huge amount of negative feedback from customers on other forums, they are also selling Avesil through Amazon and there is some pretty poor reviews from buyers on there;

So Does Avesil Work?


There is zero evidence presented that Avesil could possibly work. You have no idea what exactly you are buying in what composition so it is impossible to make an informed decision.

The manufacturers have shown no evidence at all that Avesil can be effective for “Fast Safe Weight Loss.”

Where Can I Buy Avesil?

Avesil is available from the official site that is the basis for this review. We took a closer look at the people behind Avesil which is a company called Green Bracket LLC based in Florida. It won’t come as any surprise that they have a dismal BBB rating of “F” with 234 complaints filed against them.

The two main guys behind Avesil have a chequered history and were prosecuted by the Florida authorities a while ago for running free trial scams with a teeth-whitening product.

We particularly found this quote interesting:

The Attorney General’s Office has received hundreds of complaints about the practices of the companies and their owners, one of which was featured in Business Week and on “20/20” in 2006 as one of “the biggest online spammers.

Happy to buy from these guys? You decide.

So How Much Does Avesil Cost?

Well here’s the clever part, by submitting your details and credit card you initially pay $3.95 for the trial. Bargain don’t you think? But then when you read the terms, the trial is only for 14 days and starts ticking the minute you press the submit button. You then have to wait for delivery and in some of these trials cases we have known the 14 days to be up before people have even received the product!

WE have heard stories of people even having to cancel their credit cards in order to get out of these trials, do not agree to anything unless you totally understand what you are agreeing to.

After the 14 days is up you then get billed for the full amount of $89.95 every 30 days!

Tip: If you are not convinced by our findings and really, really must buy Avesil then buy it from Amazon, that way you pay $59.95 plus shipping once only. It is also far easier to get a refund via Amazon.

Watch Dog Verdict


There are far too many negatives to find with Avesil. From the company behind them, to a questionable ingredient profile, disclaimers all over the place and a “trial” that might catch you out if you are not prepared for it.

There are far better alternatives from trusted companies out there. Always do your homework before buying your diet pills.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
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