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    The Body by Vi Challenge is a 90-day weight loss program that, according to the advertising, provides you with a way to lose serious amounts of weight in three months. The plan is based on a meal replacement shake that bizarrely is described as tasting just like a cake mix. Body By Vi comes from US MLM company Visalus and is also available in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

    We focus our attention on Body by Vi UK to find out more.

    Body By Vi

    Losing weight can be hard work. We all know that. You not only have to stick to your diet but you need to measure portion sizes, count calories and ensure that you are cooking the right sort of meals without cheating. As a result many people like the structure and convenience of meal replacement shakes and an eating plan that takes the guesswork out of weight loss. If you can keep to a plan like this, it seems an easy and sure fire way to lose weight.


    Body By Vi have taken this idea and gone even further. The company run an ongoing 90-day weight loss and fitness challenge which, if you stick to it, should see you a whole lot slimmer and healthier after 3 months. In addition, you could win prizes, including cash, if you sign up to the program.

    Key to the program is the Vi Shape meal replacement shake that you drink once or twice a day, depending upon your plan. According to the advertising “it’s the Shake Mix that Tastes like a Cake Mix”, however, you can add “Mix Ins” to the Shake and change the flavour to chocolate or strawberry.

    The Shake contains a proprietary blend of ingredients called Tri – Sorb composed of protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins. Because it is a proprietary blend we cannot provide a full ingredients breakdown but according to the product information it provides all the nutrition you need to sustain you on your weight loss journey.

    The Body by Vi Weight Loss Kits

    To follow the 90-day challenge you need to buy a kit of products and there is a choice although all look very similar. All kits come in a month’s supply and the Shake is key to all plans. It is important to remember that if you plan on doing the 90 Day Transformation, you will have to buy three kits and sign up to auto billing.

    The most inexpensive plan is the Balance Kit. This costs £39.00 and comprises of 30 Shakes – so 30 days of taking 1 meal replacement a day, plus 5 servings of “Mix Ins” – a powder you add to the Shake to change the flavour. This kit works out at £117 over three months.

    The most expensive plan is the Transformation Kit which costs £199.00. This adds up to a whopping £597 if you take it over three months as recommended. This intensive plan requires you to use the shakes twice a day in place of two of your daily meals. In addition it contains snacks and some supplements. The contents are as follows:

    • 60 servings of Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix
    • 10 Vi-Shape® Mix-Ins in Chocolate and Strawberry flavours to add variety to your shake
    • 28 servings of the Nutra-Cookie® Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin flavours
    • 30 sachets of Vi-Trim®
    • 30 Metab-Awake® tablets
    • 60 Vi Omega Essentials™ capsules

    In addition, there is the Shape Kit which costs £79.00 (£237.00 over 3 months) and comprises of 60 Shakes and 10 Mix Ins.

    There is the Fuel Kit that contains Vi Crunch a breakfast cereal and 30 servings of Vi Shape for £99.00 (£297 for three months supply).

    There is the Boost Kit which contains 60 Shakes plus the Mix-Ins and 28 Nutracookies. This costs £119.00 (£357.00)
    We covered the Vi Shape Shake in a previous review:

    Good Value?

    It depends on how you look at it. If you consider that the Shake replaces two meals a day on most plans, it does not seem bad value because it will save you this money on food you would have otherwise bought. However if you consider the Shake as a drink that tastes of Cake Mix that you take with some biscuits such as with the Boost Kit, suddenly it seems a lot more pricy.

    Auto Shipping

    It is important to note that if you sign up for the 90-day Challenge you will be entered into an auto billing arrangement for the duration of the three months. In addition you will have to cancel it after the period otherwise you will continue to be billed and sent products each month. These types of agreement can be hard to cancel so it is important to make sure you know how to do this before you commit.

    There is a promised cash prize that could potentially see you thinner and with extra money to spare.

    How to win the challenge?

    Obviously if you lose a lot of weight on this program, then you are a winner whether you actually get a prize or not. However an unusual feature of the 90-day challenge is the competitive angle.

    All you have to do is to lose 10lbs of weight (or add 10lbs of muscle). You video yourself at the beginning of your weight loss journey and upload it to Challenge. There you can track your progress, create your timeline and share your results with the rest of the community.

    To take part in the Challenge you have to buy a Vi Challenge kit to help you. According to the information, if you sign up to the challenge and lose 10lbs by using the Shake you could be in with a chance of winning £600, £3000 or even a holiday in California.

    This may not be as easy as it appears. The product information is not very clear about how you actually win.

    Joining Visalus – an MLM?

    Body by Vi (Visalus) is a network marketing company. This business model, also known as multi level marketing, is extremely common in the weight loss industry and relies on a network of distributors to sell products and sign up new members to the company.

    When you find a Body by Vi website, it is not a central website. Instead it is operated by a distributor trying to sell products and as a result all the Body Vi websites differ slightly. If you want to become a distributor yourself, the distributor will get compensation from your joining fee.

    Anyone can get involved. The scheme is touted as a Home Business Opportunity and costs between £39 and £779 to join.
    The basic plan provides advertising material and training. The intermediate plan which costs £349 includes some taster packs of products and access to online mentoring.

    The most expensive package costs £779 and includes more of the same, plus a 25% off token.

    According the complicated incentive program, if your home business is successful you could qualify for a BMW car. This sounds great but be warned; it is not as easy as it sounds. Visalus has been singled out by industry watchers as treading a fine line between an MLM business and a pyramid scheme. Pyramid selling is illegal but the distinction often becomes blurred.

    According to CNBC Commentator Herb Greenberg, Visalus walks “a controversial line between legal direct selling and pyramid scheme.”

    Visalus was investigated by the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation which published a detailed report that the in following the company’s business model there is a high probability that investors will lose their money in the scheme.

    How to buy Body by Vi

    If you Google Body by Vi you will find pages and pages of websites selling the programs. These are official websites all operated by Visalus distributors. They are all slightly different but the message and the price structure is identical. You can also find hundreds of people selling Body by Vi via Facebook and other social media sites. There is obviously a lot of competition out there between the people trying to sell this weight loss program.

    Body by Vi distributors also host parties and Challenge events where you can meet with like minded people also doing the weight loss challenge.

    An easier way to buy the products is via Amazon but if you do that you are not involved with the Challenge which seems to be a major part of the product.

    Events for Distributors

    In addition, Visalus host major events where they meet with the distributors and pay out bonuses in the form of huge cheques. All this is great publicity but there have been concerns about some of these.

    In 2014 Visalus was sued for racketeering and among other accusations the claims were that the much photographed giant cheques are only there for show and never paid.

    In an industry article it was stated that,

    the company does not explain that the distributors waving the giant check were brought on board through special deals. Nor does it explain, except in very small print, that it will pay the check in 10 years and only if the recipient continues to be “active” with the company, and if, and only if, it chooses to do so.


    So What About the 90 Day Challenge Kits? Do they Work?

    Although there are different kits the basic product is the same. The Shake is a sweet protein shake described as tasting of Cake Mix and in our opinion drinking this twice a day is going to be hard going. This is not a healthy way of losing weight even if it does contain fibre and vitamins. All the kits revolve around this one key product, and although the more expensive kits come with added snacks there is nothing here that is going to help you find a healthy diet and lifestyle that you can live with.

    In our opinion, Body by Vi is a rip off and is nothing more than a fad diet dressed up with some fancy advertising and false claims. It is overpriced and although it may help you lose weight (as well as probably put you off cake mix for life) it is not a healthy way of living for 3 months.

    No wonder Body by Vi veers into pyramid selling territory. The financial rewards on offer look tempting but the same cannot be said of the 90-day challenge. Nobody is going to want to eat liquid cake mix twice a day for three months. If you have that type of willpower you can certainly stick to a healthy restricted diet and lose weight by your own efforts and for much less cost.

    In our opinion, you are not going to get rich or win a car if you sign up as a Body by Vi distributor. You will just be suckered into to trying to sucker others into signing up as fellow distributors in an already over saturated market.

    We are not impressed by Body by Vi. Save your money and avoid Body by Vi, the company and the products.

    Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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