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Leptiburn 2.0

30th April 2017

Leptiburn is a product of Biotrust Nutrition, which is quite a reputable company in the supplement world. Marketed as a weight-loss product, Leptiburn helps you break through the weight loss […]

Trim 24Seven Slimming Patches

29th April 2017

Why do people go to all the trouble of putting on weight loss patches and then trying to scrape the adhesive off their skin afterwards? Maybe it’s because some supplement […]

LCR Health Active Stem

28th April 2017

LCR Health Active Stem is a supplement that claims to improve cognitive ability, improve muscle and joint strength and increase longevity. The supplement is based on stem cell research that […]

Fucus Slimming Patch

28th April 2017

Fucus Slimming Patch is yet another addition to the list of dietary patches already available in the market. The company behind the Fucus Slimming Patch claims that their seaweed slimming […]

Boot Camp Body Slimming Patches

27th April 2017

Last time we reviewed a slimming patch, we were seriously disappointed, but we thought that somewhere there must be a patch that works. What we found at slimmingsolutions.com was a […]

Acai Berry Patch

26th April 2017

Acai Berry Patch is yet another dietary patch available to help lose weight without having to go through a lot of hassle. It uses a transdermal nutrient release method to […]

Slimming Solutions Diet Patch

25th April 2017

Offered by a health supplement company called Sliming Solutions Ltd., Slimming Solutions Diet Patch provides people with a rather innovative way to lose weight. You just need to apply these […]

Kiyeski Plasters

24th April 2017

Slimming patches seem to be the flavour of the month these days, so we thought we’d grab a sample pack and see what all the fuss was about. We chose […]

Mymi Wonder Patch

23rd April 2017

Mymi Wonder Patch is one of many dietary or weight-loss patches available in the market. It claims to be different because of its ingredient profile, which includes capsaicin, sophoricoside, catechin, […]

Fuel Station Juice Detox

22nd April 2017

The world of dieting is chock-full of fads that come and go in a blink of eye, as fashionable celebrities flit between new, odd and extreme ways of losing weight. […]

Any Protein Fat Shredder

20th April 2017

Informing our readers as to whether a weight loss supplement works sometimes requires us to look at a range of different clues. After all, we don’t try every product ourselves […]

Atrafen PM

19th April 2017

Stimulant-based weight loss supplements can increase the consumer’s rate of weight loss (if they contain therapeutic doses of certain ingredients that have been proven to work). However, they can cause […]

Advanced Adult Probiotic

18th April 2017

Probiotics are considered by some to be more important to the human body than vitamins, given the vital role they play in the health and smooth functioning of the human […]

Vi-Slim Metab Awake

17th April 2017

Weight loss supplements are obviously most effective when used alongside a reduced-calorie diet plan, and preferably a regular exercise program. Some metabolism-boosting products are advertised to consumers who are already […]

Baseline Nutritionals Accelerator

16th April 2017

Diet shakes come in many shapes and sizes, from special blends of ingredients designed to help with fat loss, to fiber-rich mixes designed to help the customer feel full and […]

MateFit 28 Day Teatox

15th April 2017

The teatox craze seems to show no signs of abating, as hundreds of companies now seem to offer various teas that claim to cleanse and detoxify the body. The trend […]

Skinny Sprinkles

14th April 2017

In recent years, weight loss aids have taken forms other than the traditional diet pill, and increasingly diet drinks are becoming more popular in the fight against obesity. One of […]

Baseline Nutritionals Private Reserve Superfood

13th April 2017

As we learn more about food, we seem to find more ways in which the modern western diet is lacking. Packed with fats, sugars and unhealthy carbs, comfort foods have […]

SD Pharmaceuticals Green Coffee Bean GCB

12th April 2017

Although we’re used to pouring ourselves a coffee when we’re not feeling so awake and energetic, we’re told that coffee can also help when it comes to losing weight. But […]

Keto // Kreme

11th April 2017

Keto//Kreme is a coconut milk fat supplement that you add to your regular cup of coffee in order to ‘feed your brain’ as the advertising puts it. It comes ready […]