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2nd April 2018

Probiotic supplements are sometimes described as the new multivitamin, due to the many health benefits each serving can provide. This multi-talented supplement offers customers a supply of “friendly” gut bacteria, […]

Shredz Detox Made for Women

1st April 2018

The other day, we found yet another supplement that wasn’t too sure what it was supposed to be for: Shredz Detox Made for Women. Shredz also used to sell their […]

Genius Diet Pills

30th March 2018

Whilst all supplements are associated with a list of side effects that could potentially develop due to taking them, some supplements rarely cause side effects. On the other end of […]

Best Factor Max

29th March 2018

CLA is found in many diet pills, but to provide the greatest effects, it needs to be taken in large quantities. This dosage can be difficult to fit into just […]

Somatox T5

28th March 2018

Somatox T5 is a fat burner supplement designed to help you burn fat fast by the use of stimulants. According to the product info, it works by causing your thyroid […]

Rockstar Skinny Gal

27th March 2018

Rockstar Skinny Gal is a women only diet pill that promises to work fast! It is billed as a thermogenic combined with an appetite suppressant and carb blocker, so it […]

Jacked Factory Lean XT

26th March 2018

Lean XT is a “fat loss amplifier” that is also supposed to reduce your appetite as well as help you burn fat. This makes it sound like a pretty standard […]

Jacked Factory Lean PM

25th March 2018

Lean PM is a weight loss supplement is a stimulant free fat loss amplifier and sleep aid, with the idea that you burn fat while you sleep. In addition, the […]

Atrafen Elite

24th March 2018

Customer reviews play a huge role in determining how well a product sells, especially on Amazon; negative reviews highlight issues with the product’s effectiveness or the potential for side effects, […]


23rd March 2018

Diuretic and laxative supplements can often give consumers the impression that they have lost weight very quickly, as the supplement makes them lose water weight. However, these supplements have no […]

GutMeister Ultimate Prebiotic

22nd March 2018

If probiotics are the “friendly” bacteria that can improve the functioning of the digestive system, prebiotics are the fuel that keeps these bacteria going. Prebiotics come in all shapes and […]

Earth’s Pearl Probiotic

21st March 2018

The more we learn about probiotic supplements, the more benefits they seem to offer. As well as offering self-evident benefits in terms of gut health and functioning, these fascinating friendly […]

Herbalife Simply Probiotic

20th March 2018

After reviewing so many products that think they’re an all-in-one supplement with an ingredient list as long as your arm, it makes a pleasant change to review one that’s simple, […]

Syntrax Fyre Fat Burner

19th March 2018

Syntrax Fyre Fat Burner is a fat-burning supplement, that claims to work by stimulating major fat burning metabolic processes in your body. This 100% natural fat burner helps you achieve […]

Arbonne Fit Chews

18th March 2018

You have to follow a strict diet while trying to lose weight, but it sometimes becomes difficult to manage cravings and control your caloric intake. Arbonne Fit Chews is a […]

Reflex Nutrition One Stop All In One

17th March 2018

A while back we looked at one supplement and then another near-identical product (with a different name) from the same company. And not so long ago we checked out a […]

Bio-Kult Candea

15th March 2018

Bio-Kult Candea is essentially a probiotic supplement, but it is geared towards people who are looking for a way to deal with candida infection. The Candida fungus is naturally present […]

Proactol XS

14th March 2018

Proactol XS is a fat binder supplement, that according to the advertising will help you lose weight quickly and safely. It contains Chitosan, usually derived from shell fish but in […]

Labrada Lean Body RTD

13th March 2018

Labrada Lean Body RTD is a protein shake that comes in a variety of flavours including Cinnamon Bun and Coffee Mocha, and with 25g of protein per serving and zero […]

O! Slim

12th March 2018

O! Slim is a weight loss supplement that promises to help you lose 12k in just 12 weeks, and according to the advertising has been developed on the “basis of […]