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Beach Body Ready with Protein World

Bodybuilders have taken protein supplements for years in order to build muscle. Athletes use protein supplements and high protein diets in order to boost strength and fitness.

Beach Body Ready with Protein WorldUp to now, ordinary dieters have shunned protein supplements. Although high protein diets such as the Adkins diet are popular, this protein trend has not seen ordinary people look to protein as a supplement. However, an increasing number of people are now turning to protein supplements for weight loss and it is a trend that seems to be catching on fast.

Protein World is a market leader in advertising protein supplements for everyone and not just athletes and body builders.

The company ran into controversy recently with their Beach Body Ads that were plastered all over the London Underground.

The Ad campaign featured a gorgeous woman in a yellow bikini asking if you were “beach body ready” and seemed to be yet another example of touting the unachievable body to women. It caused a furore and amidst allegations of sexism and some offensive twitter comments by the company, the ads were eventually removed

So does taking protein supplements work for weight loss?

Protein can make you feel fuller for longer and drinking protein shakes can be convenient as meal replacements.

However, it is not a weight loss solution. A healthy diet provides fibre and valuable nutrients and the danger is that too much reliance on protein supplements just is not healthy.

Protein shakes, which are usually added to milk, are actually fattening so if you do cheat on your diet, you are more likely to add weight.

You have as much chance of getting “beach body ready” by going on a weight loss diet and doing some exercise.

Beach Body Ready With Protein World?

Sadly, not many of us are ever going to look as good as the Protein World models, even if we were to live on protein shakes forever.

Regarding the notorious poster campaign, we feel that if the company had plastered some of the male models who adorn the product website over the underground they could have avoided all this controversy. Then again the controversy worked in the companies favour earning them many thousands of new customers!

Why not ask the male commuters if they are beach body ready and see how they like the pressure of having to look at an unachievable body?

Had that happened at least the female commuters would have had something to ogle.

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