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Beyond Raspberry Ketone Report

I ordered a free trial of Raspberry Ketone and it was not until I saw my bank statement that they took £79.95 from my account. I did not receive any confirmation that I had to cancel within 14 days and now they have taken the money out without my authorisation. They have cancelled further payments but what do I do about the payment they have taken out please.

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742 comments on “Beyond Raspberry Ketone Report”

  1. H. Wilson says:

    I am surprised that the authorities still allow this company to advertise and defraud the public. I see a new advert today, but I have already
    been caught for over £200 and the debits keep coming to my Bank.
    I was obliged to cancel my bank card today as I cannot find their address,just a phone number which is useless as a faint foreign voice
    answers and I have difficulties with my hearing. I think it is time,
    in view of renewed advertising, that the authorities took action before
    others have been caught like myself. 10th. November 2014

  2. RCH says:

    This company should be taken down by the trading standards authority for miss representation of facts. Product doesn’t work and non telephone numbers on packaging or bank statement or delivery note. No website either. Which UK Governing body is responsible for closing this business down!!

    1. Penny mayo says:

      This has happened to me today really instead I need all my money what a scam.

  3. Mike says:

    watch whatyou do with charge cards and debit cars online. They sure do!

  4. Mike says:

    I had never even heard of this company before! I was looking at my bank statement online and I ran across a $26.23 charge I never made. and saw it was from raspberrydiet…. and I called my bank. They said I was protected from fraud since I used my Visa bank card. So I was lucky I got my money back . That company wanted to see a copy of my bank statement and they would look into it! haha ha. right!!!! Those Bastards

  5. kath says:

    same thing happened to me .i followed the advice above and have received a refund .also blocked any further payments from this company.

  6. Lesley says:

    Phoned this morning with my friend details and gave them a very very sad story. First a lady said I should have read the terms & condition then offered £100 back I again said another sad condition I had she then put me on hold and came back shortly after and offered another £40. My friend was happy and brought me a large bouquet of flowers.

  7. Lesley says:

    The same has happened to a friend single mother with two children and badly needs every penny. She been to the bank and stop all further payments. Will now phone them. Their email address is support@nutragreencoffee.com and telephone to cancel 08001 577409

  8. Laks says:

    same thing happen to me. I have been charged £190.95 for nothing.

  9. Louise says:

    Exactly the same has happened to…..fuming…..has anyone actually received a refund?

  10. Graeme says:

    have just fallen for the same scam, tried a ‘free’ trial which I paid £4.06 delivery then two weeks later they take £86 out of my account, phoned up and they said they will cancel my account but wouldn’t give me a refund, my bank have also not been very helpful. these companies make me sick. DO NOT BUY FROM MYRASPBERRYTRIM.COM

  11. Lorraine says:

    I also bought the FREE Trial and was scammed £94.67 today, I NEVER authorised them taking this money out and have called my bank and Trading Standards, BEWARE it is a SCAM!!!!!!

  12. Liz says:

    I have too been conned by this and if it wasn’t for reading this thread I probably would have ended up being charged large amounts of money that I can’t afford!
    It makes me so mad, both at myself for being so foolish and also at the company and all those that are willingly working for them!
    I emailed the company to cancel my subscription (which was unwillingly bought) yesterday after receiving the products that morning I made the order last Saturday. I received a reply this morning saying that they had ben cancelled and gave me a cancellation number for the transaction. Not being completely satisfied with this after reading all the comments I then replied to ask for confirmation and reassurance that no further payments would be taken from my account. By this point I was ready to ring my bank and cancel my card but I received a reply straight away saying that my bank details have been deactivated. I feel better about this, the only thing niggling me is the fact that this last email came from a totally different email address and there was no mention of customer number or name of products on it!
    I won’t be cancelling my card but will be keeping a close eye on my bank account over the next few weeks.

  13. Tracey collett says:

    What ass holes you take money from people’s account with it a free trail When you tell them it for 30 day and when it really 14 days you take money from a special need girl want to lose wight not understand what you say does time and will not even give her money back what brunch of ass wholes

  14. alan dennis says:

    ijust watched a saved watch dog report about raspberry ketone proslim and nutriberry slim product. ive been in touch citizan advice and they put me in contact with trading standard. which are investigateing this. .i had 3 payments one of £2,99. and £4.95. then on the fist of july of £93.00 which i didnt knowuntil iwas told about 3 oclock this afternoon.

  15. Kathryn Jenifer says:

    thought i was paying around £5.00 for these tablets, didn’t have the slightest clue that it was for a ‘free trail’ and that money was for shipping. i thought i’d pay the £5.00 and that would be it. But a week or two later they took £95.00 out of my account, the next day they took £45.00 out of my account and they would do so every month unless i cancelled. and that is exactly what i did. there is not way i am paying £135.00 every month for tablets that infact dont even work. i stopped taking them a week after i got them because they wasnt lowering my weight at all. i went to my bank today to cancel the keytone payments and they’ve done so. i also rang keytone myself to try get the refund. the first lady i spoke to on customer service was american and very rude. she showed no sympathy and kept a very dull voice repeating i cannot get a refund because i ticked terms and conditions. at this point i am fuming as i am an 18 year old girl who doesnt work many hours a week and for over £100 a month to be coming straight out my account is a massive dent, i have a car to pay for and now im left bank rupt and cannot pay simple things like food for work let alone petrol for my car.
    I then rang again and a Pakistani answered, i said i want a refund, i began saying he could not help me because i clicked terms and conditons, i then said well who can i speak to to get this refund, he then said he can do 30% refund which is something like £40. which is better than nothing. but i am still fuming as i am a victim of paying for something unwillingly. i was wishing for a full refund but theres not alot i can now do, unless someone can tell me how to get a full refund of £135. verry annoyed and upset.

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