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Nutrovape Energy

21st April 2018

What do you get when you mix two multi-billion-dollar products together? In this case, you get Nutrovape Energy – a combination of e-cigarette and energy drink. Whether Nutrovape Energy is […]

NLA for Her Shred Her

20th April 2018

Shred Her is a Fat Burner supplement aimed specifically at women, and according to the advertising is designed to promote rapid weight loss. The idea is that you take Shred […]

Nutrakind V800

19th April 2018

V800 is a weight loss pill, that according to the advertising is an incredible breakthrough in metabolic science that will hit your problem fatty areas like a freight train. This […]

Nutrovape Diet

18th April 2018

One of the main fears that smokers have for giving up cigarettes is that quitting will lead to an increase in weight. Nutrovape takes this idea and removes the nicotine […]

Vali Electrolyte Salts

17th April 2018

Electrolytes are vitally important for our bodies to function well, yet they can easily be overlooked when rehydrating throughout a hard day’s work or following intense exercise. Whilst the majority […]

NLA for Her Uplift

16th April 2018

Pre-workouts are a useful weapon in any athlete’s arsenal. Designed to provide a sharp burst of energy and often packed with performance-boosting amino acids, pre-workouts are a way to ensure […]

Sheer Strength Keto Cheat

15th April 2018

The ketogenic diet is an extremely low-carb eating plan that has garnered significant attention, praise, and criticism in recent years. It relies on a principle of encouraging dieters to consume […]

Bio Schwartz Maximum Strength Garcinia Cambogia

14th April 2018

Bio Schwartz Maximum Strength Garcinia Cambogia looks to be a good quality version of a well known supplement model. And after all there are thousands of Garcinia supplements on the […]

SlimBliss Slenderite

13th April 2018

Supplements tend to tackle the problem of weight loss in a variety of ways, from inducing thermogenesis in the body in order to burn fat, to suppressing the appetite, to […]

Arbonne 7 Day Body Cleanse

12th April 2018

Arbonne 7 Day Body Cleanse offers a combination of botanicals to help cleanse your body in a short time. It contains ingredients like milk thistle, cascara, and senna, that are […]

BioSlim Daily Power Cleanse

11th April 2018

Laxatives and cleanse products are sometimes marketed as weight loss aids, but these products do not affect fat mass at all, only creating the impression of weight loss from a […]


10th April 2018

The prolonged use of antibiotics and other lifestyle factors can lower the number of good bacteria in your gut. You can help replenish good bacteria by taking a probiotic supplement […]

Hydroxycut Gummies

9th April 2018

If you’re not overly familiar with weight loss supplements, you may be surprised to see the frankly dizzying number of alternatives to the usual capsules or tablet delivery systems. Alternative […]


8th April 2018

Fenatrim is a diet pill currently sold on Amazon where it has picked up several customer reviews. However, there is not much background to this supplement or the company behind […]

Kaged Muscle Clean Burn

7th April 2018

If you want to carve your body without the jitters, Kaged Muscle Clean Burn claims to attack fat from all angles and all without using stimulants, the mainstay of most […]


6th April 2018

Caffeine is a powerful drug – long considered the staunch ally of stressed-out office workers and students across the world, this mild stimulant has been lauded for its ability to […]

Bio Schwartz Maximum Strength Forskolin

5th April 2018

Back in January 2014, Dr Oz stated that Forskolin is ‘lightning in a bottle’ and a ‘miracle flower to fight fat’ that ‘ignites the metabolism’, which led to a huge […]

Bio Kult Multi Strain Formula

4th April 2018

Bio Kult Multi Strain Formula is a probiotic supplement in capsule form, and according to the advertising is a natural way to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. It […]

Yummy Sports Beach Ready

3rd April 2018

Would you be comfortable buying a supplement from a company you know nothing about at all? We wouldn’t. So when we were asked to review Yummy Sports Beach Ready and […]


2nd April 2018

Probiotic supplements are sometimes described as the new multivitamin, due to the many health benefits each serving can provide. This multi-talented supplement offers customers a supply of “friendly” gut bacteria, […]