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SomaBiotix Probiotic Digestive Formula

19th January 2018

Probiotic supplements are a dime a dozen these days. With most probiotic supplements working in roughly the same way with extremely similar ingredients, it can be difficult to choose between […]

SomaBiotix Digestive Enzyme Blend

18th January 2018

SomaBiotix Digestive Enzyme Blend is a supplement that might interest you if you are trying to improve health and digestion the natural way. This supplement can be taken in combination […]


17th January 2018

Glucomannan is a clinically-proven weight loss supplement that aids weight loss in numerous ways, including fat binding, appetite suppression and blood sugar regulation. It is also the main active ingredient […]

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic

17th January 2018

Researched Nutritionals CoreBiotic is a probiotic supplement that is described as representing the latest in advanced probiotics research so the aim is it will help support the body’s health and […]

EvoMuse Eviscerate Supernova

16th January 2018

Applying a spray to your fatty areas to lose weight may sound like the stuff of dreams, but EvoMuse Eviscerate Super Nova is a weight loss supplement that claims to […]

Kevita Sparkling Probiotic

15th January 2018

Probiotic supplements are a dime a dozen these days. With most probiotic supplements working in roughly the same way with extremely similar ingredients, the main way to tell between them […]


13th January 2018

As probiotics grow in popularity, the aisles of trendy health and grocery stores are filled with specialised probiotic juices, cereal bars, protein shakes, and more. Though not always known for […]


13th January 2018

Having a clinical trial to support the use of certain ingredients is incredibly important for diet pills, as it helps to assure potential customers that the product will work as […]


12th January 2018

Whilst there are many different diet plans available, recommending a wide variety of meal choices and banning various foods, low carb diets are a popular choice. However, it can be […]

EvoMuse Defuse

11th January 2018

Whilst some weight loss supplements are designed to help maximise your weight loss whilst dieting, others are designed to help counteract fat gain during “bulking” phases, where bodybuilders are trying […]


10th January 2018

Theralac is a probiotic supplement that is designed to improve the number of good bacteria in your gut. It provides you with 30 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) of bifidobacteria […]

PrettyFit Probio-30 Advanced

9th January 2018

PrettyFit Probio-30 Advanced is a probiotic supplement that provides you with billions of microorganisms to improve your digestive health. You get 30 billion CFUs of healthy bacteria from each serving […]

Optrimax Plum Delite

8th January 2018

Peter Piper might have picked himself a peck of pickled peppers in the past, but today we’re going to look into a pack or two of pickled plums – Optrimax […]

Kombucha Wonder Drink

7th January 2018

Kombucha has been around, we’re told, for centuries. It’s a drink made from green or black tea which ferments thanks to the addition of a colony of microbes (AKA the […]

Reflex Nutrition Micro Whey

6th January 2018

Every now and then we’ve been given a supplement or other product from elsewhere around the world to review, and today is no exception. Today’s supplement hails from the UK, […]

Sunwarrior Illumin8

5th January 2018

OK, so we might just be too old-fashioned for our own good, but when we come across a product name that tries to be too modern for its own good, […]

Amway BodyKey Kit

4th January 2018

Sometimes we find ourselves reviewing a product that’s pretty bizarre, but today we’re going to look at something which is right off the “WTF?” scale. Obviously somebody at Amway UK […]

Prograde VGF 25+

3rd January 2018

You need to include fruits and vegetables in your diet to help lose weight effectively, but you cannot get enough of them, you can take Prograde VGF 25+, which provides […]

Invigor8 Fat Burner

2nd January 2018

Invigor8 Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement that the advertising says may help you beat belly fat, master that muffin top, and thin out those thunder thighs! The supplement […]

Invigor8 Superfood Shake

1st January 2018

Whilst some supplements tailor their ingredients with a single purpose or health benefit in mind, other products try to benefit many different aspects of health, combining together a myriad of […]