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Green Coffee Extract

3rd May 2012

Since featuring on Fox News recently there has been an incredible interest in green coffee bean supplements. As a result there’s been an explosion of diet pills containing Green Coffee […]

Forza T5 Super Strength

23rd February 2012

A quick search online for fat burners and you soon come across T5s. Not all T5 diet pills are the same though with some diet pills jumping on the T5 […]

Acai Plus Extreme

16th February 2012

There are already so many Acai Berry diet pills on the market any new Acai berry supplement needs to be something special. This is where Acai Plus Extreme comes in […]

Proactol Plus

2nd February 2012

Struggling to eat less fat? Want an easy way to reduce calories from fats from your meals? Proactol Plus could be the solution for you by blocking nearly a third […]

African Mango Advanced

26th January 2012

The African Mango dieting craze has eased in the last year but still remains one of the most popular superfoods on the market. The popularity of African Mango has seen […]