• Breast milk for body builders? Whatever next!

    Some athletes will do anything to improve their performance and body builders are well known for their love for sometimes crazy and questionable substances. However, their latest craze has led to revulsion from most of us.

    Remarkably, it seems that some body builders are turning to breast milk in the belief that it will help boost muscle and lead to gains in a way that simply cannot be achieved with anything else.

    baby bottle

    One body builder named it as the best supplement ever saying that he gained 35lbs of muscle in just 10 months of using it.

    Yes, bodybuilders are buying breast milk from online sites such as Craig’s list and Only The Breast – a US and UK website where people can buy and sell breast milk, usually for feeding to babies whose mothers cannot feed them themselves. It seems to be a growing craze.

    So does it work?

    Breast milk is full of protein and calories. It also contains human growth hormones and although it is not known whether these will help adults grow muscles, this natural milk is believed by some body builders to be the most superior material money can buy.

    There is no evidence that it will work in the way as described but the weight loss forums are full of personal anecdotes that rave about the muscle building results gained by breast milk.

    When it comes to the cost, breast milk is expensive. According to CBS News, it costs around $1.50 an oz and whereas a normal gallon of milk costs around $3.44 , a gallon of breast milk kicks in at a staggering $1,600.

    Is breast milk safe for adults?

    On the face of it, the adult consumption of breast milk may seem bizarre but surely, it should be safe?

    Well, no. Breast milk bought online can very easily become contaminated and a recent study found that much breast milk bought online was contaminated by staphylococcus bacteria so could lead to food poisoning or septicaemia.

    Even when clean, breast milk is not necessarily safe because it all depends on the health and lifestyle of the doner.
    Diseases such as HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis, as well as the effects of drugs and alcohol can all be transmitted through breast milk so leaving aside the yuck factor, this practice actually seems dangerous as well.

    You might not be a body builder yourself, but would you consider taking human breast milk to get the body of your dreams?

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