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BodyBossFitness and Diet programs are increasingly being advertised on Facebook and Instagram, not just through paid adverts, but also through having active (and interactive) official pages, featuring videos demonstrating the exercises, and images of other real women who have found success with these programs.

BodyBoss, also known as The BodyBoss Method, is one of many popular programs that are on offer. The BodyBoss Method has over 514,000 followers on Instagram, 435,000+ Facebook followers, and a private motivational support group on Facebook that is a 40,000+ strong community. The product is designed for “real women, for real results”, and has been designed to be completely doable without gym equipment or a gym membership.

In fact, the exercise routines can be done at home, at work, or in the park; we even found reviewers who continued with this exercise program whilst travelling, exercising in hotel rooms and the living rooms of friends. The nutritional plan has been written with the beginner chef in mind, but contains enough variety to keep things interesting with over 150 different recipes.

What Does BodyBoss Claim To Do?

“24 mins a day, 3 times a week is all it takes” and “12 weeks for the Ultimate Body” are the slogans often repeated on the BodyBoss website and social media pages to promote their Fitness program.

The exercises used in the program are a mixture of bodyweight resistance exercises, plyometrics (a fancy term for jumping exercises), cardio, and unilateral exercises (exercises that work one side of the body, and are then repeated on the other side), combined into a training circuit. The program uses High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to maximise the benefits whilst minimising the time invested into exercising. HIIT has been proven in clinical trials to boost your metabolism for hours after the workout itself, meaning that your body is working harder to burn fat throughout the day. HIIT also tends to burn more calories than other workouts, and by pushing you to the edge repeatedly for a short amount of time, it increases your strength and endurance quickly.

The diet part of the BodyBoss Method is advertised as “a step-by-step structured eating plan that helps you nourish your body, crush cravings and achieve real results”. The plan replaces processed and refined foods that are nutritionally empty with Superfoods which are high in vitamins and minerals. The guide features over 150 recipes, and guides you through each step of the recipe. It also includes shopping lists and meal plans; with the majority of the planning done for you, all you have to do is follow the instructions to cook it and eat it. Some of the recipes are for food items that are typically bought pre-made such as salad dressing; these recipes show you how to make your own healthier versions of your favourite foods, without added sugar. The recipes are generally focused around using Superfoods, which are described by BodyBoss as nutritionally dense foods packed with vitamins and minerals.

Who Wrote BodyBoss?

It is not actually clear who wrote or formulated the actual programs from the official website. However, the company and their programs are endorsed by a long list of Fitness and Nutrition Coaches and Personal Trainers. BodyBoss can be contacted with any questions about their products and their content.

There is a lengthy FAQ section on their official website. They also encourage you to take before and after pictures, and to share them with BodyBoss on their social media pages.

Does The Advice In BodyBoss Work?

BodyBoss GuideThe fitness element of the product has been reviewed by lots of customers on Amazon, and the majority of them are incredibly positive. Whilst a few people have complained that the program was too easy, and was definitely designed for beginners, others have stated that you need to have “a certain level of fitness” to be able to complete the program. We advise anyone following the BodyBoss Method to start off with the free four-week Pre-Training routine that comes with the guide.

The BodyBoss Superfood Nutrition Guide emphasises a balanced diet, and dieters do not have to cut out any particular food groups such as carbohydrates or fats. Instead, the plan removes processed and refined foods that are nutritionally empty but energy-dense.

Each day’s meal plan averages out to around 1800 calories, but readers are discouraged from counting calories. Overall, the plan should help to teach you new and healthier habits, and whilst it is unlikely to cause very fast or dramatic weight loss, anyone following the guide can expect slow and steady weight loss (the type of weight loss that is statistically the least likely to be regained). Combining diet and exercise programs together will maximise weight loss results.

What Are The Drawbacks Of BodyBoss?

Overall, there seemingly aren’t very many drawbacks to the BodyBoss method. The program is 12 weeks long, but can be repeated; a BodyBoss rep suggesting starting at the first “challenging” week, or adding in small weights to some of the moves, to make your second or even third time through more challenging.

Some of the reviewers on Amazon who left negative comments stated that the BodyBoss fitness regime was too easy, and was for beginners (and that they were looking for a more advanced program), but as the BodyBoss customer service rep correctly pointed out, the workout’s intensity could be increased through more reps or more circuits. Some customers have also pointed out that many of the exercises focus on abs, glutes, and quads, but arms, back, and shoulders receive less attention.

Whilst technically BodyBoss are correct in claiming that the program is 24 minutes, 3 days a week, what they really mean is 24 minutes of active exercise. Once you add in the time taken up by stretching, warm up and cool down, as well as the rests in between each set, you are looking at a total of 50 minutes per workout. This is still very reasonable, of course, but it is a bit of a cheeky claim to make. The warmup and cooldown are both necessary parts of the workout though, helping to prevent injuries and reduce stiffness and muscle pain after exercise.

BodyBoss is entirely self-motivated, and so if you are the type of person who needs a bit of external encouragement (in the form of a personal trainer or workout buddy) to keep fit then this may not be the best option for you. You could always do the fitness program with a friend or partner to increase accountability, but at the end of the day, there is no one else telling you to complete each workout. Whilst this isn’t really a huge drawback, your own personal dedication and ability to self-motivate should be considered before ordering!

How Much Does BodyBoss Cost?

Customers can choose between buying just the Fitness Guide or the Nutrition Guide, or a bundle can be purchased that contains both guides at a discount. Customers can also choose between an online edition (with instant access), a print edition (with free delivery), or the “Ultimate” guide, where customers get both the print and online editions for maximum versatility. At the time of writing, the “Ultimate” guides were all discounted to be the same price as the print edition alone, and it is unclear how long this discount will last for.

Customers can get the Fitness and Nutrition Bundle, as both print and digital copy, for £69.90 (reduced from £119.80). The 12-week Fitness Guide on its own (online and print) costs £54.90, and the 12-week Nutrition Guide on its own (online and print) costs £39.90.

Buying just a digital copy is the cheapest option; the online-only fitness guide costs £39.90, the online-only nutrition guide costs £29.90, or the digital bundle costs £49.90. Customers buying the fitness guide also get a free 4-week pre-training guide, and those buying the nutritional guide get a free smoothie recipe book. Those buying the bundle get both freebies.

The Fitness guide is also sold on Amazon, but we recommend purchasing from the official website, as it is the cheaper option, and the free bonuses are not included on the Amazon sales page.


If you aren’t sure about the price of the program, then you can sample a 7-day guide trial of the exercise program for free. We really like that the exercises included in the BodyBoss method can all be done without having to go to the gym; not having to travel to your workout is the real time saver here, and the HIIT exercises are short but intense. Even when factoring in the time taken for warm-up and cool-down, following BodyBoss at home is still less time consuming than the gym, and the results are noticeable. If you get this program, then we thoroughly recommend joining the online BodyBoss community for motivation, tips, and encouragement. The product is even covered by a money-back guarantee – so if you use it for 30 days and notice no results, you can get your money back.

The Nutrition Guide is designed to complement the Fitness Guide, and using both together will help to maximise your weight loss. We really like that the Nutrition Guide focuses upon nutritionally dense foods rather than on calorie counting. By following the recipes, not only are you going to lose weight, but it will also help to set up long-term good food habits that will help you to maintain your weight in the long term. We love that the BodyBoss Method is not a quick fix, nor a crash diet, but the training for a long-term positive attitude to both nutrition and fitness.

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