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Updated May 8, 2019.
Published Jan 6, 2017.

Biotrust LeptiBurn is an advanced stimulant-free metabolic and fat-burning hormone support. Featuring research-backed ingredients, it claims to boost Leptin levels. Leptin is one of the body’s hormones, and it plays a key role in regulating energy and expenditure, metabolism, appetite, and hunger. The hormone is made by fat tissue cells and acts on the brain to regulate your food intake, as it signals your brain to stop eating when you are full.

But, does Biotrust LeptiBurn work, and is it safe? We reveal the ingredients, side effects, and real-life customer reviews.


  • Good, clear website
  • Guarantee looks excellent


  • Fairly expensive
  • No customer feedback
  • Many of the ingredients lack definitive clinical evidence
Biotrust LeptiBurn
Leptiburn is a diet pill that the maker’s claim will help to increase Leptin levels – the hormone that helps to regulate weight gain and fat storage. Will getting control over your hormones help you lose weight? And will this supplement unlock the key to weight loss?

We find out if you should put your trust in BioTrust LeptiBurn.

Biotrust LeptiBurn Overview

What you need to know about Biotrust LeptiBurn

Most of the evidence for Irvingia Gabonensis has been derived from one small test and although results look promising, it lacks real proof. Olive leaf extract and seaweed has mainly undergone animal testing and requires further evidence that it works for humans.

We feel that this supplement needs further evidence and clinical testing. In addition, we are very concerned about the high content of Panax ginseng because this ingredient is potentially dangerous and linked to causing birth defects. Panax ginseng also affects raises levels of oestrogen, which can be a contributory cause of breast cancer.

What are the side effects of Biotrust LeptiBurn?

The company do not warn against side effects apart from the caffeine content, but one problem with this supplement is that it uses ingredients including Irvingia Gabonensis and Brown seaweed extract, which have yet to be tested for long term safety and drug interactions.

How much does Biotrust LeptiBurn cost?

One bottle of 120 capsules – described as suitable if you wish to lose up to 10lbs, costs $69.00. Three bottles of Leptiburn (360 capsules) – recommended for between 10lbs and 30lbs weight loss costs $177.00. Six bottles of Leptiburn (720 capsules) recommended for 30lbs+ to lose costs $294.

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Biotrust LeptiBurn Key Features

Leptiburn is made by Biotrust, a US company who produce a range of products that are advertised as providing “honest nutrition for your ultimate body”. Most Biotrust supplements have a hormonal slant and this one targets leptin, an important hormone that manages the metabolism.

The company behind Leptiburn is Biotrust a Texas-based business founded by two nutritionists Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion. These two guys bring a personal flavour to the advertising and the product website is informative, glossy and fairly convincing.

The company has an ethical focus and their donations to charitable missions further this good impression. In addition, all supplements are suitable for vegetarians and are derived from natural plant products. The impression is that this is a modern eco-friendly company that is trying to help solve the problem of obesity.

As well as Leptiburn, the company also market other weight loss products including Biotrust IC5 – aimed at regulating insulin levels and a protein supplement called Biotrust Low Carb.

Biotrust LeptiBurn Key Points

  • Supplement produced by Biotrust
  • Each bottle contains 120 capsules
  • Aim of supplement is to raise Leptin and improve Leptin resistance

Leptiburn is in a similar style and looks to the hormone Leptin to provide the solution to weight loss.

According to the product information, Leptiburn will help you:

  • Increase leptin production and sensitivity
  • Support accelerated fat loss
  • Diminish weight loss plateaus

Leptin is one of the body’s hormones. The word comes from the Greek word for thin and this hormone plays a key role in regulating energy and expenditure, the metabolism, appetite, and hunger.

The hormone is made by fat tissue cells and acts on the brain to regulate your food intake. It signals your brain to stop eating when you are full so is very important when you are trying to lose weight.

How to Take Biotrust LeptiBurn

To use Leptiburn, take 2 capsules with breakfast, and 2 capsules with lunch.

In non-obese people, adipose fat tissue is no more than 20% or 25% and is used as stored energy or fat. The amount of Leptin is proportionate to your fat levels and the claim that raising leptin levels will help you burn fat makes sense because the leptin signals that you have eaten enough food.

In times of food shortages, such as going on a diet, the leptin reacts by slowing the rate of the metabolism in order to conserve these fat reserves. The problem is that if you are already overweight, your body sees this as normal and when you lose weight, you experience a drop in levels of circulating leptin.

The result is that a person who has lost weight has a lower metabolic rate than an individual at the same weight that has never lost weight. This makes losing weight harder and more likely for you to get stuck at a plateau.

The aim of this supplement is to boost your leptin levels in order to trick your brain into burning calories and fat, rather than slowing your metabolism.

However, in cases of obesity, the body becomes resistant to leptin and the signalling pathways are blocked. The result is that most people who are seriously overweight do not receive the signals to stop eating even though their leptin levels are actually very high. Because leptin is made from white adipose tissue cells, the more overweight you are, the higher your leptin levels.

Biotrust LeptiBurn Concerns

  • Lack of long-term safety information about some of the ingredients
  • No independent customer feedback

According to research, some commonplace foodstuffs can cause leptin resistance – especially diets that are high in fructose, including processed foods and sodas. See our earlier investigation into fructose.

According to the Biotrust Leptiburn information, boosting your leptin levels will help regulate your appetite and speed up weight loss but it does not seem to make sense if your leptin levels are already high (which if you are obese, seems certain). Changing your diet and cutting out processed foodstuffs will help change this.

Biotrust Leptiburn contains a range of natural ingredients that have been found to play an active role in the increase of leptin, including Irvingia Gabonesis, oleanolic Acid – derived from olives, and a seaweed extract believed to promote thyroid activity.

What does Biotrust LeptiBurn claim to do?

According to the Leptiburn information,

leptin is such a dominant, critically important hormone that it literally controls every other weight loss hormone in your body… and your ability to burn fat as a whole.

Keep your body in a fat-burning state all the time… high leptin levels equal high levels of fat burning… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can you just imagine how much more fat you’d burn if your body was no longer limiting your rate of fat loss on a daily basis?

Through a synergistic blend of 6 unique ingredients, our LeptiBurn formula was scientifically designed to approach leptin from both problematic angles: production and sensitivity.

Does Biotrust LeptiBurn work?

We don’t think that Leptiburn will work as well as stated. Despite all the talk about Leptin and getting your hormones onside to help you lose weight, this is a fairly ordinary looking pill with some standard looking ingredients, most of which require further evidence and testing.

The big downside to this supplement is the principle ingredient Panax ginseng and we think it is surprising that Biotrust have not warned customers of its potential dangers in certain dosages. This side effect may have only been seen in animal testing but given that most of the evidence for this pill is based on animal experimentation, we feel that Biotrust should have mentioned it.

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Biotrust LeptiBurn Ingredients

Leptiburn is a supplement that claims to help you increase your leptin so that you can burn off fat more easily.

It contains a range of ingredients that have undergone clinical testing and indicated that they may have an effect upon leptin levels.

Serving size is in two capsules.

  • Olive leaf extract (150mg): Animal testing suggests that olive leaf extract may play a role in “significantly decreased body weight gain, visceral fat-pad weights, and plasma lipid levels in HFD (high-fat diet) fed mice.
    Olive oil is well known for its health benefits to humans and is a healthy replacement for other cooking oils. You could probably get the same effects by introducing more olive oil into your daily diet. Source
  • Brown seaweed extract (Modifilan) (200mg): This trademarked supplement contains organic brown seaweed extract. The active ingredient is fucoxanthin and when tested on animals it appeared to increase fat metabolism. However, this ingredient has yet to be fully tested on humans for efficacy and safety. One issue with Modifilian is that although it is advertised as being harvested in the Arctic, environmental concerns stopped this in 2011. It is not clear exactly where this extract originates. Source
  • Irvingia Gabonensis IGOB131 (200mg): IGOB131 is a seed extract taken from African mango plant Irvingia Gabonensis. This substance described as a novel seed extract test carried out by the University of Cameroon found that it helps create metabolic pathways i.e. may improve leptin resistance and help weight loss.
    Significant improvements in body weight, body fat, and waist circumference, as well as plasma total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood glucose, C-reactive protein, adiponectin and leptin levels, were observed in the IGOB131 group compared with the placebo group. However, this is only one test carried out on 102 volunteers and it does require further testing. Source
  • Panax ginseng extract (400mg): This substance has no connection with other forms of ginseng and is derived from a plant root. Used in Chinese medicine for stopping bleeding, Panax ginseng is believed to relax blood vessels and reduce cholesterol. Source
  • Green tea extract (350mg): Green tea contains antioxidants, an ECGC – a potent polyphenol. It may have numerous medical benefits. Reports have shown that green tea extract intake is associated with increased weight loss due to stimulating thermogenesis. Contains caffeine. Source
  • Yerba Mate (83mg): Natural herbal extract taken from a South American plant. It is effective for weight loss and contains high levels of flavonoids and antioxidants. Contains caffeine. Take a look at our Yerba Mate ingredient article for more information. Source

Biotrust LeptiBurn Side Effects

The company do not warn against side effects apart from the caffeine content but one problem with this supplement is that it uses ingredients including Irvingia Gabonensis and Brown seaweed extract which have yet to be tested for long term safety and drug interactions.

Caution: Do not take if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding as it could possibly be unsafe.

Biotrust LeptiBurn Customer Feedback

Didn’t work at all. Very disappointed, This product caused drowsiness, muscle pain and nausea

Received the order 5 days ago and began taking immediately. Have not lost any weight but gain 1.8 lbs. on a 1400 calorie diet which is tracked with lose it. Cannot give it a rating yet because its not a week yet. Did make me feel very flushed and I did read that this may not be safe to take so I’m thinking about discontinuing this leptiburn.

I took these for a full month (the whole bottle) just as the directions said. Along with diet and LOTS of exercise, NO CHANGES at all whatsoever. Don’t waste your money. I didn’t expect a magic pill, but I was hoping for SOMETHING..

However, it seems that it has worked for others.

I can tell the difference between taking it and not taking it in the rapidity of fat loss without other changes my diet or exercise program. I’m also taking BellyTrim XP, so there may be a synergistic effect. The product was shipped promptly, and I’m very pleased with the service.

After reading about Leptin and how important it is, I wanted to find a product to help me, and help repair my years of neglecting my fitness and this did the trick. I’ve noticed my pants are a bit looser, and I’ve not really added a ton of fitness into the mix.

Biotrust LeptiBurn Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, and it looks very good. Just contact Biotrust if you are dissatisfied and they will refund even empty bottles for up to one year after purchase.

Where To Buy Biotrust LeptiBurn

You can buy Leptiburn via the Biotrust website.

One bottle of 120 capsules – described as suitable if you wish to lose up to 10lbs, costs $69.00. Three bottles of Leptiburn (360 capsules) – recommended for between 10lbs and 30lbs weight loss costs $177.00. Six bottles of Leptiburn (720 capsules) recommended for 30lbs + to lose costs $294.

All purchases come with a free download ebook containing smoothie recipes.

Shipping costs an additional $9.95 to US addresses. Shipping to the UK and Europe costs $26.71.

Watchdog Verdict

We quite liked the look of Leptiburn, that is until we looked into the ingredients list and found out about the potential side effects of Panax Ginseng. We can’t see why they have even included this ingredient and can see no reason to take it. We are surprised that the makers have not provided a health warning about the need to avoid this supplement should you become pregnant.

There is evidence that raising leptin levels and reducing leptin resistance may make weight loss easier, but despite this it still comes down to adopting a healthier diet if you wish to lose weight. According to research, avoiding foods containing fructose will help improve leptin resistance.

Finally, many of the ingredients lack long term proof of safety and the results of many are based only on animal experiments. We feel that for a so-called ethical company Biotrust simply do not live up to their claims.

Overall, we reject Biotrust LeptiBurn.

Biotrust LeptiBurn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Biotrust Leptiburn?

Biotrust Leptiburn is a diet pill claiming to regulate weight gain and fat storage by increasing the levels of leptin present in the body.

What are the side effects of Biotrust Leptiburn?

The ingredients present in Biotrust Leptiburn can cause headache, jitteriness, flatulence, dizziness, elevated heart rate, mood swing, rash, diarrhoea, vaginal bleeding, restlessness, and arrhythmia.

What are the ingredients in Biotrust Leptiburn?

Biotrust Leptiburn contains extracts of olive leaf, brown seaweed, irviniga gabonensis, panax ginseng, green tea and yerba mate.

Does Biotrust Leptiburn work?

We doubt that Biotrust Leptiburn will work as well as described. Despite all the talk about leptin and its benefits, there is no evidence that the ingredients contained in Biotrust Leptiburn can help elevate the level of leptin present in the body. All those ingredients are fairly common and many of them have never been clinically tested.

How much does Biotrust Leptiburn cost?

A bottle of 120 capsules costs $69.00. You can also buy packages of three of six bottles for $177.00 and $294.00 respectively.

Who makes Biotrust Leptiburn?

Biotrust is a company based in Austin, Texas. It was founded by two nutritionists.

How do I take Biotrust Leptiburn?

Take two capsules with breakfast and two more with lunch.

Can I take Biotrust Leptiburn if I have a health condition?

Biotrust is unsafe for pregnant or breast-feeding women. If you suffer from any medical condition or take prescription medications, it is recommended to consult a doctor prior to taking.

Does Biotrust Leptiburn have a money-back guarantee?

There is a one-year money-back guarantee.

How long has Biotrust Leptiburn been around?

There is no information on the subject on the Biotrust website.

Where can I buy Biotrust Leptiburn?

Biotrust Leptiburn is available to buy from the official website.

Can I buy Biotrust Leptiburn in stores?

No, Biotrust Leptiburn is only available only from the official website.

How do I contact Biotrust Leptiburn customer service?

You can contact Biotrust with the phone number available on their website. Alternatively, you can send an email with the contact form also available on their support page.

Are there any Biotrust Leptiburn coupons?

No, there are no coupons for Leptiburn at the moment.

Are there any free samples of Biotrust Leptiburn?

Unfortunately, Biotrust does not offer free samples of Leptiburn.

How does Biotrust LeptiBurn compare to Phentaslim?

Criteria Biotrust LeptiBurn Comparison Phentaslim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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39 comments on 'Biotrust LeptiBurn'

  1. Have had issues with my Thyroid, but was unable to take the Thyroid med due to side effects like chest spasm and numbness in the left arm, but a stress test was done and it showed no signs of ischemia or dead heart cells. Still that was scary for me so I knew I had to do something to get the weight to a more normal range. I have always had trouble doing this after my first child. So after not being able to take the med, I decided to do some research and it boiled down to 3 possibilities. Insulin Resistance, Thyroid Resistance or Leptin Resistance. I had no problems with my sugar, and the thyroid was actually border line so I thought well perhaps it was the Leptin. I was motivated for sure because I got scared after the muscle spasm, it could have been the cardiac sphincter muscle and the numbness in the arm after the Chiropractor showed me some exercises to do, my arm was not bad, just weak, would get numb holding something to long inappropriately. So my diet was good, I needed to increase exercising and I have some awesome tapes to do so, you might even want to check them out, Back to Life. There not high intensity, but they are more enjoyable like yoga and relaxing. I have enough stress in my life, I don’t need to be bouncing around shaking, spinning etc… So I chose this trainer. Even her voice is calming. So I know it will be a hit for me and enjoyable to do, to just get moving. It will also help align my spine to be more flexible instead of having to visit the Chiropractor to remove “interference” I have been using Bio-trust low carb protein shakes for a year or two and I have no intention of stopping them. I love their shakes. I seriously do. I use them every morning and they help tremendously with appetite control. until my first meal. They are the best tastiest shakes around. At the time I started, I just wanted to increase my protein intake. I’m a lifer on the shakes. Yes, they are expensive, so I buy them specifically from Biotrust for a Fresh Product, for consistency of product not tampered with and it is actually cheaper because they ship to you and the price is less than say if you bought it from someone on Ebay and then paid shipping, not to mention that could be an out of date product. So I go right through Biotrust. I love their site, you can schedule your shipments and they have tons of recipes and if you want to know more about their products they have the videos and if you want to try it, chances are good you will get discounted product at least once. Then it would be the regular price unless you wanted to buy in quantity and I don’t have that kind of cash. I pay $39.99 for the shake each month. Hang on and i will tell you another way to get it cheaper. So now about the leptiburn. This was after the Thyroid Med issues. I had trust in Marrion and Joel, I developed this over the few years and through their newsletters. I also got the Back to life with Emily as the trainer after hearing her video. I decided to try leptiburn and if it doesn’t work get rid of it. So I got one reduced bottle and it has been not even a week. The one important thing you need to know and do is don’t take on an empty stomach. What I mean is while your meals are cooking. You take them with your meal. I don’t eat a lot and I’m trying to use portion control, so there isn’t a lot of food in my stomach anyway. So I make sure I take the leptiburn with the meal. Just one, might be a better idea because of the size of my meals and they are with the largest meal, that has meat and more like Atkins. My Breakfast meal is the shake and fruit, maybe an English muffin or something like that and the supper with 2 leptiburn, which I will cut to 1 unless it is a much Heavier Carb meal. I’m more or less training myself mode, but that is what I’m aiming for and to not eat after 6pm. I don’t deprive myself of the occasional treat. This has to be a way of life, not a hate diet or diet to get through it. So I will allow myself to reward myself. If I buy something and I’m out of control, I don’t get it the next time in the store. I will discipline myself need be. If leptiburn is going to work, it will work on me. I’m motivated. I need to care about myself, no one else will do it for me and those muscle spasms scared me. So I have noticed my pants fitting a little looser. I’m happy with that alone. It gives me hope, I do have a little more energy, but probably because I have hope. I feel like more like doing things, Just nothing 6 hours before bed. Have to stick to that, I do have trouble getting to bed early. I think it will work, I seriously don’t think it is my imagination that my pants are fitting differently. I’m not going to weigh myself constantly. Maybe once a week or even once a month. Muscle weighs more than fat, so weighing is not a big thing with me. It is the way I feel in my clothes and the energy I get doing what I’m doing is what I will go by. So far so good. Oh, and the tip that you have been waiting for. The shakes I do get on Bio-trust, but I get one container a month. When they have the promotion or sale for 1 at $9.00 and it use to be free only the shipping, so that has increased. Then you get more. You keep your subscription, but get more when it is on sale or a promo. Same with Leptiburn. Another tid bit that is important. The container only contains 14 days of the product, so you know you will need to stock up when their are sales and promos. You can also find reduced prices if your not so worried about expiration dates being close to the time they expire. I use the shakes every day, so I need two containers, but I will order one and buy the other on sale or promotional. This way I can take advantage of those sales and promos. You kick yourself if you are buying two and later there is a sale. So I gave you the heads up. I will bookmark this site to report on my progress, so stay tuned.

  2. What happens when you achieve your goal weight and stop taking the pill/pills. A friend of mine did this and messed up her metabolism so much she became very fat.

  3. I have been taking medication to treat my high blood pressure and I have had surgery and got five bypasses inserted in my arteries…much as I would like to start the pills …I need to know if they are safe to take.

  4. I just started taking. Lepta burn, I m a few days in, I’m just skeptical cause I had a bout with breast cancer 6 years ago and am on aromissin which is a estrogen blocker , is this product safe for me to take?

  5. The info in this video is occasionally sound (feast-fast, eating one ingredient foods), right up to the sales pitch. Since they don’t tell you what ALL is in it, I would not trust them a bit. I have read a reputable article by a health/sports journalist who tried (tested) alternate day fasting to trick the body from reducing metabolism and that indeed seems to work. I would not do the carb build up–never heard of it and it sounds like something that might have to do with use of their supplement. Eating one ingredient foods is just good sense and the foundation of all effective weight loss programs that support life style change. Whole30 is a good one. 3010 weightless is not–based on substantially powdered foods made of milk protein (casein or whey) which in such qualities can make you sick–and they will not tell you that is what is causing the symptoms you are having (flushing,heart irregularities). The bottom line: eating clean, fresh, one ingredient foods will take the weight off. Whole 30 offers a very sustainable OK foods list including clarified butter. When you get the junk food out of your life, you will lose weight–that’s why ALL diet supplement programs say they only work when you eat the right foods—those are what works! There is no magic bullet. Throw out all the pills and vitamins (maybe keep E, D, and B and 5-HTP until you have kicked the junk food out of your life)–didn’t we just learn that calcium supp–pushed on women for years– actually has ADVERSE health effects? (I quit that train years ago). EAT REAL FOOD. it has everything you need! (And read “In Defense of Food” to understand why everything else makes you fat or unhealthy) Good luck! You can do this.

  6. My name is Jac Boyles. I am 62 years old. I am in good shape, weigh normally 176 pd. I work out with weights three times a week. I also average about 2 to 4 hrs of cardio weekly. Most recent scientific studies now days suggest that more than 20 minutes of cardio at one time for most individuals over 40 has the opposite effect of increasing fat instead of burning fat because it raises ones cortisol levels. I normally wear 34 waist pants which is not bad for my size and frame. Every one I know conciders me in great shape. I eat healthy, organic and very little prosessed food. I still like dessert occasionally and have an obsession at times with chocolate. My waist can easily get mushy if I over indulge. I had gotten to a bad place by over indulging in sweets about 6 months ago, and gained 7 pounds. I started Biotrust leptiburn and with in 2 1/2 months was down to a 32 inch waist. It erased my cravings for sweets, increased my energy and I am now in better shape than ever. Im now only taking 1 pill with breakfast and lunch instead of 2 like they suggest. I only take it Monday through Friday now, leaving off week ends. I feel this is best for me and like to give my body a break to decrease my bodys possible resistance to leptiburns continuing success. I think this is a great product. It has worked well for me. We’re all individuals and it may not work as well for everyone.

  7. I’ve been taking Leptiburn (described as Item 1193 Rev 4 just above the reorder info on the blue banner on the bottle label) for only a few days. It’s far too early to be talking about weight loss but I have noticed some acid indigestion (burning sensation in the stomach and throat), something that I had not been experiencing prior to taking Leptiburn. I have also noticed being slightly wired from the caffeine and my vision being slightly blurry at times (but I do days and nights every week and am due a sight test).
    I will see how I get on tomorrow and if necessary half the dose.

  8. Have been on leptiburn for 3 weeks. My muscles ache, kidneys ache, my eye sight if foggy/ blurry , a bit wired and have lost no weight… Disappointed

  9. Curiosity got the better of me (because I consider myself 20# overweight, which I am motivated to shed) and I watched the slick video said to be narrated by the principals of BioTrust Nutrition. My “take” on this company’s LeptiBurn offerings from the product overview and few experiences written above is that those to succumb to clever ads pretty much get what they deserve. The lone fact BioTrust Nutrition does not offer customer testimonials, verifiable or not, is evidence enough NOT to trust in a potentially dodgy, iffy and non-FDA-tested product. I have no financial interest in BioTrust Nutrition or any other company in the weight-loss and/or nutrition field. I consider myself a reasonably cautious potential candidate for using weight-loss aids.

  10. Hi. Will be very interesting. Just ordered their “free trial” at $20 usd shipping for international ordered. Figured it would convert to roughly $30 nz as I’m in new zealand. Just about had a heart attack when my charge come out was $130 nz. What the Flip. Too late now now but I wished wished I hadn’t peter ordered. Will be interesting to see if I get my goods. Might change my credit card tho!!! Will keep yous informed.

  11. used about 5 months to present. Dieting since June 11 to present,….lost 116 pounds in 10 months…have not plateaued 1x


  13. I have tried Leptiburn in the past and have tried it again recently. It does definitely cut down my hunger pangs. But if taken on an empty stomach it could up your gastric acid slightly as well – depends on individuals.

  14. I have been taking this for about a month and haven’t really noticed any additional fat loss. BUT PLEASE READ THIS: I had a medical procedure done that put me under. My blood pressure went wacko and I had an irregular heart beat. My outpatient procedure ended up with a night in the ER then under the cardiac center’s care until my heart beats went back to normal. It was determined that the Leptiburn was the culprit. Note: I was told any fat burners would have caused this – but do you really want to take something that could kill you if you had an accident and ended up in the hospital?

  15. I read the information about the product and some of your comments are unfair. It speciffically states that Leptiburn can take 60-90 days before it starts working well. I have taken it for 2 1/2 months and I’m seeing some seriously undeserved weight loss. I have minimally changed my eating habits, cutting mostly carbs, but not excluding them. It also instructs not to take it 6 hours before bed time. Not sure if this is an issue or not, but I have had no sense of over stimulation from this product. I just ordered another bottle to keep the progress going one bottle at a time.
    Also, I accidentally ordered an abundance of one of their products and, my fault, called them. They took $160.00 off of my bill and instructed me to keep the bottles to try. I was not charged for 6 bottles that I was able to keep and use. The money issues you have had may have been a problem, but not everyone has had issues in this regard.
    Hope this helps someone who may want to try a product that seems to have started me on my way back to a normal weight.
    I have no financial interest in this or any Biotrust Products.

  16. Just finished watching the LeptiBurn video presentation and got real excited about it. I decided to do some more research and background checking and came to his website. I can’t believe al the bad hype about the product. Thanks to everybody for sharing your experiences about this product. I will definitely stay away from this one.

    1. After watching loooonnnggg video was going to get it for my wife should have googled reviews first to save time .thanks for the feed back .

  17. Thanks for the feedback on letiburn! I almost bought it but have decided not to as I have severe anxiety and it may interfere with my medications!

  18. Thank you to everyone who took the time to post their experiences about leptiburn. I was close to buying an order but after reading what has happened to everyone who posted something about the product, I have changed my mind.

  19. I bought this product a while back and just started taking it five days ago. I had already cut out most sugar from my diet since January, meaning that I stopped eating candy. I still ate bakery goods and did crave them quite a bit. Now I’m rarely hungry and I have no desire to visit the bakery. My clothes are not as tight as they were and my stomach is flatter. LeptiBurn isn’t the only thing I’m doing though. I’ve been drinking Biotta juices for the past five days as well, so that probably helps too. I do have to remind myself to eat. I have two scrambled eggs in the morning, cashews and a strip of bacon. At lunch I have either a protein meal replacement (that I just started yesterday) with very little sugar (or -ose products) in it. I’m starting that because I plan to go to the gym after this weekend. After that, it’s only Biotta juices and nuts (to slow down any sweetness in those juices, which isn’t a lot since most of them are veggie juices. Case in point: potato juice! Who ever thought of that? It tastes very badly). I’m not following this religiously, as I’ll crash if I do, but this is basically what I’m doing.

    As for LeptiBurn, I can definitely feel the caffeine. I don’t drink coffee or consume other things that contain caffeine, so imagine the squirrel from Over the Hedge. It’s okay early in the day, but I’ve been getting headaches in the afternoon. I’m hoping this is something that my body will get used to and balance out. I’d never heard about Panax Ginseng, and I am concerned now that I’ve read about it, but I’m going to finish all those tablets I bought as long as I don’t get any serious side effects. Another difference I’ve felt is that I’m having more trouble focusing my eyesight. I don’t know if this is because of LeptiBurn or because of other things I’ve been changing in my diet. My sight is a bit foggy and I have to blink a few times for it to focus. I’ll see if this will improve over the next few days.

    So, what happens after I’ve lost some weight? I am and have always been very health conscious, but after I had my kids I’ve had trouble with my weight. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and the meds aren’t helping with weight control. So far, my biggest and toughest enemy has been candy. My plan is to eat sensibly after I’ve come down to the weight I want and stay away from the sugar. I know most people think this way when they’re on a diet, but I actually think I can do it this time since I’ve been off candy for five months. Also, after watching “Fed Up” on Netflix, I’m way more careful about all the sugar in the processed food. I hadn’t realized just how serious sugar (or worse: high fructose syrup) was.

  20. I just started LiptiBurn today, May-13-15. I weigh 172 pounds. Hope this product works, I’ll let you all know in the near future. You all have a great one.

  21. Hi. I have been taking this product for 10 days now, along side a sensible and healthy eating plan. I haven’t seen any significant weight change but what I have noticed is my inability to sleep at nights, so I am feeling tired in the mornings and it’s hard to ‘get going’ and I also have really bad itchy skin. I took 2 days off in the middle and the itching stopped. Having read further about the product, I am concerned about what I have read about panax ginseng and that alone has brought me to the decision to stop taking the product. I liked what I read on their website, and all the marketing information was very convincing but in hindsight, I feel I should have researched the product more thoroughly prior to purchase. This product may be effective in weight loss but I would like to see significant efficacy and safety trials in humans first.
    Sorry Biotrust. I won’t be making further purchases of your products at this stage.

  22. I ordered a 6pack of leptiburn yesterday at a cost of $294 (That is$374 Au) I received a call from my credit card provider about 4hrs later, as 2transactions were on my card. I immediately emailed
    Biotrust about the extra charge. This is 4hrs after the initial transaction. Biotrust responded to my email and said it had already been shipped. (Service too good to be true). I again emailed them and said I did not believe it had been shipped, as it stated on my invoice which I received for the initial order, that they would email me once it left the factory. (No such email received). I then emailed them back and pointed out that I had not received this email, and told Biotrust to cancel my whole order. Guess what! 11mins after I sent my email 2emails arrive to say the two shipmen ts were shipped. They offered me all sorts of deals which I refused, as I want the money back on my card. Funny I never received an email to say I had made another order. I only received one for the initial order. I sent another email and pointed out they only sent these emails 11mins after they received my email, and have not received a response as yet. Tried phoning on 2 different nos (Got one off there website) but you guessed no answer. My credit card provider is very aware of my problem, so I guess I will have to wait and see if the orders arrive. Since they guarantee for 12months, it is my intention to immediately send the package back
    More expense for me) but I will be surprised if I get my money back.
    I am assured by my credit card provider that I won’t lose my money,
    but I will have to send them back by registered post, and hope they accept them. PLEASE DON”T BE A SUCKER AND DEAL WITH BIOTRUST.

    1. The EXACT thing happened to me also. I was furious but mine totaled over $1000 US which came in at over $1600 AU. I have the products and although I was willing to try them I am sending the whole package back as I feel I dealt with unethical business practices. Why not show a clear invoice before the payment is authorized, thereby avoiding any unforeseen add on’s ?
      I will be out of pocket as I hate to think how much this package will cost me to send back !

    2. They have refunded half the amount and claim they will refund the rest once they take delivery of the goods. Still does not help with the cost of delivery.

  23. I have been on leptiburn for 2 weeks, it has made me wired and jittery and I have not lost any weight at all if anything my appetite has increased, I exercise regularly but it is not helping with the jitters, my eyes look like they are going to pop out of my head and I have become quite aggrevated in my demeanour within the last 3 days, very disappointed, I have followed a good diet but I have plateaued since being on leptiburn

  24. Have been taking CLA from biotrust for 3 months now. Don’t see a loss on scale but clothes fit better. Had a bald spot appear this summer but has since disappeared I’m thinking due to CLA. Started Leptiburn yesterday 2 pills at breakfast and two at lunch. Wide awake at night. It is 5 in the morning and I’ve been awake for a couple of hours. I do my workout about 45 minutes worth after supper. Will continue for another couple of days. If I can’t get rid of the insomnia I will half my dosage per meal to see what that does

  25. I have been taking Lepti Burn now for a couple of years for maintenance with no side effects ever. I originally lost 30lbs in 3 months. Stepping on my scale every morning and seeing the weight fall off was a great motivator. Starting out at 237lbs I never thought I would get back below 200; when I saw 199 I was so happy. I am now holding around 194-196 seemingly depending on how much beer I drink, yes I can drink beer and maintain my weight. Never did the diet but I eat sensibly, reading the labels and cutting out things like sugar and fructose, yuk. Eating good stuff and fat burning things like nuts, avocados, dark chocolate, bacon & eggs, real butter, and whole milk. Thanks Lepti Burn!

  26. I have been on Leptiburn for about 2 months, and have no side effects at all. Have lost about 4.5 kgs ( don’t know what that is in pounds) haven’t changed my diet dramatically, but drink more water, cut out butter and toast for breaky as a small amount of muesli satisfies me … It never did before! If nothing else, taking my Leptiburn with a glass of water when I wake up, and again in the arvo certainly makes me more aware of what I’m eating. I don’t deny myself the odd biscuit or treat .. Just don’t seem to need them as often… So my twice daily intake is keeping me motivated, with only a few dietary changes, and I’m happy to keep taking it for a few more months! Not unhappy with the price either, as the motivation it’s given me is worth every cent. I feel that I have more energy, and just feel good about myself.

  27. Hey, I just started taking leptiburn today not knowing any side effects. The caffeine has me wired. My teeth are grinding, legs are bouncing, hands won’t still. I won’t be going to bed anytime soon. Don’t no if this is to be expected but it is insane.

    1. I actually have the same problem with you, after doing a very light workout, it seems settled. I will try 1 pill a day see if it works better.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      If you attribute this loss in hair to the supplement, then we would recommend that you discontinue using the product. Please contact our Customer Service Team at your earliest convenience, and one of our Customer Care Specialists will gladly assist you in returning/exchanging the product:

      (800) 766 – 5086 (M – F 8a – 9p CST; Sat – Sun 10a – 9p CST)

      As you may know, there are many factors that can lead to hair loss, one of the most prominent being stress. I’m not sure if you’ve changed your nutrition at all recently, but one example of additional stress that some folks don’t consider is a reduced-calorie diet.

      Dieting is a form of physical stress, and it is not entirely uncommon for one to undergo increased hair loss after/while achieving significant weight loss. Along these lines, another area of concern could be vitamin and mineral status.

      Again, following a reduced-calorie diet typically means eating less food. Eating less food generally means consuming fewer important nutrients, like B vitamins and iron, which are both important role players in healthy hair. I’m not saying that this specifically is the issue; however, I can’t say for certain without a full dietary analysis.

      Furthermore, changes in female hormones (i.e., menopause) can also lead to hair loss, as can emotional stress. As you’ll see in the following article from the National Institutes of Health, physical and emotional stress can lead up to 50 – 75% of scalp hair to shed:

      Stress management is an oft-overlooked component of the health equation, as stress hormones can wreak havoc on all aspects of the body and organ systems. Yoga, meditation, breathing, exercise, managing finances, and healthy relationships can all contribute to healthy stress levels.

      With all that in mind, you might find the following resources helpful:


      Tim Skwiat
      Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach
      BioTrust Nutrition

  28. I have been on biotrust products for a month now and have lost 25 lbs. They do have a recommended diet on their website along with the products they offer. I have not had any side effects in the short term I have taken the products. Been taking IC5, leptiburn, and prox10.