• British Soldiers Prescribed Diet Pills To Stay In Shape


    Recently it has come to light that more than 270 military personnel in the British Army have been prescribed diet pills at some point, as was revealed by new figures.

    It is normal for weight to fluctuate from time to time and sometimes you need a bit of extra help. It is important to stay fit and healthy and the army is no exception. In fact, the Ministry of Defence has insisted that being fit and healthy is a ‘condition of service.’

    The Statistics

    The information collected came from the Freedom of Information (FoI) requests by The Sunday Times and the answers were surprising. 20 members of the armed forces have received liposuction at some point to combat weight gain. Also, over 800 people serving in the army between April 2014 and March 2016 had type 2 diabetes, the type caused by obesity. This number is then broken down to show where the numbers are; 473 in the army, 147 in the navy and 180 in the RAF. Figures also revealed that about 5,000 members of the RAF can be categorized as obese, and 3,000 sailors were considered overweight to some degree.

    Source: Daily Mail

    As fitness is important there are tests that service men and women must complete and since 2003 over 50 people have lost their jobs from failing them. Not only must they complete the fitness tests, but also they must exercise for at least 4 hours a week curing training sessions. The requirements for each service person is different, with the army expecting the troops to run 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes, under 12 minutes 45 seconds for infantry and under 9 minutes 40 seconds for senior entry paratroopers. Pretty tough if you ask us.

    Why Is This Happening

    Colonel Richard Kemp said that the troops would have gained the weight whilst in service and not before. “This is a failure of leadership. Who allowed them to get into this state? Who permitted them to continue to serve if they were unable to maintain the required standards of health and fitness?”

    Source: International Business Times

    It would seem that this is the reason the diet pills are being prescribed, to get the service men and women back on track and ready to serve the country. The vast majority does pass the fitness tests with flying colours and are educated in nutrition, diet and exercise.

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