Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500

Nature holds the best of resources for us in its kitty but at times, it is hard for us to get the best out of them at all times. A case for example is CLA which is found abundantly in many dairy products and meat. But to get the right amount of nutrition out of them one would have to eat a lot and that’s not exactly good for our weight maintenance efforts.

This is where a product like Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 comes in. It allows users to get the right amount of CLA extracts that they need on a daily basis, without the harmful ingredients that comes along with those foods. Now they can lose weight just the way they want and maintain good health too.

Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 Pros

  • Leads to faster and more effective fat burning
  • Aids in lean muscle development
  • Lowers triglyceride levels

Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 Cons

  • May have side effects like nausea and diarrhea for some users
  • Could be risky for pregnant or nursing women
  • Does not suppress appetite
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Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 Review

Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 Facts

  • Uses the power of Conjugated Linoleic Acid to induce thermogenesis and burn fat.
  • Is stimulant free and therefore safer than other similar product.
  • Leads to long term good health.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is one of the most important ingredients in a weight loss product today and quite in demand actually. It is a naturally occurring free fatty acid that is found in many foods – dairy products like cheese, milk, meats like beef and lamb among others. It is also found in many processed foods but unfortunately when you think of the list very few of these can be taken in large amounts or regularly. There is also the fact that CLA is not present in large amounts in the food items which means the quantity of intake needs to be high as well. That’s hardly a good way to lose weight.

But there is hope for anyone who is serious about weight loss. Products like Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 offers the perfect solution with just the right percentage of CLA every day to help the user. It has been designed by experts to aid in weight loss and also to improve lean muscle definition through a scientific process of body fat elimination. It mobilizes the body to use its own existing storage of body fat and use this as fuel or energy for workouts. It is perfect for both genders and all adults who lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The powerful formula works well for all users by enabling better synergy between their lifestyles and diets.

CLA is a potent chemical which can bring about fast and effective fat burning results in men and women. Any fitness expert will tell you that fat burning and developing lean muscle mass go hand in hand, but to actually get that result can be a hard task. Conjugated linoleic acid can be a big help in this regard, acting as a catalyst for the body and accelerating the fat loss process. It focuses on the stubborn stored body fat and acts on them right away. Slowly these melt away and are used up as energy for all the active functions the body has to perform. It also leads to better workouts as the body is primed for action all day.

There have been several studies conducted over the years on linoleic acid and its effectiveness on weight loss management. Of course, all experts will stress on the importance of following a healthy diet and exercise routine with CLA to get the best results. Linoleic acid in CLA attacks and decreases adipocytes or fat cells both in number and size, resulting in lower body mass. It increases apoptosis or disintegration of these fat cells too. With improved activity of CPT enzyme it burns fat quicker and improved activity of LPL enzymes leads to better triglycerides control.

One of the best things about Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 is that it can effectively differentiate between excess body fat and the muscle mass. This powerful natural Omega-6, comes packed for use in easy-to-use weight loss capsules that can easily be incorporated into the daily diet. It provides users with all the weight loss benefits that they need, reducing body fat while increasing muscle and help them get a toned and lean physique. By helping the body burn fat within the cells more calories are burnt overall. Now even one indulges in an occasional high calorie meal, the calories will not get easily absorbed by the body anymore.

Manufactured by Bio-Synergy, one of the leading names in the Sports Nutrition niche, Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 has become one of the most popular products today. The company is known for its many potent and high energy products, and user reviews show how effective they have been for so many. This breakthrough formula now helps users tackle obesity by working out better, promoting lean muscle development and accelerated fat burning. Regular intake not only supports one’s fitness goals and leads to long term weight management but an overall feeling of well-being as well.

How to Take Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500

Users are advised to take 3-6 of these highest potency capsules each day, before meals.
It should be consumed with lots of water as it is important to keep oneself well hydrated during the usage of this product.
It is not for pregnant or lactating women and is also unsafe for people under 18 years.
For best results one should combine it with balanced diet and exercise regimen

Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 Concerns:

  • Could have severe side effects for pregnant and lactating women, as well as children.
  • May lead to some side effects for sensitive users or those using prescription medications.
  • Limited money back information.

What Does Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 Claim To Do?

Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 leads to faster weight loss process but activity a process of constant fat loss within the cells. Improved thermogenesis not just fight fat but decreases the fat storage inside the body too. These are now used up as fuel for the body, so one gets more energy for workouts and other activities and slowly feel the body mass going down. It also helps cut down the triglyceride levels leading to overall good health. CLA has the unique feature of doing all these without affecting the muscle mass. So users can actually work on improving their lean muscle mass and build a better physique over a period of time.

So What Is Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 and What Are The Ingredients?

Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 is a popular dietary supplement which uses the power of Conjugated Linoleic Acid to aid in faster and sustained weight loss. It is a naturally occurring omega 6 which aids users in achieving long term good health.

A closer look at the key ingredients:

  • CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is a powerful and natural ingredient that is known to attack fat cells inside body, prevent them from getting easily absorbed or stored, leading to comprehensive fat loss results and overall good health. It works by improving apoptosis and increasing the function of CPT enzyme which helps decrease the fat cell size and mass and diminish the activity of LPL enzymes.

Other ingredients contained in the product are:

  • Gelatin
  • Water
  • Glycerol

So What Does All This Mean?

When we look at the above information we realize that it is perfectly easy to find a solution to our weight loss woes without worrying about negative side effects. In fact, it is easy to find natural ways to achieve our fitness goals – both losing weight and building up that great body. Backed by research and real time user reviews, products like Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 have proved that it is perfectly possible to lose weight in a natural manner even when one is taking external help in the form of a supplement. By accelerating the fat burning process and attacking the stored fat, it slowly leads to decreased body mass. At the same time, it helps users build up their lean muscle mass and achieve that great body that they have always wanted.

Does Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 Have Any Side Effects?

Since it uses natural ingredients, Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 is free from side effect risks and no untoward reaction has been reported till date.

But CLA is a potent ingredient and some users may feel reactions like diarrhea and nausea so it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking this or any other supplement.

Users are strongly advised to consult a doctor before taking this supplement, especially if one has an existing medical history or if one is taking prescription medications regularly.
Increasing daily dosage is not recommended without medical supervision or guidance.
Should be paired with diet and exercise for best results.
Not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women.
It should be stored tightly closed at room temperature is necessary.

Any Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 Reviews From Customers?

We were able to locate some customer reviews online and the reactions were mixed.

I lost 3lb in one week, i took the 6 pills a day and i went to the gym 3 times and tried to eat Healthily. I think they work they just give you Flatulence all day and night and its very embarrassing. I suppose with Good comes bad sometimes lol.

Having used CLA supplements for some time, I was already aware of the great results and have found this product to be no different, other than being more competitively priced and with amazon’s fast delivery I have been able to stick to my regime without missing a day.

Should have taken previous reviews on board, didnt do anything, made no difference what so ever even when you eat healthily and exercise regularly! dont waste your money!

I have tried all the tablets.. it did not work for me.. i was training everyday, i was watching what i eat but still i didn’t loose any weight but how ever i did gain weight. dont ask how..

I took this to slim down in time for my grad, and it absolutely rocked my world – I looked amazing and felt great! An excellent way to get down into that LBD!!

So Does Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 Work?

Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 works in several ways to benefit the user. First and foremost, it leads to apoptosis that not only leads to less storage of fat but also helps them disintegrate fast. CLA is a powerful fat and calorie burner that keeps the body activated and energized throughout the day. As a result, users feel more active and gain more traction out of their workouts. This in turn helps them burn off flab faster, and all these quite naturally. What’s even more beneficial is that it allows for this weight loss without any muscle loss. In fact, it actually aids in building up the lean muscle mass which is so important if one wants that lean and ripped look. By actively lowering the deposition and levels of triglycerides in fat cells it leads to better heart health and overall well-being for a long time as well.

Where Can I Buy Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500?

You can buy it from the official store –

It is available at various retail stores like –

What About A Guarantee

There is no information available about a money back on this product.

Watchdog Verdict

Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500 uses the power and goodness of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is a fatty acid that occurs naturally, to help users lose weight. Because it is a potent fat burner, use of this product on a regular basis will not just lead to fat loss but also decrease fat storage in the body. Moreover, it preserves the lean muscle mass and helps build them up further for a lean and ripped look. By lowering triglyceride levels it also aids in better heart health.

Though there haven’t been any reports of side effects from users, it could lead to minor reactions like nausea or diarrhea in some sensitive users. It is therefore best to seek medical advice before taking this supplement. It is definitely prudent to pair this with diet and exercise. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Overall, we believe that this product just doesn’t make the cut so we have to reject Bio Synergy Body Perfect CLA 500.

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