• Celebrity Diet Pills Exposed 2017

    Some people are obsessed with celebrities! The rest of us might say we are not interested but when a story appears in the media about a celebrity’s real life struggles most of us will read it anyway.

    Celebrity diet pillsLooking at celebs and their weight issues is not always done for mean reasons. We often feel we know these people. After all they show up on our TV screens in our living rooms on a regular basis, so like friends we are interested in what they do. Less charitably, who doesn’t find those long range camera shots of a flabby celeb body horribly fascinating? “She’s let herself go”, we say.

    In a way you cannot blame the celebs for trying to cash in on their often short lived fame when they start marketing their own diet pills or weight loss plans. In addition they often show up all over social media such as Twitter or Instagram endorsing various products. According to industry watchers many celebs are paid thousands of dollars for doing just that.

    The problem is that we have yet to see a good celebrity endorsed product that works. In most cases any celeb weight loss is little to do with a product or diet plan and all about employing a personal trainer to whip them into shape.

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    Fat Celebrities = Less Income?

    Some film stars have reported losing vast amounts of weight with highly restrictive diets and exercise routines when preparing for a role. Recently, Drew Barrymore has lost 20lbs for her role in the Santa Clarita Diet, a new comedy horror series on Netflix about flesh eating zombies. Liam Neeson has lost a similar amount of weight for his role as a Jesuit missionary.

    However, this is small change when compared to former Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt. He recently lost a whopping 80lbs to take on the role of a superhero in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    With millions of dollars at stake it’s easy to understand how they can be motivated to maintain such extreme diets.

    Celebrities on Instagram

    Endorsing products can be a lucrative sideline if you are a celebrity. According to business insiders, celebs such as Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner and Hilary Duff are paid around $3,000 a time for each Instagram post that mentions a product. The Teatox teas are especially popular, with brands such as Lyfe Tea, Mate Fit and Bootea all advertised in this way.

    Do these celebs really use the laxative teas themselves? It is unlikely. Even more unlikely is that they would endorse these products if they were not being paid good money to do so.

    Short careers so cash in while you can!

    Reality stars come and go. They do not really do anything and have no special talents, so they have to cash in on fame while they can. Many of the British reality TV stars, such as the cast of TOWIE or Geordie Shore, soon move into producing their own weight loss product ranges. In general, these have a short life span once the public forgets who they are.

    Diet Plans and Diet Plans Endorsed by Celebrities

    1. Beyonce – 22 Days Nutrition

    Beyonce is a true star that everyone has heard of! She is also known for adopting weight loss plans. She lost lots of weight following an extreme detox plan called the Lemon Detox Diet, but is now endorsing a plant based (vegan) diet program called 22 Days Nutrition in order to lose weight.

    22 Days Nutrition accompanies a book written by Beyonce’s personal trainer, the exercise physiologist Marco Borges, and requires you to go vegan and give up alcohol for 22 days. You can follow the recipes yourself but there is also Beyonce and Borges’ own company called 22 Days Nutrition which provides ready meal plan delivery to make following the plan even easier. The meals are expensive but you do have the comfort of knowing you are connecting with Beyonce on some minor level.

    2. Vicky Pattison – Mini V Nutrition

    The UK reality TV star has come a long way since she appeared in reality show Geordie Shore, where she was known for her party lifestyle. Her weight ballooned a few years ago, leading to some seriously unflattering pictures in the media. These days she has a svelte glam look to match her new career as a TV presenter.

    Vicky launched her own range of weight loss supplements called Mini V Nutrition. Many of the supplements seem to be about detoxing away the effects of a night’s drinking. She looks pretty good on it though.

    Read our full review of her Mini Detox product here.

    3. The Kardashians – Quick Trim

    Kardashians quicktrim extreme burnWe couldn’t mention celebs without including the Kardashian sisters! They produced their own weight loss supplement range called QuickTrim back in 2012 but then got sued for $5 million from angry customers who labelled the range as ineffective.

    Quick Trim is still available to buy, but these days Khloe Kardashian is looking great and has gone it alone with her own weight loss tips.

    The key to Khloe’s plan seems to be pretty much full time work in the gym with a hunky personal trainer, as well as eating low fat meals provided by her chef! It sounds a lot more fun than a diet pill.

    Read our full review of Quick Trim here.

    4. Holly Hagan – Holly’s Body Bible

    Holly Hagan, star of UK reality show Geordie Shore, has a whole range of weight loss magazines to buy under the general name of Holly’s Body Bible. Titles include Booty Camp – the complete Bum Workout, Holly Hagan’s Lose 5lbs in One Week, and exercise guides such as Tighter Tummy in Twenty.

    These guides were written with her fitness trainer Ashley Lucas. In other words, the fitness trainer wrote them and Holly Hagan posed for the photographs.

    5. Britney Spears – Matefit Teatox Tea

    Britney has had her ups and downs over the years. These days the once disaster prone star has toned down her booze and partying lifestyle and has appeared to embrace some new healthy habits.

    Britney endorses Matefit Teatox Tea, which is a teatox program in two parts; a metabolism booster that contains mainly green tea varieties and looks pretty good. It is let down by the second part of the program which is a detox tea that contains laxatives.

    6. Lucy Mecklenburg – Mecktone

    Reality star of the UK show The Only Way is Essex, Lucy Mecklenburg has her weight loss pill called Mecktone. We reviewed this previously and found it to be potentially dangerous. In our opinion, Lucy Mecklenburg should stick with what she is good at… that is if we ever find out what it is that she actually does.

    Read our full review of Mecktone here.

    7. Billy Mucklow – Skinny Sprinkles

    Curvy Billy Mucklow was a star of TOWIE and is also a WAG (she is married to footballer Andy Carroll). She is an ambassador for Skinny Sprinkles – a UK based weight loss drink that helps you feel fuller for longer.

    Skinny Sprinkles contains Glucomannan, a fibrous gel that swells in the stomach and can help reduce appetite. Billy Mucklow has claimed to use this supplement herself to shift weight left after pregnancy.

    8. Adele – the Sirtfood Diet

    Adele is not actually endorsing this diet herself, but she has recommended it having used it via the advice of her personal trainer. The Sirtfood diet is hot at the moment. It focuses on foods such as green veg, red wine and chocolate which contains sirtuin activators – a type of protein that protect cells and increases fat burning.

    It sounds good and Adele looks great but, in common with most A listers, the personal trainer she employs is probably more crucial to her new look than the diet. Other celeb fans of the Sirtfood diet include Lorraine Pascal and Jodie Kidd.

    9. Kyle Jenner- Lyfe Tea

    Yet another Kardashian and yet another detox tea! Kyle Jenner has allegedly been paid thousands of dollars for posing on Instagram with her cup of Lyfe Tea. Not so glamorous is that this teatox supplement is essentially a laxative. We thought she was taking a bit of a risk when she was pictured wearing a tight white dress to endorse this product.

    Read our full review of Lyfe Tea here.

    10. Lisa Riley – healthy lifestyle

    The once rotund Lisa Riley is well known to British TV fans from the soap Emmerdale as well as her appearance on Strictly last season. Since then, there is a lot less of her than there once was. Lisa lost 6 stone in just 10 months, dropping from a UK size 30 down to size 16.

    She attributes her weight loss initially to grief after the loss of her father, and following that just made healthy food choices and upped her exercise levels. She takes a 40 minute walk most mornings, avoids alcohol and does not eat after 6pm.

    According to Lisa, speaking in an interview with Bella magazine, “I’ve not done a diet – diets don’t work. It’s been about awareness and lifestyle. I’m loads more active than I used to be.”

    Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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