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Do We Need To Take Calcium Supplements?

11th October 2015
First of all we heard that taking omega-3 wasn’t beneficial to us, now we’re hearing the same about calcium supplements. But why? Being published all across the UK and USA people are...

What you need to know about the grapefruit diet

27th September 2015
This is probably one of those diets that you haven’t heard a lot about. It’s extremely popular in America and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Of course, the one thing with this diet is...

The truth about Omega-3

30th August 2015
Most of us have probably taken an Omega-3 supplement at some point when we realised that we weren’t eating enough fish like other mothers told us to. But are they as good...

Want to lose weight? Try Buckwheat!

10th June 2015
Buckwheat is strange stuff! It looks just like ordinary flour and like flour; you can use it to make bread, flapjacks, cakes or pancakes. Across Asia, they use it for noodles. You...

New Prescription Drug for Weight Loss Soon to be Available in Europe

20th May 2015
Mysimba is a new prescription diet pill that may soon be available from your doctor. Developed in the USA by major pharmaceutical company, Orexigen Therapeutics, this drug has already been approved by...

DNP – A Diet Pill Ingredient That Can Kill You

21st April 2015
A woman has died after taking diet pills she bought on the internet. It is a very sad story and one that could have easily been averted. 21-year-old student Eloise Aimee Parry...

Kelp. Is it a Superfood or a Health Risk?

28th March 2015
Recently kelp – a type of seaweed has hit the Daily Mail as being a natural superfood with many benefits. It is easy to see why. Kelp is rich in minerals (46...

Can you really trust customer feedback?

20th March 2015
These days liking on Facebook and saying nice things about a service or product is a big part of advertising and one that all companies take very seriously. The feedback phenomenon stated...


20th December 2013
Meal replacement shakes have become a popular alternative to normal calorie restricted diets in recent years, as dieters look for quicker and revolutionary ways to lose significant amounts of weight quickly. Herbalife...

Slim Fast

10th December 2013
Slimfast is a meal replacement diet plan that has found great success internationally, especially in the UK and US markets. The range has been selling since the 1980s, and has undergone several...

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