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Baseline Nutritionals Women’s Formula

23rd July 2017

You are likely to experience many issues when there is a hormonal imbalance in your body. Lower testosterone levels will make you feel lethargic, and that is when you can […]

Fastin Multi-Vite For Her

21st July 2017

Fastin Multi Vite For Her is a ‘female-friendly’ version of another Hi Tech supplement called Fastin, a supplement which contains the dangerous and illegal stimulant DMAA. Fastin Multi Vite For […]

Fermented Super30

19th July 2017

Healthy eating is for more than just losing weight; when we eat a well-balanced diet packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, we give our digestive and immune systems the inputs […]

MateFit Assist

18th July 2017

MateFit Assist is a pre-workout supplement that comes in the form of a fruit punch flavoured drink which you make by adding powder to water. According to the product advertising, […]

She Supps Vegan Protein

17th July 2017

She Supps Vegan Protein is a protein powder based on the increasingly trendy Pea Protein Isolate. This protein is becoming popular with people looking to lose weight with protein, but […]

MateFit Super Goji Blast

16th July 2017

Supplement manufacturers and dieters are always on the lookout for the next big superfood on the horizon, as these incredible ingredients are often linked with a number of excellent benefits […]

Katalyst Lipocor

15th July 2017

Katalyst Lipocor is a stimulant free weight loss supplement, described as a comprehensive blend of essential and non-essential omega 3, 6 and 9 phosphalids. It looks healthy at first glance, […]

Envision Cheat Pill

13th July 2017

Dieting is a long game, and most dieters will find that early successes are normally challenged by general features of daily life. Family barbeques, lavish work dinners, holidays in the […]

Phenom Health Garcinia Clean XT

12th July 2017

Occasionally, supplements will be relaunched with a name change, or a slightly different formula, and when this happens there is sometimes an overlap between the two products being available to […]

Wonderslim Carb Formula

11th July 2017

Carbohydrates are (somewhat unfairly) considered to be the enemy of a successful diet. Many diet programs recommend heavily limiting the amount of carbohydrates dieters consume, and more extreme solutions like […]

Lipodrene Elite

10th July 2017

Stimulants sometimes play a role in weight loss supplements despite their numerous side effects. In general, stimulants have the ability to force the body to work harder even when resting, […]

Nutri-V T6: Gold Edition

9th July 2017

In recent years, the UK market has been oddly flooded with a number of products labeled wither “T5” or “T6” or some variant of either. Dozens of very similar, low-quality […]

Phenom Health Garcinia Lean Xtreme

8th July 2017

Although Dr. Oz has been stopped from making diet pill recommendations and calling clinically unproven supplements “miracle” weight loss aids, some of the ingredients he recommended are still incredibly popular. […]


7th July 2017

Stimulant-based weight loss supplements can be very good at increasing the consumer’s metabolic rate, and therefore aiding significant weight loss, but they can also cause unpleasant side effects. It can […]

Her Essentials

6th July 2017

As nutritional science continues to find out more about what the body needs for optimal function, the list of what we need to incorporate into our diet gets longer and […]

Wonderslim Thermogenic Blend

5th July 2017

Following a diet program can be hard work, and many dieters can be forgiven for going off track at some point in their journey. After an indulgent weekend, some choose […]

Wonderslim Meal Replacement Pudding/Shake

4th July 2017

The concept behind meal replacement shakes is elegant in its simplicity. To lose weight, dieters must try to consume fewer calories than they “spend” exerting energy; if you can achieve […]

Lean Health Garcinia Cambogia Extreme

3rd July 2017

Although Dr. Oz has been stopped from making diet pill recommendations and calling clinically unproven supplements “miracle” weight loss aids, some of the ingredients he recommended are still incredibly popular. […]

Baseline Nutritionals Probiotic Formula

2nd July 2017

For the uninitiated, the thought of taking capsules filled with bacteria may seem like a strange or even worrying thought. However, with probiotic products, certain “friendly” and helpful strains of […]

Detoxin Advanced Formula

1st July 2017

Some sales websites are incredibly specific when stating just how a product can benefit the consumer, whilst other manufacturers provide more flowery and indirect descriptions. Currently on the official website […]