Below we take an in-depth look at BioLean to see how effective this product really is.

BioLean Pros

  • 30 day money back guarantee

BioLean Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Many potential side effects
  • Many ingredients unrelated to weight loss
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BioLean Review

BioLean Facts

  • Manufactured by Wellness International Network Ltd.
  • 112 tablets per pack.
  • Contains two pill formulations- green and white.

BioLean is:

A blend of herbs and amino acids that promote the healthy loss of excess body fat while helping to maintain lean body mass and potent energy levels.

It is manufactured by Wellness International Network Ltd according to the product’s label. However, the main website that sells BioLean, Crossroads Initiative, indicates that the product is manufactured by Wellness Opportunities Group. Going to their website leads to, which is advertised as the official website for ‘Physicians’ Health and Diet’ (Formerly WIN). The Crossroads Initiative website which sells BioLean appears to be a Christian Group who also sell Catholic Bible study tools, Books on the Theology of the Body, and offer religious talks and retreats.

How to Take BioLean

AM Serving – Adults take one white BioLean tablet and two green tablets with low-calorie food. PM Serving – Adults may take one green tablet with low-calorie food. If using BioLean dietary supplement for the first time, limit daily intake to one white tablet and one green tablet on days one and two, and one white tablet and two green tablets on day three. Needs vary with each individual. The fat-burning and detoxifying benefits of BioLean® can only be fully achieved by those who drink at least 8-10 glasses of water (64-80 oz.) per day.

BioLean Concerns:

  • Very expensive
  • Many potential side effects
  • Many ingredients unrelated to weight loss

What Does BioLean Claim To Do?

The manufacturers of BioLean state that the product is:

Designed to help curb your cravings, promote healthy energy levels, and satisfy your appetite.

The great thing about BioLean® is that is can help reduce body fat even while promoting the development of lean muscle mass –the only path to long-term, healthy weight loss.

If BioLean® was effective in helping fight obesity and promoting long-term weight management, that would be enough. But BioLean® does more than that. Many of the ingredients, especially Green Tea and Schizandrea extracts, have powerful anti-oxidant effects that contribute to overall health and appear to ehance immune function. So it is a great herbal, nutritional supplement even for those who are not overweight or obese.

The wonderful thing about BioLean’s energizing effect is that it is gentle. Though several of the ingredients are plants which contain caffeine, there is none of the jolt or “buzz” followed by a “crash” that is associated with the use of caffeinated beverages. Rather, BioLean® provides a moderate and sustained increase in alertness and energy throughout the entire day.

So What Is BioLean and What Are The Ingredients?

The ingredients for Bio Lean are grouped together into one table, despite the product consisting of two different tablets. The ingredients list states that the AM serving of BioLean contains 1661.69 mg of the proprietary blend and 167 mg of caffeine from guarana, yerba mate and green tea leaf. The AM serving also contains 196 mg of L-tyrosine, 196 mg of L-phenylalanine and 8 mg of L-carnitine (as L-carnitine bitartrate). The PM serving of Biolean contains 830.34 mg of the BioLean proprietary formula.

Calcium (as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate dibasic)(AM serving: 206.76 mg20% RDA) (PM serving: 91.88 mg9% RDA)

BioLeanProprietary Blend (1661.68 mg AM serving)/(830.34 mg PM serving)

  • Caffeine (AM serving: 167 mg. PM serving: 83.5mg): Numerous studies have shown that caffeine boosts energy levels and alertness, as well as mildly boosting the metabolism. The effects shown in studies are small, and some studies are inconclusive.
  • Guarana Seed: A berry that is naturally high in caffeine, it is often an ingredient in energy drinks and diet pills.
  • Yerba Mate Leaf: There is diverse clinical evidence to support the use of this plant for weight loss, as it stimulates the central nervous system and increases the metabolic rate. It is also a source of caffeine, and so should increase energy levels. Read our full investigation for more information.
  • Green Tea Leaf: Green tea is high in a group of antioxidants called catechins. Studies have suggested that catechins increase thermogenesis in the body, whilst caffeine increases energy expenditure by boosting the metabolism slightly for few hours.
  • Citrus Aurantium Fruit 30% Extract (Advantra Z®): Citrus Aurantium, also known as bitter orange peel has been proven to raise the metabolism and aid weight loss. However there are some concerns about its safety.
  • Schizandrae berry: This berry is used as an ‘adaptogen’, increasing the body’s resistance to disease and stress. It is also used to stimulate the immune system and for improving liver function.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf 25% Extract: Traditionally used in Indian medicine, several studies have shown that this herb can support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Research into Gymnema Sylvestra’s role in weight loss is still in preliminary stages, but a few studies are publishing promising results. It appears to lower blood glucose levels.
  • Rehmannia Root: Often used in Chinese herbal medicine, it is used as a general tonic for improved health and to treat diabetes, as it appears to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Hawthorn berry: Hawthorn berry appears to lower blood pressure, and lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It also seems to work as an anti-oxidant.
  • Jujube Seed: Sometimes used to stimulate appetite, but is also used for improving muscular strength and protecting the body against liver damage.
  • Alisma root: a diuretic. The plant in its raw form is poisonous, but if dried or cooked it is safe to use.
  • Angelicae dahuricae Radix: Angelica may help to treat premature ejaculation in men. In women, it can bring on menstrual periods. It is also used to treat heartburn and flatulence.
  • Epemidium grandiflorum Radix: More commonly known as Horny Goat Weed, this plant could increase blood flow and improve sexual function. It is also used to treat fatigue and high blood pressure.
  • Poria Cocos Mushroom: may act as a mild anti-anxiety treatment, as well as potentially improving kidney function. Research to support its herbal uses is lacking.
  • Rhubarb Root: This ingredient is used to treat a range of digestive complaints, including making bowel movements easier to pass.
  • Angelicae sinensis Redix: Also known as dong quai and female ginseng. Used to treat menstrual cramps, PMS and menopausal symptoms.
  • Codonopsis root: May boost cognitive performance, although studies are preliminary. Often used as a cheap replacement for ginseng, although it contains none of the active compounds found in ginseng.
  • Euconium bark: The only search results for this ingredient lead back to BioLean reviews and links, suggesting that this is a misspelt ingredient. It could be Eucommia bark, which is a type of rubber tree, and yet another herbal treatment for impotence and premature ejaculation.
  • Panax notoginseng Radix: Studies in mice suggest that Panax notoginseng may help to reduce blood sugar levels, and could also aid in weight loss by improving insulin and leptin sensitivity.
  • L-tyrosine 196 mg: Some people use L-Tyrosine as an appetite suppressant, but there is little clinical evidence that it is effective for this use. Large doses of tyrosine may be useful for increasing alertness, especially in people who are sleep deprived.
  • L-phenylalanine 196 mg: An amino acid, which is used for treating depression, amongst other things. However, the research to suggest that this will effectively treat depression is outdated, with calls for more testing using updated research methods.
  • L-carnitine (as L-carnitine bitartrate) 8 mg: There is some evidence that supplementation of acetyl-l-carnitine can reduce body fat, although the strongest results were seen in the elderly. The ingredient also boosts energy levels, and is used to treat fatigue.

So What Does All This Mean?

There are some potentially effective weight loss ingredients used in this diet pill, including several sources of caffeine and citrus aurantium, which will both increase the metabolism, as well as green tea which will increase thermogenesis. However, there is also a long list of ingredients that seemingly have no link to weight loss at all, but could cause a range of side effects, as we describe below. Some of the ingredients appear to be used as herbal treatments for sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. Bizarrely, two ingredients are sometimes used to stimulate appetite, the exact opposite of what the consumers wants to achieve!

L-carnitine can reduce body fat, but this is primarily seen in the elderly, and doses are typically far larger than the dose seen in BioLean.

Does BioLean Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturers of BioLean indicate that there are no side effects, and that consumers will not experience jitteriness or an energy crash from the caffeine in this product. However, our research indicates that the various ingredients found in BioLean could cause a range of different side effects.

Side effects associated with the use of Bitter Orange extracts include increased heart rate and increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, fainting, and even heart attack and stroke in healthy patients. The Mayo Clinic has recommended avoiding use of Bitter Orange extracts because in their opinion, the risk of using the product is not worth the pay-off of any potential weight loss. The effects of synephrine and other bitter orange extracts are enhanced when combined with caffeine.

There are numerous sources of caffeine in BioLean, including green tea, guarana and yerba mate. Consuming large quantities of caffeine can lead to headaches, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, increased urination, dehydration, jitteriness, dizziness and insomnia. Green tea can also cause constipation.

Schisandra can cause heartburn, upset stomach, decreased appetite, stomach pain, skin rash, and itching. Hawthorn can cause nausea, stomach upset, fatigue, sweating, headache, dizziness, palpitations, nosebleeds, insomnia and agitation.
Side effects of rhubarb include stomach and intestinal pain, watery diarrhoea, and uterine contractions. Long-term use can result in muscular weakness, bone loss, potassium loss, and irregular heart rhythm.

Angelicae dahuricae Radix can bring on periods, and could cause miscarriage. Horny Goat Weed can cause dizziness, vomiting, dry mouth, thirst, and nosebleeds.

Alisma is a diuretic, and so will cause increased urination, and could cause dehydration. Long term use if Alisma can irritate the intestines.

BioLean is not for use by children under the age of 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have a family history of heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or other psychiatric condition, glaucoma, difficulty urinating, prostate enlargement, or seizure disorder, if you are using a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), consult a health professional before using this product. Exceeding recommended serving may cause serious adverse effects. Discontinue use and consult your health professional if dizziness, sleeplessness, severe headache, heart palpitations or other similar symptoms occur. The recommended dose of BioLean II contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Limit the use of caffeine-containing medications, food, or beverages while taking this product because too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and occasionally, rapid heartbeat. Phenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine 196mg per AM Serving.

Any BioLean Reviews From Customers?

There are numerous customer reviews of this product on Amazon, where it is sold.

I would like a FULL refund to my credit card. I purchase so much stuff on Amazon and believe in this company totally, this product was a complete joke. It was like taking a vitamin a day. It did NOTHING. I wish Amazon would take the product off of there site. I am very unhappy with it.

Absolutely no good!!! This is just a gimmick and doesn’t work at all. Surely there is something better out there.

My wife starting taking the pills as recommended and did loose the weight. On the contrary starting with anxiety, depression and cravings. Once she discontinued use of the product the diet started working and she started loosing weight and came back to normal. I do not recommend it waste of time and money. Return policy is to short.

These did not work for me. They didn’t suppress my appetite at all. They made me dizzy and gave me headaches. I would not recommend them to anyone.

What a waste of my money! I followed the instructions, had a proper diet and worked out without results. I gave it one star only because I HAD to give it at least 1 star to post this review.

Update 11/14/2013: This did not work for me. After being off of it, I continued tracking my food intake and workout 6 days a week, and I am losing weight without using this. Lost 4 pounds so far without this. I believe other people are losing weight because they have changed their eating habits and exercise more.

So Does BioLean Work?

Customer reviews reveal that customers experience a range of side effects whilst using this product. There are also many people who lost no weight using the product, and who noted no appetite suppression at all.

The ingredients list does contain some potentially effective ingredients, but also numerous ingredients that are completely unrelated to weight loss. Their inclusion in the BioLean formula will not aid weight loss, but increases the chances of side effects. There are no ingredient quantities provided, as the product contains a proprietary formula. This makes it difficult to establish how much of each active (and useful) ingredient is present, and so it is unknown how effective this product actually is.

Where Can I Buy BioLean?

BioLean is available from the Crossroads Initiative website, where a single pack costs $75.00 with free shipping.

BioLean can be purchased on Amazon. A pack of 112 tablets (28 servings) costs $70.00 with free shipping.

Each pack is described as having 112 tablets, which makes up 28 daily servings. Each daily serving consists of three green capsules and one white capsule.

What About A Guarantee

Crossroads Initiative offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, stating:

You can purchase this product with no risk. If at any time within 30 days of your purchase you are not satisfied for any reason, return the box with the unused portion for a full refund. For questions about how to get the most out of this and our other Wellness products, call us toll-free at 1-800-803-0118.

Watchdog Verdict

BioLean is an incredibly expensive product to take, with a bizarre list of ingredients. Many of the ingredients used in this diet pill have no connection to weight loss at all. Some of them are used herbally to deal with sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

With all diet pills we recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid the product, but with this product it is incredibly important that pregnant women do not use BioLean, as some of the ingredients have been known to cause miscarriages.

There are some ingredients used in BioLean that could aid weight loss, including yerba mate, caffeine, green tea and citrus aurantium. However, their dosages are unknown thanks to the use of a proprietary formula. These ingredients are very common in diet pills, and so are easily available in other products that do not include extra ingredients that have no connection to weight loss, as seen here.

There is very little information available about the manufacturers of BioLean; there are several names given for the manufacturer and it is unclear why a Catholic group focusing upon the evangelization of the masses is selling a diet aid.

There is a money back guarantee for the product, but we feel that BioLean is too expensive and not safe enough to justify its purchase at all. Overall, we do not recommend BioLean to our readers.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. SCAM!! Do not buy. By purchasing the initial trial, you are agreeing to paying full charge of the product after 14 days without returning plus expensive monthly subscription. Full product price is $79.95. They claim these terms are in the Terms and Condition you agree to during check out. There are multiple complaints about this company knowingly misguiding their customers, scamming them into expensive subscription service without knowing.

    BBB rating for Biolean is F. Multiple complaints filed with no response to resolve from the company. Here is what BBB says:

    In February 2017, BBB contacted the business regarding its advertising of free trial periods of its products. Consumers that sign up for the free trial period are enrolled in a monthly subscription for additional products. BBB requested the business substantiate that the claims meet the standards outlined in BBB’s Code of Advertising (Section 18, Negative Option Plans, Continuity Plans and Automatic Shipments). The Code maintains that “Any advertisement for a product or service that includes an offer to sell or provide consumers with additional goods or services under a negative option feature must include a clear and conspicuous disclosure of all material terms of the negative option feature.” Material terms that should be clear and conspicuous include the existence of the negative option feature, the cost of the additional goods or services, how consumers can cancel and avoid future shipments and charges, and how consumers can return items that they do not want. The Code continues that “advertisers must avoid making disclosures that are vague, unnecessarily long or which contain contradictory language.”

    Additionally, BBB asked the company to substantiate claims made on its website about the efficacy or results of using the company’s products. BBB requested the business substantiate the claims per standards outlined in BBB’s Code of Advertising (Section 34, Claimed Results). Claims as to efficacy or results which will be obtained by or realized from a particular product should be based on recent and competent scientific or other objective data. Advertisers should be prepared to substantiate such claims.

    As of this date, the business has not responded to BBB’s request for substantiation about its advertising.

    BBB files indicate that the products listed in this BBB Business Profile have a pattern of complaints concerning unauthorized and/or unexpected charges and unresolved refund disputes. Complaints filed by consumers state that they signed up for what they thought was a free trial and later discovered additional unauthorized and/or unexpected charges to their credit cards for additional amounts. BBB contacted the business in February 2017 about the pattern of complaints, but have not received a response at this time.

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