BeeFit ZXT Infinity

ZXT Infinity Bee Pollen Capsules are supposed to suppress your appetite and turn your body into a fat burning machine while they detox your body. We all kind of feel that bee pollen should be good for us so do capsules made from this natural product really work?

We look into Infinity Bee Pollen to find out more.

BeeFit ZXT Infinity Pros

  • Contains some interesting ingredients used in herbal and Chinese medicine

BeeFit ZXT Infinity Cons

  • Complicated to buy a bottle
  • Incomplete ingredients list
  • No clinical evidence or information
  • No money-back guarantee
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BeeFit ZXT Infinity

BeeFit ZXT Infinity Review

BeeFit ZXT Infinity Facts

  • Floyd Nutrition is the major distributor
  • Bee Fit operates a direct marketing programme
  • Some discrepancy between the various names of this supplement

Infinity Bee Pollen capsules are distributed by American company Floyd Nutrition based in Pennsylvania and sold mainly via a network of local distributors under the name Bee Fit.

Bee Fit use a direct marketing policy via a network of distributors and retail outlets but you can buy direct from the Floyd Nutrition website too.

This supplement benefits from some appealing looking advertising with a strongly natural flavour!

Infinity Bee Pollen Capsules are described by the advertising as being the strongest over the counter weight loss product available in the US!

The principle ingredient is Bee Pollen but other ingredients include Chinese Yam, Wolfberry, Lotus Seed plus something called “dietary fibre” are also included.

Infinity is distributed by Floyd Nutrition an American company based in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. The company’s postal address is via a PO Box and it is hard to find real details.

Bee Fit appears to be linked with Floyd Nutrition and may or may not be the same company. Bee Fit appears to be a subsidiary company operating a direct marketing business and they market a range of products. These are all based around bee pollen and very similar to each other.

As well as Infinity, sometimes referred to as ZXT Infinity, you can find ZXT, ZXT Gold, ZXT Slim and Slim Trim U. Each supplement contains Bee Pollen, Chinese Yams, Lotus Seed and Dietary Fibre.

The main difference between the supplements is that ZXT Slim and Infinity contain Wolfberry whereas the other supplements contain Green Tea Extract. In fact, the extremely limited ingredients lists for ZXT Slim and Infinity are identical with the only difference being that Infinity is described as Extreme Extra Strength whereas ZXT Slim is only Extra Strength.

All the ingredients that are mentioned as being contained Bee Fit products are natural. Bee Pollen is the major ingredient and is well known for being a good source of nutrients, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

However, we had not heard of it being particularly effective for weight loss and would have liked to see some information on the website that proved this assertion.

There is very little real information on the website and this is a big problem.

Some but not all of ingredients are named and no amounts are given. In addition, there are no clinical references or proof that bee pollen or any of the other ingredients will help you lose weight.

A look at the Floyd Nutrition site – the company behind Bee Fit and named as the “exclusive distributor of ZXT Bee Pollen Capsules” does provide a bit more information about the ingredients.

For example bee pollen is said to “enhance vitality, improve endurance, strength and improve brain fatigue” and Chinese Yam “a soothing herb which stimulates the stomach and spleen” and so on. Again no proof and no clinical references.

Becoming a BeeFit Distributor

Back on the Bee Fit Site – this is all beginning to seem like a complicated set up – the home page invites you to find a local distributor.

You click on the Distributors Button in your own part of the USA and are taken to a list of names and phone numbers. Presumably, the idea is that you then phone them up? It all seems a bit random.

You can also see distributor profiles via another link on the website. These appear to be perfectly nice and ordinary looking people, referred to as business owners and we guess the idea is that you can contact them by email or phone and arrange for one of them to become your local distributor.

Usually you just click “buy” on a website and have the product sent or you walk into a chemist and hand over your money in a hassle free transaction.

You can become a distributor yourself. You are invited to complete an online form and tell Bee Fit about yourself, and the company promise get back to you with more details.

Worryingly you have to click the standard “I agree with your terms and conditions” button without having access to any of the aforesaid terms and conditions.

To use ZXT Infinity, take one capsule each morning with or without food. According to the site, you will “see the fat melt away”. You are advised to drink plenty of water.

BeeFit ZXT Infinity Concerns:

  • Pollen supplements can cause allergies and are potentially dangerous for some consumers
  • Full ingredients list not provided
  • Direct Marketing often does not work out well for distributors and consumers

What Does BeeFit ZXT Infinity Claim To Do?

The advertising makes some very wild claims for this supplement. The website states;

Infinity is a natural herbal supplement designed for those who want to lose 25 pounds or more in the safest and quickest manner.

The product page says that;

ZXT Bee Fit Infinity offers super energy ultimate appetite suppressant and a detox component within the first 4 hours of use.

We find both these statements frankly unbelievable and the website does not back up these claims in any way. It is all rather unconvincing.

An annoying small feature about this supplement is that no one seems to be able to decide on a name.

Infinity XTC Infinity, Bee Fit Infinity, Super Pollen – it is all a bit of a mouthful and not very straight forward.

So What Is BeeFit ZXT Infinity and What Are The Ingredients For BeeFit ZXT Infinity?

Infinity is an herbal supplement that is supposed to reduce your appetite boost your metabolism and help you detox although none of the information is very clear. It contains natural ingredients but the ingredient profile is incomplete and the amount quantities are not specified.

Everyone involved with this product seems a little cagey about the precise ingredients.

It is very likely that the supplement contains additional ingredients not mentioned by the advertising. The website mentions the “main ingredients” but does not tell us about any other ingredients which may be used in this supplement

  • Bee Pollen: Contains a range of vitamins, minerals, carbs and protein. It comes from the pollen that the bees collect and is not the same as honey, honeycomb or royal jelly.
    In herbal medicine, it has long been believed to have many health benefits and has been used to improve athletic performance and the side effects of chemotherapy in some cases. However results are unproven and there is no clinical evidence that it works or what it really does.
  • Chinese Yam (Dioscorea opposita): Is a gluey type of yam that can be eaten raw and is sometimes used in Japanese food – sometimes as a binding agent. There is no proof that it will help promote weight loss but it is used in Chinese medicine where it is believed to detoxify the spleen. Some clinical research has tested Chinese yam on rats and found it may lower cholesterol when taken in its raw state.
    However, there is no evidence that it will work in supplement form or even work o the human body. This ingredient is simply untested and unproven. Source:
  • Wolfberry (AKA Goji Berry): Superfruit so called because of its high levels of antioxidants and nutritional content. There are a lot of medical claims made about this ingredient and although it is obviously good for you, any implied health benefits are just unproven.
  • Lotus Seeds: Traditional Chinese culinary ingredient and also sold as snacks in some countries – similar to nuts. Contains vitamins minerals and amino acids and believed to have numerous health benefits but not proven to have any special weight loss or detox relevance. A home remedy but not proven. Source:
  • Dietary Fibre: There are no details about this ingredient.

So What Does All This Mean?

ZXT contains some interesting ingredients, which are popular in herbal and alternative medicine, but we cannot see the full ingredients list or amount quantities, which is a serious matter for concern.

None of the ingredients come with any evidence that they work and the claim that this supplement will help you “detox” is both unlikely and misleading.

According to medical opinion, detoxing is unnecessary and dangerous to health. The idea that toxins build up in the body is not founded in scientific fact because our bodies can filter out and eliminate most ingested toxins via the liver and kidneys. (See our investigation into detoxing).

We can’t see how this supplement will help you lose much weight and certainly not 25lbs in a month as advertised.

We don’t think this supplement will make the “fat melt away”.

Does BeeFit ZXT Infinity Have Any Side Effects?

It may have side effects. There may be unlisted ingredients such as caffeine that will cause side effects but we have no way of knowing.

Most of the listed ingredients seem safe but bee pollen is not suitable for everyone.

According to a Fox News report, bee pollen supplements can cause an allergic reaction.

Many people have an allergy to bee stings and this extends to pollen. In worst-case scenarios, patients with allergies to pollen can go into anaphylactic shock following taking bee pollen without realising their sensitivity.

Worryingly, bee pollen has affected people with no histories or allergies.


Caution: Do not take if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Avoid if you are allergic or sensitive to bee stings or pollen. Do not take if you are on blood thinning medication such as Warfarin.
Discontinue use and seek medical advice doctor urgently if you notice any side effects such as facial swelling, skin rash, shortness of breath and similar.


Any BeeFit ZXT Infinity Reviews From Customers?

There are some customer reviews for ZXT bee pollen products although sadly none for ZXT Infinity. We discount the high number of true-life stories from the product distributors because we always aim to include only totally independent customer experiences.

Most of the so-called independent reviews we found gave five stars and left comments such as;

If you looking for something to don’t be hungry, and feel good and lose weight this product is IT!

By contrast, many of the other customers appear to be promoting a rival product. None of this looks independent and unbiased.

So Does BeeFit ZXT Infinity Work?

Although we may receive some angry comments from ZXT marketers and distributors we have to say, we can’t see this supplement really working. Some of the ingredients look interesting and are good for health but how this equates to weight loss is anybody’s guess.

Where Can I Buy BeeFit ZXT Infinity?

You can buy Bee Fit ZXT Infinity by going onto the Bee Fit site and contacting one of the distributors. Alternatively, you can check out the retailers listed on the site and visit their premises. (They are predominantly situated in Indiana.)

You can buy ZXT Infinity online via the Floyd Nutrition website. You will have to sign up and join the site in order to buy.

One bottle of Infinity caps contains 30 capsules and costs $45.00. Three bottles of Infinity caps (90 capsules) costs $135.00. Ten bottles of Infinity Caps costs $360.00

International customers will need to ask for shipping costs and delivery times.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

We are not impressed with Bee Fit ZXT Infinity. We do not believe it will work for weight loss and the lack of ingredients information is a matter of concern. The sales policy is confusing for potential customers and we can’t see that many of the distributors will be earning much from selling this product.

Also we really disliked the fact that we were not shown the terms and conditions after being asked to send off personal details including a photo. (we wanted to look into the distributor policy).

Our advice is not to get stung by the promise of easy money and taken in by the “natural bee pollen” image of this product. Overall, we feel that this supplement is a dud all round both for buyer and seller and we therefore reject it.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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16 comments on 'BeeFit ZXT Infinity'

  1. I went from 190 to 139 and I felt better overall then I had for years. I definitely want to find them so I can feel great again.

  2. Please bring Infinity bee pollen back!…this is a crime not to allow a product that works not to be available for purchase! My energy level was increased while taking…lost weight and I really had some extra get up and go!

  3. Where can I purchase Infinity weight loss pills. I was taking them before and they worked really well for me and I would like to have more.

  4. I am also looking for the Infinity pills from Floyed nutrition. Does anyone have any or know where I can find them. I am interested in purchasing about two bottles or so.

  5. Anybody out there have slim trim u pills or infinity left?? The company is being used right now but these were the best pills I have ever tried. Anybody ??

  6. I have been taking the infinity for 2 years off and on. i feel better when I take it and it definitely curbs my appetite. i have lost 30 pounds and want to order another 3 bottles but can’t find it. I think the bee polen is the key. Hope I can find the infinity somewhere.

    1. I’ve been taking it for at least a year and feel better while I am taking it. I have more energy, and do not get hungry, and lost and kept off 30 lbs. but i can’t find the infinity anywhere?
      Anyone find anything else that works like Infinity?

  7. Have taken Bee Fit products for 9 months. I have lost 20 pounds. Not a remarkable amount in that period, but still better than the 0 I would have lost doing nothing.There have been other benefits. Skin looks better. I feel my biggest benefit by far has been the way I FEEL. Prior to taking the product, I had mild to moderate joint pain, muscle aches. Stiffness. I had chronic tendinitis in one of my hips and could never sleep on that side. That problem started resolving within a week of taking the ZXT supplement.
    There are a few drawbacks. The slim trim u will give you dry mouth. I took the infinity and had allergic reaction, due to the red dye used in capsule. Allergy to that specific dye is common, talked to others who also couldn’t take it. Also, while it doesn’t make you feel jittery, I have noticed some irritability associated with it. This was more evident in my son (he is 30) when he took it. I have no idea why this is, only that my son said he imagined this was same as what people describe when taking steroids.
    Interestingly, they have just changed the product, and it is now being made in the United States, which tells me there may have been an issue with some of the ingredients used. This is only my guess. I intend to continue taking bee pollen, may not necessarily continue buying this specific supplement.

    1. Infinity and ztx gold worked great for me from 160 to 124 wish I could still purchase them any one knows if anyone is selling them

  8. I have been taking Infinity bee pollen diet pills now for 5 weeks and I can say yes this pill does work. I was in a size 18 pants size and now I am in a size 12. I also wore a size xlg shirt to a 1x shirt size and now I am in a medium shirt. I have not changed my diet except I drink a little more water, than I usually do. It does help with my hunger. Yes, I do agree with you on the bee pollen part. I have allergies to various things and have not had any adverse side effects from this pill. But, everyone is different and should becareful when taking any pill. I have several friends taking this diet pill as well and they have lost a lot of weight and inches. So, yes I am convinced this pill does work.

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