Baetea Weight Loss Tea

Modern lifestyle is full of interesting twists and turns. Unfortunately, it is also full of unhealthy habits and fast foods that have led to rising obesity in our ranks. It is no wonder that the weight loss industry runs to billions, and there are new products coming out every day.

Of course, the question is whether all these products are effective and whether they are safe. That is probably the reason why there has been a paradigm shift towards natural and herbals products like Baetea Weight Loss Tea which can help people lose weight without fear of side effects.

Baetea Weight Loss Tea Pros

  • Many people say they like the taste
  • Useful for weight loss

Baetea Weight Loss Tea Cons

  • No money-back guarantee
  • Not all claims are backed by clinical results
  • Potential for side effects
Watchdog Rejected

Baetea Weight Loss Tea

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What You Need To Know About Baetea Weight Loss Tea

This, according to the company website, is more about weight loss than detoxification, as in, “Our 14 Day Teatox is a delicious blend of traditional herbs that aid in digestion Specifically formulated to help enhance your weight loss program.”

So that’s hardly detoxing your body, is it?

Any weight lost would more than likely be water, at least to start with, since Baetea contains ingredients which have a diuretic effect. Then there’s the senna, known as a “stimulant” laxative, which irritates the colon to empty itself.

The US National Library of Medicine recommends using senna for no more than two weeks at a time, but the 28-day pack of Baetea doesn’t exactly follow that advice.

What Are The Side Effects Of Baetea Weight Loss Tea?

The all-natural ingredients make it a relatively safe product, especially when you know these ingredients have been used for centuries in the Oriental culture. However, one of the ingredients, green tea, has caffeine in it which may lead to side effects such as jitters, together with a risk of digestion problems, allergic reactions, more bathroom breaks, and raised blood pressure.

Due to the amount of Senna that could be in this product you may experience cramping.

How Much Does Baetea Weight Loss Tea Cost?

From the Baetea website, the 14-day course sells at $28.95, reduced from $35.00. The 28-day course is $49.00, reduced from $55.00. The açaí version is currently sold out.

On the bright side, almost every time we opened up the website, we’ve been invited to treat ourselves to a 20% discount, which makes the price comparable to that you’d find Baetea for sale on at Amazon.

Our Verdict On Baetea Weight Loss Tea

The “Who We Are” section on the website gives us no clue about the people behind Baetea other than, “We are obsessed with promoting an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. We want you to look great & feel fabulous!”

And it’s not just Baetea that interferes with birth control – many other “detox” teas do as well.  But we still haven’t found any evidence whatsoever that Baetea actually does anything in the way of detoxing, and the lack of a money-back guarantee isn’t very reassuring.

There have been hardly any clinical trials on the product itself to prove these claims. The reviews weren’t exactly glowing either, and we are concerned that the five star ones are fake as they are all so similar.

Something else that occurred to us while researching Matcha tea is that since the best is grown in Japan, there might be a little more radiation than we’d like in the Matcha in Baetea, and since the cheapest Matcha is grown in China, there’s the potential for pesticides and heavy metals.

We don’t suggest taking anything that will have a laxative effect. We do not recommend Baetea Weight Loss Tea to our readers.

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Baetea Weight Loss Tea Review

Baetea Weight Loss Tea blends in multiple organic herbs together that works as the perfect detox the body needs to start a rejuvenation process. This delicious tea aids in digestion and eliminates all the toxins from the body in a healthy manner. It is also known as the 14 day detox as each package contains 14 day supply of pyramid tea bags.

Baetea Weight Loss Tea Facts

  • Choice of a 14-day detox or 28-day teatox
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Very popular on social media

We checked Baetea’s social media presence to find seven posts on Facebook from 2015, together with two more posts from early 2017. 620 people liked it, and there were 628 people following. 86 people were following on Pinterest, while Instagram said Baetea had 27,000 followers. Make of that what you will.

How to Take Baetea Weight Loss Tea

The best effects come from taking the tea right in the morning. Drink a cup of tea every morning as soon as you wake up. You can also take it before you start your workout, about 20 minutes before.

To make the tea, add one or two grams of leaf tea (about a teaspoonful) into a cup. To this you need to boiling water and let the tea soak for three to four minutes. Then the tea will be ready for consumption.

The 14-day Baetea course contains no senna while the 28-day course does, and so makes users take it for twice as long as officially recommended. Long term, senna can change chemicals in the blood which can result in weakened muscles, liver damage, and heart function disorders. And, of course, you can start having to depend on senna for results during those bathroom breaks.

Baetea Weight Loss Tea Concerns:

  • May lead to certain side effects for some users
  • Not backed by clinical trials
  • May not lead to a flat tummy for all users

Then there’s the potential for Matcha-related contamination problems. Also there’s no description of how the ingredients work, let alone do any detoxing, and there’s no indication of how much of each ingredient goes into each serving.

And after all that, we’re not entirely surprised the people behind Baetea doesn’t want us to know anything about them.

What Does Baetea Weight Loss Tea Claim To Do?

From the website,

“Our 14 Day Teatox is a delicious blend of traditional herbs that aid in digestion Specifically formulated to help enhance your weight loss program.

Our 14 Day Açaí Teatox is a delicious blend of traditional organic herbs with açaí berry that aids in digestion. Specifically formulated to enhance your weight loss program.

Our 28 Day Teatox is a delicious blend of traditional herbs that aid in digestion. Specifically formulated to help enhance your weight loss program.”


“Boost your energy level without any nasty artificial ingredients. Contains natural, beneficial ingredients to promote a feeling of fullness and help suppress appetite while giving your body extreme nutrition with vitamins and antioxidants.

Use our 14 Day Teatox daily to reach your goals naturally and effectively.

  •  Help Boost Metabolism
  •  Calm & Cleanse Your Body
  •  Gives you Energy and Elevates Mood
  •  Aids in Digestion
  •  Promotes Fullness and Helps Suppresses Appetite”

Does Baetea Weight Loss Tea Work?

As a detox? We seriously doubt it. For weight loss? Quite possibly, although since it’s a diuretic and a laxative, you’d be losing that weight without Baetea anyway – just a little slower, that’s all.

What Are The Ingredients of Baetea Weight Loss Tea?

The 14-day detox contains 14 servings, and each serving is equal to 4,500 mg (1 Tea Bag).

  • Rooibos Leaf
  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Oolong Wu Yi Leaf
  • Ginger Root
  • Pomegranate
  • Guarana Seed
  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Other ingredients: Natural Flavors, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt (Electrolytes), Citric Acid, and Stevia Powder.

The 28-day teatox contains 40 servings, and each serving is equal to 2,000 mg (1 Level Teaspoon).

  • Organic Green Tea Leaf
  • Organic Rooibos Leaf
  • Ginger Root
  • Oolong Wu Yi Leaf
  • Pomegranate
  • Guarana Seed
  • Stevia Leaf
  • Senna Leaf

Other ingredients: Flavors, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Corn, Honey Powder, and Citric Acid

A closer look at the key ingredients:

  • Oolong Wu Yi Tea: Helps burn fat faster and increase the metabolism rapidly
  • Organic Green Tea: Also aids in increased metabolic activity with the power of EGCGthe active ingredient in it
  • Organic Rooibos: Has the power to naturally boost energy and health as it is high in antioxidants and vitamin C
  • Ginger: Helps boost the body’s metabolic rate and fat burning process
  • Guarana: Increases metabolic activity as well.
  • Pomegranate: This antioxidant-rich fruit helps suppress appetite, boosts heart and immune health
  • Stevia: Helps sweeten the tea without adding artificial calories to it.
  • Senna: Stimulates the metabolic processes, improves digestive health and causes rapid weight loss. Is also a laxative.

Does Baetea Weight Loss Tea Have Any Side Effects?

In general, there’s the potential for digestion problems, headaches, raised blood pressure, and caffeine jitters (Guarana contains twice as much caffeine concentration than coffee seeds).

The European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology linked liver damage to Rooibos, while the tannin content makes it harder to absorb the iron in vegetables, as does green tea in general.

The enzymes in Pomegranate can interfere with enzymes in the liver and cause allergic reactions.

Garcinia Cambogia is also linked to liver damage, digestion problems, fatigue, brain fog, dry mouth and bad breath, weakness, and skin rash.

We’ve already mentioned the potential for interfering with oral contraceptives. As this contains a form of laxative, it can cause you to visit to toilet more frequently which will be one of the causes of weight loss.

DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT, NURSING, OR UNDER THE AGE OF 18. Do not exceed recommended serving. Use only as directed. Consult with a a health care practitioner before taking this or any dietary supplement, especially if you have or suspect you may have a medical condition or are taking ANY medications, over the counter products, or other dietary supplements. Immediately discontinue use and call your health care provider if you experience any adverse reaction. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.”

Are There Any Customer Reviews For Baetea Weight Loss Tea?

We checked the Amazon reviews for Baetea, and just for the fun of it ran the analysis on them. That was interesting: Fakespot not only detected that Amazon had deleted and scrubbed over two thousand reviews, but of the reviews that remained 63.9% were deemed low quality. Fakespot states there is “high deception involved”.

Here are a couple of reviews we found on Amazon,

I like this teatox. I would’nt say it’s my favorite only because it didn’t seem to detox my system like its suppose to.

I can not recommend this product, the first day that my girlfriend and I started the product our mouths went numb she decide not to take anymore. I was brave and or dumb after the second day there was no numbness but zero results. I choose to give it a chance even after reading the bad reviews and there is no refunds.

It seems that a lot of these reviews mention receiving the product at a discounted price, which makes us wonder if the reviews are genuine.

Strainer is horrible and 90 percent of the reviews on here are fake don’t fall for it they barely give u any tea and it doesn’t help you lose weight just drink green tea this product don’t work

If I could save myself from spending the $25 in advance, I would. This tea didn’t help with anything. And the cute strawberry infuser thing doesn’t work with this tea. I end up drinking all the tea particles. I really wanted to believe this tea and actually see it work. But it doesn’t work. And I followed the directions and all.

Believe the one star reviews that didn’t receive the tea for free in exchange for a review. ???? I most certainly didn’t receive this for free, and nobody told me to write this. I’m writing this. To warn you. That this sucks.

Does Baetea Weight Loss Tea Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee offered for Baetea Weight Loss Tea.

Where Can I Buy Baetea Weight Loss Tea?

Baetea Weight Loss Tea can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website, and also on Amazon.

How does Baetea Weight Loss Tea compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Baetea Weight Loss Tea Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

The Diet Pills Watchdog does not recommend Baetea Weight Loss Tea.

Baetea Weight Loss Tea

#1 Consumer Choice 2021: Phentaslim

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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