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Updated May 9, 2019.
Published Dec 21, 2016.

BellyTrim XP is manufactured by Biotrust, a “premium, natural nutrition brand committed to excellence, integrity, and giving back”, and offer one of the best money-back guarantees we’ve seen in a while. It helps you shed excess abdominal fat by using conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and pomegranate seed oil. However, Biotrust are deceiving their customers!

We reveal everything there is to know about BellyTrim XP in this detailed review.


  • Ingredient quantities listed
  • 1-year money-back guarantee


  • Product capabilities massively overstated
  • Only reviews are by affiliates who earn commissions on sales
BellyTrim XP
When you’re struggling to lose weight, some people will resort to trying any weight loss product with the hopes of it working. Although, most of these products don’t have the clinical backing to prove that they work. BellyTrim XP claims to be backed by research, and that it does what it says on the bottle.

We take a deeper look into the background of BellyTrim XP, the company that manufactures it, and what will really happen when you take this supplement.

BellyTrim XP Overview

What you need to know about BellyTrim XP

When looking over the fact it is clear that BellyTrim XP has some good points and bad points.

We think it is great that they offer a one year guarantee, as it is something we really don’t see often enough with dietary supplements, but at the same time, we suspect it may be because customers will be disappointed with this product.

The manufacturers make out that this product is amazing and will do incredible things, when it’s ingredients have been proven to only help with weight loss in small amounts or not at all.

What are the side effects of BellyTrim XP?

When it comes to side effects it seems that the manufacturers are suggesting that it doesn’t have any. It is caffeine and stimulant free, so people who are sensitive to this won’t need to worry.

How much does BellyTrim XP cost?

A single bottle of BellyTrim XP costs $49 and is recommended for less than 10 lbs to lose.

The most popular option is 3 bottles at $44 each, which will cost $132 altogether and is recommended for 10-30 lbs to lose

The final option is for 6 bottles at $39 each, which will cost $234 altogether and is recommended for 30+ lbs to lose.

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BellyTrim XP Key Features

BellyTrim XP is manufactured by Biotrust, a “premium, natural nutrition brand committed to excellence, integrity, and giving back” or at least that’s what is stated on the official website. You are able to explore the site, where Biotrust state that their team is full of MDs, PhDs, PTs, and so on, and you can see what each member of the team does. We find this level of transparency amazing as hardly any companies do this. It is definitely a positive in our eyes.

The first thing you see when you click on the product page is the statement:

“Discover how consuming these two ‘super fats’ can actually help you burn off unwanted stomach fat – fats that fight fat: yes, it’s true!”

However, they may not be as super as the manufacturers make out.

BellyTrim XP Key Points

  • Manufactured by Biotrust
  • 120 capsules per bottle (30-day supply)
  • Mild fat burner

BellyTrim XP is mainly made from Conjugated Linoleic acid, an ingredient that is often used in dietary supplements which doesn’t make this product special in the slightest. As well as this, it also contains pomegranate seed oil and black pepper extract.

How to Take BellyTrim XP

It is advised that you take two (2) softgels in the morning with breakfast and another two (2) with dinner in the evening.

BellyTrim XP Concerns

  • Overstated claims
  • No reliable reviews

What does BellyTrim XP claim to do?

When looking at this department we want the manufacturers to tell us what the product will do and how it will do it. When it comes to BellyTrim XP, they don’t actually say how it will work. What they do say is that with BellyTrim XP you are getting:

  • Quality, science-backed formula based on peer-reviewed research, containing honest, effective levels of each ingredient
  • Quality product that has been verified as pure and potent through 3rd party testing
  • Quality product that is manufactured in a certified GMP facility
  • Customer care team that is committed to your success
  • Additional coaching from trained experts in our online weight-loss community to ensure your success

While all these things are great, we want to know how BellyTrim will help us to lose weight and it doesn’t seem to tell us that anywhere in the advertising.

Does BellyTrim XP work?

When it comes to seeing if this product will work, we’re not quite sure that it will. Whilst BioTrust state that CLA and Punicic acid are two of the best fat burning fats available, the clinical evidence suggests that they are actually quite ineffective compared to other ingredients. This product as a fat burner is unreliable, unpredictable and minimal. It will not be as potent as the manufacturers claim it is.

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BellyTrim XP Ingredients

A serving of two capsules of BellyTrim XP contains only 20 calories composed of the following ingredients:

  • Conjugated Linoleic acid (1200mg): This ingredient is naturally found in dairy and beef products, and may help to reduce body fat. However, this may not always cause changes to the body. The average daily diet provides between 15mg and 174mg of CLA, but studies often use much higher levels. Human studies of CLA have produced results that are contradictory and is described as a relatively poor fat burner and unreliable. Source
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil (400mg and std. 70% Punicic Acid): A study was conducted that linked the consumption of pomegranate seed oil to a very small reduction in triglycerides in the bloodstream of adults with high levels of lipids in their blood. However, a study using solely punicic acid at a much larger dose noted no changes to triglyceride levels, and the results could not be replicated in healthy people. It is possible that any effect upon triglycerides is due to the vitamin E content of the oil, rather than the punicic acid. Various studies have also noticed that pomegranate seed oil itself has no effect upon weight, fat mass or cholesterol levels. Source
  • BioPerine (5mg): This patented black pepper extract is often used for increasing the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. In other words, it increases the amounts of nutrients that are absorbed into the body in the digestive tract. It may also increase the absorption of various drugs, which may lead to potential side effects for users on medication. Source

BellyTrim XP Side Effects

When it comes to side effects it seems that the manufacturers are suggesting that it doesn’t have any. It is caffeine and stimulant free, so people who are sensitive to this won’t need to worry. On the FAQ section the manufacturers state:

“Like every BioTrust product, BellyTrim XP is made with natural ingredients and completely free of gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts. It also contains NO sugar and NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. BellyTrim XP is 100% gluten-free and contains no GMO ingredients. If you have any concerns you should consult your physicians before taking any supplements.”

Caution: This product is for use by healthy adults over 18 years old. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not take this product if you are at risk or are being treated for any medical condition. Consult your physician before use if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications. Discontinue use and consult your physician if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not exceed recommended serving size or suggested use. Keep out of reach of children.

BellyTrim XP Customer Feedback

On the official site there are a few statements about the company as a whole, however, these are not directed towards the supplement in question. Here are a few of them:

At my practice here in Indiana, and with all my weight loss clients all over the world, we trust BioTrust. With the quality control they have in place, along with the extraordinary amount of time and research that goes in to each product formulation, it’s a no-brainer for me to recommend BioTrust to both my clients and patients alike

As a Nutrition Specialist, I’m extremely picky about which supplements I recommend to my clients. The poor standards of many supplement companies and low quality ingredients are a joke, but Biotrust is different, with some of the highest quality ingredients in the industry. Also, their formulas are top notch, all backed 100% with legitimate science.

When you take extreme dedication to being on the cutting edge of health information and combine that with an unwavering commitment to designing and testing products backed by laboratory-research and real-world results, you have something special: a supplement company that’s actually worth your time. BioTrust IS that company.

After some searching we were able to find some independent reviews posted on Amazon:

Did not work at all for me. Seemed to cause gastric upset as well. Cannot recommend.

Never lost weight and remained hungry

This product produced no results after taking for a month.

One star is just too much for this product. It doesn’t work at all. Your better off. Dropping and controlling food proportions to lose weight.

As you can see there are a lot of negative reviews and going by this it proves the BellyTrim XP may not work in the best possible way. Paired with the fact that it doesn’t say anywhere on the website what the supplement will do we can’t help but think this is a waste of time for consumers.

BellyTrim XP Money-Back Guarantee

When it comes to money-back guarantees, BellyTrim XP has one of the best we’ve seen in a while. The product comes with a one year guarantee, and yes you did read that correctly. However, it does make us wonder why it is this long. Are they not confident with the product?

On the site it says:

While BellyTrim XP was created to work and is based on extensive amounts of peer-reviewed research, if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your BellyTrim XP purchase, just let us know and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund even on empty bottles. You’re always protected by our industry best 1-YEAR 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Where To Buy BellyTrim XP

There are numerous options available to you when it comes to buying the product.

A single bottle of BellyTrim XP costs $49 and is recommended for less than 10 lbs to lose.

The most popular option is 3 bottles at $44 each, which will cost $132 altogether and is recommended for 10-30 lbs to lose

The final option is for 6 bottles at $39 each, which will cost $234 altogether and is recommended for 30+ lbs to lose.

Unlike other supplements, when you buy BellyTrim XP you only get what you order as they are not an auto-ship program which is great news for those who are wary of scammers.

Shipping varies depending on where you want the supplement delivered to and how quickly you want it to get there. For the United States it costs:

  • $6.95 for FedEx/UPS Standard (3-6 business days)
  • $17.76 for 2-Day FedEx (2 business days)
  • $21.50 for Next Day FedEx (Next business day)

In the FAQ section it says the following regarding the prices of the bottles:

“We are unable to guarantee today’s pricing beyond today. Our pricing often changes due to the constantly changing prices of the high-quality, exotic ingredients used in BellyTrim XP as well as supply and demand. To guarantee our lowest pricing, be sure to secure your order today.”

This seems like a marketing ploy to us, used to get you to order now when in actual fact these prices may never change.

Watchdog Verdict

The lack of independent reviews is never a good sign, which could mean that no one is buying it and any reviews that are on the site are written by affiliates, so they will be biased.

In reality, it seems that the ingredients used will not help you burn fat at an extraordinary rate, and the company has ignored the research that proves these ingredients don’t work for weight loss. By doing this, they are deceiving their customers and we cannot stand companies that do this, especially when the product isn’t cheap either.

While BellyTrim XP is unlikely to cause side effects and should be safe to take, we cannot help but think that this won’t cut it for a lot of people. The reviews we have found prove this, and we don’t think BellyTrim XP is good enough to aid in weight loss.

Overall, we do not recommend BellyTrim XP to our readers.

BellyTrim XP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Bellytrim XP?

Bellytrim XP claims to help you shed excess abdominal fat by using conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and pomegranate seed oil. As they say, Bellytrim XP uses “fats to fight fat”.

What are the side effects of Bellytrim XP?

The manufacturer of Bellytrim XP claims that its product won’t cause any side effects but we know that the conjugated linoleic acid contained in this supplement can cause stomach pain, diarrhoea, nausea, and flatulence.

What are the ingredients in Bellytrim XP?

Bellytrim XP contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), pomegranate seed oil, and a patented black pepper extract.

Does Bellytrim XP work?

Conjugated linoleic acid has been deemed an unreliable and unpredictable fat burner, with only minimal effects. We don’t believe Bellytrim XP will work as promised.

How much does Bellytrim XP cost?

A single bottle of 120 capsules costs $49.00 American dollars. There are also options to buy three bottles for $132.00 or six bottles for $234.00. Shipping fees are not included in these prices and may vary.

Who makes Bellytrim XP?

Bellytrim XP is manufactured by BioTrust, a company based in Austin, Texas.

How do I take Bellytrim XP?

Take two softgels with breakfast and two more with dinner. Do not exceed four softgels a day.

Can I take Bellytrim XP if I have a health condition?

Bellytrim XP is considered safe. However, if you take prescription medications or have a medical condition, it is recommended to consult a doctor first. Avoid this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Does Bellytrim XP have a money-back guarantee?

Bellytrim XP comes with a one-year money-back guarantee.

How long has Bellytrim XP been around?

The website doesn’t say when Bellytrim was first created and put on the market.

Where can I buy Bellytrim XP?

Bellytrim XP can be bought directly from the official website or on Amazon.

Can I buy Bellytrim XP in stores?

Bellytrim XP is only available from online retailers.

How do I contact Bellytrim XP customer service?

You can contact BioTrust with the phone number available on their website. Alternatively, you can send an email with the contact form also available on their support page.

Are there any Bellytrim XP coupons?

At the time of writing, there are no coupons available for Bellytrim XP.

Are there any free samples of Bellytrim XP?

BioTrust does not offer free samples or free trials for Bellytrim XP.

How does BellyTrim XP compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria BellyTrim XP Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of NON- Stimulant diet AIDS, not diet PILLS. Diet pills are ALL a scam and do more damage then good to your hormones and adrenal system. Belly trim XP along with all the other supplements that Bio Trust Nutrition sells are safe and have ZERO side effects. I lost 32 lbs. in 4 months following their healthy eating suggestions and supplementing with their diet aids. I don’t believe in miracle pills. I believe in a healthy lifestyle. I have zero affiliation with bio trust nutrition. They have never even heard my success story. People want to be lazy and believe that a miracle pill well solve their weight loss problems. The only way to solve your weight-loss problems is to think before putting crap in your mouth.

    1. I forgot to add that I’m 40, have a 3 year old and 1 year old and now have the body of a 20 year old.

  2. These products are manufactured in a facility that also handles tree nuts crustaceans and shellfish they are not transparent about this and their product information booklet or on their website at all it is at the bottom by law they have display all the ingredients because they have to state that these products are could be in there because they are not a part of the original product is word play from them spent 45 minutes trying to get my money back they were to send a return merchandise authorization number four hours later they didn’t do as promised I had to call them back and while I was on the phone with them made them give me the numbers over the phone as well as their address send the merchandise back today will see if I get my money back

    1. I was so convinced with the sincerity of the advertisement, that I went ahead and ordered, even allowing myself into being tempted by the wonderful, bulk buy offer. THEN, I thought to Google up reviews!!!
      I immediately emailed that I wanted to cancel my order. Received a pleasant, civilised reply that they would prevent the shipment and return my money. Next day, an email to say my first three bottles had been shipped. Sent another email to make sure they don’t send any more. Apparently, Australian government doesn’t allow them to send more than a ninety day supply at once. An email this morning saying the next three bottles are on the way. I am so mad with myself. I can see me having to write off my $450 Aussie. To experience, but I will keep fighting in the meantime.

    2. Gosh,all that said in one sentence!! I am just catching a mental breath.
      Yes, you may be right, BW, but use commas in the future and break up sentences. Easier to read. Elizabeth

  3. Most products are manufactured in a facility that also processes shellfish, tree nuts., etc they do not bother to tell you that nor is it mentioned on their own product information booklet included with each purchase. By law it has to be on the back of the bottle if these ingredients aren’t in the product they are but in small writing..I had to spend 45 minutes to try to get my money back as they promised. They were to email me a RMA# for return they didn’t do it, I had to call back and tell them 4 hours later where are the RMAs!? Made her read them to me and send the email while I was on the phone

  4. Thank you all for your input, and saving me from the possible brink of scan-dom. I’m a pretty level-headed person, but desperation, real or implied, can certainly do a number on your head. I have become a firm believer in reading customer reviews whenever I want to find out more about a product and its effectiveness. And my solution? The only thing that works for me is not eating. And I’m not a big eater anyway. I know it sounds all wrong, but I seem to do this every 2 or 3 years and it seems to “reboot” my inner appestat. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Sara, I cancelled my order as soon as I read the reviews, especially that people had been unsuccessful in getting their money back, having tried the pills and found them useless. I received an email, saying they would stop delivery and refund my money, I’ve had two emails advising me that the first to shipments are on their way. I wrote again and was told “just don’t accept them and they will be returned to us” I can just see the post office acccepting that and I’m pretty sure that if I waste even more money on postage, I still won’t get the refund. I’m an OAP (not usually a stupid one!) and at 51kilos I was buying them for my daughter, to try to help with her weight problems!!! I’d like to put a message in public Facebook, but I don’t want to be had up for slander or defamation of character, or whatever the crime would be! Don’t be tempted Sara it’s just not worth the risk.

  5. I have been taken this supplement bellytrimxp since december lastyear so its been 7 months now and not seeing anything not even 1kg i lost as matter affact i gained from it so dont be fooled like i was company that made it should be …….

  6. Thanks for all your reviews and comments. I just listened to the video and went straight to Amazon to get reviews. Most were negative so I continued to search and found this site. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences.

  7. only need to lose 10 lbs of belly fat. It did nothing and i eat a regular diet. i am 81 yrs old and exercise good. but this product is not effective. they will give you another product free plus an additional one half cost of the product on another product. i thought this was a reputable company. dont know if i want to try another product. do they have anything that works????

  8. I’ve been on BioTrust for about 2 months and have only lost 3 pounds….but to be honest about it, we’ve had several family occasions with a lot of good food, and I know I ate alot of food I don’t normally eat so I can’t condemn the Bio Trust product; in addition I have been raising my 13 year old grandson for a year and cooking more like I did when we had our seven children at home. Now that his mother’s cancer is better he has gone home and we’re back to our regular eating schedule. I plan to continue using the product for at least another couple of months but not because I want to lose more weight, or lose some flesh around my belly, but for an unpleasant problem I’ve had for many years and haven’t seen any comments about – a bowel problem. I no longer have the severe problems and pain I’ve had in the past, so I’ll continue using the product as long as I can, and continue to try to lose the weight too. I have no financial interest in the product and will continue using it at least for a couple of months, or longer if there is ever a price reduction.

  9. Thanks watchdog and the people thats taken the product.SCAM im not going to buy the product and other people should do the same don’t waist your money.

    1. been scammed before. There is no easy way. I eat everything listed already and don’t exercise too much and have been fatter than I’ve ever been. I’m so it tired of it all. And all the scams.

  10. Thank you. I actually tried Bellytrim XP and it did nothing. I noticed no difference in my figure or weight during the time I was taking it. I got the recommended minimum 3 month supply but did not want to take it for the whole time and chucked the remaining bottle. It felt like a scam and I wondered if the pills were full of something useless like beeswax or whatever. It may have suppressed my appetite a little but if so the effect was temporary. I would always be really hungry in the evenings. To anybody thinking about buying this I would say don’t waste your money.

  11. To everyone who wants to lose weight.. I am still searching for that wonderful pill that I can eat anything and look like a million however I am still finding that that is a fantasy. The Dr shows are touting their own financial gains what used to be an informative program is now a disgusting advertisement. I will no longer watch their shows. Please research everything you put into your body. Don’t be a fool and fall for all the hype. I have no financial interest in this product.

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