Chocolate Banana

Updated May 7, 2019.
Published Jul 18, 2012.

There isn’t much information available about Chocolate Banana, even though new products have been added to the range. The ingredients, their quantities, the product claims, the clinical backing… All of these are very much unknown. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee either. One thing we can tell you though: there is no banana OR chocolate to be found in this product.


  • None


  • Lack of ingredient profile
  • Lack of money-back guarantee
  • Lack of clinical studies
  • Few consumer testimonials
  • Lack of information full stop!
Chocolate Banana
With probably the best product name ever, Chocolate Banana Slimming Tablets claim to have created a unique dietary product, based entirely on public feedback!

We see if this UK manufactured supplement can stimulate weight loss!

Chocolate Banana Overview

What you need to know about Chocolate Banana

This is a product that gives very little away. We have a diet pill that we don’t really know what’s in it, and have no information for how it’s supposed to work! No references to any studies are even attempted to reassure consumers that it works.

Are you confident buying a diet pill when you don’t know what’s in it and how it should work?

What are the side effects of Chocolate Banana?

The manufacturer warns that insomnia is a possible side effect due to the increased energy levels.

How much does Chocolate Banana cost?

Two bottles of Chocolate Banana costs £43 ($69), which is very reasonable.

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Chocolate Banana Key Features

To clear up a question you may have immediately: if you are expecting chocolate, or at least the taste, in these diet pills then you will be disappointed! There is unfortunately no chocolate and no banana in this diet pill despite the name. The name has been chosen clearly for clever marketing!

Chocolate Banana Key Points

  • New and improved version of Chocolate Banana Original
  • Owned by Chocolate Banana Ltd in the UK since 2008
  • Despite the name, contains NO banana or chocolate!
  • Recently re-branded and now includes a range of supplements

The range of Chocolate Banana slimming tablets is owned by Chocolate Banana UK Ltd who are based in Nottinghamshire and appear to have been trading from 2008/2009. We could find no reports of consumer scams or rip offs online by consumers for either the product or the company.

The Chocolate Banana Original tablets have been around for a number of years now and can still be found available online on the official site along with other retailers, but mostly sold in hair salons in the UK.

There is an official website has recently been updated and now stocks a new range of the Chocolate Banana slimming tablets. We could only find a few other retailers stocking these diet pills, including an Amazon store set up by Chocolate Banana. Reassuringly the official website has a 0844 phone number, contact form and email address for you to contact them.

Interestingly, we found this claim on the official website saying…

Chocolate Banana slimming pills are the UK’s number one slimming product

We could only find one official stockist of these diet pills and very few consumers talking about it, so we would certainly question this claim!

Chocolate Banana Concerns:

  • No real evidence that it works!
  • Lack of information about the product from manufacturer
  • Few consumer testimonials and NO money-back guarantee

Recently, the products have had a face lift and introduced a number of variations to the range. Now you can choose between Chocolate Banana Original, Chocolate Banana Ultra, Chocolate Banana Thermite, Chocolate Banana Thermite+ and Chocolate Banana Special Edition. Each containing variations in the ingredients but are all available in bottle sizes of 8, 30 or 60 tablets.

What does Chocolate Banana claim to do?

Chocolate Banana claims to be a highly recommended fat loss product that can boost your metabolism, lower food cravings and give you more energy.

Very much marketed as a triple action diet pill, they go on to make claims about the strength of the ingredients used…

The revolutionary ingredient which has been used for 1000’s of years in Brazil combines the appetite suppressing powder associated with Hoodia with a boost to your energy levels to help to keep you energised throughout your busy day

Now considering Hoodia Gordonii is banned in the UK/EU, we are keen to see just what is inside these “revolutionary” tablets!

Does Chocolate Banana work?

There are no clinical studies referenced to backup the claims made about this product. So, based on the information we have about this product, we doubt there is significant weight loss.

phentatrim bottle
The most popular appetite suppressant in 2021 is Phentatrim.

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Phentatrim is the best thing to hit the supplement market in a long time, with thousands of customers already seeing the benefits. That’s why it's our editor's top pick.

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Chocolate Banana Ingredients

There is VERY little information as to what and how this product works.

What information we do have suggests it is both a fat burner and appetite suppressant diet pill that also boosts energy levels.

The Original Chocolate Banana tables contained the main ingredient of Sida Cordifolia with Gurana and White Willow Bark. The new formula has stopped including both these ingredients Sida Cordifolia and White Willow Bark.

The official website and the bottle do not reveal the exact ingredient amounts. We were only able to find out ANY of the ingredients by researching online, with some help from the Netmums forum, as the official website fails to reveal what they are!

Here are the ingredients for the new Chocolate Banana slimming tablets:

  • Cha-De-Burge: Very popular plant indigenous to Brazil long been used by native people in traditional medicine. Have been also used for years as a replacement for coffee as it produces a red fruit similar to coffee bean and why it’s been called “cafe do mato” or “coffee of the woods.” A popular weight loss that has been suggested to decrease appetite, but there is little or no scientific evidence to support this.
    Source: About Cha De Burge on WebMD
  • Naringin: Grapefruit extract and is a good source of antioxidant and may prevent free radical damage. Suggested to prolong and increase the effects of caffeine when taken together.
  • Caffeine: Common ingredient in many diet pills as it can boost alertness and suggested to increase metabolism. It is not known how much caffeine is present in this product!

Chocolate Banana Side Effects

The manufacturer warns that insomnia is a possible side effect due to the increased energy levels, most likely caused by the stimulatory effects of the ingredients used.

This claims to be a strong product and not suitable for everyone!

You are advised to drink more water when taking this supplement, at least an additional two litres (around 8 glasses) per day.


Do not use if you are pregnant, a nursing mother or have a history of heart disease, angina, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, recurrent headaches, bleeding disorder, depression or other psychiatric condition or glaucoma.

Chocolate Banana Customer Feedback

There are somewhat mixed consumer reviews available online.

At the time of writing only 12 reviews were available on Amazon, giving an average rating of 2.7 out of 5 (see below).

Chocolate Banana Amazon

One consumer reported after a few weeks of taking them..

they do give you loads of energy, probably because they contain lots of caffeine! However they did make me feel a bit weird, like I was on illegal drugs! Felt paranoid, thought my work colleague might think I was taking drugs. I didn’t really enjoy the feeling. I kept taking them for about 2 weeks, they do surpress your hunger loads, I was hardly ever hungry for lunch, however by the evening when they wore off I was starving hungry (hungrier than usual) I didn’t lose any weight in the 2 weeks I took them. I decided to stop taking them because of how they made me feel.

In contrast, one consumer did have success reporting…

I first used these pills when losing weight for my wedding & managed a loss of approx 1.5 stone in eight weeks but this was with a strict diet & exercise. Calorie intake should be no more than 1200 calories a day, downside is they can make you a bit jangly late afternoon. Drink plenty of water, exercise is a must. I used them again this week and so far have lost 5lbs.

What do Netmum member’s think?

We found an interesting thread posted by a member on Netmums about Chocolate Banana slimming pills that triggered a reply from the owner of the product:

It reports the side effects suffered by a couple of consumers and what one consumer’s local GP thought of the product!

Take a look at the thread here:

Chocolate Banana Money-Back Guarantee

We could find no money-back guarantee available for this product.

Where To Buy Chocolate Banana

The tablets are reasonably priced and you can buy 2 bottles of 60 tablets of Chocolate Banana for £43 ($69) enough for 4-6 weeks supply and get one bottle of 8 tablets for free. Smaller bottles are available in 30 and 60 tablet sizes too, costing £12 ($16) and £21.50 ($31) respectively.

We found it frustrating that before ordering you are required to login or to complete a “new customer” account. This is compulsory before purchase even before seeing your shopping cart, so you don’t know the full cost of ordering!

Watchdog Verdict

When we first looked at Chocolate Banana Original there was little information about them. Since they have re-branded it seems this hasn’t changed! The bottles look great, but there is still so little information about this product that it is impossible to examine them in any depth!

The diet pill market is so competitive these days and good quality products stand out from the crowd by providing a clear and full ingredient profile, clinical studies that support any weight loss claims, manufacturer contact information, and a full money-back guarantee.

Chocolate Banana falls short on every one of our criteria!

Lastly, buying this product the consumer is relying on the good faith of the manufacturer that Chocolate Banana diet pills work.

For these reasons we have no choice but to reject Chocolate Banana slimming tablets!

How does Chocolate Banana compare to Phentatrim?

Criteria Chocolate Banana Comparison Phentatrim comparison
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Side Effect Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Support
Money-back Guarantee

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. I liked the look of these tablets and thought that I would give them a go. I carefully followed the instructions on the bottle however within 24 hour of taking them I was violently sick with dizzy spells. I don’t know what’s in them but whatever I would avoid. Complete waist of money !!

  2. I would strongly advise DO NOT buy these tablets ! I tried them a few weeks ago. They gave me a terrible headache and I was phsically sick ! I telephoned there office to complain (3 times) however no one got back to me.Stay well clear!!!

  3. I also used CB around 2011!! And they worked so well! I didn’t feel hungry at all- and had loads of energy too! However I bought them again and they have totally changed! U don’t feel anything anymore! Bring back the old ingredients!!

  4. Niki what ingredients were in the original chocolate banana( sida cordafolia ingredient removed) ? And how much of each ingredient. I used these when this ingredient was included and loved them but they don’t work without it.

    1. The exact same for me, as soon as the sida cordafolia disappeared the product stopped working for me.

  5. Do these tabs cause heartburn because ever since I started them I’ve suffered from it and av never had it before xx

  6. Hi I tried the original chocolate banana a few years ago when they had sida cordafolia ?? Think that’s right name … And they where fab but I have got to say I have t had the same success with the products available now even though I do keep trying to preserve in not really sure they work the same .

  7. I first took CB in 2008. These were the original that contained Sida Cordifolia, Gurana and white willow bark. They were the best diet pills I have ever taken. I went from 140lbs to 120lbs in 2 months with so much energy. Then, the ingredients changed. They no longer contain this combination of ingredients and since this change I have stopped buying because they no longer give me energy or suppress my appetite. It’s a shame because they worked ridiculously well, but I think there were health concerns and hence the ingredient change. Bring back the old one!!

  8. I think these tablets work differently for everyone. Seem to me to be a bit like alcohol – everyone is affected differently by different amounts. I took them a few years back and I’ve got to admit they worked wonders for me. Can’t say that I noticed much weight loss but I went from being depressed and unable to get out of bed in the morning to having lots of energy and wanting to go to the gym which I had never done. For me they transformed my life. However, the lack of info on the actual ingredients is worrying and the side effects are very real. I can only take up to 2 tablets per day and no later than 2pm if I want to have any sleep at night (I’ve never had trouble sleeping in my life, in fact I could sleep round the clock normaly) and I did have palpitations as well as feeling drunk at certain times and became more of a scatterbrain than I’d ever experienced. My hunger was suppressed although I made sure I ate 3 meals per day to ensure my body was getting what it needs but found that I could cut down my portion size which was important for me. Recently I’ve found myself back in the same rut as before and a lot heavier so I have started back on these pills (the original ones) taking 2 per day and eating properly. I have started going out long walks to ease myself back in to exercising. I am however increasingly concerned what’s in them after reading all the reviews and feel it would be a shame to have to stop taking them for this reason given they make such a difference to my life. I look forward to new information.

  9. Hi ive just started taking these i am 26 with 5 kids in currently 12 and a half stone and really want to lose weight ive been on these for about 5 days now the first day after taking them i felt a bit shaky but haven’t since the first day ive had no other side effect i also bought these from my local sunbed shop in Glasgow and i am really hoping they work as ive been trying everything to lose weight i also hope these don’t make me ill as i said i have 5 children i cant afford to be ill ????

  10. I took these for a few weeks and lost the half stone I wanted to. However, Unbeknownst to me I had turned into a mental bitch, I screamed at my best friends, cried all the time and couldn’t function at work. My sister took ONE of these and was horribly ill, she nearly called an ambulance she was that bad. I have heard people tak about these causing serious internal damage, not sure if this is true but from my experience and my sisters I wouldnt take these again

  11. I am a full time personal trainer and weight loss consultant. I would like to make a point that supplements are exactly that, they supplement a healthy diet and appropriate exercise. I supply supplements to my customers and have my own brand of slimming supplements, please research the ingredients of any product first and always ask for further info. Best regards.

  12. Chocolate bannana are brilliant I’m more active and lively, eating less I have been on them now for 2 weeks and lost 6bls I would recommend these pills for anyone espially worn out mummys x

  13. I just started taking chocolate banana and decided to see what reviews i could find on it, when i stumbled across this i was rather shocked at half the comments tbh but what I can say is this, I had a query about them and only last night mailed the company direct with it, today I received a call rather than reply and would just like to thank them for actually taking the time and consideration to make their response a personal one.

  14. Hi I took chocolate banana a few years back it definitely works I lost 2 stone gives you loads of energy and makes you think clearer ive got some what I ve had for over a year just wondering if they go out of date will I be able to take them;-)

  15. Hi this is my first day taking choc bannana took on at 8.30 am another 11.30 am and last one 2.30pm was not really that hungrey like u usually am ! X I’m a fairly big girl tried every diet goin managed to lose 2 stone on slimming world but put it back on for me I needed something to suppress my appetite x so far io kt got head ache no heart pal penetrations or shakeyness mouth is dry so I’m drink loads more water x will keep all informed hope I sleep tonight xx

  16. Hi nicola i can assure you i am a real customer who purchased youre slimming tablets in a sunbed shop in scotland when i purchased them i asked if there was any side effects or any customer reviews i was told the only side effect was loss of appetite clearly they were wrong when i asked for the ingridients i was giving a leaflet with little information. Regardless to say i tried the tablets and had a awfull experience when i took them back to the sunbed shop the girl informed me that she had stoped taking them for this reason also and told me she was only asked to sell them andgiven no further information on the product.

  17. Hi. I can assure you that this review is completely genuine. If your anything like me, you’ll be suspicious of every review. Good or bad! I tried chocolate banana years ago. I hardly had any appetite HOWEVER I was dizzy, anxious and wired! One morning I was sick. I didn’t even feel sick but I just suddenly vomited! Needless to say, I stopped taking these & would never consider trying them again. Like watch dog said, the lack of info about the ingredients is very worrying!

  18. DONT TAKE THIS PRODUCT! I decided to try the original chocolate banana slimming pills back in march I am 10stone and wanted to lose half a stone for a friends wedding in may after taking the pills fofor several weeks and sticking to a healthy eating programe i lost nothing. I then decided to try the special edition which i was advised were stronger and should assist me in my weight loss after taking only 1 of these pills my heart was racing i felt lethargic and i was violently sick around 2 hours after taking the pill i collapsed and was taking to hospital where i was put on a heart monitor as my heart beat was irregular and breathing was becoming a strugle after both blood and urine tests i was consulted by a doctor who advised me that the chocolate banana tablets where the cause of my sudden ill health. I had only taking one of these pills it is recomended on the botlle to take up to 4 of these a day i dont bear to think where i would be if i had taking 4 tablets … i hope this advice was helpfull

    1. Bizarre Bizarre Bizarre…. As this website has been exposed as a scam i find it AMAZING that the two people offering their heinous experiences whilst both taking one of our products that has been available for 7 years now didn’t contact us at Chocolate Banana directly or even more importantly the doctors who cared for them!!!! Very strange…..I’ll let you decide although i have a sneaky feeling that my comment will not be published as my last few attempts to “out” your team have failed to show up on your site..

    2. Hi Nicola,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We do not know what you are insinuating, possibly that we might have made the comments up?

      If so then we can assure you that we have time stamps of the urls and emails used (as per all our visitors comments) in order to verify their authenticity.

      We only report what visitors actually write with no editing of the comments, as per comment number 2 above which is complimentary of your product. We will continue in this vein as the site is user driven so it makes sense,

      As regards the review of your product then we are more than happy to amend any perceived inaccuracies but the last time we looked everything was still as described in the original review.

      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    3. So, Like i asked in my last email to you??? Why are the only products endorsed by you all strangely linked to Forza Supplements or the Supplement Factory????? When i pasted the link to a website exposing you, you chose NOT to show my comments.

    4. Hi Nicola,

      It would most helpful for us and our visitors to get feedback on any of the concerns raised in our review. In particular:

      1) Full disclosure of ingredients
      2) Full money-back guarantee
      3) LInks to clinical studies to support claims
      4) Consumer testimonials
      5) List of any potential side effects

      We’re more than happy to review any information that is inaccurate once we have been given the full facts.

      It is THIS CRITERIA that we have evaluated your product on. As your product doesn’t meet any of the above, its rejected. Your product is advertised giving consumers insufficient information to make an informed decision.

      As with have continually mentioned any merchant has the right to reply, so give us some feedback and we are more than happy to publish it.

      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    5. Nicola,

      I can assure you that I am a real customer. And I did in fact go back to the sunbed shop as I would of thought they would have had proper training on the product. In fact if you want to check which shop this was just to prove I am not part of this team it was a shop called eurotan on Langworthy Rd, Salford, Manchester. As I used to use those sunbeds when I lived in the area I went in and complained about the product. The woman said she has had a few complaints already and she is not sure what is in them. To me that said everything. I was shocked that a company would supply a shop to sell them but give them no product knowledge at all. I didn’t want to take it further as I thought it was a lesson learnt and I was studying for exams so after the fail of the woman who sold me them I decided not to bother. The doctor who treated me was in a busy A&E department. Would they have the time to write to your company?
      My experience was 100% real and instead of shouting us down why don’t you address the problem or maybe be a little clearer into what is in them. I am not denying your products work as I didn’t have the chance to take them for long due to my episode.
      I have only just checked back on this as I wanted to see if I got a response. Disappointed isn’t the word.

  19. Hi, I got these from my local tanning shop. I am generally quite fit and only a few pounds over weight. I have no underlying health conditions. I started taking these and I felt like I was on an illegal drug. My pupils were funny, I was shaking and my heart was pounding. On my way to my next lesson in college my heart felt like it was going to jump through my chest I fainted (Please note I had ate and was fully hydrated) I went to the hospital and the doctor advised me to stop taking them immediatly. Because my heart rate was abnormal and I wasn’t feeling well. Because of this they had to do tests and it came back that my heart was healthy but they fully believe that this product had something to do with it (not just the caffine as I am a coffee drinker). I strongly believe that my funny turn came after using this product. I am 22 and this kind of product is marketed towards people like me. How dangerous would it of been if someone had an underlying heart condition. You should be clearer on your ingredients and I know that this product is getting sold to ANYONE who asks for it. Thank You

  20. Chocolate Banana are defo the best on the market. The pic you have is a very old one and you need to do alot of updating. And its VERY weird the best reviews and recommended are FORZA. Forza have not a scratch on Chocolate Banana. Chocolate Banana is the company name not what is the tablets, you just try and knock a very good brand that works and VERY helpfull when you speak to them.

    1. Hi Bill,
      Thank you for your comment and the heads up with the brand change.
      As you say the review is relating to the previous product and we need to take a look at the new product that has only recently been released.
      We would like to add that it’s impossible to keep an eye on every single review we do and keep going back to the merchant site every week to see what’s change. We rely on comments from visitors such as yourself to let us know if something has changed.
      Of course we also rely on merchants to contact us if the review is incorrect or anything has changed.
      Having taken a very quick look it does seem that the ingredient profile isn’t revealed on the website and we cannot see details of any money-back guarantee.
      Again thanks for letting us know we will re-look at this product and update the review accordingly.
      Diet Pills Watchdog

  21. I would be most grateful if, As the Managing Director of Chocolate Banana i could at least be given the opportunity to defend the allegations (opinions) written by yourselves.. Chocolate Banana has made significant changes over the last 12 months and i believe websites such as yours should keep any information offered to consumers up to date.. I also find offensive that at no time has anybody ever taken the time to speak to me directly to discuss your findings!!! I anticipate your reply, Niki Brownson-Smith

    1. Hi Nicola,
      Thank you for your feedback on our review. We are keen to ensure our reviews reflect the information that is publicly available and so any oversights we are keen to address.
      We have taken another quick look at your website and cannot see any further information from when we did our initial review, apart from your announcement of an upcoming new website with three new products.
      If there is indeed information that is incorrect then please can you contact us as we are struggling to find any. For example, the ingredients used and there amounts, including references to studies that support your claims for the product along with the details for a money-back guarantee. If you can provide this information and make it readily available for consumers online then we are more than happy to re-look at your review.
      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

    2. This product is amazing and I disagree with the negatives given on this website! I took them for 2 weeks and lost 2 stone! It decreased my appetite, I ate little and when I was presented with a meal couldnt eat most of it like I used to. The side effect I experienced was just loads of energy, but as I was working most of the time I got a lot of exercise and had the energy to do it! I didn’t get nausea or anything else. I am extremely happy with the results and they lasted too. It sped up my metabolism and now I am able to keep the weight off, I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off. Overall I appreciate your work and findings to be able to create this pill and sell to the public! Thank you

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