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Beyond Raspberry Ketone Report

I ordered a free trial of Raspberry Ketone and it was not until I saw my bank statement that they took £79.95 from my account. I did not receive any confirmation that I had to cancel within 14 days and now they have taken the money out without my authorisation. They have cancelled further payments but what do I do about the payment they have taken out please.

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742 comments on “Beyond Raspberry Ketone Report”

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  1. Karen Taylor says:

    I really do feel so stupid, I have been caught up in this stupid scam. They have taken £84.95 out of my bank and I have not yet received the items. Ease help me! How do I contact these people and how can I send something back to them that I haven’t received. I have called my bank and cancelled any more payments coming out. Please any information would be a great help. Thanks Karen Taylor

    1. Lisa says:

      i do hope you get your money back …i ordered some via Facebook stupidly and lost near £200 on the day i ordered..i have no company name or number to get back to…my bank gave me the company phone number from the visa transaction but they are denying its them ive ordered through 🙁

  2. Jackie says:

    oh so i am not alone they took £95.00 out of my account too and tried to do it again thank goodness my bank called me lesson learned.

  3. Joy says:

    I fell for this scam with the Ketone Slim XT and the Prima Cleanse Plus. I have secured a 50% refund and lodged a report with ActionFraud (receiving a criminal reference number in relation to it) and am in the process of lodging a second form with a healthcare monitoring scheme) against the overarching company, Healthy Nutrition based in Reading. Below is a stage-by-stage account of what I did, in case anyone else wishes to refer to it. In sum, be calm and persistent.

    First thing is to cancel online using the banner on ‘Contacts / Refunds’ – it is a veritable cancellation tool. The company uses dates precisely so the earlier you can ensure you have cancelled the contract, the better. I was not satisfied with this and wanted assurance from a company representative that it had been cancelled, and so persisted by phone and email (both of which were initially useless and, after a week, became helpful).
    Secondly, I phoned my bank to ensure that they will block all future payments. I am with the Cooperative and they are able to do that.
    Thirdly, I phoned the company directly. At first they were evasive and repeatedly failed to find any details of my ‘account’, in spite of having taken £200 from my bank account.
    At this point I used the Citizens’ Advice Bureau to access ActionFraud, with which I have lodged a fraud report form and now have a criminal reference number for this. It seems extreme but I am horrified both by my own experience and the collective experience witnessed on this forum. I am in the process, again accessed through the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, of lodging a report too with Yellow Card Scheme, which is used to monitor healthcare products.
    After contacting the bank again to check that all future payments have been blocked, I contacted the company directly (all numbers lead to a centralised Customer Service team which can deal with all the products in one go). The man was helpful and able to find the details quickly. He confirmed that no further products would be sent out and that no further payments will be taken. I then explained that I had sought help from the CAB and had been advised that a 50% refund would be in order, for the T&Cs are not clear – in the first paragraph it implies that the initial large payment is an annual payment and in a later paragraph it suggests that it is a monthly payment. The man said he would speak to his advisor and this 50% refund was sanctioned.
    One thing to note: when I mentioned ActionFraud and having a criminal reference number, the man on the phone said that refunds are a way of placating the victim and ensuring that no further action is taken against the company. I stated that I wished to have the refund and it will be processed in 3-5 days. The ActionFraud report has been lodged and will not be dropped at this point.

    1. Scott Mckinlay says:

      Hi Joy, thanks for sharing your actions.
      Have they told you, they will be refunding the full amount or just the 50% ?

      My mother is still down £235.90 after getting a £144 refund.
      They had taken a total of £379.90

      I contacted Action Fraud, but they have told me to contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service for further advice on 03454 04 05 06 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

      I’ll give them a call and see how I get on.

      Pointless calling customer services again as it is all foreigners who can’t or don’t want to understand you.

      Let me know how you get on and I’ll reply once I get in touch with Citizens Advice.

  4. Scott Mckinlay says:

    My mother who is 76 got caught out with this.
    She only realised when a second batch of pills arrived, she checked her bank account and a total of £379.90
    I went onto them and went mad, they only agreed to refund some of the second lot they sent out, as she was past the 14 days for the first lot.
    They refunded her £144.00
    Leaving her down a total of £235.90

    They are praying even on the elderly, which is shocking.
    She has never took any of the pills and has returned the lot untouched.
    Surely they can’t keep her money.
    Can anyone tell me how I can help her get some more of this money back is it is absolute shocking.
    My mum said it was just a pop up that appeared on her screen and she only thought she was paying a small amount for a demo.
    Going by this forum, there are loads being caught out and it’s being miss-sold.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated – you can get me at mckinlayscott@hotmail.com.

    We need to try and put a stop to them getting away with this.
    They are making their money from this scam, not actually selling the product.

  5. racheal says:

    I sign up for a free trial and was never informed of money to be paid, and there has been money taken from my account without my authority please what can i do to get my money back

  6. L Morrison says:

    I ordered a free trial of the Raspberry Ketone from this Company and didn’t receive a confirmation email from them. I had to email them to ask where the product was and advised them that after the free trial I wanted to cancel any future orders with them. I eventually did receive an email from them advising the goods would be sent out and that they had taken me off their auto-shipment list. I contacted my credit card company and advised them to block any future payments to this company. On just checking my credit card account they have taken £95.00 from my credit card but used a different name which allowed the payment to go through so now the credit card company are investigating for me. I have also emailed the company and advised them to refund the amount immediately as they have taken an unauthorised amount from my account.

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